Mark Levin goes NUCLEAR, says he feels more fury than Obama seems to that our ambassador was raped and murdered!

Mark Levin is furious at the response of the Obama administration to the murders of our ambassador and his staff members in Benghazi, calling it a nightmare and a disaster. He even wonders why he seemingly has more fury over the apparent rape and murder of our diplomats than does our President of the United States.

Levin lays out what his response would have been below:

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  • Tamara Holder is reported as saying Mark Levin needs to get laid.

    • celestiallady

      Where? She said that about Michelle Malkin earlier today.

      • Sober_Thinking

        It’s a joke.

    • PVG

      She doesn’t have the guts!!

    • 4Hoppes2

      Good one!!!

    • white531


    • PJRodman

      Don’t think Mark is as interested in screwing Rev Al as Tamara was.

    • Jesse Jackson told HER that; she believed him. Worked for him. Worked for her. Now it’s the only thing she ever says that makes sense.

    • Yes, Tamara will do mark Levin, unless she wants Michelle Malkin herself.

  • NanNJ

    I’m so angry over the latest Obama failure. These poor men and their families. God Bless. Pray for our country. This tyrant must go.

  • odin147

    Ohio, and Florida we cannot afford another 4 yrs of this.

    • white531

      odin, I don’t think we can afford another two weeks.

  • LeonidasOfSparta1957

    Spot on, Professor. Thank you for speaking to the Nation the words which each of us are saying in our hearts.

  • golfmax13

    It IS a freakin nightmare. I personally don’t think we’ll make it to Nov. 6. I certainly appreciate hearing your outrage Mark! Please keep the pressure on.

    • lisarg39

      I totally agree. The beginning of the end is now in middle east . I believe obama is cheering it on because we will be attacked and no election or opt to steal the election. Little know fact an 86 million $ underground construction just completed at one will comment.

      • golfmax13

        Lord have mercy. This is absolutely the strangest time I have ever lived in – and I’ve lived quite awhile. There are so many things happening that make no sense whatsoever and what Obama can’t push through, the media is there to sell it. We’ve got to be in the latter days.

        • white531

          You have a lot of company, golfmax.

      • brendawatkins

        I saw that story on the drudge report but didn’t read all of it.. I read that after so much time and money was spent you couldn’t see a difference. I need to read the whole thing I guess.

        • if you cant see the construction above, it is below. He wants to keeps playing golf, however, there will not be much for grass.

  • Coming Apart

    Where is our MAINSTREAM MEDIA? Is there only Mark Levin and Michelle Malkin who has normal feelings about this atrocity?

  • PVG


  • Watcherinla

    I agree with Mark. This cannot be allowed to stand with such a wimpy response. Perhaps now Obama will see fit to attend security briefings on a daily basis. Maybe if he shows up at the Oval Office an hour early he might fit it into his schedule!! Unbelievable how he is so cavalier about his duties and responsibilities. Next we’ll hear that he is taking foreign policy advise from the pimp with a limp. Such a tragedy for the famlies of those slain and what a dereliction of duty by the White House.

    • tshtsh

      I do not know if there is any such thing as citizen’s arrest but I would love to insist that congress impeach b.o. for treason.

      • Schautzie

        I have said for a long long time that we need to impeach him. However, he is now beyond that… would be to respectable. NOW WE NEED TO FIRE HIM….HANDCUFF HIM…PUT HIM IN JAIL. He will not produce an authentic birth certificate, he will not produce his school applications nor his transcripts, he will not admit that he has more than one social security number, he thinks he can dictate what kind of light bulbs we use….on & on….he even declared that a family could NOT have a birthday party in their house for a 10 year old….and that a farmer could not sell his fresh produce at the end of his driveway? He truly hates America and now to allow an American Ambassador to be RAPED AND PULLED TO HIS DEATH IS UNACCEPTABLE! PERIOD. CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN AND START A CAMPAIGN TO FIRE THE S.O.B. and T H A N K S ! Stay tuned and work as hard as you can until November 6th…if we are even still around at that time.

        • white531

          The only way to describe his presence among us is to say, “he was visited upon us.” By what, or whom, we do not yet know. All we know, is, that it was planned very well, and then every detail of the planning was covered up, and locked and sealed.

          I hate to say it folks, but that’s about all we know, after three and a half years.

        • libsareadisease

          what this is is dereliction and it has caused casualties. He should be arrested by the military and jailed. This Non-patriot is a fraud. Far to amny closed doors and smoke as you pointed out. Clinton must resign in total disgrace. The time has come for protests -at the WH and all these stinking ‘news media’ scumbags that will not tell the truth anymore. This group of traitors wanted to have our First Amendment undergo Islamisation. They can go to bloody hell. They and that murderous virus of a so called religion need to be cut out and cauterized like the cancer they are.

    • white531

      He treats the Presidency as though he were an actor in a movie. Playing to the applause of all his fans.

  • brendawatkins

    I only WISH this were a nightmare.. at least then we could wake up and it would be over! There is NO DOUBT that Obama is the WORST thing that has happened to America. Either he is incompetent or he is INTENTIONALLY creating this mess, and I’m not sure which scares me more! We CANNOT let him be re-elected!

    • white531

      It is intentional, brenda. Of that, I am sure at this point. Listen to Mark again. Obama knew. At least twelve hours before, he knew. He had been briefed.

      • brendawatkins

        Then the next question should be.. WHY HE LET IT HAPPEN??!!

        • p m

          He HATES AMERICA. There. I said it.

          • brendawatkins

            I absolutely believe that. America must be on God’s bad list to have allowed this kind of man to be leading our country. Whatever we’re doing wrong we need to undue it, and fast!

            • UserSix

              Was thinking similar thoughts earlier Brenda. If I were an alien watching from afar who would I side with….the west which fights among itself or the middle east who unite around one belief. Did’t like the answer but remembered, I’m not an alien.

              • brendawatkins

                I think there are many countries that would love to see America humbled.. and I can see them loving this President. How convenient for them that Obama is our leader.

            • white531

              What has America been doing lately, that God should be on our side? Think about it.

              • brendawatkins

                That’s a VERY good question. And to be honest I can’t think of ANYTHING!

                • UserSix
                • brendawatkins

                  I think Americas problem is more of a spiritual one. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. There’s so much garbage that our society tolerates more than we should. Abortion, pedophilia, human trafficking, etc.. we don’t get angry enough to do anything serious about those things. We hear about that kind of things these days and it hardly affects us the way it would have years ago. We’ve become lukewarm. Lukewarm isn’t a place a person or country wants to be to make God happy.

                • UserSix

                  In that sense yes, the future looks terrifying.

            • nyctreeman

              Psalm 94:20-21

              Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with thee, which frameth mischief by a law?

              They gather themselves together against the soul of the righteous, and condemn the innocent blood.

              – God raises up nations and leaders, and he brings them down.

              As far as America is concerned, I think Romans 1 applies in our day:

              22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

              23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

              24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

              25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

              26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

              27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

              28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

              29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,

              30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,

              31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

              32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

              • white531

                The forgotten book, the Bible.

                • brendawatkins

                  My favorite book in the whole world. The only book that brings peace to my soul when I need it.

              • brendawatkins

                I’m with you on that thinking. Who could read that and not see America?

          • brendawatkins

            I didn’t take it as you shouting at me. 🙂
            I use caps when I want to emphasize something. That’s how I took it when you used them. All is well.

  • poljunkie

    This is so horrible.

    I read an article about the ambassador and he seemed like a really good guy. He didnt deserve to be treated like this, nor did his colleagues.

    The Presidents weak repsonse to this is atrocious. If this doesn’t wake up the Country to his inablity to lead, what will?

  • @abc @cnnbrk @CBSTweet @nytimes Dr. Corsi exposed the fraud of John Kerry, & has just done the same to Obama. It’s over

    • sDee

      Nothing new there except that Corsi says it is going to unwind. I have long figured that if Mossad doesn’t have anything on Hussein, then no one does.

    • Sorry, I’m tired of you continuously pushing this in every thread. You’re gone.


  • 911Infidel

    A little September “surprise” courtesy of the Ikwan. Obama is channeling his inner Jimmy Carter. Its up to Romney to channel his inner RR. Honestly if the American electorate isn’t convinced that Obama is a feckless failure of a ball-less man by now; and that Rodhead isn’t the biggest puss on foreign policy; then these incidents should be the straws that broke the socialist commies political backs. The enemedia can provide all the covering fire for their clown Kenyan prince all they want to. Only problem is the clown prince has walked into an L-shaped ambush which is his support of the faux “Arab Spring”.

    You can now hang the albatross of Libya and the support of Morsi around the necks of Rodhead and Obama. Dhimi Carter had one Iran. Dhimi Obama has many Irans.

    • white531

      Good words, Infidel.

      • 911Infidel


  • anyonebutbarry2012

    allen west talking about the muslim brotherhood right now on hannity. amazing how he knows about the dangers of the mb yet barry does not …
    mark levin is right to be outraged and to use his show to get the information out there, showing the ineptness of this administration. why has no one in congress called for a investigation?

    • sDee

      Obama knows more about the brotherhood than all of us. He and Clinton set out to create a great islamic ascendency in the middle east.

      The only thing inept might be not gauging how quickly they would be thrown to the curb by the monster they created.

  • The US Library of Congress put this site in its archive. Their letter is on the home page. They KNOW. TELL EVERYONE. Colonel retire Sellin exposes Obama’s fraud & stealth coup.

    • Please stay on the topic of the post or your commenting privileges will be revoked.

  • tshtsh

    Note, she doesn’t bother saying that about b.o. as he does not have the proper equipment.

  • angf117

    if ovomit doesnt want to do anything WE WILL….starting HERE

  • JohnBarry2012

    Can Obama survive his `Jimmy Carter` moment on the U.S. embassy attack?

    • If people are dissatisfied, I never see that reflected in the polls. Although, I don’t trust those anymore either. BO never failed in his plan to set up a demoralized population on welfare, illegal immigrants and any other group he could pander to. It’s as though s… never sticks to this monster.

      • JohnBarry2012

        I am afraid we are seeing the result of the hopey-and-changey welfare and open-border illegal immigration policy, turning into a culture of dependency and the changing of the demographic. Romney will need to unite and rally the Tea Party conservative and Ron Paul’s libertarian conservative and unlease the power of grassroot conservative (rather than to sideline them) to win the race and the country back.

        • For me, November can’t come soon enough. We have to get this guy out. I can’t even consider another four years of this.

        • nc

          Agreed, but there’s one little problem. Remember the big difference between Ron Paul and the rest of the GOP contenders? Foreign policy. Don’t know how the Paul people see this situation.

          • JohnBarry2012

            The issue raised is not an attack against Mitt, it’s post primary and partisan politics should stop and focus on winning the country back.

            Mitt’s campaign team made a conscious decision to downplay Tea Party grassroot’s power of influence (so obviously that Tea Party was mentioned 0 times during RNC, SP was not one of the keynote, and the rule change during the convention offended both TP and RP supporters). It seemed that Mitt’s team and GOP are ashamed to be associated with the Tea Party movement for the fear of being tarred as radical right. Well, if you are ashamed of the grassroot which propelled GOP to majority in 2010 and turning your back to discredit them, how could you expect grassroot Tea Party and independents to fireup for you as the same old GOP? You wonder why the grassroot enthusiasm are somewhat dampened this day for Mitt? No doubt most will vote for him, some don’t, but do you expect them to aggressively campaign for Mitt after their voices have been miffed and muffled by the gesture and action of his campaign team to discredit them? (though Tea Party Express and Freedom Works will still campaign for Mitt). It’s like putting a cap and a lit on the most powerful grassroot power force. It’s pretty much the same old GOP big-establishment status-quo imaging problem that he is projecting to the independents, albeit his message is about constitutional small-government conservatism, but his team’s action to sideline Tea Party movement betrayed him. That could be a mistake, a huge one to sideline the Tea Party, as they are the force that the Democrats fear most.

            It’s never too late to reach out, to unite and to incorporate grassroot conservative and Ron Paul’s libertarian conservative into the Big Tent to win the battle.

            • white531

              He should have embraced the Tea Party from the very beginning. What are they afraid of?

          • JohnBarry2012

            Sorry that I went off topic from this thread unintentionally. I hope I won’t get booted off the island in violaing RS’s Rule#5 (not the same as The Other McCain’s Rule#5).

      • Yes they are. The CNN +6 Obama poll was really +8 Romney. If you take the actual Republican/Independent/Democrat voter percentages and apply that to the CNN sample, Romney is up by 8. CNN heavily skews to the Dems and had less than 40 independents out of a sample of 500+.

        All you need to know is that poll after poll, Romney leads Obama by over 10% regarding independent voters.

  • President JFK (democrat old style) & President Eisenhower both tried to warn Americans about the shadow government/secret societies. Listen & be prepared to defend what God intended for us all. To be “free & independent”.

  • StandProudNow

    If obama was on fire my CATS would not pizz on him!!! (And neither would I!!)

  • p m

    Magnificent! Say it again Mark, every day, for yourself and all of us.

  • StandProudNow

    The ambassador was RAPED. Get a visual of that!!

    Sorry to be blunt… But his anus and rectum and possibly large intestine was torn to shreds by many islamist’s dicks wanting to humiliate and to cause unimaginable pain and suffering.
    Think of gang rape! Anal gang rape! IMAGINE the pain!!!

    I work in a trauma hospital where we sometimes get victims from gang rapes in to our ER.

    It is unimaginable!!

    Sorry if this upsets some here. While we do not have the entire story yet, and we never may, but we really do need to be alert and open eyed to what these barbarians do.

    • brendawatkins

      And pray to God it does not come to America!

  • KateNE

    “This is like a nightmare” – Mark Levin

    I’ve been saying that same exact thing for 2 days and it just gets more horrific. I truly do not understand what is going on anymore. Everything just seems insane.

    • white531

      Pretty much the way we all feel, Kate.

  • Sober_Thinking

    There used to be a time when America was respected around the world. But now we aren’t respected because the idiot-and-chief doesn’t respect us… and it shows. When this bonehead is finally relieved of his sanctimony and pomp and adoring fans… then we can re-establish the greatness that this country represents.

    We have to boot this monster out in November. HAVE TO!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Where’s the mention that these jokers were wearing the same masks OWS was wearing last year?

  • Linky1

    Nightmare does not even begin to describe the horrific events of the past couple of days.

    Mark-we all feel your righteous anger toward (I can barely bring myself to say this) the President and his complete disregard for the safety his fellow countrymen.

    I said this in another thread and it bears repeating: What will it take to wake Americans up to the evilness of the President?

    This poor man (the Ambassador) was raped and sodomized. I find myself running out of adjectives to describe my outrage and anger at this completely unnecessary loss of life.

    The reports coming out now-the account of what happened to the Ambassador, the lack of ammo for Marines, the fact that no Marines were guarding Embassies on Sept. 11th, the fact thiswas all planned…..I’ll let Mark Levin speak for me when he speaks like this.

  • marketcomp

    Reprehensible! Get Obama the hell out of there! All the work that Cheney and Bush did over 8 years to secure our country has been compromised and broken in 4 years by an incompetent ineffective President and a Secretary of State who is obviously not upto performing at the highest level required by that office. Throw all of them that hell out!

    • white531

      Best comment I’ve seen all evening.

      • PVG


  • blynnd

    Mark loves his country. This was a perfect rant. Thank you Right Scoop for providing this because I would not have missed it for the world. Mark is speaking my heart and I would guess the hearts of millions who want to get those sniveling, SOCIALISTS out of our leadership roles and back to the college campuses where they can thrive comparing notes and devising ways to be generous with OTHER peoples money.

    I don’t need radical islamists to like me, I WANT them to fear me so that they stay away and keep their mental illness at a distance. Our country does not need muslim terrorists to like us, our country needs to let them know we will never bend in fear, we will never sacrifice our values, we will ALWAYS retaliate violence with direct action and will live and let live only as long as our freedoms are respected and not ripped to shreds.

    I miss GW. He attended his intelligence briefings and he genuinely protected our foreign workers;he would have had those embassies cleared yesterday and you can bet your ass he would not be grubbing for money in Las Vegas about now.

    Obama-you are a mess, worse, you are a coward. ( Stop abusing our tax dollars with your petty charges-repay everything-including calling your kids attaches or whatever in order to get their free ride to Africa)

  • Maxsteele

    As a Canadian who knows full well the value of America being the strongest country in the world and appluade you for all you have done for the rest of the world, I agree 100%, completely, totally, with what Mark Levin said.
    I am so proud that our prime miinster removed our diplomats from Iran and booted out the Iranian diplomats from Canada. We are also on high alert with regards to all our embassies in the arab world, and I can tell you that Prime Minister Harper of Canada has your back (diplomatically of course) because our military could fit in your side pocket.
    Winter is coming to the world, be prepared.

    • Linky1

      As another Canadian, I share your sentiments and echo your thoughts about our wonderful neighbours to the South.

      Our Prime Minister is an example of what real leadership is all about and it makes me proud to be Canadian.

      Here’s what real leadership sounds like:

    • white531

      Max, on some things, Canada acts with a little more brains than we do. We’re glad to have you as neighbors. If it comes to a fight, I know we can depend on the Canadians.

  • white531

    I hope the Moderator stays with me on this. I may go Nuclear myself here. I may get close to being off topic, but I am angry. Maybe not as angry as Michelle or Mark, but I am angry.

    Like Mark, I have known real Presidents in my lifetime. This isn’t one of them. Obama is a Muslim. By his own admission. We have a Muslim for a President.

    Right now, he is acting like a Muslim. He is avoiding the issue that our national sovereignty has been attacked and breached by fellow Muslims and he is protecting them. It is what Muslims do.

    Four Americans are dead. Any number of Embassy personnel and Libyan and Egyptian personnel are in the hospital, injured in the fighting that killed our Ambassador to Libya and three of his staff. Needlessly and brutally, I might add. Because Obama knew about it twelve hours in advance!

    The reason Romney has come under such heavy criticism for acting Presidential, is because he is the only one doing so, and Obama and his minions were not prepared for it. While I do applaud him for filling Obama’s empty chair for a little while, I don’t think he did it for political gain. I think he was just angry, like the rest of us. I hope he stays angry. I like him that way.

    Muslims are sick human beings. I use the word, “human,” loosely. They are sick, because the Prophet they worship, was sick.

    Some of you have read the Koran. You know what it says. Death to the Infidels. Excuse me? My children and grandchildren are Infidels? In America? And this President and half of America is afraid of hurting these idiots’ feelings? My grandchildren can’t even spell, “Infidel.”

    Islam is taking over the world. An inch at a time. They aren’t doing it because they are smarter than we are, because they’re not. They are doing it, because they take every advantage we give them. Every time we apologize for hurting their feelings, they take another inch. Every time we turn our attention to something else, they take another inch.

    Don’t believe me? Look at England. Look at France. You can’t walk down the street without looking at four hundred butts in the air on the sidewalk. You want that here in America?

    What am I saying? It’s already here.
    Wanna see the Future of America? Forget about England. Forget about France. Take your family for a week’s vacation to Dearborn, Michigan. Make sure to pack some Burkas.

    Sorry for the rant. I love this country. At least, what’s left of it.

  • carmtom13

    The response from this administration is disgusting. They should have gotten all the Americans out of both places and than send a few drones to drop a couple of bombs to let them know we are not going to let anyone or country get away with attacking America and that is the only thing those radical muslims understand. BHO OWNS THIS and the blame game won’t work, FACTS ARE FACTS no matter what his lap dog media does to try and cover BHOs butt.

  • chatterbox365

    Amen Mark!!! We do need to send a very painful message to these rats, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. sigh……..

  • Obama’s actions or rather inactions make him criminal negligent in the performance of his duties. He needs to be impeached and dragged out of the Senate chambers in chains for his responsibility in the death of our diplomats. His treason cannot be allowed to stand.

    Where are those who are sworn to protect this country from all enemies both foreign and domestic? Right now America has no bigger enemy that Barrack Hussein Obama.

  • nc

    It’s almost as if a precedent has been set, new, terrible territory has been entered. Yes, ambassadors have been murdered before. But in this way, so unspeakably brutally, and to have such a LIMP-WRISTED RESPONSE from the Commander-In-Chief, is unheard of.

    Pravda media, naturally, is aiding and abetting. Disgusting.

    • white531

      The Ambassador was a nice guy. Too bad he got in the way.
      -Barack Hussein Obama

  • carolt2

    I cannot believe that Obama and Clinton did nothing about the warnings. The deaths of four men is their fault for failing to recognize that even w/o warnings September 11 should put everyone on high alert in all of the USA and our embassies, and now that this is out that they ignored warnings is cause for jail.
    What would they say if this happened when Bush was in office? We all know the answer, the #### media would be calling for him to be arrested.

    • white531

      Carol, I’m surprised at you. Surely you must know, that Liberals are always innocent until proven guilty. Of course, they are never proven guilty.

      • carolt2

        No, they are always guilty by the judgement of “we the people” and after yesterday’s Scoop on the msm we do not care what they say, do or think.

        We have to get Obama out, and make Romney a true conservative. I walked in on his Lt. Governor’s election loss party in 2006 and Mitt spoke, in person he was very charismatic and presidential. I do not see that on television but I had a feeling that he’d be our net POTUS. I was wrong, Usually my feelings are 99% correct.

        Romney seems stiff on television, but it’s probably the ### media and selective editing. I work in the building when both the dems and republicans had their parties I stopped by Kerry Healy’s defeat party. Security was very high that night, all the MA dems were there for Obama’s political brother’s victory for Governor, Deval Patrick; they use the same words, same speeches, etc. One was “yes we can” and the other was “together we can” I try to ignore both because they turn my stomach.

  • All of the people in our embassies are/were as innocent as all of us sitting in our homes. This was an attack on every PATRIOTIC American, so warn all Americans to get out of Egypt, Libya, and Yemen, then send a large missle strike on the main buildings of those governments.

  • All of the people in our embassies are/were as innocent as all of us sitting in our homes. This was an attack on every PATRIOTIC American, so warn all Americans to get out of Egypt, Libya, and Yemen, then send a large missle strike on the main buildings of those governments.

  • white531

    I believe this Jimmy Carter incident, signaled the end of the brief reign of the boy-king Obama.

    In his three and a half years of the only glory he is likely to see in his lifetime, he was protected time and time again, by his lap dog media. He was finally met by such an international crisis, that exposed his ineptness, once and for all, that even his lap dog media could not believe that a sitting President could act so stupidly, and they are beginning to turn against him.

    Because they need a job, just like the rest of us. Hanging their hat on such an inept leader, is not likely to enhance their resume, when they go looking for a job, after all of this is over, and the dust settles.

    Actually, the dust is never going to settle over this one, because people like Mark Levine and Michelle Malkin and myself, are not going to let it settle.

    We have an Idiot for a President. That should be the headline on every newspaper in America, tomorrow morning. Somehow, I’m not holding my breath. Nevertheless, I will do my part to make sure it stays in the forefront of most discussions here on Scoop. The man is such an inept leader, that it is an embarrassment to our nation.

    Remember when Fat Cheeks Obama said, “this is the first time I have been proud of my country?” Well, Fat Cheeks, here it is coming back at you. ” this is the first time I have been ashamed of my country!” With your husband as my President.

  • That’s because Mr. obama is using it to proclaim our surrender to the islamic world – of course he is not upset it was purposeful-not attending his intelligence meetings, not securing the embassy property, not allowing the guards to have ammunition for their firearms? Who really doesn’t look at that and think “set-up”?

    Add in that the attack was clearly planned( who brings rocket propelled grenade launchers to a protest-even in Libya?) to be an act of war that would require -by islamic standards, it would absolutely require either a very strong retaliation response or an admission of surrender and the acceptance of dhimmi status. What response did Mr. obama give them and who thinks Mr. “the call to prayer is the prettiest sound on Earth” obama was not completely cognizant of how such a response would be perceived in the islamic world. This was nothing less than high treason on his part and if the Congress does not immediately impeach and remove him for such, and we the people do nothing to force them, then we will deserve what is coming as a result.
    I’m sorry if this seems a bit garbled, but I am incensed at this whole situation. Come on America-it’s been over a decade since 9-11 and you cannot see this? Have you not studied our enemies one whit since the day the towers came down to see this?

  • Oh, and to those who gathered at that embassy the next morning to say that you don’t approve, prove it!

    Prove it by taking a good long objective look at your so called religion, recognize it for the evil it is and renounce it! Walk away and make so strong a repudiation of the evil that is isalm that the group of followers you claim is so small will be afraid to show their faces again because of your repudiation of islam. And I expect that conversion to start with your leaders.

  • wodiej

    I admire righteous anger and Levin gives a heaping helping of it here. Kudos.

  • Mark Levin,

    I am a happily married, heterosexual male but…

    You complete me.

  • onne

    All the comments here are completely true and we should feel outrage. I sometimes wonder if we as a nation have become immune to outrage But lets remember something for the future. The Founding Fathers had a reason for using Natural Born Citizen for President/vp and we are living the reason. Had this policy been followed, we would never gotten to this point with the “great one”. Following the Constitution and with a great deal of emphasis on God the Father and our Nation will always come out on top.

  • lcn1114

    This admin. is inhuman. How does he stand in the rose garden knowing the facts about the brutal murder & rape of the Ambassador and not show any emotion? I would have been a mess. Nevermind, I have a beating heart.

  • lcn1114

    I’m gonna go listen to Mark’s whole show. They are all archived on his website. He fires me up!

    • I wonder what Alex Jones is saying? He had trouble dealing with Dinesh D’Souza the other day. Here was a man who like Alex understands Obama to be foreign-minded if not foreign born. Yet, Dinesh criticized Obama for his failure to support Israel. This was inconvenient for Alex and the Clones. How to figure? If Obama bad, and globalist, and Zionist Israel is bad and globalist why does Obama oppose them? No, it is not merely a pose to fool the Muzzies. Obama despises Israel’s existence. So, Alex is in a quandary. I think I will go there and hear him.

  • Obama is a traitor. How much longer can we live in denial? We (not me) elected a well-spoken clean black man to exonerate the racial guilt that was so carefully cultivated in us these past two or three generations. Without even having a basic understanding of who this man is, where he is coming from, where he wishes to take us, a majority voted for the color of his skin! It is and was despicable. In some ways the US is getting what its ignorant complacent public deserves.

  • Since Obladee has not done as The Great One has suggested; he has not called his Military and National Security and State Department heads in to have them produce actual plans to inflict punishment, we must consider doing it ourselves. Does Egypt and Libya, Pakistan and Yemen lack embassies in America? Can Americans NOT gather outside of them and rant and rave? Burn their flags? Remind them and ourselves that we are the sons and daughters of The Brave who risked all to come here to become The Free?

  • DebbyX

    It’s been a 3 and a half year nightmare that I pray we all get to wake up from really soon!

  • You must understand that to most liberal-progressives, any enemy of America is a friend to them. So when their “friends” do horrible, reprehensible things the lps must twist reality into a pretzel to try and disguise it. This is also why they had to come up with those bizarre and asinine “inside job” accusations about 9/11. They had to protect their friends and heros who flew planes into the Trade Center Buildings. These people hate America and all it stands for, including the Bill of Rights, which they attack daily.