Mark Levin: What Obama is doing is 100x WORSE than Watergate

Mark Levin said tonight that Obama is 100x worse in what he is doing than what happened in Watergate and that he actually feels sorry for Richard Nixon and the way he was treated when he sees how Obama is being treated by the press, how he gets a pass on everything.


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  • 57thunderbird

    Great point Mark!The comedy relief was good too!

  • It’s interesting. I’ve never heard a President of the United States of America have to tell people he is not a dictator. Kind of reminds me how he has to continuously tell Jews how much he respects Israel. If you have to work so hard to try and convince people, what does that say about a person?
    Dear leader is a dictator, I agree with Levin, he is destroying our country and lovin’ every minute of it. He’s truly living the dreams of his father (and his dad). Ba$tard.

  • Joe

    I know it

    ————–Mark knows it

    —————————You know it

    ————————————–Where the heck is everyone else?

    • Conservative_Hippie

      With their heads up their butts!

  • OneThinDime

    I was really hoping he would also include Clinton’s “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” line

  • Sober_Thinking

    Too true. Nixon at least had the decency to say, “I’m not a crook.”

    However, Obama is every bit a crook… and he wants to be a dictator.

    He’s the great destroyer. And he should be fired and jailed. PERIOD.

    • FreeManWalking

      I bet if the mic was working better after he said I’m not a dictator we would have heard the “YET” comment he made under breath.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Too true.

  • TexasPGRRider

    B.O.+ muzzbros + prog. libs vs. USA as we know it….

  • FreeManWalking

    The only thing I see different is that the republican party isn’t destroying its self.

    IMO the republican party is being destroyed by weak leadership of Bainer, old McConnell, Cain’tor, and pollywonks like ROVINO, Colter.

    • c4pfan

      I think you mean McPain!

      • FreeManWalking

        Yes, McCain’t Pains me too!!!

        I must have had him on my mind when I misspelled Eric Can’tor.

        • Conservative_Hippie

          Fruedian slip 🙂

    • What I think is we should fire all the leadership and start over!! Boner (misspelled on purpose) is incapable of dealing w/this President. Get someone that can like Trey Gowdy, which would be a great start. Rep. Trey Gowdy (R) SC 4th:

      • FreeManWalking

        I wish

  • JeffWRidge

    Shoot, Operation Fast and Furious alone was hundred times worse than Watergate. At least no one died in the Watergate break in. He’s even worse when you add Benghazi, Solyndra (and other green energy wastes of money), violating court orders concerning drilling for oil in the gulf, recess appointments when the Senate wasn’t in recess, dropping the case against the New Black Panther Party, appointing tax cheats to his administration, and the list goes on and on.

    • TexasPGRRider

      Computer generated birth certificate, social security fraud, selective service fraud, etc.

    • suedixon

      and benghazigate was even worse than watergate because 4 americans died needlessly because hillary nor this president didn’t give a rat’s ass. after all she did say
      “what differerence does it make?”

      • JeffWRidge

        Benghazi is most definitely worse for the reasons you state. Not only did they not do anything to save those people, they lied about it afterwards.

      • I know I was only four years old when Nixon’s people did that ‘third rate burglary,’ but you are absolutely right no one died there. Here, we have as you noted, clearly four dead Americans, which I will add, included an Ambassador, which we have (until Benghazi) not have had one killed since 1979 in Iran when Carter was President.

        I remember the hostage crisis vividly, the botched rescue effort, and the Iranians displaying (and if I remember right) also drug our our dead servicemen down the street in their Capital as well.

        We still owe them big time for that. I pray for good bombing weather as Mark Levin put it. We should of leveled Iran then, (what I mean here is make a skating rink out of it) and perhaps we would not be having the problems we have today.

        Indeed, Iran will likely have to be dealt with, but let’s hope it is done before they get their nukes (which I suspect they probably already have or are damn close to perfecting as of today) and go there w/Israel and tear that somebitch up first class!

  • lol You got me laughing at the :40 second mark—Levin!!

    Obama: I’m not a dictator.
    Nixon: Well I’m not a crook.

  • StrangernFiction

    It’s not Obama vs. We the People Mark, it’s the ruling class vs. We the People. This is not an easy thing to face, but face it we must.

  • c4pfan

    It doesn’t help when the so called Conservative press nor the GOP aren’t taking the time to hammer this man over this.

  • Well Obama has got a meeting with the Russians coming up. Im sure he will feel more “flexible” now…

  • PVG

    “I am not a dictator. I’m the president”. Not mine.

    • JRD1

      Sounds familiar like:

      “I’m not a crook.”

      “I did not have sex with that woman.”

  • Swamp Fox

    Imagine for a moment…

    Mark Levin has been elected President and is standing to give his first State of the Union Address…

    Wow! What a memorable speech it would be!

    • PVG

      If only…………

    • Levin would probably send it in written form, like Jefferson.

    • And now I can go to sleep with happy thoughts. 🙂

      • JRD1

        Buona notte e baci a tutti. – Good night and love to all.

    • JRD1

      We need him heading up the DOJ! There will be a thorough cleansing of the cancer within. We have to cut it out at the root.

      • Mark would be an excellent AG. Or, alternatively, great as chairman of one of the Judiciary committees.

  • (UPDATED, with links on the diving economy – see second ¶)

    This seems off topic, but bear with me.

    I think Obama has overreached, finally. Not just with us. Not just with people disgusted at the Benghazi coverup. But finally, with the press. He’s going to try and destroy the opposition, and he’s gone so all-out in his approach that he’s inflicting collateral damage on his friends and admirers.

    And suddenly 2014 looks like bad news for Obama, because we are already OVER the cliff, and the ship is breaking up. The economy is getting worse (despite the stock markets recent surge, people have less money); the long knives have already come out (Rove versus Tea Party, Rich Lowry’s stupid article today saying Tax Cuts aren’t going to sell anymore, Glenn Beck going Libertarian, etc.); Obama is running out of friends, and gaining enemies daily.

    His Foreign Policy debacle has led to the rise of an even more widespread, more powerful al Qaeda, and the Europeans that the left has always idolized here are suddenly confronted with the twin pincers of Islamization and debt that have finally–finally!–become noticeable, even to the low information voters.

    So what is 2014 going to look like? I think taking a peek at the Eastleigh By-Election results yesterday in Britain shows some glimmer of hope. It was a special election in a district targeted by the Tories (David Cameron’s folks), because they hoped to regain the seat won by the Lib Dems a while back.

    Well, not only did Cameron’s party lose, they came in solidly behind the rising UKIP party, the home of Nigel Farage and Daniel Hanan. The Lib Dems held the seat, but UKIP massively increased their showing, which was only 4% last time.

    UKIP is growing, in general. And they have much more to fight against than we do.

    Take heart, and keep your powder dry, because Levin is correct here: Obama makes Nixon look like George Washington by comparison. Barack’s activities are far worse than Watergate. (In fact, the good news right away is that we may finally get some other word to tack on the end of all scandals, besides “gate.”)

    The next year is gonna be bad, but 2014 may give us relief.

    It has to.

    • Marky_D

      Thanks k-bob for your glowing report of my own party (UKIP) and its success in Eastleigh but I must correct you on one thing – Daniel Hannan is a Conservative MEP. Why, I have no idea – readers of his blog, myself included, regularly ask when he is going to jump ship to UKIP but as of now he is an anti EU, small state conservative MEP in a pro EU, big state liberal party.

      • Thanks for that! I could have sworn I heard him talking up the UKIP in a speech a while back, so I assumed he was all in. He seems a natural, and sure doesn’t sound like the mushy cons.

  • mediaaccess1

    Uh Oh. Headline News: Mark Misses the Mark – Not 100X Worse – 1000, or a 10,000.

  • UnCL3

    What do you expect from Fellow Travelers?
    They stick together like flies on sh|t3.

  • Go2Blazes

    Well, SOMETHING seems “crooked” when the FIRST THING we hear about, supposedly due to the EVILS of “sequestration,” is the DUMPING OF THOUSANDS OF ILLEGAL ALIEN PRISONERS ONTO UNSUSPECTING AMERICANS!!!!!!

    WHOSE BRILLIANT IDEA WAS THAT? And when will THEY go to prison? It cannot be LEGAL to open up the prisons and just turn criminals loose! –Thought this land was governed by the “rule of law.”

  • colliemum

    So the POS is ‘not a dictator’ … well, the way he said it made it seem to me as if he regrets that this isn’t the case, but he’s working on it …

    One thing to bear in mind when politicians deny something: they’re actually doing it/planning for it or have done it.
    Being a history buff, one striking example comes to my mind. It happened in 1961. People were fleeing from communist East Germany in their thousands, day by day.
    Then, the communist dictator of East Germany told the press “Nobody is planning to build a wall”.
    A few weeks later, on August 13th 1961, the infamous wall between communist East and free West Germany went up.

    So be warned and remember: the POS may not be a dictator quite yet, but his aim is to become one, before 2016.

    • armyvet10

      Very true, and like true deceivers they (the leaders of East Germany and Russia) hid the effects of the wall. The wall went up, over a very little amount of time. As people wanting to breathe free exploited weaknesses of the wall, ie too short, poor materials, instead of re-thinking their stance, the Dictators simply put up better walls and more difficult barriers to get to the wall. When the Dictators fixed that problem, people started jumping out of lower floor windows to freedom. As the windows were bricked in one by one, people struggling to be free became even more persistent in their attempts to reach freedom. All of these attempts at freedom was performed while being shot at and killed, still more and more kept trying. The brave people who gambled everything for a taste of freedom understood there were no guarantees of an easy life, just sweet freedom. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom from tyranny, freedom, sweet freedom is what these extraordinary people risked loss of life and loved ones for.

      I was stationed in Germany when the wall came down, I seen the tears in the eyes of those lucky reunions. I seen the jubilation of families rejoining each other after years of Doctorial enforced separation. Knowing my history I understood why tears were shed for such a momentous occasion. These people finally had freedom. The contrast is how can any American…that will call themselves a FREE person stand silently while what happened in Germany in 1961 is happening here?

      To borrow words I have read here, Wake up America. (I don’t recall the first person who wrote this) Our Freedom is threatened while we sleep. Arise to the fight, for our freedom is and always will be worth dying for. Just ask those that escaped the Eastern Block of Germany.

      • colliemum

        Thanks, armyvet10, for your post.

        Yes, people crave to be free, but they usually don’t notice how their freedom is being diminished little by little, until it’s gone.

        However, there are the images I recall from the days before the wall came down. They still make my hair stand on end.
        There were the East Germans, cowed by decades of tyranny, kept in check by Soviet tanks stationed there. And here they are, every Monday evening, armed with nothing but candles. Demonstrating, in the dark, knowing full well that their dictators only needed to lift the phone and call in their army.

        And this is what they chanted: “We are the people – we are the people”.

        It was so impressive because all dictators keep saying that what they do is ‘for the people’ – and here they are, protesting, telling those in power that ‘we are the people, not you’.

        If a cowed people like the East Germans can do it, then the American people certainly can! And don’t forget – the East Germans didn’t have guns …!

        • Rshill7

          Which is how and why they were subjugated in the first place.

          • colliemum

            Yep, but – seeing that the Soviets occupied East Germany right after the end of WWII, guns in German hands were a definite no-no. Also, communist peoples don’t need guns … they own the state, don’t they (sarc!).
            Which makes the various uprisings in the early 1950s in East Germany, Poland and above all in Hungary even more admirable. Fancy going against Soviet tanks with just home-made Molotov cocktails!

            That’s why I don’t fear for your country: Americans have no less courage than those Eastern Europeans had, and you’re far better equipped!

            • Rshill7

              Have you ever been to see or step up on the HMS Victory?

              • colliemum

                No, sadly not. Our travels, when my husband was still alive, was always to the wild places in Scotland, Wales or Ireland, and always with the housewolves. It was always out of this world – except for the flies in Sligo and the Outer Hebrides …

      • oldguyjustsayin

        Oh, yes, but that could never happen here. This is America! Something else that could never happen here…citizens are disarmed and then murdered. Sure it has been known to happen… …. but it could never happen here.

        • armyvet10

          Thanks, good information. I wish I had had this site while writing a paper on gun control during my time attending college. I did have plenty of support against gun control provided by a lot of research of books and other web sites, but too often data that doesn’t fit the narrative of liberals are scoffed at and discredited as hearsay and conjecture. Since the site you provided comes from a group of people that have first hand knowledge of violence against them through history, the credibility is more substantial. Again, thanks.

      • Go2Blazes

        Thanks for your eloquent post and for your service to our nation.


  • bongobear

    Obama may not be a dictator but he’s certainly an arrogant jerk and a serial liar.

  • davienne

    i hate weekends….. NO MARK LEVIN… i schedual my weekdays to make sure im home at 4 just to listen to his show…

  • For me, it will always, ALWAYS, be about Benghazi. To this day we still don’t know the real reason the American ambassador was even there on the sensitive anniversary of 9/11 and we still don’t know how or who forced Susan Rice to tell the lies she told. And we can obviously see that even though the ambassador made repeated requests for additional security, he was turned down, with the last request being made on, of all days, 9/11. And let’s not even talk about the coverup AFTER the event, trying to blame all of this on a video. Could you imagine, just imagine, what the mainstream media would be doing with all of this if a Republican was sitting in the White House? Nixon is probably rolling over in his grave, and for good reason. Obama makes Nixon look like a petty thug.

    • oldguyjustsayin

      Obama makes Nixon look like Lincoln, Kennedy, Washington etc.

  • Rocco11

    Make no mistake folks, Obama is a communist, and he’s here to lay waste to the joint. This was the “Dream from his (communist) Father.”

  • I woke up screaming – as shards of glass came exploding from the impact of the glass against the dark SUVs – the first strikes caused the contents of the broken bottles to flow into a concentration of burning liquid – after the ignition level for gasoline was reached anything that venture near just exploded !
    Misleading the mindless fills the air with foul language – shuffling unsure steps – rude hand gestures and misspelled signage !
    It’s the ones collecting the empty bourbon bottles – and those with a siphon tube around their neck – these are the ones to look out for – because – “If you miss them – they’ll be gone !”

  • Amjean

    I agree with most of the comments and would like to add one thing.

    Over the course of my life, I have known many families that for generations
    were democrats. Their definition of democrat was “for the working man”.

    What do they say now that it is obvious that Obama is not for any working

    I can’t wait for the 2014 elections. Since no info or low info voters typically
    don’t vote in these elections (mostly vote in presidential elect years), this
    will be a test of where the normal dem voters are at.

    These voters, some call Blue Dog Democrats, have a great work ethic and a general sense of being a good citizen, loving this country. Not a whacko
    amongst them. When politicians and others
    discuss compromise, this era is what they are alluding to. Repubs and Dems
    weren’t that far off in the first place. Easy to compromise on some issues.

    Now, the democrats have gone so far left towards socialism/marxism/communism,
    it would be insane to compromise on anything. A compromise would mean giving
    our liberty away in most cases.

    In the meantime, what is being done about passing photo voter ID laws
    in all states and checking the software of the voting tabulations?

    Without secure voting, all this discussion is for naught.

    • debw777

      I’ll agree with you that in the “old days” the typical democrat or liberal was the average working person who had standards, was a basically honest ethical person. The Left has spent the last 30 years gradually degrading society.

      We have to get a more unbiased press, voter ID, secure the borders, and stop the abuse of entitlements.

  • Are we blowing this out of proportion because George Bush said something similar. I hate the guy to but I have to ask.

  • DizzyMissL

    LOL, that was hilarious when they spliced together the “I am not a dictator” and “I am not a crook” clips.

  • obama is a communist / marxist ideologue. He says he isn’t, but we all know.
    Levin just makes the point much clearer and louder than the other sheep in the media

  • korn8131

    Democrats and Republicans; American’s ruling class and the Perils of Revolution

    For what it’s worth; On Thursday’s Mаrk Levin Shοw, Mаrk read frοm аn article bу Angelo Codevilla during mοѕt οf hіѕ first hour.

    Angelo Codevilla emigrated to the United States in 1955, he later became a US citizen in 1962. He graduated from Rutgers in 1965, having studied natural sciences, languages, and politics. After receiving a Ph.D. in 1973, Codevilla began to teach political science. In 1977 he joined the U.S. Foreign Service but quickly moved to Capitol Hill, where he served on the staff of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. He helped to conceive the technology programs that, in 1983, were relabeled the Strategic Defense Initiative.Between 1977 and 1985 he was on the staff of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Meanwhile, he taught political philosophy at Georgetown, and was a principal on Presidential transition teams for the State Department and CIA. In 1980 Codevilla was appointed to the teams preparing the presidential transition for the Department of State and the Central Intelligence Agency. Throughout his time in government, Codevilla published on intelligence and national security and taught. In 1985 Codevilla returned to full-time academic life as a senior research fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. Since 1995 he has been professor of international relations at Boston University.

    My friends in less then 250 years, we are witnessing yet another American Revolution. This article by Angelo Condevilla supports what Mark Levin has been saying for quite sometime now. The Country Class (Tea Partiers) are going to bring this revolution to pass with or without the Republican Party!!!


  • Let’s not forget Nixon’s wage and price controls, phases 1 thru 4 but yeah Obama isn’t that bad yet although I have no doubt he would do the same if inflation is ever mentioned by HIS propaganda machine as a bad thing.

  • DebbyX

    If you have to try to convince people you’re NOT something, then that’s usually exactly what you ARE!

  • DocBarry1

    Don’t give the gope a pass – they have the power to do so much more and yet they continue to whimp out

  • Excellent Mark!

  • Go2Blazes

    Suggest that folks contact Mark Levin and ask him to file a FOIA request to get the names/locations/crimes of the 2000 Illegal Alien Criminals that were just released (FOISTED UPON) the U.S. public.

    America deserves to know when she is being put in peril, especially by our own government!

    Contact Mark Levin here:

  • nimei576

  • obama isn’t a dictator he just wants to rule the world.

  • LiveFreeOrDieAmerica

    Lying, deceptive president + complicit, amoral press + apathetic american voters = MAJOR DISASTER! WAKE UP AMERICA! You’re losing your country! HELLO!

  • TMZ2

    For me after listening to a variety of radio guys I find Rusty Humphries, Dana Loesch, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Mark Levin and Glenn Beck to be the best 6 people. Sean Hannity is ok in bits and spurts, but is nowhere near as good as the others. Another guy I also am hearing despite not always agreeing with his libertarian candidates is Jerry Doyle. I also like Hagmann and Hagmann online because I found on youtube a clip of the show with former Kansas police officer Greg Evensen discussing his belief in a coming conflict in America and thus agreeing with some of my theories about what may be coming.

    I have nothing but praise for Mark Levin. I like to hear his take on things. He is one of the best. The way things have worked is after a year of not having Levin or Savage on air in my area’s local station, I found that both were put back on. One reason Levin left was due to the fact another station spent too much time with local shows instead of national shows and they had to chose between running Glenn Beck or Mark Levin once Coast to Coast Am moved to the station. And they Chose Glenn Beck.

    Well the other station picked Levin not long ago and dumped Savage, but then he switched so now one show comes after the other. The odd person out though was Laura Ingraham because they chose Dave Ramsey over her and the tape delay is now the Savage slot.

    I have no problem with Laura, but no time to hear her.