Mark Levin: The reason the 2nd amendment exists is to arm the population to overthrow a tyrannical government

Given all the gun talk lately, Mark Levin opened his show tonight clarifying the purpose of the 2nd amendment saying that it wasn’t for target shooting or hunting or anything else in that realm. He said that whether you like it or not or whether you agree with it or not, the reason why 2nd amendment exists is to arm the population in order to overthrow a tyrannical government. That’s it.


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  • forgottenpatriot

    Now take it the whole way Mark. Something like: the 2nd amendment was put in place t protect us from a potential tyrannical government, a tyrannical government that is no longer ‘potential’ but that we are living through.

    ‘Protect’ is a defensive term. No one except nuts on the left would claim Mark was calling for the assassination of Hussein. And even then the Obama phone lovers hardly need an excuse to claim such things.

    • Don

      Obama is a mouthpiece for a movement that is anti-American that is trying to bring this nation down to where it’s influence on people’s freedom in the world no longer exists. The reason the pilgrims left England was to avoid what is happening now. What is happening here is happening all over the world. Liberalism is a mental disorder that cannot accept reality for what it actually is. It has been with us since the beginning of history. It is something that needs to be dealt with to insure freedoms for all peoples.

      • searcher0

        liberalism is a mental disease that is easily cured by inserting a brain into the empty cranial cavity.

        • Attila

          But first the cranium will need to be excised from the rectum, a difficult and dangerous operation which is usually better served with hot lead therapy. Better to just start over with a new one from scratch, teach them the Constitution, martial arts, and the finer arts at home, not in government propaganda mills.

          • searcher0

            true, a cranialrectomy is a risky operation, but it is the only way to safely rid the body of all impacted crap that has corrupted them over the years.

          • Bangar

            Funny, that’s exactly my auto-didactic path of the past 15 years. Professional master’s degree, several black belts in combat and weapons systems and tactical studies, and of course, study of mental hygiene, the creative arts, and integrating love of fellow humanity into daily thoughts and actions. But some people are blaming semiautos who have no knowledge of guns, and some people are blaming games who have no training in psychology. This anti-gun hysteria has way more heat than light. And after examining:
            – the Founders’ intent,
            – the fact that a former constitutional scholar has revoked habeas at a time when no nation threatens us,
            – it’s been upheld by federal judge (who calls it an “Alice in Wonderland” scenario),
            – and same scholar has approved the use of drones on American soil…
            – Feinstein came out and said she wanted to ban all guns…

            I, a leftist who owns no guns and doesn’t know how to properly use one, am very concerned. Gun nuts like Nuge are the worst advocates the 2nd Amendment has ever had. Please don’t judge it by them.

        • WASP

          Cyanide is quicker and cheaper.

      • I agree,but obama is just as guity as his co-hores. His job is to overload this government to the point of collapse. He was at Occidental when these professors came up with this theory and I think he studied under them judging from his actions as a community organizer and his anti-American actions since he’s been in Washington. Cloward Piven Strategy,Remember this;Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign; unfortunately, at that time, most Americans either weren’t paying attention or didn’t understand exactly what he meant when he said that the wanted to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America. Surely others picked this up. Well he done a bang-up job. A true American wouldn’t have done this.

    • Wanna bet that Media Mutters will have it up on their website tomorrow?

  • If the U.S. government were to become tyrannical, and if the military were to stay loyal to that tyrannical government, the average J6P with a semi-automatic pistol would be hopelessly outgunned.

    • The commander in chief lose his power when “We the people” rise up.The military should be loyal to “We the people” otherwise it’s called treason

      • ApplePie101

        Even the Red Army refused to turn its guns on the Russian people during the coup in 1990. A US army that would gun down American citizens…I can’t even imagine such a thing happening.

        • dreamchaser123

          Unfortunately, I remember Kent State, Ruby Ridge and Waco. US forces HAVE raised arms against citizens. I am awfully afraid that it could happen again. I have to assume that there are a lot of the so called “Non info” among our armed services. Some folks just don’t want to know and sadly, some of them are in our military.

          • Attila

            Of course some will, but many will not, particularly if incidents are widespread rather than isolated. Commanders of the Red Army did not fire on civilians other than in rare circumstances because they well understood that this outrage would result in large numbers of them joining the civilians.

          • I understand where you are coming from, but do not agree. Kent state were unbloodied National Guardsmen who were just as afraid as the students who stupidly antagonized them. Ruby Ridge and Waco were basically cops who had little or no training in this type of confrontation and were more concerned with following orders and covering their own collective asses than doing it right. Just recently there was an incident in Las Vegas where a man with open carry was shot and killed by an officer who was told repeatedly by the man that he had a permit. Obviously the officer did not listen or understand. I have more faith in our combat military to back up the citizens of this country than I do the police. In fact I would not trust the civilian police. I hope it will never come to this, but I will not count on it. Some of us will take up arms if necessary.

            • cactusbob

              I would say that it pretty much has already come to this. Our “president” has bypassed the Constitution, which he describes as flawed and does not respect, he has ignored laws passed by the legislature when they don’t please him, he has given huge monetary gifts to the very people, terrorists, who are killing our military, he has welcomed those people into the White House and his Administration, and he has warned us that if he has to choose between Americans and Muslims, he will pick Muslims. He has displayed contempt for our country and he has, on several occasions, declined to respect our flag. He has methodically squandered our national treasury, rewarding his supporters with our tax dollars, and by his frequent and lavish vacations. It sounds like it is indeed necessary, right now.

            • Loran, I agree with your comments about NG at Kent, but the shooters at Waco and Ruby Ridge WERE NOT your average deputy dogs with a gun! They were HIGHLY, trained and experienced snipers, who had long since had the baptism of fire. They were aware of what their mission was, and on-board with the plan there! But no matter how much training you have, Murphy has his way of causing things to go haywire! What actually went wrong was some folks at Ruby Ridge survived, unlike Waco. Ruby Ridge and Waco were messages, by the government to any group thinking about revolting… “We’ll pull no punches for anyone when it comes to keeping you in line!” Don’t confuse some hair-trigger, over zealous cop with the folks at Waco and Ruby Ridge, they ARE NOT the same folks! The Government Folks at Waco and Ruby Ridge were ex-military, and as I said above, were fully motivated about the mission! They didn’t go there to arrest anyone, they went there to execute those people… ALL OF THEM!

        • I would be more concerned about the NBPP. From what I’ve read on the internet, they can”t wait to slaughter white babies, and rape white women. I guess that is who Oblunder’s new army is, along with the black muslims in america. And, if and when the time comes we will see how peacful the muslim religion is

        • ALPHAMEG

          APPLE, surprised you would have forgotten Kent State/National Guard. Wounded Knee/FBI. Waco religious cult/US Government Forces. The Civil War/US Government
          Forces, plus several others that were QT. Do you need more precedents? Also the US government would need nothing more than a couple thousand Foreign Mercenaries, who hate Americans, to do the dirty work.The Russian people offered no resistance.

          • Not to forget also our Native American brothers at the Wounded Knee stake out in the 1970’s. The federal govt. thouht they had every right to wipe everyone out there…but due to the media, they withheld a lot of force. Some of us should inform Fox News we may need them in the future!

        • Good pooint, though it would depend on how much the military was brain washed. In the early 1900’s when Communism was getting put in place…the grain was piled up and waiting to be shipped to the cities…it rotted on the platform while waiting for the trains. The people starved while the military guarded the grain piles
          Our people in the military fortunatly are smarter than this, I believe, but lets not forget the other lessons of Russian history.

      • Are you willing to bet your life and the life of your families on this. Don’t you think Obama and the Progressives have not thought about this. They have been working on this for decades now, quietly putting officers critical position that would help keep the rank and file in line with the Progressive plan. If you expect the Military to come riding to the rescue or turn a blind eye to a rebellion, you are sadly mistaken, I truly believe. I truly pray I am wrong about this, but there is evidence to this effect. Not all military will go along with it, the question now is how many will go along with it and how many will be on the side of the people, and if the ones on our side have the firepower to subdue the ones against us? The best we could hope for, is enough will not be brain-dead robots for the administration, and will neutralize those who would take up arms against the American public. If a rebellion arises it will require civilians – American Citizens to get involved in significant number to accomplish their objective – restoration of the Constitutional government and expulsion of the corrupt government!

    • clockwindingdown

      Sure, but J6P also has rifles and shot guns. Do you discount everyone that served and was trained in the last seventy years? Also if everyone in the military were to stay loyal to government? If, and only if you might be onto something. Oh yeah and discounting those that also get off a lucky shot or two…

      Your assumption is that we are not fighting less trained forces in the middle east, or did in RVN. Or that the loyal government troops might have some reluctance, however slight against their family, friends, and neighbors…

      By the logic you used we should not be a Country but still a colony of Britain. Britain was claimed to have the best military in the world at the time of our revolution. Loyalist!

      I’m not calling for revolution just pointing out there are some faults in the argument you posed…

      • Maybe not calling for revolution, but I’m willing to repeat the statement that the commander at Lexington gave, “Fire only if fired upon, but if there is to be a war, let it begin here!” It’s past time we drew a line in the sand.

      • kirkaloan

        Everyone who has served in the military has taken an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;”. The same oath states allegiance to the President of the United States, as the Commander in Chief. HOWEVER, the President takes this same oath. So: if the President violates this oath, and in action becomes a “domestic enemy”, then it is going to become a personal decision on the part of each person serving. At least, as far as I can tell.

    • Temporarily. In time, the US ‘rulers’ would find themselves in a world that looks an awful lot like Syria does right now, and no one would be safe.

      • Somehow I believe that the Liberals, and communists in this country would like something like this to happen, but were would they hide? They think that their life would be better

        • No, they wouldn’t be better. That’s what’s hard to understand… they would be the first ones to achieve room temperature, just like Saddam’s sons did.

          • The idiom is “assume room temperature.”

            Thanks Rush.

            • You’re right. I messed up… Republicans achieve and liberals assume.

    • and2therepublic

      A tyrannical government would be an unconstitutional government. The military takes a oath to uphold the Constitution, not the government, not the Commander-In Chief. The moment that anyone in the chain of command violates the Constitution, anyone in the military is free to refuse to obey an unconstitutional order. The military would be on the side of the people, if the government became tyrannical.
      You are correct about the firepower of the military compared to the population, which is why the second amendment uses the wording: “shall not be infringed.” The militia’s in the American Revolution had the finest military grade weaponry, including artillery, available.

      • LLinLa

        The spirit of your argument is right on. The only phrase I dispute is “if the government became tyrannical.” You should not use the future tense. The incrementalism we are experiencing TODAY NOW PRESENTLY exists. Replace “if” with “since” and you make total sense.

    • MadAsHellJack

      arbitrage789, that may be so but there are many of us that do know what we are doing and are not out gunned. We the People do outnumber the military by manpower and force of arms. The only thing We the People lack is organization but so did the Revolutionaries back in 1776..

    • ApplePie101

      Maybe, but the whole tyranny, including military, would be vastly outnumbered by the rest of us. That’s what reigns of terror are for, to soften up a large and potentially dangerous population.

      • People, don’t forget that in modern history, most all gun confiscations were followed by some sort of genocide. And it can be done by the military to an armed society. If the regime could by some extreme measure convince our military to fire on us, using our military might, like Asad is doing, we’re doomed from day one, but I believe that our military is more civilized than Asad’s soldiers. And since Oblunder didn’t even let half of them vote, he is about as popular as diahrea.

    • Old_Trooper

      With 90+ million gun owners in the US, I think it would be overly optimistic to think that. Look at history going back to Vietnam and you will see that. Also, the military takes an oath to the Constitution, not the President no matter who it is, and there is no expiration date on that oath.

      • rick52041

        How many of those young people repeating The Oath understand what they are pledging their honor to. The Constitution barely gets any mention in our public schools. These young folks aren’t to blame for their ignorance and I think they will follow orders with few exceptions. It saddens me when I think many of these misled kids will die along with the patriots they are ordered to kill. Don’t overlook Homeland Security forces and their battle equipment to snuff out “home grown terrorism”. We have a problem.

        • cactusbob

          Hey, Rick, you don’t really think that all those millions of hollow-point rounds would be used on our own citizens, do you? They should be used only for bagging game, and they are obviously planning to hunt a lot of animals for meat, aren’t they?

          You’re right, we have a problem, a REAL problem! The real question is, will we wait too long to fix it?

          • rick52041

            Howsit Bob; At my last count Homeland Security ordered 4 rounds for every man,woman and child in The U.S. and that was months ago. They should have a few rounds left for hunting doncha think? To answer your question, I prey enough folks see the writing on the wall, wake up and take peaceful action before any bloodletting takes place. Let’s pray it doesn’t take to long. Keep your powder dry.

    • How many battles did the Continental Army win? Were the British “beaten” or worn down and convinced that the price was too high to keep fighting? The goal wouldn’t be to “defeat the military” but instead it would be to defeat the will of the central government.

      • Diane Logan

        Three battles come to my mind: Mammoth was considered a draw although I think it was won by the Continentals since it was the Brits who left the field. And the final battle at Yorktown was a win for the Continentals with the aid of the French navy. And don’t forget the battle at Trenton where not one single Continental was killed but many Hessian’s died that day.

      • 1LTLos

        The goal is to oust the 545 impotent traitors who occupy elected offices plus Obscumbo’s “czars” and however many local level closet Communists hiding at the state assembly and legislature levels from their comfortable perches and apply some real heat — If you recall the spy Robert Hansen, He spied for the Soviets for 25 years and gave up assets who were then murdered by KGB — Hansen is still alive but his residence is in high security incarceration and 23 hour per day solitary confinement. My desire was that Obscumbo’s second term would have been a prison term — But idiots and morons elected this scum of the earth yet again. As per the Declaration of Independence: It is our right and duty to remove such a government and guard against future governments again supplanting our nation it peoples and our AMERICAN TRADITION. The will of the Central Government has been to usurp our high offices since 1919!! With cowards like you who shiver at the sound of taking up arms – we will remain in this crap heap of a predicament forever. The central government has no will WE ARE THE ONES IN CHARGE!!! Or havent you got that yet?

        • ALPHAMEG

          Say what? You talkin ta me. Give up my Truck, my Snowmobile, my Jet Ski, my huntin dogs, my Computer & Tablet, my Cellphone, my Credit cards, all this for
          winning a free trip to the FEMA camps??? Gotta think about it, Uh, but not very long.

    • Johnny

      Maybe so, however, We The People would leave a scar they would never forget.

    • mikeinidaho

      1) I believe the military would fight WITH the populace, not against it.
      2) It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees! At least show them that there were some who refused to knuckle under!
      God bless, and please help, America as We the People take back our Republic.

    • Attila

      Lots of ifs there. How about if you had any sense you would see that the US government has already become tyrannical? How about if only part of the military sides with 100 million private gun owners, enough to add real firepower to widespread hit and run guerrilla tactics? How about if the Air National Guard, where reservists regularly best regular Air Force in exercises, joins the insurgency (Hint: a lot of them are already raring to go)?

    • But the average J6P would not be alone. There are more than 200 million of us! There are more of us than the total number in all the armies on the planet! That’s why they want our guns, so we wouldn’t be able to stop them.

      • Ussurvivor

        Don’t forget the liberals won’t fight. They will cower in their bunkers and cry for help. At least they won’t fire on us, they don’t know how to shoot and they already gave up what arms they had through the buy back program.

    • Diane Logan

      And what would that mean? The Patriots at Lexington and Concord knew they were at a disadvantage yet still stood up to an armed military. Today’s Patriot would do the same I would hope.

    • There is strength in numbers. The American Revolution proved that a group of determined and united patriots will prevail if the goal is to preserve liberty. It is ironic that the Feds are willing to arm outlaws, Drug cartels and the Muslim Brotherhood, and attempt to disarm Americans. There is a message here for those with intelligence to see and understand

    • Give me liberty or give me death. So they gave me death. You’d be surprised with issues like this. Right when you think you have 100% populous support it’s really more like 9 of 12.

    • True,some in the military will stay loyal to them[especially the gays and muslems],but I think that when the majority realize what is happening they willbe on our side,whitch will make us the greater fource,when it happens ,let there be no POWs

    • As were our Forefathers; however America was founded on guerilla warfare, and it just takes a few wins with semi-autos and you’re back i the game with the Government’s weapons……it’s the Law…….

      Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

    • Ussurvivor

      You could be right but we out number as long as we stick together. We need to be organized and I don’t see that happening yet. We need ex- military guys to take charge and organize and train in each town and city. I would hope our military would not turn on us since they believe in the Constitution. God save us.

  • Liberals don’t understand the concept that the Government could POSSIBLY overstep its’ bounds…Liberals see the Government as boundless, and us Conservatives as terrorists for attempting to limit their omnsiscient, omnipotent, benevolent Government’s reach into our daily lives.

    To a Liberal, we are all supposed to be a bunch of worker bees working towards a common goal dictated by the Government-Bee. And us Conservatives are traitors for impeding what they see as the natural flow of society…THAT is the problem we are up against. They COMPLETELY DIFFER about things as basic as what LIFE ITSELF is about…how can we ever hope to go up against that?!?

    We MUST stop the progression of the disease itself, which STARTS in the Education system. WE MUST FIX THE EDUCATION SYSTEM NOW!!! Otherwise…there is NO cure…

    • Very well said Brian!!!

      • Unfortunately…I feel like I’m speaking to the same group of people. Everyone seems to keep blowing me off, and our Education System keeps cranking out Useful Idiots, and then people keep blaming MY generation!!! I’m TIRED of people blaming MY generation, when multiple generations before mine KNEW that MY generation was going to be indoctrinated IDIOTS, but did nothing to HELP US!!! And yet…the very same people will continue to do nothing to help the future generations either…

        • I want to help!!! I’m trying with the generation after you Brian. 🙁 I know it stinks being a Conservative at your age in Colleges and Universities. You know where to reach me if you have ideas on how to change things from the inside!!!

          • that generation’s already wiped out also. We need to think ahead a few. I’d guess about 60+ years or so.

            • Not the whole generation. There are “remnants”- but yeah it’s going to take more than a few generations before we can have more Conservative truth.

            • I am 84 years old, been in the Navy for 4 years and know how to shoot a gun which I will do if they try to take mine away.

          • I’m ON the inside trying to change things right now!!! I’m always speaking out in class and trying to raise awareness to the truth…but yeah, I’m pretty much alone. Which is fine, I expected to be alone at school. But I did NOT expect to draw the ire of other Conservatives that just LOVE to blame my Generation for all of the problems today, even though we are largely a product of generational neglect. And as long as they have someone to blame, they don’t seem to be concerned with working on a solution…after all, it should be MY GENERATION that fixes it since we broke it (or so they say…)

            I just want the Conservatives to really FOCUS on the Education System as the source of our problems…there really is no other way to fix things without fixing that! If we fixed the Education System today, our nation would right itself within 50 years…which is, oddly enough, about the same amount of time it took to ruin this country and raise the current crop of National Idiots.

            • Agreed and well said. I don’t know how many can blame your generation, except for so many who refuse (not you!) to listen to other forms of information- but when they have been taught all their lives what to think, and given only one sided ideas and philosphies, it’s not surprising that so many younger folks are clueless.
              I agree. Education HAS to change. We HAVE to get the government out of all education period. We have to expose higher education bias and hypocrisy as well- which is where young folks like you can do so well, if we can get enough of you together so you’re not all alone.

              • EXACTLY!!! VERY well said! Hammer -> Nail!

                • 😀 I’ve got some ideas Brian, but I’m working on a major project just now. When I have time, I’ll get with you on this ok?

                • Roger doger! I’m working on a big project too…

                • Big projects are cool! 🙂

                • Ugghhh…mine is getting so frustrating!!! I’ve been working on it for 11 years!!!

                • Good Grief boy! 11 years?! LOL! I’m whining because I’ve been working on mine 2 weeks!!! LOL!!!

                • LOL! I’m still trying to finish my discombobulator…

                • I remember you told me about that, but I can’t even remember what that is!! 😉

              • white531

                Not only does Education have to change in this country, but if Education in this country does not change, we are finished. Period.

                • Agreed big time whitefriend. The abolishment of the Dept. of Ed and getting the NEA out of government are 2 of my biggest goals. I’ve got a lot of stuff on bias and hypocrisy in Colleges and Universities, I just need time to get it all together. We need to educate the masses some how as we work in the education system.
                  I would love to see homeschooling sky rocket- especially among Christian families. SO much to do!!!

            • physicsnut

              Ok Brian_Jones- getting a better idea of the problem. Btw, i did c programming for 30 yrs. A shock – YOU ARE RIGHT. We could have solved the problem and spared your generation the left wing disease. IF we had the knock-down evidence about commies in 1960 we would have them exposed and discredited and marginalized. They would not be doing their “march thru the institutions” including the Education System. There would not be any sixties radicals, or they would be too ashamed to show their face in public. That would have prevented all the stuff you are complaining about. There would be no Che t-shirts, nobody chanting ‘ho ho ho chi minh’, nobody waving little red Mao books. Noam Chomsky would be doing linguistics instead of politics. Whittaker Chambers and Joe McCarthy and Birchers would not have been demonized because they would have facts and evidence to go up against the NY Times and that bunch. Americans would be aware that there are totalitarian tendencies in the Left. So, at worst you would have to deal with midwest style populists.
              But why didn’t that happen ? Because Venona was top top ultra secret. Too bad the KGB already knew about it, but we didn’t know that. Besides, it would not have been sufficient. You really need the Soviet Archives together with Venona, to make a knock down argument that commies are totalitarian creeps, rather than ‘liberals in a hurry’, and make it stick. Remember – there was no Rush. There was no Levin. There was no Talk Radio. There was no Right Scoop. There was no Ann Coulter writing ‘Treason’ because her book was based on Venona and the Soviet Archives ! Nobody really knew how utterly creepy these totalitarians are until Richard Pipes wrote ‘The Unknown Lenin” and other works exposing what the commies did, based on the archives. There WAS Robert Conquest, but he said that ‘after the archives’, the history of the whole period has to be re-written.
              The upshot is that the Left got a free ride for nearly 40 years – the Abbie Hoffmans, Jerry Rubins and SDS and Bill Ayers, Angela Davis and Kathy Boudin – all doing their best to turn the educational system into what you complain about, and libs were giving them the benefit of the doubt, because there was no knock-down expose of their totalitarian crap. Libs were making excuses for the Left. That began to turn around in the 90s. It STILL needs turning around.
              Now, I want you to appreciate this: How did we get the evidence we needed ? Give thanks to Dimitry Volkaganov. He was a historian and went to Boris Yeltsin with this idea of exposing the Bolshevik secret archives. Americans theoretically decide about Venona, but we have no influence over this sort of thing. And how many countries make any such thing available ? It might as well be an ‘act of God’ . What if Yeltsin thought it imprudent to open the archives ? It makes me very nervous to think that history depends on such a slender thread. We would be in the dark, and the commies would be re-writing our history with impunity.
              I can go on and on about this, but frankly, I have to deal with the Feinstein-Obama juggernaut when american parents are outraged, and the entire freakin liberal media wants confiscation. I am doing what Heritage ought to be doing, and nobody is handing me any grant money. Frankly, unless you spend a few years reading all this depressing crap about what commies and what made them tick, instead of reading what might advance your career, then you simply don’t have the intellectual ammo to deal with them. Like Mark said ‘thank me very much’. Like Lubos says ‘that’s the memo’.

              • I wasn’t referring to the extremely deep, intellectual, behind-the-curtains stuff in the first place! My entire time going to school, I (and my parents) knew VERY WELL about the Liberal machine in schools. My parents used to attempt to fight it at PTA meetings, but they were always alone. Other parents simply thought that things couldn’t possibly be as bad as my parents said.

                By the time I graduated High School, I had a Drug Distribution charge, a DUI, was running with a gang, and I was the biggest Liberal on Earth. Thankfully, my parents also gave me a pretty good logic skillset (one of the few things I didn’t ignore), so a few years later I was able to figure out that what I was doing was wrong, and override the Liberal Brainwashing I got in school. But it was hard!!!

                The parents didn’t need to be a genius to know their kids weren’t learning anything. All they had to do was ask their kid “what’d you do in school today?” and watch the BS flow. Kids are graduating High School that can’t even read…the parents should know that. Kids are graduating High School that don’t know math…the parents should know that. Kids are graduating High School that don’t know our REAL history, but rather only know about the Civil Rights Era (since that’s all they teach anymore). I guess it doesn’t matter that kids don’t know the Pledge of Allegiance, since the teachers have taught them to despise the flag and the country anyways.

                They damn sure don’t like our military, and after hearing the teacher cuss so many times about George Bush and other Republican Presidents, I guess it’s no wonder why so many kids get the idea that Republicans are bad…it’s just too bad the parents were nowhere to be found to counter that brainwashing…THAT is what I’m talking about. There are so many ways brainwashing occurs, and the parents of the time simply did not care to even ASK their kids what they were learning. Well…HERE WE ARE!!!

                • physicsnut

                  I remember PTA meetings from way back and watched the libs continually out-maneuvering the conservatives. That school had a HUGE influx of nitwits from NYC – the kind of people who voted down school bond issues, and their kids ran with gangs, and they all voted democrap. They are not even liberals. They just let the libs run the show, because they are too lazy to do anything. THey are glued to ‘general hospital’ during the day. At least liberals think and have an opinion – these jerks don’t even rise to THAT level. Most don’t even complain – they don’t even pay attention.
                  Thanks for your reply. But what are you going to do if Feinstein wins this.

                • Excellent post! I can’t say what I’d do if Feinstein wins out, since I’m not able to think in terms of the unthinkable! LOL! I honestly don’t know what I’d do…

                • Brian, You are absolutely right, was playing a game the other night where math was involved and the score keeper had to use a calculator to subtract, i said that the educational system don’t teach math any more, these young people can’t take 2 from 4 without that calculator, this one 21 or 22 year old just looked at me and said what do you mean they don’t teach math, the problem is, the young don’t even realize that they are not educated, same with reading, i know because i have a 49 year old son that can’t hardly read !!

        • poljunkie

          How old are you Brian? My son is in his 20’s- he survived college with out caving on his priciples and values. Believe it or now he’s teaching in a PUBLIC school (non union), and making a difference.

          Yes the majority of teenage voters and those in their 20’s havent woken up to the message yet—but don’t despair. It takes parents and others to really step in and help guide those you speak of to show them the way…

          The liberal way of thinking really comes naturally esp to those in college.

          I think the quote goes something like this—“if you are NOT liberal at 20 – you dont have a heart—-if you arent conservative by 30 YOU DONT have a BRAIN.”

          Well I can profess I didnt have a heart.

          It’s painful but we still have time.

          • I’ll be 27 on the 28th.

            I’m just so tired of seeing posts on Facebook talking about how ALL of my generation is useless and lazy and commies…this country had WARNING decades ago that MY generation was inevitable, and yet they did NOTHING to prevent it, but yet my generation gets all the blame for growing up exactly like the entire country knew we would!!!

            • poljunkie

              Keep on keepin’ on. On the one hand I am glad I am a generation older than you. But on the other I wish I were your age to be able to engage more fully in the FIGHT.
              Hang tough.

              We’re still unbroken.

              Lynyrd Skynyrd

            • badbadlibs

              I don’t blame you for being mad, upset and downright sick and tired. I’m so sorry your generation was failed by so many others. There just wasn’t enough of us willing to do what it takes.
              We’re spoiled in this nation, God gave us grace, hope and a path He ordained. He was thrown out, evil moved in and we are stuck with the consequences. You are not to blame. Thank you for staying true thru it all.

            • BigUgly666

              Are you going to whine about how it’s someone elses fault?
              You seem to know the truth of the matter – I expect you to accept your personal responsibility, stop pulling “an Obama”, and be better than those around you ….. BE DIFFERENT!
              By the way, when someone uses a “generality” like “that generation” the implication should be “most, but not all” ….. unless one has a guilty conscience? It does seem as if you have it figured out, so, hike-up your britches, and walk with the rest of us – you would be welcome.

              • Leave it to you to completely take my post out of perspective…

                • BigUgly666

                  My apologies!
                  I thought that my comments – “You seem to know the truth of the matter” and “It does seem as if you have it figured out” and “walk with the rest of us – you would be welcome” …. just might be appreciated.
                  However, thank you for bringing it to my attention, you are just whining about it being everyone elses fault and that you are no different than the rest of your generation.
                  Thank You, I stand corrected.

                • “Are you going to whine about how it’s someone elses fault?
                  You seem to know the truth of the matter – I expect you to accept your personal responsibility, stop pulling “an Obama”, and be better than those around you ….. BE DIFFERENT!”

                  Yeah, I took that a bit personally…you can go STRAIGHT TO HELL. My Generation did NOT create this problem…most likely yours did. And now that the negligence of previous generations has been exposed, NOW they say “Oh suck it up and help us fix this…”, but yet THEY are no where to be found when it comes to DOING ANYTHING to actually fix the problem!!! We are STILL all alone in this fight!!!

                  And here you are repeating the very same stupid mantra I’ve been hearing for years (“Oh shut up and help me fix it”), and yet I feel VERY FREAKIN’ SURE you will disappear into the fog yet again (just like y’all did when I was growing up…it’s okay, you probably have more important things to deal with…)

                • BigUgly666

                  Brian, you are the only one who is ultimately responsible for the way you turned out – So, just keep on whining about how tough you have it and how it’s everyone else’s fault.
                  I’m a full two generations older than you – I’ve done my time in the military – I’m crippled and trying to live on what little I have left after the “government” has taken most of it by fraud and deceit.
                  I am doing something about it – I’ve fought the County Sheriff about the guns and Constitution issue for many, many years …. and won – I’ve fought the State of Wyoming about college carry …. and won – I carry, all day, every day and fight those who would deny ANY Rights guaranteed under the Constitution – WHAT HAVE YOUR DONE?

                  “Yeah, I took that a bit personally … you can go STRAIGHT TO HELL”
                  Well, Brian, that is certainly not the way to gain any support for “your cause” – personally, I’d rather help someone who is seriously trying to better this world, not whining about the “mess” that someone else left behind – So, See you in Hell! If you make it.

                • Dude, I’m a Computer Programmer and an Air Force Veteran! I turned out fine. I’m complaining about all the people that REFUSE to see the Education System as the source of our problems, and have turned a blind eye to the shitty Education System for generations (yet blame MY generation for all of our problems of today).

                  You know what’s funny…I KNEW you were a member of the Generation that abandoned us. Your Generation KNEW the Education System was crumbling, did nothing, and yet continue to blame mine for being the idiots you knew we would grow up to be.

                  Don’t worry…we’ll fix it without you (not like we have a choice I guess…)

                • physicsnut

                  I was just looking up the Astor Place Riots that took place in the 1840s – and you think your generation has problems. Be glad you were not around for the Civil War. They could have complained that the previous generation did nothing to prevent that calamity. Actually, lots of americans did all they could to prevent it. If that is not sufficient, Benjamin Franklin spent 15 years of his life trying to prevent the War of Independence. But lots of people get a stupid idea in their head, and never change, no matter what. And other people end up paying the price. David Horowitz tells a story of a woman who gave her time and talents to help disadvantaged kids – and for her efforts she was murdered by the people she tried to help. Was she negligent ?
                  I am trying to figure out what problem you are talking about.

                • So the entire South Bronx was going up in flames, and the entire country decided to ignore the crumbling Education System/Daycare System? Or perhaps my post just didn’t apply to you…

                  ALL of America was not effected by a localized event such as the Bronx was. And yet, the ENTIRE Education System has collapsed into nothing more than a 18-year Daycare system, and we seem to be okay with that. In fact, we’re now trying to excuse our inactions of the past, and our inactions of the future, with tiny localized problems that the majority of us have nothing to do with…

                  The problem is that kids are not outgrowing their Socialism anymore. Kids ALWAYS are born Socialists…because if it weren’t for human nature, Socialism would work. But as kids grow up, they are SUPPOSED to be taught how life really is, and they discover for themselves why Socialism doesn’t work.

                  But now, kids are NEVER taught Socialism is bad, they don’t get their first job until they are 30 (I’ve got a friend that still hasn’t had a job, and he turns 21 soon…), and refuse to work “humiliating” jobs such as grocery stores and fast-food…

                  NO ONE IS TEACHING OUR KIDS that Socialism is bad, and yet NO ONE is fighting to change that…rather, people are fighting to exonnerate themselves of any cuplability in the current state of affairs, and lay all blame at OUR feet (my Generation).

                  I’m not interested in WHY no one fought for their kids’ future in the past…I’m interested in figuring out HOW are we going to fix things in the future. Because unless the Education System changes, we are ultimately screwed.

                • again….brian for prez
                  keep your chin up brian. everything you said is the absolute truth but you can’t move this generation forward if you’re hating on the mommas and pappas. yes though, we are alone in this fight if fight is what we call it.

                • Go getim Brian,like it or not,our and other generations did it,the libiral tacticts were too hard to detect,thry did it mm at a time and that little bit was so hard to detect,had they tried ayard or a foot or a mile we would have seen it comming,some did and some did not ontil it was too latebut dont want to take the blame.

                  u R RIGHT
                  respectfully,Otis Feurtaso

              • our fragile baby boomers should be respected and appreciated. they raised us to think outside of the box instead of the usual pitting politics. You see, it’s the baby boomers that worked their stingers off to put food on the table. They spent their time here on earth working towards an American Dream that was unachievable in the eyes of a treasonous government. brian jones for prez

            • combdyn

              Some of us did tell parents the facts.
              Very few parents listened.
              You should give your parents a lot of credit for bringing
              you to adulthood as a thinking individual.

            • physicsnut

              Why would you take anything on Facebook seriously ? It is like Hannity doing ‘man in the street’ questions like ‘who is the vice president of the usa’, only to discover that most people are idiots. Frankly, facebook gets no more than 5 minutes from me, leaving a lot more time to read Edmund Morgan’s “The Genuine Article”, or Steven Weinberg’s tomes on quantum field theory and cosmology, or John Lott, etc etc etc.
              I used to hear all sorts of crap about my generation too. Guess what – most of it was sheer baloney. It is nothing but vacuous overgeneralizations by people with big opinions and not much to back them up. Ah the wonders of free speech.

            • gunclinger


              You are NOT alone…

              My 27 Y/O son just finished a 4-year stint after surviving a college “education”.

              Army Ranger, Airborne, combat medic.

              A very squared-away young(BAD-A$$) young man.

              There are many more….be STRONG!

              • I know I’m not alone…but I am waiting for the previous generations (the ones that allowed things to get this bad) to step up and JOIN US in the fight, rather than just blaming us for the mess and continuing to do nothing…

                • BigUgly666

                  Brian – WE (many of us) HAVE BEEN FIGHTING OUR ENTIRE LIVES, whether you choose to believe it or not.
                  Telling us to “GO TO HELL” will certainly not help.

                • And if you have, then I wasn’t speaking about you. THAT should have been evident from the first post. I am referring to the people that criticisize with no intention of ever lifting a finger to actually make things better. THOSE are the same people that ignored all of the warning signs, and allowed things to get to so bad that my generation ended up being as stupid as we are. Nowadays, it’s a miracle if kids graduate High School even knowing how to read…

                  I don’t think it’s fair to blame the kid for not taking up the initiative, since children DO NOT POSSESS INITIATIVE!!! They must be TAUGHT those things (such as a work ethic, initiative, character, integrity, etc.), and they just aren’t being taught those things. And it is my position that the people in charge of teaching those kids those things (the parents and teachers) have failed them. And since YOUR generation tends to make up the teacher and parent population today, it is around YOUR generation when things began to fail.

                  Again, perhaps you had no hand in it and your attempts are to be commended. But MY Generation had NOTHING to do with it, and yet YOUR generation constantly blames mine and expects US to fix things…THAT is my point. I am NOT concerned about me, I’ll be fine (since my parents also tried to fix things and were involved in my upbringing). I’m concerned about our future, and MY GENERATION are the future…so let’s stop this horrible tragedy now, so we don’t have too many more failure generations to worry about!!!

                • BigUgly666

                  Brian – my first post was supporting your first post …. then you told me to “GO TO HELL” ….. go back and READ it.

                • I know it was. I took exeption to being called a Whiner and that I was “pulling an Obama”, when all I was doing was pointing out the fact that my generation is being unfairly singled out. If you notice, you spoke EXACTLY like I said the responsible generation speaks in many of my other posts. THAT is what I took exeption too…

                • white531

                  I think both of you need to get a grip. I believe something in the wording of your comments, lit a spark and created a fire, where no fire should have been.

                  I consider you both, Patriots. Reading both of your comments, there is no question of that. Why don’t both of you dial it back a notch, and try to find what it was, that set you off.

                  I believe in both of you. I can’t quite see the problem, except for the wording.

                • physicsnut

                  brian – this blog item is about the second amendment. If Diane Feinstein gets her way then soon enough it will not matter what goes on in education. I’m glad there is a new blog item on education. For you to make idiotic statements like ‘yet YOUR generation constantly blames mine …’ hey – with analysis like that we will be going around in circles. Schlafly and Sykes have a much better analysis. Anyway, you are off topic. Feinstein sets the date in 2 weeks for introducing her crap legislation. What are you going to do about it ?

            • Hi Brian,I have been saying the same as you,but we are 2 of the few who have the badoublels to speak out,but let me say that I have a daughter teaching speciaj reading in Groveland florida and a leter that she recieved from one of her students after he graduated and on his ownn thanking her for the advice and influance she had in his life makes me proud that my siblims making such a difrence,also a grand daughter tesching high school in north Louisiana who is also trying to make a diference.
              You are not alonemy friend,so keep up the good work,trust in GOD and Hewill see you through

        • Godisright

          I know it seems futile at times but persistence will pay! Look at what the Left has been able to accomplish WITHOUT God’s help. You have a solid foundation and can think for yourself (a rare commodity these days).
          Israel was always victorious when they put God in the drivers seat and listened to His instruction. If they deviated from that, they faced devastation and suffering.
          The assimilation of our faith and God given desire to be free is unstoppable as history has proven. DON’T lose sight of this promise.

        • combdyn

          I wold only take umbrage with the term “useful idiot”,Brian.
          The cranking out the schools do today is not useful.
          Degreed, but cannot spell or count.
          Watch the cashiers @ Wally, KM, or your food store.
          They cannot count your change. Whatever the register says
          is what you’ll get. And don’t get me started on the English language!
          Ever notice in the forums….conservatives can spell and understand syntax.
          Most lib posters can’t get past “their”or “there”.

        • You are absolutely RIGHT,so you should join us at the TEA PARTY,we would love to have U we need people like U

    • white531

      Once again Brian, you prove yourself to be indispensable, in the fight for Freedom. The credit doesn’t go to you, though. It goes to your parents. They must have been really great human beings.

      Our colleges and Universities, and even our high schools, except private, are a disease infested environment. The disease is Liberalism, and this is where we send our children, to get an education.

      The money is wasted. Instead of an education, what they get, is an indoctrination.

      We think our fight is in Washington, against people like Pelosi and Reid. You could not be more wrong. Pelosi and Reid did not elect Obama. The American people elected Obama.

      The groundwork they laid, twenty or thirty years ago, is now producing fruit. Bountiful fruit.

      Most of the young people in this country are flaming Liberals. A very large number of the adults who should know better, are not political in nature, and therefore afraid to get involved.

      Afraid to get involved, at a crucial turning point in our History, when they are most needed.

      We call ourselves a Democratic Republic. That’s a damned lie. We are a Socialist country at this point, soon to be a Communist country.

      The longer we pretend it is not happening, the faster it will become concrete reality, and there will be no going back.

      • Very well said! We are fighting a losing battle, and essentially things are so far gone it’ll literally take a Miracle to turn this ship around…and God isn’t in the habit of providing Miracles for non-believers.

        In fact, we’ve already seen what God reserves for nations of non-believers and heathens. I’m guessing San Francisco (modern day Sodom…get it!!! LOL!) will be the first city to suffer that fate…and you won’t catch me looking back while the Heathens in San Fran get turned to stone…I’ll be too busy looking forward to the excellent-looking future for America.

        • white531

          I believe all Conservatives will die in Montana or Idaho. At least, those who didn’t move to Costa Rica or Bali. 😉

          • I’m looking at Singapore to be honest…EXCELLENT Conservative place to go!!! Check it out!

            • white531

              Singapore has the best doctors in the world. So far ahead of the United States, it isn’t even worth talking about. A lot of ex patriot American doctors have moved there, to be able to practice medicine on a scale never before seen in America. Free of lawsuits and malpractice insurance, they combine Western medicine with Eastern. A combination of antibiotics and acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines, and surgery when necessary. They can cure Cancer. You heard me right. They can cure Cancer.

              A close friend of ours from Indonesia, whose mother was diagnosed with Cancer, flew her mother to Singapore for treatment. She spent three months there. Her mother is now back in Jakarta, free of her illness. Clean of the Cancer that threatened her life.

              Believe it or don’t. It is a fact, nonetheless. We talk to them on a regular basis.

              I tell you these things, not to make you think less of the United States of America. Not at all. I tell you these things to make you understand what crippling regulations, and government bureaucracy can do to a country.

              Over-regulation of people’s activities, especially in the realm of business, stifles creativity, and kills productivity, and innovation.

              Couple of examples. If Steven Jobs and the Woz, were to try and start a company like Apple Computer today, they would not be able to do so. Because they would not be able to comply with all the government regulations.

              Apple Computer is the highest traded and most valuable stock currently in existence.

              The Walt Disney company, would simply not exist. Disneyland has three parks. They are the largest single site employer in the world. IN THE WORLD!

              If Walt Disney had launched his dream of Disneyland in the current business climate, he would have failed. Because he would not have been able to comply with all the current government restrictions. He would have been bankrupt, before he ever planted a shovel in that Orange County, California orchard. Disneyland would have never existed, under current government regulation.

              Thanks to government, new business start-ups in America today, have an incredible failure rate. Most of them simply fail, because they don’t have enough money to get through the process, created by your government, until they start being profitable. They simply run out of money, before they reach profitability.

              Not because they didn’t have a good idea, or a good product. The problem was never the idea, or the product that came from that idea. The problem was government regulation and taxes.

              I could go on about this all evening, but I think you get the intent of my comment.

              Smaller Federal government. Less regulation on the activities of ordinary Americans. Easier process for start up of new small businesses. Less restrictions.

              Just get out of my way and let me do what I want to do.

              • badbadlibs

                “Smaller Federal government. Less regulation on the activities of ordinary Americans. Easier process for start up of new small businesses. Less restrictions.

                Just get out of my way and let me do what I want to do.”

                Those are the words that make liberal heads explode. Too bad they can’t be broadcasted thru bull horns on top of trucks driven thru liberal strongholds.
                I can dream.

                • white531

                  Liberal heads exploding, is a comforting thought right now. 🙂

          • KenInMontana

            Well, if we die it will be on our feet, on our home ground and on our terms. Believe me, we will take so many of them with us that they will not be much of a threat to anyone else. Bank on it.

            • ALPHAMEG

              Yeah, reminds me of a biblical text, “an eye for an eye”. A tooth for a tooth. Soon all
              will be blind & toothless. A little wisdom here??

              • KenInMontana

                It has nothing to do with biblical text.

    • physicsnut

      my experience says that out-of-control IMMIGRATION is the real problem. It is not Vermont that is a “failed state” but rather New York City. Where would you rather grow up ? In Vermont, nothing happened. I move to ny suburbs – get beat up and some jerk takes a potshot at me with a bow and arrow. Then I move to Greenwich Village and what happens ? Held up at knifepoint, held up at gunpoint, every apartment was burglarized, one apt bldg set on fire, the mayhem of the 1977 blackout, not to mention the South Bronx looking like Dresden after the war. Clearly there was an exponential increase in the number of violent and disorderly events, the closer I got to NYC.
      The Libs recite their ‘crime statistics’ – but I see perfectly well where the crime is, and it ain’t in Vermont or New England. It’s the Culture, stupid. But they think it is the NRA and the “gun culture” and campaign contributions and lobbyists getting in their way. They “out” anyone with a legal gun permit, but say nothing about gangs. They blame conservatives, but say nothing about the violence directly caused by the Left. A sociology prof made an off the cuff remark that turning over a quarter of the population of NYC was an obvious invitation to anarchy and mayhem. Maybe he should have had a “conversation” with the idiots at the NY Times about it. But their agenda is driven by something else. If you think they advocate disarming the clowns in the east village, you are not on their wavelength. They can try their pathetic arguments elsewhere. If these nitwits had any actual concern, they would compare those places where americans have their act together, and the places that are dysfunctional. Again – it’s the culture, stupid. And unlike Mayor Bloomberg, I do not live in a bubble. Oh, there are nice places in NYC, and it is all very wonderful to make that the image of NYC, but the reality behind the facade is a 12 year old jerk shooting up smack and doing burglaries while his mother was turning tricks on 8th ave.
      And why do I say out-of-control immigration ? Because I remember NYC in the fifties and early sixties. And what was different from 1970 ? You got it: out-of-control immigration. It takes down schools. It takes down the health care system. Cops developed thousand yard stares. In fact, cops USED TO investigate burglaries. Today ? you gotta be kidding.
      so – Donald Kaul of Alternet says he wrote a “satire” piece about repealing the 2nd amendment, confiscating all guns, declaring the NRA a terrorist organization, and dragging politicians behind a pickup truck. Then he wonders why he gets outraged emails. Well, frankly, my guess is that Alternet is run out of a crashpad in the east village, by a bunch of dope smoking jerks who like to read Noam Chomsky and watch Michael Moore movies while they have a wesson oil party. A bunch of degenerate reprobates.Their views of economics and politics fit that environment to a tee. So does Kaul’s moronic notion of “satire”.
      And another thing – more than education is what the little brats see on TV – which is far more pervasive than anything they see in school. Just as cars had a huge impact on the culture – TV has way more of an impact.
      End of Rant – for now.

  • A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

    It’s pretty clear on it’s own what the intent was when the Founders included the 2nd Amendment. But for those brain dead, power hungry progressives in our government who have a hard time with that….

    “[The Constitution preserves] the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation…[where] the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.”
    James Madison Federalist Paper #46

    “Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom. Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American…The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.”
    Tenche Coxe, The Pennsylvania Gazette, 1788

    “Are we at last brought to such humiliating and debasing degradation, that we cannot be trusted with arms for our defense? Where is the difference between having our arms in possession and under our direction and having them under the management of Congress? If our defense be the real object of having those arms, in whose hands can they be trusted with more propriety, or equal safety to us, as in our own hands?”
    Patrick Henry

    “What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    and if they still have a problem understanding…


  • Thanks Scoop!!!!! 😀

  • sjmom

    If they try to usurp the Second Amendment I think there will be a Second American Revolution and I think there will be a number of the military and police who will join the people to put the govt at bay. This would be a very dangerous move for the Left because there is already enough anger out here without adding more fuel to the fire.

    • tinker_thinker

      I think you are right, unfortunately.

    • Pyrran

      Always in the back of my mind, I’m wondering if this is actually the plan.
      Get people to rise up so you can crack down. When people get so fed up that they finally take action, it gives the government the excuse to round them up.
      When that happens, all those executive orders about indefinite detainment come into play. As Han Solo always said, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

  • poljunkie

    My husband and I just discussed this last night after watching a documentary on Auschwitz.

    It was called Swimming in Auschwitz.

    It focused on the survival of 6 women in Auschwitz, but also on how they got there from places in Europe where they never expected to be betrayed by their fellow citizens, neighbors and Government.

    The film documented grueling hardships experienced by the women who by no good luck came to arrive at Auschwitz. It was amazing to see their unbreakable spirit and how they refused to give up.
    Separated from their families…some very young, forced into over crowded trains for three or more days without food, or water…no facilites and then, stripped, searched and their remaining belonging taken or tossed.

    Some were then shaved and and tattooed before being forced to sleep outside while others were immediately killed.

    For those who did survive, however, things would get much worse before they got remotely better….

    This is why…WHY we have and need to continue to right to have the 2nd Amendment.

    • clockwindingdown

      We still have people living that survived these camps! Yet we let the same intellect that that created these camps sprout its ugly head and gain governmental control.

      History does repeat itself and the memory still lingers from the last dose… What have we done? What have we allowed to happen? Will we allow it to happen again?

      • poljunkie

        The documentary ended and we were silent.

        The ladies were so affable, and merciful. Brought my 175 pound 64 year old Vietnam Veteran to tears.

        Are we clinging to our guns and Bible? You bet. Try to take it from us.

        • clockwindingdown

          You are not alone, we got your back!

          • poljunkie

            …and same goes for you clock winding. Its surely such a pity that we have come to speaking of such things now.

            • clockwindingdown

              the future is from this moment forward, it is what we allow it to be, or not!

        • Orangeone

          I would recommend the movie The Hidden Child. It’s about a woman who’s family moved from Nazi Germany to Holland and was then, along with her sister, placed with a Catholic family for safety. Her story is amazing!

          • poljunkie

            I’ll check it out. I’ve watched so many movies on the Holocaust, the Nazi’s, WWII…It’s a part of history im very interested in.

            Another really really good video based on a novel, which was HEART BREAKING was “Sarahs Key”.

            “The Grey Zone” was especially brutal and everyone watching with me ended up leaving the room. It came out in 2001 or 2002 but we didnt rent it until later. I think my son who was a teenager when we watched –got sick. I remember it being pretty graphic.

            It had David Arquette, Steve Buscemi, and Harvey Keitel.

            • Orangeone

              Thank you for the recommendations, I just added both to my Nexflix!

              • poljunkie

                I just saw that The Hidden Child is on instant play so we may watch tonight. I’ve had a terrible migraine all day- so we’ll see, I may have to go with something that wont make me angry! The Nazis have that effect!

                Edit: Typo!

                • Orangeone

                  It was very enlightening for me!  I hope you feel better very, very soon!

                • poljunkie

                  Thanks Orangie.
                  Im better today- but these headaches that last for days are a killer. Ive had the problem for most of my adult life- so its nothing new, and ive tried almost everything under the sun. I take a great preventative that has minimized the occurrence.

                  Last night when I was talking to my hubby about the movies he said did you tell your friend about “Inheritance” (documentary). ? We watched it awhile back, either on Netflix, or Amazon Prime.

                  Its heartbreaking, and emotional. A women finds out that her father was one of the most ruthless, mean spirited SS men named “Goeth” who was hung in the 40’s for his vicious crimes. He was nearly giddy with all the killing he carried out or personally ordered at one of the camps he ran in Poland.
                  His daughter is sick to death with this finding- and she also has no love for her mother. (She was I think 4 or 5 when the war ended)

                  After seeing Schlindlers list, the daughter is even more mortified. She is a very frail women and very very emotional.

                  Anyway- she gets in touch with a survivor of the camp- a woman who is now living in the US- and the woman agrees to travel to Poland to meet her.

                  The survivor is gracious, but her pain is very apparent, even now- 60+ years…
                  …..and I wont tell you the rest, but I highly recommend the video for a different perspective.

                • Orangeone

                  I actually saw The Inheritance on PBS. I rarely watch PBS but I do watch for documentaries on WWII.  I cannot imagine what the first generation thought of their parents when they found out the truth.
                  For migraines, I found something when I was in England that truly helps me, it’s called Panadol.  I’ve not found it in the US though.

                • poljunkie

                  Thanks. I tried Panadol as well when I was on a cruise once about a decade ago and had such a horrible headache I went to the infirmary because what I had brought along wasnt working. (Phenergan). There are two- over the counter, and then the other which is by prescription and it is similar to vicodan.
                  PBS has some good programming. I just wish it were funded totally by donations rather than the tax payer. We are currently watching Downton Abbey but we watch on Amazon Prime. I cant believe we were sucked in.
                  My son did his High School “exhibition” on D-Day- for research we traveled to France and stayed with a British Colonel who runs a gite. The exhibition was The paper plus photos, 20 min video including interviews and a 30 min oral presentation which by requirement he gave to a panel of teachers, community members and a select group of judges. There was also an audience of those who were interested in the topic.
                  The guy was wild…drank a LOT – BUT very knowledgeable…he served as a private guide for 4 days, taking us everywhere….however he would let his anti-Semitism slip which was disappointing.
                  There was also a gal about mid 30’s who had a rampant hatred for anything Jewish. Staying at the place She was from Amsterdam. Another couple, on their Honeymoon, on a detour from Paris- also chimed in with a few choice words that were not civil.
                  This came up a couple mornings over the shared breakfast that the Colonels wife served. She seemed very uncomfortable, but I’m fairly certain the topic was not infrequent to her ears.
                  My son and I were really thunderstruck that so much hated was floating around the table in 2004…AND so openly. We pretty much walked away thinking- if the Nazis were to attempt the same thing RIGHT NOW it seemed most would go along with it.
                  During our stay which coincided with the 60th anniversary of D-Day, a Canadian man was there staying for a week, who had actually served and landed on Juno Beach. He had his son with him, who was about my age- and who remarkably looked very similar to my brother (who is adopted from a Canadian family!!!), They didn’t approve of the Jew bashing either so thankfully my son and I had allies at the table.
                  After the second day, the four of us stopped going to breakfast, and picked up some bread, and pastries in town and ate outside.

      • Orangeone

        And some of those that survived and are alive today stumped for Barky Boy, their children stumped for Barky Boy. I bang my head against the wall still trying to figure out what they are thinking and how they cannot see the blatant similarities between 1940s Nazi Germany and BHO.

        • poljunkie

          Yep. It boggles the mind doesn’t it?

          They want social justice, and that the only point I can “get” from any of them I can sit with and discuss with.


          When I have finished my convo’s i’ve felt like hitting my head against the wall–repeatedly.

          • Orangeone

            And just what do they consider social justice?  It’s like current day minorities that want reparations.  Well they weren’t slaves.  If they want reparations they need to go back to Africa and find the sellers.  Women were property long before and long after, got the right to vote 50 years after blacks did. Yet we aren’t screaming for reparations. Instead, we’ve accepted history as that, history and have looked for opportunities to make the best out of the life God has bestowed upon us.  And I know this is O/T but this woman now has to relive the rape trial because her rapist was granted a new trial based on an 1872 law that only applied to rape of a married woman and the law is still on the books! WTH.
            I’ve run out of sympathy for those looking for excuses and doing nothing to improve the lives of others, and that includes the Jewish population. If any group should have warned America in 2008 and 2012, it would be them.

        • clockwindingdown

          Denial, they denied it would happen before, they denied it would happen as it happened, they’re denying it can happen again. They are people who refuse to face reality for it is to much for them to process. That is the nature of evil and how the left, those that are just tools, deal with what the aided. It is called accountability, and the left want nothing to do with it!

          There are those that are saying look, look, it’s happening again. Beware we have seen it before, this does not end well!

          Then there are those that, deny it happened even though they lived it, they choose to live in fantasy for the reality is to horrible to except…

          Having known people that were in camps and the lost of their families, the certain death they faced daily, the shock of what true evil looks like and does… It amazes me that anyone could function normally after that…

          I must say that witnesses to those atrocities should make every effort of telling first hand reports of what happened. I know they didn’t/don’t want to relive the evil they saw, but I think that is one way evil is able to persevere. Good people not wanting to share what evil will do given the chance. The thought of protecting the young, the innocent leads back to the same. I would love to be wrong, feel free to tell me I am…

          I’ll have to give “hidden child” a viewing.

          • Orangeone

            And this is what frustrates me about Steven Spielberg.  I so admired him for telling the story of Oskar Schindler and then to see him hand over millions for Barky Boy’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns strikes me as that it was all for money.  Not a great representative of the Jewish faith is he.

            • clockwindingdown

              No not really. In some ways he is like Soros, selling his people out to those that wish to destroy them. Spielberg takes fantasies and makes them into film, he is a dreamer. He bought the fantasy of O without looking into who O is! Spielberg saw the O he wanted, denies the real O.

              Many people did and do this, msm helps immensely! they don’t want the truth they choose to believe their own fantasies.

  • Lives4Freedom

    Preach it, sir.

    When a single derranged man, and a half dozen or more like him, armed with nothing but the influential words of their voice, can slaughter people by the tens of millions, many of which were disarmed not long prior; why on God’s green earth is the 2nd Amendment right up for discussion!?

    Am I crazy for wanting to rent an interstate highway billboard, with a large caption titled, “The Risk of Disarming the People”, placed over a photo of a several foot tall pile of dead Jews? It’s terrible and graphic, I’m sorry, but what in the heck does one have to do to get the point across?!

    Sorry to bark so hard, I think that was a couple weeks of pent up frustration that just had to get released. Bullet control this, registration that, magazine size, I am sick of this petty garbage. Look at the big picture, PLEASE.

    • poljunkie

      Yes Lives4, we wrote similar comments.

      • Lives4Freedom

        I think we were writing them at the same time….I type a bit slow, especially with interruptions. 🙂

    • Orangeone

      Has anyone researched Pearl Harbor to see if private citizens used their firearms during the attack?


    … being necessary to the SECURITY of a FREE state , the RIGHT of the PEOPLE to keep and bear ARMS , shall not be INFRINGED .
    (EXCERPT from the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America)

    What is it that the Democrats do not understand in this excerpt that gives them the right to infringe on our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS to the RIGHT to BEAR ARMS to secure a FREE STATE ?


  • Right on! Don’t let libs make the 2nd amendment the right to hunt or target shoot. But what it’s purpose is and Mark Levin nails it right on point.

  • Orangeone

    No O/T so sorry O/T but this is why the 2nd Amendment is necessary, can’t depend on the law to address rape. CA appellate court overturn rape conviction because the victim was single.

  • Orangeone

    Great out of Georgia – Mom protects kids shoots intruder 5 times in face and neck!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Spot on.

  • KenInMontana

    Many will ask, “So, just who is the Militia?”, there are several answers depending on just which militia they are referring. Under current Federal law;

    U.S.C.: Title 10 › Subtitle A › Part I › Chapter 13 › § 311;
    (a) The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.

    The reference to section 313 of title 32, refers in more detail to ages of “enlistment”, for the sake of disclosure here it is:

    Title 32 › Chapter 3 › § 313;
    (a) To be eligible for original enlistment in the National Guard, a person must be at least 17 years of age and under 45, or under 64 years of age and a former member of the Regular Army, Regular Navy, Regular Air Force, or Regular Marine Corps. To be eligible for reenlistment, a person must be under 64 years of age.
    (b) To be eligible for appointment as an officer of the National Guard, a person must—
    (1) be a citizen of the United States; and
    (2) be at least 18 years of age and under 64.

    Back to the militia, many opposed to private ownership of firearms will assert that the word ‘militia’ refers to the National Guard, in this case, they are mistaken. The founders referenced military units akin to our modern National Guard as “Select Militias”. When they used the term “militia” they were referencing the “unorganized militia” comprised of citizens, townsfolk, farmers and frontiersmen. Even current Federal law bears this out. § 311 continues and points out;

    (b) The classes of the militia are—
    (1) the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and
    (2) the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.

    This was not a new concept, even at the time of the founders, it traces its history back through the English Yeomanry back to the Fyrd of the Ancient Anglo-Saxons. The ‘Standing Army’ was a tool of monarchs and tyrants, “a boot on the neck of the people” (now there’s a familiar turn of phrase). The use of a permanent standing military did not take root in this country until the time between the Korean and the Vietnam Wars, prior to that time our ‘Regular Forces’ were de-mobilized at the end of hostilities. National Guard units were regularly called up in time of war until the Federal forces could be trained and filled out, this practice was discontinued due to horrendous casualties suffered by under-trained Guard units in Korea.

    In closing (sorry Scoop, I probably should have written a thread for this), the militia is you and it is me, and all of our fellow citizens that desire to remain free.

    The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.~Thomas Jefferson

    • colliemum

      Thanks for this excellent post! Should be read by everyone, especially § 311, b (2) about the ‘unorganised’ militia.
      This unorganised militia is all of you, and that’s why the dems want to take your guns away.

  • white531

    I am glad Mark made this post. Because it takes the Second Amendment all the way back to our Founding Fathers. Back to the reason for it’s genesis.

    People talk about the things the Founders did, as though they happened just yesterday.

    Get a grip, folks. These people who gave you the Freedom you enjoy, on any given day, of any given week in America, died over two hundred years ago. You would not enjoy that Freedom, except for their wisdom.

    They were incredibly intelligent people. Otherwise, we would not be here right now. Have you ever considered that fact? Probably not, would be my best guess. The documents they wrote, protect your Freedom to this day. The documents your current leadership is doing it’s best to ignore.

    These Patriots were not concerned with themselves. I know that’s hard for you to believe, but it’s true. They were concerned with future generations. Their children. Their grandchildren.

    They had a vision that future generations of Americans would enjoy what they risked their very lives for. Freedom.

    How well do you think we have lived up to their expectations of us?

    • Sandra123456

      Applause. Well stated. I too marvel at how intelligent and far seeing our Founders were in a time when it was so much harder to gain knowledge of the world.

      One thing about the time our Revolution occurred was that the rifles and firearms in general that the citizens had at that time were as good as or better than what the British military had.

      Perhaps our gun laws should be weakened or amended to again allow our citizens to have weapons that are good as what our military has so we could again overthrow the government by force if needed because we don’t have the equality of arms that we had during our Revolution and the Civil War. I am not talking about tanks and howitzers here but, fully automatic weapons, rifles and handguns, using the size bullets our military uses.

      • white531

        The quality of the weapons we are able to possess, as private citizens, should at least be equal to the weapons our government would use against us. That was the purpose, and the intent of the Second Amendment.

        Just as Mark Levin said, The Second Amendment was not intended to protect recreational use of guns. The Second Amendment was written to protect us against a tyrannical government.

        We are currently living with just such a tyrannical government, and they are doing everything in their power, to take away our guns, and the Second Amendment that protects our right to own those guns.

        This is what Jefferson meant when he said, “The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” -Thomas Jefferson

        They are trying right now.

  • Diogenes_wy

    According to the GAO, there are about 50,000 law enforcement personnel distributed through 45 agencies. These are full-time agents, authorized to execute searches, make arrests, and carry firearms. Add in some 7,462 Customs agents the total approaches 60,000. This doesn’t include contract personnel, military CID forces or personnel from agencies with less than 25 officials in law enforcement.
    All of these agencies are armed with military weaponry and SWAT teams. Couple that with the military arming of state, county and local police and then tell me we aren’t living in a police state.

    The Framer’s were spot on in the second amendment and my only fear that we’re going to have to exercise this right in the near future.

  • KenInMontana
  • white531

    I don’t mean to be maudlin this late at night. It’s just that this used to be such a great place to live, before the Progressives got control of our government. We really had everything a human being could want. I guess it was just such a beautiful place to live, that it was just too good to believe.

    How could something so perfect, be destroyed so easily? I believe the answer to that question is simple. Inattention. Negligence. Lack of caring. The lack of understanding what Freedom really means.

    You buy a plant in the marketplace. You bring it home and put it on the counter. You expect it to flourish. You forget to water it. Plant dies. Silly, right?

    The plant you brought home from the marketplace, is no different from the Freedom your Founders tried to provide you.

    Neither have the ability to exist by themselves. Try to get that through your brain.

    A simple plant cannot exist, without some sort of nourishment, and basic care. It’s very life depends upon it.

    Freedom is no different.

    You have to keep pulling the weeds. If you ever stop pulling the weeds, the weeds will take over your entire garden.

    • combdyn

      A part of the problem is “our freedom”. What allows Muslims to build a mosque on
      WTC in NY? “WE” as Americans, under the auspices of “freedom”, have allowed
      the infiltration of our lifestyle, our education system, our judicial system, and now our system of government.(you don’t actually believe BHO honestly won the office do you? he did not even win once without the Chicago, dead, and illegal vote).
      Liberal communists called it “progress”. And people allowed it. Somehow, America needs to return to the track of the God-fearing country we once were. And find a way to say NO when it comes to the insidious sep-by-step theft of the American founder vision of our country.

    • Orangeone

      “How could something so perfect, be destroyed so easily? I believe the answer to that question is simple. Inattention. Negligence. Lack of caring. The lack of understanding what Freedom really means.”

      May I add: selfishness, greed, self-centeredness, lack of faith

  • ApplePie101

    Why beat around the bush? The 2nd amendment is a constitutional mandate to ensure that we may forcibly remove the government when it ceases to function as a constitutional republic.

  • dcbeall

    Mark is absolutely correct.

  • Ray

    Mark Levin: “The reason the 2nd amendment exists is to arm the population to overthrow a tyrannical government”

    And they KNOW that and that is why they want us disarmed.

  • colliemum

    Gun control is really and only ‘people control’, and politicians and the powerful have been using the shibboleth of ‘protecting people from guns for their own good’ for decades.

    Here is a very worthwhile article about gun control laws in the UK:

    Not many know that under the Bill of Rights 1689 (google it!), we had the right to bear arms. And see how this right has been nibbled at for a long time – because the politicians fear the people.
    No – there’s no 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights of 1689, and no, proper history has not been taught in our schools since 1997 …

  • How can we when the military is on the same side as the tyrannical rulers? Obama’s regime is devising a way for the FCC to put conservative media out of business.

  • Kordane

    This would have been great, had it been said decades ago, before all of the various gun control measures had been put in place. The sad fact is that the Left has their foot in the door so much so that they can almost push through entirely. I think it’ll only be a matter of time until the Left come knocking at your door to claim your guns. They have your address; they know what guns you’ve bought. They’ll knock down your door, search your house, have you tied up and held down on the floor, take any guns they can find, and probably still arrest you for resisting arrest and/or possessing firearms despite their ‘laws’ that say you can’t own them.

  • jleinf

    Would a tyrannical government be one that is lawless and out of control? Then by all means lets keep the second!

  • JoeMontana16

    Hes right of course. These laws the Left has hoisted upon us give us zero way to win that battle. The Framers wanted us to have bad ass weapons. You can’t beat a tyrannical government with shotguns and pistols. We want the good stuff.

    • ApplePie101

      We have 2 weapons the framers didn’t have: video and the internet.

  • Well said Mark. Not enough people understand this.

  • Well, not only is Levin right, but I fear that the population will soon be called to defend those rights. We are living in dangerous times, my friends. If there is serious Federal gun control legislation coming down the road soon, and if Congress is foolish enough to pass it, I don’t really see how the government is going to disarm this country. I really don’t, especially in states like Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and I don’t even want to talk about the deep south. Nope, this can only end badly and it’s a needless confrontation. How many people died in the streets of Chicago during the gang violence there in the 1920s during Prohibition? Lots, yet even then there was never a call to ban weapons, and the weapons back then were just as deadly as they are now (only back then they had Thompson sub-machine guns as opposed to AR-15s). There will always be violence in a country as large as ours. But the answer to that violence is NOT to trash the Constitution. And gun owners need to make that point again, and again, and again.

    • Lady Patriot

      I think we should be methodical in our effort to protect our country. There are only around 20% who consider themselves liberals. It’s time we start taking names and adresses. Just getting rid of LIBERAL Democrats could get us to the point of proclaiming the Constitution as our document and anyone who works against it will be arrested for treason or whatever else needs to be done. We pretty much know the politicians involved who are busy violating our constitutional rights every day. Perhaps we could start a group whose sole responsibility would be to begin these lists state by state…including but not limited to politicians, professors, union leaders, judges, entertainers, etc. Without these people the war on Socialism could be won much more quickly than fighting ALL of the citizens. We would then be able to elect a president, fill judges’ vacancies, correct our history books and teach our history correctly. Oh yeah, we could take O’s name out of all the presidentional records especially where he included himself in the biography of other presidents. What a narcissist! He has never been a leader no matter what he thinks. He has been wrong more often than all other presidents combined.

      • Orangeone

        Yes we should be taking names, addresses and publishing them! When we are called up to defend against tyranny, we must be well aware of who are enemies are because they will quickly come to hide behind us and demand we sacrifice our lives to save theirs.

  • There is no hope of an honest discussion until we can openly bring this perspective to the table. Further, we need to recognize that the motivation of the “gun control” movement has nothing to do with protecting kids or anyone else. They need to get rid of our guns so that tyranny can prevail.

  • I, Believe With What Mr Levin Says. America Was Never Ment To Be Taken Over By Our Own Government. They Were Elected For Their Honesty And Trust To Serve Our Country.Look What There Doing To Their Own Familys, Does This Tell You Something.

  • Amen!

    An Armed American is a Citizen.

    A Dis-Armed American is a Slave.

  • granniesrus

    Remember BHO also said “we need a civilian force, armed as well as the military”. Well, he didn’t mean us. He meant those he would arm. Look at ammo sales for various agencies: FEMA; IRS…..

  • gsreagan

    That’s pretty much it. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Is it 1776 all over … again?? If it is, it’s time to “rock and roll” as our ole gunny seargent Krummel use to say as we were heading out on ReCon. US Navy vet, 1966-1969, Hospitalman, Corpsman, FMF, Pharmacist Mate; the “Big E”, USS Repose, USS Lexington

  • So? Why are we all standing around doing nothing? “The tree of liberty must be fed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure,” said Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith in 1787. It’s obvious that Speaker Boehner refuses to do his sworn job, and oust Obama. Perhaps we must do it for him?
    Oh, that’s right! We don’t do anything other than sign useless petitions and send worthless letters to our “elected” elite, because we’re now a nation of apathetic cowards who are only too happy to “let someone else do it, because I have a family/job/career to think about!” We talk the talk, but won’t walk the walk.
    We have only ourselves to blame. Shame on us!

  • seems they’ll give any wino a show and let em talk won’t they? Anyone here think our govenment is NOT becoming a tyranntical government….raise your hands!

    • DrZarkov99

      Educate yourself, if you have any intellectual honesty. Tyranny arrives slowly, by trading the appearance of security for reduced freedom of choice. Once an authoritarian state reaches a level of overwhelming, unchallengeable power, the subtlety disappears. At that point it’s too late to try to reduce the state’s power.

      If you’re content to be an obedient sheep, fitting a government-approved mold, willing to give up freedom of choice, then you probably won’t see it coming. You’re either incredibly naive, or helplessly stupid. I’m going to be kind and assume the former, until I see otherwise.

    • white531

      Hunter, of course we think our government is becoming tyrannical. Why does that make you want to call Mark Levin, a wino? Just curious.

  • SKL53

    Seems we are living it RIGHT NOW!!!!!

  • Hey Dianne Feinstein, did you hear that? Mark Levin is right on and weren’t you sworn into the senate to uphold the Constitution? One crackpot out of 330 million people goes on a killing rampage and you along with your Marxist President want to disarm the whole country. There are over 70 million gunowners with as many guns as there is population and none except one, murders innocents including his own mother. The remaining 69,999,000 responsible law abiding gun owners join the nation in expressed condolences to those stricken families who lost their little ones. I’m a 69 year old grandfather who’d be devastated if my little granddaughters became the victims of such fate as those in Connecticut. You cannot blame the gun,it’s a inanimate object capable of doing nothing by itself regardless of design or ammo capacity. A gun is a mighty force for good or evil,not in and of itself,but only in the hands of those who use it. It is not an “assault” weapon by design, hammers and ball bats serve that purpose. A gun is a tool for specific purposes such as hunting,target shooting,competition shooting,police and military training,and self defense should such need arise. Many guns are beautifully engraved works of art sought after by collectors,never to be used but admired. The so called “gun” culture in the USA is a heritage passed down from our founders and forefathers. Ownership of defensive arms was considered to be so sacred by our founders,they made it a law that such ownership shall not be infringed. Even Jesus himself said,”Should someone take your sword,best sell your cloak and go buy another”. Coming back to mentioned granddaughters,if I were to lose them in a way that those folks in Newton,CT lost their little ones and you Senator Feinstein go on your gun hating rampage to politicize my loss, I would never cave in to your vendetta and politely tell you No. I am your boss you’re not mine and you’re violating your oath of office by infringing on my Second Amendment right,that goes for the rest of your Dummycrat ilk as well and any RINO milquetoast who cojoins with you.

  • fireboatman

    I read something of interest yesterday. We should repeal the 17th Amendment of the US Constitution. This would return the appointments and election of all Senators back to the individual states in accord with Article 1 Section 3 of the US Constitution. Woodrow Wilson (D) US President in 1912 authored the 17th Amendment in 1913 along with the 16th Amendment on the Personal Income Tax. Repealing the 17th Amendment will put the power of the US Congress back to the states where it belongs and the 10th Amendment on Nullification will gain some strength along with the power of the people. Wilson knew what he was doing in trying to construct a big central government and weaken the power of the states and people. It took 100 years folks and Wilson was successful. Now the 2nd Amendment is in the way of the progressives and the threat of the government to take away our defenses is at hand. Without the 17th Amendment none of this would have been possible. We must repeal the 17th Amendment of the US Constitution.

  • WordsFailMe

    If you are not a gun owner, and I’m not talking about target pistols and squirrel guns, you are a failure as an American.

    • Orangeone

      I personally prefer the liberals to be unarmed.

      • WordsFailMe

        I don’t think the liberal believes in his heart that he is an American. The liberal believes he or she is so much more than, greater than a mere citizen of a single nation, a beneficiary of the real sacrifices pain and horror suffered by those who came before and laid the street, dug the sewers, tamed the river and built the institutions. Liberals essentially believe that the world was created by their birth and at the moment of their birth and was designed for their pleasure and use. I think of liberals as more like apes and monkeys than men, close but not entirely human.

        I think that liberals expect that increasing laws and hiring more policemen will create the kind of control over their environment and neighbors that they desire. In other words, I don’t think that liberals can conceive of the next moment, day year of generation. They see their children as mere reflections of their own egos, accessories, if you will, to the sheer glorious-ness of self.

        I don’t expect to see liberals running out to buy guns. I see them scrambling to get someone else into a difficult financial situation or flattering and undermining some basically stupid, inferior people and using them against any resistance.

        If the libs could breed policemen the way farmers breed pigs and chickens, they would.

        I don’t like liberals.

        • white531

          “I don’t like Liberals.” I could think of a lot of humorous comments for that one, but I know you meant it in a serious way. 🙂

          • Steven Newman

            I believe that being despised by the despicable is as good as being admired by the admirable.

            • white531

              Now that made me laugh, Mr. Newman. There is no better combination, than wisdom, combined with a sense of humor. Winston Churchill, God bless him, epitomized it.

              Ronald Reagan took it to a higher level, and even his enemies loved him for it. Even Tip O’neil, his constant adversary, said, “you know, you just can’t help but like the guy.”

              We are all human. We all have attributes and weaknesses. We do the best we can, with our shortcomings, and try instead, to concentrate on what we do well.

              You would think that the mix that makes up all of us, coming from such different countries and backgrounds and life experiences, would make us so strong, as a nation, that the fabric of America would be like canvas, indestructible in it’s being.

              That’s a dream that keeps getting away from us, even while we think it is just within our grasp. Because there are people constantly tearing at the fabric of America, just like rats in a celler.

              There are so many analogies out there, about what is happening to America right now, that I get tired of hearing them, and I get tired of making them myself.

              There are bad people in this country and in our government, who want to change us into something different from what the Founders envisioned.

              There are just as many good people among us, who want to prevent that from happening.

              Who wins that war, is anyone’s guess at this point. But it’s a war worth fighting, don’t you think?

              • Steven Newman

                As a US Army veteran of 24 years, I hope and pray to avoid bloodshed. I have seen the face of mans inhumanity to man and it is not something I would want for my children and grandchildren to be exposed to. As one of our Founding Fathers said “If there must be war, let it come now, so my children may know peace.” However having said that I am reminded of another “War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things: the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth a war, is much worse. A man who has nothing which he is willing to fight for, nothing which he cares more about than he does about his personal safety, is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.” – John Stuart Mill. SO, YES it IS a war worth fighting for my children and grandchildren in the hope that they may know peace.

                • WordsFailMe

                  Interesting to me is that it is women, specifically Pelolugosi and Fiend-stein who will decide the question of whether there will be blood or no.

                  As a California hostage of the Progressive and National Socialist Republican’s Party, I have accustomed my self to the ten round limit on magazines and regularly practice reloading, clearing etc. And though I don’t like the idea of the government moving even one inch more toward gun control, I can live with it if you all in the rest of the nation decide not to fight.

                  Any move beyond that will necessarily lead to blood, as 1,000,000 Ma and Pa Kettles, with nothing left to lose, decide that they are not going to turn in their weapons or trade them for Social Security Credits, Food Stamps, Prescription Discount Coupons, love or money, and they are not going to peacefully hand their weapons over when the local sheriff, accompanied by a Party Member, comes to call.

                  Pelosi, Feinstien and every other mother loving freak who thinks that civilization means controlling the people, like they were irresponsible children, instead of empowering and respecting them will get the justice they deserve.

                  The decision to resist, or not, is easy. There’s no grey area in this issue.

                • WordsFailMe

                  I can’t disagree with you one bit Steve, seen some myself but since I never lived as a slave or under a tryrant, where any misplaced word could send you and/or your family to a torture chamber for weeks, months or years would be preferable to one chance to prevent it. Even if the odds are against me.

                • Steven Newman

                  I like what Winston Churchill said: “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to PERISH than to live as slaves.”

  • mikeinidaho

    The Second Amendment was put in place to give the populace the tools needed to TAKE BACK the Republic from the tyranny that is this administration. Lock and load, folks. The Vandals are at the gates of Rome.

  • Steven Newman

    “Secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy … censorship. When ANY government, or ANY church, for that matter, undertakes to say to it’s subjects, ‘This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know,’ the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how good the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man whose mind has been hoodwinked; contrariwise, NO amount of force can control a FREE man, a man whose mind is free. No, not the rack, not fission bombs, not anything. You CANNOT conquer a FREE man; the most you can do is KILL him.” — Robert A. Heinlein

    Our Founding Fathers were proud that Americans were trusted with arms because they knew that only when people are armed could they truly be thought of as free citizens. And that’s where the circle closes. Those who want to DEPRIVE YOU OF YOUR RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS ARE INTENDING TO DEPRIVE YOU OF YOUR FREEDOM, period. Like the criminals their policies encourage, these elitists know that it is always best to disarm victims BEFORE you enslave them. — Charley Reese

    “Certainly one of the chief guarantees of freedom under any government, no matter how popular and respected, is the right of citizens to keep and bear arms. This is not to say that firearms should not be very carefully used, and that definite safety rules of precaution should not be taught and enforced. But the right of citizens to bear arms is just one more guarantee against arbitrary government, one more safeguard against tyranny which now appears remote in America , but which historically has proved to be always possible.” ~ Senator Hubert H. Humphrey, in “Know Your Lawmakers,” Guns magazine, Feb. 1960, p. 4.

    • Orangeone

      Thank you for that great quote! And HHH was a MN Democrat!

      Edit: This will come in very handy when MN makes a move to restrict the 2nd Amendment.

      • Steven Newman

        “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to PERISH than to live as slaves.” ~ Winston Churchill

        • Orangeone

          Fantastic, uplifting quote, thank you!

          • Steven Newman

            Thank you

        • white531

          I believe Sir Winston was the strongest leader in World War II. Uncanny timing, actually. He appeared on the scene, just when he was needed. His quotes are famous, and deservedly so.

  • fireboatman

    I read something of interest yesterday. We should repeal the 17th Amendment of the US Constitution. This would return the appointments and election of all Senators back to the individual states in accord with Article 1 Section 3 of the US Constitution. Woodrow Wilson (D) US President in 1912 authored the 17th Amendment in 1913 along with the 16th Amendment on the Personal Income Tax. Repealing the 17th Amendment will put the power of the US Congress back to the states where it belongs and the 10th Amendment on Nullification will gain some strength along with the power of the people. Wilson knew what he was doing in trying to construct a big central government and weaken the power of the states and people. It took 100 years folks and Wilson was successful. Now the 2nd Amendment is in the way of the progressives and the threat of the government to take away our defenses is at hand. Without the 17th Amendment none of this would have been possible. We must repeal the 17th Amendment of the US Constitution.

    • white531

      You sir, have a keen mind. I have always thought the 17th Amendment was a huge mistake. It is proving so now.

  • Please also keep in mind the first four words in the Second Amendment are: “A well regulated Militia”. The Militia is not the National Guard, the National Guard didn’t exist until 150 years after this Amendemnt was ratified. According to our forefathers, any able bodied man (and in today’s culture, women are included in that). A Militia is also a military unit that was intended to see combat should the need arise. Therefore military capable arms are the most protected of all “Arms”!!!! The banning of semiautomatic AR-15 and AK-47 type arms is therefore expressly forbidden by the Second Amendment. In fact the case can, and probably should be made that select-fire arms are perfectly constitutional, and were in fact legal to purchase over the counter until 1934.

  • G Palis

    Bravo Mark !

  • G Palis

    Bravo Mark, SIMPLE: In the original true non-violent, clean-it-up better then you found-it TEA PARTY Sprite. The best way is not to take-up arms, but to use there own liberal tactics against them. All gun owners, Tea Party Patriot’s and all USA freedom lovers go on strike, don’t go to work until they comply with the original constitution that they all took an oath to serve us, to protect our rights, to defend our Constitution. Choke off the head of the beast’s money.

  • Orangeone

    Received an email from the NRA that Feinstein intends to introduce her bill 1/22/13.

  • sagejohn

    It is time for the Republican Governors to call up the National Guard in their State to unite with the armed American people to remove the Marxists Democrats who are attacking the United States Constitution. Barack Obama is being led by Andy L. Stern (SEIU), a devout Marxist, who hates the U.S. Constitution and said publicly that beginning on 1 January 2014 HR3590 ObamaHealthCare legally makes him dictator of the United States (Kathleen Sebelius, HHS Secretary is Andy Stern’s assistant) with the authority to kill any American citizen who disobeys him.

    HR3590 ObamaHealthCare overturns Marbury v. Madison thereby nullifying the authority of the Supreme Court (search HR3590 for “judicial review” to see the proof written into 13 Sections). Andy Stern is raising, training, and arming his 3,000,000 man army to enforce his Marxist tyranny dictatorship over the American People beginning Jan 2014.

    The time to stop them is NOW!

  • Steven Newman

    “The Second Amendment is a doomsday provision, one designed for those exceptionally rare circumstances where all other rights have failed – where the government refuses to
    stand for reelection and silences those who protest; where courts have lost the courage to oppose, or can find no one to enforce their decrees. However improbable these
    contingencies may seem today, facing them unprepared is a MISTAKE a FREE people get to make only ONCE.” — Judge Alex Kozinski 2009

    Firstly, yes, if a person wants to go on a murderous rampage, guns can make that endeavor more expedient — but it’s a two-way street. Guns also make defense more expedient. People use guns defensively more frequently than they do to commit crimes, and oftentimes nonviolently so — just letting an intruder or attacker see that you have a gun can be enough.

    Secondly, if you ever try to tell me that the United States government could NEVER be capable of nefarious acts of deceit or violence, just because ‘this is America’ and we’re in
    ‘modern times’ and ‘that could never happen’ or whatever lame reasoning you can think up for not possessing the means to fight tyranny — I will literally laugh in your face. Those are the notions of a spoiled, passive ignoramus who can’t be roused to the reality that liberty REQUIRES CONSTANT vigilance.

    • white531

      I like the way you write. I hope you contribute on a regular basis.

      • Steven Newman

        Thank you, most of what I post is from my studies of the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist papers. After serving in the US Army for 24 years I developed a desire to better understand these documents that are the bedrock of out nation.

        • white531

          Scoop enjoys more popularity, on almost a daily basis. Every time I check in, I find four or five new members I never saw before. Steven Newman is one.

          Most of these new people are golden. Because they finally found a place to discuss the issues we all face, in a friendly, and supportive environment. An environment free of the profanity and personal attacks, that exist on other sites.

          When you come to this site, we want you to bring your thoughts and ideas. We want you to leave all the other garbage behind.

          If you don’t, then you will face K-Bob, and Ken in Montana, and the most dangerous of all, AmericanborninCanada.

          All kidding aside, this is a great site for discussion, and I think I speak for Scoop, when I say,”Welcome,” to all the new members.

          Each new member brings new intelligence, and a history of experience, that injects new energy into The Right Scoop.

          It is a smoothly running machine, and it works.

  • farmrdave

    When a politician opens their mouth measure the words against constitutional limits. Free speech is for American citizens. Public servants speaking out against constitutional limits while on the job should be a road to sudden unemployment.

  • Right on, Mark. The right to keep and bear arms was referring to the latest military weapons and the Government has no right to tell me what gun I may wish to pocess or how many rounds it may hold. There will always be nuts who will misuse technolgy and twist the truth to fit their agenda, therefore, being alert to the threat is essental!!

  • Dennis Campbell

    Does anyone know how many veterans ages 22-60 live in America? Must be in the millions, and far more than the government could muster on all levels.

  • Mr. Levin is correct as usual. I’m pissed at him because I think he should be out here educating the masses on our Constitution. No one knows it better, especially that Moron Obama. When one thinks about it, one can come to the conclusion that the term “Progressive Liberal” makes our point about the Constitution. The forefathers had the vision and the wisdom to place the 2nd amendment in the constitution because they foresaw a movement like we have in this nation at present. They saw what had happened with every form of government, democratic or not, which came before them. They studied history and knew that history always seemed to repeat it self. They understood mans repeated quest for utopia through the ages. And they understood the ruling classes desire to expunge God from the peoples minds in history, whether it was kingships or councils. They knew the attraction of power in government and made it possible for the people to have a path to correct this. We need to get back to this point and get there soon, very soon.

  • Surly Curmudgen

    The second amendment is man’s attempt at paraphrasing a law of nature. Every living creature down to the most helpless will fight to defend it’s life. Even a baby in it’s first trimester will fight to escape the forceps in the hand of an abortionist trying to tear it apart. Self defence is an integral part of being alive. For those who are intent on depriving me or mine of the tools of defence there are only two possible results of that attempt, either you are dead or I am dead. Can you grok that?

  • Another reminder: In WWII, after Pearl Harbor, the Japanese Army actually wanted to invade the US. Our armed forces were so weak at the time (in 1936 or so the US Army was ranked something like 19 among the world’s armies) that they thought the could land on the West Coast and take everything west of the Mississippi. Admiral Yamamoto (the archtiect of Pearl Harbor) who had gone to college in the US warned against it saying that “if you invade America you will find a rifle behind every blade of grass”. They decided not to invade.

  • 1_Eddie_1

    A revolution has already been declared upon the USA by the commander in chief. He said he wanted to fundamentally transform America, that sounds like revolutionary attack to me. The theft of your money through excessive taxation. The staggering amount of prohibitive regulations on any and everything (six thousand regulations written in one month). The loss of freedoms that we have suffered is tyranny, you can’t get on a plane without the government illegally searching you. Go for a cruise, and as you approach the government agents you see a sign (NO WEAPONS BEYOND THIS POINT) and get searched for weapons only to board the ship and receive knives at your dinner table. You can’t even get on board the ship with a metal spoon, as it will be confiscated. This is all about people control. They need us to be good little sheople. Soon we won’t be allowed to even speak about what is happening. How can disent be allowed? Sheople control.

  • well

    Little off topic, but the proceedings, using all the info: Benghazi, false social security number, etc need to be started before the inauguration. All the people need to put efforts together to do this.

  • well


  • I did not catch this on your show Mark, but thanks for sharing. This is exactly what our right to bear arms is about, and has nothing to do with hunting or sports or day to day self defense. I think our government has forgotten that WE THE PEOPLE are the true boss. They work for us, not the other way around.

  • Tonto

    Enough said….and he’s absolutely, 100% correct.

  • It seems that everyone here is upset and radical. When will you realize that Obama is one of the smartest people in the world. He will bring world peace and love to everyone. Think about it. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Biden, Frank, Boxer are all super smart. when Madonna, Clooney, JZ, Wayans, Cher and so many others say it is OK to even pray to Obama for help and maybe he is the messiah. Please give this wonderful man a chance. he will have Muzlim, Jew, Hindu and so on eating together in love. Homo’s will be appreciated for what they bring, births will be tightly controlled so the anti-abortion crowd cannot force their agenda on us. Peace people, peace will reign. Give up your silly guns for peace and love.

  • ECDucy

    True! The 2nd Amendment is to protect WE THE PEOPLE from an oppressive, tyrannical Government, that being said- EVERYONE who reads this post- Join or form a Militia, arm up EVERYONE & prepare for the 2nd American Revolution!!!

  • CommonSense

    It’s worse today than in the days of King Geo, and he was overthrown. And we do and are doing nothing about the tyranny. Tyranny of the EPA, TSA, and name any other you wish. So just how bad does it have to get before action is taken to relieve Patriots of the burden of the Federal Gov’t? AKA the Federal “Bully” Gov’t? Don’t Bullies scare, intimidate, run rude, run over, etc? Congress is a Bully! SCOTUS is a Bully! The whole of the gov’t is a Bully organization. No longer it answer to “WE the people”, but WE to the Politician. Who but the politician gets a lifetime retirement for a few yrs work? Exempt from insider trading and the laws they vote “present” on. They will be hung around around our necks until they are just hung from a

  • ECDucy

    True! The 2nd Amendment is to protect WE THE PEOPLE from a tyrannical, oppressive Government. That being said- EVERYONE who reads this post either join or start a Militia, arm EVERYONE in the Militia, get plenty of ammo and prepare for the 2nd American Revolution! The best way to end this before it starts- have your armed Militia, have ALL of the armed Militias across the USA go to the WH. WE THE PEOPLE need at least 2000 armed people show up at the WH, knock on the door & ask Mrs. O- “Can little Barrack come out & play?” That ought to get his attention!!!


    Mark’s answer is correct. The 2nd amend, at the time, was rational with perhaps only a couple of million inhabitants in the US. And a gun today may be needed in the home to
    protect against intruders & or hostile personal enemies.
    But today with over 330 million people in the US, things have changed. Our enemy is us.
    Even should our government become tyrannical, we would stand no earthly chance to offer resistance. With the ARMED FORCES, NATIONAL GUARD, NSA, CIA, FBI, HOMELAND
    SECURITY, FEMA, SWAT TEAMS, AND FOREIGN MERCENARIES, duty bound to follow the Commander in Chief’s orders, the Citizen Militias, any organized resistance, and local neighborhood armed groups, would be utterly destroyed or incarcerated in concentration camps. So if you need a hand gun, rifle, or shotgun in the home, or concealed in public, doubt you require a semi-automatic weapon with large capacity magazines, unless you foolishly believe you will be able to confront the above listed forces, or that you have a death wish.

    • SFCF

      At the time of the American Revolution the thirteen colonies were a group of unorganized farmers and merchants with no means to defend themselves other than a musket that hung over the fireplace. We were pushed to the point of armed revolution against the most powerful nation in the world. And through much hardship, and with the sympathy of other nations, we eventually won our independence. Do not make the mistake of forgetting that many of those in the aforementioned “Armed Forces, National Guard, NSA, CIA, FBI, etc.”, are true American Patriots at heart. When they perceive that the country they are sworn to defend, has been poisoned from within, they will each search their hearts and ultimately choose a side. They too can only be pushed so far before they realize that this nation, “of the people, by the people, and for the people” has had enough of an unresponsive and seemingly uncaring government. Elected officials in this country at every level of government have long since forgotten that they are ‘servants of the people’, not ‘Gods from the Heavens’.

  • NJK

    “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms..disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed one.” – Thomas Jefferson quoting Cesare Beccaria, Criminologist in 1764. That was 230 years ago. -Thomas Jefferson

    “The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” -Thomas Jefferson

    The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.-Thomas Jefferson

  • SFCF

    This is the exact truth that most Gun Owners didn’t know. When it was written into the constitution, our forefathers had just come out of a long war to protect and defend their right to the freedoms and liberties that we all enjoy, and are under attack today. As scared as you may be to say it out loud, the second amendment was put there to give you the means to “keep a free people free from a tyranical government”. With that comes a tremendous responsibility, a responsibility that 99.9% of gun owners in this country have taken seriously. Similarly you could apply statistics to the Alcohol consumers, and motor vehicle drivers. Most of them follow the laws and are responsible drinkers and/or drivers. In each case there is a very very small percentage that choose to drink to excess, drive wrecklessly, or do both together. But for some reason society is not trying to limit cars to 15 horsepower or a top speed of 10 miles per hour, or limit alcohol consumption to one beer per day. The media, with opportunistic politicians in second place, are the primary forces that are trying to crucify gun owners. The question that I ask myself when I am alone in thought is “will I be able to raise my gun against my neighbor, when they come to take it away from me?”

    • ApplePie101

      Of course the government did try to outlaw alcohol, and only succeeded in creating a huge black market, and empowering formidable crime syndicates. If they try it with guns, I can see this ramping up to a crisis very rapidly.

      • SFCF

        There you have it! Why can’t all the anti-gun nuts see this? Statistics can be altered to say anything you want them to. But when altered it is a simple matter to dispell the image they are trying to portray. I don’t see anyone trying to dispell these FACTS.

  • Not only were guns meant to protect us from a tyrannical government, but they were also meant help protect our righteous government and country from an invasion by other governments. I have never met a police officer who wanted to disarm the law abiding citizens of our country. They understand that if not directly, we indirectly protect thier lives each time we stop a criminal who is armed and acting like he is from the middle east. We are their backup. Along the same lines, every soldirer who risks his life away from home for freedom, expects to come home to a safer place. It is our patriotic duty to make sure that happens. Standing back and asking someone else to take a bullet for you is the act of a coward, which is what these anti-2nd amendment Constitution hating creatures are. Even a dumb animal has the instinct to protect their own. These left-wing zombies are already dead inside, why are they so afraid? If they don’t have enough braincells left to protect themselves, then I have no problem doing it for them, just get the hell out of the way of the unselfish and faithful.

  • physicsnut

    small technical question – how come whenever I am on this site, the CPU goes NUTS and slows down. On most other sites it does not do that.

    • My CPU is fine. Don’t freak out, your computer is probably full of crap.

  • cactusbob

    Finally we have been given a cogent explanation of the purpose for the 2nd Amendment. Hunting and recreational target shooting are fine, but not the main reason. For self defense, guns are important, especially in this lawless society (I know, we have yet to see lawlessness), but the Founders knew that guns are the most valuable tool as a means of overthrowing a tyrannical government. They had just seen that first hand, in defeating the British. Those Founders also knew that our Constitutional Republic would last only as long as the populace was composed of moral and God-fearing citizens. After many decades of liberals whittling away at our freedoms and building bigger government, those good citizens have been reduced to a minority. This is the time for action, and we should not be hesitant to utilize the means presented in the Constitution. Obama has declared war on us, and he will continue to consolidate his position while we debate and talk and compromise. We need a leader who can guide the force we have, our military, to take action where it is most needed, here at home.

    • I agree with you and while forces in our military will be both an aid and our enemies in these coming years when the new war kicks off, our leader(s) will come not from any political place or official but from everyday men like us out here, living and breathing the real America and loving her.

  • If things keep going the way they are and no impeachment proceedings called for soooon and very sooooon it may come to a fight. Better to do it through the system as there are legitimate reasons for it now. Somebody needs to get it moving if it’s ever going to happen. Our nation is slowly being destroyed in the interim. What’s the wait for??????

  • Pablo Descartes

    Mark Levin is an American Patriot whom I respect greatly. (In contrast to the liberal excrement trolling this site as though it adds meaning to their pathetic life.)
    Oscumbag is a tyrant.

  • To all who wish to know more concerning our country and the Constitution, Hillsdale College has so far offered three (3) courses and they are FREE!! Of course a donation would be appreciated. Each course has duration of ten weeks to complete and included in each of those weeks are 40 minute lectures from the professors who teach at Hillsdale, Also, plenty of reading material and even an on-line session to accommodate a Q&A with the professor. Go at your own pace, you need only to register and download each course, and they are yours for reference at any time thereafter. Really, there is no excuse to be an uninformed citizen. Call and find out more detail.

  • I don’t know how much you commenter know about the 1967 Chinese Social Revolution. If you have no knowledge of this event. I urge you to read about it. In my opinion the liberals have for the last thirty years been working toward the same thing here in the US.

    As long as the people are armed it can’t happen. The liberals know this. That is why they go after guns rather than the individual. They also know criminals will not turn guns and will help facilitate with their take over.

    The members of the military will not obey an illegal order. I don’t think they are the ones to fear. The group you need to worry about is the TSA. They have purchased over 1.4 billion rounds of ammo. That is more than the Military currently uses 70 million rounds a year. There are only about fifty-eight thousand people employed by the TSA. That equals over 100,000 rounds per person.

  • James Fontana

    We have our tyranical government right now lead by Obama Pelosi and Reid with assistance from agencies such as EPA, DOJ, ATF and others. Overthrow is a big word but should not be taken lightly. Something needs to be done and sooner than later.

  • monacall

    our whole corrupt government needs to be cleaned out. all senate and congress need to be voted or removed and that includes that white house. some how some way there has got to be a patriot in that group some where. I pray
    by that i mean by mouth no other way (yet)

  • Bangar

    Mark Levin is correct.

  • Horseshit. Read the amendment:”A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” It was designed to provide a constabulary in a country that, at the time, was largely un-policed. Also, in the late 18th century the United States, like every other country on the planet, had no standing army. An armed populace meant “A well regulated Militia”, and was necessary for these reasons. Over two hundred years later the 2nd amendment is more dangerous than useless. It is maintained and disfigured to continue a lucrative revenue stream to an amoral corporate firearms cartel. The mythology that it was designed to somehow prevent tyranny is propagated by paid shills like Levin who haven’t the slightest concern about how many persons, even kids, will be murdered by criminals or mentally unstable people who have no difficulty obtaining deadly antipersonnel firearms.

    • You’re a tool and a moron for believing in that nonsense. You take bits and pieces of what you want and make it into something it is not. The Constitution and the 2nd Amendment specifically have been clarified by the Founding Father’s many times over and what it really means. You are WRONG.

  • Mark Levin is right and he got to the point. This is WHY the commies in America from the lower levels to the highest most secret levels who run our show and our elected officials want to disarm us. They say, we don’t need assault rifles and that we shouldn’t own semi-auto rifles and handguns. They say that we should be limited on how many mag’s we can have, what type of handle is on our rifle, etc. They believe they know what’s best for us. When in fact, liberal anti-American people and scholars on various levels all agree on one thing, they don’t like guns and they want to see action from the government to disarm us. People say, well, they’re not trying to take your guns you silly Republican’s but here is the deal, a great deal of us are NOT Republican’s or Democrat’s or Libertarian’s and that is because we see the divisions that have come from these parties and we truly believe in our Constitutional rights and liberties that our Founding Father’s fought hard to achieve for us. There are others who believe in our freedoms and liberties who are Republican’s and Libertarian’s, sure, and that’s good. I’m sure a few liberal’s admit to this too, just maybe not out loud. But…. the 2nd Amendment is feared and loathed by our government and the hands that run our puppet government. They KNOW that we can gather together and overthrow a government that get’s tyrannical. In fact, we are already partially there. Our nation has become more totalitarian and very rapidly since Clinton was in office and left. The work to make this happen was laid down decades ago before most of us were born on here. Now we witness the devastation from these men who have created these peril-less times and as patriotic American’s, we must eventually stand up and overthrow the tyranny that will consume us as the Nazi’s did to their country.

  • ChrisCiriello

    Tungsten is wrong…I am not going to keep telling  the uninformed 100 times that the liberals are so famous for Rewriting history….. The Second Amend is as stands and it does not mean for a well regulated Militia only… This was clarified by our founding fathers… If the liberals do not want to own a gun then fine do not..But do not try to take my guns from me.

  • ChrisCiriello

    @tungstenTungsten is wrong…I am not going to keep telling  the uninformed 100 times that the liberals are so famous for Rewriting history….. The Second Amend is as stands and it does not mean for a well regulated Militia only… This was clarified by our founding fathers… If the liberals do not want to own a gun then fine do not..But do not try to take my guns from me.