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Mark Levin said that he got a nice note from Glenn Beck the other day and called it an “absolute class act”. He went on to say:

“I think it’s long over due that Glenn Beck and I do what we can in our own roles to help save the country and restore the Republic.”


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  • marketcomp

    This was awesome! I love them both! Great Patriots!

  • 57thunderbird

    That is great news.I would love to know just what Glenn said.

    • Shamron

      57thunderbird I hope Glenn mentions it on his radio show.  We need all like minded conservative Patriots on board.

      • 57thunderbird

        Shamron 57thunderbird Agreed.


    … the time is NOW for all LIBERTY loving Patriots to come together and rid America of the EVIL that is encompassing our liberties . 
    As in calling us,
     SONs of LIBERTY Part II

    • 57thunderbird


  • ChuckxJ

    Im surprised but not that impressed. Levin, while I like him to a point, spent years trashing Beck. And I think the root of it had to do with Beck’s popularity. Especially when Beck was on Fox News. He saw him as a threat of sorts to his pal Hannity. And lets be honest, Hannity isnt that bright. Whenever Levin would start trashing people like Glenn Beck, id shut him off. I also emailed him my displeasure in his pettiness but of course, he never responded.

    • DarrellGriffin

      ChuckxJ Beck did it to himself.
      I was a huge fan at one point. Listened to him on the radio for many years on WRVA. Yes, he makes a lot of  solid points. Yes, he’s been right about many things. Yes, I agree with him on almost everything.
      He lost me when he over hyped and sensationalized stories for strictly marketing purposes. Make them bigger than they were. This is the same reason that I’ve tuned out Hannity.
      He appeals to base emotions more often than not. If I wanted to think and make decisions based on emotion, I would be a liberal.
      Hannity misses opportunity after opportunity to destroy the lib talking points, but instead he launches into his same talking points. Again, if I want to here regurgitated talking points over and over, I would be a liberal.
      This is why Rush is the King. Intellect, not base emotion. Dissection of policy and flaws of policy, not talking points.

      • ChuckxJ

        DarrellGriffin ChuckxJ I can agree with that.  And you’re spot on on Hannity especially. Same talking points over and over and while he tries to be a good debater for the cause, hes actually quite horrible in making good points and countering.
        Rush is clearly the best. The guy is smart and entertaining and takes it to a whole new level.  I wish he could live forever because its going to be a monumental loss when he retires/passes on. There will never be another like him, unfortunately.

        • DarrellGriffin

           I took part in one of those “focus groups”, and saw it for the sham it is.

        • DarrellGriffin

          How many times have you heard Beck do a lead into a story that’s “big, huge, going to shake the foundations of the nation” and immediately launch into a sales pitch ?

        • 57thunderbird

          ChuckxJ DarrellGriffin I agree.Rush is as close to irreplaceable as one can be.

        • ChuckxJ

          DarrellGriffin Sadly I must agree with you. Either he does it on purpose knowing its not the case or he jumps the gun too often hoping he is on the right track.  
          I do still feel Levin’s attacks before on Glenn were petty. It was if he just bashed him to bash him. I kept thinking, you guys are really on the same side, why do that?  And it dawned on me that it was a ratings thing and he was looking out for Hannity. Only thing I can think of.

        • BS61

          @DarrellGriffin Perhaps it’s because it is earth shattering news compared to the rest of Fox that reports NOTHING!  I hope that you find it in your heart to let your GB anomosity go.

        • BS61

          Me too – I’ve written Michael Savage and Mark Levin to ask them, do they want more people knowing about freedom or less!

        • K-Bob

          ChuckxJ DarrellGriffin That could explain it.
          Mark’s far less irritating on the self-aggrandizement scale than he used to be. He still drags out the “back benchers” theme way too often.  But at least he greatly reduced the number of times per hour that he claims he’s the “only one” talking about something.  That stuff all puts me right off.

        • DarrellGriffin

          BS61 I have no animosity towards the man. Perhaps you should actually read what I wrote, instead of making an assumption that I’m blanket bashing the guy.
          It’ a personal preference. I’m a guy that identifies with Levin’s fire and Rush’s preference to analyze with intellect.
          Beck’s shameless self- promotion and marketing was annoying when I listened on the radio, it really became unbearable later.
          Don’t you know a high pressure salesman when you see one ?

        • DarrellGriffin

          K-Bob ChuckxJ DarrellGriffin Agreed.
          Whereas Beck has grown the me, me, me mantra exponentially.

      • BS61

        Sorry to say that I’ve never enjoyed Rush – maybe iit’s my former Dem ways, but I’ve never liked him cutting down people on the looks or big ears, big forhead – I mean there are a number of outrageous things to criticize Pelosi over!
        On the GB front, I haven’t seen him as selling himself anymore than any radio host .  He talked often of being pulled in the office for speaking out against Republican’s on Fox.  However, I’ve been equally outraged for him commenting about the Tea Party – ie me on Judge Napolitano! 
        Guess I’m still torn, but I think that Glenn’s heart is in the right place.

        • 57thunderbird

          BS61 Rush does political satire.That is why he uses those terms.

        • DarrellGriffin

          BS61 Don’t take this as an insult, it’s not meant to be.but the reason you identify more with Beck, and less with Rush is that your inner  libtard programming  has to be reprogrammed.
          Most liberals and Dems  usually REACT based on emotion, they don’t THINK. The have no common snese, or that good sense is clouded by those same emotions.
          It’s easier to identify with someone who markets to your emotions than someone that markets to your intellect when you have spent most of your life responding to emotion and “intentions”, rather than results and brutal reality.

    • BS61

      I was awoken by listening to some guy on the radio – found out it was Beck.  But I can see why it looks to those who have been standing up for US a long time like someone stealing their ideas.  I hope all can put their egos aside for our country!

    • lisalakee

      ChuckxJ I certainly cannot understand Mark’s loyalty and admiration for Hannity… the guy is dumb as a rock. And takes EVERY opportunity to have Rove on his show. Of, course, FOX may force it on him… but he always agrees with the RINOs.

      • DarrellGriffin

        lisalakee ChuckxJ Hannity is a follower, not a leader.
        Beck is a leader, but the self-promotion and marketing makes me question whether it’s about saving the country, or his bank accounts.
        I’m Joe  nobody, grass roots local and state guy. Whenever I took/take a stand  at the podium, it’s about the county….never about positioning myself for other ambitions.

  • clubgitmo

    I know Levin alienates some people with his brash, no holes barred style but that is exactly why I love listening to him.

    • BS61

      @clubgitmo Me Too!  I have an unbelievably blunt way of speaking!

      • clubgitmo

        BS61 Same here.

      • lisalakee

        BS61 Because the truth IS blunt. And Mark and Glenn do it best.

  • 3d81

    I thoroughly enjoy Glen Beck.
    Not sure why he is seen as an outcast by our side?

    • patriot077

      3d81 I’ve been a fan of his for years though I don’t agree with every single thing he says or does. On the whole, he will go down in histrory as a hero to our Republic. (IMHO)

    • ChuckxJ

      3d81 I think its largely jealousy. You see that Rush, Hannity, and Levin are like the 3 Amigos. They always say positive things about each other. And Rush first praised Beck when he first went on Fox News but then quickly distanced himself in a way. I think that had to do with Hannity and Levin not liking Beck, or should I say not liking his roaring popularity.  
      Remember the big rally Glenn had in DC?  It was huge, but some others on the Conservative side wouldnt even acknowledge it out of spite or ego.  Sometimes it makes me wonder just how true to their proclaimed beliefs some of these guys are. When their egos and what not out weigh character, content, and the cause….thats a problem.

      • Proudhispanicconservative

        I concur 1000000%

  • NanNJ

    Glenn Beck is the real deal. Whenever I mention him to friends or family, most always have a derogatory comment…that makes me all the more happy to support him. Makes me kind of feel like biblical times….if I may.

    • patriot077

      NanNJ Same thing Rush has dealt with for many years. The more truth they tell the more they are hated by  the totalitarian media.

  • sybilll

    I say more cohesion and less division.  We need all hands on deck, putting differences aside.  This country is teetering on the verge of destruction. We don’t have time for egos.

    • 57thunderbird

      sybilll Exactly.

    • patriot077

      sybilll Rush was talking to someone today and I regret not being able to listen to more of his show. The guy was taling about the repubs and he said he didn’t want a republican to win just because they were R but because they would do good for the country. This is how more and more people are feeling these days and I pray that the radio bigs pool their talent and put on a huge performance for all the world.

  • Stehekin912

    Glenn, Mark, Rush…all facets of the same jewel – liberty

    • Kcid Rekrap

      Stehekin912 Yes!  And please, let us not forget Sarah Palin, who I believe
      has the cojones to bring them all together for the salvation of the republic.
      C’mon guys. The health of the Republic’s freedom is at stake.. I love you guys…in 2014,
      love us back and in 2016 we’ll crush the commie usurpers

      • 57thunderbird

        Kcid Rekrap Stehekin912 Good point!Sarah belongs on this list of names.Her name should be at the very top.

      • Stehekin912

        I never forget her…the North Star in the sapphire.  She is in my prayers every night.

      • lisalakee

        Kcid Rekrap Stehekin912 I don’t agree. No point in including Palin. She is just a distraction from the effort, and all the media will focus on. Her time is done.

        • ryanomaniac

          Wrong! Who the hell do you think got all these RINO destroyer’s in office? Old news my ass!

  • ajroo

    Ive been waiting and hoping for a long time that Glenn Beck and Mark Levin would develop a relationship that could bring their talents together in some way.   If Glenn is anything that he portrays, its a goal driven man willing to defer to those smarter than himself when necessary, in the fight to educate and save the nation.  There are none more able to intellectually dominate progressivism than Mark Levin. Together, they could do some special things.
    I truly hope this is the beginning of …..well….something.

  • nomorerinos

    I have begged them for years ( all 4 , GB, ML, RL. SH)  in emails to put the egos aside and band together to help save our country. I feel personally if they can find common ground, put aside competition and popularity contest, they could become a stronger force by a factor of maybe more than 100.
    If Beck can get all conservatives all to agree who all the rinos are, that would be half the battle.
    Defining the cancer infecting ALL parties (BIG GOV PROGS), would get us off to a good start to come together for some REAL ACTION !!!!!!
    Beck is not reacting to me, but reacting to all of us conservatives plus libertarians (even moderates, and some decent-L,C,&M democrats), and GOD has his attention telling him the time is NOW to reach out.
    I suggest we support this effort within reason, especially if Cruz, Lee, Paul, & Rubio can form a stronger coalition and move on the OBAMECARE effort with conviction and love of country.
    NOW or NEVER FOLKS !!!
    Would it not be great to se these 4 band together in decency, move with the 4 (Rs) and reach out to as many as they can get now and take OVER the re-pubes !
    We can pray, and I can dream, no?
    Have you ever seen the re-pube rinos like McCain, Grahm, Pete King, Chris Christi (YUK!) etc., act any weirder than they are acting now?

    • 57thunderbird

      nomorerinos Don’t have much confidence in Rubio and Paul.

      • tvlgds

        57thunderbird nomorerinos  Neither do I. Rubio burned his bridges – Paul is at the halfway mark.

        • 57thunderbird

          tvlgds 57thunderbird nomorerinos Yup!That is the way I see it.

        • Orangeone

          57thunderbird tvlgds nomorerinos I’m a bit ticked at Cruz for letting Rubio and Paul ride the defund ObamaCare effort. They both are pro-illegal alien amnesty and the ObamaCare exemptions that go with it.

        • 57thunderbird

          Orangeone 57thunderbird tvlgds nomorerinos Sadly,there are no perfect politicians.

        • palintologist

          Orangeone 57thunderbird tvlgds nomorerinos If he can get two more R votes to defund Zerocare, I’ll take ’em.  Those two won’t necessarily be re-elected.

        • tvlgds

          57thunderbird Orangeone tvlgds nomorerinos no perfect human beings, period.

    • BS61

      Couldn’t agree more @nomorerinos!

  • BS61

    I take full responsibllity for this!   JK – but I did send TheBlaze a note to say please interview your competiitor who also wants to save the country and has a plan!

  • ChuckxJ

    I think the least I like of the biggest names is Hannity. I think he has the biggest ego, yet probably the least bright.  His website as a forum. When Glenn Beck was on Fox News at 5 pm, during part of Hannity’s radio show, you were forbidden from mentioning Glenn Beck during that time.  They banned people who would go on their forums and would say positive things about Beck. And if you said anything negative at all about Sean Hannity, you were banned. It was rather sad to see.

    • 57thunderbird

      ChuckxJ I have never cared much for Hannity.He repeats himself to much.

    • magpulfan

      ChuckxJ He seems like such a lightweight to me. Too namby-pamby.

    • lisalakee

      ChuckxJ Yes. Hannity is dumb as a rock!! He brings NOTHING to the table. I had to stop listening LONG AGO… can’t stand the terms “dirty water, dirty air” ONE MORE TIME!

  • njmom

    Mark is a gentleman and so is Glenn. Kudos to both.

  • 12grace

    I Love Levin and Beck!

  • TexasPGRRider

    Thank GOODNESS !!! I don`t know if it`s still up, but: Sworn Officers Plan to March on DC Sept. 9th…

  • Shellymic

    Awesome!  Good for Glenn and good for Levin!  It’s about time their “problem” (whatever it was) is OVER. 
    I hope they do work together…it’d be a great meld of two influential personalities in the talk world.
    I’ll guess that Rush will be on board.  (I’m specifically referring to the proposition that there *may* be a rally in D.C. in September.) 
    Hannity?  Who cares?  (Who listens to him anyway?  I know of only one person. Ok, Hannity listeners, let me have it.)   😉

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      Yeah, Hannity  bugs.  I wonder if he’s soft to draw fence-sitters to his programs.  Anyway, I have been noticing he’s shutting up more these days and letting his guests speak.  That was my second main complaint!

      • PVG

        RighteousCrow_JustCaws Shellymic He seems like a sincere guy but he just keeps beating the same dead horse over and over. I don’t think he’s quick witted so he brings on the same tired guests……IMHO.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Beck is way to unstable to be anywhere near the control panel. He was a fantastic teacher/professor and had a great research team while on FOX. I loved watching him. He is not in the same league as Rush or Levin but could be useful on their team. Hannity is barely a cling-on.

    • palintologist

      GetWhatYouPayFor What control panel would that be?

    • lisalakee

      GetWhatYouPayFor Glenn has done more research and EXPOSED the current corruption and subversion of this administration than any of them! Haven’t you been listening??? Agree with you about Hannity. He brings NOTHING to the table.

  • The Sentinel

    I find this to be positive.

  • phill1234

    i love Mark and i have nothing against Glenn either, 

    But i remember Mark Screaming “that 5 PM’er”


    • BetseyRoss

      phill1234 I do, too.  I hope they can figure out a way to get it done and work together.  We need everyone to spread the word.

  • kimber1911

    These guys are both class acts..Rush, Sean and the rest too….

  • NJK

    I think there’s room for all of them.  They all bring something unique to the table.  One can’t replace the other..

    • BetseyRoss

      NJK I wish Hannity would realize that every time Tamara Holder appears on his show……CLICK.  That goes for any Liberal.  I don’t care to hear what their opinion is.  I know it already and I don’t want to hear any more of it.  Even debating one of them makes me shut down.   I feel IQ points slipping away.

  • SurfinCowboy

    Love seeing the conservative/libertarians getting along.

  • PoCoTex

    Don’t forget, of all the people – Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity – Mr. Levin is the only one who has had a significant amount of post-secondary education. He is a lawyer and has had a significant amount of experience in the Executive Branch. He is by no means a light-weight.
    Gov. Sarah Palin has a university degree in communications.

    In contrast, neither Mr. Beck nor Mr. Hannity have had much if any post-secondary education. That’s not to say that they are not intelligent men. They are. However, they have not had to debate and vet their views and opinions against their peers and against people more intelligent than themselves to the degree that Mr. Levin and Gov. Palin have had to.

    Second, when I was in high school, I was in the top 10% of my class. In university, I was likely in the bottom 10%, a whole different situation. Successfully navigating through university is – or at least was – quite challenging.
    Moreover, neither Mr. Beck nor Mr. Hannity have had any significant executive experience, privately or publicly. Mr. Levin has and so has Gov. Palin.

    So, between Mr. Levin/Gov. Palin and Mr. Beck/Mr. Hannity, we’re talking two entirely different camps.
    However, as long as all of these people stick to making all of us aware of significant freedom issues that affect the future of the U.S.A. – and not just simply throw out aspersions like a Bill Maher or a Rachel Maddow – then they will all four have my support.

    • lisalakee

      PoCoTex PALIN!? NO WAY.

    • comoesta3

      @PoCoT   I’m sorry, but education doesn’t impress me. (I think of Obama).  Levin is a lawyer so, yes, he can delve into anything pertaining to law and explain it in minute detail.     Glenn Beck and the others are very well read; maybe more so than someone who had a formal education.  They could easily teach in any university with the knowledge that they possess.  Judging by the books they’ve written, they know more than most people about our country.  I think it’s about time these guys get together for the sake of our country.  We need to stick together.

      • clevonlittle

        comoesta3 how many people in government today are educated beyond their intellectual capabilities ? Judging from the quality of some lawsuits that are brought I can’t get too excited merely because someone passes the bar. Judging by the quality of some of the decisions rendered by our judiciary , what say you ?
        Clinton ( both ) , Holder , Obama ( both ) , Schumer  , Leahy , Graham and hundreds of others are lawyers . We are 17 trillion dollars in debt , killed a manufacturing economy , back tyrants around the world , can’t educate our kids or control our borders . Did I mention on the way to ruining the finest healthcare system available ?
        I’m not one but ………….would a farmer lead us down this road ? A farmer uses everyday a concept foreign to too many that are moving and shaking us , simple common sense. Or as my brother has on a little placard on his CEO desk……” common sense is genius in working clothes ” . William Shakespeare was onto something……….kill whom first ? Dodd-Frank , War and Peace stacked 70 times .

  • PVG

    Gave me chills!

  • applepie101

    In spite of his vaguaries, Glenn Beck has this to his credit: He played a large role in mobilizing the Tea party into a visible and vocal presence, especially at the Restoring Honor rally.

    • lisalakee

      applepie101 And it needs to be done again. NOW. And even bigger. Time is short.

    • clevonlittle

      applepie101 absolutely……..if Beck does nothing else in his lifetime , he ” awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve ” .

  • JohnSchaffran

    I would love to see Levin, Beck, Rush and even Sean debate any four liberals on national TV.  I would pay big money to watch something like that!  I want the progressive people to see what fools they support on the left.

    • lisalakee

      JohnSchaffran Not Sean. We don’t need him to dumb-down the conversation. He’s just a parrot for the RINOs. He has his place as a agitator –a simple one at that– but he certainly does not compare with the big three.

      • Desjardins

        lisalakee JohnSchaffran Rush is not a good debater, he’s too nice.

        • lisalakee

          Desjardins lisalakee JohnSchaffran I’d settle for just Mark and Glenn. They are the ones with the fire!

    • ctmommy

      JohnSchaffran Levin would kill any lib with facts. They won’t go near him.

  • sallyjohanna

    I really do not get the chance to see Glen Beck anymore.  But I just happen to catch GB on the news at the Tea Party rally back in June.  In 2008 he turned on a light bulb for me…my husband and I payed off our mortgage,  in a proactive move against  the Obama tornado that was approaching…never regreted it. 
    I know Glen can turn off people, at times me included.  At the rally he was on fire and nailed it.


    In these desperate and dangerous times its past time for the infighting to stop. Those of us who love our nation have plenty of work to do that may save our nation, the time we have to accomplish that goal is very short.. We have no time for egos or rinos.


      @camaross ,  A Great Car!

  • lisalakee

    I’ve been saying for years Mark & Glenn need to get together. Their long term ideas and plans are on the money—but long term won’t help NOW. We need leaders for a tremendous ground-swell in Washington– we need organized civil disobedience.

    • infowarrior

      You got it.. Glenn Beck is a patriot scammer, it’s all about the money.

      • DHardy

        infowarrior lisalakee If that were true he would have caved in and remained at Fox News but he refused to compromise his message…I’m sure Glenn Beck made a Whole Lot more working for Fox than he does now…

        • jacoo

          DHardyinfowarriorlisalakeeGlenn Beck makes much more now than he did at Fox. Forbes estimated that he earned a staggering $90 million dollars over
          the last 12 months, more than even Oprah Winfrey, who earned an
          estimated $77 million and took the top spot on Forbes’ list. Despite
          being the 7th highest earner on the list, Beck was ranked 34th overall.
          Mr. Beck puts most of his money back into building his company and into

          the Mercury One Charity he created for helping those victims of major
          natural disasters.

      • K-Bob

        infowarrior lisalakee  
        Al Sharpton hopes you get to keep up your nonsense here.
        Unfortunately for Al, you don’t.

      • CO2isGood

        infowarrior lisalakee 
        Beck is an ideologue he believes in what he is saying. Remember he endorsed Michelle Bachman. If he were out for the money I think he would have took the establishment route and endorsed Romney, like Coulter did. (although it backfired on Coulter, ((may she rot in mediocrity)) who hoped to push a moderate to victory then reap the rewards of having been a political kingmaker).

  • K-Bob

    Folks seem to be missing a point about Hannity:  He’s on Fox and stays on Fox because of his radio success.
    On the radio, Hannity is in solid second place behind Rush, and he holds the entire second place “tier” all by himself.
    Levin and Beck are together in third place, with each getting about half of Hannity’s listeners. (Fourth place, if you include Dave Ramsey, who holds third place by himself among all talkers, but isn’t really a politics show.)

    I haven’t heard Hannity’s radio program for years, but I remember it was definitely not the same as his TV hour. (You could stand having him on the radio while driving around in your car.  His TV show, on the other hand is like fingernails on the balckboard to me.)

    So say what you want about the guy, it’s kind of hard to argue with success.  According to almost anyone I’ve ever heard talk about Hannity as a person, they say he’s a really, really  nice guy. So unless something really shakes up talk radio, Hannity will stay where he is for quite a while.
    Remember, all of these guys are like old-timey miners.  They find a vein and mine it for all it’s worth. That’s where the talent lies: getting the most out of their vein in the mountain of listeners.

    • kong1967

      K-Bob I did not know Beck was still on the radio.  The only one I get a chance to listen to is Hannity, and he’s not as good as Rush.  But I’m asleep during the Rush show.  My favorite was Neil Boortz (until he retired, or at least I think he retired).  He was so awesome to listen to how he dealt with liberals.

  • Always a Marine

    Naysayers will make snide comments.  Meanwhile, I welcome all who will lend a hand to the fight to save America and our liberty from the marxist democrat subversives.

  • ctmommy

    About time. Now get this fixed!

  • ctmommy

    Now if they can only get Krauthammer to see the light!

  • GibbsPhil413

    kong1967 K-Bob

  • ryukidn

    If I’m not mistaken, that’s how much his company makes … not how much he makes.

  • GeoInSD

    I absolutely agree.  I follow both Mark Levin and Glenn Beck.  In substance, they are soul brothers.  They both are strong proponents of liberty and of the Constitution.  From my perspective, the main difference between the two is in style.  Mr. Beck is not afraid to acknowledge God, while Mr. Levin does so very quietly.  But they both boldly proclaim the greatness of the principles upon which the USA was founded.
    I think that they both do a great service to our nation in promoting the principles of liberty.  I think they both would do better if they coordinated in some way.  They both appeal to their particular audiences well.  They both appeal to me.

  • GeoInSD

    lisalakee BS61 How else can truth be truly presented but bluntly?  To soften it softens the truthfulness. 
    I didn’t always feel this way and the truth presented bluntly made me uncomfortable at times.  I am sure many people are similar. But really, you can’t sugar coat the truth without diminishing it.

  • GeoInSD

    DarrellGriffin BS61 Interesting points.  I think Beck appeals more to the emotions while Levin appeals more to the intellect.  I will say that I never miss a Levin program.  I will miss Beck programs.  But I do follow both devotedly.

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