Mark Levin’s take down of Obama and the left

Mark Levin exposes how Obama and the left really doesn’t care about misogyny as they protest. No, they enjoy taking money from the likes of Bill Maher and inviting the likes of Louis CK to entertain them:

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  • PVG

    DISGUSTING! A Levin surge is needed to bring this to a stop! WE ARE ALL BREITBART!

  • NYGino

    I ask this without sarcasm, without being a smarta$$, I ask this standing naked in my gullibility. How can anyone find this a source of humor and actually laugh? How can a human be so lacking in compassion that they can make fun of a child? How is it possible for someone to reach the lowest depths of depravity that they can actually join with other like minded people and attempt to rip a mother and her child to pieces for the purpose of proving their place among the ranks of liberals? How can they sleep at night?

    • toongoon

      These are the people who just want this a better world. This is who our “president” sees as model citizens.

      Welcome to the old world, the world that pilgrims left behind to create the greatest nation that ever existed, it is finally catching up with us.

    • toongoon

      These are the people who just want this a better world. This is who our “president” sees as model citizens.

      Welcome to the old world, the world that pilgrims left behind to create the greatest nation that ever existed, it is finally catching up with us.

    • Sick people who find dead baby jokes funny are the types that find this in any way humorous

    • They sleep just fine, thank you. The Nazi’s slept well, the Stalinist’s slept well, even Nero slept well. Evil does exist, you must accept it. If you are murdered, in a GOP prison camp, they will sleep well. They enjoy this. You and me, have fought this evil, all our lives, and it will continue, after we are gone. The only question, is what are you going to do. The 1930’s Jews, just accepted it. You know what happed to them. Once, in 1941, the world rose up, and fought evil. Romney promises more of the same, and he is a front runner. Up to you, and you may still lose. Time will judge all of you, I will not.

  • sjmom

    The way to answer this outrage is to get a list of everyone there and boycott their news. Of course I do that anyway.

  • kim

    Unbelievable! I have never heard anything so vile!

    Just saw that Maher tweeted to call off the lib dogs on Rush. Guess he doesn’t want to talk about the million dollar gift to 0.

    • NCHokie02

      Rush has stood up for Maher before when Maher was attacked about something, being called racist or something like that, and Maher sent Rush a letter thanking him for his support. Rush was only defending him because of his right to free speech. Andrew Brietbart brought it up on Maher’s show once when he was on it and Maher was “caught” and of course went to change the subject.

  • NJK

    Rush needs to play this on his show tomorrow. They need to be exposed.

  • This is why Conservatives need to fight back with the same dirty tactics as the left.
    If we don’t fight back we will lose and we stand to lose not just an election we stand to lose our civilization.

    • Sober_Thinking

      We need to fight back… but I’m against using the tactics of the left.

      We have the truth… even though no one is listening. God is on our side… keep the faith and keep fighting. God will get the glory in the end.

  • p m

    This comes with a strong WARNING – if what you just heard disgusts you, there is even worse.

    Today I read the most disgusting thing I ever saw in my entire life, here:

    At the bottom of this article which exposes the left’s hypocrisy very well, are a series of ‘PS’s. PPPPS #1 is an excerpt from the twitter bleatings of Louis CK, the one who’s hosting the Radio and TV Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner referred to by Mark.

    Came across it earlier and thought it too vile to post a link – but now we’ve had the bleeped audio, maybe we can deal with this – it drives the point home even harder. Just be warned please.

    BTW Who were the howling hyenas laughing it up with this excrescence – gotta wonder how they’re made.

    • There will always be Quisslings.

    • NJK

      I heard this last night and posted it on a couple of the sponsors who dropped Rush Facebook page.

      I emailed Rush, and told him he needs to play a montage of all of these attacks. People need to know this has gone on.

  • 3seven77

    This whole Sandra Fluke thing absolutely was a setup. What you need to think about is how long this little marionette dance has been in rehearsal.

    Sandra Fluke specifically targeted Georgetown University. She went to the trouble of reading up on Georgetown’s student health insurance plan before she started classes there. She enrolled there intending to force a Catholic University to change its policy. I don’t believe for a minute that it’s a coincidence that this “coed” appears at this university right at the moment Obama’s new HHS “contraceptive” mandate appears.

    Someone had to find the “coed” and pick the private university that “coed” would attend. Sandra Fluke started at Georgetown 3 years ago, so we know this plan has been in the works at least 3 years.

    Let’s go back a little further… it was necessary to have the right legislation in place in order to force the issue. Enter Obamacare. And it was necessary to have the right Manchurian Candidate appear in order to get this all started in the first place. I’d say this little charade has been in the works since 2004, when Obama first appeared on the national political scene. I think Sandra Fluke is just the first act, there’s more yet to play out.

  • NCHokie02

    Wow….his mother must be proud of him.

  • DebbyX

    I feel dirty just listening to that garbage. What sort of people find that crap funny? And they’re calling Sarah Palin’s son impaired?

  • This directed at Mark Levin: Just saw Fox news, that $155,000. is required for a ‘keep even’ life style. I would like your comment on this. Most people do not understand, it is the devaluation of the dollar, is killing us, not higher prices. Government spending, and Obama has caused this. When I began work, at $2k a year, I thought a retirement of $15K would be great. I get a lot more, but am below the poverty level. As a WASP, I cannot get any welfare. Please address this, Mark.