Mark Levin: Where is MSM to complain about Obama’s vacation while East Coast fries during major power outage?

Mark Levin says George W. Bush was blamed every day for his response to the aftermath of Katrina but when the East Coast is ravaged by a powerful storm and power is out for millions of folks across several states during a heat wave, Obama goes on vacation and the media is silent:

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  • Stehekin912

    Eat, drink and be merry, for in November….you’re voted out

  • p m

    …meanwhile Romney’s having a week at the lake with his clan instead of manifesting some concern for the fires and heat – anything, talking to the governors of afflicted states, whatever. Like a President would. Thought they were a smart bunch, those people running his campaign – or is that only when he’s fighting real conservatives?
    Not to mention Mr.Etch-A-Sketch Fehrnstrom, his ‘senior advisor’, who just deep-sixed the conservative attack line on the PPACA TAX, calling it a penalty. But hey, that’s old news, at least a few days now. Disappointing all round. But he still has to win if he gets the nomination….unless Sarah and sanity prevails.

    Ha! Just heard Mark ask a caller, while discussing the PPACA, if there’s a silver lining in Depends!!

    • KM

      Weak, very weak.

      Please come back tomorrow and try again. Better yet, go to where you will be with like-minded losers.

      • p m

        Try reading what I wrote before mouthing off. You must be new here. Read my posts this last year and you will see that I am no fan of either of the excrescences you and yanksrule refer to, or of 0zero.

        The point is, Romney could be doing more than just the same as 0zero (vacationing) to show some concern for those affected by both the fires and the heat. And he should tell Fehrnstrom to keep his mouth shut if he wants to help his guy.

        Let me repeat what you didn’t bother to read first time around:
        “he still has to win if he gets the nomination….unless Sarah and sanity prevails.”

        Get it now? Did you even get what Mark’s little dig at SCOTUS meant?

    • yanksrule

      p m Joy Behar just called and she needs you finish her back rub..

    • Guest1776rcp

      And I believe the RNC chair is on record saying its not really a tax but Republicans are going to call it one anyway. MORONS! And people think these idiot RINOS are our saviors? Good luck with Republican version of hope and change but I suspect the results are going to be the same. Also, Romney will be blaming Obama when not enough jobs are being created fast enough and the MSM is all over him. Say hello to President Hillary in 2016.

  • NYGino

    When all this shakes out, whether the Country survives this regime or not, the MSM will be looked at as the most complicit vehicle there ever was. Despicable institutions. Sit your grand kids on your knees in the future and tell them how patriotically and honestly you performed. MSM and academia, twin faces of evil.

  • nehemiahreturns

    Wow, so many vacations. Wreaking the country must be really hard work. Poor Obama, he’s just plain wore out. Or maybe Michelle just gets tired of the food at the White House.

    • Yeah, don’t forget- dear leader has not rested one bit during his occupation… He told us. “I will not rest until (fill in the myriad of crisis’ here) is over”. Poor dear leader.

      • StandingGround

        Boy, this is a double-edged sword. I resent from head to toe having to pay for this sleezball and his “royal” family to have all these lavish vacations on our dime. Makes me livid! But, when he’s not in the oval office, he’s not working “tirelessly” to destroy our nation. And, I sure don’t want to see him on camera, pretending he cares about these poor people in crisis, when we sense he doesn’t have the capacity for that kind of compassion.

        Maybe with a big push from us voters, he can just vacation himself right through November and out the front door of the White House. I don’t think I can stand much more!

        Happy 4th, ABC…..and to everyone on TRS. It’s encouraging to have so many Patriots gathered on a daily basis in one place.

        To quote Sober_Thinking:

        Pray, fight, vote!

        We can do it!

        • I know what you mean Standingground. I have said so much in the past few years, I wish he’d just stay on vacation or out at the golf course, then maybe we’d get somewhere.
          Have a Blessed Independence Day too sister!!!

  • c4pfan

    Well, good old Shep Smith and Geraldo helped with that!

    • Hey c4pfan…I’m now a C4P refugee! 😉

      • c4pfan

        Hi! Ugh, sorry to read that. Good to see ya here.

      • exodus2011

        hey Hyman – did you get banned also?

        I brought the ban hammer on me big time – the SUPER BAN **__** explanation here

        • Hey Ex…sorry to hear about that. I haven’t been banned yet, but I really don’t care. C4P has gone to hell. And they complain about US “embarassing” them! The site is a total joke and Sarah should be embarassed about the mods and their pro-Romney strong-arming and bullying.

          • exodus2011

            yes indeed – and I wouldn’t be surprised if they feel very foolish, very soon

            the Editors of a pro-Palin blog should not be succumbing, submitting, caving to the GOPe Machine and it’s plastic Snuffleupagus, while Gov Palin is CLEARLY still fighting them, AND describing a Fall Contest which actually EXCLUDES ole Snuffles O’Romneycare

            the C4P Editors are good writers/researchers but they have been manipulated by the ridicule and derision of their fellow bloggers … it is really not worthy behaviour, when you consider the STEEL SPINED American Leader they are supposedly supporting

            • Don’t distort reality, Exodus. You were banned for breaking the rules repeatedly. You were given a lot of leeway and you kept pushing.

              • exodus2011

                Hi MBH

                people will see your take and will also see mine

                I don’t think you Editors at C4P are worthy of the Steel-Spined Leader you have been advocating for

                I think you will all feel very foolish, very soon

                anyway – Gov Palin will bring us all together at the right time (certainly Snuffles could never do it)

                also MBH – I would leave this quote for you Mods to ponder:

                “O what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive”.

                Palin/West 2012

                • It’s not really a “take” Exodus. And I doubt TRS would stand by and let you disregard his commenting rules anymore than we did.

                  Steel spines don’t have anything to do with this and you know it. Stop hiding behind false piety to make excuses for bad behavior.

                • exodus2011

                  bye MBH

                  I hope things will get better at C4P and you Mods will all take a good look at what you have been doing, and the consequences

                  Gov Palin will bring us all together to put Constitutional America first soon, and we can leave all this behind … then individuals can put right what needs to be put right, if they choose to do so.

                • wodiej

                  This is not an open thread and based on your comments I am guessing you will be banned from RS in the near future because they will not tolerate it either. You are only making yourself look worse by insulting other people you don’t agree with. C4P, RS and every other website is allowed to monitor and restrict comments. If you do not follow their guidelines, they will revoke posting privileges. It is the same on almost every website. I’m sure you can find another website that is more adaptable to your theory about Palin getting nominated at the convention but good luck with that.

              • pete4palin

                Censering people in the name of Palin, who never was for any kind of censureship in her life, shows how far you’ve fallen off the wagon.

            • wodiej

              you all need to weigh your comments wisely before posting. There are many C4P people who post here. Furthermore, I doubt RS will allow you to post things here that C4P let you get away with for months. Why aren’t you at Palin4America? Won’t firelight let you post those comments there? What about Team Sarah-do they allow your comments posted there?

              In any case, the whining is juvenile.

        • poljunkie

          Hi Ex, I’d love to read your note, but Im not on Facebook.

          • exodus2011

            do you think TRS would mind if I printed it right here?

            • poljunkie

              I dont know. I dont want to get you into trouble.

              • exodus2011

                **__** ok, I’ll try to think of somewhere else

  • NoToTyrants

    Maybe they are hiding in the same place the “anti-War” “activists” were hiding when Maobama started an unconstitutional undeclared war with Libya.

  • SaraPFan

    What perspective. I haven’t heard any words of encouragement, nor eloquent insight, nor course of action for emergency intervention. Yet he injects himself in current events when a woman testifies before Congress about contraception or commenting on the judicial process of Trayvon Martin’s murder. What a double standard on how the media covers him when he’s MIA on a real crisis.

  • ConnieConservative

    President Bush tried to be considerate during Katrina by NOT landing and
    creating a lot of confusion, protocol and Secret Service concerns. He was
    pilloried endlessly for it. His tactful, concerned overhead observation was
    reported as unconcern and even racism by a hateful, biased MSM.
    President Obama is not heard from in his air conditioned comfort.
    He gets a pass. He always does.

  • aZjimbo

    I am sure barry and miss piggy are working hard.

    • Indeed, those vacations aren’t going to take themselves!

      • aZjimbo

        Hardest working prez ever. Just ask him.

  • And you don’t hear politicians calling Obama a racist for letting a lot of white people suffer needlessly because of the inept response to the storm. Remember how long it took Obama to even GO to the Gulf after the BP Oil Spill? Where’s FEMA in all of this, as well as the Red Cross? Shameful how the mainstream medial defends this fraud. But I guess you can’t shame the shameless.

  • NYGino

    Guess this is another example of “The Great Destroyer” leading from the rear.

  • NYGino

    ” These disrespectful people got it all wrong, Bush could have stopped Katrina, how am I supposed to stop this? What do they think I am, the Messiah or something?”

    • p m

      Better put the /sarc bit in there – you may have some thinking you’re serious. See my post above…one ill-advised response to which you ‘liked’. Ouch, Gino.

      • NYGino

        No /sarc needed. Anybody reading this knows it’s dripping with sarcasm, I don’t have to insult their intelligence by pointing this out. As far as your post above, I’m assuming you are referring to my “Like” on KM’s post. I stand by that. Hate to disappoint you but it’s about time you put your dream ticket of Palin and whoever to rest. Not going to happen. Right now I’ll argue with anybody who hammers Romney, he’s going to be our only shot of ridding ourselves of this scourge in the White House.

        In no way does this mean I feel Romney is perfect, far from it, but what is the alternative? ABO

  • Come on now! Those golf balls aren’t going to hit themselves anymore than those pesky vacations are going to take themselves! And those fundraisers, he just has to be there. You know… It’s the NObama way.

  • wodiej

    I live in Indiana and it hit us hard too. It happened just like Levin said. I was sitting on the couch wondering why the room was so dark. I look out the window and the sky is dark grey. I run outside to put my lawn chairs and things away and everything is blowing across the yard so I run back inside. Then my neighbor calls and says her 15 yr old daughter is at home alone and freaking out. So I leave my dogs at home and run next door to calm her down. Her parents come home and the tornado sirens go off so I run back home and get in the basement w my dogs. I was lucky-we only lost power about 8 hours. Many have been out for 4-5 days and my be out for that many more. Tons of traffic lights out and huge trees uprooted everywhere.

    What I didn’t understand was why there was no utility trucks out repairing lines until Monday. Do these people have it written in their union contract to not work weekends or did the utility company not want to pay overtime so they just let everyone swelter. I saw a few city trucks moving limbs but not much. 1 million nationwide still out of power and may be the rest of the week.

    • Wow! That must have been a terrifying experience. I’m glad you and yours are okay now. God Bless you!

  • RRaybe

    Beckel is a slob, keep him Fox to show the WWW what demented indignant person he is.

    MS Dana is a classy lady, I think she’s had enough of Beckel!!

  • banzi641