Mark Levin on Benghazi hearing: Our men were fighting for their lives and Obama did NOTHING!

Mark Levin went through a few pieces of testimony from the Benghazi hearing today to show that Obama did nothing after he was initially informed on the Benghazi attack.

“Our Ambassador, Americans, our consulate – under attack, fighting for their lives! And the President of the United States apparently went to sleep. Or maybe to a concert. Or maybe planning his next golf game. I don’t know. But he was AWOL.”

Listen to the clip below:

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  • martha chandler

    Barry did nothing. We have known this for a long time. The man has ice water in his veins.

  • To say he did nothing is a lie! If he was uninvolved there wouldn’t have been a coverup. He wasn’t AWOL. He gave the order to stand down and let Americans die!

    • bshade

      He must have given the order! He is commander in chief…. Where are the republicans? Why do we not have a voice in our own government against this outrageous tyranny?

    • sjmom

      I hope it can be proven because like you I have thought that also.

    • las1

      This thing just pisses me right off. If I remember correctly after the initial attack, were we not all told how “on it” they all were. There was Panetta and Obama and others all huddled in the situation room dealing with the attack… watching it in real time… doing all they could. All connected up with video from a drone… and all that. That’s the story I remember.

      Bull shitting bastards. Utter frauds and saboteurs. Complete traitors and bastards… did I say bastards.

  • PVG

    BO lied, covered up, lied again about the cause, sent an innocent man to jail, where he still is btw, and continued to mislead. America needs to apologize to Nixon and impeach this embarrassment.

    • warpmine

      We would be better served if we had armed rebellion and stomped the POS and all involved in the illegal government ourselves.

    • las1

      Sam Bacile’s “Innocence of Muslims” (how ironic a name is that!) a whole other story waiting to be told… a false flag no doubt. They have not even scratched the surface on this yet.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Obama/Panetta/Clinton/CIA were running guns (including British weapons) to the ‘Syrian rebels’ through the Benghazi CIA crew posing as a Consulate/Ambassador.

    That was the reason they did not respond.

    Benghazi was a CIA outpost, not a legitimate consulate.

    It was a secret they didn’t want everyone to know especially during the last month before the election. The election was about as legitimate as the ‘consulate’ and the ‘gun running’ and the ‘Syrian rebels’ who are a mix of Islamists Hamas, Hezbollah, AlQueda, Taliban, Fatah from every arab country in the ME, NAfrica, Asia, and all the Stans.

    Nothing about the Obama administration is legitimate, including Obama’s qualifications (son/adoptive son of foreign nationals).

    Nothing is real, legitimate or honorable about the Obama administration.

    • TexasPGRRider

      You are SO Right On Conniption !!! More Fitz are DEFINITELY in order !!!!

    • “Obama’s administration does not have the good of America in mind. Not at all.”

      You’re being too kind. That may be the understatement of the year.


      …well written and nothing but the TRUTH will eventually remove HUSSEIN OBAMA from his THRONE !”

    • Amen, Hallelujah, AMEN.

      So much of this administration’s doings stink, I’m surprised the people in DC and surrounding environs haven’t suffocated en masse from the stench.

    • jayhoward

      Stop it, you’re killing me here! HAHAHAHA What a bunch of Republican losers! HAHAHAHA Obama’s at fault, hahaha! I can’t breathe I’m laughing so hard! This is the WORST you can lay on Obama??? HAHAHAHAHA You guys are awesome, keep it up! HAHAHAHA

  • Overheard on September 11 2012 “good job Panetta now leave so I can finish admiring Michelle’s arms and then look in the mirror for another half hour.”

  • Akabosan

    I think Mr. Levin will agree with the points made in this piece by Mark America;


    • 57thunderbird

      Great read!Thanks for the link.Spot on.

  • TexasPGRRider

    Some of the same perps at Benghazi were part of the assault on the BP asset in N. Africa and bragged about it…wonder where They are now ???

    • Conniption Fitz

      Regrouping for another assault on US assets.

      Wish we would get out of Islamic hell-holes and drill for oil in US/Alaska, and get the Pipeline working.

      • TexasPGRRider

        The reason B.O. and the EPA have so restricted domestic production and exploration is to aid the implosion of our economy, setting the stage for islamic takeover and future development by the turbin cowboys. The problem is that “We the People” are beginning to wake up….

  • Listening to this multiple times today, I didn’t know I could be more furious. Going through all the stuff related to anything Benghazi for the past 2 months, I didn’t realize I could be more furious. The ba$tard in the White House has SO much to answer for, yet NO ONE IS ASKING HIM!!!!!!! Everyone covering for him. Damn it, he blamed a freaking movie for over a week, he has lied every freaking day since those 4 men were brutally murdered- ALONE WITH NO ONE TO HELP, he didn’t do a damn thing…. WHY?! Because he knew what was happening, and there was a reason for it!! Treason.
    Psalm 37 breathe… breathe… please Lord help these men’s families.

    PS- remember how quickly dear leader came out to praise himself for ordering Bin laden’s excecution? Press conference immediately. He was asked what happened, and he blamed a freaking movie, then since then, he’s deflected every last freaking thing and no one is asking anymore!

    oh crap I can’t stand this.

    • TexasPGRRider

      HE WILL ABiC, HE WILL !!! “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”. John 8:32….

      • Thanks brother. Like a cool splash of sparkling water, I needed that. Thank you.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Special Forces Commander says: DOD could have flown rescue team from Tripoli to Benghazi.

    DOD/Panetta said State Dept. was responsible for deployment.

    Sounds like a case of terminal buck passing by Panetta.

    Good thing he and Hillary are resigning.

  • stage9

    The Congress has DONE NOTHING too!

    • notsofastthere

      Congress has more info to skewer this Anti-American president and his underlings, but refuse to stand up. All are bringing this country down, and we know it.
      Yet, we are hesitant to take action, because we are law abiding.

  • SKL53

    Obama is NOT OUR president! He is a lying, despicable TRAITOR!!! He has NO loyalty to the American people. He is the ANTICHRIST!!! We have no honest media any longer! They report NO TRUTH to us! WITCH CLINTON is JUST as BAD!!! She wants to run for president in 2016…that’s a JOKE!!! I still remember how Americans BOOED her at the 9/11 concert at MSG/NYC. They KILLED our Ambassador and the military men there with him! An American President would have done everything to do what was NECESSARY to protect them! But not this LYING SACK OF S*&%#!!! WHY AREN’T WE CALLING FOR IMPEACHMENT?????????????? This guy is not a president, he is an EMPTY CHAIR! Go play golf and smoke your head off you lousy, phoney! America sees your true colors you lying jerk! We should be in mourning America….what’s happened to us? The morons in this country elected him because they want “Free Obama Phones.” The intelligent Americans need to call for this TYRANICAL EMPEROR to be IMPEACHED for CRIMES AGAINST OUR BELOVED NATION!!!! I for one am in mourning because I have NO PRESIDENT!!!!

    • Conniption Fitz

      Don’t be so reserved. Why don’t you let it all out. >8-O

    • I’ve had no president since January 2009. Treason is what charge ought to be called for- but no one’s listening.

      • Zaguy2

        Funny this racists don’t considering a black man President!

        • Interesting. You bring up the skin color, but I’m the racist one? Get over yourself.

    • notsofastthere

      I have no doubt that if citizens rose up like the did in Syria, Obama would have no compunction in mowing them down. Not so sure anymore that cops and military wouldn’t just follow orders. The did it at Waco and again with Elian Ganzolez.

    • As Rush would say it’s “the low information” voters, i.e. the ones who watch TMZ, John (what his face) etc. that voted for oBummer; because they weren’t following what the hell is happening.

    • Zaguy2

      Obama had eaten pork and drank beer in public. He is not a muslim.

      Without a dobut, you Cancervatives are the biggest, monstrous, hateful racists, bigots, extremists, homopohbic hypocrites in American History!

      Obama is not a fraud. POS? Obama has not damaged America, he has helped her. And no, the racist right morons are the biggest threat to our country since its creation!

      Terrorist. No. Look up the definition and you will see he does not fit. He does not “…commit violent acts intended to create great fear in order to exert influence to reach a religious, political or ideological goal.” He does sympathize with Muslim peoples who have been suppressed by Western colonial rulers in the past and by dictators now. Obama is NOT a terrorist.

      Disgusting a-hole calling the President of the United States a terrorist!

      No, he isn’t destroying America. No, he isn’t a traitor. No, he isn’t evil– at least not compared to other legitimately evil men like Dick Cheney and Karl Rove. Yes, he can be impeached– if you can prove that he’s committed an impeachable offense. No, he’s not a Muslim– and if 22 years in Rev Wright’s church can’t convince you, you’re a frickin’ moron. No, he doesn’t hate America. Yes, he is a liar. He’s a professional politician; lying is in his job description. No, he’s not a usurper; he was legitimately elected BOTH times.

      You disgusting azzhole racists have called this man Saboteur in Chief, filthy Muslim, communist, socialist, dictator, gay, anti-America, un-American, evil man, (since when did we start referring to our President in this manner?) yet he has been re-elected by majority electoral votes as well as popular vote. He was dealt a very difficult hand in 2008 but fulfilled many promises — Bin Laden is dead, creation of jobs, our troops are coming home and his greatest promise fulfilled — health care for all Americans. And he accomplished this while having to listen to constant doubts about his birthplace and his religion.
      Obama complain? Because I didn’t see him complain. The only ones complaining are the tea baggers.

      Racism under the thinly disguised vale of how much they don’t like his politics. Thankfully most people have brains these days and he was re-elected. The people who make jokes at his expense really says more about them than anything else. If you don’t like his politics then provide logical arguments against it, not cuss like a sailor, make up silly words based around his name or make him look like a chimp… it denotes low IQ.

      Republicans have become more Racist during Obama but Democrats and Independents stay the same. The problem for Republicans is that younger White Voters are increasingly more tolerant and Minority Friendly and vote for Democratic Party, they are just cheering this guy like any other a-holes who attacks the president because it applease racists and bigots like you!

      Dr. Ben Carson, a fine, innovative neurosurgeon, grew up
      dirt poor in Detroit became the chief of pediatric neurosurgeon at Hopkins, .
      Many of us aspired to be like him when I was in med school not long ago. The birth certificate, and electronic medical
      records okay, but give a child HSA account!. What would 5k in HSA do for a
      child who needs a neurosurgeon?. Nothing.. Imagine, a child injured, comes to
      ER, ct scan, labs, the work up in the ER alone will deplete any amount of money
      in HSA, long before you place a call to neurosurgeon. Stick to neurosurgery Dr. Carson..

      Is Barack Obama a Narcissist?—No, not any more then any politician as all have to be a little narcissistic to be successful.

      First off, what do you think of this man, Dr. Carson?—I think he sounds like a successful doctor and one who cares about his patients though I am unsure why he would get into politics.

      Is Barack Obama a racist?—–Not at all

      Is Barack Obama a “monster”?—–No, no humans are monsters as monsters only exist in cartoons.

      IS Barack Obama a destroyer?—-No, except I think his policies destroy human life through abortion which infanticide.

      Is Barack Obama a dictator?—Not at all, a dictator would not have free and fair elections and leave after two terms.

      Is Barack Obama a Communist?—-No, he is a liberal Democrat but not a true communist.

      Is Barack Obama a Marxist?—-No, he has liberal beliefs but not to a marxist point.

      Is Barack Obama a Socalist?—-No, he is a far left Democrat so I can see the comparisons to socialist but I wouldn’t say he is as far left as being a socialist though maybe borderline socialist policies.

      Can Barack Obama be impeached?—–No, he has done nothing illegal that I know of.

      Is Barack Obama destroying America?—–No, though the economy is being damaged by all the reckless government spending.

      IS Barack Obama “the Great divider”?—–No, Richard Nixon was the closest we had to that.

      The right wing is afflicted with cognitive dissonance, either from listening to tales of birtherism, WMD’s, death panels, Shirley Sherrod, landslide presidential victories or the new black panthers. Maybe it’s from the fumes of their confederate flags, but the 4,000 people that Bush killed because he lied about WMD’s doesn’t bother them. The fact that all republicans voted against money earmarked for security in our diplomatic outposts will never enter their minds. They haven’t been exposed to that information yet. The conservatives tried to grandstand against Secretary Clinton and came away looking like the knuckle draggers they are. These racist, misogynist, homophobic politicians really do represent their constituency. They are diaper-wearing adulterers voting for the same.

      Who are you hypocritical racists to attack this President for doing the same things Bush did, you racists scream bloody murder over the death of four Americans under Obama, but you are slient when I comes to hundreds and thoushands of Americans dieing under Bush!

      But when a black man does it….

      Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you!

      The biggest threat and disgrace to our country is ignorant bigoted fools. You should be stripped of your right to vote until you learn to accept reality for what it is and stop throwing around conspiracy theories. They still don’t understand that HALF of this country DON’t hate having a black man as President, half of this country aren’t as racist or a bigoted as they are.

      • Keep drinking the kool aid. You’re beyond anything deserving a logical discussion. Wander back out the way you came. They’re missing you over at the daily kos.

  • SKL53

    Obama let those poor people die then went to Vegas….he has NO SOUL!!!!! Let the Lord be HIS judge (and Hillary too)!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jleinf

    Like father like son? Yeah, dat be right.

  • SKL53

    As a PROUD American of these United States of America I call for Obama to be IMPEACHED!!!!

    • 57thunderbird

      I second that motion!I have written to my non representative representatives and told them as much many times.

      • I’ve written mine and told them he needs to be charged with treason. So far nothing.

        • 57thunderbird

          Same here.Crickets.

          • 🙁

            • 57thunderbird

              Ditto that.

          • You mean the one where they start out telling you they understand your position, and agree with how you’re feeling, but they see, feel and decide things completely opposite? You mean that letter. sigh.

            You know, Connie Mack might not have been a perfect Congressman, but I never once got a form letter from him. He actually e mailed me and snail mailed more than a few times, and never once was it a form letter.

            • 57thunderbird

              Yep,that’s the letter I meant. 🙁 Kudos to Connie Mack for giving you enough respect to actually take the time to give you a personal response.I have never gotten that type of response from any of my reps.

              • I must say the first time was a shock, but then it happened the next time and I was so surprised. I did however get the form letter all the time from Nelson who was a complete a$$. OH yay, now he’s Senator Nelson. dang.

    • David Boyes

      strung up by the short hairs along with Hilary

  • sjmom

    Zero, zip, zilch, nada, nothing. The president of the United States did nothing to help Americans who were in trouble, fighting for their lives. Obama is heartless and inhumane.


    …DEAR LEADER PART II Barack HUSSEIN Obama ,was a joke is still a joke and will be forever more a JOKE of a President !”

  • Diogenes_wy

    Before we can side with Mark, the question of who issued the stand down order needs to be answered. Graham ascertained that General Hamm was in the same room with Panetta and Dempsey, yet he failed to follow up and discover who relieved him of command and countermanded his order to a FASS team to deploy. This whole thing revolves around that question, and it is yet to be asked. So Mark might be right in saying that the path leads to the White House, but the exact direction of involvement has yet to be uncovered. So far all of the testimony has been “it’s not my fault” and “I didn’t/don’t know”(and probably didn’t want to) which are sure signs of a CYA cover-up.

  • clockwindingdown

    I’m beginning to think this wasn’t so much incompetence as it was a sacrifice, a pay-off to our enemies.

    These people really expect us to all believe that no one informed “O” because they were unsure what was happening, in a 7 hour skirmish with eye’s and ears on the ground and a drone in the air watching…

    Are we to believe that they did not communicate with each other during the attack? Either they did and they are incompetent, or they didn’t and they are incompetent, it really doesn’t matter, they are not people that should be in charge of guarding a water-cooler let a lone our nation.

    If we don’t remove these people than we are the fools they take us for!

  • It’s obvious they are hiding something.. I just pray that it all comes out, even if it doesn’t, Obama’s actions, well, in just about everything are suspect

  • snowshooze

    The F-16 can do 1500 miles per hour.
    We had boats in the Mediterranean 300 miles out.
    Near as I can tell.. that is 7 hours.
    Oops, now I get 12 minutes.
    Ok, so where was the nearest F-16? On a carrier? ( I don’t know if they work off carriers…)
    Hell, it could have made it from Memphis.

    • TexasPGRRider

      Navy and Marine Corps use F18s, one WICKED airframe rated mach 1.8 with Hardcore Firepower capability….

      • Sigonella Itally, Naval Air Station less than 500 miles away; (copied from wkipedia) Among the aircraft that fly from this island base are U.S. Air Force C-130, C-17 and C-5 airlifters, KC-135 and KC-10 tankers and U.S. Navy P-3 Orions, C-2 Greyhounds C-130s, and C-9B Skytrain IIs and C-40A Clippers…. So why was there no response from Sigonella?

  • All these people in this adm. need to be in jail awaiting trial for treason.

    • TexasPGRRider

      You got THAT Right my friend !!!!

  • Landscaper

    The good people of TRS don’t sit on their hands doing nothing and just gripe. I don’t either. Before the election I wrote our Senators about Benghazi. The letter was to say regardless of the election outcome, I wanted this matter not to disappear off the radar.
    I got a wordy-word form letter about Benghazi and have yet to see my two clowns on any media outlet on any matter, not even commenting on the price of tea in China. Hmmmmmm.
    Sad thing is they run unopposed every time, but I would take pleasure in seeing them no longer having the title of a US Senator.

  • PFFV


  • Fireplug52

    Mark is spot on and the one thing that is very troubling for me, lies with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    The past couple of years I have been observing with sadness how much our military leadership has performed in such perilous times. While our men and women have been fighting the enemy on their ground and losing their lives, their leadership from my perspective has been standing by and allowing those in harms way be used as political tools.

    The men and women who are on the ground, air, sea protecting the home front and dying ask very little in return. That their sacrifice be for naught.

    I am sad to report based upon the military leadership at the Pentagon that all the progress made in regards to the War on Terror the home front is being overrun by the enemy who is our President and his cabinet member in the Pentagon and those officers in charge standby and let it happen.

    I would ask anyone does anyone remember Major General John K. Singlaub? Well let me enlighten you to who he was and what he did. Though this amazing patriot earned his stars through hard work and sacrifice, he had the guts to stand up and speak his mind where it came to a President pulling our troops out of South Korea. I think he fully understood that to have done that would have caused more of our sons losing their blood for something we already had gained and fought for. He stood up when no one else would and made Jimmy Carter look like the fool he was. He made a sacrifice for his career than to see more American blood spilled for something we already had gained and lost a lot of American blood for. He was a leader.

    What we have today for military leaders is shameful, starting with Colin Powell and going to the current leadership in the Army up to the Joints Chief of Staff.

    I write this not from being an arm chair quarterback, but one who served proudly among those men and women who have given their all. The military leadership today appear to want only to cover their backside when they find themselves brought upon criminal charges and then given a sentence that is only a slap on the wrist. The soldier having committed these same acts against the UCMJ would be sent to prison. So goes the military leadership of today.

    For a point of reference see what was the outcome of a former commander of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team.

    It is sickening.

  • People forget that our government placed an apology on the Benghazi embassy website many hours before the attack. Plenty of time to remove our people and provide support. To me it would have been a no brainier. Our government knew this supposed video would probably anger people or they would not have posted an apology for the video. Negligence. They left them their without adequate defense.

  • tshtsh

    “Absorb” the loss is always his philosophy when it comes to the American people. He knew beforehand what was going to happen to the Ambassador that is why he did nothing. If b.o. had his way, bin laden would have died of old age.

  • You mean Leon PATHETIC!

  • colliemum

    “Nobody knew what was going on” – oh really? So Madame Lamb from the State Dept lied under oath, did she?

    Anyway – the POS was not worried that ‘nobody knew what was going on’? So who gave the order to stand down? That order was given – who was it?

    I suspect it was Madame Valerie Jarrett, because she runs the WH and the POS.
    Why is she not being questioned?

    Furthermore, I suspect the POS didn’t do anything because he was probably either curled up under a blanket, whimpering – or he was drugged and was out of tiny skull.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Mark is spot on like usual.

    But frankly, this crap is making me insane. Panneta, Hillary… they are responsible and all they have to say is something lame like, “I don’t remember.” or “What difference does it make?” I know the media is in Obama’s pocket… but come on… this should be all over the news… all over!!!

    And then there’s Obama… what an Ahole. It appears he gets a short briefing (30 minutes?) from Panetta (and no one else?) and then goes to bed in preparation for his campaign trip to Las Vegas the next day? Seriously? LIAR! And Chris Rock has the gall to compare him to America’s daddy? This is insanity on the highest level. Once again, the media didn’t report this? They covered for him? Again?

    History is playing out right now… really, on a scale in excess of Watergate… and no one is reporting on this from the liberal lapdog media? They are enemies of this nation and Panetta, Hillary and Obama should be drummed out of office… it’s really that simple. Incompetence. Disregard. Indifference. Aren’t they sworn to protect Americans?

    This is a travesty. This is a huge injustice and probably a cover up. People who were serving America and these animals were unjustly slaughtered. And no one is behind bars but a stupid filmmaker who had NOTHING to do with this. And no one is talking to the survivors. And all of it was covered up right before the election… and Obama got re-elected. That’s right, a worthless, unqualified, selfish dictator got re-elected as the damned media paints a saintly velvet portrait of this monster.

    I want justice! America should be in a huge uproar over this! Outrage!!! OUTRAGE!!! Shame!!!

  • I was fortunate to catch Mr Levin on his live radio program, it’s was moving and brilliant.
    May G-D bless these families and comfort them.

  • twistin

    Oy Vey!

  • twistin

    Oy Vey!

  • Ischuo

    I hear your anger but he was re-elected. No one will impeach him because they will be throwing stones at themselves also. Few have walked a clean enough path to stand the riducule that would come. Look what was done to Romney and he was a man of heart and great love for this country. His family will be okay and he wanted to take us with him and we said NO. If this country is going to change it will take backbone, logic and marketing because the american people are wowed by 5th avenue/hollywood. Critical thinking is no longer taught. There is a book entitled Language and Thought. We taught it in the 50’s because Hilter conguered Austria by a media campaign. Then they called it propaganda, now we call it marketing. We are loosing the ability to listen and discern and then make good decisions. Proof–we complain and then reelect the same people. HMMMMM. I was taught that if you continue doing the same thing and expect a different result…it is the definition of insanity. The American People need to remember they are the Fourth arm of our government. Right now all the checks and balances built in by our founding fathers are failing because “these are times that try mens souls” and their souls are being found wanting. And we are electing them. Or our elections are a sham and staged…I’m not ready to go there yet.

  • Zaguy2


  • jayhoward

    HAHAHA this is GREAT! I’m betting he REALLY cares about those people and not just making Obama look bad! HAHAHAHAHA I’ll bet he thought it was a great joke when Bush was looking under his desk for WMD as a joke while real soldiers were dying in the desert looking for the real thing! HAHAHAHA This guy is a right wing hack….his ONLY goal is to make Obama look bad. Too bad it’s not really working. HAHAHAHAHAHA REPUBLICAN LOSERS!!! HAHAHAHA

  • gomer1833

    Why was an Admiral and General relieved of their commands during it because they had assets set to send.

  • gomer1833

    What about the two drones giving live coverage and the two seals lasing the mortar position for attack by the drones.

    • Thomas Jefferson

      Sigonella Itally, Naval Air Station less than 500 miles away; (copied from wkipedia) Among the aircraft that fly from this island base are U.S. Air Force C-130, C-17 and C-5 airlifters, KC-135 and KC-10 tankers and U.S. Navy P-3 Orions, C-2 Greyhounds C-130s, and C-9B Skytrain IIs and C-40A Clippers…. So why was there no response from Sigonella? Buy Twitter Followers

  • Thomas Jefferson

    To say he did nothing is a lie! If he was uninvolved there wouldn’t have been a coverup. He wasn’t AWOL. Link Building Services

  • jimmyjjohns08

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