Mark Levin: What is Romney promising Ron Paul?


Levin noted last night that Ron Paul is helping Romney by attacking full throttle Santorum like he did Bachmann and Perry, but won’t spend any significant money attacking Romney. So Levin wants to know what Romney is promising Ron Paul in return (h/t: Legal Insurrection):


UPDATE: Stephen Hayes agrees that Romney are Ron Paul are in cahoots:

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  • SpikeT

    I know they are cozy…….kinda creepy, eh!?

    Just look at the quality of ads from Paul…and that odd, squinting smile from Romney during the debates as he looks down the line-up toward Paul.

    Maybe it’s Treasury or FED…not bad.

    • K-Bob

      The “odd, squinting smile” is pretty much a universal sign that the Preparation H has worn off.

      • SpikeT

        The “H” is appropriate for Romneys “H”uckster campaign.

        Romney probably wants to enlist the P-bot army for that campaign.

      • Joe


      • hahaha… that is too funny! But no, I doubt it. See my previous comment.

      • Sober_Thinking


    • jen

      No way Romney would take paul for anything. romney is a sly dog that is just using paul. this is ‘creepy’ because romney is a sick dangerous thing to run away from.

  • Amy

    So do I… I find it beyond strange that Ron Paul doesn’t attack Romney the way he attacks the others.

  • Ron Paul also attacked Newt.

  • RINOs stick together.

  • Stehekin912

    Possibly it’s because no one who might be interested in voting for Romney would vote for Paul, but conservatives who are interested in the others might be turned to Paul. Therefore, defeat the competition most likely to attract people who might otherwise vote for you.

    Just a guess.

    Santorum 2012

    • makes no sense.

      In attacking Gingrich and Santorum, Paul is rather betting on Romney voters. You won’t convince these Santorum hardliners and every strategist knows that. These ads are made for picking up moderates. By attacking Santorum hard, Paul tries to demonstrate that he’s the best Anti-Santorum.

      • Stehekin912

        Righty-O. Tried to think of a non-conspiratorial reason, but ya know…no dice.


      • Are you kidding me? These “Santorum hardliners” were for Gingrich a couple weeks ago, then for Santorum a couple weeks before that… don’t forget Cain, Perry, Bachmann before that… They flip flop more than Mittens.

        • You are right that they are not “Santorum hardliners,” but you’re not correct that they flip flop. They are very consistently against the chosen one, Romney.

      • keyesforpres
  • Nukeman60

    Now would be a good time for Ron Paul supporters to weigh in here. You guys used to flood the market on why Paul does anything. Please feel free to chirp in.

    • puma_for_life

      Did it ever cross your mind that most Paul supporters no longer come to this site let alone comment here? It has obviously become a Paul basher site, so why bother.

      • Nukeman60

        Yeah, it crossed my mind. There are Paul supporters here, just not too many Paulbots. Quite frankly, I don’t miss the spamming, but the comments from the decent Paul supporters are welcome.

        • Well I hope I qualify as one of the decent ones, although I have been sorely tempted to get up and leave. It is a little crazy how it wasn’t too long ago that a Lew Rockwell quote would end a debate, but now Lew is trashed. Anyway, I highly doubt that Romney promised Paul anything, nor that Romney really thinks he needs Paul for anything. This whole election season for the Republican’s has been about finding the next anti-Romney, and I think Paul is simply trying to tell people how he is better choice for their vote than all the other anti-Romney’s around. Every other candidate has made a show about how conservative they are, but no one is going to mistake Paul for not having principles. Whether you agree with those principles is a different story, but he clearly sticks to his guns. His strategy seems more aimed at exposing how the others records aren’t as conservative as they would like you to believe. The liberal policies of Romney are all known, so he probably doesn’t see a a reason to go after him.

          I rambled a lot more than I intended to there, but I hope that is clear.

          • puma_for_life

            Thanks for being here. I used to post here a lot, but I don’t come here that much anymore, let alone post. There has never been one single video/post that was positive about Paul and he is pictured with a tin foil hat on when there is a picture, so why bother coming here if you are a Paul supporter. In addition, the polls conducted here never have him on them so there is no one to vote for if you are a Paul supporter. It is too bad because this used to be a more balanced site.

            • I agree. Things have really changed. The tin foil hat really gets me too. There are very few Democrats that are treated as poorly here as Paul.

              • Nukeman60

                When I first came to this site, there was a tremendous amount of Paulbot bashing, but I noticed that it was usually created by the outlandish remarks from the Paulbots, themselves. I believe the new comments policy would put a damper on that, but also the rampant Paulbot would get booted quite quickly anyway.

                So, I, for one, welcome your input and insights. This really is a good sight to discuss the issues. Of course, if one wants to just fawn all over ones own candidate, I’m sure there are sites out there for each and every one of them.

                • True enough about the fawning, and thanks for the welcome. I actually was not a Paul supporter in the last election cycle. I tried really hard to like any of the other candidates, mostly because I knew the odds for Paul. I only had two criteria.

                  1. They had to honest, and not seem too much like a stereotypical politician.
                  2. They had to be smart on fiscal policy and had a record of being strongly against spending.

                  I was drawn to Mitch Daniels even though he was far from perfect. Paul Ryan, and Scott Walker were the other two that looked promising. None entered so Paul was the only choice.

                • Sober_Thinking

                  Paul Ryan or Mitch would have been excellent candidates.

                  Ron Paul has some great ideas – more bold and economy-focused than the others. But for me, it’s those things that he supports that I don’t, that make me not want to support him – they outweigh his many good points. I agree with about 80-90% of what his platform is about. It’s that 10-20% that moves him to 3rd in my line-up.

                  Keep coming back. Make your case. There are more open ears here than you might think.

                • True enough about the fawning, and thanks for the welcome. I actually was not a Paul supporter in the last election cycle. I tried really hard to like any of the other candidates, mostly because I knew the odds for Paul. I only had two criteria.

                  1. They had to honest, and not seem too much like a stereotypical politician.
                  2. They had to be smart on fiscal policy and had a record of being strongly against spending.

                  I was drawn to Mitch Daniels even though he was far from perfect. Paul Ryan, and Scott Walker were the other two that looked promising. None entered so Paul was the only choice.

                • Sober_Thinking


              • Actually it is his supporters that made it that way…..Many of us disagree with a lot of Pauls ideas but it is his rabid fanbase that made him completely un electable.

          • jen

            True, Romney has promised Paul nothing and Paul has promised everything to Romney – and that is how the two men work together. Romney hates Paul while Paul loves Romney.

            • v1ctorsag3


              Ah, (just noticed your handle) you’re just an instigator. Damnit! You brought me into your web of deceit!

          • Sober_Thinking

            Decent reply. Thank you for your viewpoint.

            Though you offered an explanation, I still don’t understand why Paul and his supporters refuse to attack Romney – Romney is the weakest candidate in this race, even though he leads in delegates.

            • Well I can’t speak for all Paul supporters, but I am perfectly willing to attack Romney. The person whom I tend to agree most with is Tom Woods who is the creator of Ron Pauls Super PAC. Every time Romney comes up Woods calls him Mr. Plastic Man. At this point though that is all you can say about him as his liberal polices have been beaten to death. To put it plainly though, the biggest reason that Paul would rather attack the others is that he feels that he could more easily take support from them than from Romney.

              • Sober_Thinking

                Well, fair enough.

                Thanks for your response and insight. 🙂

            • Joanna Easom

              He has attacked Mitt tho. Ron Pauls attacks are pathetic tho, he isn’t aggressive enough, even tho I know he has it in him.

              Maybe Paul knows the establisment will have Mitt as the last man standing no matter what and he’s saving all his ammunition. Personally I think a Romney/Paul showdown would be so easily won by Paul (and I say that knowing Paul would have to win support from Mitt fans).

              I like his strategy to get everyone else out of the race so he and Mitt can be the last people standing. Tactically I understand it. I would expect a more aggressive Ron Paul in that debate tho.

              • Sober_Thinking

                Well, RP would have my vote if it came down to he and Mittens.

                And if what you say is true, then RP is being very shrewd indeed.

        • Sober_Thinking

          True indeed. I’ve heard some decent and compelling ideas from some Paul people that have given me pause and made me reconsider him. They made a good case.

          But the flamers who are beligerant and attack-happy have no decency and are best ignored.

      • Iloveliberty71

        I was blocked from posting by a moderator.

      • TPDanbo

        ” And loooovvvvingggg it !!!! It’s now fully Paulbot/Romneybot hunting season!

    • Iloveliberty71

      Hard to chirp in when you are blocked from posting.

  • The question many are asking what is the dark room deal between Romney and Paul. I think today is the first day I actually saw Paul take a shot at Romney… aside from that Paul is silent. Paul is ALSO silent when it comes to attacking Pharaoh Obama. Has anyone taken notice of that? I noticed it in all the debates when the other candidates would trash Obama Paul would stand thee and say NOTHING! I have yet to see Paul attack Obama as the others have done. Makes sense as many of Pauls beliefs are liberal hidden under a conservative cloak. And this makes sense with Romney as many call him Obama-lite!

    Who wants to bet there is a cabinet position waiting for Paul in a Romney administration?!!?

    • puma_for_life

      I guess you have not noticed that Paul only gets a fraction of the time the other candidates get during the debates. In fact, in one debate he was allocated 90 seconds of time.

      • Iloveliberty71

        It was a CBS debate, and it was actually 89 seconds.

      • Sober_Thinking

        That’s true… he definitely doesn’t get the same amount of time.

    • There is a job for Romney in a Ron Paul administration. Romney can never beat Paul on delegates.

    • jen

      Romney has given no such promises to a cabinet position to Paul.
      Romney is using Paul and hates Paul and liberty.
      He tricked Paul into a secret alliance with him since 2008.
      Nepotism is bad. Rand should go make his own career.

    • Iloveliberty71

      Ron Paul will not be in anybody else’s cabinet.

    • Iloveliberty71

      Ron Paul will not be in anybody else’s cabinet.

    • Iloveliberty71

      Ron Paul will not be in anybody else’s cabinet.

  • It’s becauseromney will give paul prime time air time for his support.

    • Joe

      I can’t believe that these politicians are so ridiculous and petty with all that is at stake

      Calling them prostitutes is an insult to prostitutes

      What else can I call them – Jackals ?

  • Dax

    Yes please Paulbots tell me, is your guy really as full of integrity as you think he is?

    • M_J_S

      RuPaul = LaRouche

      • v1ctorsag3

        Somebody has a crossdresser fetish! **COUGH** M_J_S **COUGH**

    • Iloveliberty71

      Yes, he is.

      • Dax

        I didnt hear him say one bad thing about Romney tonight. Did I miss something?

        • Iloveliberty71

          Why do you insist that the candidates go after each other?

          Besides, maybe Paul is just adhering to Reagan’s “11th Amendment.”

        • Sober_Thinking

          Nope. That’s why I give this some credibility… he has bashed Santorum mercilessly (disproportionately) and has also slapped Newt. It’s weird how he focuses on Santorum so much though.

    • v1ctorsag3

      On a scale of ‘congressman’ to 10, I’d give him a solid 7.

      • keyesforpres
        • v1ctorsag3

          Well, since it’s on the Internet, I’d better learn my place.

          Yeah, Ron Paul, a conservative libertarian in a Republican race will attack other Republicans, conservative or not, in said race.

          Rand Paul is a big boy and can make decisions for himself. This election cycle currently does not concern Rand Paul other than obscure speculation.

          Who wouldn’t be honored to be considered as ANYONE’s vice president? It doesn’t mean he’s willing to accept the offer.

  • Joe

    OFF topic: I never do this, but I had to

    This proves that we are living in another dimension (as I have repeatedly stated)

    Obama spoke at the groundbreaking of the
    Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture –

    HE was NOT given a shovel – although he is the First African American
    President – ZERO looks “miffed”

    Really odd is that only advisers were allowed to shovel –
    Out of 9 advisers – only 2 were African American

    PLEASE don’t remove this comment – It is too funny not to share

    • Nukeman60

      Joe, I want him to look just like that when we swear in the next President – standing by himself, looking sheepish, and no one acknowledging him at all. Thanks for the link.

  • usajingoist


  • Romney is promising to endorse Ron Paul later on in Tampa. This is a two-man race between Ron Paul and Santorum on delegates. Romney will have fewer delegates than Paul in Tampa, when it comes to a brokered decision. Paul will not attack Mitt because he’ll need a few of his delegates in Tampa.

    And Mitt will get a nice government job then. Romney can’t beat Paul on delegates and he knows it.

    • jen

      Paul has already endorsed Romney behind the back of his donors. Paul would drop out if it ever became a 2 man race as he loves Romney and could never say a negative thing about him. Paul will be joyful in giving all of his delegates to Romney. All the hard work and money is only to work for Romney as Romney owns his campaign.

      • Iloveliberty71

        Absolute nonsense.

        • And they call us the conspiracy theorists!

  • Thank you.

    Refers to Ron Paul’s principle campaign benefactor, Peter Thiel.

    • RoadtoSurfdom

      It’s actually not Ron’s campaign. It’s one of his Super Pac’s. Big difference. Same thing with Gingrich and the Adelson money. It’s going to his PAC.

      Not to mention the Ron Paul commercials have been far and away above what anyone else is doing ad-wise.

  • cabensg

    Oh my! Santorums being attacked from all sides.

    Now where did I see this before?

    Oh Yeh! Romney, Santorum and Paul were all going after Newt. Santorums ADs were just as nasty as Romneys this along with Coulter, Krauthhammer, former Republican staff, ex-wife and anyone else who could pile on. Of course when Gingrich pointed out how many millions Romney spent it was called whining. Levin and Rush did devote a little time defending Newt but you can bet now that’s it’s their boy being raked over the coals we’re gonna hear more than a minutes worth. How many days worth has it been already?

  • MSNBC is calling Mitt and Ron a Bromance.

    • jen

      Funny. It is a sick romance.

  • v1ctorsag3

    I would say Paul is avoiding going after Romney at this time because he WANTS the last two Republican candidates standing to be Romney and himself. Anyone paying attention knows that Romney is very much like Obama (when compared to the other potential nominees).

    By concentrating on eliminating Perry, Bauchman, Santorum, etc. early, voters will have to choose between the most liberal Republican in the race and the most libertarian Republican in the race. I’m expecting once it’s down to the two of them, Paul will go on the attack; I would expect Romney to do the same.

    To me, Paul seems to be betting that the majority of Republican voters will pick him over Romney because of his stance on economic policy and emphasis on reducing government. That and the fact that most Americans don’t want socialised health care.

    • jen

      Paul is avoiding going after Romney because the deal he has with Romney allows him to be in debates as a libertarian and in exchange he does not attack Romney, but helps him. If Paul only defends Romney now, you are insane to think he will suddenly turn on Romney on an alliance and attack Romney.

      The alliance is not good and you have to accept that versus make excuses.

      • v1ctorsag3

        I must have missed the clips where Paul defends Romney. Could you post some, please?

        I also didn’t realize Romney had the clout to dictate how other candidates debate. Very interesting.

        It’s not that uncommon for candidates to make these kinds of alliances during the election cycle in an attempt to go head-to-head with the person they feel they have the best chance of beating. That doesn’t necessarily mean either candidate will endorse the other if one were to drop out, though.

        I’ll admit, I don’t know who Romney would back if he were to drop out of the race. Keep in mind that when McCain won the Republican nomination, Paul ended up supporting a third party candidate (the Constitutional Party candidate, if I remember correctly). And Romney, in my opinion, is more liberal than McCain. The odds of Paul backing Romney (if Paul were to drop out) seem extremely low.

        One last thing: I’m not making excuses. I’m proposing my theory as to why there would be an alliance between Paul and Romney.

    • Iloveliberty71

      Your analysis is exactly right. Paul’s strategy from the beginning has been to get down to himself against Romney. No secret.

    • uh, I’ve been paying attention since 2008 to romney, and read his record, policy book and jobs plan….you don’t know what you are talking about.

      Romney is the FURTHEST from Obama. It’s just stupid to say that any of these candidates are like Obama.

      • v1ctorsag3

        While I disagree, I respect your stance. We all see things the way we want to see them.

  • sjmom

    Nlobody will convince me this is about a speech at the convention. It could be Paul is looking for Bernanke’s job but maybe it is because he thinks he could become the not Romney if he can get rid of the others. Let’s face it, nobody forms an alliance with a competitor unless there is something in it for them. Pretty sleazy of both of them and a huge turn off for me.

  • 3seven77

    I wouldn’t trust Uncle Crabbypants half as far as I could throw him. Ron Paul is all about Ron Paul. That’s been obvious to me since the first time I set eyes on the old coot.

    Mitt Romney is all about Mitt Romney. They are birds of a feather.

    Yes, the two of them are in cahoots to get rid of the real conservatives in this race. Neither of them can win on their own. If they can eliminate the competion and pool their delegates somehow they both win. Romney/Paul, anyone?

  • “sigh” Ron Paul and Romney working together? well…. RINOs do still together…..

  • ApplePie101

    No wonder Mittbots sound so much like Paulbots.

  • stage9

    What do you get when you cross a libertarian anarchist with a New England liberal?


    • jen

      What you get is that Romney infiltrates the liberty movement and causes chaos and turns supporters against Paul or for Romney.


    … at the end of the GOP nomination process the TEA PARTY PATRIOTS will RULE the DAY .

    • Sober_Thinking

      Thank you. If not now… certainly in 2016.

  • RoadtoSurfdom

    Santorum is not a conservative. He’s a big government theocratic statist. Why do we still consider Rick a even close to the Constitution? He NOT! Look at his freaking record.

    Ron Paul is not Conservative? Is Levin a lunatic? He must be. There has never *been* a more conservative candidate than Ron Paul – you freaking wackjob.

    • K-Bob

      Ron Paul is not a conservative. Even Ron Paul has said so.

  • I highly doubt Romney is promising anything to Ron Paul. However, they are very close friends and have been for years so imagine there’s a great deal of respect between the two. I would suppose if someone attacked my friend I would reciprocate in kind.

  • Daily Caller is saying RAND Paul is on Romney’s “short list” for VP. If true, then Ron Paul is just another typical sleezy politicians making backroom deals…..

    • why wouldn’t Rand Paul be on anyone’s short list? …give me ONE reason

      I’m sure santorum and newt have never engaged in those kinds of backroom deals…lol

  • Sober_Thinking

    After watching the debate… there’s not a single soul who can credibly deny this accusation. RP sniped Santorum all night long and then his good buddy Romney blasted Rick from the other side… they dog-piled on Rick mercilessly, barely giving him a chance to breathe. They might as well have been wearing matching bowling team shirts.

    Santorum deserves some of the attention because he has indeed made some bad calls in the past. But he manned up and admitted his mistakes and highlighted how he has changed his stance – a rare quality in politicians today. And because Romney, who is the most craven contender in this race and will stop at nothing to win… and Ron Paul, the pretender who doesn’t have a prayer of winning the GOP nomination, have decided to double team Santorum, it has further solidified my support for Rick (and Newt).

    This crap of flaming the leaders is sickening. And the fact that this geriatric weasel Ron Paul has focused all of his eccentric attacks on Santorum and in so doing has aided the worst candidate in this race (Romney) is beyond belief. Pathetic.

  • I think it’s pretty obvious that Paul’s strategy is to keep the delegate count as evenly distributed as possible to increase the chance of a brokered convention. This will make the convention much more like the straw polls he can so easily manipulate.

  • Linky1

    All I could say when I saw Paul sitting there tonight was “snark.”

  • This is so obvious, yet I comment. Using Ronald Reagan as my example, his line’ There you go again’, has become classic. He took his opponents stand, and tore it to shreds, without any mud. Once opponents were gentlemen,and did not air personal attacks. Now, it is the norm since the muslim took the White house. While destroying idiotic schemes, is a solo thing, the more that sling mud, the more the public believes it. Getting up, and walking out, in mass, will show any candidate, how mud splatters.

  • keyesforpres
  • Ron Paul and his Paulbots goal is to get the most liberal republican nominated because Ron Paul is not a conservative. He never has been.

  • grimjesse

    You have in Romney, Wall Street and establishment money.

    You have in Ron Paul, Occupy Wall Street / leftist money.

    2 sides of the same coin. Hello Conservatives ? Romney and Paul are anything but Conservative.

    • ryanomaniac

      Why is Romney not conservative but Newt is? Why is it so easy to turn a blind eye to what Newt has done? If Newt was actually what he says he is then he would be perfect. He gives great answers and can debate like hell. He is a big government Guy just like Santorum and Romney. The folkswho aren’t big government didn’t run. Palin, Paul Ryan, Rubio and Christie.

      • u give newt too much credit…when he isn’t the frontrunner, he has the oxygen to throw out the usual fundamentally ridiculous platitudes.

  • Jay

    If Romney wants to attract Paulbots, he needs to light up a doob on national TV.

    • Joanna Easom

      Hate to tell you, but most Paulbots don’t give a crap about weed.

  • Juan999

    Mark is GREAT and nails it again.
    Hope San or Newt wins this; they are the best we have.

  • ryanomaniac

    I would bet Treasury secretary. He would do a hell of a job at that. Maybe he is in with Romney. Big deal. The other guys would team up too if they hadn’t been destroying each other and caused such a huge rift between them. They are all lifelong politicians. That’s what they do.

  • gothicreader

    No wonder Coulter was praising Paul on twitter last night. I swear that woman has turned into a Bill Maher, Jr. Anyhow, I digress. Matt Lewis from the DC has a piece on this – and Rand Paul. Who isn’t adverse in being VP.

    So, this should tell all you Paulbots – he is no different than the rest. And, if it’s true that Rand Paul might be who Romney chooses as his running mate, if of course he wins the nomination. Talk about a combination.

    • she’s turned into bill maher by praising paul and romney? You’re an idiot

    • Joanna Easom

      you believe conclusively someone elses opinion without evidence? I am shocked.

  • Bronx_Native

    Ron Paul makes some excellent points on domestic economic policy, but otherwise he is a joke, who files his ranks with illegal drug users and people who would rather give up their freedom to a foreign power than stand up. No wonder he has a bunch of dopy kids following him all over the country.

    He is like the cool teacher in school because he supports the kids against the Man.

    What a tool.

    • Joanna Easom

      I’m a 36 year old supporter from Australia, I don’t fit your model.

      Can you list these illegal drug users and traitors Ron Paul hires? I’m very interested.

  • Joanna Easom

    If people believe this rubbish than it is proven right in front of my eyes that they will believe ANYTHING without evidence. Lazy lazy Americans….

  • NEWT FANS: Adverbs aren’t policy ideas
    Santorum fans: You are in denial; He’s a RINO (probably the first correct usage of the term this primary season)

    endorsed by: Levin, Santorum, Rush, Hannity, Ingraham

    Paul is supposedly the furthest to the right, yet he doesn’t attack the so-called ‘establishment’ candidate? He attacks the ACTUAL establishment candidates. Say what you will about Paul, but theories about backroom deals don’t excuse failing candidates like Newt and Santorum

    • shawn S

      Rush and Levin have clearly not endorsed Mittens.

      It seems that Ron Paul has. Ron Paul has exposed himself as a sellout

      • Iloveliberty71

        Unfounded nonsense.

  • Ron Paul supporters protetsed Santorum outside one of his rallies in New Hampshire. They were accompanied by Occupy protesters. Ron Paul is a useful idiot for George Soros.

    • and you’re a useful idiot for Mark Levin

      • shawn S

        Ron Paul has sold out to Romney

        He as a fake all along

  • bobemakk

    I still say Gingrich is the most powerful conservative and should be the republican nominee. No other politician can match his “Contract with America.”

  • I dont think it is a conspiracy…. I think Ron Paul just hates conservatives.

    • FrBastiat

      “I dont think it is a conspiracy…. I think Ron Paul just hates big-spending-fake-conservatives.” FTFY

      • Except Paul spends too…….No I would say he just hates conservatives. All of them. He is a rino.

        • FrBastiat

          Ok, yes he has spent money. That is what the legislators are supposed to do. Get the appropriated money back to the people. That being said, he has never voted for an unbalanced budget and never voted for an increase in the debt ceiling. I’m assuming that is not conservative enough though? How about his budget plan? Laid out in full detail, dismantling 5 departments from the federal government and cutting $1T out of the budget in the first year alone. No one else even comes close. Not even Paul Ryan’s feeble attempt. Still not conservative enough? Who out there is then? Thomas Jefferson and James Madison are not running. Robert Taft is long gone. There is no other strong representative of true conservatism in the public discussion other than Ron Paul.

  • What is Romney promising Paul?
    The Presidency =}

  • Mark,your making a fool of yourself. You look like an idiot making stuff up. Argue with him straight up on the issues,if you dare.

    • Mark has repeatedly challenged Ron Paul to come into his show and Paul repeatedly declines. So Paul is the one who needs to man up.

  • longnian86