Mark Levin’s EPIC monologue on Republicans being forced to defund Obamacare

Mark Levin delivered a fantastic monologue coming out of the gate today on Obamacare and the fact that Republicans have finally been forced by the American people to try and defund it.


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  • Hillary Shackley

    Dear God, may something take this law and shove it!

  • Hillary Shackley

    French republicans, you are still going to lose if I can help it- in anyway I can!

  • marketcomp

    He’s the best!

  • NJK

    Shut it down , or do not come out to vote for them. I would rather stay home for principle, then to put the French Republicans back iin office.

  • Coming Apart

    On target with every word, thank you Mark!

  • Swamp Fox


  • Sentinel

    I’ll do my part and keep my idiot Republicans’ feet to the fire. But if the Republicans blow this mulligan… I’m waging war (peaceably, legally) on them too. I expect Democraps to act like criminals… but these guys take the cake. They are worse.
    The GOPe (Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, McLame, Grahamnesty, Jeff Flake, etc.) will be dragged by their damn arrogant noses, kicking and screaming if need be but they will obey the will of the American people. And if not… they will lose all upcoming elections. Time to take the garbage out and way past time to flush the toilet… these guys are stinking up the place.

    • standbesideherUSA

      VERY WELL SAID!! and, yes. I’m shouting!

    • burned_out

      I’m not as peaceful as you. I’ll use passive aggression and misdemeanor non-violence to dump the apple cart.

  • froggy19510

    Lavin is abrasive, snarky, and loud, but he is a true patriot and always tells it like it is.
    I would like to see him on the Supreme Court someday.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      You are wrong that my friend is not being loud, is having passion and staying put with your principles.

      • froggy19510

        Can be taken either way, so I will agree with you on that point.
        Maybe I should said aloof, snarky, and passionate.

        • Patriot077

          Aloof? Mark Levin? Not on your life!
          More like: Passionate and Principled Constitutional Conservative Patriot. My hero 🙂

          • froggy19510

            You from Wyoming? Nice buckin horse.
            Maybe I was judging by his demeanor at the Reagan library.
            I could be wrong. Principled absolutly!

      • froggy19510


    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      Levin is our alter-ego, and – speaking for myself – we would probably be just the same way if we had the knowledge and experience he draws on. ‘Impassioned’ describes him best, and we all have our ways of expressing it.

      Agree about the Supreme Court.

      • froggy19510

        I can’t wait to read his new book. I am very active and will use it to further promote the conservative cause.

  • LordJiggy

    Mr. Levin, do these guys have a political death wish? I can’t understand why they do not listen to the will of the people, stated so loudly and clearly?

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Epic monologue by Mark, I swear when I hear him I feel like its me because everything he says is what I want to scream to the world. I think Boner will make the gesture putting it for a vote and I think he knows its not going to pass, so my fear is that the vote comes and there is not going to be enough votes to defund it because of the devilcrats and some of the french republicans in Congress, therefore he can comeback and say we tried and did not pass the House, so I guess we are going to have to fold. Lets not get our hopes up, the only thing we can do is pay attention, and continue to put pressure on them.

  • badnewzbearz

    The Great One on fire tonight!

    • deTocqueville1

      Full professor mode.

  • nibblesyble

    Voicing all of our concerns to absolute perfection!

  • standbesideherUSA

    Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…

    Knock ALL of the traitorous republicans OUT!! Period.
    2014 here we come……..

  • nibblesyble

    Lol, my four year old son just told his 3 year old sister ”to get out of the way when Mommy is listening to this guy cause she always gets up and cheers really loud!”

    • keyesforpres

      Toooo cute!

    • keyesforpres

    • 57thunderbird

      Outstanding! 🙂

    • standbesideherUSA

      What a good example you are mom! 🙂

      • nibblesyble

        Why thank-you!

  • Highlandtwp

    Well said!! God bless Mark Levin!

  • LisaGinNZ

    THANK you Mark – KEEP talking brother!

  • gman213

    Mark Levin…an American Patriot and Hero

  • P_O_K

    Here is a rarity these days… a man who puts his ENTIRE heart and soul into his work, with a passion for his well-studied beliefs, delivered honestly. How we all need to catch fire with this and burn what’s rotten to ashes, so we can get back to seeding this population and economy.

    May God bless Mark Levin!

  • 57thunderbird

    Yup.The Cleveland Clinic which is practically in my back yard announced today that they would be trimming 3000 jobs in an attempt to trim $330,000,000 from their budget over the next few years due to 0care.Mark is correct.Cleveland Clinic is one of the best hospitals on the planet.They are the ones that treated my wife for non Hodgkins lymphoma 10 years ago,and she is cured.

    • johnpaul

      My Niece started working there as a PA around 2 years ago. I wonder if this is going to effect her job?

      • 57thunderbird

        I hope not.They are going to try other things first,before beginning trimming jobs.They are also going to offer early retirement to the most senior employees.I wish her the best.

    • ApplePie101

      This is reminicent of the early days of the Soviet Union, when Lenin was collectivizing and destroying industries and social systems in Russia in the name of ‘spreading the wealth.’

  • 57thunderbird

    Best rant I have heard from Mark in a while.Loved it when he called Rove a loser!So true.

  • Subie201

    Gee wonder if all the calls, letters, emails had anything to do with this?

  • misterlogic0013

    Showdown OK Coral .. everyday American wins going away .. Sarah,s election juice 2014 taking effect now, she always controls the political topics, calls it straight, has company = zero fiction, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, others.

    Bike ride last week, much bigger effects, show of force, (votes), few days notice, imagine a Tea Party rally.

    Alaskan Grizzly powder dry, Tea Party leader leads from front, offense. America will come together when times get tough, tough they are, much tougher they will be, especially ghetto, many towns, cities. America is rinsing out the years of lies, hand outs, had to happen, info highway, bigger picture. Real consequences on the way.

    Fight over OB care overdue, fight over our freedoms overdue, flood gates going to open, God knows what will come out, many running for hills with the ones who are their already.

    Americans the wiser, much work to do, stay thirsty my friends, positive, we win they loose, share victory someday with Sarah / Ted / Mike, many others, America on the Rise, leadership showing up, being noticed, real grass roots, can’t beat us. Strength in numbers, we number millions and millions and millionssssssssss. good night.

  • Think Local

    Vanderbilt Medicial school and center announced yesterday that they are cutting 1000 jobs to the end of the year on top of the 300 already done.

    • 57thunderbird

      The dominoes are beginning to topple.

      • Hillary Shackley

        We can all hope.

    • Hillary Shackley

      Good, we need fewer doctors and staff to make the lines move swifter. Seems normal to me, so now let’s add 30 million people to our healthcare system. Perfect.

      • txagsw

        Yeah how does that work?

      • RonaldusMagnus

        No, the lines will be longer at the undertaker………these bastards must all go!

        • Pancake3

          Correct, RonaldusMagnus. Thanks to Obamacare the threshold for the diabetic A-One-C has been raised a full point. This level was cause for hospitalization before Obamacare; now, just take a pill for the discomfort. Or die.

  • clubgitmo

    Raw raising tyranny. Worse. Let barry shut it all down. Let’s have a civil war. Bring it on.

  • standbesideherUSA

    If ANY AMERICAN is exempt from obamacare, then EVERY AMERICAN should be exempt! Period.
    By playing ‘favorites’, Obama is playing with fire.

    • Memphis Slimbo

      Agree. Legally, how is it even possible to exempt anybody or any group selectively?- Why can’t this be challenged in court- seems like such a challenge could serve as an additional impediment to implementation. Obviously I’m not an attorney- can anybody shed light on this?

      • 57thunderbird

        Doesn’t that violate the equal protection clause of the constitution?’s Obama.Never mind.

        • Stewie

          I’ve always wondered why the equal protection argument doesn’t get used when tax rates are involved.

  • johnpaul

    I usually go out of my way to make sure I always listen to Levin’s opening monologue. Their always good. But today’s was special. Exceptional……really got my blood boiling. Fantastic job Mark. You truly are the “GREAT ONE”!

  • shiatsuda

    This guy is right on the money. I’ve been saying this from the get go about this walking Obscenity Obama. I do love this mans way of thinking. I pray we listen an then do something about the devil in sheep’s clothing before he takes this nation to the grave.

  • txagsw

    My mind is still set to do all I can to get these rhinos out!!!! Boehner must go!!!!! And now Cantor!!!!

    • Pat Nash

      “Get ta Steppin”.

  • txagsw

    Like that ” French republicans!!”

  • standbesideherUSA

    I already signed the petition at ’cause I ain’t just shootin’ my mouth off!

    I want this horrific law GONE, GONE, GONE.

  • Pat Nash

    Right On!! Long live Mark Levin.

  • Pat Nash

    I cannot wait to see Eric Cantor, L, Graham, John Boehner, McCain and all the other JellyBacks gone.

    • RonaldusMagnus

      Workin’ on it Pat! You fire me up!

      • Pat Nash

        Yeah, Let’s Go Get “em”.

  • Dantes

    Awesome. Is there one Representative or Senator, Democrat or Republican, who supports Obamacare or won’t fight to defund it, who has the stones to go on the air with Mark and defend their cowardice?

  • poljunkie

    Mark Levin doesn’t back down- and that’s why he’s the great one.

    • PVG

      I simply love that man!!!

  • Amen, brother.

  • Stewie

    Awesome! I just got in from work and happened to catch it…..I was
    ready to demand that you post this. It was great, and I can’t wait to
    listen to it again later. This is the kind of red meat I would love for
    the apathetic people in our country to hear.

  • Pancake3

    Unfortunately, Mr. Levin, no matter how much I agree with him, is preaching to the choir. Fact is, most of the voting public in this country is dependent on government (meaning neighbors) for things like Medicare, Social Security, Disability, Aid to Families with Dependent Children, and other government sources of funding (and control). The likelihood that a Conservative will EVER win another national election is remote. Sad, and troublesome, what America has become. And all on borrowed or stolen money; remember that Mr. Bernanke will continue his $85 BILLION borrowing per month, that is about $1 TRILLION per year to run the Democrat voting machine.

    • RonaldusMagnus

      Well ‘cake, why don’t you go ahead and just give up? It’s a good thing you weren’t around during the revolution. Can I call you a Tory?
      Get a grip ‘cake, I ain’t a quitter, I’ve got grandkids to think about. I’m fightin’ dammit. TEA! We Comin’! ARTICLE 5. Go somewhere were you can’t be helped.

      • Pancake3

        It ain’t a matter of giving up. It’s a matter of facing reality. And it ain’t promising for us conservatives.

    • ernst1776

      That’s the spirit Pancake. I am ready to rummmbbbllleee! Not to be offensive but pancake3 seems about right for your screen name.

  • ApplePie101

    They won’t try to defund it. They’ll put on an act again, get defeated, shrug their shoulders and say, ‘We tried! Now vote for us.’
    In 2008, I voted McCain/Palin, lto prevent an Obama presidency. McCain punted, Obama won.
    In 2010, I voted Tea party/republican, to stop Obamacare. We won the house back, but,
    In 2011, I watched Boehner provide CR funding for Obamacare & trash the Tea party Caucus. I began to distrust the GOP.
    In 2012, the RNC picked ‘Romneycare’ Romney, as their presidential candidate. I made a write-in vote rather than vote for liberal Mitt.
    In 2013, I’m done with the GOP. They made it an easy decision. From now on, 3rd party. Fooled me once, fooled me twice, but never again.

    • Pancake3

      Hey, ApplePie101, I gave up on the Repubs when they ran Bob Dole. Run losers and you can expect to lose. And Bush may as well have not been elected; did more for the Demos than the Demos.

  • ttechsan

    Can’t wait til next elections & we vote them out on principles they don’t have & can’t stand on that is best for US citizens elected to do best for!

  • RonaldusMagnus

    We will fight you prog’s until we shove you back into your woody wilson rabbit holes.
    TEA RULES! It’s ass kickin’ time again.

    • Pancake3

      Hope I’m wrong and the Repubs/Conservatives/Teas can win another election. But I ain’t betting on it.

  • Rich Helm

    I guess I’m missing something here. Doesn’t it take both houses to decide where to cut spending, i.e.
    budgeting? If so, the Demonrat controlled Reid Senate will NOT direct money
    away form ObamaCare. Making it not so simple to defund.
    I don’t see how the “Idiot’s Guide to Defunding ObamaCare” will work to defund the ObamanationCare, no matter how loud Mark yells.

    • All bills related to spending must originate within the House. The Senate cannot originate such a bill. They can try to alter the House version, and then hope it sticks in conference. But if the House insists on defunding something, it will eventually be defunded, even if it takes a government shutdown to make the President sign it.

      So yes, it can work, whether Levin is for it or against it. It’s a matter of having a Speaker with a spine, or of us telling him to do what we want, loud enough.

      • waffle_anna

        And this is why we need to keep up the pressure on those without spine. WE ARE THEIR SPINE. Period.

    • Alan Buch

      You ARE missing something. Funding bills must start in the house. So, the senate can only react, not initiate their own. This means that the Democrat-controlled house must choose between (a) defunding obamacare or (b) shut down the government. Or, (c) they’ll try and change it, but the house will get it back and restore its original bite. I’m guessing dems will, at the last hour, come up with some unconstitutional trick to get them what they want and we’ll only fight about the procedural trick at a later time, when its too late.

    • Rich Helm

      I know spending originates in the House but ObamaCare is set up so the funding of it is automatic (like post-marked checks).
      It seems to me a bill has to be passed to cut or redirect the spending to defund it and a bill has to be passed by the Senate too.

      • Pancake3

        That’s right, sir. Both houses of congress pass the legislation, or it never gets to the desk of the Muslim-In-Chief.

        • Rich Helm

          Yep, even if both houses passed it, the Traitor-in-Chief will veto it.
          I just don’t see how it gets defunded until Obama is out of office or we get a veto proof congress.

  • ApplePie101

    Please, let there be government shutdown.

    • Sweettea71

      For the next 3 years hopefully.

  • bluerose75

    AMEN MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it…SPOT ON!!! SPOT ON!!! How about this..LAY OFF THE DARN STAFFERS AND DC WORKERS AND SEE HOW THEY LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cut their hours!!! Cut their pay!!!! Shut their hospitals…DENY THEIR FAMILIES CARE!!! OFRAUD is a SOCIALIST TO THE CORE…a backbenching nothing of a clown! US CONSTITUTION WHAT?????? OFRAUD has not one clue what it means!!! the WSJ EDITORIAL….what a good use to pick up dog crap!

  • PVG

    Now we must continue to call, tweet, email, and fax. I’ve been tweeting Goober and Geezer almost daily telling them to retire, among other things.
    Go get em’ Mark! We are surging right behind you!

  • Jeff Statchwick

    My god that was awesome. God bless you Mark Levin.

  • CalCoolidge

    And it doesn’t get any worse after that.

  • DanTheMan

    I smell Impeachment. If Obama care goes thru do you all think any Demarcates going to be reelected.

    • kong1967

      Yes. Because of low information voters it’s very difficult to weed out incumbents. Many of them will displace the blame and most of their voters believe the problems with Obamacare are being caused by greedy businessmen and doctors. Those voters will not blame the bill itself for the damage it is inflicting.

    • carlito

      Duh, Dan. Where you anywhere on Planet Earth in November of 2012? It won’t be Dems that lose their jobs, but your wingnut Repubs. Drink some coffee and sober up.

  • twoblackcats

    This is a truly massive EVIL law. WTF? They won’t stand to the same standards that we will endure? I say we revolt in a real way. No just calling our reps, who are useless. I’m sure now I’m on some list…BTW, govt. I don’t own a gun or any other weapons…;)

    • kong1967

      But you own two black cats….or I assume you do based on your username. You are threatening Obama with bad luck. The FBI is going to hunt you down. 🙂

      • twoblackcats

        Yea, I do have two black cats and they can’t stand O – lots of hissing and hair balls. And the IRS already has our number, so the FBI can get in line. O has to go one way or another. If I have to fall on a sword then so be it. I don’t have a Voo Doo doll though!

  • sallyjohanna

    I wish Mark could give this as a speech on the floor with all Congress in attendance. With the Tea Party and all citizens against Obamacare overflowing the mall!

    I agree with every single word Mark Levin said. And the way he said it…finally he imploded with all his glory!

  • EastValleyConservative

    If this is allowed to stand, make no mistake, it will come directly out of our paychecks.

    • 12grace

      We can’t let it stand, millions of American citizens will die.

      • sacha

        You are absolutely right. This awful law is costly to all of us in so many ways not just economically but our health and well being is jeporadized. If you don’t care about the cost I have to ask do you care about your life?

      • Guest

        Not sure if you are employing left snark or not here….I hope not. Because the facts are this bill has nothing to do with health or care. The bill will still leave millions uninsured. Our economy is already on life support (QE infinity!! PRINT-PRINT-PRINT) and that is not a sustainable by any stretch of the imagination. It will crumble under its own weight because there aren’t enough Americans to pay for the ones who DON’T pay. And no, not just those who are not paying taxes right now—this includes those who received subsidies that we are responsible for paying for (in addition to our own), one group that should have people up in arms: congress. It’s so bad THEY don’t want it. The IRS, the enforcement arm for the ACA doesn’t want it. Federal employees don’t want it. UNIONS who supported it don’t want it.

  • kong1967

    I’d hate to say it, but I think Boehner is just playing games. He’s feeling the heat so he’s buying himself some room. He said he will not allow government to shut down. Well, it’s over. He’s waving the white flag before the vote is even taken, because if this happens to pass the Senate Obama will veto it and shut down government. Republicans need to hang strong and let the government be shut down.

    However, we must win the argument and make sure the blame for government shutdown gets put directly on Obama’s shoulders. We cannot afford to lose more seats in the Senate. We have to gain some if we’re ever going to repeal this bill.

    • 12grace

      I think Boehner is just playing games, as well. He seems to go which ever way the wind blows. What happened to him? What do they have on him? or are they bribing him? Or has he been a secret leftist all this time? Your thoughts, please.

      • kong1967

        I don’t think he’s a leftist at all. He’s too trusting and gives away the bank to the left in his deals. He’s weak.

        It’s like a tug of war game, but the rope moves based on strength and negotiating skills. We don’t have the strength in the Senate to use brute force, so Boehner has to try to come up with deals that will pass through Democrats as well. I understand that, but Boehner gives Obama what he wants and our take from it is chicken feed and usually just promises that will never be honored. I don’t believe Boehner wants the things he gives up, though. It’s just what he believes he has to give up.

        We just need a better negotiator that will stand stronger for our principles. I already know we have to give in order to receive, but Boehner isn’t getting us much.

        I could be wrong, though. Boehner could agree with Obama on a lot of things.


    We absolutely love this mans passions for America. Finally starting to see a flicker of light at the end of this regimes nightmare along with their treasonous action arming terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, and now Al Qaeda. These are the ones we know about, so how many others are being armed that we don’t know about?

    • GetWhatYouPayFor

      Huge weapon and ammunition purchases have already been made and training paid for with our tax dollars, for the “civilian army” of alphabet soup agencies and their Czars. IRS, DHS, FEMA, ………the list is long.


        Mr Levin is a great leader, with men and women with courage makes Our legal American Constitutional army made up, Of the people, By the people, and For the people outnumber all their unconstitutional combined laborers, they know it, and so do the terrorist.

  • Where does it say in the US Constitution that the US govt can force mandate the
    entire citizenry population of America to buy a product against their will- Nowhere, that’s where.. Then Congress votes to exempt itself, and the Executive Branch / the White House, as they did with Federal Insider Trading Laws, from the very unconstitutional Obamacare law they passed and Obama signed, which it forces / imposes upon the entire US citizenry population. And where US SC Chief Justice John Roberts deliberately with malice, redefined and rubber stamped this unconstitutional law.

    Distrusting Government” July 2, 2013 by Walter E. Williams

    “Both lower houses of the South Carolina and Oklahoma legislatures enacted measures nullifying Obamacare on the grounds that it is an unconstitutional intrusion and violation of the 10th Amendment. You might say, “Williams, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled Obamacare constitutional, and that settles it. Federal law is supreme.” – Wrong

    It’s worth heeding this warning from Thomas Jefferson: “To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions (is) a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.”

    Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in 1798 and 1799 in the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions,stated: “Resolved, That the several States composing the United States of America, are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their general government … and whensoever the general government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force.” unquote

    We the People are not staying silent, We the People will NOT submit to the leftist Statist Obama Democrat Socialist Marxist Tyranny !!

    “I do not believe in a fate that will fall on us no matter what we do. I do believe in a fate that will fall on us if we do nothing.”
    ~US President Ronald Wilson Reagan~

    It’s time for Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments to the US Constitution, via State Convention process to begin immediately, and bypass this arrogant permanent political class elitist country clubs called Congress and the White House.

  • CML

    Our president thinks he is a monarch. He threatens to shut down government, except, of course, for his vacations and golf games. Disgusting.

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      Yes, doesn’t shut down his personal protection. It must really stink to be his SS detail.

    • BlackKnight

      Problem is, he really does not have the authority to shut down the government. That is controlled by congress not the idiot in the oval office.

  • paul_23

    I’ll tell you what the GOP is going to do- they’re going to propose it, then they’re going to cave, and finally they’re going to blame their losses- from caving- on conservatives. They’re going to say, “We listened to the right, we tried what they wanted, and look what happened to us”. I promise.

    • dlj332

      Was shocked to see the distortions today coming from Boehner, he appears to grasp at something to evade his job. He totally distorted Sen. Ted Cruz statement in his letter about the liberals in the senate still pushing to kill the bill to defund Ocare. Boehner is as big a jerk as Pelosi as speaker.

      • BearNJ

        Boehner and Cantor need Obamacare to get a pair transplanted in each of them.

        • dlj332

          You are right that they both need the transplant. Lets hope Ocare isn’t the solution.

  • pmb88

    It didnt matter which strategy they choose, it will require the French Republicans to stand firm. It would be shocking if they do.

  • lawngren

    It enrages me that republicans have to be cornered, harassed, worn down, and flogged to force them to do what every sane, sober, reasonably intelligent adult knows should be done. this is why I changed my affiliation after the 2012 elections and will NEVER support another RINO.

    RINOs are traitors. If they had stood strong on the Constitution they swore an oath to defend, we would not now be living under a tyrant’s regime.

    A bas les politicians!



  • jack43

    Nobody does a better rant…

  • BlackKnight

    People like Carlito are like all of the rest of the liberals and democrats. There is a reason they have a Jackass for a mascot. They have been lying to the American people for so long that they actually believe their propaganda. Now the American people have had enough. They are throwing the liberals on the trash heap of history and Carlito, will be one of them. like all racist Carlito makes their point by calling people names like wing nutters and dead old white males which would indicate they are a minority who is in this case a racist. Sooner or later what comes around goes around Carlito.

  • Mark Herndon

    That is also an argument in favor of term limits,because they are more worried about their “job” than doing the will of the people that elected them. But, I guess, even with term limits they would be worried that might not get that seat on the board of some company after they get out of office, or all the usual bribes they have come to expect. We need to start putting these guys in prison, and tighten the leash on ’em.

  • conservativeblack

    Mark inspires me when he gets passionate over Constitutional issues. I had to stand up when he delivered this monologue last night!

    • dlj332

      Yes. Wow, what an American, an American that stands up, speaks out, and leads with profound knowledge and strength of character.

  • mytexas1st

    It really is that damn simple.

  • 5466ron

    Yeah, but Obama does want it, and since the Senate is in the hands of Dems Republicans can’t stop it. As an aside, does Levin think that his insane, screaming, rants cause more people to listen to him or fewer ? I don’t care how right you may be, if people won’t pay attention, you’re spinning your wheels.

    • Lothele Davis

      Don’t give up, people!!! Take the advice of the last 12 sentences written by dlj332!!! THEN, do them all!!

      • Mary Ann Sweeney

        Good point, Lothele. dlj332 hit it right on the money. I’m repeating myself but I’m an old woman so I’m allowed:

        Why don’t we insist that ALL [emphasis added] of our representatives propose another amendment to this monster called “Obamacare:” NO ONE, including POTUS, Congress, or the presently exempt corporations and unions will be exempt from it. Now that would be drawing a line in the sand that will get results pronto! Can you imagine Senators voting against an amendment like this? Can you imagine POTUS vetoing it?!

  • ed

    Look, Obama doesn’t know his head from a grapefruit, so its not about him. Whoever’s programming his teleprompter is doing the same thing with much of congress, apparently. So yes, people need to get riled up to do more than vote, or sign petitions. People need to understand that things aren’t as simple as vote = elect = get stuff done. When the govt doesn’t listen to its master (you), and we have blatant corruption from the top down, what is the answer?

    • dlj332

      Some are working several hours everyday, campaigning against the migration and invasion of our country by around 20 million (at least) from all over the world. This is loosely called “illegal immigration.” And the politicians want to legalize the invasion of the USA ! There are around 8 million Muslims and 11 million Hispanic/Mexican illegal people in our country. Islam is being promoted in our schools. Calif is 50% other than American citizens, citizens there are now a minority. Pick your battle and start writing and calling. You can find addresses, phone numbers, email addresses online. Find the websites for those you want to contact. Don’t stop with just your state and national representatives and senators, there are 50 states. Write and design your letter/note/correspondence and send it to anyone and everyone you can think of that votes in our congress. You also can call their offices to get email addresses.

      • Mary Ann Sweeney

        We all need to insist that our representatives insert another amendment to this monster called “Obamacare:” NO ONE, including POTUS, Congress, or the presently exempt corporations and unions will be exempt from it. Now that would be drawing a line in the sand that will get results pronto! Can you imagine Senators voting against an amendment like this? Can you imagine POTUS vetoing it?!

        • dlj332

          Thanks for your comment. The best solution would be to totally repeal the Obama abortion of our US health care system. His attempt to replacement our system with Obamacare is beyond terrible. Amendments are something and no citizen should be exempt, especially not any government employee and official.

        • dlj332

          Thanks for your comment. The best solution would be to totally repeal the Obama abortion of our US health care system. His attempt to replacement our system with Obamacare is beyond terrible. Amendments are something and no citizen should be exempt, especially not any government employee and official.

    • Lothele Davis

      Well, ed, your comment sort of reminds me of one my Mom used to make! Only her comment was more straight to the point when applied to obumbumm!
      It was, “he doesn’t know his arse from a hole in the ground!

      • jpcec

        Honestly I think a hole in the ground has more common sense than this guy who is playing at being a President,

  • notapinhead

    now what would Putin do? Perhaps Harry Reid and Pelosi should conference with Obama and Putin to get it resolved.

    • Anita G Flippo Hitchcock

      What would Putin do, well I believe Reid and Pelosi would just disappear….

  • Lothele Davis

    Listen up, folks because every word of this is FACT!!

  • jpcec

    Thank you Mark! I only wish I could speak as eloquently and as intelligently as you do for us all. You are a great American my friend! Keep up the good work, Please!

  • jpcec

    Mark, after listening to your audio for the second time I say shut the damn government down! Obama and the rest of the socialists can go scratch their a$$es with a broken beer bottle for all I care! We need them for what?

  • peg_c

    Awesome monologue! I’ve shared on FB and listened with family.
    We have a criminal regime in the WH and a rogue Congress. All but a handful of great conservatives should be punished and flushed.

  • Anita G Flippo Hitchcock

    Thank you Mark Levin! YOU speak for the people!

  • Screamathon

    Why are conservatives so……loud? Oh yeah, they need volume to drown out the lapses in logic. If the “American people” didn’t want Obamacare, why did more than half of the them revote him into office? Get your terms straight sir. “American people don’t want this” is not the same thing as “I don’t want this.”

    • Alan Tuttle

      Idiot alert! Idiot alert!
      This is why Air America failed. He’s not yelling. He’s just talking louder. And the reason is that he is passionate about his beliefs. That’s the problem with you libs – no passion. All you want it to push crap down people’s throats and force the rest of us to like it. No passion in it whatsoever.

      • Screamathon

        Who said I was a liberal? I’m merely a rationalist. Passion can be important, but only if it works in concert with rationalism. Mr. Levin’s rant contains next to no insight or research into the realities of his position, he ONLY works in emotive assertions. That is not rational. Ps- I never said he was yelling. I DID say he was “loud.”

        • Starcitygal

          What you have written is very liberalish. If you don’t want to be identified as liberal – don’t write like one.

          • Screamathon

            The term liberal is a bit of a catch-22, because it implies an open-door policy in which you can be swayed by reason and judgement, but attaching yourself to a specific word also implies a solid and unchanging belief system that subsequently closes those very doors. So it’s kind of a stupid word. Sorry if I write like one. From now on I’ll try to write more like a minotaur.

    • Doug W

      Hey, doofus, you think Patrick Henry whispered his disapproval? Do you think Jefferson was a meek little follower? Did Washington go quietly into the night? Were the Founding Fathers quietly protesting their taxation without representation? We speak loudly because libtards can’t hear us unless we talk over their innane moronic floundering. YELL IT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOP! And yes I use my real name!

      • Screamathon

        When Jefferson YELLED, “Humans were not born with saddles on their backs,” he had over a hundred slaves living on his plantation. Volume doesn’t work if your words are not backed by reason or your actions. I’m also quite certainly Patrick Henry never used the term “libtard,” because he knew that angry and debasing rhetoric was slightly less compelling than “not whispering.” All I’m really trying to say is that this emphasis on anger and agression towards people who don’t share your views is not doing you any favours. As Harold Lasky said, “We can compete not just in the area of bombs, but in the area of ideas.” You’ve got to credit Lasky for his optimistic vision of a future in which intellectual diplomacy might trump aggressive hate-mongering. So please stop dropping bombs on me.

        • Doug W

          OIC…your British. I didn’t know, but I understand now.

          • Screamathon

            Canadian, actually. Haha.

            • Sean

              What’s the difference? Oh yeah, the British have more than one tank. WAIT!! A CANADIAN WORRIED ABOUT SOMEONE YELLING!!! LOL…. you are a hypocrite!
              I am just messing with you Screamathon. Ah, it’s Levine, that’s just him and how he is. Neither Rush or Hannity yell, it’s Levine’s style is all.

              • Screamathon

                No, Hannity doesn’t yell. Not sure if I agree that Rush doesn’t yell. (O’Reilly certainly does).
                But if it’s his style, so be it. Style over substance, I suppose.

    • KenInMontana

      The American people did not vote on “Obamacare” as the Left keeps stating either. However I do not see you correcting their claims.

      • Screamathon

        No, but as I stated below, any person who vehemently opposed Obamacare would most certainly not vote for Obama. Yet somehow 65 million people did vote for him. Curious.

        • KenInMontana

          Considering the demographics of the left (including the over 100 million on the Government dole), 65 million isn’t much of a turn out. You curiously leave out the fact that 60 million voted for Romney (the difference was actually less than 5 million votes), hardly anything resembling a mandate of any kind.

          • Screamathon

            Well then I guess we need to retract all American progress from the past 250 years, because every bill and legality was created under the exact same conditions: a democratically elected government enacting policy. And every single one of them was controversial to some. If anything that was controversial was immediately put on the shelf, we would still be voting for bronze to replace stone. If you think a close election immediately invalidates a government’s mandate, you are living on the wrong planet. Write again when you have looked up “democracy” in the dictionary.

            • KenInMontana

              Seeing as how our form of government is a republic (unlike you, I do know the definition of democracy), our elected officials are charged with the duty of representing all of their constituents, not just those that voted for them. I suggest you look up the word “mandate” as well as do some research on the differences between a representative republic and a democracy. Have a nice day.

    • killerbeeeee

      You forgot about the 120% voter turn out in several Ohio Voting precincts where Romney got ZERO votes! Obama! Obama!

  • Stephen Greenhouse

    There is such a thing as justified anger–even outrage. More than half of Americans did not vote for Obama–the claim that more than half of Americans voted for Obama equivocates on those who voted and the entire adult population eligible to vote. Romney was the only American who had no right to run against Obama given the utter failure of Romneycare, which is a form of Obamacare. Obama was reelected by default, because Romney was not the man who would have attempted to overturn Obamacare outright. As he said, he would have left it up to the individual states to decide. This claim of his was disingenuous for it would be much more difficult to ratchet down Obamacare in this manner than to scrap to whole thing and remove it hook, line, and sinker from the gut of the Republican Party.

    • Screamathon

      I appreciate your composed and level-headed response…unlike everyone else. And yes, of course you’re right that more than half of americans didn’t vote for obama. I was simply implying that he was elected. I worded it badly, but I’m hoping you can at least give me enough credit to know THAT. On the other hand, you’d have a very hard time convincing me that voters understood all that you just said, that is, that Romney’s veto plan was conceptually flawed. And even if they did, would that have convinced them to vote Obama over Romney. I think not. I have a hard time believing that ANYONE who vehemently opposes Obamacare would vote for Obama. Thus when Levin says, “this is not what America wants,” he is merely speaking about a narrow definition of America, a contingent of people that share his views. That’s very subjective, and irresponsible. But, like I say, he thinks he can back it up by saying it very loud. I’m not convinced.

  • rxthunder

    Most of what he says is correct. Look at how many left wing groups, including the unions (not saying the actual workers are left wing) are getting a exemption / waver.

  • Bill

    Can we now challenge this “Law” under the 14th Amendment? Since the SCOTUS decision, the Law is not being enforced equally.

    • ots

      I think we have to wait until Jan 1

  • muddog15

    Let’s hope the join us in the good figjt against the evil that is upon us. The dark side of humanity. No, not his skin color,,,,,, his very soul, and the rest of those people soul’s are as dark as the darkest night.