Mark Levin: If we can’t cut PBS, then what the hell are we going to cut?

Levar Burton said he was “outraged” when Romney said he would cut PBS in the debate the other night, adding that it would be bad for disenfranchised children or something. Levin wonders how it helps disenfranchised children when all you have to do is turn on the TV. He also notes that there are a ton of channels out there now, and that if we can’t cut funding to PBS at least to some degree, what the hell are we going to cut?

He also emphasized once again that he’d be willing to buy Sesame Street, and added Barney the Purple Dinosaur to the mix as well to put the left’s mind at ease.


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  • anyonebutbarry2012

    we do need to cut them and much much more. we need to have congress members who can demand all depts in the federal gov are gone through with a fine tooth comb, enough of the waste. we need to cut the waste, cut back the government.

    • Orangeone

      Here’s a suggestion. The alphabet soup networks should be required by law to provide the funding for PBS. Wouldn’t that be similar to C-SPAN funded by the cable networks?

      • How about people that actually like PBS for once actually contribute to PBS?

        • SKL53

          No one is stopping the public from contributing to PBS! But get the government OUT of it! Look what happened to our space program??? Obama ENDED it so he could spend more of our money on failures like SOLYNDRA!!!

        • Orangeone

          Exactly.  That’s what the constant fundraisers are for, great artists perform during their fundraisers, foundations financially support them.  PBS also makes money off of their DVD sales like Downton Abbey, one of the biggest sellers they have.

    • “What??? You (liberals) don’t want us to cut PBS??? Ok, then we’ll just cut the departments of Education, Commerce, Energy, Interior and Housing and Urban Development while also eliminating the IRS, Social Security, Medicare, and focus defense spending on ACTUAL defense – rather than policing the world.”

      That’s what Romney should be saying… but he’s too much of a progressive pansy.

      • Now that’s what I call fiscal responsibility, and some! If we can take control of both houses of congress with true constitutional fiscal conservatives. Then the path to the elimination of all these programs will become a reality.

        • I know it’s extreme… but anything short of that and our economy will collapse. Romney’s plan does too little, too late. I hope you’re ready!

  • rsox1

    No kidding. The reaction to the line about Big Bird has been over the top hysterical. Sesame Street generates a lot of revenue on its own and can continue to do that, while PBS and NPR can secure funding like every other, similar outlet does. If people want their product, they’ll succeed. If not, they won’t. They’re not entitled to more of MY money just because they’ve always gotten it, and at some point we have to realize subsidies for these types of things don’t make much sense.

    • 3seven77

      It’s ridiculous. Maybe Mitt could get someone at Bain Capital to buy PBS. I’ll bet those “fundraisers” would never have to be done again.

  • StrangernFiction

    They’re going to cut our throats (figuratively speaking of course).

    • Jay

      It won’t be figurative if the Islamists take over.

  • texabama

    PBS is continually trolling for money. Every time I have ever tried to watch a program I was bombarded with “infomercial” length appeals for donations. That’s on top of the money they are already getting from government. Don’t they also get something from cable deals?

  • Is PBS still on TeeVee? I never watch it.

    I used to love listening to NPR. Believe it or not, they covered the race between Reagan and Carter fairly evenly, often giving Reagan’s sound bytes more play. Bob Edwards did a decent job of being an “American” journalist. Then it just started getting harder and harder to listen to the self-indulgent crap they were putting out in the later Reagan and Bush years. By the time Clinton took office, it was like the radio companion to Womens’ Studies courses in all the leftist Colleges and Universities.

    It got so that I could only listen to Car Talk and Prairie Home Companion. Then Garrison Keillor went nuts, disappeared for a couple years, then came back all ready to be Mr. Political humorist. Translation: he wasn’t funny any more, and he took over 90% of the show. I got tired of putting up with his political BS, only to hear him singing over top of some artist he brought on the show. Now I can’t change the channel fast enough when I hear his smarmy gastriloquism rattling my speakers.

    I still like Splendid Table, and Car Talk is still OK, I guess.

    Oh, yeah, back to PBS… axe the Federal funds, and let it go private. The End.

    • las1

      but but but…

      CPB’s hogs share of one half billion dollars (PBS gets 300M) is only about 1/100th of 1% of the Federal Budget… so they always like to argue. 1/100th of 1% sure sounds a lot smaller and much less significant than $445M doesn’t it?

      Maybe we are all deserving of just a fraction … how about 1/1000th of 1%. You can stand in line after me there k-bob. After all doesn’t sound too exorbitant now does it?

      Funny how a whack of dough suddenly becomes a mere pittance when entitlement corporatists stand at the trough.

      • Well, that’s because it’s for the common good.

        As decided by certain people. For certain people.

        But still.

    • NYGino

      My experience with PBS through the years pretty much parallels yours. The best I remember from them was the “Visions of Italy” productions they used during their, ‘fund raising’ shows.

      Always thought Garrison Keillor’s sign off on Prairie Home Companion revealed a lot more beneath the surface:

      Lake Woebegone, where the women are strong (think liberal feminazis), the men are good looking (metrosexual wimps) and the children are above average (everybody gets a trophy).

      If PBS is so desperately needed that means it has merit that will be quickly picked up by the free market.

  • Barney hasn’t been on the air since 2009. Not new episodes anyhow. And even then, it was sporadic. Obama should be a muppet voice. He’s used to having his hand up someone’s ass.

    • Slickfoot

      And vice versa.

    • He’s no puppet master, he’s just the puppet. Unfortunately, so is the other guy.

  • Stehekin912

    Cutting federal funding will not stop PBS. Private contributions and viewers like you can certainly make up the difference, especially if the economy booms again.

  • hbnolikeee

    Just to ask the obvious. What might we need PBS for in the age of the internet with more knowledge at everyones’ fingertips?

    • PhillyCon

      Logic and factual thinking do no apply to government funded programs. Cardinal rule is to never cut or phase it out. Its treasonous to think otherwise. Seriously.

  • If we can’t cut PBS, then what the hell are we going to cut?

    I could go on…

    • The government could trim at least $125 billion on Defense and Homeland Security (latter a Bush-created bureaucracy) without affecting either.

      • tvlgds

        That would be Homeland INsecurity.

  • PhillyCon

    The sky is always falling with these people. I wonder what they would have done during the Great Depression when people were really without the necessities of life. Or what about WWII when everything was rationed?

    “Oh no, no more Big Bird.” How did human life ever survive hundreds of years without it?

  • We have to pay for the lefty biased BBC over here and they call it a TV licence £145 a year even if you don’t watch the BBC, you just have to own a TV and you have to pay. If you buy a new TV the shop has to inform the BBC. It drives a lot of us crazy over here I call it the BBC tax because it’s what it is.

    • p m

      And the BBC has electronically equipped vans that loiter in neighbourhoods to see of they can catch someone watching the telly without a license. It’s true. You also go to jail for not having one – some people have, even when they didn’t have a TV! The UK is a police state, and if you wonder what the he** is happening in the US, look there, where it all began under Blair 13 years ago. Tragic.

  • Sober_Thinking

    The liberals have to cry about something. Levar is struggling to come up with something to say that meets with their approval. We need to cut spending… it’s just that simple.

    Mark is right, once again.

  • texasgirl46

    I can only imagine what he’d do with Barney and Sesame Street if he bought them…..our kids might get some good education out of it…

  • Big Bird is a very marketable brand,someone will pick it up!The term disenfranchised is overused.We need to cut Government Bloated Spending,Period.The brand can be marketed and packaged privately,put it’s own profits in.Voila,Big Bird lives!

  • JeffWRidge

    Mr. Levin, if you can convince the PBS people to sell Sesame Street, I want in on that investment. I don’t have much money, but I would put in what I could. What a goldmine.

  • tvlgds

    How about cutting welfare, food stamps, medical benefits, education etc to ILLEGALS! And cut welfare, food stamps, and medical benefits to able bodied deadbeat Americans. Then cut the billions in aid to the middle east countries that want to obliterate us and Israel from the face of the earth. Start charging the countries where we supply a military presence.

  • louisiana_mom

    The Left’s argument is lame, as usual, Sesame Street would not be harmed by PBS being cut. Nickelodeon or another station would snap that program up in a heart beat, SS is popular enough to draw big bucks in sponsors. The same cannot be said for the other propaganda programming they have on PBS and they will die the death they should have died decades ago! We need to cut our spending and someone, somewhere will find the cuts painful but this is better than the alternative of following Greece over the cliff.

  • Watchman74

    If the future of our children is solely dependent on PBS and Sesame Street then we are in trouble.

  • That’s good. Where would the left be if they couldn’t tune into Barney the Dinosaur?
    I watched PBS as a kid. Why should our funds go to them instead of paying for themselves like other channels?

    • wodiej

      maybe that explains the liberal mindset.

  • BabyMal

    Liberals would rather taxpayers pay for Bert and Ernie’s portrayal of a gay relationship than to see Sesame Street fall into the hands of Mark Levin. I think they’d rather see public tv die before they “allow” PBS to be privatized.

  • vetgal1970

    OH The irony of a bunch of rich liberal celebrities bemoaning the loss of taxpayer funded programming. If it is THAT important to them they should pay for it themselves. While we are on the subject, we also need to cut any subsidies, tax breaks, or grants that go to the television, movie, and music industries.

    We are broke, does anyone on the left understand the word broke? As in NO money.

  • A_Truism

    LOL. Barney the Purple “Elephant”…

  • wodiej

    Wonder how much PBS execs give to the “disenfranchised.” The “poor” have more than many people who work. Free housing, free utilities, free food, free internet, and now free DSL and free cell phones. They also get free health care, education for them and their kids. Most have cars, cable TV, big screen TV’s etc.

    • p m

      I just read somewhere that the honcho in charge of SS is paid over $950,000. a year for being…the head honcho.

  • Yazz55

    The Palestine Bolshevik Soviet (pbs) network should just be terminated. Period. End of subject!

  • He’d be willing to buy Sesame Street? In other words, the show could go on without taxpayer funding, aka legalized plunder. Got it, Mr. Burton.

  • BikerHoop

    Uh-oh… now Romney’s racist for cutting PBS? Oh yeah, who cares about what Levar Burton thinks anyway.

  • Kordane

    Liberals would have a temper tantrum even if Romney said he wanted to cut $1 from the debt. Liberals will do whatever it takes to make sure that government stays big and keeps on growing bigger.

  • CalCoolidge

    I thought the Dems claimed to be against corporate welfare.

  • las1

    Attack on the Middle Class
    Attack on Women
    Attack on Gay Marriage
    Now apparently…Attack on Children…

    Levar Burton IS an attack on children… why the hell do you think he
    had to wear those eye-covering glasses in Star Trek?

    • p m

      The attack on children began when the DoE was founded.

  • Betsey_Ross

    Mark nails it again. The Children’s Television Workshop can certainly survive and definitely would thrive under Mark’s guidance. They already have a viable company. Mark would make it even better. It would be interesting to know what their deal is with PBS. CTW does exist for children and for a while they were just fine until they got into the indoctrination and politically correct business. Ugh.

    Every once in a while I would get tricked into watching PBS because it was something I wanted to see. 100% of the time it was during their pitiful times when they “needed” donations. As Mark said, I would rather watch commercials than listen to 15 minutes straight of their telethon speils.

  • SKL53

    There is something else we can cut…FREE CELL PHONES!!!! Remember last weeks rant by some nut job who said at an O rally “I got me a free Obama phone!” ONE MILLION of these were given away! Here is a perfect example of Barack’s REDISTRIBUTION of wealth! I want me a NEW president!

    • p m

      Hate to tell ya, skl, but Rush said last week there are 16 Million of them. Read it and weep…

      • SKL53

        I stand corrected!

  • Levin is correct, big time. There are so many channels out there for kids and so many programs. The same programs that appear on PBS could easily be put in syndication and broadcast on channels like Nickelodeon or Disney. Or, better yet, PBS could just become another channel with advertisements on it, keeping control of their own shows (and their own profits). No, the left wants to keep PBS as a megaphone for the Democratic party and most Americans don’t want to subsidize that. Also, if you think cutting PBS is bad, wait until you try and get rid of Federal subsidies for ethanol. Go try doing that. I dare you, especially in an election year. Cutting the budget is going to involve some hard choices. Cutting PBS is NOT one of them.

  • I always liked Burton on Star Trek, but it has been off of the air for a long time. Mr. Burton must be low on funds. He must be thinking that if he sounds like a typical Hollywood left-wing nut job then maybe someone will throw him some work.

  • AlabamaPatriot2

    I would like any liberal to tell me the Article and Section in the Constitution that authorizes the Imperial Gub’mint to pay for any radio/TV station.

    It ain’t there.

  • BHliberty

    HaHa! That was great and he’s right! There is no reason PBS should be subsidized by the taxpayer! And no reason why Sesame Street can’t go private! Shoot, they’d probably have better programming!

  • I don’t want to live behind the iron curtain of Romunism.

  • It make perfect sense for Mark Levin and his associates to buy various programs from PBS. It would be a boondoggle for the vast conservative radiohead’s to form a corporation to buy-up these public shows. I think this is a good idea just to take them (children) away from the mush they ingest on a daily basis by left wing ideologues who run these programs today.
    They can do what Glenn Beck has done with his computer show the Blaze. It has now gone onto cable television channel 212 on Dish Network, and this channel caters to conservative news and views 24/7. Take a look and listen, and you will be pleasantly surprise on how good and informative this Dish Network channel-212 is.

    • 57thunderbird

      I watch it every day.I would urge all who care to watch “The Project.”Very troubling to say the least.

  • PhillyCon

    “An attack on children.” Oh, but taxpayer funded abortion is not “an attack on children.”

    These libs have irony and hypocrisy by the truck loads.

  • demographicallychallenged

    I just went to the Seasame Street web site. On the bottom of the home page in the small print it states that the program was developed under a grant from (drum roll please) the U S Dept of Education. Have you been to a toy store and seen all the spin off toys from all the shows. I think that childrens programs have turned into infomercial to sell their products, to many people/corps are feeding from the government trough of public tax dollars.

  • Nukeman60

    If the government contribution to PBS is only 1/100 of 1%, then perhaps after cutting that we can find 1000 other idiotic subsidies. That will reduce the government spending by 10%. It would be a start.

    I’m all for Levin buying up Sesame Street and Barney (the dinosaur, not the gay politician). But there would have to be two stipulations if I were part of the Board of Directors of Levin’s Children’s Restoration network.

    First, we should sell Barney to Al Jazeera, and let him drive the Muslims crazy instead of our children’s parents.

    Secondly, we would have to insist on dropping this insane idea of Bert and Ernie getting married. I mean, how far do we have to go to indoctrinate our children into homosexuality. Come on. They’re children, let them be just that.

  • 57thunderbird

    Spot on as usual Mr. Levin.

  • NYGino

    PBS and AARP are very similar. Marketed as one thing but in fact are really strident advocates of liberalism.

    • poljunkie

      I couldnt agree more.

      AARP makes me sick.

  • drphibes

    It’s time to flip the BIG BIRD to PBS. NPR, too.

  • B-Funk

    Levar has truly beamed up if he thinks everything in this country is fiscally fine. I realize he wants to keep his job, but is Reading Rainbow really necessary? Seriously, when cuts have to be made, optional expenditures must be on the chopping block.

    • Did you even hear him say we should cut PBS, which was in the title of this?

      • B-Funk


  • BarbaCat

    Breath takingly awesome, Mark Levin!
    I’m so sick of seeing all those erectile commercials I could just scream!

  • The truly frightening part of the budget debacle we’re in – is that so few understand the scale of it. The so-called “mandatory” spending (SS, Medicare, etc) accounts for most of the revenues the federal government takes in. Defense is not considered “mandatory” so the funding for our national defense – comes from borrowed dollars (China is no longer buying bonds – but the Fed continues to not only monetize the debt, but further underwrites deficit spending by creating even more dollars). We absolutely have our priorities upside down.

    PBS is a drop in the bucket but symbolic. I wonder why the Left can’t bear to use the line they’ve created – “shared sacrifice” when it comes to cutting PBS subsidies?

  • ArizonaPaul

    There’s really no need for PBS anyway. Not with the Discovery channel, the History channel, the History International channel, the Military channel, the Nat Geo channel, the various Nick stations. In other words there’s plenty of places for these shows to go.

  • johnos2112

    Here’s and idea LeVar, how about you go and SELL you sesame street to the networks?

  • poljunkie

    I would love for programming such as Sesame Street to go private, and I cant wait for the day when cable televison providers let you chose the channels you actually want. We have something like 100 channels and dont like most of them. Most evenings we stream a movie thru Netflix or Amazon Prime.

    It took us years- YEARS! of asking, pleading, complaining for our cable company to pick up Fox Business.

  • poljunkie

    Sesame Street debuted in 1969. By that time I was already outside riding my bike and playing hide and go seek, four square, dodge ball and tetherball.

    I turned out ok.

    My son was born in the late 80’s. Although I cannot say he didn’t watch SS ever, I didn’t park him in front of the television like other moms I knew. They would use the show as a baby sitter. Honestly, even back then I didn’t like the way some of the lessons were presented. My son had a favorite tape and it was Gymbo the clown. Oh cripes he was a scary guy. We had 2 or three of the VHS tapes and he loved the tape sooo much. Look at this creepy clown.

  • let’s keep PBS for 51st, 52, 53 ,54 ,55 , 56, and 57th state;………………………………. eliminate it ONLY for the first 50, OK?

  • Jay

    PBS doesn’t tell you that Big Bird and Barney are first cousins to Cash Cow.