Mark Levin passionately defends Neil Munro: He’s the only guy that had the guts to ask a question!

Mark Levin came back today chomping at the bit to get the record straight on a few things. He led off his program with the Obama’s run around the Constitution last week on immigration and criticized a weak response from Republicans across the board. That’s where this clip starts. But I’ve framed this around his passionate defense of Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro who he both defended and praised for being the only one who was willing to challenge Obama with a question as Obama announced his unconstitutional run around Congress. Sure Munro timed it wrong but Levin says ‘who cares?’, it’s Obama who is trying to destroy this nation and here’s a reporter that was willing to do what others would not.

This clip includes two parts, his lengthy defense and praise of Munro from his first segment and then a much more passionate defense from a following segment.

Just listen – it’s awesome:

UPDATE: Fox News’ Todd Starnes also defended Munro today, which apparently Media Matters didn’t like too much. Starnes argued that what Obama was doing was so radical (going around Congress), almost like Obama declaring martial law and not answering to the American people, that reporters have a duty to not just stand their and accept it like a dictate but rather to challenge Obama and hold him accountable (via Media Matters):

What if the president had gotten up there and said, ‘I’m declaring martial law effective immediately,'” Starnes asked. “Would decorum still be in place for something like that?

Great point. Listen below:

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  • Siobhan7

    Bravo!! God help our beloved America!!

  • daisy_mae

    I haven’t listened to this yet but absolutely plan to! I shared this at C4P and thought I’d pass it on here too given the awesome topic of this news from RS (love you!!). Back when the Stamp Act was repealed in its entirety, which prayerfully I hope will happen to obamacare, to celebrate the people held an “illumination” meaning the townspeople lit up their windows making a beautiful sight. There was also an elegant celebratory dinner where 21 toasts were made. The last glass to be raised was to the “liberty of the press in America.” Our forefathers knew the importance of the freedom of the press!! Munro knew BO wasn’t for one second going to stick around for Q & A. Good for Munro!!!

  • Glad to have Levin back today. Listen to him yell was music to my ears.

    • same here. Love it when he goes nuclear.

      • PVG

        It’s been a long three days!!

      • aZjimbo

        Ditto for me. The great one screaming and yelling is music to my ears. This guy gets me so fired up.

        • Mark consistently refuses to run for office, in part saying he would be called out on some of his comments. But it seems to me anyone as brutally honest as he, Rush, Sean, Michelle Malkin, etc. are, they’d sail right into office. Maybe it’s me.

          • aZjimbo

            I think Rush and Sean are more mainstream than Mark and Michelle. IMO nobody “tells it like it is” like those 2.

  • badbadlibs

    Wow, Levin is on fire! Thank God!
    America is going to heck in a hand basket due to bo being potus. For those who are so stuck on not having your personal pick to run against bo, once again I beg you to vote against bo if you can’t vote for Gov. Romney.
    We have a chavez in office now, he’s getting more bold by the day…just wait if he gets four more years.

    • Karl Rogue

      I’m voting against PBO and Rombot. Happy?

  • I want to hear about Marks trip to las vegas and why he didn’t speak at right online.

  • StrangernFiction

    Anyone that interrupts Il Douche is a hero in my book.

  • PVG

    Man have I missed this man…….BRAVO!!!!

    • marketcomp

      I know, not only does he tells it like it is but he puts it all into perspective so even the weak linguini spine republicans can understand it!

  • stevenbiot

    Mark is the Godfather of talk. Nobody does it better. Republicans are weak kneed wankers.

  • Karl Rogue

    Wait a minute, I thought that Romney’s “pass” on the O’Amnesty was Brilliant Politics and Severely Conservative? And now we celebrate Mark Levin for pointing out the blatantly obvious, that it was just “weak?”

    This blog has split poisonalities.

    • NoToTyrants

      Romney could have responded conservatively and still not taken Obama’s bait. Instead, Romney punted and showed no principled leadership.

      All Romney needed to say is that, as President he is sworn to uphold and enforce the laws of the United States of America and to do otherwise is unconstitutional. As President he would implement his agenda the legally Constitutionally prescribed way.

      • StrangernFiction

        And he could cite Obama’s own proclamations that he doesn’t have the authority. This isn’t rocket science.

        • NoToTyrants


  • Mark Levin needs to make Tom Marr his permanent sub when he is gone. I know he reads this website so that is why I am writing this. (not that he will listen to me)

    • I like Marr but he was all in for Romney while Bachmann and Santorum were running, calling him a true conservative. He was way off in my book.

      • I agree. Anytime I know that Tom Marr is going to sub for Levin, I don’t listen.

        I don’t need to listen to cheerleading for Romney.

        Brian Sussman is my favorite.

  • las1

    And to further disinform the American public on this issue… to disinform them on how “in touch” Obama is with the American public, Bloomberg published a highly tendentious and specious survey claiming that 64 percent of the American Public favours Obama’s circumventing congress to stop deportation of 800,000 illegals. Only 30 percent are against Obama’s malfeasance.

    I don’t believe it for a second. If it is not a push-poll… it’s something much worse. It comes out now! And the media complies with the propaganda. It even hit Canada’s Sun News. That’s chutzpah!

    Yeah… colour me skeptical!

    • Nukeman60

      There were absolutely no details on this poll – no numbers, no specific question, no demographics. What I did find interesting was that only 4% of the 734 likely voters that were polled said immigration was on the top of their list of priorities in this election. That in itself says a lot. 96% yawned.

      They couldn’t care less, so, yeah, whatever, the Prez must know what he’s doing, so I approve, I guess. Are you polling for ‘best Hollywood star’ as well?

      And this represents all of America? This is why I detest polls.

    • As Mark Levin would say….it’s from Bloomturd!

  • NJK

    Bravo Mark. I feel the same way. Barack Obama deserves no respect. Neil Munro is a hero and I’m glad Mark called him a patriot. His fawning press are embarrassing themselves.

  • aZjimbo

    All is well. The “great one” is back.

  • shagstar

    that is why he is refered to as,,”NOBAMA”,around here!

  • Watchman74

    I for one agree with Levin, someone needs to speak out. The republic is at stake, the time for chivalry is over.

  • Mr_A56

    I weary of the conservative commentators who criticize Monroe because he did not follow traditional protocol. Sorry, but we have a President who has openly tossed aside traditional protocol. He rude belittled the Supreme Court during the State of the Union, has told his followers to “Get in their faces,” when confronting conservatives, and has repeatedly said that he is fundamentally changing America. What Monroe did was hoist Obama on his own petard. There is a sign in every gift shop in America that reads, “You break it, you bought it.” Obama, the Community Activist who lead many rude protests against other politicians, has continually broken the rules of protocol and tradition when it suits him and now he whines when someone else shows him that turnabout is fair play.

    • I agree. Bill O’Reilly said Munro was out of line. Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything different out of the mouth of O’Reilly.

  • 12grace

    I think Munro is a hero, I admire him for asking BO a legitimate question.

  • Hugh Hewitt was all about decorum the other day, as was the entirety of the Republicans in the House and Senate.

  • Kordane

    Mark Levin started his monologue by questioning the morality of the open-door immigration policy advocated by the president and others, but Mark basically called it immoral to harm America by advocating such a policy. The thing is, Obama and all those others who call open-door immigration “a noble ideal” are all Altruists; they’re all following the Altruist idea that “you are your brother’s keeper”, or basically that the primary source of virtue and supreme moral obligation is self-sacrifice for the sake of others. All those immigrants out there who want to live in the United States – They’re the needy ones, they’re the disadvantaged ones; they’re the poor, the sick, the weak, the young, etc And the altruist morality declares that you (Americans) therefore have to sacrifice yourselves for the sake of them.

    It’s all altruism – The morality at the heart of statism today.

    All of their social welfare programs and policies amount to: You are your brother’s keeper; service and self-sacrifice to others is a noble ideal; it’s your moral obligation/responsibility to help others in need; self-interest is evil, etc.

    Mark called it “immoral” to advocate open-door immigration policies because of the destruction it will cause to the United States. Mark fails to realise that altruists DON’T CARE about the long-term negatives of their altruistic policies; they ONLY care about being “noble” and “moral” NOW, for all those people “in need” of help.

    Morality is the most powerful of all intellectual arguments; it can make a man strap a bomb to his waist and then not only kill himself, but hundreds of others too. If it can do THAT, then it can also cause politicians and their sycophants in the media and culture in general to also advocate self-harmful policies, so long as it’s in pursuit of their cherished altruistic moral ideal of self-sacrifice for the sake of others.

    Mark needs to wake up and soundly reject the idea that service and self-sacrifice for the sake of others (altruism) is the primary source of virtue and the supreme moral obligation/responsibility – But you know what? He WON’T, because he believes in that morality too, but he lives a contradiction where he advocates it, but also advocates self-interest. Well, which is it, Mark? Is self-sacrifice for the sake of others MORAL, or is self-interest MORAL? It can’t be both. It’s one or the other. You must choose, because this contradiction of yours is bringing down the entire society.

    Please understand that statists are using altruism to further the cause of statism. You have to reject their morality, if you want to defeat them. Nothing less will do.

  • carolt2

    Obama is ignoring his presidential oath of office, he is not defending the Constitituion and its laws. The executive branch does not make laws, laws are orignated in Congress adn the POTUS signs them. If Bush tried somehitng like this, there would be calls for impeachment. Again, thd double standard of republcian presidents and democrat presidents, it’s time to end that nonsense, but teh MSM will defend Obama until they are all gone. It’s not going to last too much longer, the new media is taking over, only the older generations still pay attention to network news.

  • bobemakk

    Mark Levin is the gutsy guy who sounded off and BHO…..BHO is afraid of some journalists and this Munro guy is probably one of them. Obama didn’t like the question.