Mark Levin: It’s our guys giving us hope in Washington, not the Republican establishment

Mark Levin says that it’s our guys in Washington making a difference right now, it’s our guys fighting back, it’s our guys giving us hope for the future, not the Republican establishment types.

He explains below:

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    … and these TEA PARTY PATRIOTS that were elected , many thanks to you MARK LEVIN aka :GREAT ONE , for your SUPPORT and ENDORSEMENT of these LIBERTY LOVING STALWARTS.”

    • PVG

      You betcha!

    • Judy

      Sorry to say that I have disassociated myself from this group in Atlanta area. They have come down on the wrong side of several issues that, though, I, too, have been a part of the Tea Party since 08 actually, I believe they do not have good discernment and have a more Libertarian slant, especially even right now have a video posted by a Libertarian lawyer team re our local HB 1 bill that will take the teeth out of our sheriffs who are standing up to get drug dealers off the street. They also put up the last minute stink about the convention rules that in my opinion egged on the Paul-bots to put up a stink and certainly not vote for our Republican candidate who definitely was not my choice, but at least a far better choice than the Libertarian 3rd party candidate or Obama.

    • McCain and Graham will suffer life long ridicule as usual, for standing against him too. I wish and pray financial destruction first, then personal pride after. I can’t wait til McCain faces charges for colluding with felons to defraud citizens(felons as in illegal aliens, defraud as in trying to get the free college and benefits at our cost). Then hopefully some conservative talk show takes the effort to remind everyone of Graham’s scandals in the 80s and other issues. Weeee.

      When I say this on liberal sites, they call me racist. Teehee. I’m half Hispanic. I just don’t like illegals of any race.
      Lot’s of conservative Latinos and Hispanics…LEGAL residents too.
      Like this guy.

  • Rshill7

    I’ve been listening to Rand for hours and hours. I’m lovin’ it! Ted Cruz just read some Twitter tweets for Paul to him on the floor.



    • Rshill7

      Rand is making history. He is crossing over to all freedom-loving Americans.

      This is AWESOME!

      Other Republicans should be doing some soul-searching right about now.

      • disqus_TSv9pSGP3A

        hopefully the spineless ones will be removed!

      • OneThinDime

        Even Van Jones tweeted that he stands with Rand and is against drones.

        • Well, Van Jones knows he’d be on the top ten hit list so of course he’s against it. Kind of like that crazy Colorado Senator trying to push gun laws that just had 15 years of felony arrests and at least 6 aliases uncovered. She can’t have guns, so no one can.

    • Reading tweets in a filibuster. Phone books hardest hit. #standwithrand

    • Watching C-Span has been a great experience today, normally it is kind of dry, but seeing our “stars” in action has been a real treat.

    • OneThinDime

      #StandwithRand is trending on Twitter!

    • nosilasunny

      21st century fillibustering. That is pretty awesome!

    • StandwithRand……… lets also add….


      both of these guys are awesome!

  • Thank you Mr Rand Paul, and thank you Tea Party Express, Tea Party Patriot’s and the rest of you great American patriots.
    This is a good day for America.

  • #StandWithRand is trending #1 in the US on twitter.

  • conservative58

    I think this is the first time I’ve felt ‘politically’ excited since Nov 6!
    Thank you Rand, Ted, and all!!!


  • notsofastthere

    This is what is needed in America. An true old time filibuster, a fight, a push back, and it gives a platform to actually express coherent ideas, not just sound bites.

    • The Commie media will spin this and attack Sen Paul, but I don’t think they’re going to win. Their idol, their dictator-in-chief isn’t going to come off looking very good in this. And for once, the news cycle belongs to us, not the Lefties.

  • retiredconservative

    Rand Paul Rocks!! I had C-span on all day long.

    I notice that both of my senators, Flake & McCain, are conspicuously absent. I sent them both emails asking them to Stand with Rand.

    • Sober_Thinking

      I’m getting more and more disappointed with Flake… I thought he was one of the good guys. Sorry to beat him down… but he’s looking more and more like Scott Brown.

      McLame is already wasted.

      My condolences my friend.

      • retiredconservative

        Thank you. I’ve grown disappointed with Flake, too. I voted for both of them. I should have voted for Chthulu.

    • BearNJ

      McCain is dining with Obama. Liberally and other Rinos Obama wants to buy off. That shows you were he stands.

    • BS61

      Flake just showed up.

    • disqus_TSv9pSGP3A

      Coburn,Flake and McCain are also for stricter gun control.Coburn,McCain,Graham,Johnson,Ayotte,Johanns,Toomey,Chambliss,Hoeven,Coates,and Burr were dining with the Pres.

  • c4pfan

    I read the GOP are having some lavish dinner with Obama? Are they out of it?!

    • OneThinDime

      Yes they are and yes they are.

      • c4pfan

        That makes me so freaking mad! They really hate the conservative grass roots that much. Geez.

    • Idiots, breaking bread with someone who is trying to destroy you.. Seriously the GOPE is self-destructive and needs to be committed to the crazy house.

    • notsofastthere

      Obama needs something from them. He will play Rope A Dope with the Repubs, and they will fall for it again.

      • OneThinDime

        Amnesty is his goal. He needs those millions to be willing to kill Americans as part of his civilian force.

    • StrangernFiction

      Sitting with Ogabe as Rand and Ted stand for the Constitution. How fitting.

  • DCGere

    The RINOs can get bent!

    I’ve watched C-SPAN more today than I’ve ever watched before. I’m loving me this Rand Paul today!!

  • Sober_Thinking

    I’m very proud of Rand Paul over this. I’m still cautious and a bit angry with him over past transgressions… but this is a bold statement and a worthy cause. I stand with Rand over this.

    So this is what C-Span looks like. 😉

    • BS61

      I actually watch CSPAN alot – there are no interruptions for commentators like Fox does. And their booktv is great – lot’s of conservatives and libertarians books.

      • Sober_Thinking

        My wife watches their booktv and I’ve listened to a couple of folks on that… it is very good!

  • For those that missed it on C-SPAN:

    Sen. Ted Cruz Reads Tweets from Americans Proud to #StandWithRand

  • Tim

    I’m glad Levin agrees with Rand Paul instead of Bolton. Speak truth to power!

  • Tim

    I wouldn’t lump Rubio in with the others. Karl Rove approves of him and he’s Jeb’s friend. I haven’t seen him accomplish a lot either. Besides that, the others have done a great job and I’d bring up others in the House…and James Inhofe/Jeff Sessions/Ron Johnson. I like them.

    • disqus_TSv9pSGP3A

      My list shows Inhofe,and Johnson were 2 of the 27 BRAVE senators that tried to fillibuster the nomination of Hagel .I don’t have Sessions on the list MANY republicans voted and stopped fillibuster and then voted no know the dems had majority to confirm him But yeahh to Inhofe and Johnson!

  • Tim_CA

    Perfect Mr. Levin.

    (Hey you establishment goofs over at Hot Air….your coming out party yesterday was pathetic).

  • SavingtheRepublicdotcom

    Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and a few others MUST break off from the republican party and start a third party from within Congress NOW! It IS THE ONLY way a third party will have a chance and be taken seriously. There is no way a third party can be started from the outside to be a threat to the establishment(D’s & R’s). This new party cannot be called TEA party or have any relation due to the bad blood and negative connotations associated with it. We need something new and fresh started with no associated stereotypes!!

    They must LEAD the nation from within Congress otherwise I truly fear we will be handed Jeb Bush or some other dope in 2016. Rubio is borderline right now, I think the soul takers of DC are trying to win him over “if you just do/ say X, we’ll get you the nomination”.

    These guys right now have the wind on their back and support from the people. IMO there are many within the R/D parties who want out but are afraid if these men take the lead I think we will see an exodus in both parties to this new one where the republican party will become inconsequential composed of progressives while true conserv leave to join Paul, Cruz and Lee.

    Question is how can we get them to see this and make the move?

    • cabensg

      They don’t need to break off from anything. This is what’s called a take over and we have a chance to increase our guys in 2014. Personally I like it better seeing a conservative Republican go toe to toe with the establishment Republican and winning. Take their name and their establishment and make them ours.

    • disqus_TSv9pSGP3A

      I am not a registered republican .I will not give to the GOP I am watching and taking notes on every vote especially fillibusters because I am a christian conservative and it’s time we come out from under our tables and rocks AND invite God back into our country.It’s not a time to be silent.We can speak the truth in love and say NO this is NOT ok satan cannot have this ground and always remember we will know them by their fruits..

  • deTocqueville1

    Indeed it is. The Tea Party folks are doing the tough sledding!

  • james1051

    Mark is absolutely right

  • notsofastthere

    Everyone needs to send a thank you to Rand Paul. I will also send an email to Boehner and let him know Rand is an American, and I’ve never seen Boehner or McConnell take a stand like Rand Paul.
    I’ll also ask how he enjoyed his meal with Obama today.

  • Ray
  • 57thunderbird

    Spot on Mark!

  • Amjean

    He is right: Who stood up? Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Moran, Chamblin,
    Rubio, Roomey, Cornyn, Burroso and Wyden(D).

    Who sat down to dinner with Obama? McCain, Graham, Kelly Ayote, McConnell, Johanns, Johnson, Hoeven, Corker, Coats, Coburn, Burr, Toomey, Chamblis

    The dinner is over. Are any of them hiking, biking or riding in a chauffered
    limo to the senate floor to help out?

    • BS61

      McConnell & Toomey came back right now. I’ll agree with the tweets that said that all of the GOP should have said that they can’t attend because they’ll be standing with Rand!

      • sarahsupporter

        I’m surprised about Ron Johnson, he is more of a tea party guy. At least I thought so.

      • Amjean

        Why were they attending an expensive (how much did it cost?) dinner with
        Obama which more than likely was nothing more than a photo op for Obama
        so he could brag how he is trying to work with republicans? What work for the country was accomplished while they were at this dinner?

  • JohnCraven

    Mr. Levin, you are absolutely correct that Rand Paul and Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and a handful of others in the Senate and the House are the shining lights of the conservative movement and they are the future of the conservative movement but they are not the future of the Republican Party because the Big Whigs, like Karl Rove and the Bushes, who lead it and bankroll the Republican Party, do not want that kind of a future for the GOP and for our nation.

    I think Ted Cruz and Rand Paul must realize this too and maybe this great and courageous filibuster is the opening salvo in a bid by them and others to start a conservative alternative to the GOP. I hope so.

    You know the liberals have their own independents, like Joe Lieberman. Why can’t we conservatives have our own independents until a new alternative conservative party can be put together to support TEA Partyers and other conservatives?

    It is a vain delusion in my opinion to continue to try and take the GOP back to the vision of Ronald Reagan and the founding principles of our founding fathers. The Karl Rove’s and their fellow Big Whigs in the GOP will not allow it. But it isn’t a vain delusion to think that a new alternative conservative party can be put together before the next election to challenge the conspiracy of dunces that is the modern GOP and to fight the evil totalitarians who are the modern Democrat Party.

    John Craven
    New Orleans

  • Kordane

    Mark is excessively “hopeful” given that he’s only talking about 2 or 3 good people in Congress, when there is are HORDES of Republicans who are weak and corrupted statist sympathizers. The tea party couldn’t even keep hold of Allen West, and he was one of the best if not the best of the bunch.

    2 or 3 good people is NOT cause for hope. If there were dozens of them, then maybe I’d be hopeful.

    • DarthDiggler

      Its better than ZERO my friend. Have a little optimism, Obama done took all the Hope and Change! 🙂

      • Kordane

        I have whatever percentage optimism there is for the percentage of Tea party people in Congress relative to non-Tea party people. So if there are 100 senators and 435 representatives…. that means that there is a very tiny percentage of less than 1.0%, meaning I am <1.0% optimistic…. which is effectively not at all / trace amount of optimism.

        Hence why I have such criticism for people who are as optimistic as Mark. It's a completely unjustified optimism, probably done just to cheer people up more than anything.

    • disqus_TSv9pSGP3A

      The way to check is start making list see how they consistently vote 4 instance Rubio,Lee,Cruz,Cornyn(way to go Tx)Johnson,Toomey,Barrasso,Scott,Moran,McConnell, were on my Stand with Rand list and also on the 27 brave senators that TRIED to fillibuster Hagel it’s a process of elimination then check gun control,Obamacare votes etc and eliminate until what we have left are true conservatives known by their actions NOT their words or party affiliation.

    • MominNV

      LOOK! The MOBY ‘kordane’, is once again BASHING the Tea Party. Who’d of thought?

      • Kordane

        No I’m not. I’m criticizing Mark for being optimistic when his optimism is unjustified.

        • MominNV


          • Kordane

            You clearly don’t know me if that is your conclusion. I’m probably a heck of a lot further to the right than you are. You wanna go toe to toe on the issues?

  • The RINOs, lost little trolls with no comittment to the Constitution that they are, are floundering around seeing what they can give up to become more “moderate” in order to get more votes. They act like teenagers looking to get a vote as “most popular” rather than as patriots fighting for the survival of our country.

  • The RINOs, lost little trolls with no comittment to the Constitution that they are, are floundering around seeing what they can give up to become more “moderate” in order to get more votes. They act like teenagers looking to get a vote as “most popular” rather than as patriots fighting for the survival of our country.

  • Hologram5

    At this point it isn’t left vs right, it’s all about freedom vs statism. FIGHT!

  • wrongheifer

    I am thrilled that Rand united US..even if it was for only 13 hours! More!

  • Amen, Amen & AMEN!

  • dwebber12

    He is not just another talk show host stuffing his pockets he is a leader of a movement.