Mark Levin passionately defends Neil Munro: He’s the only guy that had the guts to ask a question!

Mark Levin came back today chomping at the bit to get the record straight on a few things. He led off his program with the Obama’s run around the Constitution last week on immigration and criticized a weak response from Republicans across the board. That’s where this clip starts. But I’ve framed this around his passionate defense of Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro who he both defended and praised for being the only one who was willing to challenge Obama with a question as Obama announced his unconstitutional run around Congress. Sure Munro timed it wrong but Levin says ‘who cares?’, it’s Obama who is trying to destroy this nation and here’s a reporter that was willing to do what others would not.

This clip includes two parts, his lengthy defense and praise of Munro from his first segment and then a much more passionate defense from a following segment.

Just listen – it’s awesome:

UPDATE: Fox News’ Todd Starnes also defended Munro today, which apparently Media Matters didn’t like too much. Starnes argued that what Obama was doing was so radical (going around Congress), almost like Obama declaring martial law and not answering to the American people, that reporters have a duty to not just stand their and accept it like a dictate but rather to challenge Obama and hold him accountable (via Media Matters):

What if the president had gotten up there and said, ‘I’m declaring martial law effective immediately,'” Starnes asked. “Would decorum still be in place for something like that?

Great point. Listen below:

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