Mark Levin launches into fantastic monologue after watching BillO endorse unfinished immigration bill

Some of Mark Levin’s best monologues are ones that he doesn’t plan ahead of time, and in this case he got his inspiration from watching BillO endorse the immigration bill because ‘we gotta do something’.

Just listen:

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  • Jim25

    BillO is all: “crack down on marijuana with millions more dollars funding! It being used legally in a state I don’t even live in is a travesty, it’s the end of the world pinheads and I’ll bring it up constantly!”
    But he supports amnesty. It’s okay to break the law as long as it’s being an illegal alien and cheating our system. Of course he likes to kiss up to politicians in power like Rubio, as he’s done to many others including Obama.

  • PVG

    Bloviating rino!

  • stage9

    “Before we can even digest ONE, they’re on to the next!” — Levin
    RULE 8: Keep the pressure on. Never let up. Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new. (Attack, attack, attack from all sides, never giving the reeling organization a chance to rest, regroup, recover and re-strategize.)
    Until you stop trying to legitimatize liberalism by forcing it into a Constitutional framework, you are NEVER going to understand just how evil and traitorous they really are. JUST STOP IT! Stop trying to fit liberals into your patriotic box! They don’t WANT to be in your sandbox. They told us very plainly, very honestly and in a very matter-of-fact manner that their goal is to FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM AMERICA.

  • notmyfault150

    You tell him Mark!  Sometimes Billo makes sense and I like him, then he makes a fool of himself like tonight and I just want to smack his smug face.   Wish Laura had!

    • deTocqueville1

      notmyfault150 I have rarely observed him making any sense on any subject and stopped watching the pompous, bloviating jerk some time ago.

  • PVG

    I emailed this link to Mr. Bill with a challenge to listen to it if he really is looking out for the folks. Not holding my breath………

  • mcgurn

    If you want to learn about the wind just watch Billo spew his BS. And just like the wind you never know which direction it will take.

  • Tamikosmom


  • mcgurn

    I’m all obamaed out!

  • DanaZZGarcia

    Rubio and Paul are “utterly unconvincing.”

  • deTocqueville1

    Thank you Mark. The Constitutional conservative core of patriots is growing, their voices are becoming stronger and clearer, their views spreading and the cause of feedom and liberty ringing out across the land. The citizens have been awakened and they are active and vocal. This will be a critical struggle and no-one knows how it will end. However the engagement has begun and the battle joined.

  • NJK

    Must read from Ann Coulter. Although I haven’t been a fan lately, this one is a gem.
    We Don’t Have a Spying Problem — We Have an Immigration Problem
    June 20, 2013 By Ann Coulter

    • Jim25

      She seems to actually defend Obama’s tyrannical NSA program as necessary for him to do when it’s not and gives Chris Christie a pass on doing the same stuff she excoriates others for.

  • John_Frank

    Excellent. Thank you RS for this post.

  • JohnSchaffran

    Close the borders UNLESS you are being paid off by a LOBBYIST!

    • sDee

      There are many lobbyists who are fine with us wasting money for fences and such – illegals come in with ease by overstaying tourist, student and work visas.  And the most dangerous political subversives come in this way, not across the rio grande or desert.
      Enforcement of existing laws for those who are present within our borders illegally is the greater deterrent and solution. No visa? …then no drivers license, no bank account, no healthcare, no school admission. Then…. a deportation hearing. Simple. Effective. The laws for it have been in place for a century.

      • gsmith_62

        sDee JohnSchaffran You missed one … NO JOB!  
        Fine employers who hire illegal aliens and watch the numbers decrease quicker than any fence could hope to obtain.

        • applepie101

          And boycott businesses that hire them.

    • phil123

      JohnSchaffran or make it easier and more rewarding to immigrate Legally to this country, 
      something i dont hear often in this immigration debate,

      • OliviaHT

        phil123 JohnSchaffran 
        I also don’t hear anyone talking about a moratorium on immigration, of any kind, which is what we need to assimilate the folks who’ve come here during the past decade. We had a virtual moratorium on immigration between the mid-1920s and 1965, and we handled WWII just fine and managed the home fires. 
        I also don’t hear anyone talking about deportation, Eisenhower-style. Too politically incorrect, I know, and if any politico or pundit were to go there, the hammer would come down swift and sure from the leftist press (now themselves a target of big brother surveillance — interesting that? what?). The Bidens, Schumers, and McCains of the Beltway would exact quick verbal vengeance, no doubt.

        • OliviaHT

          phil123 JohnSchaffran 
          The two “Ds”:
          Drill, Drill, Drill.
          Deport, Deport, Deport.

  • applepie101

    OReilly wound up his endorsement with pompous denials that he is ‘colluding’ with republican senators to push this bill through, (as reported in New Yorker magazine.) The YouTube clip of his talking points last night is posted on SenatorMarcoRubio’s channel.

  • misterlogic0013

    Man is correct 100%,  stopped watching O long time ago, Hannity too.   thanks RS

  • MiltonBassHayek

    I consider Fox a more coherent MSNBC network. Fox is indirectly liberal. I can’t stand that network anymore.

  • MattHanson

    The problem we as conservatives have is that we are a more educated bunch when it comes to politics.  All of the main stream media is focused on a demographic that is ignorant.  They have to appeal to a LARGE mass of people, not us.  Due to this I gave up on FOX a long time ago as it is puddle deep.  Talk radio is the way to go, you learn the most there.  Mike Church, Glenn Beck, Andrew Wilkow, Mark Levin, Cam and Company, David Webb……….if you don’t have Sirius/XM you are doing yourself a diservice.  Patriot radio is OUTSTANDING.

  • LizRodgers

    O’Reilly says that he lives in the real world; Manhasset. NY looks like nice place to live and I wish I could live in that real world, I don’t begrudge him his lifestyle, he earned it but for him to lie about living in the real world makes it sound like he lives here in my 45% Hispanic town in Texas where a look at our jail roster on any given day tells the true story of the crime and dysfunction brought by children of the legal immigrants who came after 1965.

    • sDee

      O’Reillly fought to get where he is for sure. Now he is on the take.

    • Jim25

      New York sounds like a horrible place to live actually. Everyone’s rude and leftist and you can’t defend yourself thanks to Cuomo, to say nothing of Bloomberg. 
      Texas sounds like most of it would be better

    • Orangeone

      LizRodgers I posted it yesterday. Those that support amnesty should be required to take one illegal alien family into their home, to care for their children, and be required to pay for their food (no assistance), education (reimburse taxpayers paying for it), no welfare, no foodstamps, no criminal charges against the illegal aliens no matter what they do and the host family must serve the prison sentences for each of those crimes.  Let’s see how they love their illegal aliens then.

  • Stoptheusurper

    Here is one for Chris Matthews and all those who participate at Right Scoop.  There is a Whistle Blower from Albany NY who claims she and others have the proof that shows Barry Soetoro (aka Barack H. Obama, etc) was enrolled at Occidental and Columbia as a ‘foreign student’ (Indonesian).  She and others have copies from microfilm that proves it and she has given the evidence to an Attorney.  The Right Scoop has blacked out any reporting on the Obama fraud scandals, we should ask WHY?  See SCRIB details embedded in post below.

  • bhliberty

    Right now you have over a million people in Brazil protesting in the streets over a 10 cent increase in bus fare and other increases  and yet, here in America you have a political class asking more and more of us to pay thousands of dollars  each year to pay for those who won’t comply with the current laws and it seems it’s just business as usual!  Maybe you have a few thousand attend a rally in front of the capital expressing the outrage but hardly enough to cause concern.  Why such complacency?     Mark Levin is right, this has become a post-constitutional America!  I can’t believe its come down to this!

    • jdbaird

      They don’t care if 100 million people march on Washington they have an agenda and we just provide the money to carry it out. Now if a few million people marched and burnt the city down, they may stand up and take notice, but no will.

      • bhliberty

        jdbaird I wouldn’t condone burning any city down  but I do understand your point!  I do believe if millions of people protested day in/out as they are in Brazil, enough elitist would get the point!  However, I’ve heard that jamming the politician’s phone lines has similar effects!

  • NYGino

    What was it Bill?  Money?  Physical threats? Something to do with your family? Blackmai due to a past discretion?  Threats from your boss?
    What started your spinning?  How come you’re not looking out for us anymore? 
    So many questions, so few answers.

    • njmom

      NYGino Bill’s problem is he’s believed his own hype and that’s a dangerous place for anyone to be.

    • Jayrae

      Excellent post!

  • Matt2Matt

    Clearly the Obama Regime got to Roger Ailes…

    • njmom

      Matt2Matt Honestly, I think this is just Bill. This is not to disagree with your comment.

    • Jim25

      I don’t know about what Ailes thinks, but I know Murdoch has been an amnesty supporter for a long time.

  • njmom

    Bill is a fool and reminds me of someone who knows nothing about everything yet thinks he’s an expert about it all.

  • physicsnut

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is pushing AMNESTY all over the place. Dems love these clowns. – naturally.

  • mailman

    Truly the great one Mark!

  • Mark 7

    Bill O is a complete blowhard “know-it-all”.  Why anyone gives him any credit (or Fox keeps him) is beyond me.
    They should give Levin in his time slot and the rating would soar!!!!!!

    • Jim25

      Mark 7  
      Laura Ingraham. She’s the bloviator’s guest host already, good looking, cool and collected, and the only one with the balls to go after Rubio himself.

  • DocBarry1

    Bor has no real competition so he can now show his true colors if anything dem lite or gope – he believes bec mccain and rubio told him it is so – shame on him

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    What is this bill about? Millions and millions and millions of new union workers. Not just the immigrants but all of the government workers to be hired on our dime. It is Capital Cronyism in it’s purist form, using our money for power. Wait till you see who has carte blanch to issue waivers! Just like the health care law.  This insanity must be stopped. It is the death blow to America.

  • jdbaird

    I always hear various talk radio people saying “it’s time to do something.” Like what? We’re doing everything we can within the law to try to stop it but it’s just a steady creep toward tyranny. We elect supposed “tea party” candidates who we think are going to fight for us (Rubio, Flake, Paul) and they stab us in the back concerning immigration. What else is there? If you bring up violence everyone’s like “No no no, I’m not suggesting that!” Well what are you suggesting, more of the same? It isn’t working! Something major has to be done to get these devious pricks attention or they’ll just keep thumbing their noses at us.

    • comingapart

      jdbairdFire all “435” in 2014! The hope is that the new representatives and their staffs, when they begin to feel the power, they have a small glimmer of who put them in office!
      By removing all “435,” in 14,  would we also get the attention of all our elected servants?

    • emyskad

      If you listened to his show you would know that mark will explain exactly what he thinks we should do starting mid to late August into the fall.

      • jdbaird

        emyskad I do listen to his show idiot, he’s been saying that crap since 2 years ago.

  • gsmith_62

    Could democrats actually survive without the public purse?  Supporting La Raza types??  Insane.
    Regarding the size of the bills, yeah Obama, each Senator and Congressman have read each bill to completion.  Yep, and I’ve got the title to a bridge, in Brooklyn, cheap.
    To he|| with every other aspect of the bill, granting Amnesty is enough to say HE|| no!
    Build the Wall, wasn’t that promised in the past?  Pol promise, as good as the title above.

  • This is indirectly linked….the chickens came home today to roost…the fruits of Obamacare.  We received a notice today from UHC.  All scans as of July 1st, CT, MRI, PET, MRA, Nuclear, echo cardiograms, stress cardiograms need pre-approval. 
    The explanation accompanying the notice was outrageous your illness may go undected but we are saving money.  Let your mind roam the consequences and it is abdominal. 
    We are about to go down the rabbit hole…medicine will revert to the dark ages…doctors get your horses and buggies!

  • comingapart

    OMG, Levin is so, so right!

  • JimCohen

    I know Levin doesn’t care for Savage…but Savage has a link today called “No Spine Zone”. I like it.

  • JohnCraven

    We need a Levin Surge on Washington to stop this evil monstrosity, not a surge on the border which will do nothing to STOP illegal aliens from flooding across our border.
    As Rush pointed out and so did several of his callers, our legal immigration system is perfectly fine and is the most generous in the world.  There is an enormous number of LEGAL immigrants from Mexico and there is no reason to put any illegals ahead of them or any other immigrants who abide by the rules and come here legally.
    The BORG Queen, Nero Obama, the Identity-Thief-In-Chief, is the one primarily behind this destructive lunacy of a bill.
    Why in the world would any rational politician of either party support this insanity?
    John Craven – New Orleans

  • Swamp Fox

    Pick up your phones; walk to the nearest toilet; call your Congressmen and State Reps’ offices; when someone answers… flush the toilet.  They will get the big picture if enough people do it.