Mark Levin: These are very, very dark times for this country

A great rant by The Great One, apparently one he needed to vent:

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  • OneThinDime

    I guess I now understand why Levin likes Rubio, he doesn’t care if people are illegal.

    • that’s ridiculous. You obviously never listen to Levin because you speak in ignorance.

      • marketcomp

        I thought that was a typo. Really!

      • OneThinDime

        First, I modified my post when I got to the end of the rant but this starts out: “I don’t care what their sexual preference is, I don’t care if they are legal or illegal”

        For some reason, when I edited the post it didn’t stay.

      • daimon1

        Thank you – Mark Levine represents the heart and soul of this country.

    • agas84363


      • OneThinDime

        I editted my post which didn’t apply the first time. Re-listen to the for 20 seconds. He says he doesn’t care if someone is legal or illegal. He has been swooning over Rubio for months. Rubio’s amnesty plan is clearer than a glass of water. Amnesty for all and he wants them all to bring their families here too. With 11-20 million already here, the true number will be more like 100 million.

        • Conniption Fitz

          Rubio has sold his creds to Bush and Romney.

        • bongobear

          I could be wrong but I think that was just a figure of speech used in the heat of the moment. I seriously doubt that Mark Levin is in favor of illegal immagration or amnesty.

  • TexasPGRRider

    VENT ON Brother Levin….


    …Oh GREAT ONE , after listening to your T R U T H my conclusion is it is time for a Third Party of LIBERTY LOVING TEA PARTY PATRIOTS with SENATOR Ted Cruz as our LEADER .If not THIS COUNTRY IS LOST !”

    • I agree. What have the Republican party done for us lately?

      • stage9

        All I know is that it hurts to sit down.

    • johnos2112

      It is time for the conservative donors to tell Karl Rove to take a hike. And it is time for the donors to give the keys to car people that will FIGHT!

    • Obama wants the GOP to split. Divide and Conquer is what he does best.

      • OneThinDime

        And he has succeeded.

      • BS61

        Apparently the GOP want’s it too, or they would actually change.

    • aZjimbo

      I think the time is here, right now. Screw the GOP. Gutless. Worthless.

      • I would add bloodless, nutless and spineless to that.

        • aZjimbo

          Totally agree.

      • Jay

        Gutless Old Pansies

        • aZjimbo

          Like it. Time to get rid of them all.

        • JRD1




  • DCGere

    It is quite sobering what is happening. Concur with all he said, sigh…

  • There is not doubt Obama is getting everything he wants.

  • the republivans have become a bunch of damn cowards! to hell with these damn pansy asses!

  • FreeManWalking

    Do any of the GOP in DC realize that this isn’t the time for business as usual?

    This is Life or DEATH for the USA.

    • Honestly myFreeManWalkingfriend, I don’t think the majority of them care- because when the rest of the country collapses, they’ll have their riches they’ve raked in with decades long appointments to support themselves. They don’t care about anything but power and money.

      • FreeManWalking

        ABiC I was type another comment before I read yours, and it would have fit perfectly as a reply to your comment… 🙂

        • Unless it’s a repeat, go ahead! Can’t be said enough- and I imagine enough of us all think along the same ideas 😉
          Thanks my FreeManWalkingFriend.

      • Pyrran

        Its now at the point where something really terrible is going to have to happen to the whole country, in order to change the course we are on. Something that will re-bind us together as a nation. I don’t think an economic disaster will do it. The rich and really powerful would not be hurt enough by an economic collapse to change their ways. It will have to be something that physically hurts most or all of the citizens in this country. Maybe a nuclear strike or a series of conventional strikes at many points around our country. Its a truly horrible thought and I wish I didn’t believe it, but I think its the only way back. The only way to reduce the things we care about down to the things that really matter. When people have to work together to save their lives, that is when things will change.

        • You’ve got a lot of the same thoughts I do. I don’t want to see anything bad happen either, but the way things are going- all over, something is going to happen. But you’re right. An economic collapse would not bind us together. sigh.

    • stage9

      Short answer, no. They’re like a blind squirrel looking for a nut.

  • famouswolf

    I become more and more convinced we are dealing with one political party.

    Call ’em republicrats.

    • JRD1


  • I love Levin’s rants- he rants for so many of us. But we seriously need to figure out a way to turn rants into action by changing this government back to our Constitutional Republic and SOON!

    • Patriot077

      We put all our stock in the Republican party by helping them get the house and a stronger Senate presence. We have more good men there than we did initially but it just isn’t enough unless the new guys decide they aren’t going to play the game by the rules they were given.

      They need to get together to figure out a way to maneuver around the DC potholes in order to get their message out. And we the people need to be ever more vocal and vigilant. Lord have mercy on our country.

    • soraja

      Be realistic there is no democratic way to accomplished this.

      It is in the numbers, the USA will end up as a part of the new world order under the thump of the un and imf.

      A thing i hate to see happening but reelecting obama is the indicator that the big plan is working, the USA was one of the bumps in the road to the nwo.

      Do not forget that 90% of the world population likes that a government takes care from birrth till death, makes live so much easer for therm .

      No thinking no doing, just watching sport and sipping a beer.

      Give them bread and games and they are happy

  • Stehekin912

    “These are the times that try men’s souls”.

    We are neither Summer Soldiers nor Sunshine Patriots…yet we are shackled by these same cowards in the government that is supposed to represent us. So few of the good to represent us are left. May the good be strengthened in the knowledge that they speak for “millions like this poor man’s child”.

  • How can there be any coherent argument against Mark’s points?

    I got a call from the RNCC soliciting money. I very politely told the lady that I would not be donating to the Republicans anymore. She (maybe, reading from a script) said: “Well, ma’am, I understand, but we need your help to keep our conservative majority in the 2014 elections.”

    And, I very kindly said that, while I knew she was either a paid caller, or, more nobly, a volunteer, I wasn’t being personal when I ask “WHAT “conservative” majority??? The Republicans bend over and grab their ankles every time Obama gets a boner.” (Yes, I said that)

    She paused, and said, “Well, you know, I’ve heard basically the same sentiment a lot, but that doesn’t change our need to keep control of the House.”

    And I said, “Well, if this is something you’re hearing “a lot”, maybe you people should call Boehner, McConnell and the rest of the Keystone Cops and tell THEM when you’re hearing, because, apparently, they don’t KNOW that we’re pissed off and that they’re a party on the brink of extinction!” And I hung up the phone.

    They just don’t get it. It’s obvious. Either they’re too stupid, or too scared, or too stubborn — quite frankly, I don’t give a rat’s @$$ what the reason is anymore. They sellout whenever they get the chance, and I am BEYOND DONE with this. Let it collapse. I know I’ll be OK, because I’m not on the government dole. And I’m armed to the teeth. So, MOLON LABE, bitches, and watch me do my Nero imitation *grabs a fiddle*.

    • c4pfan

      Ha ha ha! Oh, that was good.

    • You’re my hero Carmen! That’s excellent!!

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Mines came in the form of an email, the way I answered it was by pressing the unsubscribe button, you can do the same with calls, just go to the do-not-call webpage and unsubscribe there.

      • OneThinDime

        Actually I tried with the do-not-call and because they are not selling anything, the RNC does not need to comply with it.

        • When I was making calls for the Romney campaign (yes, in an “ANYONE BUT OBAMA” bid to push him over the finish line), it was revealed to me that Congress exempted themselves (all politicians) from the do-not-call law.

          Anyone surprised?

    • Nukeman60

      ‘They just don’t get it. It’s obvious. Either they’re too stupid, or too scared, or too stubborn…’ – Carmen

      If you had not hung up, you would have gotten her final line that they usually give after a slap down of that nature:

      “Well, I understand what you’re saying, but if you won’t give $25, could you then still give 10?”

      I’d say ‘too stupid’ is the answer.

  • FreeManWalking

    As long as the elected representatives are allowed to live in the security, wealth, peace and safety that they legislate for themselves, we will continue to live under their tyranny.

  • c4pfan

    No one does it better than Mark!

    Thanks Scoop!

  • aposematic

    I was trying to think of one good thing any Pol, R or D, has done over the past 5 years…still trying to come up with one. It really is sad, sad, sad…

    • OneThinDime

      You are correct, they cave on everything, whether it’s Fast and Furious, Benghazi, unconstitutional NLRB appointments, etc., etc., and the House of Reps does nothing but give Obama what he wants.

  • Mark, you are talking to the choir. I can hardly read the news any more. It is so depressing. I cannot believe that Rand Paul caved on the Hagel nomination. The democrats held up 100s of Bush’s federal court nominees, wouldn’t even bring them to a vote. The democrats try to Bork EVERY republican president’s nominees, but we are the party of the gentlemen…right? At one time there WAS a place for that, when BOTH parties did that. But they have not reciprocated in decades! I am with Rush..I am ashamed of my country, for what it has allowed itself to become, for those who ran on principles to be so quick to abandon them…and now they make our work a LOT harder!

    • M_Minnesota

      “It would be an honor to be Mitt’s veep.” -Rand Paul

      • stage9

        Nuff said.

        • StrangernFiction


  • maynardb50

    I’ll listen to his podcast early in the morning with black coffee and a cinnamon roll.

  • Sober_Thinking

    We’re becoming the frog in the pot as Obama slowly turns the heat higher and higher.

  • StrangernFiction

    Repubicans are statists who can only go so far left because they have to get elected in red areas. DC is terminally statist and corrupt. States and/or We the People will stand up or we will all be slaves.

  • sDee

    We have lost our Federal Government. It is central control. One branch. One party.

    It is lost. We are being distracted from the bottom up battle front where EPA, HUD, DHS, FDA etc are flowing hundreds of billions of borrowed money to city and county governments via thousands of “sustainable” programs. Federal regulations come with each grant. Farms and open land are being carved out. Urbanization an regionalization are underway.

    We now only have our States and our arms folks. It is a grim reality. If your state is not fighting the federal government, will it? If not, time to be planning for a new home.

  • Ray

    and the Republicans are not helping to make it better. Although I cannot stand Harry Reid he is absolutely correct in saying that this was a terrible excuse for a filibuster. Nothing did change, and the Republicans look like weak losers again, which they are, they got NOTHING to show for it.

  • PatriotInk

    “These are not the times for timid souls.” Damn well put, Mark.

  • PatriotInk

    “These are not the times for timid souls.” Damn well put, Mark.

  • misterlogic0013

    ron paul what were you thinking, are you that stupid ? shame on you .. your words are worthless .. your worthless .. I’m not usually this curse but you deserve it ..

  • PVG

    God Bless and keep Mark Levin!

  • ApplePie101

    Mark still believes that salvation must come through the republican party. I hate to say this, but the GOPe has been using him as their useful idiot in promoting rino candidates like Romney, Rubio, and Ryan. When a party not only refuses to defend the the people it pretends to represent, but actively suppresses them when they organize their own grass-roots opposition, it becomes a menace that must be removed. I am waiting for the day when Mark Levin realizes that the republican party is beyond recovery.

    • sDee

      The federal government is beyond recovery by any party, new or old.

      The Founders gave us the 2nd and the 10th Amendments for these dire straits.

    • JRD1

      I believe that he is almost there. I also believe that there is something in the works between him, Palin, DeMint, Jeffrey Lord, Angelo Codevilla, and true constitutional conservatives that are not in bed with the Bush mafia. The jig is up!

      • And the MSM will ignore them right up and until they destroy them like they did Sarah.

    • Ya, it’s kinda his kryptonite,and sad too cause I really like the guy.

    • Levin has never “promoted” those guys. The fact that they are in the news and people ask about them requires him to address the topic. When he does address it, he’s perfectly clear about not endorsing anyone, or even endorsing their positions.

      • ApplePie101

        He’s repeatedly had Rubio and Ryan on his program, and most recently, ‘On Hannity last night, Mark Levin praised Marco Rubio as a “superstar” and called his speech Tuesday night as ‘the greatest reply to a State of the Union speech I ever saw.” [Washington Examiner on Feb. 14] He also said that Paul Ryan was an excellent VP choice. He spent night after night leading up to the election arguing that we must all vote for Romney, like it or not. If that’s not promotion, I don’t know what is.

        Don’t get me wrong: I like Mark Levin, but think his association with the Reagan administration has left him with party loyalty that blinds him to many of the weaknesses of these candidates.

        • I think you are hearing promotion, when what is actually going on is honesty. He gets asked about Rubio, he says what he thinks. On his own show, he says he has some concerns about Rubio. So do most of us, apparently.

          As for voting Romney, that most definitely was not “promotion.” It was a fact. We had no better choice, and that included the LP and staying home. Both of those choices were worse than voting Romney in that particular election. Fifteen years ago, I wouldn’t have had a thing to do with voting Republican if it was a guy like Romney. But now things are too close to genuine civil war to have the luxury of not making the best choice. Fifteen years ago I knew the LP candidate wasn’t the better choice, but I wanted the LP to gain percentage, and to send a message to the Republicans. In the 2012 election, people who did not vote Romney voted to cement Obamacare as the permanent law of the land.

          Levin isn’t remotely showing loyalty to the party. In fact, he blasts it every single day. But he realizes a third party won’t work in time for the next election, and if we lose that one, the next step will probably be bloody.

          That’s why I say vote for the right guy (or woman) and form the party after he or she wins. In other words, force the Republicans to take our candidate, or the party dies.

  • sDee

    I hope Mark soon realizes that the Republican Party has been subsumed and joins us where the real fight is.

    Globalism is top down bottom up. Top down is complete as all Federal judges, politicians and bureaucrats are either marxists, bought, bribed, threatened, or some combination. They have made the deals necessary for themselves and their families to be part of the political class.

    Bottom up is under way with all this borrowed and printed money being flowed to cities, states and counties. The money comes with federal regulations that the cities and counties can never escape.

    Cities and counties manage property rights, roads, transportation, water and zoning. All of those can be tied into knots with federal sustainability grants.

    When they have sufficient state, county and federal control they will let the federal debt/inflation bubble collapse so badly that it will force a Constitutional Convention and they will replace both our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    Mark, we do not need any more commentary on the train wreck in DC. They are closing in at the local levels. Will you help us fight?

  • Jay

    Rush says we’re looking at a world-wide depression like never seen before. This is getting scary.

    • sDee

      The Mother of all Crisis. In play for a very long time:

    • celestiallady

      The sled is going downhill and no way to stop it.

  • JRD1

    Bravissimo! What a rant!

    I pray for this man every single day. What a patriot! No one preaches freedom better.

    Thank you, Great One. You are very much loved and admired more than you know.

    As long as we can still hear your voice we will continue to be free.

    • sDee

      As the noose tightens. I can still hear him.

  • Why the darkness?

    We think we need free stuff from the gov’t.
    We need freedom from the gov’t!

    I suspect the move to the left will grow exponentially.

  • gail2012

    Mark once again you are right. Where are the VERY WEALTHY in our conservative/republican party fighting to help educate the low information people. We need to start by BOYCOTTING COMCAST! This Is an arm of Obama’s communist regime. Then we need to start getting the ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC all shut out till they start reporting the news. Shutting down COMCAST is a beginning. Get a different cable netwk. and put fair &balanced news on.

    • I’ll start believing when the Koch Brothers start spending money on networks, magazines and publishing houses.Till then Not SO Much.

  • Sunnny1

    Thank you, Mark Levin. I am infuriated that my son is serving our nation under this Benedict Arnold of a commander-in-chief. “This is not the time for cowards.” How right you are, how right you are.

  • Justin Wood


  • I’ts simple, Mark: Israel actually cares about its people which is why its immigration policies are prohibited in the United States. If Jews in the United States, like yourself, cared as much about the United States as you did about Israel, you would have been applying the same political pressure to restrict immigration here as Israel does for Jews there. You don’t. As a consequence we now are being overrun by anti-American peoples that, after taking an oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution, vote overwhelmingly Democrat and fore ever more immigration from similarly-voting “minorities”.

  • The Durd

    Gimme Shelter

  • keith petersen

    It’s a nice vent, Mark. Where are the leaders? Where are the leaders to stand up to Obama and the radical left?

    What can be done when the electorate is more interested in Honey BooBoo than protecting the future of their country. What can be done with a media and educational system that aids and abets the leftist agenda.

    Candidly, I’m saving myself for what comes after the collapse. It’s not a matter of cowardice but a matter of reality.

    • Yippey Ki Yah MutherF__kers, Lock and Load.

      • louisiana_mom

        Don’t forget to stock up on beans and band-aids while you are at it.

  • The GOP isn’t spineless, it’s criminal, and like the rest of the fascist trash in Washington, they need to be hunted down and exterminated, along with every criminal supporter and their families.

  • WordsFailMe

    Excellent Mark

  • Miss Ron Paul yet?