Mark Levin: It’s time to call the media out for always blaming the right

Mark Levin says that us law abiding citizen on the right are always to blame by the media when these horrific events happen, and the political left always wants to argue for their liberal agenda while these events are still fresh. Levin says first of all it’s time to call the media out for always blaming the right. And to the political left he says “give it a rest!”

Listen below:

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  • Joe

    Levin is totally

    • celestiallady

      Already did mine and it felt good.

    • “The Great One” delivers a great monologue…brilliant perspective as always.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Why? The left is usually maligned or just plain evil. Just my opinion… unfair perhaps. But I have a lot of evidence to back it up.

    • BS61

      I tweeted shame on them – and to look to Occupy for the violence!!!

    • MaroonRepublic

      The left’s mantra: Never let a crisis go to waste.

      • actionsspeaklouder

        And: The end justifies the means.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Need to keep sending in emails, until these people are fired,. if you don’t express outrage nothing is ever done.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Amen to THAT! I’m personally sick & tired of coming online to vent my frustration. I’d rather see all of us inundate ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, & MSNBC (and Fox when they do wrong) with emails, calls, and letters demanding action or else the silent majority will drive you out of business.

      • BS61

        I do and I always tell others to do so!

    • Boris_Badenoff
  • poljunkie

    Mark is right (again).

  • 4Hoppes2

    I just love his defense of law abiding citizens that own firearms. When my wife and I got up this morning and turned on Fox News and heard about this tragedy we turned off the tv and did exactly what he suggested, we prayed for the victims, their families, those law enforcement and emergency personnel who responded. Throughout the day as details come in, I can’t help but think that Saints are borne of these tragedies.

    • No, saints are not born from these tragedies, people are dead. The only think that could have prevented this is a A Law Abiding Person With a Gun!

  • Rshill7

    To the best of my knowledge, Bloomberg was the first to try to politicize this…or was it ABC, NBC, or CBS? Who cares? What’s the difference? We need a massive cleaning crew in this country. Guess who that crew consists of?

    Thee and me.

    • Linky1

      To use Nancy Pelosi’s term: “Draining the Swamp.” It’s a big swamp, lots to drain, lots of crap to clean out…..starting with the scumbag media. Thee and me have a lot of work ahead of us, but it will be worth wading through the crap to get rid of it.

      • Nukeman60

        As a Nuke plant reactor operator, I was trained as a Level 5 Incident Commander for Hazmat. This stuff might be quite a bit toxic. I’m ready, boss. Let’s dive in.

        • Linky1

          I’m ready when you are, bossman!

      • Jay

        Remember, Washington DC was built in a swamp. We can start there November 6th.

        • Linky1

          The irony of building Washington DC on a swamp still amazes me. 🙂

    • white531

      Rshill7, since Republican Conservatives supposedly have all the money from all those nasty, successful companies they own, why don’t more of them own media networks? Wouldn’t that go a long way toward helping thee and me? Fox News is simply not enough and I’m not sure they have our backs all the time, anyway.

    • physicsnut

      bloomberg and schumer – separated at birth. Originally joined at the mouth. Other joinings possible. anyone taking bets on whether Holmes was on Prozac or something similar ?

  • carolt2

    I’m sure that this man is psychotic and his mother must have known, maybe she should have tried to get him some help.
    Mark is right 99.5% of the time.

    • puma_for_life

      So now it’s his mother’s fault. Please. When you see a picture of this person he looks like a very bright young man…light, sparkly eyes. Obviously, he got caught up in some type of fantasy that led him to commit these murders. I think the whole situation is very sad, but please, don’t blame his mother.

      • carolt2

        I am not blaming his mother but it’s very strange that she said she was sure it was him and we haven’t’ heard anything else. That leads me to believe that she knows something that they haven’t released yet. I think he’s mentally ill, you have to be to go and kill people for no reason.

        • puma_for_life

          Yes, I agree he is mentally ill…no one sane would do this type of thing. His mother (and father) may have been aware of the fact that he seemed to be going off the deep end, but no one can predict this type of behavior (at least not in someone who has no criminal record and no connection to terrorists, etc). A parent would always naturally hope for the highest and best for their child…and that is how it should be. I feel compassion for everyone involved. And that includes the attacker; I feel compassion for him also…so sad and tragic and so many lives wasted. I’m not one into revenge.

          • carolt2

            I felt terrible when I saw his father either arrive in CO and the media were trying to go after him, he looked so downtrodden and sad. The entire thing is sad.

            I am not into revenge either, I also felt horrible when those animals in Libya caught Quaddaffi and what they did to him before killing him, and also how the Egyptians brought Mubarak into court in a cage in a bed.
            One of my doctors is from Egypt and he was thrilled with how they treated Quaddaffi, told me that day he deserved it.
            When I asked him, it was on that day, what was going on in Egypt to the Coptic Christians, he told me they were fine, that all the bad stuff being put out was by Mubarak’s men, I did not believe him.
            We should be thankful we live here and I am.

        • Patriot077

          I too am interested in learning what she knew that made her say they had the right person. Not to place blame but to process the “what happened to this bright young man” question most of us must have in our minds.

          A truly devastating event all around, whether forever lost to this world, wounded or a withness. I prayed for all of them and their families – and the shooter’s as well.

          • carolt2

            We may not know what she meant for a very long time.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Mark is right again. To immediately skip over the tragedy of what happened and to try and link the right, conservatives, and/or the Tea Party is despicable and disgusting. They didn’t even have an accurate body count when they began blaming the Tea Party… so damn sickening.

    My wife reminded me that this is further evidence of biblical prophecy – end times stuff. Bad is good and good is bad. Scary and exciting…

    May God give peace to those who have suffered because of this evil.

  • Rshill7

    Mark is in quotation marks:

    “What most of us don’t do, is search for political scapegoats.” Yet we who don’t search for those political scapegoats, are the scapegoats, if you listen to the press. We, the ones who preach, teach, and strive to adhere to traditional tenets and traditional morays of morality. “Somehow, we’re to blame? Those that preach anything goes always get a pass? Does that make sense? Does what Napolitano said, (and didn’t say) today, make sense?

    “Sixteen thousand people are murdered in this country every year”…more than the Iraq and Afghanistan conflict combined! Yet the story always, ALWAYS goes back to gun control. “Do you think they are murdered by law-abiding citizens? That’s kind of a contradiction isn’t it?” “They’re not murdered by law-abiding citizens who acquire guns legally.” “As a nation, we have a right to have 24-48 hours of mourning for our fellow citizens. There needs to be respect for the dead, and prayers for the living.”

    How many accusations have been leveled at Tea Party Patriots? How many have been even remotely accurate or substantiated? “These (MSM) people don’t shed light on anything…they have agendas.”

    “Give it a rest!”

    It’s not about you or your agenda! It’s about human souls! Let it sink in first! If you are going to report, you’d best get it right before you report, otherwise, button it! Parents of children lost their hearts today! Children no doubt lost parents! C’mon! Have you no heart? Have you no soul? What have you got? What ever it is, it isn’t worth anything compared to the living, who could still remain living, were it not for these blood thirsty lone wolves.

    Before you lash out at law-abiding citizens exercising their God-given rights to defend their homes and our jointly-possessed Constitution, why not take a minute or few to look into your own side’s agenda, before once again attempting to shove that agenda down the rest of our throats at such a time as this? Examine it, along with current events, and see whether or not it and they, are both found wanting. because, in my little opinion, they are.

    • StandingGround

      Great post, Rs7!

    • MaroonRepublic

      They will keep doing it until they’re right. Whether someone associated with the tea party did “x” with whatever agenda. It could be 50 years from now and they’ll say “see, we warned you”.

      Truly pathetic. And they don’t care how they look. It’s like theyre on the same team with their own rolls to achieve their end game.

  • The left does this every time because they have to provide camouflage and cover because it is the left that is most always to blame.

  • conservativemama

    Turn off those channels. Don’t consume the products that the major networks produce. Take away their ratings.

  • aZjimbo

    The left is the enemy within and must be defeated.

  • c4pfan

    No one could have stopped that man. He was totally protected with the gear he was wearing. He had his apartment booby trapped.

    • James1754

      First of all, there is no such thing as totally protected. No one is unstoppable, ask any soldier or police officer.
      By the way, gas masks are not bullet proof.

  • Landscaper59

    Thanks Scoop for posting Marks remarks. I’m a big fan of his for years. He pulls no punches and never has to “walk back” his remarks.

  • white531

    According to informed sources, (isn’t that how journalists do it?) within minutes of the first news reports of the shooting, there were people on Twitter, making comments that it was Rush Limbaugh’s fault that this happened.

    • GretaN

      Rush truly lives rent-free in their brainless heads…

  • sjmom

    The Left does it because they hate and hate destroys. They cannot help themselves and so must use even tragedy to express the hate within.

  • RedDaveR

    Thanks for posting. Another great rant from The Great One.

  • There is no question that we are not dealing with the mentally ill members of our society effectively.

  • Every Tea Party Member, and every person who agrees with the Tea Party, or who at least would not want to be wrongly accused in a instance such as this should be beyond angry at what Brian Ross and ABC pulled with his horrible shooting. This type of random accusation can not stand or pass unpunished.

    Ramp up the resistance to meet the LSM and push them back.

    And be aware that the plan is to come after the legally owned guns. That will suit the left just fine. They must not use this to steal our freedom.

    • white531

      What was it Rahm Immanuel said? “Never let an opportunity go to waste”

      • DebbyX

        Never let a tragedy go to waste.

        • actionsspeaklouder

          I think it was never let a “crisis” go to waste.

          • DebbyX

            Yes, it was “crisis”.

            I knew tragedy didn’t sound right 🙂

    • BS61

      It took Breitbart less than an hour of real journalism tasks to find that the Tea Partier was 52 years old, hence not the shooter. The MSM is evil and dangerous.

  • white531

    The main intent of Mark Levin’s comments, was to call out the Left, meaning the Progressives, the Liberals and the media who support them and do their bidding, for the way they always use events of tragedy to smear the Conservative movement in this country, to try to gain ground in the never ending war that we are both a part of. While I appreciate Mark’s efforts, I think they are basically futile. Not because Mark is not eloquent. He is most certainly that. It’s just that they are not listening. They never have and they never will. I am reminded of one of Glenn Beck’s books. “Arguing with Idiots.” That’s what we are doing. Most of you are intelligent people. What possible good can come from that exercise?

    • BS61

      I’m not sure with the internet and alternative news sources that it is futile anymore. I was a former Chicago Dem who voted mindlessly Blue. Now with the internet and talk radio, I’ve woken up to the facts. It’s not my Dem party anymore, they are filled with hate!

      • white531

        Good, BS61. I hope you’re right.

  • fred chittenden

    Political Bigotry : The left has taken racial bigotry of decades ago and substituted ‘conservative’ for ‘racial’ and run with ever since. Conservatives are stupid, everything bad in the world is conservatives faults, Conservatives don’t know what’s good for them, etc, etc, etc. For starters, it’s an easy sell to the race baiters on the left — Embracing Political Bigotry gives the race baiters an easy target to blame for all their problems and a verbal form of reparations against a perceived enemy. Plus the race baiters get all the support and protection they need to make these claims from the great white left.

    But it goes further than that. The RINOs of the GOP LOSERship are well aware of the power and use of political bigotry against conservatives, as well as the threat conservatives and conservative principles pose to their own power. Hence, they sit on their hands and just let all this political bigotry blow right by them, keeping conservatives in their downtrodden place.

    Expect political bigotry to continue into the future, so long as no one steps up and gets heads to turn by repeatedly labeling political bigotry for what it is — repackaged racial bigotry. Sure, there will be some political bigots so entrenched in their misguided beliefs they’ll continue spouting their hate into the future. However, there are many good folks who will recognize political bigotry as the disease it is, toss it aside and move on to help heal the wounds they’ve help create.

  • Jay

    The heartless libtards will dance in the blood of every victim to advance their agenda. Sadly, lots of people still live in the land of Cronkite’s “And that’s the way it is.” Gun control isn’t about stopping violent criminals, it’s about keeping honest folks from resisting the goverment. The great irony is that the lapdog media isn’t aware that if they don’t toe the line after a government takeover, they’ll be sitting in the camps right next to the Tea Partiers.

  • In the wake of this movie house massacre by a deranged individual, just like the Tucson Az massacre shooting, the far left media complex of course attacks and targets, thus blames the Tea Party / Reagan Constitutional Conservatives and Republicans for all of it, regardless of the facts and truth that it is a lie.

    We are, and will always be the target of the far left anti-American media complex to be used as a point of focus, aka a villain. Hitler used the very same tactic against the Jews, as a scapegoat to propel his desire, thus become his pedestal to absolute power and control, to see his hate filled mad insane ideological schemes to fruition.

  • Sandra123456

    Mr. Levin talked about this shooting. We all knew what he was talking about. Not once did Mr. Levin say the killer’s name. I wish the MSM wouldn’t either.

    If the killer is caught why give him any fame/infamy at all? Couldn’t the desire for publicity in part fuel some of these murderers? Why name him and show pictures of him?

    If he has to be referred to he should just be called the movie theater murderer. We will all know who is being talked about. Make his name as dead as his victims are.

    I see now at 7:47AM Saturday that Drudge’s head line is “Joker Kills 12.” Bet that feeds into this murderer’s ego: Look at all the cool stuff being written about me! I’m the Joker now! …Geez.

    I think that publicity like this murderer is getting just eggs on other would be copycats.

    So now that you read this is there any doubt who I wrote about? I didn’t mention the killer’ name eithe.s

  • anneinarkansas

    ABC, Steffie, and the one (Ross) who reported about the Tea Party should all be sued for slander. ABC has lost all jounalistic standards.

  • As the Great One likes to say, hey ABC, “Shut up you big dummy!”

  • shagstar

    it’s because the left and the neocons are the guilty parties evertime something like this is perpetrated.

  • RestlessLegs

    I just read that the gunman was on unemployment. Therefore, it is clear that extended unemployment benefits drive people to a sense of loneliness, self-pity and worthlessness. As a result, some of them will lash out in violent ways. And because Obama has presided over a terrible economy and supported extended unemployment benefits, he is therefore responsible for what happened in Aurora… just like Sarah Palin’s bulls eyes on maps were responsible for the Giffords shooting in Arizona.

  • I would think many independents are tired of this sort of false accusation when there is a shooting. Or any time the President is criticized, the Left calls it racism. Etc. At the ballot box, they can vote Obama out and move on to something better.

  • physicsnut

    Blame the media for not reporting what is actually going on:
    From real clear politics I saw an article by Paul Sperry “Obama’s house of cards” from the NY Post of july 22. Obama, Holder and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are REPEATING what created the whole housing mess – pressuring banks to lend money to people who can not and will not pay their bills. So, not only is this depression going to drag on and on, it is going to get WORSE, and they are doing it deliberately. Holder is acting like a bank regulator. He needs to be hauled before congress and FIRED. How do you like this statement: “… Wells (Fargo) must also turn over any unclaimed funds to COMMUNITY ORGANIZING GROUPS APPROVED BY THE GOVERNMENT.”
    If you want to know what is going on behind the scenes that will definitely affect you and your wallet, Sperry’s article is definitely worth reading.
    So – half of the problem is what they do say, but the other half is what they decide is not ‘fit to print’.