Mark Levin: Holder’s leak investigation is only ‘intended to diffuse the situation and create ambiguity’

Mark Levin said last night on his radio show that Eric Holder appointing two of his prosecutors to investigate the executive branch as well as the legislative branch to uncover the origination of all the recent leaks is simply “intended to diffuse the situation and create ambiguity”. But even more than that, he says that if this were a Republican administration that a special prosecutor would be demanded over a by Democrats like Chuck Schumer as well as the media, just like it was in the Scooter Libby case.

Listen below:

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  • destroyer_of_moonbats

    arrest eric holder.

  • I guess this was the transparency dear leader was talking about. Treasonous bastage.

  • WordsFailMe

    I can’t figure out how DOJ appointing a special prosecutor or two changes what the Congress wanted to do with their own investigators.

    Republicans, like little pink-skinned, un-weaned pigs squeal along behind dragging, commie teats like in some Chicago horror movie where Elliot Ness appoints Frank Nitti as a “special prosecutor” to find out how Al Capone is making so much money.

    We will never be safe until we make it clear to politicians what the wages of their sins will be. There must be a revival in American justice.

  • KM

    Chucky Schumer… Where are you?

  • kong1967

    I think it’s pretty obvious the WH is involved in this. Whoever is doing it has very high clearance to operations intelligence. Obama has shown absolutely zero anger over this and even invited Hollywood movie directors in for an an inside look at information they should not have been allowed to see.

    The fact that Obama is not taking it seriously and is saying there’s no need for special prosecutors tells me all I need to know. He wants to put Holder in charge of the investigation. That’s like putting Dennis Raider in charge of finding the BTK killer. Obama doesn’t want the facts to this to be revealed, and without the special prosectors they won’t be.

    • Nukeman60

      Haven’t you ever wondered why Obama did not want to give up his blackberry, when the Secret Service asked him to, due to security reasons? Hmmm…

      • kong1967

        That’s a good point. I forgot all about that.

  • NJK

    I can’t believe the crime and treason that these people are being allowed to get away with. We aren’t safe in this country.

  • hongryhawg

    The smoke and mirrors continue. Only now everyone recognizes it for the non-illusion that is. Well, not everyone. There are still those who want to believe, no matter what.

  • Nukeman60

    I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Holder say that George Zimmerman is guilty of the leaks and he plans on appointing the New Black Panther Party to investigate this pronto. I’m sure they have already concluded that it was racially motivated and have since put out a bounty for the perpetrators.

    Yeah, Holder and Obama will get to the bottom of this. Wait, they already are at the bottom of it.

    • tish59

      Nukeman60 – Well said! I really got a kick out of your summation!

  • WordsFailMe

    These republicans are so pathetic and weak. Is there not one with as much brass as a an OWS street walking commie

    • badbadlibs

      LTC. Allen West.

  • wodiej

    couldn’t agree more. This would be the same as Holder appointing special prosecutors for maxine waters. Are you going to believe me or your lyin’ eyes? Mantra for this entire admin.

  • GreenBeretWay

    The Blabbermouth’s need to shut the f up.How many people have been put in jeopardy to make this weasel look like an a$$ kickin cowboy.They want to appoint a few of their insiders to investigate.Yeah right.The information plastered all over the NY slimes had to come from sources that knew better then to divulge clandestine operations, but they did.
    There is NO reasonable explanation for this breach of security.

  • Don

    If you are president and dealing with top security leaks and appoint the most corrupt attorney general in our history to “investigate” that reinforces you are a incompetent as you are arrogant.

  • These guys were hand picked to cover for the president. Pure and simple.

  • Fox, hen house. Some assembly required.


    Defuse and Refuse, sounds just like Mr Holder, and this whore administration.

    Tea Party Patriot
    Vote 2012


    That is to say; this whole adininstration.

    Tea Party Patriot

  • leaks, fast and furious, SWAT-ting – who do you think thought it out?
    Yes, both of them. Well, maybe “both three” 😉

  • John McCain is absolutely right when he said an “independent” investigation is the way to go. First off, the highly classified leaks are suspected to be coming from within the Obama administration. As we know, Eric Holder is a bald faced liar concerning his testimony before Congress about the Fast & Furious debacle. Which Holder likely masterminded himself with the help of his underlings such as assistant AG Lanny Breuer. I suspect Barack Obama is somehow involved also but it would be very difficult to prove because liberal Democrats would rather fall on the sword for Obama than to implicate him.

    Independent investigators without any ties to the Obama administration is the ONLY way to insure impartiality during the investigation. Eric Holder is obviously wanting to use investigators with ties to the Obama administration as a way to further obfuscate the truth and who the real perpetrators are. Which most likely are coming from within the Obama administration itself. That is the logical assumption and conclusion because the leaks are purposefully trying to “boost” Obama’s foreign policy credentials in the run up to the presidential election. Who else would leak such highly secretive information? The information in question is/was highly secretive in nature and the only people with direct access to such highly secretive information would undoubtedly be only those within the Obama administration.

    The way the investigation will be carried out currently is like a Fox hen house scenario that puts the inmates in charge of the asylum. Which Eric Holder hopes will help insure the investigation concludes in favor of the Obama administration’s innocence. Therefore, an independent investigation is a must to get to the bottom of the situation and to the truth. Which will most likely implicate the Obama administration as the true source of the leaks. Which no doubt Barack Obama and Eric Holder want to deny access to at any cost. Hence the reason Eric Holder wants the inmates, er, investigators, to have ties to the Obama administration in order to help insure the right outcome.

    I applaud John McCain and other Republicans for calling for an independent investigation. Hopefully their bold proclamation will indeed prevail and an independent investigation will be used instead. Although with Eric Holder (you know, the guy who lied under oath to Congress concerning Fast & Furious) being the head of the in-Justice Department I highly doubt it.

  • Sober_Thinking

    It’s funny really… the criminal is investigating criminal activity from sources who support him. Fire this POS now. Then we can move on to the next POS…

  • bartman44

    No doubt about it. Having AG Holder’s attorneys “look into it” is tantamount to mice in the grainery. Another instance of bow-waving problems and taxes until after the election when the MSM will utter, “Keep moving along, nothing to see here.” This intelligence leak is critically important, more so than Watergate or the Lewinsky scandal and requires independent investigators on the job, pronto!