Mark Levin proves Obama the dumbest person running for President

Mark Levin has decided to prove to us that Obama is the dumbest person among the entire field of candidates running in 2012. He goes back to the archives and plays clips from past to present showing the superior intelligence of the one we know as Obama. And he even throws in a little Biden at the end for dessert. Get ready to laugh cause this is hilarious!

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  • HopeHeFails

    If Obama wins in 2012 we are all doomed.

  • DCGere

    Good grief…you can’t make this stuff up. What a “brilliant” man hahaha. Indeed, we are doomed if he is re-elected.

  • MJS

    I don’t care if we have to pull him and his bottom-heavy wife out of the White House-HE IS OUT IN 2012!

  • Carolyn

    I agree, you just can’t make this stuff up. Thanks for the laugh. I needed that! What a maroon!

  • voted against carter

    Well we all know barry IS the first AFFIRMATIVE ACTION president.

    Brought to you by the LIBRATARD media!

  • 22227

    And they worry about Palin having the code to our nukes?

  • Tony

    Mark Levin speaks for me! He IS a think-tank.

    Critics have some of your own medicine.

  • Russell

    Just listening to the pronouncements of Obama and Biden make it abundantly clear that any, and I many ANY, challenger to Obama and Biden makes them look like the bloomin’ idjits they are. The Republican candidates can at least think on their feet, including Cain, Romney, Palin, West, T-Paw, even Ryan (who is not in yet)and don’t need or use a teleprompter to get them through a coherent thought. Leven uses the right word: dumb. Obama’s vaunted educational achievements? Don”t believe them any more than I believe the latest birth certificate. Again: dumb.

  • Annie

    Oh my – this is GOOD STUFF. Thank you, Mark Levin! You are, indeed, the Great One! Too funny!

  • detectivedick

    Mark, we must push to educate every American voter everyday about the Great Obama Disaster. Plus remember Obama on the night of the Ft. Hood shooting, he walked out in front of the press and spent 5 minutes with Chief something or another before addressing the Nation. Obama does not have a clue!

  • poljunkie

    That was great! ( Too bad it’s true)

    RS, I did a “gravatar” how long before it should show up? Thanks

    • poljunkie

      Never mind RS.

  • Tony

    Whoa…. MARK LEVIN, YOU NEED TO CALL OUT HUGH HEWITT! In more personal terms please.

    When I read that, I gasped. Hugh Hewitt is a moron. EVERYBODY get the pitchforks and torches, its time to mob up and run the elites outta town!

  • Michael Lee

    Yes, here we have “Dumb & Dumber”,but which is which? We have become so dumbed down because we are ruled by dummies. We got what we deserved. Now,let’s change it in 2012!

  • smokymountaintn

    Let’s be honest…Levin was trying to detract from the noise made by the press in regards to Palin’s interesting story telling of Paul Revere’s midnight ride! I guess he wanted to remind us of Obama’s mistakes as well.

    A waste of time and defending her every word doesn’t sway those in the middle…SP can stand on her own two feet!

  • Persephone

    This was hillarious.

    I’ve been hoping that someone would compile all of Obama’s numerous gaffes.
    Sounds like the Great One has done this for us.
    Thanks, Mr. Levin.

  • norman bates

    Yeah, ” I have a gift.” Obama is so dumb it takes him an hour & a half, to watch 60 minutes.

  • 4rcane

    did levin include the example that obama think the best way of growing the economy is to give out unemployment checks. If that is true, lets sack everyone and give out unemployment checks

    • KenInMontana

      I’m pretty sure that the “unemployment check” gaffe was Pelosi.

      • 4rcane

        I know Pelosi said the same thing, but I’m sure Obama said it as well

  • m_mayhem

    The difference is many of these were gaffes which were immediately recognized and corrected. Sarah Palin actually believes Paul Revere was warning the British. Palin is not smarter than a fifth grader.

    • KenInMontana

      Actually, no most of Obama and Biden’s gaffes were not corrected until they were pointed out by the press and pundits. To suggest they were immediately corrected is disingenuous at best or an outright lie at worst. Besides most products of the wreck that is public education in this country are of the belief that Revere was the only rider that night. What is worst of all is the fact that our current President is supposed to be a graduate of what are considered by many to be among the best of our Universities.

    • stevenbiot

      Calm down! You and alot of dummies see Obama as flawless. When you move out of your moms house, you will understand why we don’t see him as a specimen of perfection; rather, he has to have the lowest IQ of any president that has served.

  • Dailywalk365

    “…as our nation honours its unbroken line of fallen heroes, and I see many of them in the audience here today….” Are you kidding me!

    Was this idiots teleprompter on vacation or FMLA?
    Dammit… I bowl a 129 as well…When I’m drunk.

  • TeaPartyPatriot4ever

    To say that Obama is dumb as a box of Obama rocks, would be an understatement, and putting it mildly.. that’s what a harvard degree can do for you.. turn you into a moronic imbecile of ideological indoctrinational BS.. aka, Anti-American, Anti-Semitic, Socialist-Marxist idiot..

    on top of the Anti-American Imperial Colonial image in his mind, by his father, and on top of that, his islamic muslim upbringing, whioh when all combined, makes for one of the most dangerous political ideological and philosophical hybrid politicians, ever created.. and is why we are, where we are, and falling fast as a comet from outer space.. thanks to Obama..