Mark Levin: If Obama unilaterally acts on raising debt limit he should be IMPEACHED!

Mark Levin explains why Obama should be impeached if he acts unilaterally to raise the debt ceiling:

If Obama unilaterally acts – and I think there’s a fan dance going on here where his spokes-idiot Carney is out there saying ‘no, we’ve decided we’re not going to do this’ – if Obama, though, plays the role of Hamlet and in the end says ‘I have not choice, the Republicans are going to destroy our economy, our debt rating, all this that and the other, therefore I must unilaterally act,’ he should be impeached!

Because that means Congress’ core power – in addition to declaring war – Congress’ core power, that is control over spending and taxing, will have been seized by the president of the United States in one executive order. NO Congress would tolerate this from any president! I don’t care if the president was Abraham Lincoln. This Congress would not have tolerated it from Richard Nixon. No Congress can tolerate such a complete and brazen frontal assault on its enumerated power. No Congress! No twisting of the language in the 14th amendment or any way else. Because we will cease to be a federal government of three coequal branches.

There’s more. Listen:

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  • Joe


    I love

    • Oh Joe dear Joe, what are you talking about? Mark is on the air every day and working his butt off giving information out and speaking on what he deams to be important to Americans who want to be in the know. So Joe Mark is doing plenty, so in turn I ask you what are you doing, how much time do you spend building up your country? we know how much you tare down it’s builders, what we’d like to know what have you built lately? like built something possitive for you and your nation that lifted up others around you?
      Think about it Joe, the debt our young families will have to bare is hard to imagine but it’s real, it’s crushing, Mr Levin knows this because he was inside the governemnt and learned it well friend, now hes telling you what to expect and how may be the best way for now to respsoned. Ultimately you and I the citizens have to make a move together, as one in one accord.
      So Mr Levin will have done his Job, but will we, will we?

      Thank G-d for men like of the likes of Mr Levin.

      • marketcomp

        You know TIMERUNNER, I am seeing a pattern and wondering if RS as been infiltrated because I am so surprised to hear this critisizm of Mark, Rush , Beck, Sean, and others. These men and women lives are in jeopardy everyday. They have to have security and yet they refuse to backdown. Most of us don’t have that problem and we can essentailly say what we what. Not the case with these brave men and women.

    • What is wrong with you Joe? Is writing books, spending three hours a day talking to the American people, trying to influence people in Congress, advocating for conservative politicians like no other radio host, et al….not enough for you?

      I’m just sayin, even his legal foundation fights Obama when he can in the courts. He’s fighting the EPA right now. He was also one of the groups taking Obamacare to the Supreme Court.

      What more do you want him to do?

      What are you doing Joe?

      Look, I know how you feel. Helpless and what not. Obama is going to be our president for the next 4 years and it sucks like crazy. But if all you are going to do now is complain about people who are actually trying to influence the outcome of this whole thing, using their huge platforms to affect change, then I’m not sure how far that’s going to get you.

      The Tea Party arose on its own in response to a TV personality expressing frustration. Glenn Beck has tried to create movements.

      But we still lost the big election.

      I just don’t know what you expect.

      • marketcomp

        I ask the same question, RS! Perhaps this is just frustration but it’s aimed at the wrong person in the case of Mark Levin.

      • Joe

        Please don’t misunderstand me

        ALL of the heads must go BEYOND preaching to the Choir by writing books

        WE ALL know what a mess we are in

        I am very frustrated at this mess

        Influencing Congress? – Obviously useless and a waste of time

        We need a “grassroots” movement like the TEA PARTY or THE TEA PARTY on Steroids

        I know he is trying – but 110% is needed I want to see this kind of action

        I am listening to him now and so far I have only heard truly insane or stupid people call in – (of course not his fault) – but I want ALL the heads to raise some hell with sane people

        AND although ZERO is our President now – I believe there is enough to cut his term short by impeachment

        As far as the election being lost – Obama slipped one past us and

        ALL the experts were dead wrong – I don’t choose to listen to any of them any longer

        We need the Nation – not just Scoopers to get angry

        He – ALL- CAN do more than just regurgitate the daily news

        He – ALL -CAN motivate the Americans to take back the Country

        Of course I like Levin and all the rest – but TALK IS CHEAP

        They can do more – They are on EVERY day –

        Obama is on rarely


        Anybody who knows me – knows that I am passionate and Patriotic and

        now disgusted that the efforts of the greatest generation are falling to the Liberals

        No more for me tonight – Maybe on Tuesday

        • Nukeman60

          ‘As far as the election being lost – Obama slipped one past us and ALL the experts were dead wrong.’ – Joe

          The experts don’t take fraud into account when predicting elections. They may not have been as far from the truth as we thought they were. Only time will tell as to whether we break that cryptic puzzle.

        • 1endtimes2020

          Don’t worry, Joe. The country has some great people in the media and they are frustrating the enemy within with their skill and truth Mark and others are keeping on top of things for us, just fine. Timing is important. I’m sure ‘The Right Scoop’ will be happy to see everyone keep their focus on the enemy, not on our good soldiers.

    • PFFV

      Joe – We all have to do more to educate the drones, if they can be educated at all! We have to educate by using our mouths and our actions by leading by example. Mark is leading the way and is one of very few (true) conservative leaders we have keeping us informed and I personally think God for that!

      It will be the likes of a Mark Levin that will drive the impeachment process of our Dictator in Chief and Serial Liar (Mmm… Mmm… Mmm…) Bawack Hussein Obama!

      • Joe

        I do my part


        They can do it better

        • 1endtimes2020

          Let’s just leave it there, okay Joe?

  • marketcomp

    He’s used executive actions for Fast & Furious, Immigration, welfare reform eliminating the work requirements and ther other laws that we don’t know about and potenially, new gun control laws, and unilaterally increasing debt ceiling! There is a very strong case here and definitley grounds for impeachment!

    • Conniption Fitz

      Don’t forget billions put into crony donor green businesses that went belly up in 2 short years.

      • marketcomp

        Yeap, complete and utter incompetence and no fiduciary or due diligence with the public’s money. All grounds for impeachment.

    • sjmom

      The problem is not the grounds but the lack of someone with chutzpah.

    • goldenprez

      marketcomp … We have already seen the results of “impeaching” a President.

      As long as the Democ-rats hold the Senate, there is no hope that Obamao will be found guilty and put out of office.

      There are not enough conservatives in the House to even bring impeachment charges. Anyone expecting the complicit House Republicans, under the current “leadership,” to instigate impeachment charges is in dire need of psychological professional help.

      Unless, and until, the Senate has 50 conservatives therein, the Senate “leadership” under a McConnell, or any of the other “old bulls,” will never vote “guilty” on impeachment.

      As of this moment, impeachment of Obamao is a pipe dream.

      Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

      Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

      Illegitimi non carborundum.

      Barracudas Maximus.

  • 57thunderbird

    Colon wouldn’t care.His oath doesn’t matter any longer.Colon will call you a racist.

    • PFFV

      Colon is a racist! I never thought I would see the day that I would say that either, I used to respect him very much, not anymore.

  • amen and well past due!

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Finally I hear the words coming out of Mark Levin’s mouth Impeached, those are words I have being waiting to hear ever since his immigration decision to grant illegals papers. F.I.N.A.L.L.Y

    • williamm

      The Impeachment Process

      In the House of Representatives

      The House Judiciary Committee decides whether or not to proceed with impeachment. If they do…

      The Chairman of the Judiciary Committee will propose a Resolution calling for the Judiciary Committee to begin a formal inquiry into the issue of impeachment.

      Based on their inquiry, the Judiciary Committee will send another Resolution to the full House stating that impeachment is warranted and why (the Articles of Impeachment), or that impeachment is not called for.

      The Full House (probably operating under special floor rules set by the House Rules Committee) will debate and vote on each Article of Impeachment.

      Should any one of the Articles of Impeachment be approved by a simple majority vote, the President will be “impeached.” However, being impeached is sort of like being indicted of a crime. There still has to be a trial, which is where the US Senate comes in.

      • white531

        I think what you have touched on, williamm, is that the process of impeachment is complicated, and not something to taken lightly.

        I think Obama has proven himself to be two things. The first, not deserving or qualified for the Office. The second, smart enough to defeat anyone accusing him of that very thing. That is what Chicago taught him.

        He simply took what he learned in Chicago, to the White House.

        And he is sleeping every night in the White House bedroom, with his fat wife who hates America, and there is not a damned thing you can do about it.

        • proudhispanicconservative

          Yes it is a complicated proccess, but it should be brought up if only to bring attention to a problem that the uninformed voters that reelected this creep dont know, and are not realizing what this power grab means for them. Bullies like Obama are cowards and I believe that if there is threat he will do what all cowards do and that is back down, unfortunately for us there isnt a viable opposition in our side, with Mark Levin bringing this issue, it shows you how much our side lacks leadership that a radio host is the only one that brings it up, when in fact it should be somebody in the senate, or congress, or at least someone with stature.

          • white531

            As you point out, proudhispanic, our position in all of this is weak, precisely for the reason you allude to. We have no real leadership in the Republican Party.

            Any ordinary American, could stand up to Obama and all of his madness, and make him look like the Idiot he is.

            Joe, the Plumber, did it, and it took the Obama campaign weeks to recover from that incident. An ordinary American, shut down his campaign, and his big mouth, for several weeks, until the compliant media helped him get out of it.

            Politics in this country, is no longer based on principles. It hasn’t been, for a long time.

            What it is based upon, is the stuff you can find in any barnyard in America.

            I leave the rest, to your imagination.

            • proudhispanicconservative

              You my friend get 10000000 likes for your comment, and your point is quite valid, any one of us regular joe’s would make this imbecile look like a kid, and what amazes me to this day is during the elections how easy wouldve been for Romney to defeat Obama if he had not been afraid, what we need in our side is a good pair of balls and common sense.

            • Nukeman60

              You have hit upon a weakness in his armor (rusty as it is) – the media. If and when the media start to turn on him, his entire corrupt administration will begin to collapse like a house of cards. I think we should key on the media (first exposing the LameStream for the frauds they are and, at the same time, putting forth the new, alternate media).

              It won’t take much. We have been doing it for some time now and I’m seeing some cracks in their dike. Little by little, journalists and reporters are starting to break away from the mold. Lack of subscriptions, lack of hits on their websites, calls to their sponsors will all take their toll.

              Eventually, they will start jumping ship like the rats they all are.

              • white531

                Interesting perspective Nuke. Doesn’t take you a second to respond, and your comments always hit home.

      • colliemum

        IMHO, it would make an excellent campaign issue for the 2014 elections, especially for the Senate, that impeachment procedures have been inaugurated, that the House is impeaching the POS – all in the public eye -, thus: ‘if you want this to go ahead, get rid of the dem Senators’.

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    I’ve been saying IMPEACH the SOB since he missed his first budget deadline. Unfortunately the elile REPs will roll over for him. They should all be impeached.

    • 57thunderbird

      Join the club.Me too.

    • PFFV

      The first affirmative action President has gotten away with murder (literally) – Fast and Furious and Benghazi-Gate were directly to blame for Americans deaths! Our politicians will do nothing unless we get in an uproar unfortunately. I guess the Attorney General Eric Holder was right in this respect? “On the issue of race our nation is a bunch of cowards” As much as I hate the man he may be spot on here. There is only one distinguishing difference between Obama and all the Presidents before him and that is his appearance of being a black man. No one wants to be called a racist even if they are 100% correct! I pray someone will step up and call this Anti-American pile of crap out for the.evil bastard that we all know he is!

  • jleinf

    And that would be #25 on the list of impeachable/treasonous offenses that I can pull off the top of my head.

  • Ray

    The problem is the REPUBLICAN establishment, which are NOT conservatives and have an innate need to be LOVED by the media. They are liberal in ideology. You notice every time obama states anything about republicans, it is about SOME, i.e. the conservatives that get elected on the Republican Ticket, it is not the normal republican.

    • 57thunderbird

      Yup…..All true.

  • 57thunderbird

    Thank God for Mark Levin.It is about time.

  • Joe

    How do I call in to the Show

    Does anyone have his number??


    Never mind I found it
    1 877 381 3811

  • bjohnson55

    If Congress allows King Obama to go unilateral on this issue, or any other issue they will amount to nothing more than Obama’s bitches. Time to stand for something or come home and stay home.

  • celestiallady

    Mark isn’t the only one. GOP Rep Stockman threatens impeachment if Obama uses executive order for gun control.

  • PFFV

    The same goes for gun control! He is a Dictator! Impeach his A$$ NOW!

    • Mary Sieg

      I’m with you PFFV! I am furious over the stuff this guy has gotten away with. He is so arrogant, nose in the air as he says he will just go ahead and use executive powers. He also said we need to stop our way of thinking we should “negotiate” everything. That is indeed a dictatorship mindset. I am sick to my stomach about him. I believe he is a muslim, a traitor, a liar – he is on the other side for God sake…he is deliberately trying to destroy our country and the constitution. And aren’t we all still waiting to see what is going on with the Benghazi issue??? So many things that this POTUS has done…he simply has to GO!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Talk about “fundamentally transforming” America.

    Obama is lying his butt off (again) and using nothing but blame and scare tactics. And the media is flying cover for him again.

    This man-child is the biggest phony loser I have ever seen in public office. Pathetic.

  • sjmom

    Obama should be impeached and tried for treason, but who will step up and see it is done? Is there no Republican who has the courage? I keep asking the same question over and over again without an answer. Lord, please raise up someone with the courage and wherewithal to accomplish what must be done.

  • 12grace

    Even without his actions on the debt ceiling obama deserves to be impeached and imprisoned for this unconstitutional acts of treason against our country and the American people.

  • kloyd0306

    OK – silly question time………..

    What if The Bamster does bypass congress and raises the debt ceiling?


    I say he IS going to DICTATE – and he will GET AWAY WITH IT.

    • Nobody will!!!
      His father was a Kenyan – and no Repub pointed to that obvious fact, known to millions, that, according to the Constitution of United States, son of a Kenyan man cannot be elected as the President.
      Still not too late…..
      Hey, GOP!!! STILL NOT TOO LATE!!!

    • syvyn11

      It’s going to be up to us. We’ll have to put Congress’s feet to the fire. Tell them that we are going to hold them responsible if Obama does this and is not answered with BOTH a lawsuit and IMPEACHMENT.

      They should get articles ready now. And let anyone who doesn’t vote for conviction answer why Obama is beyond the law and above the Constitution.

      • white531

        syvyn11, I welcome your fervor. We can use any energy you can muster, to fight what is against us. But there is no such thing, as putting Congress’s feet to the fire.

        Because Congress doesn’t represent you in the first place. They haven’t for a long time. Congress represents Congress. And the companies and industries who give them money. Lots of money.

        We have a corrupt government. Get used to it. If our government was not corrupt, this man would not be our President.

        The first step in solving a problem, is knowing what that problem is, in the first place.
        Most people in America haven’t yet reached that level.

        Obama is hoping they won’t reach it anytime soon.

  • white531

    I haven’t read your comments yet. I just got home. When I turned on the Mac, first thing I saw was Mark Levin. Thank God we have this man.

    Rush and Hannity are on the airwaves all day long, and they do play their role in all of this. They do their job, of exposing this Liberal/Criminal activity that takes place every day in America. God bless them, for doing what they do.

    But Mark is special. He gets his teeth into it. He says what others are afraid to say. That’s what makes him different.

  • aposematic

    Levin in hitting it dead center. By the Constitution of these U.S: The Senate initiates all spending Bills, the House initiates all taxing Bills. The House has already punted on its control over taxes giving that power over to the Senate in Obumacare, declared a tax by the SC, and the Fiscal Cliff Bill that just passed. The Senate knew they were violating the Constitution both times, Obumacare with Piglosi as House Speaker and Fiscal Cliff Bill with Boehner as House Speaker. So both D and R controlled House rolled over the Constitution. Now will Reid, Majority Leader in the Senate give his power over spending to Obuma? The reality we face is that is the only thing standing between remaining a Constitutional Republic and total Anarchy leaving Obuma to take total power to restore order under a Totalitarian form of Dictatorship imposed from the Executive Branch. The real question is has America as a Constitutional Republic already ceased to exist under its Laws? Both Branches of Congress have violated the Constitution. The Executive Branch has violated the Constitution. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court violated the Constitution approving Obumacare. Does any of this point to America Governance remaining a Nation of Laws or now a Nation of Law breakers with no right to exist except by the Power of Executive Decree. Did Americans sleep through the coup of all coups?

    • Rshill7

      “The Senate initiates all spending Bills…” (aposematic)

      Are you sure about that?

      • aposematic

        Under the Law/Constitution yes, I’m sure. Under this Government who can be sure of anything. As the Rep said at a Town Hall meeting (can’t remember his name, The Government does whatever it damn well pleases. All Tax Bills are supposed to be initiated in the House and the Senate has initiated at least two as I said above and nobody even blinks. It called the Budget. You remember the Budget that the Senate has not passed one in what soon will be four years.

    • white531

      The answer to your question, quite simply, is no to the first, and yes, to the second.

      There is no one in Washington right now, who is running this country, who believes we actually have a Constitution we have to abide by, in the governance of this nation.

      None of them. Not one. Our President, least of all.

      This is not a government of the people, as Jefferson envisaged. This is a government of the Goddamned Politicians. May they all rot in Hell.

      Because that is what they deserve, for having turned the dream that our Founders had, into this mess we find ourselves in today.

      And yet, the citizens are compliant. A firm hand is at the helm. Obama is in control.

      Sixteen Trillion in debt. Soon to be Twenty trillion.

      I don’t know how many of you follow the financial markets, but I am here to tell you, that this entire country is just about to go off the proverbial cliff.

      Actually, at this point, there really isn’t anything any of us can do. It has gone past the point where a remedy would be possible.

      Our debt that you read about in the news, is Sixteen Trillion. By the end of Obama’s second term, that figure will be more like Twenty Trillion.

      How is it even possible, to pay off Twenty Trillion Dollars of Debt? Don’t hurt your brain. I’ll save you the trouble. It isn’t. It simply isn’t.

      And that’s just the loans that we pay daily interest on, to China. It doesn’t take into account, the unfunded liabilities that we are responsible for, like Social Security, and Medicare and Food Stamps and Welfare and Government Housing, for those of us who don’t want to work for a living.

      When you add all those things into the equation, our actual debt is something close to ONE HUNDRED TRILLION DOLLARS.

      If I owed even a tenth of that amount of money, I would just shoot myself in the head, and get it over with.

      And yet, this maniac, who pretends the title of President, wants to raise the debt ceiling, yet again.

      We should rename this President. Instead of Barack Hussein Obama, we should name him, Barack, Man Gone Crazy, Obama.

      Except he isn’t really crazy, is he? No, he isn’t, really. He knows exactly what he is doing.

      He has a plan, and it’s working like clockwork.

      He walks right down the middle of the street, like he’s God.

      His second term will take us away from the dream. Away from what our Founders envisioned.

      Obama’s vision is a new world order. A world government. And he will have a prominent role.

      We will not be governed by those we elect to govern us. We will instead, be governed by those who seek to control the way we live.

      Obama will see this through, if you allow him to do it. Make no mistake. This is his plan. He believes he has the mandate to do it.

  • madnessofjack

    I know this is off topic…..but Ruger has a “take action” page to send a message to our representatives that gun owners take their gun rights seriously and wont stand idly by as the “progressives” seek to cripple the 2nd amendment.

    Please help and spread this around

  • Well, what would happen if Obama gave an Executive Order and nobody carried it out? It’s one thing to make a law, it’s another thing to carry it out. I’m not really sure you will have a lot of people being able to enforce tough gun laws in places like Texas and Oklahoma. Just saying.

  • sparkey308

    ban the assault president!

  • aZjimbo

    The arrogance of this communist prez has no boundries.

  • Ray

    Do you really think the republican establishment would have the fortitude to impeach this tyrant?

  • Mary2333

    If you read the many Executive Orders have already signed (, you will see that he has already declared himself king. He needs to be impeached!

  • Mary2333

    If you read all the Executive Orders Obama has already signed (, you will see that he has already declared himself king. He gave himself complete control over all business, all assets, and all communications, even declaring a national emergency over Russia’s arsenal in order to use martial law at any time. He needs to be impeached and the Constitution restored as the supreme law of the land!

  • 1endtimes2020

    Mark Levin is Pure Gold.

  • Nah, if the House wants to impeach anyone, it should be those in the Senate who’ve not passed a budget in several years. Include that those impeached must recuse themselves from any impeachment vote that reaches the Senate. The Senate’s inaction on passing a budget as required by the Constitution is the foreplay that allows the Ocrats all over the map to spend whatever they want and put the blame on the GOP for letting it happen.

    The only reason the Ocrat Senate has the cojones to start and keep the deficit ball rolling is they know the LOSERship in the House are crybabies who have none…

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    To Mr. Levin: hear, hear! Bully my good man, bully!

  • kloyd0306

    This POTUS does not believe in the Constitution.

    He has succeeded in convincing the country that with just over 52% of the vote he now has a mandate to do anything he pleases.

    Sadly, the low info voters know no better and will let him.

    When will the revolution begin?

    When the press, TV and low info voters realize they’ve duped.

    Unfortunately, they are too dumb to know what “duped” means.

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    Should be impeached for a million reasons over the past 4 years and to date….

  • ryanomaniac

    Congress has sold their souls. They have constitutional mandated powers. They choose not to use them. That means they are coconspirators. 2016 is gonna be ugly for Democrats and establishment republicans.

  • Ray

    When will they get that the spending is the problem, not the solution? I listened to some idiot on hannity yesterday that said we are not spending enough, that since the interest rates are so low we are not in trouble with this or a higher rate of spending, BUT what if the interest rate rises, it will hurt our economy further.
    The Keynesian experiment has failed: failed to produce more jobs (except in government), with unemployment rising again, failed to produce product, manufacturing output is going down again, (except for firearms). Wages are down, record number on food stamps.
    Even if he is impeached in the house, the Senate will not remove him. Impeachment will only embolden him to take more action against the American Citizens. It didn’t stop Clinton.

  • lcn1114

    Mark is a great teacher. The more I learn from him the madder I get. Who has the guts to stop this man?

  • bobemakk


  • Clinton was impeached and it was a waste of time and money. PROSECUTE OBAMA!!!

  • Clinton was impeached and it was a waste of time and money. PROSECUTE OBAMA!!!

  • jsmith94616

    Even if he is impeached the President would probably not be convicted because Democrats (who reccomended he do this) control the Senate and the Supreme Court will be unable to hear this case because neither side has the right to sue. The President is not and never will be dictator. Anyone who says that he is should not be regarded as credible. Additionally, I think that if the Republicans act like children (maybe even terrorists) then the President should do what he deems necessary to protect the nation. It should be noted that if does this he is not increasing spending or raising taxes, he is merely ensuring that we pay for the biils we have already accumulated. We definitely need to reduce spending, but the debt ceiling needs to be raised first, otherwise we will face severe repercussions (which hopefully the Republicans will be blamed for, since they will have caused it). Even Newt Gingrich (who I do not really like) said Congress should raise the debt ceiling.

  • dsmith87

    I personally respect the right for people to say and believe whatever they like, but some of the comments here are unreasonable, if not outright insane. I will say that after reading the 14th Amendment, I have to agree with the author of this article that if the President does this, it should be considered unconstitutional. I have nothing wrong with reasonable opposition to the President (I personally am a non aligned liberal who voted for the President in 2012, although opposed him in 2008). It is simple, the president is neither a dictator or a king, if he were the Congress would be dissolved and this website would be outlawed. Additionally, any Americans would be arrested for speaking against the government. The Congress and the President both follow the Constitution like it is the Bible. I definitely agree that the system has not been working and there is a great deal of corruption, but everyone is working within the system that was created and it needs to be reformed.