Mark Levin sends WARNING to Donald Trump and Marco Rubio

Mark Levin gave a stern warning to both Donald Trump over his recent attacks on Ben Carson and Marco Rubio for trying to smear Ted Cruz on the Gang of 8 immigration bill, telling them both that their attacks are unacceptable to him.

He told Trump that if he continued these reckless personal assaults on Carson, he’d have to affirmatively oppose him.

He pretty much said the same to Rubio, pointing out that he simply can’t accept Rubio’s smear attacks on Ted Cruz and that it was his decision to support the Gang of 8 and he would have to live with it.

Here’s the transcript of his comments:

If Donald Trump continues to attack Ben Carson the way he’s attacking Ben Carson, I have to affirmatively oppose him. I like the man very much, but the absolute reckless personal assaults on Ben Carson, who is one of the most decent men you could possibly know…a truly accomplished man, is truly unacceptable. It’s unacceptable to me. I’ve never heard this kind of slurring of a man of great integrity. That’s number one.

Number two, a warning to Marco Rubio. If your little hit squad and your opposition research team is going to put out edited videos of Ted Cruz and lie flat-out about the amendment process that took place in the Senate and suggest that your support of the Gang of 8 and Ted Cruz’s adamant opposition to it means that you both are on the same page, I can’t accept that either.

You’ve taken your position on immigration. On the air and otherwise I told you some time ago it was a huge mistake and now you have to live with it. But that doesn’t mean that Cruz has taken your position. Cruz has rejected, not all but most of your position. That was your decision. Now you have to live with it. But don’t smear somebody else and think that we’re so stupid that we don’t understand how the amendment process work in the United States Senate.

I had these two men on this week and I’m really troubled and frustrated by what they’re doing.

Listen to the audio below:

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