Mark Levin slams House Republicans for voting to eliminate Senate confirmation for 169 presidential appointments

Mark Levin was livid when he read that House Republicans had voted to eliminate the Senate confirmation process for the reported number of 169 presidential appointments. And the explanation he got from a couple of sources was that Romney had told Republicans to vote for it, so they did. Levin wonders if we are already going back to the days of George W. Bush when House and Senate members voted a certain way to support the president instead of the Constitution.

First here’s the background:

WASHINGTON POST – The House Tuesday evening passed a measure to improve the clogged presidential appointee confirmation process by eliminating 169 jobs from requiring Senate approval.

The positions in that category, such as assistant secretaries for public affairs or for administration or management, are ones that rarely spark partisan Senate battles.

The Senate has already changed its rules to place another 270 or so nominees in a “streamlined” category where, if no senator objects, the nominee would bypass laborious committee hearings and go directly to the Senate floor for a vote.

That second category includes jobs such as chief financial officers or assistant secretaries for legislative affairs at various agencies.

All told, those actions, which also affect some 3,000 members of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Public Health Services Corps, would streamline or reduce confirmation requirements for about 30 percent of the positions now needing committee hearings and Senate floor votes.

“The legislation is going to benefit whoever is our next president,” said Max Stier, president and CEO of the nonpartisan Partnership for Public Service, which led the effort to reform the broken confirmation process.

Here’s Levin and his Patton music:

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  • p m

    Posted this on the O/T for Ted Cruz an hour ago, the wrong place, thinking it was an open thread. Anyway, here it is on the right page. Question’s the same – how many staffers won’t be looked at; if they don’t need confirmation that job shouldn’t exist; and finally, when’s the last time Schumer did anything that was good for the country rather than the dem party?

    O/T Mark Levin is livid about this topic, which is #5 on Freedomworks’ top ten things happening in Congress this week:
    “House/Appointments: The House will be voting on Tuesday to pass S. 679, a bill which would remove over 200 positions from the Senate’s advise-and-consent list. Proponents of the bill, which was introduced by Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, insist that the Senate just has too many nominees to confirm, and that reducing their burden would allow more time to properly vet more important nominees. However, the fact that there are so many appointed positions can be largely attributed to the fact that the government has just grown too large to be manageable. There is a good argument to be made that if the Senate considers the offices in this bill to be unworthy of Senate consideration, some of them should just be eliminated altogether.”

    Well, it passed, with assists from Boehner and McConnell.
    A gift to the MB and other such organizations from Chuck U Schumer?
    Now the pols have an excuse for not knowing who’s running the government. Convenient, eh?

    • It was an open thread, noted in the title.

      • p m

        Sorry – my misunderstanding!

    • lanahi

      Whitney Pitcher over at Palin4America describes the GOP as “The Donner Party”, complete with cannabilism. Apt description!

  • freenca

    Who I ask, WHO in Washington D.C. is doing their appointed jobs ?????????? Their CONSTITUTIONALLY REQUIRED JOBS??? THEY CAN’T or WON’T DO!!!! Levin is the Best! Thanks for posting this reminder of just HOW BROKEN D.C. really IS!!!

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    Mark Levin and Sarah Palin: “How sweet it is.”

  • JRD1

    I despised Bush 41 and I can’t deal with Etch-a-sketch!

    • marketcomp

      Yea, I think the worse thing about this is that the approval for this came from Romney! But the the overarching question is what if Romney looses? What does that mean! Well does he get to just pick the people without going through confirmation and I for one would like to know the people in these position because very often that is where the power resides. This is a very dangerous move but I am not surprise that the leadership wen along with this. Lunacy!

      • sDee

        The end game is to morph us via a centralization of control in the executive branch. Those with power and privilege will be Congress- a sort of politburo.

        They do not think “what if the others guys get all this power?”. There are no ohter guys. These are two competing crime families. What one gets away wih the other is fine to take advatage of.

        Romney is going in to restructure us into state capitalism after Obama’s Cloward-Piven collapse.

        • marketcomp

          Interesting prespective sDee. This move to usurp the Constitution seems short sited and is an effort to remove public discourse from the process, specifically the tea party’s discourse. I just cannot beleive that none of the republicans in the house or the senate put leadership on blast for this. So that makes me wonder what else is being done behind the vail curtain in the congress. I mean can’t they see that this is just a huge power grab by the executive branch! Why don’t they just eliminate all of those positions if the confirmation process is not necessary? These people are really incompetant and should be fired!

  • Islam_Sucks

    Yep Romney will be much better than Obama … much better … more … uh ………. well more ….. uh …. hmmmmmmm.

    • Don’t bother, guy. You’re dealing with some of the dumbest people on the Earth: rom-bots. They’re every bit as stupid as o-bots. WILLARD is a BORN RINO, and always has been, through his days of saying he didn’t want to return to the days of “Reagan/Bush”, to his bloodthirsty support for murdering unborn children, to his forcing social medicine on his already leftist state.

      “Oh, but he’s so much better than Obama!”

      Bull. If there’s any truth to this story, he’s going to be a disaster as president, just like he was as a governor. Under Reagan/Bush, the US economy was booming, and American was living up to it’s reputation as a superpower, and a bastion of freedom. Romney had contempt for Conservatives, Conservatism and Reagan, as he’s certainly no Reaganite, himself. He expressed that contempt verbally, and he expressed it in the way he governed. Now, we’re looking at having this punk as president, with ugly rumors of racial-identity hawking RINO Rubio being on the ticket with him. Yeah, we’re heading into a real golden age, Islam_Sucks.

      • keyesforpres

        There weren’t many Rombots here. Most of us did NOT want him, but a certain someone would not drop out when the writing was on the wall.

        • E. Lee Zimmerman

          R i g h t …

      • stevenbiot

        I’m voting for him. But, I feel very ashamed having to do so. He better, at least, be Bush light or I’m gonna be pissed and feel violated.

      • Rom-bots, because we support the winner of the primary?

        • sDee

          We just cannot lose sight of what the man really is. Thanks for publishing this piece.

        • notebene

          Virus x and John of Philadelphia apparently believe that no vote somehow helps the cause. They are precisely part of the problem! Apathy because you don’t agree with every point of a candidate is giving a vote to the very candidate you hope to defeat. A third party has zero chance of materializing itself in time for this election! Reality is we can manipulate a RHINO far more than a Socialist. Those are our choices. Give up your vote and sit at home, you forfeit any right to open your mouth and complain about the state of our nation….because you are part of the problem!

      • stevenbiot

        Romney will not damage the private sector like Obama, due to Romney’s belief in reducing taxes. Romney won’t bow to foreign dictators or apologize for our misdeeds, like Obama. Romney says that he will repeal Obamacare (won’t hold my breath). There are drastic differences in the two.

        • sDee

          I may be a broken record but look at other countries that have moved to State Capitalism – their economies are BOOMING but freedom is lost – that is where our political class is taking us and once they get the power they will never relinquish it.

          This is where Romeny intends to take us…..

          • JohnOfPhiladelphia

            I’m with you. Can’t believe I ever doubted the perniciousness of these people.

      • JohnOfPhiladelphia

        I agree wholeheartedly. Vote for Romney? I can’t do it. I just can’t.

        Bring on the revolution, if O gets a second term. With all I know, I will not be forced into voting for a turd stick just because I hate the turd so much. I’ll have neither thank you very much.

        Call me pliable, but I’m back to my senses. What was I thining?!

        NO MORE RINOs!!!

        • OLLPOH

          Not voting does what for America?

          • JohnOfPhiladelphia

            And RINOs do what for America?

            Dude, I’ve heard it before.

            There’s lots of other things you can do instead of voting. I’ve said what I’ve got to say on the matter. Don’t turn your anger at the likes of me. Direct it instead at those who are betraying our constitution, even at this dark hour. EVEN AT THIS DARK HOUR!

            Anytime you want to get off your sanctimonious “I’m voting for the lesser of two evils” pedestal, let me know. Till then, just leave it. That muck wont wash with me anymore!

            • notebene

              You are a coward and a fool…please immigrate to a nation that deserves you, such as Cuba!

              • JohnOfPhiladelphia

                I remember the time of the PaulBots. Reading the comments on this blog during the primaries, everyone was complaining about how odious they were when they engaged others in debate and calling for them to be banned for their constant name-calling and vitriolic writings.

                I have flagged your response to me based on the same reasoning.

                If you and your argument is the best the conservatives in the Romney camp currently have at hand, then by the Lord, I hope you all wake from your sleep and throw of the chains of slavery as soon as possible.

                “Fool”? “Coward”? “No EUTOPIA”? You can’t even spell the word. Its “Utopia”.

                I am ashamed of you sir/madam. Ashamed.

                The only fools are those who will one minute claim Obama is destroying our constitituion and in the next breath praise Romney and look the other way when he does exactly the same. You do realize that when you do this, you give the other side the basis of questioning your motives as against Obama? Why when Obama does it is it such a big deal? But when Romney and RiINOs do it, it shoud be overlooked? Frankly, till we conservatives decide its not right on either side to undermine our constitution and our traditional way of life and are prepared to point out the plank in the eyes of those who say they are on our side before pointin gout the mote of the other side, we deserve to be called racist.

                Again, I am ashamed of you. Utterly ashamed. Please go back to whence you came from and bother me no longer.

                • notebene

                  You only get two choices: Odumbo or Romney. Socialism or a slight hope of manipulating a RHINO. I’ll take the later. Better that then a fool who will give no vote and still believe he has the right to come to any board and post any arrogant opinion! The opinion that counts is in the voting booth. Sell it out and you sell your fellow citizens up the river into a world where the right to speak anything will be controlled by your government that you allowed to happen on your watch! Anyway you spell it…you are a shameful waste of print!

                • JohnOfPhiladelphia

                  The right to vote also includes the right TO CHOOSE whether or not to vote.

                  You speak of ‘apathy’. But you don’t even know what it means. Look up the word sometime.
                  It is ‘apathy’ if I choose not to vote because I do not care for the outcome or I do not care, period. It is not ‘apathy’ if I choose not to vote because the choice of candidates before me is non-existent. It is precisely because I am not apathetic about the fate of my country that I choose not to vote when I know whoever I vote for will be a disaster. Again, you are using words I doubt you understand and can barely even spell. That’s okay, if you are willing to learn, understand and better yourself. But you don’t even sound like that. You sound like someone who is driven by dumb blind hate alone.

                  If you stopped to think a minute about what you are saying you might achieve some slight enlightenment. Just two pointers to help you.

                  1. Again, to re-emphasise the point of this particular thread: Romney isn’t even in yet and he’s already coordinating with the faux conservatives in Congress to do harm to the constitution. He’s NOT EVEN PRESIDENT YET!!! Isn’t that why we’ve been railing against Obama the past 3 years or so?!!!! And to top it, its not like this is out of character for him. He was doing it as Mass’s governor for crying out loud. Your willingness to turn a blind eye at this is proof that the elites have you and your like where they want you. They have turned you into nothing but a blind partisan knee-jerk, spoon-fed, illiterate. We are no longer encouraged to vote (or to desire to cote) on who is the best person to take this great country forward but on which candidate we hate the least. That is what I refuse to partake in. You are fooling yourself if you think a man (Romney) willing to go along with demolishing the constitution before he’s in office will not be more prepared to do even more damage to our founding documents when he gets into office.

                  (NB also that the passing of this bill has set the Union up for disaster if Obama gets re-elected. If he gets re-elected, despite the efforts of good people like yourself, his appointments will effectively be unchecked by whoever we elect to Senate and the House. So Romney and co have shot you in the foot before he ever got into the WH. How is this someone I can get behind with good conscience?)

                  2. You speak of RINO as if its better to be a RINO than it is to be an Obama Democrat. Again, by this I am sure you know little of the terms you use and generally of that which you even speak of. RINO is an acronym for ‘REPUBLICAN IN NAME ONLY’. I’m sorry to break it to you but that means they are the same as those on the other side. The only difference is that they choose to use the label of conservatives. And in so doing they are much more effective in dismantling our nation than the other side are. They fool the likes of yourself into believing that things will change when they are in power. They are willing to make just enough of the noises people like yourself want to hear in order to get you to elect them. And you, like the uneducated, illiterate knee-jerk, reactionary sucker you are fall for it every time. What a shame. What a shame indeed.

                  I’ll tell you now, ROMNEY is as socialist as Obama is. He’s just more pragmatic with his socialism. I think I have heard someone allude to it on this thread, but I’ll make the point one more time, on their behalf: with Obama you are being taken towards state-managed capitalism; with Romney you are being taken towards state-managed capitalism. Both are socialism! If I’m a coward and a fool for seeing things the way they really are, then call me Scooby Doo and Punch rolled into one. Have a good life.

          • PVG

            Fundamentally transform???

            • notebene

              Try…hands a vote to Odumbo and the socialists!

        • notebene

          Thanks for selling our nation up the river by acting like a spoiled child. There’s no eutopia, but not voting gives you ZERO right to complain! Not voting gives Odumbo an edge and if you think we’re in sorry shape now…wait till Odumbo finishes the job of destroying what’s left of this great nation! Yes…it’s still great, not because of the government, but because of our citizens! People are still trying to immigrate here in spite of the down turn. That should tell you how valuable this nation is! If you choose to waste your vote by not voting, you don’t deserve the honor of being called an American! You also are a disgrace to every man and woman in uniform, who risk their lives so you may enjoy that freedom. You and Virus X are part of the problem that let monsters like Odumbo and company gain power! Selfish apathy!

      • gilleysuited

        Excellent! Grab your knees and kiss your a?? goodbye. It’s fixin to hit the fan, no matter who we elect!

  • DallasElCazador

    Does anyone have a link to how House members voted for this continuing idiocy?

    • williamm
      • DallasElCazador

        Thank you, sir. A big help. My dim-witted Representative voted with the D’s from my state. He’ll get a phone call tomorrow….

        • keyesforpres

          So did mine. I just sent emails to friends that live in my district and sent the email to my representatives office too.

      • Tim Scott? Darrel Issa? Jason Chaffetz? Paul Ryan? Wow!

      • JohnOfPhiladelphia

        Thanks Will.

        I am glad Allen West had ‘Nay’ next to him.

        God help us all.

        • williamm

          West was the first name I looked for and I was also happy that Bachman voted nay.

  • bananafanafo

    This GOP is looking for the people to start a “THIRD PARTY” AFTER this election. I’ve had enough

    • Jim Botts

      There already is a third party, the Libertarian party. And it can’t even get 1 lousy congressman elected anywhere.

      Keep those primary challengers coming, especially in the Senate.

      • bananafanafo

        @Jim Yes I agree with trying to get the right candidate in the primaries. Right way to go. AFTER THE ELECTION,if they won’t LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE who put them their. WE NEED TO RETHINK THIS.

      • Idahoser

        Libertarian party. what a joke. you get one of them talking and you want to know what their candidate’s position is on this or that and you get ‘drugs ought to be legal’. Constitution party is no better, with them you get a sermon. They can’t answer the question.

        • sDee

          And what would you call a Party whose candidate has just endorsed a major step toward tyranny?

          • Idahoser

            I don’t guess I know what particular endorsement you’re referring to, but in general I certainly am not pleased with either of the credible candidates. I do acknowledge that one of them is going to win, and it’s too late to f**k around with other people for this cycle.

  • DallasElCazador

    You know, after listening to Ted Cruz last night on Mark Levin, I felt a glimmer of hope, but I knew better, because I knew something like this would come bubbling up out of the DC cesspool. I fear greatly for our country when even the Republican ‘leadership’ votes as the Socialist Democrats do.

  • Makes perfect sense to let Cass Sundstein place another 170 5-10 year appointments on his way out the door! brilliant!

  • hbnolikeee

    It’s more misdirection and once again like a moth to a flame… The tactic is to misdirect and focus our attention anyone but on the failed four years we’ve all just lived through. Fix it all later, don’t let the pick pockets jostle again.

  • stevenbiot

    Levin cracks me up. That dude throws down and begs for his opponents to fight back. I’ve heard many talk radio personalities, and he is the Patton of the industry.

    • PVG

      Absolutely! He is a CONSTITUTIONAL warrior. Despite a misinformed post above.

  • stevenbiot

    All you guys need to check out Milton Friedman’s Free to Choose series, part 1-10, on YouTube. These government wankers on both sides have always been big talkers with no action. The Repubican leaders in congress are spineless and useless. We need go after them with as much animosity and fervor as we do the libs in congress.

  • juswonderin

    Dallas: I’m with you on this! I really hoping that it can be repealed as quickly as possible. I also hope that their phones, emails, letters & petitions storm the Congress & Senate …ESPECIALLY THE REPUBLICANS!! I thought, as I’m sure, that most of us when the new freshman senators & representatives would give us some fresh blood to turn things around; but I’m very disappointed in them for just blindly voting just because Romney told them to. Didn’t they even discuss it or protest, or at least talk to Romney about it. I can’t understand for the life of me that Romney pushed this thru along with Boehner, O’Connell & Cantor also went for it, just because Romney told them to. That is one of the lamest excuse they could come up with! I hope Romeny & the whole lot of them get “fried” from public outcry!! I AM REALLY TICKED OFF AT ALL OF THEM!

  • p m

    Max Stier – Partnership for Public Service CEO – another lawyer – clerked for Souter and on the staff of former rep. congressman Jim Leach of Iowa (appointed to the NEH ny 0zero in 2009.)

    If you want to know what the house is up to week by week, I just found this today at FreedomWorks so as to try and make your wishes known before, not after, these people vote away the Constitution:

    Unfortunately, they go on recess next week! But might be useful once they’re back.

  • I heard just the last little bit of Levin when I was on my way home from church, and I’m like, “Oh crap, what did they do now!” Thanks Scoop. Now I know. Dang it, this is so wrong on a few levels, the most important being unConstitutional. But think about it. We have Michelle Bachmann and others getting denigrated for asking questions about terrorist ties to some employed in our government already, yet this decision could allow for God knows who to work without even having to come before the senate. I don’t give a crap who the president is, what letter he has after his name, this is wrong!
    If they have too many people to confirm, then jobs need to be cut. Either get of the positions, which in a bloated government with more and more beaurocrats would not be a bad thing, or do the damn job you were hired by the people to do! What the he!! would it be like if any regular person did their job in the private sector the way these over paid mini dictators do? They’d be fired real quick and rightfully so. This is disgusting to me. I am so sick of those who supposedly work for the people who don’t care or don’t know the Constitutional duties of the office. And I am so sick of the people who are too damned lazy and ignorant, those who want something without learning about things who continually elect these jackwagons to office! Dang I’m getting too angry at too much in our government.

    • p m

      Bravo AbiC, got it all in one great post. Absolutely agree. Thank you.

    • NoToTyrants

      Great rant!

      The ruling class are playing us. It is like professional wrestling. They trash talk each other in front of an audience and in front of the cameras, then after the pre-determined winner takes their victory lap around the ring, they collaborate with one another on the script for the next title match.

      In other words, the game is rigged.

    • JohnOfPhiladelphia

      I know how you feel. Let the peace that was in you (or that I suppose was in you) on the way from your Church keep you sane and calm. Don’t let the treachery of mere men put you off your game.

      I’m not one to speak as I have repeatedly swore and insinuated swear words on this blog. But when I can avoid doing so I like to believe I try.

      I’d just hate to think after a great church fellowship meeting, you heard this and soon after you’re typing the word ‘damn’ and ‘crap’ so freely.

      Be calm and know the Lord your God is Lord.

      This news is only confirming what u and I thought about Romney before and its already happening, even before he’s in place as CiC.

      I’m telling you, although, I’ve been on board for Romney recently, I dont know if come the day I’ll be able to pull the trigger for him. Especially, when I’m aware that Romney too will likely attempt to diminish my second amendment rights. (He did it in Mass so why not as CiC)

      Right now, only faith in the Lord will pull us all through. Otherwise we’ll all be like chaff.

  • Jp

    Someone needs to make it clear to the Romney campaign they will NOT get the conservative support they need unless he signals he is ready to clean out the EPA, the Secty of Education, the TSA, and most importantly, THE STATE DEPARTMENT.

    We need to get the closet commies and the islamists out of there DAY 1 or we are going to get hit again worse than 9/11.

    Every single one of those jackwads in there working with or defending Abedin needs to be frog marched out of there with their laptops seized and their drop-box accounts scrutinized, UPON PAiN OF DEPORTATION TO GITMO.

    If Romney isn’t smart enough to take care of this we have a real problem on our hands.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Here’s a tip: Romney ain’t smart enough.

  • Mark is a great patriot. He laids out the problem we’re having stopping or even slowing down democrat agenda, it’s the RINOS in Congress and Senate.
    Continue voting for tea party candidates.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I also listened to mark, and was disgusted with these Republicans once again showing no guts or balls, this is sad, as mark said giving this imperial president more power without even a fight, shame on the rinos, and shame on Romney if this is what we are to expect from him, our country is going to hell.

    • sDee

      This is what Romney is being put into the White House to do. Romeny is not going to reverse this – he is going to take Obama’s Cloward-Piven collapse and restructure us into State Capitalism.

      One President after another has been leading us on this death march.
      Each one has handed the next even more power.
      Each Congress relinquishing more of it.
      …and the people march on.

  • TJinNJ

    They’re not IDIOTS, They’re COMPLICIT…

    Time to MOP UP…

  • Sober_Thinking

    Republicans are not the answer either. God is and the Tea Party is – in that order.

    Cantor, Boehner, McConnell, etc. are braindead and tow the outdated party line. Cowards.

  • Mark Levin has no room to talk, seeing as how he’s nothing but a lapdog for unconstitutional government. He has you all fooled.

  • sDee

    “”And the explanation he got from a couple of sources was that Romney had told Republicans to vote for it, so they did. Levin wonders if we are already going back to the days of George W. Bush when House and Senate members voted a certain way to support the president instead of the Constitution.””

    These are becoming more dangerous times for freedom and liberty regardless of who next occupies the White House. we cannot let our guard down.

  • bjohnson55

    Pure lazyness, they do not want to be bothered with the small stuff like these confirmations they have bigger fish to fry like spending this country into oblivion. The rules of government were set-up for a reason and now these elites have lost all reason.

  • notebene

    What needs to happen is that Tea Party members need to hold Romney’s toes to the fire on this! We need to show up at the GOP convention and find out why he is going against the Constitution’s system of checks and balances. If we would stick to that system of checks and balances, the partisan nonsense would be nonexistent! It was a smart and efficient system, until these long-time Congressional leeches sat in office for 40 years and used it to pay back lobby favors.

  • wolfveryne

    Wake Up ,, Folks ,, if this is what We get when We put these Buffoons into Power ,, something is VERY Wrong in Washington DC .
    American Political Regime CHANGE ,, is in Order .

  • DocBarry1

    How many so called Tea Partiers voted for this

  • First of all: Why should the Congress vote per the wishes of ANY Presidential CANDIDATE?

    Second of all: The Congressional and WH positions changes much like a pendulum. Sometimes we get Republican and sometimes we get Democrats. This sets a horrible precedent which will come back and bite the American people, when the pendulum shifts again.

    Finally: Somone show me where in our Constitution, Congress will vote for something based on the Presidential “CANDIDATE’s wishes”.

    Have we lost our minds?

  • benfrank2012

    I try not to place much stock in Levin’s comments. The man is is a serial propagandist with a petulant streak. He throws around Fascist rhetoric like he was ordering a ham sandwich.

  • ProudAmerican247

    The “checks and balances” on appointees just went out the window.

    It’s starting already… Mittens the RINO/LIBERAL will govern if elected.

    Like a RINO/LIBERAL.

    Always was one, always will be one.

    How can we vote for this MESS?

  • kanhai863