Mark Levin reams Jeb Bush over ‘incredibly stupid’ comments

Jeb Bush, as reported by the National Journal, said that “if you believe in the conservative philosophy as I do, it would be incredibly stupid over the long haul to ignore the burgeoning Hispanic vote.” But Levin argues that is exactly the wrong thing to do. The GOP should not seek to divide people into groups for voting outreach because conservatism doesn’t regard race or ethnicity. The quote below sums it up fairly well:

We want the individual to succeed. We don’t care who it is. We don’t care where they’re from. I don’t care what their color is! Or their religion! Or how tall they are or heavy they are or any of the rest of it! That’s none of my damn business!


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  • right on!!

  • Anonymous

    The Great One speaks the truth as always. The thing I admire about Levin is that he’s fearless. His book, “Liberty and Tyranny,” was excellent. The best explanation of the dangers of statism that you will ever find.

  • Anonymous

    The Great One speaks the truth as always. The thing I admire about Levin is that he’s fearless. His book, “Liberty and Tyranny,” was excellent. The best explanation of the dangers of statism that you will ever find.

  • Aerialcat

    The whole concept of hyphenated Americans is so divisive… We are all in this together, and there can be no special privileges for special interests.

  • Aerialcat

    The whole concept of hyphenated Americans is so divisive… We are all in this together, and there can be no special privileges for special interests.

    • Mediaaccess

      If we do special privileges, it’s called communism.

  • Anonymous

    Bush is married to a ‘Hispanic’.

    • Anonymous

      Not an American?

  • Anonymous

    The last thing this country needs is another Bush in public office, I’m tired of seeing 41 pal around with sleazeball Clinton, I’m tired of Barbara bashing Palin, and if not for BHO, 43 would have done enough damage to the Repubs to disable them for years with his border policy, out-of-control spending, and complete failure to verbalize for years about why our war on terror tactics were important for our survival and instead let him and his party be a punching bag for years without a word in his own defense. So no Jeb, keep your ignorant,dishonest, RINO opinions to yourself and sit quietly in the corner, we don’t want compromise with the people who are “fundamentally changing” our once and hopefully again great country.

    • Anonymous

      Just to throw a little conspiratorial flavor in. I don’t remember who it was, but a friend of Bush said he couldn’t figure out why Bush always came across as a terrible and dumb speaker. He said that he had heard him give clear articulate speeches many many times in the past.

  • Anonymous

    I’m over the Bush family. All of them. We gave you a second chance you don’t get a third. You’ve proven to be part of the elite establishment. I appreciate the fact that you recognized one threat against us and did something about it. There are plenty of other threats that you willingly ignored when you had the majorities to enact real reform.

  • Bush is trying to get his foot back in the door of national politics, he’s about as conservitive as George was, atool of the CFR and Fed. Reserve. A blue blood elitest the gop leadership and pundets will rush to support. If elected Pres he would keep boarders open like George & Obama,consolidate coperate power like George & Obama and expand the police state like George & Obama. Then it’ll be the Republicans turn to cover for it while the Dems raise hell for a while. Are Americans ever going to see this? Ron Paul 2012

  • I’m sorry but Levin is way off here. Jeb’s point was about Republicans specifically targeting Hispanics and Latinos such as myself for engagement and dialog and spreading the conservative message through a specific prism in which Latinos can listen to. It’s not about cataloging race and ethnicity in the same mold as leftists do, its about acknowledging the fact that Latinos, Blacks, Asians, etc. are all consumers of information, and yes, they all have different tastes and preferences in how that information is received.

    I found the WSJ Interview with Jeb Bush to be far more informative and indicative of what Jeb is trying to emphasize than Levin’s kneejerk reaction.

    • Cheryl~

      I agree with you and I thought the same thing-I think Levin misunderstood what JB was saying. I like Levin but as with all radio and tv pundits you do have to step back and try to weigh what is being said and how it is being analyzed. I think he missed this one! In my opinion!

    • Pat B.

      You are absolutely right Sam. Mr. Levin ALWAYS has a knee jerk reaction. Those who are true conservatives would not endorse a policy that does not recognize flaws that in this case specifically alienates those from Latino cultures. As a country we have struggled with this for decades. When is this kind of closet racism going to end Mr. Levin? Let’s talk about conservative economic policies Mr. Levin, like the free market system. If human beings are leaving their countries of origin to find a better way of life, then why aren’t we changing our immigration policy to reflect the clear needs of business and the clear need for those who want the jobs that are available(read, ag jobs, hotel industry jobs, landscape maintenance jobs, home care jobs and many others that Americans won’t do). If there were not jobs available, then we would not have these problems. The fact Mr. Levin is that this is about race, and it always has been for every group that has ever been the target of racism by our government including the Chinese, the Irish, the Italians, the Jews and of course the Muslims and the Latinos today. Not recognizing that is the same as walking around with blinders Mr. Levin.

      • Pat B., I humbly and respectfully (no snark or sarcasm!), but strenuously, disagree with this:

        “ag jobs, hotel industry jobs, landscape maintenance jobs, home care jobs and many others that Americans won’t do”

        There is NO job that Americans “won’t do”!
        There ARE jobs that Americans will gladly do — when they are paid at free-market-level wages that aren’t artificially depressed when ILLEGAL foreign workers will deeply under-cut those wages, knowing that they cannot demand and earn the higher wages that would prevail if not for the ILLEGALs’ presence.
        An illegal worker knows he can’t fight back, as he’ll be arrested and deported the moment he does so. This not only artificially lowers the wages of many jobs, it also drags down working conditions that affect not just the illegals, but also those in which American citizens must work as well.
        The ability of employers to exploit these vulnerabilities means the willing — eager! — American citizens cannot receive the wages that many jobs are really worth, when such jobs are offered in an honest, open, free-market setting in which only American citizens are competing for them.
        It’s both factually incorrect and deeply insulting to hear anyone talking about “jobs Americans won’t do” — sounds almost “elitist” to me!
        Am I really alone in this here?

    • Dngrwill

      You’re missing Levin’s point. People should not treat you as a Latino but as an American. The conservative philosophy reaches out way beyond our ethnicity. It is equally applicable to everyone in our country.

      By dividing people into ethnic groups, you in turn focus on their differences instead of uniting people with a common cause.

      More over, as conservatives, we are not about promoting the Latino culture, or the Asian culture – or ANY ethnic culture. We are about assimilation into one culture and language.

      We understand and recognize that a country is made of borders, language and culture. While diversity is good, if assimilation of language and culture doesn’t exist, it tears apart the fabric of society and the nation spreading disharmony instead of unity.

  • jeb say that we should not use language that create a division, us vs them, but you’re doing exactly that. We must pander to latinos, which means we those who aren’t latinos get ignored

    • Anonymous

      Do you believe that there is a middle ground between ignoring entirely and pandering?

      Whether or not you like it, most of the “real America” rhetoric does not resonate with most minority voters. Obviously pandering is also something to be avoided, but you can’t just say “no, we want everyone to succeed, we don’t care who you are” and expect non-white voters to believe you, no questions asked. I agree it would be nice if that wasn’t the case, but Latinos have a cultural heritage that they’re generally pretty fierce about defending that is different from the predominantly British/French culture that dominates “white” America – and when you push “assimilation,” sensible a policy as that might be, it registers in a lot of people’s minds as “giving up your heritage and falling into line.” When you couple this with pretty harsh rhetoric against “illegals,” you begin to sow seeds of resentment and divide. Ultimately, immigration reform complete with some measure of a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants is going to become a politically smart move to take, so it would be a good idea to get on board early.

      • Indy

        My father came here legally, carried his green card, and when he was ready, he applied for citizenship…he followed the process. I expect those who come here from any country to do the same.

        Oh, I have many family members who are Americans that happen to be of Hispanic origin and they all feel the same…come here legally and follow the process. The process.

      • Precisely, dmk, thank you. There needs to be an alteration of the dialog that isn’t sowing the kind of abrasivness that causes Latinos and other minority groups to be on the defensive. That being said, I dont have an issue with calling illegal immigrants illegal immigrants. And if there is to be some sort of “path” to citizenship created, it is done AFTER we increase security at the border and increase penalties to businesses hiring illegal immigrants.

        • Cheryl~

          I agree with you!

  • Mediaaccess

    I highly recommend reading “American History in Black & White” by David Barton

    • Anonymous

      I highly recommend reading a history book by a real historian.

      • KeninMontana

        Just honestly curious, Danny, whom do you consider to be real historians?

        • Anonymous

          People who have actually studied history and have some understanding of the concept of historiography and present their claims in that context, rather than adopt the aggressively didactic tactics favored by David Barton. Personally, I like Howard Zinn, but I know that he’s not exactly a revered figure in the conservative movement – how about Harvey Mansfield?

          It’s extremely obvious from both listening to David Barton and considering his background that he determined his conclusions long before he began doing his research and has since been working single-mindedly to prove what he decided was true. Not only that, there are so many holes in the things that he says that can be seen by anyone with even a modest drive to actually do the research themselves.

          I will say that he’s very eloquent, but that’s part of what makes him dangerous.

          • KeninMontana

            While I’m no fan of Barton as a historian,I do appreciate his efforts to preserve original documents and that he makes them available for others to study. Mansfield seems to me at least to be more a political philosopher than a historian, maybe a historian of political philosophy would be more accurate. I have a passing familiarity with Zinn,only because I tend to consult multiple sources when I’m looking into something. Although to me Zinn seems to have gone down many of the same “roads” as Barton, in other words starting with a conclusion and working backwards to try and substantiate their point, ignoring anything that contradicts their previously formulated conclusion. But thanks for answering.

            • Anonymous

              Strictly speaking, Mansfield does fall into the category of political scientist, but he’s written a lot about history; I was just trying to give a conservative name that wasn’t utterly obscure, since historians are not exactly household names.

              Yes, Zinn does sometimes seem to fall into that trap, but his methodology is much more sound and he generally does a good job of backing it up and will admit when he’s wrong. Barton, meanwhile, is just a demagogue, and honestly, if preserving documents and making them available for others to study were truly his aim, he’d be better of donating them all to a university library. I get the sense that part of his goal in keeping all of these things is that it allows him to then filter what he makes public; sounds conspiratorial and paranoid, I know, but it’s one of the reasons that he’s so reviled by most academics – and on a few occasions he’s been found to present selected portions of documents that in their entirety actually contradict his points.

              I suppose I should have said people like Maura Spiegel and Alan Brinkley, whose scholarship is less fun to read is objectively sounder and more reliable than Zinn’s.

  • Anonymous

    Jeb is an okay guy, but honestly, I’m tired of the entire Bush clan. Decent people, but they aren’t grassroots, and they do not understand the Tea Party or the current conservative movement. The Bush’s are establishment Republicans. Jeb Bush is not a conservative. He’s a Republican who leans farther right than his brother does, but definitely not a conservative.

  • JP4

    Mark, once again as he always is- was correct about Jeb Bush.

  • Diamondback

    If someone is a staunch conservative, they’re welcome in the Republican party. If they’re a RINO, then PLEASE, re-register as a demoncrap and stay the hell away from us.

    The above applies equally to all races and ethnicities.

  • Anonymous

    We don’t separate people into groups, Latino, White, Black, etc. Everyone is American. We are all native Americans if we were born here. I resent this and I don’t want Jeb Bush. Go away! No one group deserves special treatment. Everyone is welcome if they agree with our founding principles. Someone please tell the Bush’s to go away. They are getting as annoying as the Clintons.

    Bravo Mark!

  • The PROBLEM with the Bush Clan, is they are RINO’s.

    Alway’s have been, and always WILL be.

    Barbra Bush is a PERFECT example of what I am talking about.

    Do a “background” check at to understand why I say this.

    Who is RELATED to WHO?

    The Bush Clan belongs to the PROGRESSIVE wing of the Republican Party.

    NOT A good thing. We NEED to PURGE the PROGRESSIVE wing of the Republican Party OUT of the Republican Party.

    This Should be one of the MAIN GOAL’s of the TEA Party movement.

  • Wilfrid55

    what a dirty little coward you are Levin…holy christ !

  • I guess we are all missing a couple of BIG points here, that will identify both men’s positions.
    1) Yes, Jeb wants an inclusive hispanic vote, and a reasonable border immigration policy. But it is for big business. the Immokolee farmers would have loved Jeb!’s concern for them when he was Governor of Florida! That didnt happen.
    2) Jeb and Levin arent adressing the big concern, and that is WHY Mexico, cant provide jobs with the oligopoly government in place? Our gas and oil interests have drained the financial resources of the country. The biggest holiday in Mexico is when they kicked our oil companies out!
    3) We did not hear Jeb’s concern when he or his Bondi, Scott and Putnam Florida GOP’s had to go through the “political eye of the GOP needle.” The Florida AG, Governor and Agriculture consumer guys miled the “white” vote. Fear was the primary motivator in elections.
    We applaud Levin for doing what no other Republican will do, that is to say to former GOP’s “Dont talk from both sides of your mouth.”