Mark Levin: Immigration will pass unless we scare the hell out of the Republicans in the House

Mark Levin explains the fatal flaw in the Corker amendment and then predicts how the immigration bill will end up passing the House. At the end, though, he says the only way this doesn’t pass is if we scare the hell out of the Republicans in the House and let them know we’re on to them.


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  • jcrichichi

    The only thing that is getting through the messaging is cold hard cash. If the American people raised say $100 Million within a week of this vote to oppose Amnesty then maybe they’ll be swayed…
    Ladies and gentlemen we’re dealing with hookers in Congress.

    • Stehekin912

      Who was it that said in re being a prostitute….we’ve determined what you all that’s left is to negotiate the price (or something like that)

    • HillaryShackley

      jcrichichi worse than hookers, they do not make me feel good at any price

    • sDee

      Treasonous Whores

  • ArchAng3l

    The majority in this country who actually care have given up. Everything is rigged and even when we rise up, thy still pass unconstitutional legislation.
    Just the Facts!!
    There won’t be an uprising. People have given up trying.

    • Proudhispanicconservative

      I hope and pray that you’re wrong, and that one day we rise up and say enough is enough.

      • sDee

        What day will be better than this?
        This bill is designed to close the window.

      • Marridge

        July 4. Contact your local Tea Parties. JULY 4!!
        What does it take to get everyone off the effing couch!! Sorry for the language but I am so fed up that we don’t do anything!!
        HEY AMERICA!!!!! Time for an AMERICAN SPRING!!!!

  • njmom

    And stand we will Mark!

  • HillaryShackley

    KISS it goodbye EDDIE- Amerika is finished

  • Nosmo

    I like Mark, but he, Rush and Sean failed to hammer Rubio from the beginning…they waited until it was too late to make a difference…if they had ‘hammered the hell’ out of Rubio early on, things might be different now…Rubio got a free pass from them for way too long…

    • HillaryShackley

      Nosmo YESSA and WELL STATED!

      • rick2340

        HillaryShackley Nosmo They still don’t hammer him.  I don’t listen to every conservative show but from what I’ve heard nobody says anything negative about Rubio –   Especially, Hannity.  When he interviews rubio it’s a bunch of softball questions and worthless platitudes from rubio.  It’s painful to listen.

        • sDee

          rick2340 HillaryShackley Nosmo  
          Kabuki Theater. All the same plyaers- just dressing up differently. Same script.

    • Orangeone

      Nosmo Spot on!

    • Tamikosmom

      Rubio steps up as spokesman for immigration bill
      1:29 a.m. EDT April 19, 2013
      Rubio also appeared on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. When he last appeared in January, Rubio assured Limbaugh that he would walk away from the deal if it didn’t secure the borders before allowing unauthorized immigrants to become citizens. On Thursday, he said he had.
      Limbaugh grilled Rubio on why he would be embracing a bill that “Democrats are salivating over” and could spell “suicide” for the Republican Party. But his listeners also heard high praise.
      “I happen to like Sen. Rubio very much,” Limbaugh said after Rubio finished. “He’s a force of nature, he’s a force of energy and he is a genuine conservative and full-throatedly and full-heartedly … believes in it. The bill itself — I’m never going to understand it.”

    • Tamikosmom

      Mark Levin Interviews Sen. Marco Rubio About Immigration Plan
      Posted on April 18, 2013

  • Proudhispanicconservative

    I am so depressed, not only watching how the GOP destroy itself from within, but the way this country is unmaking itself from within. Sometimes I dream that this is just a nightmare, then I wake up and reality sets in.

    • yankee6281

      Proudhispanicconservative  I have the same feeling. It’s just not real. I feel so helpless. Good to know other people feel the same.

    • sDee

      The GOP – the Party – is not destrying itself – the are saving thesleves. The elites know what is coming and they have bought themselves a place in the oligarchy for themselves and their families. 
      What they are destroying from within is the Republic – the Constitution.

      If we do not revolt, we will be their economic slaves.

    • Orangeone

      Proudhispanicconservative The only way to save the US is another Civil War and this time no potus like Lincoln will interfere.  Yeah bark all you’d like.  Lincoln went around Congress to “free the slaves” but left women as property. Says it all for me.


    Not to desagree or take away from Mr levin’s admonition, scare the hell out of them, but for a few years we’ve held rallies at the nations capital, we’ve called, we’ve faxed, and we’ve gone back to Washington time and again, surely by this time the Washington miscreants have proven they’ve taken the money and running wild, they have learned to hear our barks and our growls, but like the kid picking on the neighbors pet,  Washington isn’t worried one little bit, because D.C. is inside the fence.

    • sDee

      Companies all over America are alrady gearing up for his and hiring visa and green card managers.
      No matter your job. No matter your pay. No matter your time. You will be undercut by a foreign worker.  Your government, your employer do not care.
      This is the last straw. The iron gate and shackels are soon to riveted closed.
      They know it.
      They know we will not take to the streets.
      They know we will hang on to the foolish belief that someone is coming to save us.


        sDee patience my friend, neither cowards or fools, good courage.

      • Orangeone

        sDee We still have the power of the purse. The illegal aliens and the ObamaBots don’t spend like conservatives.  Stop spending unless it’s a necessity, then be sure to boycott items made by amnesty supporters.  I’ve been doing it since 2009 and have found the secret labeling by Kraft (huge Obama supporter) and General Mills (huge amnesty lover) on generic products. Check out who distributes it for the inside info. Starve them!

  • sDee

    If you do not think American corporations know this is coming take a look at this

    US Immigration Services – Team Lead 
    “”This individual must possess advanced knowledge of US Immigration regulations and IBM’s Immigration Policy and Procedures.
    Duties include but are not limited to:

    Formulating, developing and updating IBM’s immigration policies,
    processes, including making any necessary modifications to such policies
    and processes based on regulatory changes from the U.S. government “”
    We have been sold out America.

    • Orangeone

      sDee They will fire Americans and hire illegal aliens in order to avoid paying for health insurance, illegals and other immigrants are exempt!

      • sDee

        Yes of course. In other news….
        IBM’s ‘Transformation’: More Layoffs, Despite Earnings Surge

        • Orangeone

          sDee Orangeone Yup! It will happen fast, far and wide. Tax revenues will lessen because wages are lowered, health care will be unaffordable because the illegals will suck it dry. Everyone needs to pull their children from public education. It will dry up the funding and kill the unions who are ONLY recruiting illegal aliens to be with our children.

        • Marridge

          I can already hear a massive sucking sound of dollars going to Mexico and Central America.
          hey and how about our decreasing number of medical doctors who are either retiring or fleeing due toObamacare. You can now add all these new, formerly illegal immigrants to the mix. They may not be eligible but they won’t be denied health care. In short, you and your loved ones can now go stand in an even longer line.

  • Always a Marine

    There is no gov’t to represent the people.  I’m waiting to get called up to muster at the Concord bridge.

  • Orangeone

    In case you are interested, our own @pushthebutton  wrote a great blog on what immigration has done to the UK!

  • friskyness

    Mark is correct, unfortunatley, the republicans don’t care about the citizens, they are only concerned about themselves and the rich donors that give them money and want this bill…………they know they will be re-elected because they’ll have money…….I am afraid we are in a dictatorship, and the ruling class doesn’t care about us poor peasants…….and it’s all the voters fault for re-electing Obama and Nevada for re-electing Reid………the voters had a chance to change all this and they didn’t………….learn spanish………….

    • Orangeone

      friskyness The GOP won’t be re-elected without their base. Tea Party candidates took out RINOs in 2010 and we are super angry now.

    • StandWithAZ

      friskyness And they know if they are defeated, they have cushy board directorships waiting for them as a reward from the fat cats.

    • friskyness The DOJ spent much money and time to assure voter fraud was not stopped in many states and no one and nothing stopped them. So yes people voted for the O, but he would not have won but for that fraud!!!

  • Highlandtwp

    It is clear that those who voted for this have no respect at all for the will of the American citizen. Just one more example among many.

    • Orangeone

      Highlandtwp Or the Constitution, the Rule of Law or their oaths of office.  It’s time We The People impeach them all!

  • sDee

    Fatal flaw or poison pill?

  • postapocalypse

    Try this for some SCARRY STUFF . . they suggest that they fear massive demonstrations from the illegals . . the last TWO attempts at an immigration bill failed and no demonstrations . . all in all, if the illegals DO demonstrate, the max total ever was 800,000 or 4% of the estimated 20 million of them.  Now, go to the other side of this argument, 330 MILLION American citizens, IF 1/2 of them are unhappy, that’s 165 MILLION, if 4% of them demonstrate that’s 6Million 6 Hundred Thousand . .  I think I would be MORE AFRAID of the citizens total, eh?

    • sDee

      If we will threaten and then take to the streets.
      Let the illegals riot. Let the riot police stand  – we can defend ourselves.

      • Orangeone

        sDee postapocalypse They’ll drone kill us if we take to the streets in DC.  I’m with you. let the illegals riot in MN and it will look like hunting season.

    • Orangeone

      postapocalypse They are going to be afraid July 15th with the DCMarchforJobs occurs. They will hear the outrage from the black communities! Many great leaders like Allen West, Rev CL Bryant and Elbert Guillory will be there.  Pass the popcorn, the black communities are angry now.  Wanna bet Obama is vacationing in Africa or Martha’s Vineyard that day?


    I hope they do…its time.

  • LettyBromenschenkel

    recall  list ,  start the  petitions :
    These are the Republican senators who sided with the illegal invaders and betrayed their nation: Lamar Alexander, Kelly Ayotte, Jeffrey Chiesa, Susan Collins, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, Orrin Hatch,…

    • Always a Marine

      “Betrayal” seems like the appropriate description of their decision to stand w/Schumer and The Tyrant.

  • poptoy1949

    It seems Tenn. will have to elect two new Senators.   For the state of Utah is hatch crazy?  South Carolina needs to get rid of Graham.  Arizona has to get rid of both Flake and McCain.   Replace them with Tea Party people

    • BS61

      Both have recall petitions against them!

    • sDee

      If this Bill passes, turncoats like Hatch, Graham, McCain will  all immediately have  half a million or so illegals given citizensship in thier districts.
      The press will ensure those new voters are told who to vote for in the primaries.
      This is the final act in Kabuki Theater.

      • Kcid Rekrap

        sDee poptoy1949    Yes!  What you just said. Excellent comment.

  • LarryPearson

    The majority of Americans that work, pay taxes, and love the US Constitution do not have the time to take off from their jobs to protest. Unlike the illegals and those whose life is collecting from the government. It will take a horrendous act for them to get up and basically revolt. But those that are currently in he administration, unions, liberals, Obamaphonites, need to understand that when they get fed up all H€££ is going to break loose. They will take their anger out on whom or whatever they believe is the cause.

    • sDee

      This is the final battle in a war from in.

      We can start a major – HUGE protest – and then take it  to the streets.
      In Turkey the protets started by car divers flahing lights and honking horns at specific times of the day.
      Turkish flags and Ataturk banners (think Gadsden flags) – hung in windows and form balconies.
      If We the People fail now – we fail America.

  • physicsnut

    A hearty THANK YOU to Levin.
    – let in 46,000,000 illegals (according to CBO) and their chain migrating pals, oh but that will not CANCEL MY VOTE ???
    The only way they will produce increased revenue is if they get the jobs our children will NOT get. Ever thought of that ?
    Now we get to see what really goes on. We are being SOLD OUT. Are they just short sighted – or is it that Bill Gates and Zuckerberg are calling the shots. That is what it looks like to me. If Americans are so stupid as to let this pass, then you deserve what you get. Conservatives are blabbering about Republican traitors – well, what about the Democrat traitors ? Oh, i see, we simply expect them to be traitors – nothing new here.

  • rpaul6

    Immigration bill contains 1.5 BILLION for free cars, scooters and motorbikes for certain people.  Titanic about to break in half………..what a shame.  Congress cannot help itself and we wont vote them out.

    • sDee

      They do not want us on the Titanic. Easier to control us on the lifeboats.

  • DennisHamel

    “… In fact, what we have today is de facto amnesty. ”
    Sad to say – it just dawned on me how asinine this statement by “Republicans” is.
    It says ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS have ‘in fact’ amnesty now.
    Which is true as long as the MA0bama Regime deliberately ignores our LAWS.

    But now the SOLUTION(??) to ‘de facto’ AMNESTY is ‘de jure’ AMNESTY?????
    That is – instead of non-judicial AMNESTY, we will get OFFICIAL AMNESTY.
    yeah. That would be better – right?

    • Always a Marine

      Many like to identify those who voted for Dear Leader as “low information voters.”  It seems to me, that the Republican senators who have jumped on board with Schumer’s (i.e. Dear Leader’s) bill, have identified themselves as “low information voters.”

  • The only thing that is going to save the Republican Party is if massive numbers of Tea Party members force the party to become much more conservative, especially when electing people to Congress. Maybe, given the demographics and the exploding nature of illegal alien population, we will not win the presidency for a long time to come, but we CAN win Congress. Conservatism does a lot better at the local level than at the national level, so more conservative representatives in the House and more conservative Senators can get elected. Say what you will, even though Rubio is proving to be a dissappointment, he is still A LOT better than a liberal Democrat. Hey, it’s a start. You can’t win Congress overnight, but you CAN win all of it back in 2014, especially if Obamacare fails badly.

    • deTocqueville1

      Libertyship46 As long as guys like Rubio are given a pass with the old saw ‘he is a lot better than a liberal democrat’ the country will continue down the path to destruction. It is time to change the mindset.

      • Freedomswatch

        deTocqueville1 Libertyship46 I agree.  Those who can be defeated by primary should be  targeted by Conservatives, but when it comes to spending funds there are only so many races that can be funded.  If Rubio were to be primaried it would have to be by someone who could get a large percentage of the vote like Allen West without a lot of money behind him. However, it would be easier to blacklist Rubio from all Tea Party and Conservative support. Do not invite them to Conservative Conferences, do not ask them to speak, do not raise funds for them and let them know why. Rubio wants the 2016 Presidential nomination and he has chosen the RINO establishment over the people who got him elected. Personally, with limited money to spend on all the races, I would rather vote for the Democrat, get rid of Rubio and try to win back the seat 6 years later. Utah however and Orrin Hatch much easier to win with less money. All this being said, the House is where we can have the most immediate effect with the least amount of money. Payback may have to wait for the Senate, those like Flakey Flake, but it will come. Win the House, put true Conservatives in there that will hold the line, and enough of them to keep Boehner in check.

      • Always a Marine

        deTocqueville1 Libertyship46
        The familiar saying:  “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” seems to me to describe today’s republican party.
        While the progressive democrats are actively engaged in evil subverting the Constitution and our liberty, the republicans have put themselves as aiders and abettors because they don’t have the moral insight to identify our enemy, and they don’t have the courage to stand for what is right. 
        Whatever you want to call them, “establishment republicans” or “RINOs” makes little difference.   They are pretend patriots because they have turned from their oath of office and have become nothing more than despicable sycophants.

    • sDee

      It is happening at local levels around here- the battle is below the surface but strong.
      Tea Party, Constitutional Conservatives, Libertarians have no choice now but to ally at the local party and deleagte levels.
      Call. Volunteer. Join. Fight. The GOP is the enemy of all freemen now.

    • applepie101

      The Tea party movement formed to save America, not the republican party.

  • votethemout

    my buddy and I were talking about this the other day.  He made a few valid points about this nightmare of a bill.  One of them made me think that these politicians know something is coming down the line when it comes to china and/or Russia.  We owe china a few trillion dollars so eventually they will want it back but we will refuse. So welcome the act of war.  Since china has over 1 billion people they can throw at us, they figure be adding another 20+ million will equal to more people to draft.  I know this is out of the box thinking, but think about it.   technologically we are far more advance then china when it comes to war, but a good ole emp bomb can take out our advantage.

    • HappyVoter

      This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard! They and Obama are weakening our country to the point that nothing will be able to save us from the Chinese/Russia and anyone else. The illegals are sucking us dry and all the standards of education, medical etc are being lowered. This bill will be the downfall of our country which will allow for others to overtake us!

    • GaryMHutson

      votethemout If we end up going to war with China it will be nuclear and the number of people you incinerate won’t matter much. You will only need the ones that have their fingers on the launch buttons.

  • JohnDavidson1

    Great analysis, Mark.

  • Longiron

    did Mark tell his good buddy Orin Hatch ? Hatch whom Mark supports for everything will vote for the bill. Take the blinders off Mark on Hatch, Paul Ryan and RUBIO. They are RINOS and U cannot see that for some reason

  • colliemum

    That’s why Mark Levin is The Great One – he puts his finger right on where the break point is, he predicts what will indeed happen – so it’s up to all of you to do your duty and go and scare all the Republicans in the House. Elections next year – that should concentrate their mind a bit.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Still think Rooobio doesn’t sell lousy cars, Mark?

  • applepie101

    Mark, how do you expect to scare the hell out of republicans when they know they can pass anything they want, and you’ll vote for them anyway? If you really want to scare republicans, start supporting a constitution-based 3rd party.

  • plb1943

    You sir, are a disgrace to our nation.  You should not be allowed to represent the people of the United States.  You have not pride nor consideration for our constitution or our country.  All you care about is securing votes, even at the expense of the people that live in border states and whose lives are put in danger every day.  You have no idea what you are doing.  Shame on you.

  • AnitaGFlippoHitchcock

    This bill does not need to pass in any way shape or form until the senate is Rep/Conservative majority!!!!