Mark Levin reads GOP amnesty votes, apologizes for endorsing Orrin Hatch

Mark Levin reads the names of the 14 GOP Senators that voted for amnesty today and while doing so, apologizes for backing Orrin Hatch:

NOTE: Earlier in the show he also said he could never support Jeff Flake again.

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  • JohnSchaffran


    • phil123

      JohnSchaffran and the price for these votes keeps going up all the time,

      it used to millions, now its Billions,

      remember sand relief ???? 40B to buy votes to pass a roughly 9B real relief bill…..

      absolutely disgusting

      • Conniption Fitz

        Disgusting and Despicable is the District of Corruption.

    • CarolynDixon

      JohnSchaffran we need to ask them.  these 14 will regret this vote.  we will vote them out when they are up for re-election.  graham and rubio are up in 2014.  we need to back their opponents.

      • Orangeone

        CarolynDixon JohnSchaffran The illegal aliens will be given immediate citizenship, taxpayers will pay to bring their 100 million relatives here who will also be given immediate citizenship and full voting rights.  If you think a repub will ever be in office again, forget it, they won’t.  Even if there is another election, and I seriously doubt there will be, the base left the GOP and will refuse to vote.  Say hello super Dem majority in 2014 and sharia law by year’s end.

  • PVG

    Hatch……I just don’t get it!

  • Micawber

    He must have been offered a sweet deal for his constituents.

    • Orangeone

      Micawber And that’s called treason. Time to have the people’s court and some public hangings.

  • Nosmo

    Did Mark also apologize for endorsing Rubio?

    • Conniption Fitz

      He should!

    • kssturgis62

      Nosmo YES he said it about Rubio and Jeff Flake at the very beginning of the show.

      • Nosmo

        kssturgis62 Nosmo 
        I listened to the show…I never heard Mark actually say that he apologizes for endorsing Rubio…Maybe I’m wrong…

    • Proudhispanicconservative

      And Ryan too.

    • Nosmo   I wonder what Rush is going to say tomorrow.  He thought Rubio was the “cats meow”.  Guess Rubio fooled them all, me included.

    • applepie101

      Mark Levin can’t be faulted for initially endorsing Rubio, as Rubio fooled nearly everyone in 2010. But he should apologize for blindly defending him in spite of his complicity in the Gang of Eight bill.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Sadder but wiser.   Unless Ted Cruz is the nominee, I’ll never vote Republican again.
    Resigned from the GOP today – mailed my change of party to the local superintendent of elections and wrote Rubio, the RPoFL and the RNC.  Never felt better about a decision.   This Bill (S744 and its atrocity of an amendment) was the last straw!
    If Ted Cruz decides to join with the effort to form a Constitutional Conservative Coalition (not a traditional party, but a group of parties and organizations from the Libertarians to the Tea Party groups) I’ll join that.  
    In the meantime, I’ll just write in Cruz on my 2016 ballot.

    • CarolynDixon

      Conniption Fitz i would like to see sarah palin and ted cruz on a ticket.  they will win hands down.  it may not be a republican ticket but a conservative constitutional ticket.  say adios america and hola, pequito mexico.

  • HillaryShackley

    So many sad days in Amerika, my parents ran out of tissues years ago when Clinton won and I was duped into believing GHB was a conservative.  DOWNHILL from there WE DESERVE THIS for falling for RINO’s over and over and over… No hard feelings Mark we have all been fooled by these disgusting individuals claiming to be something they aren’t.  VIVA LA FIESTA!

  • physicsnut

    starting now – how to pay them back with interest.

  • jimtrees1234

    I can see Rubio now giving each new immigrant a million dollars. Just get it out of the way. What’s he going to do for job himself?

    • Orangeone

      jimtrees1234 He’s an attorney. He will partner with Jeb Bush the immigration attorney and make billions off the taxpayers preparing the amnesty papers.

    • bahamianhoosier

      jimtrees1234 Rube-EO is patronizing these hispanics and if he tries to run in 16 he still will NEVER garner more than 40% of them! I would pay a million to see his face when he sees his returns coming in, all after selling his soul to Mexico, and see he only got 30% of hispanic vote and ended worse than W or Romney

  • Jayrae

     Levin just called them the “Bush mafia.”
     Way to go, Mark!

  • bhliberty

    Boy, I’d sure like to know what Levin is suggesting in his new book come August!  Whatever it is, the latest fiasco today probably clenched the deal!  

  • Proudhispanicconservative

    There is gonna come a time when we conservatives, christians will get out and take it to the streets and say enough is enough, I dont know if what is going to stop all of this is violence, but the time is very near near.

    • lawngreen

      Proudhispanicconservative  Bloodbath coming.

  • RReaganRepublic

    These RINO’s pretentiousness, their facade as political opposition
    party people- Republicans, which they ensue day in and day out is so laughable,
    they should all be redesignated McRINOcrats.
    Of course, Obama and his crats want them- the McRINOcrats, to stay
    in the GOP, for they assist and facilitate the Obama agenda from the opposite
    side of the political fence- hence their traitorous sedition, and must all be expelled electorally, asap !!
    Mark Levin’s support of Orrin Hatch was not a mistake at first, as it was Orrin Hatch who betrayed the conservative cause, not Mark Levin.

    • Conniption Fitz

      RINO-RATS   !!!!

  • Micawber

    Scoop, can you grab that Dan Stein interview – this thing is great.  Want to send it to peeps.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Vitter smells something fishy in the Shamnesty Bill:
    Rubio’s name will become a perjorative and go down with Brutus and Benedict Arnold as a synonym for Traitor..

  • The Sentinel

    Those are our targets… let’s ensure they are scornfully removed when their time comes for reelection.
    Traitors to this nation.

  • Booker

    I can’t wait to throw that guy outta there. He’s old anyway. He too will go the way of Bennett. He should have retired last term. Now he will face the same fate as his former colleague.

    • E Lee Zimmerman

      Booker How can you say things like that about Levin?

      • Booker

        E Lee Zimmerman Booker Bob Bennett. Former Senator from Utah. Sheesh. Do I have to explain everything?

        • E Lee Zimmerman

          Booker E Lee Zimmerman Oh, sorry.  I didn’t realize English was your second language.

  • Mark, you say Rubio did terrible damage to himself ——— what about our country!?

  • KarlRogue

    I won’t be voting for any Republicans in 2014.
    Totally done with them.

    • billma40

      I left the republican party last year when they wanted  to lower the taxes on the wealthy at the expense of people on SS.  I still voted for Romney but it was a vote against Obama. I stated at that time I would never vote for the least bad candidate after that election.

    • NJK

      I agree.  When they will go out of their way to do battle for illegal aliens, but won’t even speak out when their own voters and contributors are being harassed by the IRS, that speaks volumes.  They knew voters were being harassed during the campaign and never spoke out.   
      We have no party.  If a Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, or Rand Pauls runs I’ll support them and come out to vote.  I can’t vote for anyone the Republican Party establishment promotes.  I think they’ll lose the Senate and the House  if they vote vote for this.

  • NJK

    Now I truly see that the Pubs are for big business and whoever is stuffing thier pockets.

    • Suzyqpie

      And the Dims are for lawyers and unions. At this point what difference does it makes.

  • NJK

    I think Rubio is a sociopath.  He’s a pathological liar and should never be trusted again.  I can’t even look at the guy anymore.  He now makes my skin crawl like Obama.  Ugh.  Just the sight of him.

  • tumblecreekhomes

    Where is Sarah Palin’s apology for Hatch
    Without her endorsement Hatch would have been toast

  • Orangeone

    Bret Baier tweeted this: Senators who didn’t make vote due to weather or other: Sherrod Brown,
    Saxby Chambliss, Mike Enzi, Johnny Isakson, Mike Lee, Mark Udall .

    • Suzyqpie

      I see both my guys from GA weaseled out.

  • Willie Heath

    Thats great about Hatch, but I didnt hear him apologize about supporting Marco Stoogio!

  • Aggiemom07

    Hatch and Flake were both endorsed by Palin and Levin. I was disappointed when they endorsed them.

  • 7deadlyvirtues

    Millions of illegal (socialist) voters coming soon to a reality near you. Rated “EOC” (End of Our Country). Brought to you by: Greedy American Conglomerates and The Apethetic American Majority.
    Waaaake uuuup Americans…….

  • Matt2Matt

    Hatch is the RINO version of Harry Reid, a corrupt skunk who has been feeding at the public trough for 40 years.

  • applepie101

    Ted Cruz and Louis Gohmert and other consistent constitutionalists, break away from the republican party now, while you still have personally credibility. There is such a thing as guilt by association.

    • strangernfiction

      applepie101 Absolutely spot on!

  • physicsnut

    it is truely amazing how these birdbrains are selling us out, and committing cultural, economic and political suicide. And for what – to make Schumer look good ?  Are they really that stupid, or is something else going on. Maybe something that needs to be discovered before the vote on Thursday. This is a complete scandal.  The question is will it be exposed in time to reverse this vote.

  • 1tootall

    Now we all know why McConnell and rove supported murkowski in the republican primary against miller. She now votes lockstep with the “boys”. They have more in common with the mob than with our founding fathers. How sad.

    • strangernfiction

      1tootall Much more.

  • Longiron

    Finally got the Blinders off on HATCH. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Mark!

  • Laurel A

    And the GOP wonders why they get the label of being owned by big business.

  • DebbyX

    These people have completely caved!!!!!!!!!!!!! None of them are worthy of the office they hold…………..throw the bums OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kolobcoyote

    Hatch campaigned last year as a conservative and told the Utah people he was NOT for amnesty !

  • Jackson452

    Mark Levin is an establishment tool. He wholeheartedly endorsed Orrin Hatch and refused to rescind the endorsement when presented with evidence that proved Hatch is an even bigger RINO than Bob Bennett was. Like his buddy Sean Hannity, all Levin cares about is ratings. He doesn’t give a damn about the truth.

    • 1tootall

      I’d say prove it, but the comment is so unfounded ill just say.. GET OFF THE PHONE YOU BIG DOPE!!!!