Mark Levin: We need Todd Akins to beat Claire McCaskill and Karl Rove needs to get out of the way

Mark Levin said Friday night that it’s clear now that Akins isn’t going to step aside and that we need him to win that Senate race. He also said Karl Rove needs to stop badmouthing Todd Akin and just get out of the way.

Listen below:

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  • CalCoolidge

    Akin and McCaskill aside, I’d like to see Rove step aside, too.


      That’s just the trouble. He is not elected, nor are any of his cronies.

    • You can’t see me but I am standing and applauding you!

  • Don

    Once again Mark’s logic and common sense comes through like a shining light. Rove, Bush’s main advisor, was a guiding force in George W creating an economic crisis that allowed a totally incompetent candidate like Obama to seize power at a vulnerable time in our country’s history. He is a RINO who never has been or ever will be a candidate for any office. He should take Mark’s suggestion and get the hell out of the way of the people of Missouri so they can make their own decisions on their choice for the Senate.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Excellent point.

    • p m

      And it was Rove who advised against any sort of media push-back by GWB. Maybe when GWB realized too late that that was a mistake, he was more easily persuaded to up spending, again by Rove. OTOH the latter may have been the plan all along.

    • Boris_Badenoff

      Getting rid of Rove will prove very difficult… He is well entrenched..

      • Trenches are made for crossing. He’s just become the troll under the bridge.

        • Boris_Badenoff

          I’m right there with ya Bob…

      • MLCBLOG

        ..and apparently blind to his own obvious faults. His vision is not wide, and the above recount of him making way for O by letting GWB lose is interesting to ponder.

      • aposematic

        In politics money says everything, and Rove has a big fat Pack of it buying a lot of Party loyalty.

  • notebene

    Only RINO Rove would want a corrupt democrat like McCaskill to win! Yes, Akin made a stupid comment, however, he did not fail to pay his taxes until he wanted a political position like McCaskill did! She owed hundreds of thousands of dollars! Yet she and the other democrats feel the middle class should pay more for their wasteful spending. Way to be for the working class! Akin is no brainiac, but at least he didn’t steal from the people he wants to represent! If we could get rid of politicians for stupid comments, Odumbo and Biden should have been shown the door on the first day of office!

  • conservative58

    Karl Rove’s remarks last Friday were totally outrageous and unacceptable! Rove later calls Akin to APOLOGIZE, so now everything is fine as far as Rove is concerned.

    So, why is it that Rove expects everyone to accept his apology, when he would not accept Akin’s apology for his stupid rape remarks?

    In my opinion, Rove’s remarks crossed the line!

    • Boris_Badenoff

      “In my opinion, Rove’s remarks crossed the line! ”

      Rove went light years over the line..

      • Some were saying that it was a joke. What have we become that anyone would think that’s a joke?

        • 3seven77

          Rove needs to be kicked to the curb. He’s every bit as slimy as Axelfraud.

        • Boris_Badenoff

          If Rove says something its to further a political agenda…He was not joking..

          Rove ALWAYS has an agenda. He IS a “Political Operative.”

          Everything he does or says has agenda behind it.

          I find him to be a most disgusting individual.

      • Guest1776rcp

        Karl Rove is an asshole. There I said it, I know y’all wanted to. 😉

  • SpikeT

    I’m Akin for a win…in spite of his odd gibberish about “legitimate….”

  • wodiej

    Akin and Rove both need to step aside.

  • serfer62

    Akin or McCaskill?

    McCaskill or Akin?

    Is that a trick question? Akin is more Conservative the the Maine Twins, McRino, Boehner & most of The Establishment

    sent him some money

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Going to do the same

    • I have sent him money. Hope other conservatives will too.

    • aposematic

      You hit the main problem the GOP Establishment has with Akin, he’s too Conservative!

  • brazen_infidel

    Did anybody else notice that in this clip Mark repeatedly refers to Akin as “Atkins?” Maybe he is trying subconsciously to field a replacement candidate. I’d support “Atkins” over Akin any day!

    Seriously, I must say that I am conflicted over this. On the one hand, if the Slimy Toad Akin wins, he is going to be a disagreeable ongoing embarrassment to Republicans and conservatives everywhere. On the other hand, if he loses, we get McCaskill, and maybe lose the the chance to repeal Obamacare. I guess if I lived in Missouri I would hold my nose and vote for Akin, if I voted at all, but first I’d want to know what, if anything, he thinks about issues other than abortion.

    Rove may still have hopes of convincing Akin to make way for a safer candidate, and I can’t fault him too strongly for that — not yet, anyway. But as a certain iconic film character used to say, “A man’s gotta know his limits!”

    • TLaMana

      There is no stepping down. The deadline came and went. Nobody else can be put on the ballot.

      • StandProudNow

        Not true. He can step down until Sept 25th. It just needs to go through a judge.

        • MLCBLOG

          ..AND just who would step up? as a matter of practicality, it is Akin now.

        • In addition to petitioning a court to step down, he would be financially responsible for reimbursing the state for the cost to reprint the ballots. Yes, really.

    • He hasn’t been a “embarrassment” to the people of MO for the past 12yrs with his consistent conservative votes in Congress. This was a gaffe for which Akin apologized for. For Rove this about putting a moderate republican in that seat. It is a pathetic power play. As a MO voter this was over blown by the dems and more importantly by pathetic republican party.

      • aposematic

        Bingo! Nailed it! First prize! Gold!

      • Wisewoman2

        “For Rove this about putting a moderate republican in that seat. It is a pathetic power play.” Looking at the so-called replacements suggested I would have to concur with you. If neither of the 2 candidates that ran would be named then I am all for Akins trying to win even though I was totally aginst him initially. I just want Claire “my 16 year old daughter told me to support Obama” McCaskill to LOSE BIG!!

    • serfer62

      He’s not a slimy toad but rather a conservative who won out over The Establishment & Palins choice. For Rove, the above to attack him is stupid…the real question is do you want McCaskil? Yes or no!

      • brazen_infidel

        I think I made myself clear that I very much don’t want McCaskill to get re-elected. That’s my whole problem — my concern is that Akin is handing her the seat. I don’t like the double standard any more than you do, but that’s the harsh reality, and Mark still says here that Akin should have stepped aside for the good of the cause. We have to play the hand we’ve been dealt.

        Akin’s little “gaffe” was a display of monumental, smug stupidity that raises real questions of the man’s fitness to serve, and anyone trying to gloss it over just because that’s what the Democrats would do is not only descending to the same level as the Democrats, but is betting the farm on a likely loser and thereby cutting off his nose to spite his face.

        If McCaskill is re-elected and Harry Reid is still the Majority Leader next year, I’ll hold Akin solely responsible. If, on the other hand, Akin wins the seat, this is one case where I’ll be very relieved to have been proven wrong.


      That is Mark showing disrespect IMO.

  • keninil

    I was originally amazed of the number of Republican leaders that said Akin needed to step down after his flub. I would have expected all them to ignore him other than saying he was wrong or that he misspoke — and not given the McCaskill soundbites of all of them saying he should step down. The Rs should have done the same thing the Ds did with the Biden “chains” remark. There were not any Ds that said Biden should quit — not one.

    • CO2isGood

      Republicans are nothing more than Democrats Light!

      They all need to be Tea Partied into history.

    • He should have stepped down. But that was then. Rove is just compounding the error now, and needs to retire.

      • las1

        Sorry K-bob… just can’t agree. Akin’s six seconds of confusion engender calls for resignation! I’ve never bought this line by Republicans for his resignation. When Republicans call for an unrelenting push for Biden’s resignation and push that theme till Dems are required to address it… then and only then should Akin be targeted.

        And why do they call for Akin to step down? Because Republicans have a pathological fear, a yellow streak cowardice, against standing up to the screeches and howls of Democrats.

        The problem isn’t Aikin… it’s Republicans afraid of their own shadow. They let Dems set the narrative and like dumb sheep Republicans head to their slaughter.

        • It’s beating a dead horse, but Akin has become a laughingstock. It’s made worse because of all the people trying to defend his comments about what women’s bodies do in those situations. It’s truly repugnant to see that logic, where *some* women manage to avoid becoming pregnant, therefore it’s worth exploring how bad rape really is, in the context of abortion.

          *Some* women! What comfort that must be to some women. I’m not sure words exist that can express exactly how badly that registers with most people.

          But I like my reason cold. And where I focus on his “blunder” is that he made a Biden error while being Republican:

          If a person isn’t an expert on something, then he shouldn’t wander boldly into the weeds where expertise is required. Especially when it’s such an incendiary, hot-button issue.

          He should have stepped down. But we’re stuck with him, and we have to make the best of it.

          I predict it will work out about as well as when the Illinois Republican Committee drafted Alan Keyes to run in place of Ryan against the thug tactics of Obama.

          I’m hoping I’m wrong, and the people in Missouri can see that he’s still better for their futures than McHaskull. One thing we have going for our side is that it takes a certain amount of intelligence to frame an argument against Akin’s claims, and still have it register as a sound bite. So the lefties focus instead on Akin’s far less onerous gaffe of using the word “legitimate”, which wasn’t much of a gaffe, really. So there’s a chance the left is blowing an opportunity, and with McHsackle as the other choice, Akin wins in a squeaker.

          I might even send the knucklehead some money.

  • B-Funk

    Rove is part of the problem. Why does the RNC give him the time-of-day?!

    • CO2isGood

      because the RNC is the other part of the problem.

    • carolyn50

      Y does hannity give him so much credence?

      • Boris_Badenoff

        Hannity sucks up to Rove just like he runs cover for Beckel…

        A flaw in his character judgment..

        • MLCBLOG

          ..or the behest of Fox News.

          • B-Funk

            or both.

      • B-Funk

        That’s another question I would like answered. I really don’t know. As much as Sean talks about being conservative and not a Republican, he sure does run home to the RNC a lot.

      • Linky1

        Hannity, O’Reilly, Greta, any one of the FOX talking heads seem to bow at his feet for his opinions. The question is….Why?

    • aposematic

      Super PAC — show/follow the money! Rove has it, Akin doesn’t!

  • Nukeman60

    I agree that Akin should have stepped down when he created the firestorm with his verbal brainfart, as it would have been best for the conservative cause. He didn’t leave, but he did apologize and he took his lumps because of it. We must now try to ensure that McCaskill doesn’t get elected. It looks like the people of Missouri don’t really want her, so they may simmer down by the time the election rolls around (that is, if idiots like Rove don’t force the issue and get the Dems elected all on their own).

    Many people say we should just let the folks of Missouri deal with their own situation. While I agree with the fact that the candidate to the Senate should be someone they want, and they are the only ones that vote, until the 17th Amendment is repealed and the vote goes back to the state legislature, we should all be involved with the issues in each Congressional race. After all, both the House and the Senate pass bills that affect each and every one of us, and therefore we should care what kind of people get elected for those offices. It’s not like Governorship or state legislatures, they go to Washington and every race affects my pocketbook these days.

    I say good luck to the folks in Missouri. Take a deep breath, look at all the facts, and decide wisely. Use your heads and not your emotions.

    • bayway48

      Excellent way to put this…”brain fart.” moment. IMO, I thought the dust was settling down on this. This is between the folks in MO. They are smart people. My mom is from St. Louis. They will be the best ones to decide for a “brain fart” moment or a McCaskill fart!

    • Spot on.

    • Boris_Badenoff

      Good take Nuke.. I felt the same initially, but as you said, that was then, and NOW is a different situation…
      Akin is there to stay and McCaskill really needs to be defeated..

      It is NOT a difficult choice at this stage.. Hopefully the great conservatives in Missouri will pull out a victory and send Air Clair packing… I think they can do it.

      I don’t think I can take looking at her mug any longer..

  • Hornet414fixer

    Akin needs to beat McCaskill and both Rove and Reince Priebus needs to be relieved of their duties and prosecuted for what they have said and done during this so called RNC convention. Reince Priebus is a PUNK and should never get another job in this country period!

    • Mark Smith

      I think Reince Priebus has been fantastic compared to Michael Steele. He seems determined not to let the Obama machine steam-roll over the party like in 2008.

  • TLaMana

    This is Christine O’Donnell all over again. Rove needs to shut up.

    • Boris_Badenoff

      Granted O’Donnell was no ideal candidate but Roves immediate tantrum against her was a kill shot she could never recover from.
      All because she beat His man.. Rove is a vindictive little prick..

  • donmoffet

    Karl Rove needs to get out period.

    • Mark Smith

      Get out of what? He has a PAC, and a pretty powerful one at that. And he does interviews and brings his chalkboard. Saying he has to “get out” is like saying Dick Morris needs to “get out”.

      • donmoffet


  • bayway48

    Excellent commentary on this. It even made me more aware of the whole situation.

    • anyonebutbarry2012

      huckabee imo is no better then rove.

      • ggswede


  • anyonebutbarry2012

    karl rove represents the gop, that is more proof we need a 3rd party established soon. the conservatives do not identify with the roves, boehners, cantors etc.

  • This morning in church, my 91 year old pastor talked first about the golden rule, and asked, “What would our nation be like if our politicians practiced the golden rule?”

    I have to wonder. If they practiced it in front of each other, and those who have hired them.

    I wonder if Rove has ever heard of it?

    • Linky1

      Karl Rove needs to keep his big, fat mouth shut.

  • brendawatkins

    Is Karl Rove republican or democrat? You know it’s bad when you have to ask.

    • Nukeman60

      The complete answer would be he’s an elephant, but a RINO – sooo “Elephino”.

    • don’t fall into the trap of always equating conservative with republican, they often are at odds.
      hes a republican, and not much of a conservative.

  • Yes, Claire McRascal needs to be removed from power, but that should be done by recall, so as to send the message of mandate to her and the DNC, loud and clear. As for Rove, he needs to be thoroughly repudiated by the Conservatives, and completely ostracized. He is not a Conservative, and Conservatives should not be cavorting with him, under any circumstances. He is a toxic personality, and very little good comes of being associated with him. People may claim that about Bush, but its really Rove that’s the radioactive tar baby.

  • Boris_Badenoff

    It also now appears, from what I have read, there is possible previous bad blood between Rove and Akin from the Bush administration years.

    Once again showing Rove is a small minded vindictive little prick. (which I bet he is)

  • Un-related item alert. How about starting Obama Anonymous.

    Commercial: “I voted for Obama in 2008, but it’s been a disaster, Obama’s blammed the Tsumami’s, ATM’s, Kiosks, Europe Debt Crisis, The Arab Spring, and now he is blamming not spending more time working because he wanted to spend more time with his kids.” I can’t take it anymore… I’ve joined O.A. — Obama Anonymous” —

  • MaxineCA

    I wasn’t going to post a comment, but after reading the comments… I had a few words to say regarding his term “legitimate” rape for which Akins has been so criticized. They had been working on legislation that contained that language. Give me a moment, please and then I will get to the political aspects.

    I’ve known 2 women that have been raped, one at knife point repeated for several hours, and an employee on her way into work after she parked her car. In both cases, police reports were filed, medical care was provided and rape kits taken at the hospital. That is “legitimate” rape.

    Then you have young girls that sleep with their boyfriends (or any female that sleeps around) and find out a few months later they are pregnant. To save face and to get a govt paid abortion, they claim rape (although there was no police report at the time, etc.) It’s a huge lie and many times males are falsely accused of rape. I’m not denying there might be date rape, but why wasn’t it reported at the time? There is a huge difference between consensual activities that you want to hide later and “legitimate” rape.

    And don’t tell me that women that are “legitimately” raped don’t report it. That’s BS! They don’t want other women to experience what they have gone through.

    I get what he meant when he said “legitimate” which has caused such a uproar. He has always held a Pro-life opinion and has NEVER bowed the the GOP elites. It’s a die hard conservative in Akin or McCaskill. What’s the question?

    • Patriot077

      Well said, Maxine. It seems that any thinking person could understand the distinction. I feel as you do about BS on un-reported rape. Years ago that was true – Many years ago.

      It was his comment about a woman’s ability to stop a resulting pregnancy that gave me heartburn. But I’m with Mark. Akin’s in it and we need McCaskell gone. By all accounts Akin has been a stalwart representative in the House and we sure could use some spine in the Senate.

    • Nukeman60

      The pro-abortion advocates, and the Dems by proxy, have taken up the banner of rape abortions to make their case for the convenience of abortion. It’s a dramatic and volatile issue. However, of all the rapes that occur in a year, roughly 32,000 result in pregnancy. Of those, only half are aborted. So we have 16,000 rape abortions compared to approximately 1.3 million total abortions performed each and every year in the US. That’s roughly 1% of all abortions.

      I am against all abortions, but I realize that each situation has to be taken on a case by case basis, as with any situation where a life is to be snuffed out for whatever reason (and a fetus is a life, no matter what the ‘viable survivability’ advocates say).

      The discussion of ‘legitimate’ rape compared to any other kind of rape is just another political bait and switch technique that the left loves to use. We should be working on reducing the ability to kill our children indiscriminately under any circumstances. If we repeal Roe vs Wade and reduce the 1.3 million down to the 16,000 rape abortions, it still won’t be perfect, but it will be a valiant start.

      It’s time to make the issue about life and death and not about convenience. Everything else is just another distraction.

    • Wisewoman2

      And add the term statutory rape which is consenual sex between a minor and an adult. Whether the minor is in a female/male relation or a male/female relationship the law deems it rape. We have seen the headlines of older women going to prison for having sex with underage males and vice versa. That is what Akins was trying to distinguish between. The dems knew this but they played on the term “legitimate” as if Akins was trying to say that some rapes were legitimate while others were not. He was trying to distinguish between forcible rape and statutory rape as I described above. His comments about a women’s body having some type of defense mechanism against a resulting pregnancy was ascinine.

  • white531

    Point you are missing, is that even if he defeats McCaskill, he will continue to be criticized for the rest of his political life. He will become our own Joe Biden. I agree with the rest of you. What happened to him is wrong. But politics in America, is not exactly Sunday School with your neighbors.

  • WordsFailMe

    In stead of a DEBT Clock, hopefully the DEM’s will put Sandra Fluke’s Biological Clock up above the podium.

    That ought to get a rise out of Clinton.

    • DebbyX

      Pricelss………………biological clock……………..that’s too funny!

  • Joseph ewing

    With all due respect to Mr. Levin, I really don’t want to one pundit calling for another to shut, as if his own words were gospel.

    Further, American Crossroads is producing some of the most effective ads in this election; many of which have been highlighted on this site.

    Mr. Levin is making the same mistake many of us do here, on this site and others, wanting those that we disagree with to “shut up”.

    Rove’s state-by-state Electoral College analysis is as effective as anyone I have ever seen. I want him on pundit shows with that whiteboard. When he vamps on issues – not so much.

    Beware any Conservative that wants to silence voices. I want to hear them all – especially the ones I disagree with.

    Koolaid stinks.

  • SKL53

    Rove will never get out of the way. He thinks his political expertise is the driving force behind the Republican party. He destroyed Christine O’Donnell’s career. He has disdain for Palin. Seems good old Karl fears the Conservative movement in this country!

    • Joseph ewing

      Christine O’Donnell destroyed Christine O’Donnell’s career.

      She was, at best, a very weak candidate.

      • MiketheMarine

        Bull, the media crushed her. Have you never done something stupid and embarrassing when you were young. Maybe in college? Let us not forget that though Christine didn’t win the general election she did unemploy that RINO Mike Castle.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Rove is now on the wrong side of this. I’m disappointed in him and I’m suspicious of his meddling.

  • Mark is wrong on this. By badmouthing Akin he will GAIN votes! Rove is hated by the grassroots as well as the democrats. In fact can anyone name ANY VOTERS who would be swayed by what Karl Rove says he should do? Let the Can-o-ham-head keep talking sh*t, and the Tea-Party will put Akin in the Senate where he can laugh at Rove along with Rubio, DeMint, Cruz and the other leaders whom Can-Head Karl hates.

  • aposematic

    Rove seems to always be against any true Conservative. In the Rove vs. Akin debate posted by my not favorite R Huckabee (but he hits this one out of the park) and the GOP’s take, follow the money…Rove has it Akin doesn’t!

  • idesign2

    Levin’s right.

  • drphibes

    Rove continues to create self-fulfilling prophecies by trashing our candidates.

  • Linky1

    Agreed, and here’s why.

    Soros-funded PAC Started Todd Akin Controversy

    “Putnam says the reason the Republican officials wanted him out of the race had nothing to do with abortion. Rather, he said, Akin voted as a member of Congress against several Bush Administration big government proposals, has a record of opposing “the party establishment,” and figures to be a Tea Party senator in Washington, D.C. if he wins the Senate race against Democrat Claire McCaskill.

    Putnam says he thinks the GOP establishment doesn’t want any more independent voices in the Senate Republican Caucus. “I look at the role of the Tea Party senators who have come along the last couple years. They have shifted the balance away from the more moderate Republican establishment. I have to wonder how afraid they are to elect more of these Tea Party types,” he said.

    Akin, who represents Missouri’s 12th District and has been described as an “avid student of the U.S. Constitution,” voted against President Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” bill to expand the federal role in education; against Bush’s extravagant expansion of Medicare through what is called Part D, or prescription drug coverage; and against Bush’s federal bailout of Wall Street after the economic collapse in September 2008.”

  • Karl Rove is the UberRINO.

  • chatterbox365

    Dough Boy (Rove) needs to shut the f**k up and get out of the way. I’m tired of this RINO trashing our tea party and conservative candidates.

    I think I just might send Akin a few dollars.

  • MiketheMarine

    Has anyone else noticed that old, worn our, establishment types are far more vocal and negative on Conservatives than they ever are ab out liberal, no matter what it is that the liberal did? Hey, Rove, shaddap.

  • marketcomp

    You know I really respect Mark because he brought back, front and center, the importance of the Constitution making people see that we, the American people, own this country as was well stated by Clint Eastwood I might add. But I am still troubled by the pounding that Mark and Rush gave Todd Akin and the demeaning of his character orchestrated by Rove and RNC chairman Reince Priebus. Sean Hannity is just a repeater in many case so I really expect for him to do what was told of him by Rove and the RNC. First of all Mark did not pronounce Todd Akins name correctly calling him Adkin, but that’s petty and I digress. The larger point is that Mark helped in degrading this man, only listening to what Rove and Sean told him, without even researching who Todd Akin is and what he stands for. IF he and Rush had done some research they would have found that he is a solid Conservative any what you look at it and he just really misspoke. Now the question I have is why would Mark and Rush jump on the band wagon in ridiculing Todd Akin without even trying to determine if he was just a gaffe machine or a politicians who continuously make false and misleading accusations or statements. No! Neither one gave him the benefit of the doubt before they decided to call for him to resign in a roundabout way but echoing the monstra of Sean Hannity and so many other supposedly republicans. I expect RINO to call for him to resign because they despise conservatives but it was a blow when Mark and Rush joined the chorus because that almost never happens. I started to wonder if there is some kind of aversion against Christians. Still pondering that idea but when Romney and Ryan tout leadership they sure fell very short on this one.

    Where is the monstra calling for Rove to step-down and leave the Republican party as they did with Todd Akin? I mean this man has had it out for the tea party every since Christine O’Donnell beat the RINO in Delaware. Mark brought to our attention an article that some believe was written by Karl Rove, posted in the Huffing Post, questioning whether Romney made the right choice in picking Ryan for VP. But, the most outrageous of them all was what Rove said to some donors about Todd Akin. He said, “We should sink Todd Akin. If he’s found mysteriously murdered, don’t look for my whereabouts!” Now I know that Todd Akin has forgiven him but there needs to be complete outrage about this in light of the Gabby Gifford’s shooting, as Newt pointed out and in light of the fact that Todd Akin has had death threats against him and his calls of rape against his daughters. Rove is a disaster and an embarrassment! But what’s even shrewder is his goal is to remove conservative republicans because he never said anything like that about Charlie Chris or Jon Huntsman who, without question, are RINO and democrat party supporters. So where is the monsta calling for Karl Rove to step down and leave the republican party? Birds chirping!