Mark Levin: “Obama has been Lincoln, FDR, Ronald Reagan & now Trayvon Martin…”

Mark Levin wrote this a few minutes ago:

During the course of his presidency, Obama has been Lincoln, FDR, Ronald Reagan & now Trayvon Martin…

Too bad he wasn’t a serious commander-in-chief when 4 other sons of grieving parents died at the hands of terrorists in Benghazi.

He also reminded us of what he said the other night:

Despite Trayvon Martin’s parents, their lawyers, the state prosecutors, and the jury concluding that race was NOT an issue in Martin’s shooting, Obama today inserts himself again into the matter and insists it was about race. Shame on Barack Obama for his political exploitation and demagoguery. Utterly irresponsible. As I said the other evening on my program, if George Zimmerman is harmed, Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, and others, encouraged it.

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  • nibblesyble

    Levin on fire!

  • colliemum

    Indeed – and it’s now obvious that Holder is not acting on his own, he’s doing exactly what his master wants. BHO can no longer weasel out of his responsibility for inflaming race hatred.

    • badbadlibs

      colliemum There’s the witch Valerie Jarret that is pulling strings too.

  • tvlgds

    I can agree that he’s Trayvon Martin!

  • doofuschmartz

    Uh-huh, and Satan himself often appears as an angel of light…but the evil is still there…

    • marketcomp

      doofuschmartz I think Satan can also appear as many faces, characters, and personalities too.

      • Stehekin912

        He is Legion.  He is many.

      • badbadlibs

        Name of anyone in this WH and a willing part of this administration: there you will find some of the many faces.
        A bunch of them showed up at the dem convention chanting to oust God out of the democrat platform and then went on the Texas State house to chant their love of satan and baby murder. They are out in the open now…no need to hide, they know their time is short and they have the “blessings” of those in power. Stupid dupes, every single democrat.

  • Laurel A

    I heart Mark!

  • RulieHaveman

    yes i think he should be impeached or better  yet-  FIRED- but  we al know  that is not going to happen because  nobody  wants  to start  it  , every one is waiting for the  other  guy to do it   in  the  mean time  we are  stuck  with him and  when he  declares  marshall law ,  there  will not  be  any  2016  elections   and  that is  exactly  where he has been  buildig  up  to   end  that is  why he  wants to  keep  this  race  war ./  or  riots  going  he  has  his own private armies all ready  to take over I  have been saying  that  from the  beginning  when  he  first  took  those nu clear (3)  warship  and  put them  safely ?  together in  one   port  ,he is  like  a  chess player , he  carefully  sets up  his next  series  of  moves  ahead of  time  right now  he  doesn’t  care  about  that  trayvon  case , but he  needs  the public  to be  distracted  because he  is  setting  up  something  really  BIG ….

    • Stehekin912

      He wants to declare a state of emergency.  Everyone must remain calm – I know WE will, but others must not fall into his little trap.

  • njmom

    Obama is a political hack and shame on him as president to further divide us but then he’s done it before. Remember class warfare. This is racial warfare and if the riots get bad tomorrow we can point the finger at him.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Am I out of line to say I hate and despise this president?!  I mean I was brought up to respect the office of President and even if I disagreed with the President I should at least honor the Office, but this man-child has brought this office down so far that America is the laughing stock of the World.  The shining city on a hill has become the sticking dung hill in a pit!

  • CalCoolidge

    Did he become Trayvon?  More like Sharpton.

  • MaroonRepublic

    He’s stoking the fires for 2014. The progressive left are going for it and they know they have a real shot at totally screwing up this country in the next few years.

  • Orangeone

    And Mark Levin wants to open up the Constitution…..hopefully he’s rethinking that idea.

    • 3seven77

      Orangeone I don’t think that’s the idea. Levin is trying to force a very badly needed discussion on what is Constitutional and what is not.

      • Orangeone

        3seven77 Orangeone He’s proposing amendments to the Constitution, opening it up to be gutted by the Obama team.

        • bobomack

          Orangeone 3seven77 You are so disillusioned!! You sound like you voted for Obama so you get your entitlements. How else can you defend Obama in any way shape or form. This guy is a snake oil salesman and I think you need to read the Constitution before making more air head comments!!

        • Orangeone

          bobomack Orangeone 3seven77 Are you insane or did you fail reading comprehension in that gov’t school?  Levin is absolutely proposing amendments to the Constitution which will give Obama’s team the opening he wants to gut it to hell.

  • Matt2Matt

    Obama is a community agitating punk.

  • SigEliteDark

    Obama is now THE race-baiter-in-chief, and with his admission that 35 years ago he could have been the type of guy to attack and assault an innocent law-abiding person just for looking like a “crazy a$$ cracka” means that he’s also THE thug-in-chief as well.  I’m glad that he really thinks about what he’s saying off of the teleprompter.

  • frisky

    Actually Obama has been no one…………….he doesnt’ deserve to be honored……….as was said by the Detroit judge………………………

  • RichardArnone

    I hope the next President we elect willl represent  all Americans and will be someone who unites us rather than divides. The currant one is  a curse on America.

  • bobomack

    Mark Levin was a major advisor to ex Attorney General Ed Meese, so he’s not just some air bag. He has 1st hand knowledge of the inner working of government. When he calls it, you can bet he knows about the corruption and shady deals going on behind the scene. For Obama or Holder to get involved in the character assassination of Zimmerman, just shows this administrations agenda is to advance the black cause. These people are protesting simply because they didn’t get the verdict they wanted. Now instead, although no racial bias existed from Zimmerman, they are now making it a racial issue. Obama was a community organizer before his brief stint in the senate. He has no experience in running this country and has done just the opposite, His agenda is dividing this country and ruining our infrastructure our founding fathers laid down in the Constitution for our freedom. The sad part is the very organization who is supposed to prevent the criminal activities in government, the Attorney Generals office, is right there in bed with Obama in the corruption and has done nothing to prevent any criminal activity of this administration. The treasonous activity abounds right under our noses and not the attorney general, the state department or the DOJ is doing anything about it. This divider in chief will not be happy until there is a race war, and you can bet it’s coming!!!

    • DebbyX

      bobomack It won’t be the first time nor the last.  But this time it will be a grudge match.  White people are now the persecuted and we’ve got a bone to pick!  Bring it on.

  • …..but most of all, he’s been a steaming pile.