Mark Levin goes nuclear over Romney’s inability to explain conservatism

Mark Levin spent part of his first hour playing Milton Friedman clips and explaining why Romney’s position on minimum wage is wrong, to educate the man and us. But as you’ll see in his monologue below, it frustrates him very much that he feels he has to do so.

He starts by playing a clip of Romney today that he was very much unimpressed with, which then turned into this amazing monologue where he explained why he is frustrated with Romney’s lack of conservatism.

This is a MUST LISTEN. Here is a partial quote from his monologue but you should really listen to the full clip below:

Ladies and Gentlemen, the country is going to hell and there’s only one party in a position to stop it and I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit on my ass like everybody else and just wave and just accept this! If the Republican Party cannot nominate somebody who understands basic capitalism and can discuss it without apologizing for it, if we can’t nominate somebody who will stop talking about class warfare and this class and that class, but talk about Americans, then it’s over! We’re doomed!

That’s why I’m passionate about this. That’s why I’m upset about this. I’m scared to death what’s going to happen in the next year, 2,3,4,5. I see it coming if we don’t change course! You do too! Look at the Occupy movements. I see the riots! I see the violence! I see the deterioration of our society! I see the bankrupting of Social Security and Medicare! I see the unsustainability of what’s going on and so do you!

So we can’t sit here like twiddle dee and twiddle dumb because somebody is running as a Republican who 15 years ago wouldn’t even do that! And we got to pay attention to this stuff folks!

I should not have to play clips of Milton Friedman for Mitt Romney to explain his problem with his position on minimum wage. I should not have to argue with Mitt Romney’s appointed hacks to explain the problem with RomneyCare. I shouldn’t have to explain to Mitt Romney why he shouldn’t feel guilty about his wealth and that he can explain to the American people more broadly why we want wealth creation in this country!

Because only that way can we lower unemployment. Only that way can we save the housing market. Only that way, through capitalism, wealth creation, productivity, can the American dream be returned.

Now if I can explain this in literally 3 minutes, why can’t he?!?!

And I know the answer to it and you’re not going to like it. Because he’s a corporatist and there’s a difference between a capitalist and a corporatist.

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  • I was listening to this in the car and it struck me..

    Obama, Soros etc etc have been prepping the general public with OWS and social justice. It’s the 99% V 1%. What does the GOP do? They go and anoint a 1%’er who cannot even defend Capitalism or explain conservatism, let alone define it.

    • Anonymous

      Yes! This is what I’ve been arguing with fellow Republicans about this. If Romney is the nominee HE WILL LOSE!

      • Anonymous

        You’re probably right but even if Romney wins America loses. He will not be able to deal with the mammoth problems that we face and the fracturing of our society along, class and racial lines because he doesn’t have an inner core of what to do about all this. Platitudes will not be any good when there are riots in the streets. Mark is painting a literally apocalyptic future in years 2, 3, 4 and 5 but it is an apocalypse that is coming unless we make huge and radical chnages to how govt and the american people function. Romney is literally out of his depth….God help us, truly. I’m not taking the Lords name I’m literally offering up a prayer for our country.

        • Anonymous

          I agree with you, that’s why I am a Kamikaze Conservative and will vote against Romney to stop him.

        • With Romney v. Obama it’s all about who’s going to get the blame.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed. We lose if Romney wins. Romney is a big government Progressive. He talks that way now, his record proves it. He will not change and the big global financial cabals who are funding his campaign will ensure that the transfer of our wealth continues, and that the control of our government stays out of our hands.

        • American loses because we can’t pay people $3 an hour. lol

          • Ana

            America loses cause both Mitt and Obama thinks poor people should be trapped in a safety net. And you are a loser, dougx.

      • I’m afraid you’re right, but just looking at the demographics, I think Gingrich would lose, too. He has very high negatives. Married and divorced women don’t like him and won’t show up on election day if he’s the nominee. The single women who have been voting for him in the open primaries are more likely to vote Democratic. That one voting block is enough to swing the election to Obama. Santorum really needs to dump the Eeyore vibe and step it up. I can’t stand his support for unions, but I’m becoming more convinced every day that he’s the guy.

        • Anonymous

          Perhaps you are right. Only Gingrich can change that. At this point I can say Romney will lose. I can also say Newt has the best chance out of any of the candidates.

          • Well, Generic Republican beats Obama fairly handily in all the polls. Can you think of a more generic Republican than Santorum? 😉

            • Not so sure thats true. Rick is good but if you think there is nothing in his closet you are setting yourselfd up for a fall like all the paulbots did.

              • I know Santorum has plenty of legislative baggage as well as comments the media will drag out at bigoted. None of the candidates is perfect. My guy was Paul Ryan. With him never running, and more conservative candidates having been eliminated, I want to like Santorum, but I’m still not on his or anyone’s bandwagon.

        • Now, Travis, don’t go getting all rational there. Let’s fantasize about our dream conservative candidate to beat Obama….who’s not in the race.

        • Lexie Malaszewski

          I don’t think that’s necessarily true, Travis. I’m a divorced woman but that doesn’t mean I lost my mental capacity in the settlement. I’m a thinking person and I can tell you now that I could care less about Gingrich’s personal life. That’s between him, his wife (or wives) and his Maker. Having said that…I would like to see a REAL conservative in the White House. I think you underestimate the thinking power of single women. We face the same fiscal problems married women do. The fact is that we face the high costs of gas, food, rents, medical insurance coverage, et. al., and WE do it without the help of a spouse. I don’t want a hand out. I work for a living and I resent very deeply having to pay for someone else’s health care or food stamps. We need someone in the hot seat who will tell them…GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND GET A JOB!

      • Anonymous

        Yes,if Romney wins he’ll be a D.M.W, DEAD MAN WALKING !!!! WATCH afterwards the Romney heads will try and blame us for his loss for not supporting this LOSER! I will tell them go to front of BLAME LINE,(not the back) ,first complain to ALL THE MILLIONS who blindly voted Obama,and the Mainstream Media his pets,then the Independents,then last THE REPUBLICAN ELITES who SABOTAGED all the real conservatives,Herman Cain,Ms.Bachmann,and Newt Gingrich

    • Anonymous

      You couldn’t make this up. Pathetic.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Maha Rushie has been saying that Barry’s gang was the creator/instigator of OWS so that they could use the “movement” to take down Mittens. He’s dead right and so is Mark. Makes me wonder how Conservatives survived the Carter-era w/o Mark or Rush or Right Scoop!

      • Big difference between the two being that Levin has endorsed a non-Romney. And I love Rush, but he could do more. Perhaps he will at some time here, but I doubt it.

        • Is_Sense_Common

          I don’t think he will. He has made it very plain how he feels about Mittens. He has been relatively clear about Newt & Rick. He views his job as Educator in Chief. He trusts his students to make up their own minds. I respect that. I also think that in this Primary season, an endorsement seems to be more about the endorser rather than the endorsee. Rush doesn’t aim to be in the spotlight – he just ends up there as the “Big Voice of the Right.”

        • PFFV

          Levin and Rush are only holding out for a little while longer out of respect for Santorum. While I respect and can appreciate that, they need to come out soon for Gingrich, we true Conservatives need their support in a big way. Hang in there you guys and gals, Newt will make a comeback in a big way.

          To hit another point, I want to say that I am very encouraged by how many here agree with me on Newt being the man most qualified and prepared to turn this injured nation around. Thanks to you all for lifting my spirits in a serious and dangerous time in our history. I have renewed faith that we can make a difference and we will win.

          God bless our wonderful RS team here, and of course we wouldn’t have come together without Right Scoop. Thanks for all the hard work you do my friend, you are making a huge difference… 🙂

      • Rush and Levin have been partly to blame. They attacked Gingrich for going after BAIN assuming ANY capitalism is worthy. It’s not. Gingrich NEVER attacked capitalism, but the a VC fund that strips assets to inflate a price and the sell it without creating long term value. Bain made more from kililng AMPAD than they did from Staples. And Rush attacked the guy who was trying to take away the argument from OBama and George Soros.

        You may remember that it was Rush Limbaugh who gave us John McCain. NO conservative was good enough for him. He even called Huckabee a “liberal” leaving him in a bloodied state to take on McCain. Paul Weyrich (Hertiage Foundation/Free Congress founder) later REGRETTED NOT endorsing Huckabee. He so hated Romney he threatened to lead a revolt against the GOP if McCain selected Mitt for VP (story here:

        And what is Santorum doing? Using misleading ads against the other conservative in the race when he has ZERO chance to beat Romney, inspire anyone or actually “lead” if he would get the job. Unlike Perry, Santorum is acting like a selfish politician – not a patriot.

        • Is_Sense_Common

          Sorry dude – I disagree. I’m a Rush Babe & love him. He did NOT give us McCain. Why is it up to him to tell us how to think or who to like? Do we not have brains? Critical Thinking Skills? Evaluative Skills? Of course we do! He wants US to figure it out – he does not want a nation of sheep, even if they’re following him . It’s up to YOU and ME to listen and decide, not just go along. I don’t want us to be a nation of dummies who just listen & obey. BTW, I think you & I agree on a lot of things – I just don’t think it’s Rush’s job to tell me or you how to think or vote…

          • Rush is failing us. He’s not on the front lines fighting the disinformation. He doesn’t have to be endorsing someone, but he isn’t calling things the way they are. Romney is a liar, and he isn’t doing anything about those lies. In fact, he even takes the time to make sure to bash Newt and Co. equally.

            Conservatives are fighting this war without the help of the alleged grand poobah of conservatives.

            • WHAT PLANET ARE YOU ON – With All Due Respect 🙂

              Rush Has Been HAMMERING Mittens On Conservatism, Like Levin

          • Anonymous

            Unfortunately, there are lots of idiots out there that listen to these pundits, especially Beck fans, who believe what they hear without doing any fact finding them self. You and I may put on our critical thinking hat – but you can’t assume anyone else would do the same.

            To save face, all of these pundits, even Levin, are endorsing Santorum because he has no chance, nada, of winning . Everyone knows that Newt is the only one that can save the Republic – but no one wants to have their boat rocked.

            It’s all rigged; anyone voting for Romney thinking that some miracle is going to happen has been had. The guy is not a conservative. (Period for emphasis) Since when have you heard Mittens talk about God and his repentance in public about changing his abortion stance? He’s no different than BHO – even George Soros admitted to this.

            Wake up folks, we only have several weeks to turn this around. We need to get the last two conservatives to coalesce and run a partnership campaign.

        • Anonymous

          Bain and VC do not “buy” companies to strip them of assets. Growth and expansive growth is the goal. Stripping, gutting and selling the parts is a fall back only when all else fails. Bain has helped start, grow or build many successful companies. The one used to prove how evil they are is Ampad, they invested tons of money building it up and it was successful for a while but the decline in the need for paper and forms caused by computers doomed them in the end. Please remember the purpose of a business is to create goods and or services that will generate at least a specific level of profit for management and or owners/investors. Anyone who believe otherwise should stay away from owning or running any businesses.

          • The problem with Bain is that there were multiple occasions when “stripping, gutting and selling the parts” was NOT a fallback, but their purpose to begin with.

            • Anonymous

              Please list them, list two.

    • Anonymous

      And here’s another aspect of this torrid tale that everyone keeps overlooking. Flip is a member of a cooky religion. Everyone agrees that mormonism is cooky–harmless, but cooky. Part of that cookiness happens to be that colored people are cursed because they are descended from Cain or satan or Don Pablo or whatever crackerjack fairytale antagonist is written in that comic book.

      Perfect timing that the GOP nominates a squish. But forget the squish part. They nominate the richest, whitest, cracker, belonging to a religion that believes colored people are cursed,

      all conveniently placed……… challenge………

      …..(wait for it)……………..

      ……….the first colored president in US history.

      Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. I’ll be here alls ze week

      ……to count those minority votes in November 2012. 8^}

    • Just wait for the Glenn Beck push back that is coming.

    • ApplePie101

      Yes, the GOP are in on this as well. The only possible good that can come from it is the final demise of the Republican party. They have damaged the U.S.A. almost as much as the Democrats.

      • Anonymous

        The only problem is that the statists will take the country down at the same time

    • Anonymous

      So Glenn Beck thinks he is JOhn Smith and has had revelations that Mittens is our Savior?

      Boy, Beck has gotten worst. Narcissicsm.

      • John Smith married Pocahantas. I don’t know of any revelations that he had.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry, I erred and I meant Joseph Smith.

    • Anonymous

      if ever we needed the woman with a steel spine, it’s now! Jump into the fray Sarah!!

  • PFFV

    I love Mark Levin. I have been referring people to Milton Freidman’s clear explanation of why the minimum wage is a bad thing for our economy for some time now. This is a perfect example of how people have been indoctrinated/brainwashed in this country. If you ask the simple question – “Should the USA have a Minimum Wage?” The vast majority of people will say yes. Proof positive we are being indoctrinated/brainwashed by virtually everything we watch and listen to that comes from TV, Radio, and most print media. I personally watch little if any TV and only listen to Limbaugh or Levin on the radio. I get my information from the Internet, the only place I trust anymore really.

  • Anonymous

    Romney is plastic and Levin sees right through him!

    • Leave it to the GOP to bring a plastic knife to a Chicagoland gun fight.

      • I think it’s more like a child-safe plastic spork.

        • Why insult a spork? A spork knows what it does, why it does it and doesn’t make any apologies for doing it.

      • Anonymous

        Mormon thuggary is worse than Chicago thuggary. And there really is such a thing as Mormon thuggary.

      • Anonymous

        Robert Mahoney!! Plastic knife to a chicago gunfight! Brilliant analogy. I swear some of you guys should be writing columns and push aside Ann Coulter.

    • Seeing through Romney is not hard.

  • Anonymous

    Mark… Hits the Mark, with Mittens… ba da bing – ba da boom…


  • Is_Sense_Common

    OMG! There’s a new fire in the belly. I’ve been nearly ready to give up & say “baaa” but Mark has my blood pumping again. I’m ready to go kick some a$$ now. Thanks for the kick in the pants Mr. Levin!

  • Anonymous

    I heard Mark say this and as I write am still listening to him. It was powerful and I was not about to stop listening until he finished speaking. One thing I noticed is Mark did not call Romney a liberal but a corporatist. Mark has talked about this before and though this is true he is a liberal nonetheless. I am not sure why so many conservatives will not call a spade a spade because Mitt Romney IS a northeast liberal Republican.

    • Anonymous

      You have to listen to Mark long enough to understand what he means. A corporatist is a STATIST (as in socialist!) far worse than a liberal!!! The point he is making is that even though Romney is a successful businessman, he is not a true capitalist and cannot be counted on to find free market solutions in government. He did not do it as the governor of Massachusetts – there is nothing “free market” about Romneycare – and he won’t do it if we send him to Washington!

      Calling Romney a corporatist is calling a spade a spade!

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, I don’t listen every night.

    • Isn’t it Romney’s former company Bain that owns Rush and Levin’s shows? Rush and Levin wouldn’t have a job if it were not for guys like Romney. They would still be in some backwater somewhere if it were not for Romney and his colleagues. Corporatist indeed.

      • Anonymous

        Bain Capital purchased Clear Channel on which Rush’s show runs, but this was not always. Actually, Bain should send Rush flowers for the money he has made them. It’s people like Rush and Mark that make Bain successful not the other way around.

  • I know Mark plans on supporting Rmoney in the general, but he’d have to twist himself into knots to do it. At least McCain was a war hero with Palin as a running mate.

    I can’t see myself voting for Rmoney, let alone arguing for his candidacy in the general. That’s gonna be a tough job.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      If Mittens has any brain whatsoever, he’ll pick a Conservative for VP but I’m really tired of voting for the VP – they really have no effect on policy or on the POTUS. I loved Chaney & Palin – their POTUS’s – not so much. (I’m not a Bush-hater, but he did nothing for the Conservatives & left the GOP in a helluva mess.)

      • Anonymous

        Cheney gave us Obama. I’ll never forgive Bush & Cheney for that. Where was their vision in Bush’s second term for a future Republican president? And then they did such a terrible job that nobody wanted Bush to campaign for them.


        No vision, no plan,… just delivered Obama to us on a silver plate.

        • the Bush name is still very toxic

        • Is_Sense_Common

          I agree with you – I just liked the way Cheney had no problem telling people to go do things that are anatomically impossible. He didn’t take crap from anybody & he was very strong in defending our nation – he had no problem identifying the bad guys.

      • That’s not good enough. Vice presidents are basically figureheads. Seeing how Romney is- so utterly sure that He. Is. Right. and Shut Up Because I’M Speaking, does anyone think that he would cede power to anyone? Anyone? I don’t. Further, I don’t think that Romney would *agree* with a conservative point of view once he attains the office.

        The only function that a conservative vp would serve would be as a “sweetener” to get himself elected.
        Just like Obama, all Romney wants is to call himself President of the United States and possibly enjoy the power and the celebrity that goes with it.

        • Is_Sense_Common


      • Anonymous

        If Mittens has any brain whatsoever… stop. 🙂

        If he was a patriot, he would drop from this race.

  • Mormons are liberals, the believe in a Utopia on earth controlled by “goodhearted” elites.

    • Anonymous

      False. They have an affinity for the Constitution. Many support Ron Paul over Mitt Romney. They’re diverse and not easy to paint with a broad brush, certainly not as liberals.

      • False, they only have an affinity for the Constitution because it protects their whacky religious beliefs . They have a completely warped view of Christ himself

        Mormons are liberals ,, their religous beliefs set the stage for their liberalism
        They believe that a Utopia on earth rather than in Heaven. They also believe “some” men become God’s themselves
        Birgham Young was the creator of theocratic democracy , and install one in southern Utah , where they took heinous means to protect it …….see Moutain Meadows massacre.
        You must be a foreigner, No Ron Paul supporter did not pick him over Romney………Romney isnt’ on their list at all.

        • Anonymous

          I’ve never seen so many non-examples of liberalism. I agree Mormonism is anything but historic biblical Christianity (see James White’s “Is The Mormon My Brother?” for a systematic analysis). But, in a civic sense, the Mormons I know are conservatives who are embarrassed by Harry Reid and want fervently to oust O. Some support Mitt. Some support Rick Santorum. Some support Ron Paul. Broad brushes are convenient for people who don’t know their subject intimately.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry but you are completely off base. I spent a number of years in a highly Mormon area. Yes they have some goofy ideas, but not much goofyer than some Christian groups. I had many “discussions” about the “Black” thing and it’s goofy… not evil just goofy. They are very conservative God(the Church) then Family then State. No public charity, if you are out of work or having problems the members of the church help out and they have to help also. And they Tithe
          They are looking for that Utopia, but as brought by Christ (not the real one) but if Romney is nominated he should win and he won’t make everyone wear Angel Chaps, he won’t force everyone to have a family night every Wednesday, he won’t make Coffee, tea, coke, pepsi and code red illegal and force everyone to drink postum. I have some issues with the church, but they are good people. They also hardly ever chop any heads off.
          Romney is not a RINO, he is a lead the parade where ever it is going Republican. The parade is being directed by the Teaparty and that is the way he will go. (yes I may be a little overly hopeful, but I know that Newt is a Wilsonian Progressive)
          Romney also understands that you have to cut costs.
          Please keep in mind that BHO MUST MUST be defeated, otherwise it will not matter by 2016.
          Romney, Newt, Santorum, Paul any one of them is far better than His Oneness. Now get over this petty bickering.

          • Yeah , thinking brown people are cursed by GOD is just goofy…..SHaadddup

            LOL You have used a Mormon cult technique.

            First you attempt to identify with the “mark” , then you pivet creating a diversion, offering up dilema , in an attempt to instill doubt in the marks mind.

            You didn’t just hang out with Mormons, you are a Morg

            • Anonymous

              Brother Moon explained it as having to do with “The Pre Existence”. When Satan fought with God, those that fought for God came to Earth and whites, those that fought against God were cast down as demons and those that were on the sidelines were sent to the Earth as Blacks.
              They couldn’t explain about the Yellow people and when I ask them if the blue Eyed blond haired master race fought extra hard for God they got rather upset for some reason and since they say they believe in the Bible as well and I ask them to explain the end of Revelation our discussion came to a rapid close.
              This was over 40 years ago and LDS is very big on new revelations, so this explanation may no longer be valid.

            • Anonymous

              I’m not moron by a long way. I believe the “PreExistence” is Goofy. You on the other hand are just stupid.

          • Anonymous

            Errr…..excuse me, but I don’t care about the mormon propaganda you pasted–that’s irrelevant right now.

            But I do take issue with the following:

            Romney is not a RINO, he is a lead the parade where ever it is going Republican. The parade is being directed by the Teaparty and that is the way he will go.

            Ahhhhh, I don’t recall seeing or hearing Flip in the past 3 years when the Omarxma administration was unleashing their onslaught.

            Does anyone remember Flip countering the Leftism proposed by the white house?

            Does anyone remember Flip opposing Obamacare when it was being shoved down our throats?

            I do remember someone saying something about “death panels” and she was called an idiot, bimbo, and fool.

            but Flip? ahhhhh, no recollection.

            Was Flip rominee busy coiffing his hair? Was he dry cleaning his magic underwear?

            I can understand and cut the guy some slack if he was too busy to attend a tea party rally.

            BTW, does anyone remember seeing Flip at a Tea Party rally? Was there any mention of the Tea Party by Flip?

            I don’t recall any of that. I just remember Flip laying quietly during the past 3 years when people like Palin and Demint, Sharon Angle, Ken Buck, Rubio, limbaugh, Levin, Herman Cain, Zo, crowder, right scoop, et al were making noise.

            Yooo–hooo? Where are you Flip? errr, the country’s being raped by Leftists.

            could you help us out here with Scott Brown in MA? Christine O’donnell here in DE?

            —No. you’re busy? Oh, you haven’t had a consultant tell you what to do?

            Oh, okay. Thanks Flip.

            • Anonymous

              He knows he’s a Tea Party man because his blind trust manager told him so. Otherwise, he doesn’t recall.

            • All I know is the person who brought death panels to our attention was scared of Mitt Romney and decided not to run for president. If you want to be a player get in the game.

              • Anonymous

                Why do I get the sneaky, weaselly, unctuous, suspicion, that even if she were in this race…..

                ……that you (and coutergeist, jennifer rubin, NRO, et al) would still be supporting the Manchurian moderate from Massachusex?

        • K-Bob

          Religion isn’t the issue. If you are pro-Constitution, then you must accept article VI.

          Stick with the facts, which are exactly as Levin laid out. Don’t start stirring up religious hatred.

        • Brigham Young had nothing at all to do with the Mountains Meadows massacre. He did not even get the message that there was a standoff until the killing had already been done. It was 300 miles away from Salt Lake where he was at the time.

          Brigham Young was only governor of Utah for 7 years. After that the feds forcibly removed him. By sending Squaw killer Kearney against him and the rest of the mormons.

          • KenInMontana

            The Mountain Meadows Massacre was initiated,planned and carried out by John Lee and the 10th Regiment of the Mormon militia. They attacked (with the help of local Paiutes, Lee was an “Indian agent”) the party, then after promising them safe conduct after a five day siege, betrayed and massacred the adults and many of the children, then took the surviving children (the youngest, they had murdered the children that were old enough to realize what was going on) and scattered them throughout the local community. Most of cattle and the possessions of the victims were auctioned at tithe house to other Mormons. Whether or not Young had knowledge or approved is unknown and still debated by scholars. At least one Mormon historian claims Young had been advised of the group passing through, but claims Young’s message to let the group pass arrived too late. Let’s not marginalize the atrocity and tragedy of this by calling it a “stand off” shall we? It was murder pure and simple.

    • Mormons are the original tea partiers. We have been tea partiers since the 60’s. Bill Clinton took third place both times behind Ross Perot even in Utah. East and west coast mormons might be on the liberal side but most mormons are strong conservatives. Our Church website emphasizes “self reliance”

      • Original tea partiers? Not without a time machine.

      • Ho!! So I was right to say that you were just angry that you have to wear magic underwear and we don’t. So you actually were a Mormon, after all. That explains your religious fervor for Mittens, your bias and your lack of judgment.

      • LOL No they arent’ Mormoons are not strong conservatives. They are not conservatives at all, They believe in the State of Deseret

        Deseret means honeybee. They have a cult like hive minds ie group think . They are taught from the beginning to be aware of how they look to the outside world and painstakingly instructed on how to get inside their marks mind , how to react to them ,down to their facial expressions and tone of voice.
        Watch one Mormon, listen to him/her talk , pay attention to their answer and debate, . The next Mormon will act and talk the same way,give the exact same answers It’s like the Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
        There fake smiles and laughs are easy to see through They go to great odds to act normal and happy.

    • That’s a pretty broad brush ya got there.

      • Yeah the other Mormon , Brian, used that exact same expression

        SEE? They are the Mormon borg, the MORG.

  • I overheard some liberals today talking about Rmoney and how they are “starting to warm up to him.” Is Rmoney’s “message” working with the left?

  • Constance

    I’m scared to death too, Mr. Levin. Absolutely terrified. And, the fact that so many people are jumping on the Romney bandwagon, when he is the weakest candidate, is the biggest reason for my fear. How can these people be so completely uninformed? These so-called wizards of smart? I’m just a woman from the country who clings to the lower tier of the middle class and hopes to hell I can someday work hard and get to the upper tier. How come I can see through Mitt Romney? Through Trump? Through Coulter? Through all these heavy hitters…. and I see failure? You bet I’m scared.

    • Anonymous

      You’re not alone sister. But remember that we surround them… and God is in control.

  • Brav-standing-O!

  • Anonymous

    Best arguement I’ve heard explaining why conservatives should not vote for Mitt Romney. He just put our thoughts to words and nailed it. Now only if Santorum would kindly move aside we might have a chance to dispense with this imitation conservative. People should not just lay down and except this. They should stop listening to the media about electability and vote with there gut. Mitt Romney is not their gut.

  • True. The Flipper is not a conservative and is the least likely to defeat Obama. It is worth getting angry over.

  • Anonymous

    First, the candidates have to acknowledge that obama is not naive and knows exactly what he’s doing and they need to tell the tale of what a second term obama despotism is going to look like.

    Levin is exactly right. Rush told us what a second term of obama is going to be like. Obama’s poll numbers are still uncomfortably high, and if Romney wins the nomination with this piss poor demonstration of leadership, we’re screwed.

    • Anonymous

      You notice the percentage of people who approve of Obama is the same percentage of people who pay no federal income taxes and have at least one household member who depends on a government program. You can be sure if Obama gets another term, those numbers will increase and we will never be able to elect a small government Constitutional conservative again!!!

      • Anonymous

        Yes. I say it because if Romney wins the nomination zero is going to rip him apart. It is precisely because these people who are receiving obama’s handouts want that gravy train to keep making stops at their house. zero is going to convince them plus many others that Romney is one percent and “doesn’t care about the poor”.

        You and I both know that if zero wins a second term the gravy train is going to derail for most people. Jobs are going to be lost by the score with fewer to pay for the “safety net” which will need to expand by a huge percentage.

        Romney is going to be hit so hard with misplaced words like that and his questionable business practices (whether true or not). Romney will not fight zero like he fought the republicans, he will campaign “McCain style” and lose.

  • Anonymous

    I am not only worried about the candidate that the GOP wants to push down our throat! I am worried because there is another dark cloud looming in the distance and that is going to be the Iran/Israel war. Against all odds, it seems to me that the months ahead are going to prove very crucial and G-d helps us, we need Him desperately to help us elect the right leader that not only knows but can read the lines about the future of Israel and that of our country!

  • Anonymous

    I personally do not wish to make this a battle along religious grounds. Granted I’m not a Mormon and don’t wish to be. I will tackle him on his leadership and conservative principles which are zero from where I sit.

    Yesterday it was I don’t care about poor people or whatever, it boiled down to a class warfare gambit. Awful !!! Just awful !!! We have the safety net !! Awful, dreadful. The poor can remain poor they have a safety net. Awful.

    Today it is he is in favor of the min wage. Once again awful….all you Romney followers here is your man. Ecce homo !!! Behold the man!!

    How do you even begin to defend this? I am utterly speechless. The only Reagan conservative that was actually responsible for getting a republican majority in the house has been smeared and you cheer, lied about and you cheer. Bread and circuses for the masses while our Emperor waves and bilges empty platitudes …..

    This is what it has come down to. Ultimately ladies and gentlemen we get what we ask for. First it was Obama and now it may be either Obama or Romney….unless we get Newt back in the game.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn has lost me. He is almost insane these days. I cannot fathom his reasoning. I don’t want to make this about his religion but you simply have to wonder if he isnt giving Romney a pass because he has been ordered to.

    Nothing else makes sense….nothing…..Glenn is beyond absurd.

    Thing is long after the bells have rung and all the noise has died down Glenn, Ann Coulter, Marr Drudge will have lost literally 100,000’s of followers. They have alienated so many of us conservatives but they don’t know it yet.

    Hands up who will be buying Glenn’s or Ann’s next book?

    • Anonymous

      Ann has really lost me.

      Many of us don’t follow Glenn since he’s off Fox – where is his support these days? I know he was painting Newt as a progressive – which was a stretch in my opinion. What does he say about Mitt?

      • Dan

        same with the other blond bimbo whats her name…i have now renounced these two infiltrators as detrimental to the survival of the U.S. and will never support Anny or the other bimbo whats her name…..

      • Anonymous

        Newt describes himself as a Wilsonian Progressive. His ideas are more conservative than BHO, but he would have government running more voter driven solutions, which will be better, but it will still leave the government command and control in place. For example currently the government is pushing for abortion and against gun control. If instead the federal government forced everyone to have babies and mandated everyone own and be proficient with a gun, it would still be Big Government.

    • Yeah you got a candidate that actually said he’s a progressive and then you don’t hear Glenn Beck jumping up and down screaming and hitting pots and pans, if this guy his the nominee I’ll vote for Ron Paul… Remember if Romney or Obama is the president, George Soros wins…

    • Dan

      i have said it before…The Beckster is a false prophet…he follows a false religion and expects us to believe he is the only one with “THE TRUTH”…sorry Beck…renounce your cult and then come and see me………………….

      • Anonymous

        You may have your suspicions about Beck. But your hyperbole is not backed up by concrete examples that confirm your suspicions.

        • Dan

          he he he….

        • Anonymous

          I appreciated Glenn Beck’s Friday shows focused on American History… and his support of Israel – but all of the talk about storing food comes from Mormonism because my Mormon friends in high school were doing that back in the 1960’s… it is part of their conversion effort because if there is ever a crisis they want people dependent on them — and then when he said he would vote for Ron Paul before Newt, that sealed it for me. I cancelled by GBTV subscription and I am done. No more Glenn Beck for me! He is off the rails – I think the wealth and celebrity has gone to his head… (and Ann Coulter is right there with him!)

          • Anonymous

            I have my own concerns about Glenn. I find he starts to go off the rails, then comes back to making sense. He’s a bit erratic, but haven’t heard anything that clinched it for me as it has for you, and to the extent that I’ll swear him off. But I’m watching, watching. Trust but verify.

          • Linky1

            One difference between Coulter and Beck-Beck stands by his principles, whether you agree or disagree with him. Coulter blows in the wind toward whatever RINO that may favour her with a smile. Same goes with any talking head over @ FOX News these days.

            One point there-thanks to Beck, would we have even knows who the “Spooky Dude” is and what he has done throughout countries in Europe?

    • Linky1

      What does this have to do with Levin’s rant?

  • Anonymous


    “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” -Ronald Reagan

  • Anonymous

    Let’s face it. The only conservative pundit we can trust these days is….Megan McCain.

    • Hahaha, yeah, she’s the only one with an “emoticon” of decency.

      • Anonymous

        Like, I totally agree. I mean, TOTALLY.

  • Anonymous

    I like how Newt addressed Romney’s ‘saftey net for the poor’ he said forget about a saftey net, how about a trampoline? That man has a way with words!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, Santorum conceptually said the same, but without such flair!

      • Anonymous

        Senator Graham was on Greta last night, and he said there is no better person to speak the conservative message than Newt. We need flair to get people’s attention.

        • Anonymous

          Newt has been really off his game, firing back at Mitt. Newt on his game equals visionary conservative ideas. But he has to have more cogent, related, systematic ideas than what we got in Florida, which was all over the map.

          • Anonymous

            I agree, apparently he has shaken things up in his campaign to address this. We will see how much attention he can garner until the debate on the 22nd. Mitt has done himself no favors this last few days, so maybe Newt can take advantage of this. It will be easy to just respond to Mitt’s non-conservative crap, then always having to defend himself.

    • Anonymous

      That is why Newt should be our nominee…. he can communicate conservative values, he can inspire and restore hope for the future just the way Ronald Reagan did, and he is the only one running who has the credentials of conservative reforms in Congress – he knows how to make radical conservative change happen!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a Paulbot but many people, including Mark, seem to forget that Milton Friedman was a Libertarian in both his social and economic views. Ron Paul resemble Friedman more than any other candidate in the field. Jst wasnted to give the devil his due.

    • Anonymous

      Resemblance? Friedman was much more handsome.

      • Anonymous

        and Milton’s wife was also a genius.

  • Thank God Mark is speaking out! Not only will Romney lose, but in the off chance that he would be elected, what then? This man not only isn’t remotely a conservative, I don’t think he’s even a republican. Or at least not the way I’ve always understood republicans to be. (Is there an equivalent to a “blue dog” democrat?)

    Anyway. What is the point of electing someone who requires constant “handling” & coaching? He doesn’t get it and he hasn’t “got it”. Conservative isn’t something you learn. Maybe it’s something you grow or evolve into, but sometimes it’s more a discovery; finding out who you really are. It just “is” & there ya go.

    What on earth were these people (who have anointed Mitt Romney) thinking?
    The only way they can save face is to back off- call their dogs off, and let it play out. Full stop.
    Of course I’m assuming they’re smart enough to do that.

    • Anonymous

      I live in Massachusetts and the Republicans up here are liberal-lite… they are certainly NOT conservatives. So, you nominate Romney and you get another RINO who won’t change anything significantly in Washington!

      • It must have something to do with it, but it boggles my mind a little bit. It just seems like why bother with any distinction?
        Kind of like Romney v. Obama.

        • Anonymous

          That’s why I don’t believe that Romney can beat Obama – even George Soros says there isn’t much difference! There is little Romney can say that will contrast Obama that is verifiable – he certainly has no viable conservative credentials. He has no plans to reform the tax code in a significant way, he won’t repeal Obamacare no matter what he says… you can be sure he won’t do anything to restore the Constitutional due process or deal with the problems in our judicial system… and who knows who he would appoint to the Supreme Court! He can’t express himself well… he is even as thin-skinned as Obama! He would be the lesser of evils in the White House, but that is just not good enough with the existential crisis our nation is in!

  • Dan
  • Anonymous

    Not a Paulbot but Mark, as many others, never mention that Friedman was a Libertarian from economic and social perspectives. Ron Paul’s domestic policies are more closely aligned with Friedman than any other candidate in the field.

  • Anonymous

    Newt Gingrich ad just went nuclear on Romney.

    Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! LMAO!

    • Anonymous

      Ouch is right. Now, if only Newt had the funds to play it over and over like the Romney machine does with their ads.

      • Anonymous

        Newt doesn’t have that much money, but his billionaire donor does… if he like it, maybe he will pay to run it!

      • Anonymous

        We could all send more….

    • Anonymous

      That is a very good ad. It uses Romney’s actual positions to go after him by comparing them to the same Leftist positions Hussein takes. The quotes it uses from both of these slimeballs are well in the context the were stated too.

    • great ad. just play this over and over and mitt will be stumbling all over himself. “that’s not what i mean…you are taking what i said out of context”

    • great ad. posted the link on fb. thanks 1776

  • Anonymous

    Top Contributors to Mitt Romney in 2012 election cycle:

    Goldman Sachs $496,430
    JPMorgan Chase & Co $317,400
    Morgan Stanley $277,850
    Credit Suisse Group $276,250
    Citigroup Inc $267,050
    Bank of America $211,650
    Barclays $203,650
    Kirkland & Ellis $201,701
    HIG Capital $188,500
    PriceWaterhouseCoopers $179,300
    Blackstone Group $170,550
    Bain Capital $144,000
    EMC Corp $127,800
    Wells Fargo $126,200
    UBS AG $123,900
    Elliott Management $121,000
    Citadel Investment Group $118,625
    Bain & Co $116,050
    The Villages $98,300
    Sullivan & Cromwell $97,150

    Any questions?

    • Anonymous

      Bought and paid for.
      A rogues gallery of institutions that caused the mortgage crisis.

      • Anonymous

        Just like in 2008. Obama’s top 20 list last cycle looked very much like Romney’s this cycle, and McCain’s wasn’t much different either (they like to hedge their bets).

        I would just like to share Ron Paul’s 2012 top contributors for comparison:

        US Army $24,503
        US Air Force $23,736
        US Navy $20,272
        Mason Capital Management $14,000
        Microsoft Corp $13,398
        Boeing Co $10,620
        Google Inc $10,591
        Overland Sheepskin $10,350
        US Dept of Defense $9,527
        IBM Corp $8,294
        US Government $7,756
        US Marine Corps $7,662
        DUNN Capital Management $7,500
        Corriente Advisors $7,500
        Greenstreet Co $7,500
        Northrop Grumman $7,272
        Lockheed Martin $7,208
        Intel Corp $6,855
        United Technologies $6,316
        Federal Express Corp $6,255

      • Anonymous

        Fannie and Freddie and Community Investment Rules caused the mortgage crisis. I believe the best explanation will be found at (really it is the best) Additionally there was some market manipulation and shorting that came from over seas. And don’t forget all the home buyers willing to lie about their income to qualify for the loans.

        • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          There were a plethora of culpable parties involved with the crisis. The investment banks contributed and fueld and already bad situation starting with securitization. That spilled over into stripping o securitizations into A tranches (super secured all the way through first loss tranches). This subsequently evolved into the investment banks moving into more exotics such insurance written by AIG and others on the various tranches. This was followed by derivatives such as options and swaps written on the performance of the CDO’s and CLO’s (going long or short without actually owning the underlying debt obligation (CDS). Additionally, the ratings agencies came in to the picture early on and exacerbated the problems by applying ratings based on historical losses. Their feeling was that if you slice and dice sh*t loans, you could lower the risk. Sh*t is shit. Fannie and Freddie came in later in the game when the GSE’s realized that they were losing market share to the ibanks and thus had to lower their standards also to coompete. Previously, Fannie and Freddie had a strangle hold on the purchase of mortgages from banks and brokers. Previously, there was something called a conforming loan (20% down, 80% loan to value, total mortgage payments to gross income of 30% and total debt payments, including mortgage payments of 36%) Additionally a conforming loan required at least two years of income tax returns with you latest pay stub(s). This went out the window for all in the industry with low-doc/no-doc loans, pic a pay, negatively amortized loans etc. etc. etc. The ibanks didn’t care about the product they were securitizing as they would bundle and blow the securitizations out the door. Now, enter the mortgage bankers/bundlers like Anthony Mozillo, his and other companies made their money through originating as many loans as possible and parking them in warehouse lines provided by who; you guessed it, the ibanks. Is congress culpable through CRA regulations, hell yes, is congress culpable for lack of oversight of the GSO’s, hell yes. Was the SEC and the Fed (the CFTC were told to keep their noses out of the mortgage derivative business early on), hell yes. Nonetheless, this doesn’t excuse the ibanks from their enormous part in the scandal by creative financial engineering with exotic financial derivatives, bundling and securitization of loans poured gasoline on burning embers. At the evry end, we were working with hedge funds shorting these mortgage securities/derivatives with their counterparties including all the world’s largest ibanks. Suffice it to say, our clients made billions. NOW THAT I’VE GOTTEN THAT OUUT (out of breath), We as conservatives need to step back and realize that government, GSO’s and YES ibanks all had a very big hand in blowing up our economy. I’m still pissed that the work of perhaps less than 1,000 people at the ibanks had a huge role in blowing the US economy up. I am equally pissed that ibanks lobbied, continue to lobby and contribute to PACs like Romney’s. The Wall Street caball was very much involved with the bailout as they owned congess.

          I know I’ve rambled but seeing that list above makes me see absolutely red as no one has learned their lesson and the ibanks continue to be puppeteers behing the scenes in D.C. WE SHOULD HAVE LET THEM ALL FAIL AND LET THE INVESTORS AND BANKS TAKE THEIR HIT INSTEAD OF THE TAXPAYER. UNFORTUNATELY, WE COMPOUNDED THE PROBLEM BY CONSTRUCTING TARP (BTW, WITH THE INPUT OF THE IBANKS). Romney’s list above stinks to high heaven as far as I’m concerned and Romney should be taken to task over it.

    • Linky1

      Did Romney get his donor’s list from Obama??

      Just checked the list and according to this, guess who holds shares in EMC? Mr. Spooky Dude……”George Soros initiated holdings in EMC Corp.. His purchase prices were between $9.3 and $11.78, with an estimated average price of $10.4. The impact to his portfolio due to this purchase was 0.02%. His holdings were 49,000 shares as of 12/31/2008.”

    • Anonymous

      I’d call them banksters

      This is very telling. This is the same gang that elected Obama. Expect the same results

    • Yes I have a question. Are those contributions from individuals at those companies? Surely these people are free to contribute to whomever they like. Don’t you believe in the freedom of the individual to do as he pleases with his money?

      • Anonymous

        Yes, they are from individuals at these companies. No, I do not have a problem with people contributing to whomever thay want. But the numbers are telling, dontcha think?

    • And 10million dollars came to Winning the Future from the daughter and son in law of Las Vegas casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson….for Gingrich that is!

      • KenInMontana

        Actually the donation went to the super pac that is backing Newt, which is just like the one backing Romney. The candidates don’t see any of that money and the super pac cannot donate it to a candidate so they run the hit ads that everyone likes to blame the candidates for.

  • Anonymous

    Mark thank you for giving us the truth and facts. There are many conservatives after what happened in Florida were very discouraged. This election is about keeping the country from going off the cliff. They should be telling us what they are going to do to fix the mess the country is in.
    We are tired of the talking points, that’s all I have herd coming out of willards mouth. Well rehersed talking points. Willard if in fact is the nominee is no shoe in. If this is like 2008 another rino establishment candidate loses.

  • jostvandyke

    This is why he is the “GREAT ONE” Hannity would never have the jewels to do that ! Rush would !

  • While you may not like it, it is the hand you are dealt, so play it well.

    Remember, you can influence the downline elections and ensure thousands of conservatives are elected going from the Senate down to the local alderman. If enough conservatives are elected downline then the political culture will change for generations, as there will be a wide and deep talent pool to draw from (someone elected now could still be in office in 2030). You can also ensure that you work to unseat the establishment Republicans by working to take over the party at the local level ward by ward. Think ahead to 2016 and beyond.

    If the “one” is reelected, he will discover a solid mass of opposition all the way downline, all working to undo his legacy and Progressivism in general. If Romney is elected and as “squishy” as you all say, then he will be “guided” by the Senate and House in the correct direction, along with the public support of millions of TEA Party movement members.

    You have numbers and motivation. The Dems may have raw numbers, but most of their drones are not motivated, or only move when the cattle herders come and move them. You have from now until November to move the cattle yourself, using every channel of communication (including Samizdat stickers on gas pumps and grocery stores announcing “higher prices brought to you by Obama”); go stampede the cattle away from the Democrats!

    • Anonymous

      “You can also ensure that you work to unseat the establishment Republicans by working to take over the party at the local level ward by ward.”

      This is the “feeder” system and, at least around here, is far from conservative. I would best describe my local republican gang as self serving progressives. It is where we can have the most effect by helping true conservatives get in primaries.

      Romney is not “squishy”. He is a duplicitous dangerous man, “owned” by global financial intersts who will pursue an agenda to further destroy our liberty by further growing central government.

      And yes it is a very long term game – our enemy knows this.

      You offer us insight and advice yet write in second person. I am curious…if not ours, then where in the spectrum does your perspective lie?

      • he owes 41 contributers who have given him25% of his money a lot of favors.


    from the article:

    “After living in Utah for three years, Romney flirted with running for office in the Beehive State. He even reportedly contemplated running as a Democrat, though in the post-Olympics buzz there was no office available until 2004 which was too late for someone riding the successes of the the Games.
    Still it isn’t too much of a stretch to consider Romney running in Utah as a Democrat. Romney would likely have taken on Bob Bennett, then among the longest surviving senators in the Congress as a Democrat or replaced him on the Republican ticket like Senator Mike Lee did in 2010. In the shadow of 9-11, Congress had already earmarked $200 million to make the Games safe. After the attacks, Senator Robert Bennett of Utah appropriated $34.4 million. Romney often went with Bennett to lobby legislators to approve the additional funds.”

    “A Utah poll taken after the Olympics found Romney had 87% approval. Indeed, even today Romney, according to a recent poll, is very popular among Mormon Democrats, 62% of whom see him favorably.”

    • Anonymous

      A Utah Mormon Democrat is is called a Republican anywhere East of the Mississippi.

  • Anonymous

    I hope we all have VERY LONG MEMORIES after all is said and done. Remember the political sellouts, RINO’s, GOP,FOX,and pundits.
    No more votes, buying books and contributions. I’m done.

    • Yeah, Trump, Paul Ryan, William Buckley’s National Review, Pat Buchanan. They’re all in on it. You guys are too funny.

    • Anonymous

      That’s a great point. I was thinking we should run a contest for the biggest Rominee hack or tool.

      I’ve been paying attention to this primary very closely. And, I don’t know about y’all, but something seems very fishy. Something seems very off.

      I really have to question why people are attacking Newt as if he was Newt Palin.

      Do these Coultergeists, Jennifer rubins, Hewitts, medveds, et al realize that their livelihood is based on us right-wing roobs buying the crap they sell?

      Does Coultergeist expect all of us to rush out and buy her next dumb book?

      That witch Peggy Noonan supported Obama! And she’s back on the right-wing bandwagon hocking some other book of hers.

      They must think we’re retarded.

      Either way, I’ve only mentioned pundits. No politician is willing to touch any of these sad-sacks with a 40 foot sterilized, child-proof pole.

  • Anonymous

    The more Romney speaks, the more Dr. Jekyl’s mask slips off and exposes Mr. Hyde.

    Thanks agains Scoop… I love these by Mark – a true patriot. He’s spot on.

  • Ideology bumps into reality as usual with Levin and the others. Mr. Levin, there is that little matter of millions of immigrants pouring into the country depressing wages. Until you address the immigration problem, you have to keep a minimum wage. Please come out of the basement into the real world.

  • Will someone please hand that guy Levin a shovel and ask him to do a little real work at $3 an hour. After all, the minimum wage is terrible. Better for the taxpayers to subsidize the worker than they actually get paid a minimum wage. Right Mr. Levin? Please man, just 1 day of work, that’s all I ask.

    • K-Bob

      How many books have you written, again?

      • I doubt if any of them write their books, except for Ann Coulter. Even if they do, it’s mostly regurgitated and recycled for the 10 millionth time.

    • Anonymous

      Omg doug, you are a total idiot, congrats ace and stay hot:-)

  • Anonymous

    A CEO is a person that uses people as a commodity to grow and profit the enterprise.
    Aleader is a person that uses the enterprise to grow and profit the people.
    Mitt Romney is a CEO
    Sarah Palin is a leader.

    Run, Sarah Run. It is not too late

  • Anonymous

    Mitt Romney was born super rich, his life was paved by his Father. He inherited his Dad’s rolodex. His life in Wall Street was in levergaed buy-outs, one of the sleaziest forms of capitalism, not much nicer than chrony capitalism. Bain Capital’s deals were not venture capitalism they were sure-things. Mitt didn’t create anything, he didn’t risk anything. The first thing a Mitt/Bain deal did, was to take over a company, make massive loans in that company’s name (on it’s credit NOT Bain’s), then pay off Bain’s fee plus the most massive profit they could squeeze from the company/client. Wether the company failed or succeeded, Bain Capital was immunized from losses. That is NOT venture capilalism.
    THAT is why Mitt does NOT understand BASIC Conservative economic principles. His whole life in entangled in the world of elite, super rich, blue blooded people that leech off the system growing and protecting their old money. They create nothing, invent nothing, produce nothing, they just shift money around. It is NOT a story of ‘capitalism’ that Conservatives should tie their fates too. Mitt is very comfortable with big Government.
    Mitt was literally a real life Gordon Gekko. I cannot believe the Republican establishment is shoving this man down our throats, I cannot belive this is the man to represent ‘Conservatism’, he knows *nothing* of it.

    • I agree that he doesn’t understand the latest narrative you guys are running with.

      • K-Bob

        The proper way to return is to email Scoop and ask to be unbanned.

        If you want to return to your old disqus ID and keep your old comments (and likes, if you want) then do that. If you want to keep this new ID, I’ll let it continue, but you need to contribute more than jabs at people or the site.

        (This one was mild, so nobody cares.)

        • Ok, I will do that and ease up on the jabs.

          • K-Bob

            Thanks. (You can still hit for points if you focus away from direct insult, and more on devastating facts and logic.)

            We do let some insults fly by, but just not when someone’s comment stream is 100% insult, all the time. It’s a judgement call.

        • KenInMontana

          He is going to have to ask Scoop now.

          • K-Bob


      • Anonymous

        Do in lighten me on this narrative that these guys are running with or are you just here to sling bullsh–t.

  • Anonymous

    This website is beginning to drive me crazy because it is full of “Newtbots” and Mormon haters (aka christian bigots). You talk about Mormon propaganda being propagated here by a few, but the Anti-Mormon propaganda here is nauseating. It’s incredible anti-Mormon propagators do almost the same thing to Mormons that liberals do to conservatives. I can barely read this blog anymore.

    Look I’m not for Romney and I’m not for Newt and I am for Rick Santorum. To say that Newt is a true conservative is totally and completely absurd. Hard-core republican progressive better describes him. Phrases like ” I’m would expand the State Department by 50%” and he has supported and promoted a federal individual mandate for health care from at least 1993 to 2011 until he pulled a Romney and flip flopped. There are many other things to name, but come on Newtbots be honest with yourselves!!!!

    Here’s a little link—Newt Gingrich: Liberal—

    The only reason Santorum can’t win is because Newt is in the tank for Romney and thus stilling votes from Santorum…lol. (Newtbots logic reversed).

    Can’t wait for the fire from this post!!!!

    • That’s very selective. You’re talking about Newt Gingrich, one of the old heroes of the Reagan years, the man once called by the haters in the media “the Hard-line leader of the conservative Republicans”, depicted as hard right. The same guy who was picking fights with people and even challenging Reagan for not being Reagan enough. His scores amongst conservative groups are higher than Santorum.

      Mind you, he’s definitely gone mushy since he hasn’t had to run for public office for a lonnnng time. But despite his flaws, his heart is definitely conservative.

      As for Santorum, he has all of the flaws you pin on Gingrich but none of the benefits:

      That right there is the reason why Santorum harps on his family image and always puts scorn on his opponents. He doesn’t have a record he can campaign on without lying about it. The same cannot be said about Newt, whose opponents can only tarnish by essentially being ignorant of his entire life.

      As for Mormonism. If you are a Christian, then you have to acknowledge that Mormonism is an anti-Christ religion. It perverts the character and nature of Christ our Lord; it denies salvation through Christ alone; it denies even all of the essentials that Catholicism teaches. That is at least the one thing that unites Christian denominations… agreement that Jesus Christ is God, who died on the cross for our sins and rose again. Not only does Mormonism deny Christ’s mission, it turns the Gospel into something retarded. And for what? A confirmed false prophet whose great predictions and promises never came true.

      A failure to understand this is evidence of a poor education in Christian matters. Mormonism is NOT Christianity, it is Scientology but without the glamour.

      (Look at me, I’m more Christian than the Santorum supporters! LOL)

      • Anonymous

        Catholicism isn’t Christianity either.

        • Anonymous

          If I could adjust your comment? Catholicism was the original Cristian denomination. Unfortunately, through corruption of church leaders over the centuries and inventing out of thin air, doctrine has been nothing less than absurd has caused the Roman Catholic Church to not resemble anything that Peter and Paul had ever envisioned. If you ask if the Catholic Church is Christian, I would agree with you. Conversely, if you say that the individuals following the teaching in Christ within the Catholic faith are not Christians is taking things a step too far. I would consider them all brothers in Christ. Remember, we all follow and believ Christ is the Savior but it’s how the faiths reach salvation which are different. I personally left the Catholic Church a number of years ago for many of doctrines that simply didn’t line up with the Bible but I still consider my freinds who are Catholic Christians.

  • There is no ideological difference between a Romney supporter and a liberal Democrat.

    The Romney supporter doesn’t care that Romney is pro-abortion and signed a healthcare mandate authorizing the killing of babies at taxpayer expense.

    The Romney supporter doesn’t care that Romney forced private Catholic hospitals to distribute the abortion pill.

    The Romney supporter doesn’t care that Romney pioneered the same-sex marriage movement, is a strong supporter of same-sex rights, and was the first governor in U.S. history to install same-sex marriage in a state.

    The Romney supporter doesn’t care that Romney’s administration funded and distributed a radical gay publication called The Little Black Book which served as a guide to homosexual pick ups spots and multiple partner encounters in Massachusetts.

    The Romney supporter doesn’t care that Romney’s administration distributed The Little Black Book to school children even though it contained graphic descriptions of same-sex acts and Romney personally donated $10,000 to the publisher.

    The Romney supporter doesn’t care that Romney appointed liberal justices to the bench 75% of the time while governor of Massachusetts, including advocates for abortion rights, same-sex marriage and global warming.

    The Romney supporter doesn’t care that Romney was a pioneer in the fight against global warming and was the first governor to sign environmental legislation capping CO2 emissions on power plants which cost the state of Massachusetts thousands of jobs.

    The Romney supporter doesn’t care that Romney opposed the Bush tax cuts and joined liberal congressman Barney Frank in condemning them.

    The Romney supporter doesn’t care that Romney led a state takeover of private healthcare forcing citizens to choose between his mandate or a hefty fine and sought to impose this mandate on the rest of the nation in the first edition of his book.

    The Romney support doesn’t care that Romney believes blacks are cursed because of the color of their skin.

    The Romney supporter doesn’t care that Romney raised taxes on local businesses by $309 million dollars a 20% increase as governor of Massachusetts.

    The Romney supporter doesn’t care that Romney signed legislation increasing taxes on commercial property by $100 million dollars.

    The Romney supporter doesn’t care that Romney increased state spending by $5.2 billion dollars in just 4 years and expanded the state payroll by 3,000 in that same time frame.

    The Romney supporter doesn’t care that Romney personally invented 33 new fees for residents to pay and increased 57 others.

    The Romney supporter doesn’t care that Romney invented a new fee for blindness and billed it to blind people.

    The Romney supporter doesn’t care that Romney’s failed economic policies produced a 26% increase in residential property taxes in Massachusetts — the highest increase in 25 years.

    The Romney supporter doesn’t care that Romney raised taxes and fees on the residents of Massachusetts by $740 million dollars.

    The Romney supporter doesn’t care that Romney’s administration provided a $5 billion dollar tax except bond to build a new Planned Parenthood clinic with Romney claiming he was out of the loop.

    The Romney supporter doesn’t care that under governor Romney, the state of Massachusetts ranked between 47th and 49th in the nation in job creation during his one term as governor.

    The Romney supporter doesn’t care that Romney’s economic plan does not lower individual tax rates, but boldly maintains the current rates we pay under President Obama. Just more of the same.

    The Romney supporter is either a liberal, an idiot or just plain naive.

  • Daniel Porter

    Levin is such a radical. These ridiculous economic arguments about the minimum wage have no basis in reality. Having worked for an unpaid internship myself in 2008, there’s no shortage of unpaid and lowly-paid grant-based apprenticeships and internships for young people. The minimum wage ensure that ADULTS who need REAL PAYCHECKS to survive make at the very least a fair wage.

    • Anonymous

      Being a radical is only a bad thing if you’re a radical for tyranny. Mark Levin is a radical for liberty, which is great.

      Yes, there are internships, but that’s irrelevant because an unpaid substitute for a paid job is a poor argument for the minimum wage, since it proves the point of those who are against the minimum wage, such that the minimum wage has so destroyed those jobs and the only way that people can get any experience is to take unpaid work, where pre-minimum wage generations used to have paid work.

      Your claim about there being loads of internships doesn’t take into account that internships still cost employers money to have them, even without wage factoring into the overhead costs.

      Not everyone can take an internship, and even if they went on pathetically meager government welfare then they’d probably be on it for 1-2 years before gaining enough experience to start actually earning any money. Compared with pre-minimum wage generations which could start earning money without any experience, because the minimum wage didn’t price those jobs out of existence.

      All that the minimum wage does is increase paychecks for the handful of people who still retain their jobs at the minimum wage amount. The important thing is to consider “at whose expense?”, and the answer to that question is: at the expense of the employer who must now either lose more money by raising wages in line with the minimum wage, or employers who lose productivity by having to fire staff because they couldn’t afford their new wage, or employers who go out of business entirely because the government has priced their labor out of profitability, or the newly unemployed who lost their jobs because their employer couldn’t afford to pay them at the new minimum wage, or the newly unemployed who now can’t get their foot on the ladder because the first rung has now been taken away by the increase in the minimum wage.

      All in all, the minimum wage is a very destructive thing which benefits a few at the expense of many, but falsely claims that it “benefits the poor” as a whole, even though unemployment increases as a result.

    • Anonymous

      Um Danny, you are a complete idiot, congrats ace:-) Btw, nice to know you support Owebamamao, congrats ace:-)

  • Anonymous

    Romney can’t explain it in three minutes or five hours because he doesn’t believe in conservativism. If the GOP thinks they can unite the party to rally behind Mitt-Twit they are completely out of their minds and will be finished as a serious political party.

  • The other top two candidates are not any better than Romney. Let’s get back to reality here. And they fare far worse than Romney in electoral polls. Mitt is neither a leftist nor a dictator. I am not saying he is a good candidate. But he is the best in the race for beating Obama. It doesn’t do any good to nominate other candidates, whose numbers show they cannot beat Obama.

  • A voice crying out ,in the Wilderness of political analysis ! So here I am a defector from the Democratic Machine ,Morally Bankrupt ,Criminally Corrupt ,No Scruples ,No Conscience ,No Organic Shame and No Simply ,No GOD ,but in fact anti GOD ! So now I ,and according to recent report’s ,about 2.5 million other Dem’s are Independent’s ! It is also reported that close to 1 million Republican’s have deserted their party ,at a minimum ,I find that interesting ,of course it will never be explained ,Im amazed it was even mentioned ! Now I am out here ,and what do I discover !? A GOP that ,in their hatred and Fear of the Tea Party ,have stuck a deal ,with George Soros ,Rupert Murdoch ,Ted Turner,ie the Media , and the Dem’s ,to support Romneybama !! While at the same time Pummeling Newt Gingrich !? In my 58 yrs ,I have never seen 1 Man so Massively Predicated upon ! A Man with a linage and pedigree and accomplishment’s beyond question ! Contrasted ,with a democrat by another name ,Romney ! The Stink of FEAR radiating from the GOP and the DEM’s is Horrendous to behold ! Now ,the Indie’s (me included ) are familiar with the usual dem candidate programming ,and Romney utilizing it as a Republican ! Amazing (sickening ) ! We Indie’s find ,we are in the same position as the Tea Party !? No top down representative’s (We see Tea Party ,Gov’s and Mayor’s endorsing different candidate’s !?) We are Indie’s because we reject being forced into Obamacare ,We reject this sinful debt ,We reject ,Murder for the implementation of even more Gun law’s ,We reject this Assault on Religious Freedom’s and UnConstitutional Czar’s and Unionization of Government employee’s ! We also Adamantly Reject Mitty Romney !! There ,now are more of Us than of either side ! We will not be brainwashed by the media ,either side of the Media ! If Romney ,like Obamacare is forced on Us ,there will be a problem heretofore unseen in this Country ! I suggest that the Tea Party get theirhouse in order ,as we are trying to do ! The GOP is well on their way to your betrayal and destruction ! While we have other option’s ! Mr. Levin God Bless You ,Your Work Your Service ,Your Health and Your Family ! Thank You !

    • Anonymous

      Are you using some program where sentences are divided by exclamation points?

  • Anonymous

    Well, here’s who I would to trust to carry “the torch of liberty”: Jim Demint, Bobby Jindahl, Marco Rubio, Ron Paul, Sarah Palin.

    Who am I missing ? Who is America missing?

    2012….a time for choosing the America we want.

  • Anonymous

    Thats why Mark is called The Great One! Bravo Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    You’re totally correct Mr. Levin it is true the Republican Party Elites CANNOT/WILL NOT elect a real CONSERVATIVE to the primaries list and as RUSH says they will weed them out,crush them,backstab them etc.Only a REAL CONSERVATIVE like Newt Gingrich will have the guts and willingness to make the BIG CHANGES needed to steer America away from the cliff to destruction! I’m sorry but I don’t buy into the LIES told by “The Elites”, that a third party would just split the vote, more and more it seems like there is no other REAL CHOICE but to start a Real Conservative Party,after all how much SATISFACTION are we getting NOW! We cannot wait for a few generations for Tea Partiers and new Conservatives to rise through the ranks because it will all be over for America by then!

  • Anonymous

    I urge anyone who really cares about the future of this country to go to YouTube and type “Milton Friedman” in the search box. Hell, I’ll make it easy for you:

    And then just watch them. Take your time. Just go video by video and watch as many as you can stand. Then watch some with Thomas Sowell. When you get tired of him after awhile search for “Mark Levin” and watch those videos.

    That’s what I do for fun on the weekends.

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t have to rant any more. Levin does it so well.

  • Anonymous

    Simply brilliant again from the Great One.