Mark Levin Show: Heather McDonald from Manhattan Institute debunks Jeb Bush’s claims about immigrants

This is a lengthy interview but it is information that you just don’t hear everyday. Heather McDonald from the Manhattan Institute was invited on the Mark Levin Show to comment on claims made by Jeb Bush earlier today regarding immigrants and immigration. And it turns out that many of his claims were absolutely untrue. For example, his claim that immigrants create more businesses than native-born Americans is FALSE. McDonald says there is no measurable difference overall in the business creation rate between the two groups. She even notes, reluctantly, that they’ve found that there is a cultural bifurcation between immigrants from South America vs Central America and Mexico in terms of business creation, pointing out that South American immigrants have a substantially higher business creation rate.

That’s just one claim. Listen below for the rest:

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  • lawngreen

    I like to listen to Levin once in a while because his anger is evident. I feel anger myself, and Mark Levin expresses anger with a great deal of knowledge behind it.
    Ms. McDonald seems very knowledgeable also.
    Dinnertime. I know where I can get a really great old-fashioned American double cheeseburger. Goodnight everyone.

  • Nosmo

    This is all pre-planned…Jeb will head the ticket…Marco is being groomed for his running mate…Rove has spoken…

    • poptoy1949

      Nosmo Gosh I think what you said is so right but I hope and pray it really does not happen.  Personally I have had enough of the Bush Clan as well as the Clinton Clan.

    • Orangeone

      Nosmo If they are, I’ll vote for Hillary just to stick it to the rube cube.

      • ChesterSimms

        Orangeone Nosmo You won’t have to vote for Hillary, conservatives will sit this one out much like they did in 2012, if we’re fed another shite-sandwich like Romney.

        • bahamianhoosier

          ChesterSimms Orangeone Nosmo If Jebby vs Hitlery/Jugs-Biden is my choice I will stay home! The differences between the 2 parties makes it a waste to vote for one vs the other

    • applepie101

      And the election shills will be back to lambast anyone who refuses to vote for the rino ticket.

  • lambfound

    Everyone needs to listen to this – it was excellent.  It is also posted on Mark’s site where you can listen to all his radio shows.  His podcasts got my son through his liberal college education.  Jeb Bush has NO chance of getting the nomination.  Ted Cruz is our best hope for a conservative that can stand up to the liberal left – and the left is terrified of him for that reason.  He is smarter than anyone one the left, and they know it.  Who isn’t sick of the Bush family?  No one wants to go back to the past, and old, tired Hillary won’t win any election any time soon.  Young people just don’t relate to her or the old school politicians.  Maybe a politician should speak about what is best for Americans, not immigrants.

  • poptoy1949

    The FENCE should come first.  When a couple of years of no more illegal immigration go by then you give immigration status to some, very little, and you send the rest home.  Period.

  • The Sentinel

    Jeb… What a buffoon.

  • Gtrjag

    Jeb Bush seems to think that we can import people into this country and give them American values. That was possible 100 years ago, before the creation of the welfare state, when we had a society that believed in faith, family, freedom, and self-reliance, but how is that going to happen when Americans themselves don’t embrace those values and low income people are trapped in poverty by government programs that kills their work ethic? The immigrants will assimilate, but not with the segment of society that is self-reliant.

    • Orangeone

      Gtrjag The gov’t supports the parent(s) that teach their children that the gov’t owes them.

  • Orangeone

    Well if learn English is so important Marco, why is Spanish being spoken in our Congress? Shame rube cube.

  • CVic3629

    writing from the dying state of California, Jeb Bush is the most clueless politician on the planet. Marco Rubio
    huge, huge disappointment.  Dear Jeb read Mexifornia by Victor David Hansen.

    • Orangeone

      CVic3629 Illegal aliens destroyed California and are doing the same with NM, AZ, TX, OK and many nonborder states.

  • Orangeone

    Great segment but not one comment from Mark against the rube cube.

    • Orangeone Maybe you should listen to his entire show before you judge him.

      • Orangeone

        therightscoop Orangeone There was not one comment from Mark Levin on Rubio’s dishonesty to the American people in this segment.  I get it, you support Marco Rubio no matter what.  I’m a realist.  He is a Progressive Liberal that places his race over the Constitution and the laws of our country.

        • PaulLeslie

          Orangeone therightscoop 
          Mark Levin has questioned the stand of Rubio in other forums.  He said he has concerns and has tried to get him on his show to clarify his position.  Rubio hasn’t responded.  I do believe Rubio is on Mr. Levin’s radar screen and he’s not giving him a free pass.

        • Orangeone

          PaulLeslie Orangeone therightscoop He had a perfect opportunity to call him out with the different story he gave in Spanish to his hispanic group compared to American citizens.  He didn’t. The one time he said Rubio was like a slick used car salesman, he walked it back within minutes.  I am far from alone in wanting Mark to call Rubio out.  He did it to Jeb Bush in this segment and Bush wasn’t on his show.
          Perhaps Mark is catching on.  Only time will tell.

        • PaulLeslie

          Orangeone PaulLeslie therightscoop I hope Mark Levin does get a shot at Rubio.  I don’t trust anyone who cooperates with Schumer and Durbin.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s no different than making a deal with the devil.

        • Orangeone

          PaulLeslie Orangeone therightscoop Bingo and I completely agree!

        • applepie101

          If Lindsey Graham were saying and doing exactly what Marco Rubio has been saying and doing, would Mark Levin be as tolerant? I don’t think so.

        • phil123

          applepie101 no, and here is why,

          Lindsey doesnt have a position on most of the issues, he basically take a Ruler and measures how far the Right is and how far the left is, and then tries to find where “exactly” the middle is, and poses as someone very “balanced”, ( and most of the times he simply adapts what the left proposes as “balanced” or “common sense”,

          Marco on the other hand is very Solid on fiscal issues, and more importantly is willing to promote our ideals on TV,
          On this issue hes somewhat right about the De Facto amnesty argument he makes, but i think hes complete wrong on the approach the gangsters have taken to solve this problem, so we are not going to dismiss him entirely, just because he betrays us on one issue, although if he develops a pattern (called jaylinds syndrome ), then will dump him as well,

          But so far he holds pretty strong on most issues, unlike Paul Ryan who is on the verge of falling into the RINO Category, (if he hasnt already,

          1 more point, I think Ryan should stop to flag Conservatism for big government legislation,

        • Troubleshooter

          Always a Marine Orangeone therightscoop I am somewhat surprised that some of the Cuban Exile Organizations haven’t expressed their particular brand of disagreement with Rubio.  His Camo is not working.  You can see the Red underneath.

  • DHardy

    Jeb shouldn’t mix crack with tequila before publically speaking..

  • JohnCraven

    Today, Rush brought up a crucial element as to why the GOP Big Whigs, like Tammy Faye Boner, Speaker of the House, as Louie Gohmert describes him, and Marco Rubio are pushing a bill which means the end of our nation AND the GOP – MONEY.  But he’ll get back to us on that aspect on Monday when he returns.  But he symphathizes with us and is still in a foul mood from having been “played”.
    Actually, I think sometimes that Rush likes “being played” by the Big Whigs of the GOP establishment because it gives him plausible deniability when they lie as they always do about their real intentions and do something that disheartens the conservative base of the GOP which gave them back the House in 2010 despite the Big Whigs every effort to lose the House again.
    But let’s talk about the aspect of MONEY in why the Big Whigs of the GOP are supporting amnesty for illegal aliens.
    How many billions, if not trillions, of dollars will this bill save many huge companies with big payrolls when they hire illegal aliens through this bill and don’t have to pay for them to get OBAMACARE?
    John Craven – New Orleans

    • applepie101

      I like your insights. Reading your comment makes me suspect that the core of GOP elites recognizes that the republican party is dying, and are only trying to get as much profit from their position as they can before bailing. Why else would they push a bill that will consign the GOP to permanent minority? You don’t hire a wrecking crew to come to your house unless you intend to abandon it.

      • JohnCraven

        applepie101, your insights are excellent.
        I don’t know if you heard about the Bible passage where it talks about plowing a field unevenly yoked – it doesn’t go well. 
        Conservatives and TEA Partiers have been trying to plow the field of our nation unevenly yoked to the Big Whigs in the GOP who couldn’t care less about plowing a straight furrow.
        I really believe we’ve wasted too much time shackled to the Big Whigs of the GOP and need to break the shackles and go our own way.  There are some 70 conservative members of the House who are apparently going to stand up to the leadership on this insane immigration bill.  I hope they do and I hope they form the core of a new conservative party in Congress much as did the original Republican Party did before the War Between The States over the issue of slavery and set out on a new path for our nation independent of the ruling elites in both parties.
        John Craven – New Orleans

        • BearNJ

          JohnCraven the problem is that the cheap labor drives down wages. Look at the Dakota that had the opposite effrect where the need for job drove up wages. This is a sell out. The problem is the GOP elites have no respect for the base. Rush is right that the money bags are embarassed by the conservatives and the Christians. They think they can replace us. They can’t they’re too stupid to realize thgeir cutting their own throats. The problem is we can’t just turn this around like get a better candidate than Romney or McCain. Once this bill is passed the nation has changed.

        • JohnCraven

          Ditto! BearNJ.
          The Big Whigs, I believe though, know exactly what this bill will do to our nation.  I believe they know that it will decimate the GOP’s conservative base just about forever.  I think they know it is a total sell-out.  So why would they do such a thing when, as you say, a place like South Dakota is hiring people left and right at great wages without such a disastrous bill having been passed?
          Again, it comes back to MONEY!  Many big companies with big payrolls stand to save huge amounts of money by hiring illegal aliens under this bill and not having to provide them OBAMACARE (I refuse to call it the Affordable Care Act since it is not either affordable or care unless you call “Death Panels” care).
          And it would be well worth it to put a few of those save dollars into the coffers of some politicians like “Tammy Faye” Boner and Marco Rubio to “influence” their votes on such a disastrous bill as this.
          In my mind, I think the Big Whigs of the GOP elite are as close to the Vichy French as we can get in this land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.
          John Craven – New Orleans

  • odin147

    Ultimately it comes down to numbers and conservatives are going the way of the dodo unless they increase their birth rates this is the only solution I see, it will take time but thext generation will benefit from it.

  • ChesterSimms

    At this rate, let’s get ready for Bill Clinton’s third term as president.

  • ChesterSimms

    Why does Jeb Bush uses immigrants, when he means illegal immigrants?

  • BearNJ

    I thought the key was how Mark highlighted Bush describing
    illegals in noble terms while vilifying US citizens who disagree with
    this amnesty bill.

  • john11111

    Mr. Jeb –  sex is their pastime activity…..we cannot afford more kids, they don’t care – without a marriage, a muchacha with 3-4 kids  gets 4-6 thousand of dollars of taxpayers money  a month.
    BTW – “jeb” (pronounced” yeb) means in several European languages “*uck”, Jeb.
    BTW II – their IQ is 79…….Europeans’ and Asians’? Over 100.
     Easy to find statistics……………….
    That’s the reason he wants them, not those   :-/

  • shagstar

    well shoot!  i’s always listn to a man namesd jeb!  my polioticihkins would never steir mes wrong,  HOME SCHOOL YOUR BABIES AMERICA,,,these people are friggigin sick.

  • clubgitmo

    Hey jebbby, care to respond to Mark or Heather? I thought not.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Disgusting lies – what we have come to expect from career politicians and family dynasties.  The Bushes, Clintons, Kennedys – enough of them.  
    Amnesty: What’s in it for the American taxpayer:
    Did you know S744 contains a directive to get DNA samples from every single resident of the US: run-down on S744 – the Amnesty Bill –
    giving 40 reasons to oppose it:
    Immigration expert who opposes S744 –
    Great quote:
    “A 1,000 page bill is not meant to be read. Indeed, it is not even
    meant to be enforced. It’s a cipher to accomplish other things.”  – (Chris
    Bolts, Sr.)

    • Keyes

      Conniption Fitz 
      I have also heard this bill will put our military under the direct command of Homeland Security…which is being run by muslims.

  • PaulLeslie

    Our country is being subverted by the progressive democrats who can only envision their goal of controlling political power by expanding their base of support – and, at the same time, subverting American principles, values and culture.
    In this, they are aided and abetted by craven, weak-willed republicans who are swallowing the democrat propaganda of their need to become more inclusive by catering to Hispanics.  Mark Levin told us how that is being done.
    Democrats are waging war against the Constitution because they hate it, and Republicans are simply ignoring it because it interferes with “the good old boys club.”

  • notebene

    Somebody needs to hammer it home to the GOP…this means Priebus and Rove….that we will not vote for another Bush!  Nor will we vote for another RINO!  There is a reason they hate the grassroots conservatives.  They cannot control us and we will no longer vote for the lesser of the two evils!  The GOP will indeed collapse on itself if they continue to ignore the will of the conservatives!  If we wanted another elitist class, we’d just vote demoncrat!  2014 must be the year that we come out of the woodwork and vote out all of the establishment drones, both demoncrat & GOP!  It is more than a little obvious that the progressives have taken over both parties!  We want our nation back!

  • Freedomswatch

    No Bush, no RINOs, no amnesty. If these “11 million” get citizenship the Democrats have a permanent “underclass” to keep giving goodies to in return for their votes and a permanent voting majority and they know it. There may not be many establishment “trough-suckers” in the Senate that we can primary successfully, but there are some. The House is a different matter. A lot less money can make a difference in a House run and the grassroots can make a big difference. We can put pressure on by calling their home offices this week en masse and telling them we will primary them if they pass any immigration bill through the House. Together,we may be able to stop this monstrosity. Time for action.

  • What rules is he talking about. certainly, nobody in govt follow them.

  • gsmith_62

    Heather McDonald, absolutely love her work. The lies of Jeb Bush aren’t that different than Rove’s, e.g., support ObamaRxCare because Hispanics do.  Insane.

  • DebbyX

    Well come and listen to a story ’bout a man named Jeb
    A poor mountaineer, barley kept his family fed
    Than one day he was shootin’ at some food
    when up thru the ground come a bubblin’……………………hispanic.

    • NYGino

      DebbyX   Good one Deb.  Tells it all.  Short and sweet but in the end….bitter.

      • DebbyX

        NYGino DebbyX Did it make you sing along…………………..loved the Beverly Hillbillies!

    • Jim25

      It’s not that I care what his wife’s race is but she has gotten Jeb totally whipped.

      • DebbyX

        Jim25 DebbyX ……and whipped is not a good place to be!

        • Jim25

          DebbyX Jim25  
          He’s one of those nerdy guys who’s whipped by his wife, definitely not a leader.

  • applepie101

    It sounds like Jeb Bush is testing the waters for a run in 2016. It makes me wonder why conservatives want to save a party hell-bent on destroying itself.

  • sDee
    Looks like we will be batting 1000 with Rubio’s amnesty program.

  • Hope Bush and Rubio listen to this…red faced.

  • Heather you are a scholar….did not miss a beat and an informative lesson to listen to your interview with Mr. Levin. We need many more Americans like you.

  • phil123

    the problem we face is,
    That none of “our” guys are up there on TV and talking about this stuff,

  • American Howl

    Did Jeb say ‘more fertile than whites’? Geez, they didn’t present that in my anatomy/physiology at UW when I got my medical education. I haven’t seen any extra gonads on the hispanic physique….and why did Jeb present their wanton fertility as an asset?  I have heard, here in the Hinterland, that hispanics are wise to the social security system, that they seek disability diagnoses for their children that results in a monthly stipend. Could that possibly be true?? And the IRS???  A neighbor suggested to another that they ‘borrow’ a social security number from another family to file for ‘earned income credit’. If you can only use two children maximum for the credit, why not pass around the other six available numbers to those who don’t have children? These are the stories from the midwest region. If they be true, the IRS had a job to do that really mattered rather than operate as internal spooks!

  • Jim25

    “More fertile”? Jeb is such a weirdo.

     Levin used the ‘racist’ card against Ron Paul and libertarians. I’m not sure about this and it might not have happened, but I’ve heard MacDonald might have flirted with white nationalist or racially charged rhetoric in the past. I know Derb, formerly from the same paper is proud of it. I don’t know what her connections to Brimelow are.

  • Jim25

    Levin is ‘friends’ with Rubio. If you want clips of someone leading opposition on this immigration bill, there’s always Michael Savage.

  • American Howl

    Hey….in this land of bumper stickers, lawn signs and loud t-shirts….has anyone seen any ‘anti immigration’ protest through these American venues???

    • Jim25

      American Howl  
      I don’t see a lot of protests first-hand but there’s certainly folks protesting it.

      • JohnCraven

        American Howl and Jim25, there’s supposed to be a big protest on the steps of the Capitol this coming Wednesday with people like Michele Bachmann.
        I don’t know anything more about it than what I heard on Glenn Beck’s radio show which, in my area, preceeds Rush “They played me again” Limbaugh.
        John Craven – New Orleans

  • On Monday July 15 the Black American Leadership Alliance & other concerned Americans are organizing a DC March For Jobs – Stop Immigration Reform Now Event. See 202-349-0858
    Black Americans are busing in from around the country. No Amnesty. Protect American Jobs for American Workers

    • Laurel A

      HelpSaveMaryland They are absolutely right to march!!!!

  • Laurel A

    This is the study that I have been talking about for months. I highly recommend people read it.

  • DanielQuinn

    Great interview everyone should listen to it.