MARK LEVIN: We are witnessing a gradual, quiet COUP!

Mark Levin opened his show today livid over Obama’s announcement that he will ignore the legislature and use his pen to write executive orders. He says the separation of powers are the key to our Republic and yet today Obama just announced that he would assume lawmaking powers via executive orders.

Mark Levin says what’s going on here is that we are witnessing a gradual, quiet coup:

He’s just announced that he is going to assume lawmaking powers. He does not recognize the majority in the House of Representatives. I don’t know how much more clearly he can say it. You know what this is folks? This is a gradual, quiet coup. That’s what is taking place. It’s gradual. It’s quiet, in the sense that it’s non-violent. But it’s a coup!

Listen to the whole segment below:

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  • IndyHarley

    it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that has been paying attention this self appointed despot.

  • Don_Wayne

    Then it is time for a sudden, very loud rebuttal to this DICK-tator wanabe!

  • Im_Rick_James

    The democrats are going to rue the day they brought this charlatan into power. He is setting an example that will come back to haunt them for a generation.

    • Garym

      It is going to take years and stiff spines to unravel the mess this clown is creating. I’m not sure the current Republican party is up to the task.

      • Subie201

        We KNOW they aren’t! Look at the fool who is granting Obama his every wish…none other than the grand kiss-up himself The Tan Man….Bonehead Boehner! These traitors in the House are from the same libtard mold!

  • Rey

    Back on 06 I said and have confirmed ever since. if Barack wins the elections he will do anything to win a second term and there will not be another election held ever. Or do you think he’s just gonna walk away from it all?

  • Jersey Girl

    Where is our military who swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. This is definitely a coupe done by domestic enemies…nothing quiet about it!!

    • proudhispanicconservative

      You know you ask a very important question, where is our military in all this?. What happened in Egypt where the military removed a pariah, I have to confess I was watching that and in my mind I was thinking maybe something like that could happen over here where we have to remove this tyrant that we have at this moment. That is not going to happen over here because he is removing all the generals that do not agree with his policies.

      • and he’s been keeping all our best busy.

        • proudhispanicconservative

          All we can do is pray and wait for the revolt to start so we can join.


    Thanks for the post! This MUST GO VIRAL!!!! TEACHERS: PLAY THIS FOR CLASSES!!!!!

    • sno_warrior

      and they would probably get fired….tenured or not! Remember that the NEA is a BIG PART of the Obumma takeover deception… let’s keep our children stupid and in the dark, teach them OUR curriculum, brainwash them, teach them to spy on their parents and turn them in to the govenment schools – hey, things ain’t going so bad are they?

      A little treason here, some treachery there, lying about this and lying about that, strong-arming this person or group if it disagrees – and it doesn’t make ANY DIFFERENCE whether they are republican or democrat, the majority of them are a bunch of lying hypocrites. And we are STUPID ENOUGH to keep sending them back to MAKE MORE LAWS that will control us even more.

      We are in a bundle of trouble and it’s time to get right with God.

  • Patrick Glover

    I figure that’s exactly how he got into office! since he’s not suppose to have that power why in the world are we letting him believe he does. Somebody just take him down!

  • Steve124

    The Democrats see a weak and divided opposing party and are taking the offensive.

  • blasater

    Thank God for Levin.

    • Judges718


  • Hand of Doom

    Spineless RINOs and the Testicle-less GOP will do nothing to stop it.

    • Judges718

      Obama threw down the gauntlet. He has nullified the Constitution, the rule of law, and has declared himself dictator. He is daring Republicans to impeach him.

      Obama is taunting Boehner and McConnell. I am sure they are cowering under their desks writing statements on how they won’t shut down the government. Either that or crafting their next attack on the Teaparty and Constitutional Conservatives.

  • Steve124

    The Democrats see a weak and divided Republican Party and is taking the offensive. They feel they have the moment

  • Quo Vadis USA?

    Impeach now or we will find Obama invoking the FDR rule and we will see another term and no midterm elections.

    • Hand of Doom

      Good luck with that. Issa had 8 months to do something about the IRS Scandal and 16 months to do something about the Benghazi Scandal. Issa is part of the problem and is perfectly fine with doing nothing to stop these Marxists.

      • Quo Vadis USA?

        True, perhaps a coup of our own, patriots I mean.

        • Jbird

          independents, libertarians and Tea Party better put up some good candidates for the 2016 election so that we can elect OUT all the incumbents… give us someone better to choose than a progressive republican

  • I posted Madison and Charles de Montesquieu earlier.

    But the dear leader’s been doing this since day 1 and no one in either party, save a few give a crap. He’s been pushing the lines right up to the Constitution, and stepping over the lines over and over again, while ever one watches not doing a danged thing to stop it.
    He’s defied federal judges, he’s gone to the UN before going to “inform” congress on putting boots on the ground in other countries, he’s got the full backing of harry and the dems in the senate ever since harry blasted the separation of powers with the nuke option.

    So- ok. It’s a coup, whether quiet or otherwise. The question remains- what are We going to DO?

    • I wrote this 3 weeks ago, it was posted Jan. 5…

      Have Obama and others in our government committed impeachable offenses, or possibly Acts of Treason? While I don’t know if the DNC e-mail which showed fear of impeachment was real, I do know that Democrats and some Republicans alike are very nervous about the possibility of constitutionally-strong Conservatives taking Senate and Congressional seats this year–and they have every reason to be nervous. The actions of Obama have had a harmful effect on the U.S., our Military and U.S. Citizens. Members of the Senate and Congress have willingly supported or blindly allowed many of those acts–and in doing so, all who have sworn their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution have been complicit.

      What follows are what could be considered 11 Acts of Treason by the Obama administration:

    • stage9

      Get it done sister!

    • Marridge

      PRAY. Continuously.

  • James

    It’s only quiet because the media is now run by a bunch of eunuchs who havn’t the backbone to report the truth and a Congress – including the republicans – who donot have the balls to standup to tyranny.

    • Jbird

      media is complicit to his action… that is not spineless they’re equally guilty.

  • No_BlahBlah

    The coup occurred in 2008 when mcLame stopped his campaign and oBumbler was anointed in the emergency meeting on the ‘economic’ crisis.

    But I understand your point Mark. The implementation has been and will continue to be incremental in order to not Alarm the citizenry to their subjugation.

    However, it isn’t really ‘quiet’ anymore, it is in our face, every day.

  • Hand of Doom

    It IS NOT a gradual, quiet coup. He is brazenly throwing it in everyone’s faces that he is Chairman. And YOU MUST Obey. Or else you’ll be audited by the IRS.

  • harrison j. bounel

    there was an election. the people have spoken. now they must be punished

  • paul marchand

    He can do it because he will get no resistance from the Congress.

  • axo_noble

    The Dem-Occult 0-one can get away with it because the House and Republican beltway leadership is whipped into thinking that the dem-Occult mouth piece the Owellian mini-truther media is going to call them racists if they even filed charges of impeachment!

  • Patti

    Why aren’t our legislators standing up to him? don’t they get it?

    • Hand of Doom

      Do you really expect a bunch of spineless pussies called the GOP and a bunch of eunoch RINOs to stand up to a Dictator? Yeah, very sadly, NO.

      • Patti

        Worse yet, the Democrats are just as spinless not standing up for the U.S. Citizens against this dictorator.

    • LastMomStanding

      It’s eerily strange. Like they’ve all been compromised, or something.

      • Marridge

        NSA ring a bell?

    • Chuck Bowers


      Our Founding Fathers performed admirably, creating the Constitution, including provision for removing unsatisfactory “civil Officers”. Unfortunately, they omitted the common citizen in the decision process, consequently entrusting actual impeachment to the senate, the original Ol’ Boys Club (now totally corrupt).

      I propose a Constitutional amendment giving TAXPAYERS the opportunity to correct nationwide election “mistakes” (e.g. Mr. obama).

      Following the 1787 constitutional convention and much debate,
      the stark basis for impeachment was formalized (Article II):

      “The President …… shall be removed… on Impeachment for, and
      Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and
      Misdemeanors. “

      The meanings of the grounds are debated even today, but most agree on treason being a valid cause. The real problem? Defining the MEANING of treason. Likewise, “high Crimes” is hard to pin down.

      Treason, least ambiguous of the causes, is plausibly defined by Merriam:
      “the crime of trying to overthrow your country’s government or of helping your country’s enemies during war”. I submit that bama is guilty by definition. He tried overthrowing the government many
      times, most recently by sidestepping the Constitution in arrogantly
      forcing obamacare down gullible citizens’ throats. He helped our
      country’s enemies, standing sheepishly by while Iran reached a
      dangerous state of nuclear weaponry. (Yes, it was during war – war that started on 9/11/01!)

      There are many valid grounds for impeachment, but our spineless congress lacks the guts to impeach. It’s time for the taxpayer to have his say. Here’s how:

      1.Empower citizens to initiate impeachment via submitting a petition of xxx(tbd) signatures.

      2.Given validation, promptly schedule an internet-facilitated vote of confidence.

      3.Votes of citizens shall be weighted proportionate to the amount of taxes paid during the previous year.

      4.Confidence levels lower than 50% will require a prompt reelection.

      5.The vote of the citizen shall be final.


  • If our Senators and Representatives will not do their duty and obey the law, what chance does the American Experiment have? No Constitution or Amendments will change those who will not do their duty. Barack Obama is the most impeachable president in American history. He will not be impeached because he is black. That is as plain as day.

  • marketcomp
  • sc00termac

    what an arrogant son of a bitch – NO PRESIDENT should be able to wave this around with impunity. what a disgrace to the office of the president of the united states. impeachment can’t come soon enough…

    • Guest

      No, Boehner is the gutless wonder, disgraced SOB.

      He should
      1.) call him out on this
      2.) warn him again
      3.) serve up articles of impeachment.

      I don’t give a damn if Obama’s skin is Martian green. Uphold the Constitution or get the hell out!

      • sc00termac

        If the house stays red (god help us if it doesn’t), i really really hope they boot him as speaker. they should have done it last election, hopefully they learned their lesson

        • PVG

          The problem is much deeper than Boehner. Cantor and McCarthy are even worse. Hard to believe, but true!

          • Guest

            Yes, they are!

            Hi PVG. Happy New Year to ya!

            • PVG

              Hey you! New Year Blessings to you my friend!

  • gbry

    The thing is, he is ignoring the law of the land. Everything he is doing is illegal—null and void. We don’t have to obey this guy.

    • Guest

      That’s exactly right. Mark Levin has said this. Obama and Holder are lawless.

  • John Trapp

    Welcome to Marxism 101. 100 million dead and counting.

  • Jeff Whitworth

    Well, what the hell do we have to do to recall this son of a bitch? Whatever it is, I’m in!

  • Steve124

    We are seeing the unification of the parties with the goal of slowly ending the two party system. The Republicans are divided and there is no clear indication that someone has a clue, which has put the Obamanation into an offensive motion. Usually, you don’t go for the throat unless you can take them out completely. The system is so broken down and they must feel the time is ripe.

    • ApplePie101

      Or they may sense that a popular uprising is taking shape, and that they have to act quickly and ruthlessly or be purged. As for republicans–I reject any candidate who remains in the party. They chose party over America, so let them go down with it.

  • Hotlanta Mike

    ‘How Do You Kill 11 Million People?’

    Published on Oct 26, 2012

    This whiteboard animation shows what happened when Hitler lied to get elected and people don’t care or pay attention to the lies of their leaders, until they do care…and at that point, it is too late. Parts of this video are narrated by a man who served as a German soldier and a German woman who lived right by the railroad tracks the cattle trains ran on that carried the Jews to their deaths.

    Based on Andy Andrews’ book, “How Do You Kill 11 Million People?”
    Produced by

    This is real, don’t be fooled. This is happening.

  • breakn70

    I listen to Mark Levin every night and have for over five years. I have never heard him this upset. Not even close. I will be calling both my senators (one rhino, one lib) and my rep ( a Boehner butt girl) in the morning. I will also attend the next local Tea Party meeting here in Winston Salem to see what’s being planned. Enough is enough. This guy has got to go.

    • MrLogical

      It’s RINO, not rhino.
      We should be so lucky if we had rhinos in Congress.

  • This reminds me of what Paddy Chayefsky warned us all about, in the movie ‘Network’. We are all mad as hell, and can’t take it anymore, but we can only rage against a digital Golem ( Jewish term ) and not a real man. Obama has erected a complex political cuticle around himself, using the tools we grant our President. I guess the lesson is… We should educate our children, on how important and precious is the right to vote responsibly, with educated purpose and not raw emotion. I was taught propaganda was bad. I don’t think that same rule applies today.

    • Darrell Griffin

      Obama is the President that the Constitution was designed to protect us from, and the Framer’s explicitly warned us about.

      • Agreed. Will that failure be reconciled? Only time will tell.

        • Darrell Griffin

          I’m more concerned about whether the opportunity to have a reckoning will take place.

          If the GOP’s impotence is any indication, one has no reason to be optimistic.

          • We are on the same plane, waiting for the GOP to decide on taking the Blue Pill of liberty and masculinity, or the Red Pill of submission. By maculinity, I mean having the balls to protect our Constitution.

      • Darrell, I could not agree more.

      • Can’t argue with wisdom.

  • Ken Wells

    My opinion is Obama blames all his failures on others, and the system of Govt. that he despises .. this will not end good !

    • Raymond Tower

      Just as Hitler did.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Listening to the clips of O that Mark has played for us today it just makes my stomach sick, I will disagree with what he said, that no leaders are speaking out against it Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz have been talking about this for a long time, unfortunately they are the lone voices in the wilderness.

    • jlbs

      And they don’t add up to the number needed.

      When I heard hussein make the remark about not waiting for the legislature to act, it gave me the same turned stomach I had when he made the remark about transforming America.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Same here my friend.

  • Darrell Griffin

    There is only one prescription to address a lawless Executive, and the House leadership lacks the spine to do it.

    • Steve124

      Get rid of them too!

    • MominMich

      You’re spot on, and it’s SOOOO INFURIATING!

  • SandyLester

    obama wants a revolution, he will be very surprised when he realizes the military will not support him.
    Its time to give him what he wants.

    • Crassus

      The military is just like the other low info voters. They just want their checks. Most will do what they’re told. The same way the Wehrmacht and the Red Army soldiers did.

      • Maybe the part who embraced the transformation, but there will be plenty of our Military who will stand with us, not to mention thousands of veterans.

        • Crassus

          Not as many as you and others seem to think. Most military personnel will follow the orders of their superiors blindly. Since Obama has been purging much of the top brass of the military and replacing them with more compliant personnel it doesn’t look good. I don’t like it anymore than you do but that’s how I see things. If you’re waiting on the military to save you, you are SOL.

          • Oh I never said I’m waiting on the military to save me. Believe me, the transformation has been a success, but there are still a lot who will stand with us including Vets. I’m not waiting, but will be glad when they join us.

          • SandyLester

            You simply have zero idea what you are talking about.

          • marsouin


            I hate to AGREE with you. When I spent a few weeks over at Ft. Bliss last year, I was surprised by how many military personnel are left or lean left. All the tv’s at the chow line were set to CNN. Many times, I heard that Fox News is just a right-wing extremist channel. PC narrative is quite rampant. I never got the sense that if it came down to brass tacks, the military would rise up. A few yes, but they would be a minority. Also, having spent time in DoD here in DC, I can say the civilian workforce is overwhelmingly left-wing Dem. and the executive branches, it gets WORSE.

            • MrLogical

              Can also attest to all of that. The military ain’t what it used to be. It’s become a mirror of our pop-culture society including all of the Left-leaning views and opinions that are pumped out of the MSM outlets every night at 6 and 11. Don’t kid yourselves, most of the military isn’t as conservative as we would like to believe.

            • thatsitivehadenough

              The left has been infiltrating these organisations for years. By stealth.

          • Raymond Tower

            I have to disagree with that. Since members have been leaking information on the attempts within the military. They aren’t so brain washed as you would think.
            Veteran U.S. Army

      • SandyLester

        You are wrong, very wrong.

    • MrLogical

      Don’t be so sure of that. He’s been systematically cleansing the upper ranks of the military and promoting ‘loyal’ pro-socialists and fans of gay rights in their place. (Just wait: he’ll soon promote an openly gay colonel to general one day. Bet on it.) They will gradually do the same in the middle ranks until each branch of service has been effectively feminized and neutered to the point where our war fighting ability will be essentially nil.

      Can you imagine how the Russkis, the Chicoms and Norks must be laughing their a$$es off at what’s happening to our once proud military? (To say nothing of the Islamo-fascists in Tehran and elsewhere in the Middle East.)

      • SandyLester

        I think you give our military to little credit (including vets)
        The animosity towards obamA is boiling.
        Just one small example, my nephew is stationed in Hawaii.
        When any pres arrives they receives military honors.
        First couple of years many volunteered, after another year few, the last three years personnel where ordered.
        Never happened with GW.

        • Droidzilla

          I’d love to share your optimism, but I simply can’t Recall the recent government shutdown where the military was ordered to not allow any Catholic priests to hold mass, even were they to do so on their own accord without pay. I have a lot of military friends in my circles, and only one came forward to say anything against it. It was a very brave and classy move (he came out publicly on Facebook, including his name, rank, and serial number, and declared that he would not obey that lawless order). The rest were silent.

          However, anything comes out about military pay and/or benefits being cut and the rest will come screaming out of the woodwork to assert their rights. I don’t have any trust in the military when it comes to doing anything but just following orders.

          • SandyLester

            Seriously, you think they can talk about this openly.

            • Droidzilla

              So, the people who are too afraid to speak up for fear of having it affect their jobs are going to rise up and have a shooting war with their bosses if need calls? That makes no sense and proves my point. I wish it were otherwise, but I haven’t seen anything to convince me of it.

              • SandyLester

                You have zero clue about military life… run along.

  • Thomas Pyke

    Revolutions what is needed march on Washington and yank his skinny faggot ass out of our house and temporarily put Ted Cruz in there or a General or Romney or just a plain Patriot!

    • lyndaaquarius

      Romney is a fine person but he simply lacks the strength and guts to wield power at this point in our nation’s history.

    • V103115

      Almost makes you think they had planned this, what with the assaults on the 2nd amendment and the stockpiling of ammo by the DHS. Coincidence? I don’t think so…..

      • Raymond Tower

        Almost? I firmly believe that the WH is behind the rash of school shootings, to play on the sympathies of the parents and public. Oh those poor poor kids…. How can they say no when we are only trying to “protect the kids”.

    • Chuck Bowers

      One possible solution is to elect Robert Gates as president, AFTER we impeach obammer!


      Our Founding Fathers performed admirably, creating the Constitution, including provision for removing unsatisfactory “civil Officers”. Unfortunately, they omitted the common citizen in the decision process, consequently entrusting actual impeachment to the senate, the original Ol’ Boys Club (now totally corrupt). I propose a Constitutional amendment giving TAXPAYERS the opportunity to correct nationwide election “mistakes” (e.g. Mr. obama).

      Following the 1787 constitutional convention and much debate, the stark basis for impeachment was formalized (Article II):

      “The President …… shall be removed… on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. “

      The meanings of the grounds are debated even today, but most agree on treason being a valid cause. The real problem? Defining the MEANING of treason. Likewise, “high Crimes” is hard to pin down.

      Treason, least ambiguous of the causes, is plausibly defined by Merriam: “the crime of trying to overthrow your country’s government or of helping your country’s enemies during war”. I submit that bama is guilty by definition. He tried overthrowing the government many times, most recently by sidestepping the Constitution in arrogantly forcing obamacare down gullible citizens’ throats. He helped our country’s enemies, standing sheepishly by while Iran reached a dangerous state of nuclear weaponry. (Yes, it was during war – war that started on 9/11/01!)

      There are many valid grounds for impeachment, but our spineless congress lacks the guts to impeach. It’s time for the taxpayer to have his say. Here’s how:

      1.Empower citizens to initiate impeachment via submitting a petition of xxx(tbd) signatures.

      2.Given validation, promptly schedule an internet-facilitated vote of confidence.

      3.Votes of citizens shall be weighted proportionate to the amount of taxes paid during the previous year.

      4.Confidence levels lower than 50% will require a prompt reelection.

      5.The vote of the citizen shall be final.


  • Coming Apart

    Where is everyone with this happening???

    • Hand of Doom

      Where is everyone? They are watching the Kardashians on TV or reading about some celebrity’s baby bump on Yahoo.

      • misterioso

        You would like to thing that they are waiting for the next election, wouldn’t you? Sure they are.

      • V103115

        Or, watching the crap they pass as news, put out by the MSM, saying “nothing to see, folks, move along….”

    • Raymond Tower


  • L_Dave

    time for the counter-revolution!

  • c4pfan

    With the GOP in lock step going with it.

    • ApplePie101

      This is the most important point.
      None of this would be happening if the GOP had put up a real fight. It’s become clear that the party has been playing along with Obama’s agenda all along, almost from the first day they took over the house in 2011.

      Both parties regard us as the enemy, and they both need to go down.

  • John Miles

    since when does EO’S create law?? they cannot they must come from existing law or acts of congress! I declare any nonsense immediately invalid! I have spoken!!

    • joyfulgiver

      Hello…since O became POTUS!

  • Taurnil Oronar

    I have to say this; if Obama was a white guy (ignoring that he is half white, or there about) and especially a Republican, every Democrat, Progressive, Liberal, Communist and the “main stream media” in this country would be “up in arms” over a sitting President blatantly ignoring the Constitution and writing his “own” laws.

    The Founding Fathers were correct in stating the Constitution is only valid when its people and those in elected positions have morals; Obama and his supporters have none.

    • GoneApe

      Well said. His supporters only concern themselves with winning for their cause. In the end it is apparent everyone will lose as our freedoms disappear. Levin is right that this is a quiet coup, and meanwhile gutless Republicans remain silent.

    • Judges718

      Standing Ovation!

      Imagine the reaction of the Democrats/Marxists, the MSM, Academia, Hollywood, etc, if say a President Sarah Palin had brazenly declared she didn’t need to wait on Congress to make laws. She would, in willful defiance of the Constitution. abrogate the separation of powers by issuing what amounts to despotic edicts.

    • kssturgis62

      It is amazing how he attacked the press, pushed them out from getting their pictures, having access to him, and no transparency. He is taking them over, and they still allow him to slide and be what he wants. What is he giving them? Really think about it, especially after what he did to the AP Reporters.

    • MrLogical

      Of the three branches of government, only the legislature has the
      power to reign in and remove an out-of-control executive branch (viz., the president) via impeachment… and they refuse to do it.

      Time to flush the toilet on our effete, spineless Congress and get some new blood in there; people with steel and cement in their spines.

  • mifasola1

    Maybe he will jump off a volcano in Hawaii before his term ends

    • Marridge

      He went swimming in the ocean while on vacay in Hawaii. That was good to hear. If you get my drift.

  • stephen johnis

    At this point and time in our history, there is two things we can do. One, sit back, worry about our jobs and insurance, look at our paychecks and see that the number are really all 0s due to high taxes, see high gas prices, food prices, can’t go out and eat dinner with wife, can’t take a nice vacation like in the past, see our freedoms such as speech, own a gun, etc. start to die.
    Or the second option would be to take up arms, march against the White House and demand that this tyrannical government that is now in place to step down and get someone in there that will lead our country and fight for us the people with passion.
    And if that doesn’t work, then take the government back by force; even if it means your own life. So the question is this, which one do you want to do? Think about it but it may be too late once you’ve decided to do whichever one of these.

  • famouswolf

    The opening move in the second Civil War.

  • mcgurn

    We have no more choices. The monster has completely emerged from the pit. He gets more brazen by the day yet no one even attempts to slow him down. People talk but talk has become hollow, an empty shell. The time is nigh to take a final stand because if you realize it or not, the servant has now become the master.

  • TimUNC

    Reagan issued close to 400 executive orders, Clinton close to 400, Geoge W close to 300. Someone please explain why the sudden outrage?

    • mcgurn

      Because they didn’t use them to gut the Constitution or to transform a free Republic into a evil, communist wasteland.

    • Matthew Hampton

      They used EOs for Executive Branch activities. obama is using them to circumvent and create laws. A clear usurpation of the Legislative Branch.

    • Mr. Clute

      The executive orders you mentioned dealt with procedures within the executive branch. Obama is trying to use executive orders to perform what only the legislative branch is qualified to do,: create laws. This will never stand!

    • tonypaskitti

      check your numbers – so wrong. Obama is a lying usurper. See:

      • proudhispanicconservative

        That was fantastically, scary. Thanks for sharing.

      • gjsmith_62

        Hey!! Obama’s better than Lloyd any day of the week!


    • 1KR

      even if that were the case, which I highly doubt (let’s see the proof of that) they weren’t out to destroy our country.

    • gjsmith_62

      Care to name the legislation they altered ignoring Congress?

  • Subie201

    Like Mark said, there is absolutely NO opposition from anyone in the House! They are all cowards! One of the requisites for serving as a Speaker should be six months active service in Afghanistan! I hope each and every one of these corrupt dirt bags gets primaried!

    Then the next discussion…IMPEACHMENT!!! This will be OUR Revolution!

    • Just Wondering?

      And Recall for the cowards.

  • toonybrain

    I wish Obama were witnessing a “gradual, quiet coup” taking place among the states to circumvent all of Washington in our effort to take back our Constitutional republic. Article V, baby, Article V.

    It couldn’t happen fast enough.

  • tonypaskitti
  • plb5678

    Well the saying goes that every civilization will be destroyed after 200 year so guess it’s our turn. But we can take it back. march on DC may 16th and take it back. get the whole lot of then out of there. Enough of these career politicians. Time to get back to citizen legislators and elect a president that can lead from the front. Even if it is a military leader that can surround himself with knowledgeable advisors at least he would be someone that honors the constitution. American Revolution 2.0. Let’s make this July 4th our independence day again.

    • Chuck Bowers

      Robert Gates is a possibility for your “military leader”

      • Scagsdale

        People who work for a leader and then snipe at them later have no class. I don’t like Obama, but Gates isn’t helping with all of this nonsense.

        • Chuck Bowers

          Good, sage comment. However, I choose to think that Gates finally had enough. Perhaps he went along as he did in hopes that he could reign the maverick in. Or perhaps he was totally desperate and is now calling for help on the basis that unless things are controlled we are all doomed.

    • Scagsdale

      The American Republic is far from over. Don’t let anybody tell you that it is. We need to show a little backbone, and we need to use the fine structure that our founders left us to vote out the bad guys. Stop with the gloom and doom. Get ready to work for victory in 2014 and 2016.

  • Elaine Lopez

    This is the time when our country needs to follow the Egyptian lead. Our military men and women have taken an oath to “uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. In his declaration, he has confirmed what all patriots already knew, he is an enemy of this country! Now, where’s our military? I certainly hope we have military leaders with the integrity and courage to do what must be done. This is exactly the reason he’s been “firing” so many of the exceptional top brass.

    • Scagsdale

      Wrong, We don’t want the military to step in, because if we do, our freedom is lost. How about we just vote a little smarter in 2014 and 2016? Remember, Obama got re-elected. He fooled all the takers….and now he’s screwing many of them with Obamacare. The progressives have over-reached, and unless they change their course, they will get voted out of office by the people in such a landslide that no “shenanigans” at the polling places can stop it.

      If Obama chooses not to leave office in 2016, THEN we would need the military, but he knows he can’t get away with that. The American People is the largest army on earth. We won’t let it happen.

      • Guest

        I don’t agree and was in the middle of posting the reasons and got kicked offline several times, lost everything. I’ll try again later; type it up on a note then copy/paste it here.


      • Elaine Lopez

        I don’t agree everything you’ve said, but I do agree with some of it. I was in the middle of posting the reasons and got kicked off this site several times, lost everything. I might try again later; type it up on a note then copy/paste it here.

  • Thomas Cahill

    What has to be done to get our senators and representatives to do what they need to do to stop this criminal? How long are we going to sit back and watch this man destroy our republic?

    • Chuck Bowers


      Our Founding Fathers performed admirably, creating the Constitution, including provision for removing unsatisfactory “civil Officers”. Unfortunately, they omitted the common citizen in the decision process, consequently entrusting actual impeachment to the senate, the original Ol’ Boys Club (now totally corrupt). I propose a Constitutional amendment giving TAXPAYERS the opportunity to correct nationwide election “mistakes” (e.g. Mr. obama).

      Following the 1787 constitutional convention and much debate,
      the stark basis for impeachment was formalized (Article II):

      “The President …… shall be removed… on Impeachment for, and
      Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and
      Misdemeanors. “

      The meanings of the grounds are debated even today, but most agree on treason being a valid cause. The real problem? Defining the MEANING of treason. Likewise, “high Crimes” is hard to pin down.

      Treason, least ambiguous of the causes, is plausibly defined by Merriam:

      “the crime of trying to overthrow your country’s government or of
      helping your country’s enemies during war”.

      I submit that obama is guilty by definition. He tried overthrowing the government many times, most recently by sidestepping the Constitution in arrogantly forcing obamacare down gullible citizens’ throats. He helped our country’s enemies, standing sheepishly by while Iran reached a dangerous state of nuclear weaponry. (Yes, it was during war – war that started on 9/11/01!)

      There are many valid grounds for impeachment, but our spineless congress lacks the guts to impeach. It’s time for the taxpayer to have his say. Here’s how:

      1.Empower (via Constitutional Amendment) citizens to initiate impeachment via submitting a petition of xxx(tbd) signatures.

      2.Given validation, promptly schedule an internet-facilitated vote of confidence.

      3.Votes of citizens shall be weighted proportionate to the amount of taxes paid during the previous year.

      4.Confidence levels lower than 50% will require a prompt reelection.

      5.The vote of the citizen shall be final.


  • JustMyOpinion

    Mark as usual was spot on..
    This lawless admin does not stop.

  • kimber1911

    Enough of this dictator..Time for our military to to act.. We have a domestic enemy in the White House.. God help us..

    • No_BlahBlah

      It is not the role or the responsibility of the military to act. It is our responsibility.

      You really want the transfer of power to be in the hands of the military? Like all the other 3rd world countries?

      Are we really Venezuela already?

      • kimber1911

        Pretty damn close. !! and yes We are responsible to get rid of this tyrant..It would be good to have our backs covered.. !

  • misterlogic0013

    100% correct .. hello One World Order ..

  • thorhasgardson

    We heard it the first time he said it.

    • Scagsdale

      Yeah, Obama is doing exactly what he said he would do before he was elected. We need to impeach this guy.

  • petsnpeopletoo

    The congress doesn’t do anything about the coup because they are in on it…

    • Scagsdale

      Thankfully, only some of them. Thank God for Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz.

      • ApplePie101

        Only most of them. And I’m beginning to wonder about Cruz, Paul and Lee. They seem to be sticking with the GOP.

  • Just Wondering?

    Conservatives and Independents must join in with the Tea Party to rid our country of the traitors in all levels of our Government and courts.

    • PuritanD71

      The best way that can be done is that we focus on both the social and fiscal issues that are before us…head on

      • Raymond Tower

        This is beyond social and fiscal issues now. This is leading us down a path of war, one on our own soil.

        • PuritanD71

          Maybe, if we don’t consolidate and work for the constitutional conservatives who may/are running in 2014

  • GatsbyIII

    To the legislature: The fact that you are too scared to counter Obama’s attack on our Constitution is totally irrelevant. Either stand up and do your sworn duty or resign from your elected positions. You were supposed to represent us but you have failed.

    Many of you have increased your net worth due to the advantages of holding office. You owe us for that, forget the lobbyists and your access to insider trading. Ultimately, you owe us for your new wealth because we put you in that position in the first place. You chose instead to look out for yourselves rather than for us, your country, We despise you for that.

    We’re watching you. We will do everything we can to get you out of office. You have a very short time to make up for your failures by speaking out as loudly and forcibly as ever against Obama’s and his administration’s hijacking of our Constitution.

    The rest of us need to look into our local government and learn more about becoming a precinct captain in order to find American Constitutional conservatives to replace the politicians who are only concerned about themselves.

    • deTocqueville1

      Superb post!

    • Scagsdale

      Right Frikken on.

    • Judges718


    • ApplePie101

      Plus, there are more of us than there are of you. And we surround you.

  • Like a creeping filth…………………………

  • Cincinnatus

    I love you Mark, but even though this coup isn’t currently violent (other than a few drone assassinations of U.S. citizens), neither is it gradual nor quiet. This gangster has reversed 200 years of the finest (albeit imperfect) representative republic in the history of mankind in just SIX SHORT YEARS.

    • ApplePie101

      The kicker is that Obama could not have done this if republican party leadership hadn’t allowed him. Then almost all republicans in congress re-appointed these ‘leaders’. Then a large number of republican voters supported the lesser of two evils. Obama has gotten away with it because no one on Team Elephant is willing to take a stand.

      • seekeroftruth777

        or team Jackass either!

      • Gary Dickson

        The pay, the perks, and the pensions of the job are too hard for those Republicans to relinquish.

  • LibertyDwells

    It’s nice of Levin to finally catch up with what I’ve been saying for a long time.

  • John Queue

    I just hope Mark is around to keep up the good fight whatever the world throws at him. I hope he and his foundation continue to fight hard and keep educating the masses!

  • tebowIsChristLord

    coup coup coup we are all gunna be ded by the time king kenyan 0bammer the muzzler leaves office… oh wait he never will leave office cuz he is satan boss of the US, he will change rule 2 be prez 4ever

  • PuritanD71

    The saddest part of all of this is there seems to still be a desire to work through the “GOP”. Dude, seriously, what is it going to take for Levin to say he has had enough! It is nice that he is stressing the problem but if he is unwilling to pull the trigger on a new party, he will be part of the problem.

    • ApplePie101


    • El Mac


  • Liberals_are_idiots

    GET OUT and VOTE in 2014.
    DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY democrat’s.

    • PuritanD71

      Or RINO’s

  • Justin Kline
    • sallyjohanna

      Thank you…plenty of time to prepare by 5/16!

  • Justin Kline

    Major General Valely and Colonel Riley call for mass march to dc.. Senior Chief Us Navy calls for militias to start mobilization… Check out those post, they are all over patriotic websites.. freedomoutpost and much more

  • friskyness

    there are laws to stop him, but no one has the guts to stop Obama…..if this were a republican, he would have been forced to resign already! The GOP are worthless!

    • Justin Kline

      Fake two party system

  • Dan Smith

    “quite” you say? Not us, but our representation is. Does no one on the right not know how to get attention?

  • disqus_36v8amL4vE

    I sure wish Esq. Levin would tell you the truth about Mr. Obama’s forged selective service registration and his forged birth certificate posted at Over a year ago Sheriff Apraio (Sheriff Joe) held two press conferences proving both are forged. His lead investigator also filed a sworn affidavit with the Alabama Supreme Court swearing to these facts – but Levin acts like it never happened. Sorry – but I can’t trust a man that covers up an existential threat to the USofA so in my book, Levin has zero credibility. The doc below has links to the press conferences and the affidavit. Please don’t “trust me” – watch them for yourself and read the affidavit.

    • Alky

      I’m surprised Apraio hasn’t been assassinated yet, I’m sure he’s way up there on the WH hit list.

  • El Mac

    Love you Mark. You completely rock. But bro, what is so quiet about it???? Come on….

  • El Mac

    The Left, their adherents, and the quisling Retardicans will be the death of the country. In our lifetime.

  • Terask

    I’ve been saying that for years, Finally Levin and El Rushbo are picking up on it! But the Moderate Centrist’s don’t care what kind of Gub’ment we have, as long as they have some of the power! It is well past time for marches on DC, but the DC Elite don’t give a Rats tail about peaceful protests! So the American Spring that is planned for May won’t accomplish squat! Dictators could care less about peaceful anything! We are effectively looking at several generations trying to fix this country IF we can get Conservatives in the drivers seat and keep them there for decades relying on a broken system!

    I am a proud Right Wing ‘Extremist’ that is more in tune with Thomas Payne, and could throw a bunch of his quotes out there, but the thing that stands out the most right now is a passage from the Decoration of Independence: “When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    • Dan Crandell

      I also like “To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemy’s foreign and domestic”. BHO is both. Terask I am a proud American Constitutionalist.

  • Peechee

    Obama want fast track authority to seal the trans atlantic trade partnership.

    I am sure the u.s. chamber of commerce and cfr are pushing him to do it before Americans find out what is going on.

  • Raymond Tower

    This is his attempt at taking over as dictator, just as Hitler did.

    • Peechee

      its long been rumored that he would try to bypass congress and fast track the Transatlantic trade and partnership agreement like they did NAFTA. The CFR and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is behind this too. The Chamber is paid millions by foreign governments to persuade big business to outsource American jobs. Then the Chamber turns around and uses that money to back RINO republicans and Progressives who are onboard with their agenda. Ths U.S. Chamber of Commerce is EVIL. That’s why many americans cannot find work. The chamber is in the business of shipping jobs out of our country but many politicians will not stand up to them because the chamber spends money to help them get elected.

      • jaacee

        Boy, what are you smokln’ ?

        • Raymond Tower

          I am sure a woman that survived the years of Hitler knows more than you do or even I on the subject. And to answer your question, I am smoking Pall Mall blue shorts.

        • Peechee

          Only the best my friend, only the best !! lol
          ive been token on this gold stuff for the last 30 years. LOL : )

          • jaacee

            That explains a lot…..

      • Raymond Tower

        No that is not it. He wants to be a dictator in the communist / Nazi fashion. Just as Hitler took 5 years, so has Obama.

  • Peechee

    I hope you guys understand how serious this is? We are in serious trouble if our politicians don’t do anything about this.

  • I told everyone this racist Marxist was an evil anti-American bastard! Now people act surprised. Welcome to reality people! Share this outrage with everyone you know!

  • Guy Felix Vuillemin

    now he apply the rule of socialist Kao kaists who don’t recognize votes here the representatives who don’t agree his bills.There are two currnet of thoughts in this party the soft one who apply the constitution an dthe revolutionnary one which riot or edit UKASE! pour acte

  • Raymond Tower
  • Alky

    Even with the lefts perfectly oiled and ready to go voter fraud machine I doubt if the Narcissist-in-Chief will let Hillary anywhere near the WH. What you see is what you’ll get, probably worse, for the next generation or longer.

  • Guest

    So, Mr. Levin, where have you been for the last 5 years?

    Remember when Mr. Obama said that he wanted to fundamentally transform America? Now you know what he meant.

    Remember when Mr. Obama said, “This is the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”, presumably using his god-like powers?


    Why do you suppose he said those things? Because he’s such a nice guy?

    Why do you think that he has absolutely, positively refused to negotiate, to compromise, with Congress?

    Why do you think he acts with such disdain towards people who question him?


    You think this is bad? Just you wait. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. This man realizes that he has but a short time – 3 years left – and I am convinced he will make the most of it.

    You think I’m totally out in left field?

    Tell me. What so-called laws can’t he write with an Executive Order, pen and phone in hand, that he hasn’t done so already?

    Where does it say, for example, that he is not able to issue an Executive Order cancelling the next Presidential Election because “I haven’t been able to complete all I want to ensure ‘fairness’ for the American people”?

    Just you wait.

    • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

      Where have you been?? You quote obviously don’t listen to Mark or read any of his books. He had Obama pegged right out of the starting gate! No one os saying you can’t issue EO’s….. and yes we all know others have issued them. However, Mr. So try to be lecturer, NONE of the others were issuing EO’s to DESTROY the USA and it’s PEOPLE . So try not to talk down to people…. eecially people like Mark cause it makes you look stupid!!

      • Guest

        No, I’m talking about a COUP. How many people said that at the time Obama was elected in 2008 including you?

        And my point is this: “Watch out!” Don’t think Obama is done yet. There’s far more to come and far more than we can imagine.

        • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

          Well Thankyou for telling us something we didn’t already know!! Marks books and himself have been telling us all this for years and we all know it is going to get worse. The only recourse in the meantime is to do your own homework and elect candidates that have values and morals and actually care !!!

          • Guest

            So, you’re more interested in defending “Mark”, as you so lovingly put it, and telling us about his books – boy, those books ought to do it – than doing something about it yourself.

            From the tone of your reaction to my original comment, it’s too late. As I’ve said before, Congress is a paper tiger, so elections won’t do a thing.

            America is done.

            • And then comes the claims to powers of mind reading.

              Predictable as rain.

            • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

              You sound like so e members of congress . Just give up, that otta fix things. This attitude is the reason we are losing our country!

    • There’s always someone wanting to claim Levin is only talking, is late to the party, etc. Gets old. It’s called “insulting upward” and it doesn’t work.

      Just because YOU don’t know what we’re doing doesn’t mean WE don’t know what we’re doing.

  • SMG

    The Heritage Foundation (Gaziano, 2001) and Fox News acknowledge the Constitutionality of executive orders (EOs), which have been issued since Lincoln’s presidency. But a coup!? Levin says EOs are the “common parlance of the dictator”? Most presidents since Lincoln, including Reagan and GWB, have issued them. What’s important to know is that MANY EOS HAVE BEEN OVERTURNED BY THE SUPREME COURT. There are THREE branches of government, not two. So if a president oversteps EO privilege, the judicial branch gets involved. (Levin never even mentions this.) Many of Obama’s actions violate domestic and international law. But this ain’t one of them–there are way bigger fish in the Obama pond to fry. I’m not defending Obama; I’m defending accuracy.

    • Gary Dickson

      My question for you is this: Who is going to enforce the Supreme Court’s overturning of Mr. Obama’s EOs? Mr. Holder and company, the ones kneeling and kissing Obama’s ring?

      Regarding EOs, take a look at this:

    • AZWarrior

      Ovomit cannot enact legislation with EOs, only policy. He’s not walking a ‘fine line’, he’s totally blurred them.

    • No one can give blanket immunity to a law-breaking President by claiming “Executive Orders ar Constitutional.”

      Obvious to all but the brain dead: “it depends on what kind of order”

      You aren’t defending anything but totalitarianism.

  • Peechee

    Mark Levin is right on this and so is Jerome Corsi. Okay, I am going to post both links and you guys must read them and put them together. You have to understand that the establishment CFR/U.S. Chamber of Commerce has an agenda. In order to understand that agenda you must look at the links in their entirety but please don’t kill the messenger until you review them. If you wish to kill me then. I will gladly fall on my own sword and save you the trouble.
    MARK LEVIN: We are witnessing a gradual, quiet COUP

  • Bill589

    Our neighbor through the woods had a chicken coup. While there was a ‘gradual’ slope to it, front to back, I wouldn’t call it ‘quiet’.

    This is NOTHING like what Levin is talking about! We raised rabbit.

    I noticed that chicken leg tastes like rabbit.

    • Peechee

      so, how do you plan on outsourcing it?? TPP ? But of Course !

  • Peechee

    GOP set to fast-track ‘New World Order’ pact

  • Karen M.

    Yes, when I heard Obama speaking, saying “I have a pen and a phone” so basically to hell with the elected “representatives of the people” Obama is going to do what he wants, when he wants and to hell with America and its citizens, he has his agenda and it WILL be done! PERIOD

  • kssturgis62

    This is why I am always yelling, FORGET 2016, GET to work on 2014 !!! If we do NOT take back the Senate and Replace at least some of them Progressive Republicans, WE ARE TOAST and it is all over. He will find a way to suspend election laws, or cause some disaster, and that is it.

    I have said it over 100 times, it took CHAVEZ 12 years to take Venezuela from a Democracy to a Dictatorship. It is taking Obama only 5 years.

  • Joanne13

    Here’s the thing… Obama’s been doing this for FIVE YEARS! Why all the ‘OH MY’S’ now? This is EXACTLY what he’s been doing since his first day in office. The REAL question is WHY is Congress ALLOWING IT? We have a government of rank cowards who seem to be either clueless or incapable of honoring their own Constitution!

    • GlocKittyXe

      congress is complicit

  • Rollingsworth_T_Vestibule

    American’s of Faith and all Patriotic Americans, Be afraid, be VERY afraid! Obama and his Regime are on the move and with the help of John, the inverted Boner and his minions too !

  • Roger Schweikert

    Newly elected Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia appears to be attempting to lead the Commonwealth the same way. Both should be impeached immediately.

  • lostdutchman

    I think Obama is a little “tetched in the head”. He appears to be testing his immortality.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    0 has the NSA, EPA, IRS, and of course his own SS. He don’t need no steenking congress. BTW, Mark, here at the Scoop we’ve been aware of the coup for some time.

  • smlgov

    This should scare the hell out of everyone!

    • GlocKittyXe

      the communists and muslime terrorists are jumping for joy, they cannot wait until ubamatollah “brings america down in the name of equality with 3rd world nations” since it’s not fair that most of us are successful

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Leftists seem oblivious to the fact that these “slave owners with wooden teeth” who were born into that era put the first nail in the coffin of slavery with the words “all men are created equal”.

  • youngaml

    Many more shoes to drop in Obama’s Kingdom

  • GlocKittyXe

    executive orders are not laws especially when a FRAUD is pretending to write them

  • Obama is he has intentionally usurped power not authorized him by the US Constitution, which has been specifically identified, outlined, and detailed in the testimony of expert authority in the current Congressional
    hearings on Capital Hill.

    These specifically identified item usurpations by Obama, must be
    put into legal Congressional written form as opening article statements of indictments in the Impeachment Hearings of US President Barrack Hussein Obama.

    MICHAEL CANNON, CATO INSTITUTE: “There is one last thing to which
    the people can resort if the government does not respect the restraints the Constitution places on the government. Abraham Lincoln talked about our right to alter our govt, or our revolutionary right to overthrow it. That is certainly something that no one wants to contemplate but … if the people come to believe that the government is no longer constrained by the laws, then they
    will conclude that neither are they.”

    Professor Jonathon Turley: “Obama’s Become the very danger the US Constitution was designed to avoid.” The US Constitution, the system of separated powers is not simply about stopping one branch of government from usurping another. It’s about protecting the liberty of Americans from the dangers of concentrated government power. How does the president’s unilateral modification of act of Congress affect both the balance of power between the political branches and the liberty
    interests of the American people?

    No more truer words have been spoken, and words that are pointing to that very conclusion and result, which if the current Obama regime continues it’s unprecedented assault upon the US Constitution and the American people, there will be another American revolution, and Obama will see to it that he uses the full weight and power of the US govt against us- We the People, for which Obama and his govt agencies have stock piled millions of rounds of ammunition, assault vehicles, etc, has built up his govt agency armies of the HHS, EPA, IRS, DOJ, etc, etc, to go to war with the American People with a preplanned fully armed military confrontation as his objective.

    We the People will not surrender to Obama, and his anti-American leftist statist indoctrinated henchmen and women, aka Democrats period.

  • SharpestJim

    We need to “coup” right back. With Constitution in-hand!

    • Kulture War

      Or rifles.

      • Norman Parsons

        And semiautomatic ones at that.

  • ordinary american

    Where are the Articles of Impeachment? Are these no Elected officials who will stand up for America? Why have the Rat Bastrd RINO’s (Boehner, McConnell, Grahamnest, McShame, et al) unified against conservatives, Tea Party members and anyone who dares to question them? Not one single penny will I contribute to any GOP candidate.or any GOP sponsored entity. Journalism died in 2007 and the GOP died in 2012.

    • woodsman1st

      I understand your angst and anger my patriotic friend; and I agree with most of what you say. However, IMHO you are taking action in the wrong way.The answer lies not in stopping ALL funds to the GOP, but in directing your funds in the right direction. The hell with the culperts you named above; they deserve a huge can of arse whupping opened on them.
      Take your funds and send them directly to the candidates of your choice; mine will go to Ted Cruz and all members of the Tea Party directly.
      The goal is NOT to harm those with whom we have hope; NOT to harm the Tea Party, but to devastate Boehner, McCain, McConnell and the rest of the good old boy RINO BASTARDS….TO DRIVE THEM OUT OF OFFICE OR RENDER THEM TOOTHLESS; all the while strengthening the good guys and ensuring a win in both 2014 and 2016!
      The goal is NOT to stay home in protest and FAIL TO VOTE! We only harm America and ourselves
      Only by remaining UNITED behind one candidate AND the Tea Party can we succeed and save our country,
      Donate your funds directly to the Tea Party; donate directly to Ted Cruz, or whoever you choose. But stay active Donate all you can to the right people and remain UNITED WITH YOUR FELLOW PATRIOTS.
      It is in this way we shall restore and save our country; and above all else, VOTE! For only in voting can we defeat obama and the Progressives!

      • Karl Schneider

        nice thoughts… but I’m afraid it is too late. It seems the only way this will be stopped is in a violent overthrow. I am not condoning this but after my many years of observation of our political system and the creatures who inhabit it who carefully plot the manipulation of the increasingly ignorant voter,I believe there is no hope that these same voters will suddenly become enlightened(or even have the capacity to become so). For generations now we have protected and even encouraged the breeding of ignorant citizens. We have rewarded stupidity,ignorance,sloth,perversion,greed and depravity.Politicians give their ignorant supporters “bread and circuses” while building protection around them selves because they know it can only end in collapse & chaos.It took years to get the “voter” to this level of ignorance and there is not enough time to educate them to save the republic

      • DC

        Woodsman1st and everyone else who feels this will be rectified at the “all-holy” ballot box…. YOU ARE FOOLS! – The only reason these people haven’t enacted martial law already is that they can accomplish what they want to without it! – You think for one second there would be any change at all if Ted Cruz were voted in as President. First, the establishment would never allow it to happen; they’d put him down first. Second, nothing would change if we were to have a republican controlled congress.

        These people are all of the same ilk. They crave power and position not democracy and liberty.

        • Shannon C Williamson

          The only way this could of been rectified at the ballot box was if people actually got out and voted! LESS Repulicans/right wingers/Conservatives got out and and voted in 2012 than in this centuries history.

          • badbadlibs

            Thank you. That’s the honest to God truth, so while we’re wringing our hands over the feckless congress, the right, in large numbers, was handing the left a victory.
            Those who stayed home, rather then cast a vote, in some kind of protest, make the left glad….I’ll just keep it at that.

          • DC


      • DC

        Want to make people stand up and take notice… gather 500,000 people on the front lawn of the whitehouse and demand congress impeach the president! – short of that – dig a big hole.

        • lawngren

          We’re way past the demand stage. Congress is completely worthless.

      • ordinary american

        BTW: I have twice contributed to Matt Bevin in Ky. And, I vote in FL. Thanks for your kind words. We are in agreement.

  • D. Noslen

    Not one member of Congress – esp. the GOP – says a word in opposition. I am hoping there is at least one Patriot among the Secret Service.

  • D. Noslen

    Between now and the 2014 elections – every action by obama – every word out of his mouth –
    will appeal to his base – and will promote class warfare and distort income
    disparities. It will all be directed to
    electing as many Democrats (Socialists, Communists, Liberals) as possible to
    enable him to achieve the two goals of his agenda: 1)
    Single Payer healthcare through Federal control, and 2) redistribution of wealth / assets from those
    who have earned them, to those who have not.

    His minions are trying to paint the GOP as anti-American –
    and his next power grab will be the confiscation of private assets, and
    possibly an attempt to install Martial Law in 2014 to thwart the “unruly
    opposition”. Destroy the middle-class
    no matter what the cost; no matter what the damage.

  • spin43

    These are the types of governments that rule in most African nations, so the vast majority of African-Americans are cheering the dictator.

  • D. Noslen

    The next presidential State of The Union speech should be a
    doozy. I expect every word out of
    obama’s mouth to appeal to his low intelligence base. I also expect not one word of truth or
    honesty in the whole thing either. I
    also expect him to set the stage for painting the GOP as being “unruly”, “not
    working within the rule of law”, and at “odds with the Administration” – to the
    point that obama has no choice but to really take charge and start running the
    country by presidential decree and presidential fiat. Think it cannot happen? I never expected the United States of America
    to have a president dedicated to the country’s destruction. His staff is already laying the groundwork
    for this to happen. As soon as he starts
    the SOTU – the entire GOP should walk out.

    • lawngren

      The GOP had better not even show up. They probably can’t hide, but they’d better try. The next event on the calendar is the Night Of The Long Knives. The most conservative will be dealt with first, and eventually the obama REGIME will get around to the grassroots.

      Us, that is.

      • D. Noslen

        Obama’s 1st election was reason enough for me to arm myself and my home. They are welcome to walk up my front sidewalk and steps.

        • lawngren

          Sooner or later, one way or another, they’ll get around to all of us. The fedgov is almost completely totalitarian now. We won’t have to wait long.

          I grew up with guns. I’ve never had to shoot anyone, but I have my guns for a reason.

    • JimSherwood3

      All eyes are focused on Obama – but it is SENATOR HARRY REID who continues to pave the way for this despot by effectively shutting down the Congress.

    • $12545164

      A very wise, very intelligent man known to few Americans (though hopefully at least a few here) was interviewed on Mark Levin’s evening radio show on XM radio just days or maybe a handful of weeks prior to the 2012 election. Levin (part of the problem in his own way, in my opinion) was interviewing Dr. Thomas Sowell about his (then) new book. In the interview, he asked Dr. Sowell if he thought the Constitutional Republic could survive a 2nd Øbama term. Consistent with his thoughtfulness, Dr. Sowell paused a moment or so, the answered with an unequivocal “no.” He stated he did NOT believe the Constitutional Republic could survive if Øbama was re-elected. Chills went down my spine in a way that only a few events have sent chills down my spine in the past. Such events were hearing that the President had been assassinated, that Challenger had blown up during launch, that the Murrah Federal Building had been blown up, and when one of our children called to ask if we’d yet turned on our TV (we had not) the day two planes flew into the WTC (and subsequently the Pentagon).

      Dr. Sowell is a former Marxist. Given his background, education, experience, intelligence and level-headedness, he is in a position to make such an evaluation like exceptionally few other people. I took his assessment with a seriousness I would not have expected – until I actually heard him say it. It should be equally shocking and thought provoking to every American – but it’s not.

  • DC

    I think at the state of the union the seagent at arms should place him under arrest pending impeachment proceedings!

  • lawngren

    No kidding it’s a coup. This week, by their wimpy, gutless dithering, the Supremes announced that they would not stop obama’s rise to total power. Either obama or his handlers got the message, so now almighty obama is acting on the permission that the Supremes gave him. There is no longer any chance of stopping obama by any governmental means. Practice saying “seigheil”, folks. Oh, no, wait. I forgot. It’s “insh’allah”. That’s what we need to practice.

    • badbadlibs

      I’m going to continue the practice of “Jesus is Lord”. 🙂

      • lawngren

        Me too. My comment was sarcasm.

        However, I have also always planned on saying to any home invaders or national enemies, “Meet my good friends, Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson!”

        • badbadlibs

          I knew you were being sarcastic, you’re too wise to mean otherwise!
          I like your friends! 🙂

          • lawngren

            Thank you.

            When I look back at some of the dumb things I have done, especially when I was young, I know that any wisdom I have comes from Jehovah.

  • MrLogical

    Of the three branches of government, only the legislature has the power to reign in and remove an out-of-control executive branch (viz., the president) via impeachment… and they refuse to do it.

    Time to flush the toilet on our spineless Congress and get some new blood in there; people with steel and cement in their spines.

    • Shannon C Williamson

      sad thing is, even if he’s impeached, what good will it do? Clinton was impeached and he still remained President! and unless all he has done is reversed the only thing it would do is prevent him from doing antying further, IF he left office. He doesn’t just need to be impeached, he needs to be imprisoned.

  • D. Noslen

    A “Mussolini” on Obama would be a nice way to set the stage for the American Spring..

    • Originally a member of the Italian Socialist Party (PSI), Mussolini was expelled from the PSI due to his opposition to the party’s stance on neutrality inWorld War I. Mussolini denounced the PSI, and later founded the fascist movement. Following the March on Rome in October 1922 he became the youngest Prime Minister in Italian history. After destroying all political opposition through his secret police and outlawing labor strikes, Mussolini and his fascist followers consolidated their power through a series of laws that transformed the nation into a one-party dictatorship. Within five years he had established dictatorial authority by both legal and extraordinary means, aspiring to create a totalitarian state.

      • D. Noslen

        I had more in mind hanging upside down by the ankles

  • Donald Bly

    Obama has promised to use his pen and executive order to ‘get things done’ when congress fails to act… this method of governing is best known by the term ‘Dictatorship’, and flies in the face of the checks and
    balances that our founders put in place to ensure that we had a working republic. It seems that the use of these EO’s now promise to obsolete congress. There are times when the nation’s top executive does need to act speedily and cannot wait for congress to act, however, the congress SHOULD have veto power over these executive orders, thus restoring the checks and balances that the founders were careful to craft within the constitution.

    I would propose; in order to preclude the United States from falling into the grasp of tyranny through dictatorial use of the Executive Order… any Executive Order signed by the President of the United States – Must come to an up or down majority vote before the House of representatives and the Senate within 60 days of signing by the President. Should either the House of Reps OR the Senate fail to vote for upholding the Executive Order…. it shall immediately become null and void and is officially rescinded.


  • Shannon C Williamson

    And people are STILL trying to say that Bush will go down as thw worst President ever. HA! I don’t think sooooooo! I have spoke out against this man as soon as I found out he was running for President and I read his credentials and voting history. I KNEW he was bad news and we were all going to be screwed. Even those who STILL hail him as the greatest sense sliced bread.

    • $12545164

      And of course, good for you! (Sincerely.) The problem is that you have no voice. The voice (the media determines that) is pre-determined. And with the education system no longer teaching the very essential elements of U.S. government and why they are important, let alone an honest (and complete) U.S. history, we now have multiple generations of adults (in name only) that know nothing about how we really started out, how we really got to where we are, and why the Founding Fathers and their documents are not just outdated, irrelevant history. A tiny fraction of Americans have any recollection of a time when virtually everyone either had (if you were rich enough), or knew someone that had a fallout shelter. To those that even know about that being a common individual/family concept back before their time, it seems like irrational fear-mongering. And therefore they don’t take the remaining few that lived through it seriously. They have no concept of the fear across America during the U.S. blockade of Soviet nuclear missiles just outside Cuban waters. Nor do they know the experience of a collective, almost universally audible gasp and sigh of incredible relief when “We will bury you!” Khruschev blinked. They don’t remember Hungarian kids suddenly showing up in our schools, bewildered and speaking no English, but thankful for freedom and safety in the 50s. Nor do they understand the over-(age)50 Cuban refugees here today that sound like paranoid, disgruntled broken records about Castro.

      I call this the age of the Dumbmasses in America. It’s reached critical mass and destruction is growing exponenitially.

  • katekastorff

    Why is our Congress allowing this man to set himself up as dictator? Where are the checks and balances from the Congress? Why has Obama not been arrested and removed from office? WHY WHY WHY!!!!!

    • because the people are sheeple

    • dabe

      Because he is black. Because he is black. Because he is black. Anyone that mentions his removal will be labeled a racist.

  • Laurel

    Republicans are letting him.

  • blackopz

    As with any dictatorship in it’s infancy the only reason Congress would allow this is that they are either in denial or in fear of him. I know it’s hard to believe but why is that any more unbelievable than our great country being taken over by Marxist.

    • $12545164

      I see where you’re going with that, and you’re certainly seeing more than the average American sees (let alone the illegals-about-to-magically-become-Democrat-voters). But neither answer A nor B is correct. True, some of them are too stupid to see it, and therefore it could look like your answer A (denial), but it goes far beyond that. People that go into national politics (even local in too many cases) have their net worth go up substantially. Of course some are pure in heart and just get lucky on a few market trades, such as Hillary {choke! – that was sarcastic humor). In reality, it’s generally all about power, financial and personal gain. In other words, answer C is “conscious complicity.” Their personal interests outweigh their interest in the very people that elected them as “representatives.” Remember the old line: “Follow the money!”

  • John Davidson

    I can’t believe this President continues to be able to sell his socialist program unabated.

    • lrjrj

      1/2 the Dem party trusts gov’t more than capitalism – this is EXACTLY the opposite of constitutional limited govt., once bipartisan understanding as recently as Clinton, and polar opposite of philosophy, politics, and economic results of the Reagan era.

      • John Davidson

        The biggest mistake Bush made was trying to seek favorable opinion from the Liberal press. Real leadership is not a popularity contest.

        • $12545164

          Oh, trust me – that was not Bush’s biggest mistake! Getting the press to like him is not even an issue any longer. Even Øbama isn’t even blaming Bush anymore. Bush would be almost irrelevant at this point had it not been for perhaps his truly biggest “mistake” – the Patriot Act. One rare, principled congressman from Texas, no longer in office, went to the floor of the House within DAYS (not even a few months) of the 9/11 attacks, and stated exactly what could happen legislatively if we were not very, very cautious in how we reacted to 9/11. That congressman stated, as if he prophetically had seen it already, exactly what has come about through Bush’s creation: the Patriot Act. The warning was there from the very beginning, from within his own party. MAYBE with respect to Bush it was a “mistake.” Perhaps Bush had neither the insight nor the knowledge to see what he was truly signing. But he was surrounded by people that knew full well what the Patriot Act was designed to do, would to, and now has done.

          THAT was perhaps Bush’s biggest mistake – not some popularity contest with the press. The demise of liberty did not begin with Barack Hussein Øbama. It did not even begin with George W. Bush. Or even his father. One can easily argue that two of the biggest names in the demise of liberty were Abraham Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson.

          And don’t anybody dare jump on that last sentence with the sputtering, squealing little knee-jerk response, “But, but, but – Lincoln freed the slaves!!!” line. No, read the Emancipation Proclamation. Lincoln, in his own words, did not care about the issue of slavery, and preferred “they” all go back where “they” came from. And he didn’t “free the slaves. He merely prevented the Confederate States from having them available to use any longer, thereby punishing the South economically. States that did not join with the Confederacy got to keep their slaves – that was perfectly fine with Honest Abe. All Lincoln cared about was whether FedGov had ultimate and complete authority over states.

          And then came Wilson, 1913, and the triumvirate of anti-liberty “law” – creation of the Federal Reserve, the 16th Amendment, and the 17th Amendment. We just missed “celebrating” the 100th birthday of those three massive events last year.

          Nope – Bush is one in the long string of chief executives that helped undermine what this nation was founded upon. Call me a paranoid conspiracy whacko, and I’ll invite you to explain away the documented history of it all.

  • sctanker

    You know, there is a reason that this is happening, as _THE_ most powerful body in the Federal system is supposed to be the House of Representatives. The Senate was supposed to represent the state before it was Constitutionally amended to be a popular vote…making it more of a more select version of the House. Still, the President is supposed to oversee the management of the federal government, _NOT_ run the country! We do not have a dictator.

    This problem began a long time ago, when people refused to vote, refused to vote corrupt incumbenout of office when it was “their guy,” and the massive sale of votes by the electorate to be purchased by from the federal treasury. Paraphrasing Ben Franklin, when the people figured out that the can vote thmenselves money from the treasury, it’s all over.

    We’ve reached that tipping point, where it is perfectly fine to use government to take from your fellow citizen and convert the theft to your own use. This is not liberty. This is not what America is supposed to be. We have ceased to be the “land of the free,” and are now “Land of the Freeloaders.” What’s next, we we bust the Federal government when the national nipple dries up? Clamoring for the UN to be our new masters? Don’t laugh.

    • MandyKat416

      Funny, I thought heard the sound of John Galt speaking.
      Scary how Ayn Rand predicted this in “Atlas Shrugged” We lost hold of opportunity and ability through the chanting & ranting about “fairness”

  • EveningGlory

    Political Correctness has paralyzed us with fear. We know we should do something about the controlling power that is overtaking us, but fear what our standing against it will ignite. Political Correctness has brainwashed so many otherwise good Americans, because it sounds so benevolent, and anyone who challenges it is deemed to be hateful and mean.

  • R.C. Chapman

    The Coup happened some time ago. And few noticed. Now those that don’t agree with it are just the resistance. The end occurred when the American public allowed and accepted a liberal press who reported opinion as fact.


    …now what does America do with the ‘TYRANNY’ that is now taken over your Republic ? Mmmmmmmmmmmm “

    • Oscar


  • paul b ahern

    Getting him out of office will only come thru the courts for constitutional violations. Impeachment thru Congress will not work because of the Democratic Senate. Everyone complains about our elected Congress but still votes them back into office. Term Limits would be a good start. We are being defeated from within without knowing it.

    • Raymond Tower

      Not everyone votes the idiots back into office. It’s those wanting the hand outs that are doing the voting. To many afraid to stand up for fear of being labeled. I for one am not one of them. We need candidates here in California to rid us of Pelosi, Feinstein and Boxer.

      • paul b ahern

        Of course you realize you just defamed 3 women. What’s wrong with you Californian’s ? You barely avoided bankruptcy, have the most people on welfare, have the most “undocumented” residents and still vote these three ladies back into office year after year. I have no sympathy for you Californian’s, Sorry.

        • Raymond Tower

          And why should I care if these 3 libtards are defamed? I can’t stand them and have voted against them. I pull no punches. They are not undocumented they are illegal aliens that have invaded our borders. I stand with voter ID laws.

          • paul b ahern

            It was said tongue in cheek. You are so right, couldn’t agree more. Vote the three chicks plus Harry out !

            • Raymond Tower

              Them, Harry, McConnell, Boehner, McCain, Waters and more.

  • Pete Roberto

    term limits fools. nothing else will work. the guy is hittler

    • MPH

      You’re kidding, right? The President is already limited to two terms by amendment 22.

  • D. Noslen

    Seems to me it is time to “storm the Bastille” and grease up the guillotine.

    • $12545164

      “Got rope?” — as in a superior product once produced from industrial hemp, not to be confused with anything smoked by some. Guillotines are too messy. The resulting bodily fluids would constitute a serious biohazard, given their origins. And we’ve already got far too many empty lamp posts, particularly in D.C., just crying out to be put to proper use.

      (The preceding is a product of literary license, not advocacy of anything literal, of course. 🙂 )

  • … and, we cannot let it happen.

  • Glenn

    Executive orders have been used by every U.S. President, beginning with George Washington. No President may use executive orders to extend or enhance his powers beyond the powers provided to him/her in the constitution or by specific laws passed by congress. If the President uses executive order inappropriately, I would expect congress to refer the order to the supreme court and have it nullified. I am a less than enthusiastic, and sometimes reluctant supporter of President Obama. I think it is misleading to use words like coup and dictator to describe a president using executive order.

    • $12545164

      Glenn, this and other presidents HAVE used executive orders inappropriately, and Congress does NOT refer those orders to the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court does NOT nullify them. That you are even just a “sometimes reluctant supporter of President Obama,” says more about how much you’ve been duped than you have any idea.

      You can “think it is misleading to use words like coup and dictator to describe a president” all you want. But that does not make it so. If you truly study the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, truly understand the brilliance that went into those documents, and truly understood the step-by-step process whereby those have been undermined for us to get to where we are today, you would see things quite differently. I’m willing to go out on a limb here and guess that you haven’t been on this earth long enough to have reached even the minimum age of 50, where experience overrides what passes as the written history of the 20th century. Your formal education and experience watching the world around you is therefore far different than the education and real-world, observed experience of the majority of those that are well past that half-century mark in life. Your history books didn’t teach you very much of what is truly relevant, and you didn’t live through a time when communism was actually talked about, taught-about, and understood.

      Fortunately, there are those who don’t have to rely on today’s pseudo-history books to know where we’ve been and how we got here. But sadly, there don’t seem to be enough of us left to make the difference with the Dumbmasses – of which you’re an unfortunate member. (Note, there is an “m” in the middle of that word – it is not a crude insult or cheap personal shot.)

  • Ladydonnalands

    It is a coup d’état plain and simple. He is the great Liar in Chief in the Lie House and you must shut up and put up with his tyrannous, treasonous and dishonorable treatment of “we the people”!

  • Allen

    I keep seeing post about oboma will be gone soon enough, however, CAN’T YOU SEE this is a liberal agenda. This WILL NOT go away, when oboma is out of office. They want amnesty, more stupid blind sheep to be led around by their noses to vote liberal. We MUST stop these Constitution hating traitors.

  • Pete Wagner

    Obama couldn’t manage a meeting let alone a coup. Probably didn’t even know what he was saying.

    • mike hunt

      Perhaps because it’s NOT Oblahlah? Ever think of that?

      • Pete Wagner

        No that coup already happened. That’s what led to Obama.

    • $12545164

      Pete Wagner, if you honestly believe that, you’re either one of his disinformation operatives, or you ain’t got a clue! Don’t EVER under estimate the degree of competency in (and behind) this administration. Whether we agree with it or not, it’s been masterfully implemented.

    • jimmbbo

      0blamea is just the teleprompter reading useful idiot for the likes of Valerie Jarrett, Cass Sunstein and George Soros… He’s a moron, but there are truly dedicated Marxists pulling his strings and financing his “fundamental transformation”

  • “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does NOT
    mean to stand by the President or any other public official save exactly to the
    degree in which he himself stands by the country. It is patriotic to support
    him insofar as he efficiently serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to
    oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in
    his duty to stand by the country.” – Theodore Roosevelt

  • $29528627

    Mark is correct, and Congress will never grow a set.

    • $12545164

      And they will never grow a set because “we the people,” the Dumbmasses, keep sending them back to D.C. to do their subversive dirty work.

      “We” have been masterfully brainwashed. That’s a term that used to be used when this nation was decidedly anti-communist, and people understood what brainwashing was. But as “our” side did more and more of it themselves, the term (along with “communist, communism, Marx, Marxism,” etc.) was all phased out. Then the term “New World Order” began to be carefully phased in by George H.W. Bush, followed by the resulting media frenzy with the term in the weeks following the night he uttered it (as Gorby was about to return to the motherland to see about the serious earthquake that had just occurred there). For weeks you could hardly listen to a news broadcast or commentary without hearing it (or reading it in print), just so “we” would bet used to it. Then it almost disappeared, just popping up here and there, as if it was just a normal part of the political language that had been there all along. Almost nobody recalls that, let alone even noticed it at the time (or comprehends the process and significance today). But then I’m just a paranoid nut case, so what do I know?

  • Guest 20

    Wake up America…Obama is systematically destroying America. He’s the Hugo Chavez of the north. He’s trying to disarm the nation and I bet before his term in office is over he finds a reason to invoke Martial Law so he don’t have to step down. What you see today is your Dictator of Tomorrow

    • Mythslayer

      You know, I can’t help but wonder about our election system. I don’t believe it’s working. I traveled the U.S. last year and in all the many people I talked to, I found ONE person who voted for Obama. Has anyone else asked others if they voted for O?

      • $12545164

        Oh, I’ve talked to many of them. And many of them are either welfare recipients or federal employees (though there are still a few patriots among that latter group). I call them the Dumbmasses. I don’t really know if Øbama’s handlers manipulated the final numbers in the election sufficiently or not, but would not be surprised either way. The fact still remains that a very sizable number of Dumbmasses exist, and they are the downfall of a once-great Constitutional Republic.

        • Mythslayer

          I agree with being uninformed. We’ve allowed the progressives to
          infiltrate our universities which has trickled clear down to preschool
          now. They’ve been allowed to undermine all our
          foundations with lies and twisted truth. Just as they did in every other
          communist country.

          We have to reverse the process and “kindly” teach the truth. I thank the
          Lord for all the conservative talk show hosts who have taught my entire
          family so much.

          And we dearly miss Quinn and Rose of who were ousted with
          Clear Media’s take-over of wpgb (of whom I no longer listen/turn on, in
          case sponsor FoxNews is listening.)

          • Mythslayer

            I realized my
            own ignorance in my twenties, even though I’m an avid reader. In public
            school I’d
            never read any of our historical documents. Luckily, because of my
            reading, I realized I’d been taught “revised” history and to home
            educate my children, I set out to find the correct story. (As adults,
            they’re doing well being able to ferret out the truth.) It’s much
            easier now, to find correct history. Many others have joined the
            endeavor and printed
            their findings (with footnotes as evidence.) Not like the revisionist
            history book they’ve used in colleges that purports it doesn’t
            believe/need footnotes. (Personally, anything written after 1900’s is

            We need to once again teach what are Our Natural Rights.

            To find what
            our Founding Fathers were taught that gave them the wisdom to bring
            about such an exceptional nation that in less than 200 years grew to be
            the wealthiest, most giving nation on earth.

            Rush says it so well:

    • Avram Cohen

      Bush, Obama the same thing!

  • Guest 20

    Looks like Obama is following this agenda to a T
    How to create a social state by Saul Alinsky There are 8 levels of control that
    must be obtained before you are able to create a social state. The first is the most important.

    1) Healthcare – Control healthcare and you control the

    2) Poverty – Increase the Poverty
    level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight
    back if you are providing everything for t…hem to live.

    3) Debt – Increase the debt to an
    unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will
    produce more poverty.

    4) Gun Control – Remove the ability
    to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a
    police state.

    5) Welfare – Take control of every
    aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and

    6) Education – Take control of what
    people read and listen to – take control of what children learn in

    7) Religion – Remove the belief in
    the God from the Government and

    8) Class Warfare – Divide the people
    into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be
    easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the

    • $12545164

      Everyone would do well to look up the Communist Manifesto on line, and simply go to the very end of the 2nd chapter. It’s a short book, really, but one could almost skip everything except the list of 10 conditions Marx listed at the end of chapter two. It’s the list of conditions that would exist at the point that a society has become ripe for the final transition. Marx is more relevant today than almost anyone has any idea, thanks to the likes of Frank Marshall Davis, Robert Taylor, Valerie Jarrett, Vernon Jarrett, David Axelrod, and a number of others. IF the full history of all that is ever documented – and I doubt it will be – it may truly be THE single most fascinating story in American history. But if it is documented, it will be documented by the winning side, with pride, and sadly we’re far more likely to end up there, than where we started out in 1787 and 1791.

    • nomercy55

      youre on the money…!!

  • SirWilhelm

    Sorry Mark, you missed the coup that occured the day Obama was first sworn in. That’s what you call it, when an illegal alien, foreign national, subversive usurper, is sworn in to the Office of the President. That he has taken his time implementing his agenda, gradually transforming the US into a totalitarian Marxist/Muslim run country, was all part of the plan. It’s your problem, and you’re far for alone, that you didn’t recognize it right away. That you ignored, and even now, are ignoring the Birthers, and their evidence of massive fraud, and treason, that it took to get Obama into the Office. And you would, or should have, expected any effort to overthrow the Republic from within, to require a massive conspiracy. Too many thought we were too strong, too smart, too perceptive, to be fooled by any conspiracy. Besides, there are no such things as conspiracies. Anyone that sees conspiracies, is just paranoid, right? Well Mark. Do you think Obama got to this point on his own? Do you think Congress is letting him get away with this, because they are really, totally helpless? Do you think the Supreme Court hasn’t ignored opportunities to oppose him, reign him in, or even remove him? Why did they refuse to hear, without explanation, any of the eligibility cases that made it to the Supreme Court, for example? Yes, it’s a relatively quiet coup, but, not an entirely bloodless coup. Just ask Brian Terry, or the Benghazi Four, and there are several other suspicious deaths, that could be tied to Obama, and his cohorts.

    • Robert Johnson

      Absolutely correct. The “conservatives” have utterly failed to see Obama’s weakest link. All the evidence is there but they seem to be completely ignorant. All anyone needs is an hour on Google to know the truth.

  • L Tecolote

    Those who enjoy and encourage the increasingly dictatorial behavior of the pretendsident are probably not in the majority on The Right Scoop. But they were counted as the majority at the polls, last election. And they are the majority on TV “news,” discussion, and “entertainment” shows watched by the electorate.

    Given the extent to which the extracurricular activities of our elected nobles, the CONgresscritters, are studied in depth by the 16 or so “intelligence”agencies reporting to the executive branch, is it too much to expect that the CONgress will meekly accept the march to totalitarianism, with only a few dissenters, themselves subjected to all the scorn the presstitute media is able to create?

    In the “Land of the Freeloaders,” the majority of sheepizens invariably vote for whoever makes the most lavish promises of “free” benefits paid for by “someone else.” At some subconscious level, most of them understand that they themselves are the “someone else,” but they can manage to repress such thoughts as long as “their” candidate “wins,” and they can bask in the “glory,” like getting a testosterone rush from watching “your” team win a football game. (“You won? What position did you play?”)

    No change of significance can happen, until the majority culture shifts back to one of honest, self-reliant citizens who are willing to read, study, think, persuade their neighbors to vote for The Rights of Man, instead of a cut of the spoils from their neighbors’ wallets. When do you think that’ll happen?

  • Mark Caldwell

    “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” William Pitt

  • $2398599

    Dictatorships are easy recognized. We have one now, been here for over three years.

  • How far can/will Obama go before Congress grows some balls and takes steps to stop him? Will he raise the minimum wage via EO? Will he extend UI with a stroke of his mighty pen? Maybe he’ll unilaterally raise taxes on “the rich” with a phone call to the IRS? Impeachment seems to be the only option.

    • I like impeachment. And it should be done in spite of the fact that the Senate would never, ever, remove him from office.

    • Raymond Tower

      Until Reid and his commie friends are gone and we get control of Congress impeachment will be tough.

  • The average American doesn’t care about the Obama situation or the government so long as whatever benefits them keeps on coming in.

    Without mainstream Americans taking up the reins… nothing will change.

    • Raymond Tower

      Just like in 1938 Europe

  • NJK

    Mark’s right. Obama and his ilk are overthrowing the govt. John Boehner and his ilk do nothing. The courts do nothing, and the military does nothing. I never thought I lived in a country that would let something like this happen. I thought overthrowing the United States of America was treason? You don’t have to be on the outside to do it. Are there any men in Obamatown?

    • judy

      Military commanders who have disagreed with him have been let go. The rest are staying quiet until the big time comes and it is coming.

  • Concernedmimi

    Mark is exactly RIGHT! The Republicans and conservatives need to be scrambling for every tool under the sun to put a stop to this tyranny. Anyone who votes democrat this next time around and have heard Mark’s comments must want a communistic system. The uninformed voter is the real threat to America. The progressive propaganda has been spewed and infiltrated in our entire social and education system and has to be exterminated; stop eating the cheese that Obama the pied piper keeps doling out to them.

  • cattastrophe

    There is a way and it’s not as complicated as many would have us think.

  • Elle Farrington

    NOW is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of THEIR COUNTRY…….!

  • ColdWarrior

    Now get involved and fight for your liberty where you live. Become a precinct committeeman.

    More here:

    It works. If enough conservatives become precinct committeemen where they live.


    There’s no cavalry coming to save us. Get involved where you live ASAP. The real ball game of politics is played every month at the local political party committees by the voting members of the committees — the precinct committeemen. The RINOs don’t want you to know this. Nor do the incumbents. Even the conservative incumbents. Because they fear you might fill up all the vacant precinct committeeman slots and throw them out, too, in the next primary election in favor of a new, better conservative. The incumbents LOVE the status quo and your ignorance and apathy. See the chart below for what to do and why to do it.

    Chattering away all day, day after day, to the conservative choir on the internet will not change a thing. Only real political action inside the Republican Party as a member of one or more committees (local district, county, state and even national) will change things. Focus, focus, focus on actually increasing the turnout of good, decent Americans and we can take back our country at the ballot box by electing good people. Half of evangelical Christians are not registered to vote and only 50% of those actually vote. In other words, only 25% of evangelical Christians vote. Exact same percentages apply to NRA members.

    Ever hear Limbaugh, Hannity or Levin say a word about the above? Ever wonder why they don’t?

    It’s the elections, Sherlock.

    Thank you.

  • thatsitivehadenough

    I’m all in favor of ripping the power out of their hands. Now.

  • Roger T Yokubaitis

    Many of the younger adults do not remember the end of the Cold War in 1989 and the fall of the Soviet Union at the end of 1991, let alone remember the rise of the Cold War back in the early 1950s, so they do not know the tactics that the Communists used from then until the end of the Cold War. I was born in January 1945 and I well remember a good bit of what the Communists did and how they did it. I now am watching the same tactics used by the Communists being used by Obama and the progressive socialists in Congress. They are effecting a creeping takeover of the US government at this time. Obama has bypassed Congress and is writing broad, sweeping executive orders amounting to laws and the repeal of laws without Congressional action. In short, he has the executive branch, of course, and now is taking over the legislative branch. He is doing it right before our eyes and we are doing nothing to stop him. I will be gone in a few years, but God help our children and grandchildren!

  • Ocean Sprayz

    Those of the liberty school realize that demands for equality are little more than slogans conjured up by those intent upon exploiting emotions to empower themselves in equality’s name.

  • PaulDF

    Google “Enabling Act” to learn what history teaches us about consolidating power in one man.

  • Guest

    Wake up and examine the education system. this crap has infiltrated the schools since the 60 starting with your universities now it’s in your grade schools. little obama foot soldiers being created daily! not independent thinkers but collective followers!

  • Justin Kline
  • joeschmo8675309

    No one will do anything. He has done more damage than any other President in history and there isn’t a single protestor near DC.

  • Phyllis Warren

    I am sick of this bas****. Get his behind out of our white house. The American people deserve better and its high time we demand it!!!

  • fedupwthidiots

    This man is taking things too far…The law means nothing.This is not right..He needs to be removed from office!!! The ONLY hope this country has Is to remove the traitors in the senate in November and vote in people with a backbone that will stop Obummers treasonous actions…Only the senate can impeach…It’s no longer a lesser of two evils when you vote…only the republicans will end the madness…At this point even Sarah Palin is a better choice

  • Ladydonnalands

    The traitor and his minions create massive confusion,scandals & disillusionment so we can be busy with that while he puts in place our destruction. He has the bullets,coffins,the Fema camps and he is changing the law to insure we are weakened to the point that our enemies the Muslims can come in and destroy us.

  • PHBO is a Bastard. He should be arrested and jailed awaiting execution on charges of Treason. We need the joint Chiefs to honor their oath.

  • Barry

    Yes, but Mark, in case your missing it, we’re mountin’ a truly awesome counter coup!

  • manosteel

    Americans can’t wait until justice and what is right will prevail over this radical Marxist criminal.

  • Jimmymack

    Obama is out of control and we have no one to blame except a weak Congress.

  • Jimmymack

    Obama is quietly moving aside military leaders that oppose his agenda.

  • Jimmymack

    Well meaning people will look back one day and say “Good Lord, how did we let this happen”? Answer; because you were too preoccupied to want to get involved!