Mark Levin: Obama isn’t destroying the Republican Party, the Republican establishment is destroying it

Mark Levin was on Hannity’s radio show earlier today and explained what it will take for the Republican Party to become a strong party again:

Is Obama destroying the Republican Party? No. The Republican establishment is destroying the Republican Party. The only reason they’re in the majority in the House is because of conservatives, conservatives across the country, the grassroots.

They lost the Senate. They like to point to 2 races, one in Missouri and one in Indiana. I can point to 10 races where there were liberal to moderate Republicans who lost and of course they never mention that.

The fact of the matter is that in my opinion…until the Republican leadership that has brought us McCain and Romney, that has a feckless RNC, a preposterously incompetent get-out-the-vote operation, is removed and replaced with fresh, smart, confident, knowledgeable people, until some of our backbenchers move to the front, some of the young, tea party conservative candidates who can articulate our vision and our principles, this is going to continue.

Obama may want to destroy the Republican Party, but the Republican Party is imploding. And you know what? It needs to be cleansed, it needs to be cleaned out – not for purity reasons, not for absolutism, but because it needs to be a party that stands for something.

Here’s the full clip:

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  • LibLoather

    Levin is absolutuely right about the RINOs’ leading the Republican party toward being “Democrat-lite”. I only wish his buddy Hannity would get a clue, and ask hard questions to his buddies Karl Rove (“Romney’s the only candidate who can win”) and Ann Colter (“Chris Christie’s my guy!!). These two RINOs make me sick, and they have lost all credibility with me, as have Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, and all the other lily-livered schlubs in the Republican leadership.
    We who are genuine Reagan conservatives need to vote these RINOs out in 2014, and support Tea Party candidates who actually have a pair, and can articulate conservative values.

    • Ray

      Conservatives are the RINO’s. From the very beginning, Republicans have been for a strong centralized government. A conservative believes in small government. The republicans were against states rights, conservatives believe that those things that are not named in the constitution are reserved to the states. Republicans believe in a slower growth of government, conservatives believe in cutting government. Republicans expanded central government authority with such items as the ADA which put burdensome regulations on private companies. The EPA which is the bane to farmers and companies alike was put into place by Richard Nixon.
      We had a chance of bringing the Republicans into a conservative position with Ronald Reagan, however the ESTABLISHMENT demanded that he run with G.H.W. Bush.
      After that the Republican Party went left again, and in modern times, has redistricted conservatives out of office, aka Alan West. Refused to have conservatives as leaders of house committees.

      • LibLoather

        Ray, you make some very valid points. I think the problem of each party in the 21st century is that both are turning left: The RINOs because they’re scared to death of what the media thinks of them, and the Lefties because they are soulless, Godless, and downright nuts. If you’ll recall, Reagan had a Dem congress yet managed to transform our country through unashamedly conservative ideas. The problem today with ‘compromise’ is wholly different because our party is being asked to concede on the ridiculous (gun control, religious freedom), yet where are the defenders of OUR rights?? Where are the pressers that should be given by Boehner, et al, every time the Obama propaganda machine starts spewing lies?? Nowhere to be found!!

        I think its up to the ‘us’ in fly-over country to stir up whatever we have to (lawfully and peacefully, of course) to elect conservatives, of the 21st century definition, and not theses useless, defenseless dinosaurs we have now.

        • Ray

          We must do so on the local level AND it must NOT be as Republicans, it must be done with smart methods by asking pertinent questions door to door that everyone would be able to answer. That IS conservatism. The Republican brand is ruined on both sides, liberals see them as heartless, conservatives see them as spineless.

      • v.l.

        Interesting way of looking at the conservatives as RINO’s. However, it is not the conservatives that are betraying the platform of the Republican Party, it is the establishment. I wonder how damaged the image of Republican Party will be after Obama and the media is done with it and if it would be prudent to start anew.

        • Interesting…liberals never call their folks DINOs….

          Who is the GOP establishment?
          Are any of you commenting here members of your local GOP party?….If not why not?

          • c4pfan

            Why do you think less people voted in the last election?

          • LibLoather

            Sounds like alot of us are Conservatives, not Republicans.

          • TD1

            Because we’re conservatives and our local GOP party isn’t?

          • james1051

            Nope. I hate the GOP. No dough, no votes, no nothing for the GOP. The GOP is actively anti-conservative. And most conservatives have come to realize, albeit in some instances ever so slowly, that we and they are not on the same side.

          • crosshr

            goose like you !

          • Some of us are actually listening to the GOP and realize that we are not wanted and starting to check other avenues like

          • tshtsh

            What characteristics would a democrat in name only have–just the donkey’s hind end? Wait that would probably be a step up.

        • Ray

          Precisely, the Establishment Republicans (the historic Republican party) don’t like the platform that the more conservative electors vote on. Therefore they do not try to enforce it. They being so much smarter than we, you know.

      • I’m sorry…who made Ronald Reagan select Bush as his running mate?

        • Ray

          Lee Atwater

        • crosshr

          and after Reagan, what did Bush accomplished that benefited the country besides the ” … my lips….. ” no tax raised statement & Gulf war that did not finished out Saddam Hussein

      • ApplePie101

        Good point. There are a lot of conservatives who misidentify themselves as republican, a party which officially represents very little of what conservatives believe.

    • Rove is a political consultant….Ann Colter is a conservative author….Who the heck is the Republican establishment….Name them please!…Who went and got McCain or Romney to run for President? Who goes and get anyone to run for office?

      • c4pfan

        Rove is part of the establishment. As for who got them to run for President? Policial consultants do!!!!!

      • JRD1

        Rove raised and wasted a hundred million dollars promoting losing moderates. Who did Rove go to to get that money?

        Honestly, get a clue please. I suggest you start with Barbara Bush’s rolodex.

      • LibLoather

        Betty, the “establishment” is not limited to politicians only. It is the consultants, the media types, the authors with national exposure. The choice of McCain & Romney is decided on by our feckless RNC because they thought they could raise the most money to campaign for. These folks think name recognition and familiarity with voters trumps ideology, and we saw what happened with that strategy (epic fail!) What the establishment sold us in ’08 and ’12 was ‘weak but familiar’.
        In the meantime, the real conservatives such as Palin, Herman Cain, & Newt are vilified not only by the Left, but the establishment as well.
        Listen, I wish the likes of Karl Rove and the other “Bush hangers-on” would realize their time has come & gone.

      • Ray

        The Republican Establishment are the ones who tell states if they hold their elections earlier, they will not count their delegates; they are the ones who redistrict conservative strongholds into districts that get rid of conservatives aka Alan West; they are the ones who ran Dole, not because he was a strong candidate, but because “it was his turn”, they are the ones that are changing the rules of the primaries to make it hard for the more conservative candidates to win. They are the ones who leak information on more conservative candidates to the media. They are the ones who backed Scazafava over the conservative candidate and when it was evident she was in third place dropped out and endorsed the Democrat. (Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich, and Eric Erickson all supported party over principle).

      • I would hesitate in calling Ann Coulter a conservative. She backed Gov. Christie and then Romneycare. She would best be what any Republican wants her to be at any one point. It is really a disappointment that Hannity and others still have her on their show. When she is on, the station is switched in my home.

  • Ray

    Exactly what I have been saying here. They are NOT conservative, yet they hold conservative items out like carrots for us to vote for them.

    • marketcomp

      Could these Republicans in name only (RINO) be the plants that many of us suspect?

      • Ray

        Historically the republican party has been big government. Once you realize or accept that, then their actions make much more sense.

        • marketcomp

          Perhaps RINOs have historically been the Party of Big Governement but the Party of Big Government right now, 2013, is the Democrat Pary, my friend.

          • Ray

            Not RINO’s, traditional Republicans, you cannot go on recent history as the rule for what a Republican is. Lincoln established Centralized government more than any other president, and caused the problems we have today, another favorite Republican was Teddy Roosevelt who pushed Eugenics.
            Even Paul Ryans plan did not include spending cuts, but a lower percentage of growth.

          • Yet, it is the Republican controlled House that continues to fund this BIG GOV. without a backbone in stopping it. It is both the GOP and the DEM’s who are for the spend, spend, spend….baseline budgeting.

  • c4pfan

    Thank you Mark!

  • clockwindingdown

    The argument of the RNC of where the party needs to move is to become democrats. That should give everyone an idea of whom has infiltrated the party and seized control. Like we need another party identical to one that already exists! This tells me there is currently only one party in our so called Republic.

    We do need a true conservative party, one that draws a line and defines its values. One that will hold to its values. One that has no qualms over what it is and isn’t afraid to take a stand!

    We need a revolution within our party or we will be forced to start anew! The time is drawing close, we must decide soon and act upon our decision…

  • celestiallady

    He got that exactly right.

  • aposematic

    The present R leadership continue to prove they are nothing but fools and/or traitors jumping on every D bandwagon they can find.

  • NJK

    They’ve gone left. There’s no reason to vote GOP anymore. I won’t vote for anyone the establishment presents anymore, whether it’s for Congress or for President. They’ve slammed the door in the face of their base.

    • TD1

      People like you are the reason Romney lost. That’s not an insult. You would think the RNC would realize this, but they won’t. I guess just intelligent people realize that Obama didn’t win, Romney lost.

      • v.l.

        That’s just plain silly! You cannot possibly be so intelligent and say that people like NJK caused Romney to lose. Romney and his minions went out of their way to alienate the Tea Party supporters as well as Ron Paul supporters. They went ruthlessly after the fellow candidates using the tactic of the left, calling them despicable and disgusting…
        Obama won. BTW, where is Romney now, if he’s such a fighter for conservative ideals? I only see Gingrich, Herman Cain, Santorum to continuously trying to spread the conservative message.

        • c4pfan

          The only person to blame for Romney losing is Romney himself.

        • TD1

          No, I mean Romney caused people to become like NJK to become alienated. This, in turn, caused Romney to lose. If Mitt Romney had been the person making the comment, I would’ve let him know he was the reason.

        • FreeManWalking

          You are exactly right!

          Romney was considered the front runner before the primaries started and he was silent, or I should say I don’t remember him attacking 0b0 during his 1st term or shining a light on his Socialist Marxist ways.

          • crosshr

            tru dat!

      • crosshr

        Tell us again what is that that Romney stands for or good for beside a good father,husband and owns a company .

        I wait for your answer !

        • TD1

          I think you have me confused with someone who thinks Romney would’ve been a good president.

    • james1051


  • We witnessed this during the entire campaign. They broke laws, ignored delegates, got aggressive and even violent. All to make sure only the CHOSEN establishment candidate got to be there. They changed rules and policies to ensure the grassroots could no longer have a voice. They are killing themselves. Time for the Libertarians to rise.

    • TD1

      Completely agree. Their actions got me to actually look up what a libertarian really was. I never really knew. Always considered myself a Republican…not anymore.

    • c4pfan

      I’m not for Libertarians. I am a conservative, not libertarian.

      • sDee

        I can find common ground with the libertarians, far far more than with the GOP anymore.

        I watch Rand Paul with great interest.

        • TD1

          Same way I feel. I would think conservatives would have more in common with libertarians, than with Republicans. Not saying I think the Libertarian Party has a chance of winning a presidential election. I just wish they would team up with conservatives to do more infiltrating the Republican Party.

      • FreeManWalking

        I’m conservative too, but I think the libertarian’s are much closer to me than the current leadership in the GOP.

        BAINER speaks and he is engulfed in his own Foo Foo Fog.

        • LibLoather

          LOL!! Thanks for the belly laugh!
          Is it Foo Foo Fog that makes him cry like a little girl??!

    • 57thunderbird

      Nope.I shall never be a libertarian.Too many atheists and just plain whackos like Ron Paul.A liberal by any other name.Republicans are not the same as conservatives.

  • snowshooze

    Like I say..
    There are two major parties, and they both work for the Government.

  • He is right, indeed. May I say though, that Liberty Republicans MUST be heard in this debate as well. Boehner and company have lost their will to live it seems. I remember a 2008-2010 John Boehner who responded publicly, albeit tearfully, to everything the new administration pulled. Keep in mind though, the Tea Party comes with it’s own baggage and public perception is a huge part of this. We need young, intelligent well spoken individuals who can explain to the American People what is so dangerous about our current economic structure and loss of individual liberty.

  • All hail Marcus Levinicuspartacus!!

  • goldenprez

    Once again Mark Levin has no problem articulating the problem. Just as anyone posting on this, and other conservative websites, is just as able to articulate the problem. In fact, the problem is articulated in the conservative blogosphere all day and all night.

    However, the solution to the problem is not going to be found in the establishment Republican Party. They are a major part of the problem. Removing the “old bulls” and “leadership” of the GOP is a pipe dream of mammoth proportions.

    The GOP is entrenched from the federal level to the local district level of every State of the union. Before any office holder can be removed, the entire state Party would have to be overcome. We are talking about replacing thousands, yes thousands, of GOP operatives throughout the entire U.S.

    Just exactly how long does anyone think that will take?

    Talk about a “fool’s errand.” An incredible waste of time, energy, and resources (money), with nothing substantial to show for it at the end of the line.

    Better to form a parallel Party of grassroots constitutional conservatives, with the power to present a slate of candidates carrying the constitutional conservative message directly to We The People, unhindered by the sabotage tactics of the entrenched GOP establishment.

    All time, energy, and resources (money) directed specifically at removing those Permanent Ruling Class office holders at the top of the food chain. Replacing them with real citizens who will not be beholden to the GOP Party elites. Real citizens who will not be afraid to vote out the likes of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, and their fellow-traveling cronies, from positions of “leadership.”

    The solution to the problem is not to attempt to “take over” a totally corrupt organization with thousands of operatives. The solution must be to let the GOP “stew in its own juice,” and do something completely different and “out of the box.”

    As a very smart lady said, reform will have to be, by definition, “sudden and relentless.”

    At some point, the Levins, Hannitys, and Limbaughs, are going to have to climb on the grassroots conservative bandwagon, or go down with the GOP establishment ship.

    Until then, they are just “shoveling manure against the tide in Louisiana.”

    Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

    Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

    Illegitimi non carborundum.

    Barracudas Maximus.

    • sDee

      My experience with the local GOP matches your assessment. Two sentences out of my mouth and everyone has moved down one chair. I do not get called back.

      If one is excluded even participating in the GOP at the local level for having conservative, constitutional stands, where does one go?

      I volunteer and donate to candidates now. But the GOP even took care of the great hope for me – Allen West.

      • FreeManWalking

        I said never again with my $$ after DOLT, but I let myself be taken in again last year but never again?

        I would never support a Dem even for dog catcher, because as they move up the line they vote party line SOCIALIST every one.

        Now I am having the same thought about the GOP.

        You can talk religion and god and GOD all day long without an argument, but when you mention Jesus Christ, you have drawn a line in the sand and the arguments and name calling begins.

        Very similar when talking politics, as long as the word conservative isn’t brought up everyone is happy and the party goes on, but mention the word and the balloons start popping.

      • waytngtym

        There are so many similarities between Allen West and Sarah Palin–both are free now to do greater things, and prepare for a greater mission in their futures.

  • n4cerinc

    Not much more to say. Truth!

  • 57thunderbird

    Hannity tries to come across as this staunch conservative,yet he hangs onto every word from people such as Rove the RINO.Come on Sean.GMAB.

  • The Great One is right the Rinos really want to be half assed Republicans .

  • white531

    It has come to my realization recently, that regardless of what happens in Politics, a smart man or woman can make money on it.

    I don’t need to give you a detailed list of who I am referring to. But I gave up on Bill O’Reilly a long time ago. Greta bit the dust, not long after. Hannity has no other way to make a living, so he has to continue. Doesn’t mean I have to listen to him.

    I’ve had enough of Juan Williams to last me for the rest of my life.

    I have no argument with Rush. He blends wisdom with reality, with just enough humor added in, to make it work. He is a needle in their ribs, and I wish him continued good health and financial success.

    Glenn Beck is something I can’t get a handle on. He speaks to the very heart of the Freedom we all believe in. He organizes events that make your heart stop, in their enormity and their attendance. I guess it’s just the money thing. In order to follow Glenn Beck, you have to pay him. So he’s not doing all he does for free.

    Mark is right. There is no real difference right now between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

    Having said that, the idea of creating a Third party right now has little chance of success, in spite of the intense admiration I have for AmericanborninCanada and all the selfless work she has done on The Constitutional Freedom Party.

    I guess I have never been big on hopes and dreams. I do however, believe in reality.
    I believe in what is right in front of your face. What you cannot deny. What isn’t going away tomorrow, no matter how much you wish it would.

    Obama is not going away. At least, not anytime soon. Neither is Harry Reid.

    The Progressives and Socialists who seem on the verge of taking over the life we used to live, concern me the most. Because in spite of our best efforts to return this country to what it used to be, they will keep finding new Obamas and new Harry Reids. And we can’t seem to find enough solid Americans to go to the ballot box and prevent them from doing what they seem to do so easily.

    In order to understand what we are doing so wrong, you have to read the great Greek Philosophers. Aristotle was the Father of Political Conservatism. His, “Politics,” explains what we believe in today.

    All the force and sensibility of a Democratic Republic comes for the basic formation of a family, a union of one man and one woman. Children are produced from that union and form a family. That family, that union, is the basis for all government. Because that family creates a village of others. That village creates a city.

    That city is the absolute best form of Conservative Freedom that ever existed. Because in the environment of a city, everyone still feels the connection to each other. Their joys and griefs are shared. Hillary Clinton was wrong about what she said. It doesn’t take a village to raise good children who care about life and the others who live that life. It takes a village of families, each doing their part, to raise a new generation of children, who grow and mature, and take the responsibility that is their destiny.

    This is what happened to America. When we were an agriculturally based people, we were a collection of those villages, all across this great country, where everyone had an interest in supporting their neighbors.

    No one went hungry. No one suffered the loss of a family member without the support of the village. The community of the village was there to support them. If a farmer suffered an illness when his crops were coming to harvest, his neighbors harvested the crops for him. When he recovered from his illness, it became his turn. That was life in the farming communities of America.

    It was moving from an Agricultural base to an Industrial base, where everything went wrong. When Industry took over the American economy, the farm children graduating from high school, moved to the really big cities, which were not cities at all, in the original sense. They were metropolises.

    Their was no longer a sense of the village. No longer a sense of community. No longer a sense of belonging. The, “Village,” ceased to exist. The warm feeling you used to have, that everybody knew you, and accepted you for the contribution you made to the community, was lost in a heartbeat.

    Because no one in the big city gives a rat’s ass what you think. They don’t know your family, they don’t know where you came from, and they simply don’t care. Any idea you had about a, “Village,” is nonsense to them.

    That is why Conservative thought has trouble, when it tries to expand from the small towns of America’s Agricultural base, to the big cities like Chicago, where unions, and people who don’t understand the concept of a, “Village,” are the power in control.

    You were here on election night. You watched, along with me, seeing Romney winning almost every State in what I would call, ” The places where there aren’t any big cities.”

    All of you are intelligent people. You would not be here otherwise.

    Conservatives are not necessarily big city people. When it gets to big city politics, we tend to draw back a little. We keep doing that, drawing back, we’re going to lose this country to Progressives.

    All of us, and that means you and me, had better get busy trying to find leaders to replace the worthless Republicans who represent us right now. Otherwise, you can kiss this nation goodbye.

    One other thing. I used to apologize for my rants. I’m done with that. If any of my posts offend your sensibilities, you can just click to the next one. Problem solved.

    I am one, with Rick Santelli.

    • waytngtym

      Well… know how right you are about all of this. Undeniable. Still, hope you will stay because there is yet a need to feed truth into the heart on a daily basis no matter what else happens, and that means truth about what is going on in this world now. So we need your perspective. Maybe for you to not worry so much about engaging with ideas here that may dishearten, and it will be easier. Anyway, much appreciate all you say and do–it helps. Something has to come of all these voices now, unless they stop. Heard once, “We have to say the words, but the Lord has to deliver the message.” If you become silent, what can he do?

      (BTW have you heard about Sen. Sessions today? Is that a new voice?? New ideas??)

      May the Lord bless you in a big way, especially today.

      • white531

        Aahh geez, waytngtym. God keeps throwing people like you in my path, just when I am ready to give up on civilization. It’s almost like He’s watching me. (Did I really say that?)

        Welcome to Scoop. More people like you who join us, the closer we are to a solution.

        • PVG

          Coincidence? I think not!

        • Independent for Romney

          I read your post with great interest and admiration. In fact, I have sat here and read them all and learned alot. WHite531 what you say prompted me to reply because I have been thinking the same things about how we went from farms to cities and what has happened to us. I do believe that religion has become secondary and technology has become such a primary part of all our lives that we distance ourselves from face to face contact. Sad but true. We forget why America was founded in the first place because we are too hung up in today. Freedom has many different facets and unfortunately the Christian religion has been weakend in some ways by all the terrorism in the world. We do need to respect differences and help keep this country strong. Unfortunately, we have a party in control that doesn’t want to respect those that don’t believe as they do. As an independent and a conservative, I am enjoying reading what is said here. Mark Levin has long been a favorite of mine because he is so truthful and intelligent. Thank you all for what you say. BTW, I voted for Romney since I had no other choice. There were so many others I preferred i.e. Herman Cain.

          • tinlizzieowner

            You’re far from being the only Herman Cain supporter. 😉

          • white531

            To all Scoop members, I want all of you to take notice of this. Independent for Romney has three or four comments on Scoop. His/her reply to me in the above comment is living testimony to the kind of people who find their way here, and enrich this environment for all of us. Kudos to Independent for Romney.

            • Independent for Romney

              I want to say thanks for your praise. I have been so frustrated since Obama took office because of all the changes he has made with his “FOLKS” -as he calls the people of this country in general. I am a female who couldn’t be democrat if I tried, although I voted for Carter for the wrong reason-he was governor of my state. I was much younger then and even he could be good but he wasn’t strong enough for this country. As I got older I educated myself on his policies. This election of Obama has been the one election that brought me to listening to talk radio, Fox, Wall Street Journal and my friends. There are alot of us here that are frustrated. I never liked what Obama stood for and I had an intuitive feel that he was not one to be trusted. Boy, was I right.
              Anyway, I enjoy reading everyone’s comments. You each bring knowledge to me and help me feel less alone in all this government mess. Meanwhile, our lives go on.
              Thanks again white531, you made me blush. Y’all help make my day and that comment truly did.

              • white531

                My pleasure. People like you are cherished on this site. We can’t wait to see what you post next. Think of it like this. Each positive comment on The Right Scoop, helps rebuild America, and repair all the damage this maniac has done.

        • waytngtym

          Oh…thx! No doubt He’s watching over you…

  • Mark, for the first time I’m disappointed in you. You have no idea of the number or illegals in this country. The 11 million is so under estimated. I think we have that many in CA alone. These people are being used without proper pay or recognition. I recently hired a contractor (white & licensed) to paint the house. The workers who showed up spoke no English, all illegals I presume. On another occasion,one worker had a college degree, useless in north America as they can’t apply for a regular job. We can’t on one hand allow mass illegal immigration and then turn a blind eye on the individuals.These people should have a right to integrate & advance in our society.

    • TD1

      “We can’t on one hand allow mass illegal immigration” Correct. Stop that and the second half of your sentence takes care of itself.

  • hramirez18

    Ok Mark but you forgot to say that Ryan and Rubio are now part of the problem.

    • james1051

      indeed they are
      Rubio in particular is about to become join McVain and Graham as Most Despised RINO.

  • FreeManWalking

    I think conservatives are wasting their time trying to take back the republican party. The Reagan’s presidency and Newt as speaker is the only time there has been true conservative leadership in the GOP in over 50 years.

    I am all for going ROGUE if by TEA.

    • crosshr

      you’re not alone Sir

    • white531

      A few posts here this evening made my day. Yours was one of them.

    • Ray

      FMW, it is an exhilarating feeling to throw off the shackles of central government republicanism, isn’t it? Could someone out there who is an artist give us a Bald Eagle holding a unfurled Constitution in one claw and two AR15’s forming an x in the other, as a symbol of our new political TEA Party? Who knows how we can form it? We need to free our children from the Socialist Republic that has been in the works for 90 years.

      • Independent for Romney

        Ray, my son has a tatoo that is an eagle holding a gun. He is a Marine and had this tatoo artist draw up his idea and put it on his bicep. I think I will tell him to get the Constitution on there. It looks awesome even if I am not a tatoo lover.

  • Wigglesworth

    The RINOs went on the attack the day after the election and haven’t stopped.

  • white531

    There is just one other tiny thing. Scoop is growing. Getting bigger. I am not good with really large groups of people. There will undoubtedly come a time when I don’t feel comfortable commenting here. I can feel it coming.

    I really love all you guys, but my ideas are not really mainstream. They are really out there, someplace where this nation used to be.

    I’m a throwback to something that used to exist.

    • waytngtym

      all the more reason…see below

    • Ray

      There is a reason why it is growing, LIKE MINDED individuals stop here. We are conservatives who know the danger our country is in, and we are growing frustrated daily by the TRUE Republican party, people are waking up that it is NOT a conservative party, never was, except a brief brightly burning 8 years in the 80’s, but only because the FLAME that was lit chose to anchor his ship at their dock. The Republican party is being pulled ever to the left, they have no anchor, they think they do, they think they are the party of the constitution, but that is a delusional aspect of the Republican Party. You cannot be the party of the constitution if you continually allow the bill of rights to be sectioned off, distorted and redefined. You cannot be the party of the constitution if you allow federal judges which oppose it on the bench. You cannot be the party of the constitution if you continually take more and more power away from the states that it does not enumerate for you to make laws on. You cannot be the party of the constitution if you get a more and more powerful central government, like that which the Founding Fathers found so distasteful and caused them to offer not only life and limb, but fortune and family to heave off.
      This mess started with Lincoln and his push for centralizing government, and a strong Federal control over the states. In that regard, the Democrats can claim him, and rightly so, for this is exactly their aim.
      The claim of conservative values fall short by strengthening the Federal Government with such organizations as the EPA, DHEW, later to become the separate departments of HHS, and DOE, enacting the ADA, NCLB, etc. These were all expansion of the federal government under Republican administrations. They have all had disastrous effects on our country and economy. They are LIBERAL ideas, foisted upon us by the liberal Republican party.
      The Bible states,

      Ecclesiastes 3

      1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
      2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

      3 A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

      4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

      5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

      6 A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

      7 A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

      8 A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

      I believe Providence is calling us to former things, to a time of HIS blessing. He is calling us to form a new party out of the great conservative awakening that started a little over 5 years ago. I believe He is calling us to separate from the political bonds that is causing such great travail in our country. He is calling us to draw a line in the sand, one that will show principle instead of party name, one in which we say “NO FURTHER” to the degradation of that great Document our prescient Forefathers left us. It is time, brothers and sisters, to stand up against the slow burning tyranny that we are witnessing.

      • white531

        Ray, I am late getting back to your most wonderful comment. Only in the late evening, do I get to enjoy Scoop. There is a disconnect, because of the time delay.

        I am sometimes dismayed at posts like yours that deserve a hundred, “likes,” when a one sentence comment can sometimes generate a frenzy of likes. There is no explanation for human behavior.

        It was a great post, made even more so, by quoting the Bible. It would be nice to know right now, what season we are in. Don’t you think?

        • Ray

          I believe our country has been educated out of being patriotic in our generation. Some due to the honor they pay to the police and military, however the younger people do not seem to have the same proclivities. If we can get to them and educate them in the love of country and constitution I think we have a fighting chance, we can do this through social media, like the forefathers used papers to write and disseminate the Federalist papers.
          Other things in which our Government have made us fear it are Waco, Ruby Ridge, the MOVE bombing in Philidelphia, etc. all mass murders done by the government. We must not fear what man can do.

          • white531

            It is our educational system, Ray. The Communists and Progressives knew exactly what they were doing, when they took over our educational system. It has bore them fruits beyond their wildest imagination.

          • Independent for Romney

            I TRULY get mad about our education system even if I was raised in it as were my children. What has happened is what my husband loves to call the warm fuzzy effect over everything-i.e. an award for just being there. My kids love history and one of them majored in it. They dove deep to get to the truth and we made sure they did. Parents have to step up more and demand that our textbooks are not so biased and actually teach instead of having such wonderful illustrations. I love art, heck, I majored in it, but truly math problems are learned through working ALOT of them. I cannot even see younger kids spelling correctly and now, no cursive writing is being taught in the county where I live. Soon kids will not be able to read the Constitution, etc. Thank God my children learned to be patriotic, each in their own way. I hope they pass this on. We are a great country full of wonderful people. I tend to be an optimist and I pray that we can get our country back. I guess I need a set of directions on how. Speakers of intelligence and common sense and great insight are our hope.
            Sarah Palin got me at her first speech. She has guts as does Mark Levin, Newt and Herman, my man. Oh yes,and Rush.

            • Ray

              Newt has his place, however he is not a loyal conservative, in NY23 he supported party over principle by supporting the most liberal candidate in the race, which was the Republican. Palin supported the conservative party candidate.
              WE MUST bring young people into the Constitution loving community. The constitution does not GIVE us our God given rights, it enumerates them.
              To the press I say, if you have not limit, then I should have no limit on my preferred freedoms as well, that is Speech and bearing arms.

    • Independent for Romney

      white531…I like your comments. I don’t care if you feel you are a throwback. Your thoughts exist now and are worth noting and promote further thought and ideals. Who cares if they aren’t mainstream? Heck this country is made of individuals.

    • tinlizzieowner

      Actually, many of us are. You’re still among friends. 😉

    • ryanomaniac

      Our ideas aren’t mainstream either. Otherwise we wouldn’t be bitching all the time. Your throwback ideas are ours too.

  • StrangernFiction

    The DCGOP simply provides cover for the ‘rats.

  • Wolf Moon

    I agree completely. Romney was Obama Lite. Diet Obama. Obama with good hair. Forget these guys. Next they’re going to sell us Chris Christie, Mister Media Loves Me and So Does Facebook Dude. He talked a good story for a while, but he’s the next guy to lose to a Democrat and keep building Big Government.

    We need people who have the guts to fix what Obama will have ruined by 2014. Somebody who will stand up in the debate, point his finger at Hillary, and say “You lied to get your boss re-elected. Don’t lecture me about experience, Missy. We don’t need an experienced liar.”

  • It’s too bad Hannity, can’t ask a question and listen and learn.

  • Too bad Hannity doesn’t know how to ask a simple question instead of his multi-part complex questions (which he then wants to answer himself) and then listen and learn. He even does it to Mark Levin.

  • tinlizzieowner

    The “Grand Old Party” has become the ‘Gutless Old Party’. It’s time to vote out every one of the ‘politicians-for-life’ on both sides of the aisle and start fresh.

  • bongobear

    I can’t listen to Hannity anymore. The guy took over a minute to ask a simple question of his guest and then he tries to interrupt before Levin can answer. He likes to hear himself talk and he basically says the same thing over and over again.

  • saveourepublic

    Hannity Is a sellout. Have not watched the show since he said that amnesty “was a good Idea ” now . That Is the problem with the Republican party folks. They toss their principles out the window and do not stand up for what “we the base” truly believe.

  • colliemum

    The same problem exists over here.

    I think it was Lord Tebbit who pointed out that there is a difference between ‘common ground’ and ‘central ground’ – the difference being that the ‘common ground’ in politics has been shifting more and more to the left, so that conservative politicians feel they have to formulate policies accordingly, i.e. more and more left-leaning ones.
    They overlook that conservative voters stand on the central ground, where they’ve stood all their lives. So these core voters are feeling more and more left out, disregarded, taken for granted.

    The mystery is that RINOs, the GOPe, or our lot over here, are trying to entice voters from the left to vote for them, which simply doesn’t work, as has become abundantly clear.
    They do not understand that by giving up the central ground, they are losing all who would vote for conservative policies.

    • waytngtym

      This is a great vocabulary for this distinction–wish we’d use it here.

  • teecee

    Let’s face facts…WE haven’t left the GOP.
    The GOP has abandoned US!
    Time for a new paradigm and rally/support new flag.
    The old 2-party establishment will do anything to stay in power, so it won’t be easy.
    So long as we remain fragmented the LibDems will have everything their way with RINO lapdogs running behind.
    STEP #1 – no more $$ to GOP.
    STEP#2 – decide which ‘organized’ party is better set up to offer alternative – “Tea”/”Constitution”/”Libertarian”.
    STEP#3 – get our shoulders behind choice in #2 and PUSH!


  • I think that Jen’s article yesterday on tolerance and Mark’s rant on the leadership have one error, the idea that the party can be changed. We complain that the GOP does not listen to us and yet it would seem that they have and we are the ones turning a deaf ear.

    They have made it more difficult for “grass roots” to work through the system, they took conservatives off committees due to a lack of “Loyalty” to the GOP leadership. Hello! They have spoken; Mark needs to realize that the best we can do is re-establish a second party and one group trying hard is There are others as well but we need to start somewhere.

  • A story about Sean Hannity who I rarely listen to now: In 2003, during the California Recall he was interviewing Tom McClintock who informed Sean, on the air, that Schwarzenegger’s environmental advisor was Robert Kennedy Jr. who Hannity had ridiculed many times in the past for being a liberal hypocrite who flew in private planes. Hannity asked for McClintock’s sources, Tom cited the LA Times, Hannity asked his producer to search for that article. Being a huge McClintock guy, I immediately sent a link to Sean’s show. No mention of it on the air by Hannity. He wanted Schwarzenegger to win, period. Months later I heard Hannity mention how much he enjoyed having cigars with Arnold; Schwarzenegger being a greenie who flew around in private planes never seemed to come up.

  • mikeinidaho

    Hear, hear! Levin speaks the truth and the lemming RINO’s keep working to be more like the communists in the Democrat Party. The Republican Party is DEAD. We the People have no effective voice in DC with only 50 or so conservatives in the House and a very few in the Senate. This country is doomed unless we can wake more people to the fate we face with the current crop of traitors in DC. I fear our future is one of tyranny and revolution against that tyranny. God bless and please help We the People as we work to restore our Republic.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Spot on… Absolutely spot on.

    Sean’s radio show is 10x better than his FNC T.V. show. I like Sean… on the radio. I love Mark. Great comments… let them resonate.

  • bobemakk

    Unfortunately the RINO’s are caving in to Obamas demands and I can see how Mark Levin is right. Sad for US. If Hitlery runs she will probably win because there are no real conservatives left, maybe Rand Paul, anymore????

  • Mark Levin the Libertarian Party is the only answer. You are not going to get rid of those progressive communist in the Republican Party. They have to much money keeping them in power. Probably from Soros.
    The only true conservative Republican for the last election was Ron Paul. I fault conservative radio and TV including Mark Levin for not supporting him instead of another progressive communist like Romney.
    Ron Paul was the only answer. Rush, Levin, Hedgecock, Beck all of you helped to get Obummer elected again because Romney was just another same old thing and the voters knew that
    So I hope all of you are proud of yourselves. All of your are just one step above Obummer.

  • waytngtym

    Romney on Immigration:

    “High-tech fence for 2,000 miles on Mexican border:

    …in the 2012 primary the former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney promoted the idea of a high-tech fence stretching the entire length of the US-Mexico border, nearly 2,000 miles long.
    Source: The Rise of Marco Rubio, by Manuel Rogi-Franzia, p.221 , Jun 19, 2012

    Enforce employment laws; illegal immigrants will self-deport:

    ROMNEY: ‘Those who come into the country legally would be given an identification card, and if employers hire someone without a card, then those employers would be severely sanctioned. If you do that, people who have come here illegally won’t be able to find work. And over time, those people would tend to leave the country, or self-deport. I don’t think anyone is interested in going around and rounding up people around the country and deporting 11 million illegal immigrants into America. Let’s focus our attention on how to make legal immigration work and stop illegal immigration.’
    Source: CNN 2012 GOP primary debate on the eve of Florida primary , Jan 26, 2012.”

    Romney had some simple ideas, that if he had been elected, would be providing far better solutions that we see being offered today on immigration.

  • The Republican Party needs to turn back to God. Get their Priorities Right!

  • LibertysSon

    RNC Called me the other day for contributions. I told them no. I said “Why should I give you money so you can decide which weak RINO you want to support for office?” I said,” I will only donate directly to the candidate that represents my conservative values”. Then I hung up. Unless the GOP allows and encourages the new generation of true conservative candidates, they will become a permanent minority party and cease to have relevance.

  • I no longer consider myself a republican. They are not conservatives any longer. I can not accept the bowing down and caving the current rinos in DC continually do while compromising what they say they believe in. We need to either get enough like minded conservatives in the party to stand up and say enough or we need to form a third party of conservatives. I still believe there are more conservatives in this country than liberals or moderates. We just need to get a cohesive message out.

  • Alisa Shelt

    living in the 1940’s attitude towards Women, Abortion, Contraception, people of color, minorities, education, equal pay, creating voter suppression, continuing to let a hard core religious group trying to tell 2/3rd of the nation how to live, trying to control our lives will keep the republicans from winning any election….. Women refuse to live as our mothers lived. we’re not in the 60’s anymore people of color are ‘equal’ and the list goes on! YOU CAN HAVE YOUR FORM OF RELIGION JUST DON’T IMPOSE ION THE REST OF THE NATION ITS A LOSER NO MATTER WHAT FORM OF LANGUAGE YOU CHOSE TO USE……