Math Dog! The amazing ‘genius’ Samoyed dog can do complex math in his head

This is your open thread for Saturday, brought to you by Math Dog!

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  • DebbyX

    Having a cold one on a cold night waiting for my husband, who has a cold, to get up from a long Winter’s nap 🙂

    • Conniption Fitz

      Chill, baby.

    • NYGino

      Great sentence Debby. Could be the first line in a very interesting book. Lot’s of description, lots of emotion and just enough not said to give the reader enough room to fill in their own thoughts on what is happening.

      • Is_Sense_Common

        Hi Gino! Missed you lately. Not sure if you’ve been missing or me (or maybe both!) but you’re never far from my thoughts about Scoop! 🙂 Hope all is well!

        • NYGino

          Hi ISC!, I really appreciate your thoughts and very kind words. I haven’t been as active with TRS lately as in the past that’s true. Have been visiting friends and relatives up north lately, been away for several weeks without a laptop and to tell you the truth the outcome of the election really hit me hard. To the point that I didn’t want to talk about it much.

          Things are settling down now and slowly but surely I’m getting back into the good fight; besides, I really miss the friends I’ve found here and the good conversations, information and humor that we share with each other.

          It really hits home when someone like yourself goes out of their way to express your concerns to me. I’ve always liked your posts and, when I run across them, I always listen to what you have to say. You’ve made me laugh and think more than you know.

          You are definitely one of my favorite scoopers!

          • Is_Sense_Common

            awww shucks Gino. You just made my face get all hot & red. (but not quite hot & bothered – haha). I’ve been in the same funk as you, brother. This is the first week I’ve felt like posting since the election. I’m still just sick and just not as directed as I was. It’s been a period of mourning for many of us. However, the more I peek out from under my rock, the more I see that God has blessed us with one another to soothe and support each other. Things around here are a little edgy at times, but I think we’re all just feeling very “stung” at the moment. We’re a tough group though. We’ll pull ourselves together at some point.

            You know, we have a very special place for you where the company is great and the conversation is fabulous. I might even be tempted to lure you in with some really good wine???? Or at least some bacon! I’ll wrap it around a perfectly cooked steak!

            (look at me begging. See what you’ve reduced me to?!?)

            • NYGino

              See? You just proved my point. Now I’ll be thinking and smiling all night.

              Thank you.

      • DebbyX


        New career, maybe.

        • NYGino

          Actually, I’m applying for a job with you as your editor, you have talent!

          • DebbyX

            Yes, I used hear that.

            It was called “hidden” talent!

            LOL 🙂

            • NYGino

              Well you’ve just exposed yourself, in a good way of course.

    • Arrrggghhh

      One is one too many, one more is never enough

      K. Chesney

      • DebbyX


  • Orangeone

    Thanks for the Open Thread Scoop!

    All, it’s BlueGood’s birthday today. Be sure and wish him many, many, many, many more 🙂

  • Orangeone

    Math Dog should be giving Congress math lessons!

    • warpmine

      Not just Congress, perhaps the executive branch could use the pooch’s genius. Geitner could have used the dog for complex filing of tax returns.

      • Orangeone

        Good one!  Turbo Tax Timmy should have used Turbo Tax or paid a CPA!  Oh wait, tax fraud is a requirement for the Barky Boy administration isn’t it.

      • cabensg

        Knowing Obama’s penchant for dog eating I suggest Secret Service protection if Math Dog visits the White House.

        • warpmine


    • Arrrggghhh


      Hey Potato, how many zeros are there in $16 trillion?

      • Orangeone

        My dear friend, we are approaching $17 trillion so let’s teach Math Dog ahead of time…..

        • Arrrggghhh

          How’s this? Hey Potato, we’re $16.3 trillion in debt. If we add $100 billion per month, how many months until we are $17 trillion in debt?

          Hey Potato, what will happen to the U.S. when Obama leaves office with $21 trillion in debt? I wonder if he could teach Potato to play dead to that question?

          • Orangeone



    …all is good in the world tonight for the GRACE of the G-D of Abraham is surrounding us all.”

  • The dog is simply taking cues from the trainer.

    • yeah that occurred to me as well. Just keep barking until I tell you to stop…or something

      • poljunkie

        YEP! Exactly!

    • mjs_28s

      That was pretty clear to me as well.

      The dog is always looking at the owner and as soon as the dog hits the right answer the owner breaks eye contact and moves. While the dog is barking the owner is nearly motionless. The question with 10,000,000 could have been trained by repetition but the others, body language queues.

      Do the same tricks (with different numbers and calculations) in a completely dark room and lets see how the dog does.

      • FreeManWalking

        I was beginning to think the Asian dogs were going to start out doing American kids in math and science.

      • Neil Boswell

        Nice observation. I still wonder about the dog barking “26” by breaking it into segments, 2 barks-pause-6 barks. Guess I’ll have to watch more closely.

      • repubboy

        Hey is that like what the senate and the house do ????

      • cabensg

        Could be in this instance but there are some dogs that are really super smart. Did anyone see the Border collie that could find and bring to you any toy you named out of about 25 toys placed in another room? Of course watching a sheep herder communicate with a Border collie who’s rounding up sheep is pretty amazing to.

        • mjs_28s


          Of course dogs are smart but mathematics is not hearing a word and associating a word with an object.

          We had a dog that knew everyone in the family by name. We used to sit around the room and tell the dog “Go see mom”, “Go see dad”, “Go see steve”, etc and she would run right over to the person. You’d mention the word walk and she’d start looking for her leash. Mention park and she is after her ball.

          You could also tell her to go get her leash or her ball and she would return with it.

          We had another dog who would actually put her toys away without being told. That poodle was stunningly smart, but also repeating a behavior that she was shown as a pup a few times and it just happen to stick in her head as “done with toy. put back in toy place. ugh ugh.”

          Math using a base 10 numbering system – eh. Not going to teach a dog that let alone performing mathematical functions. Much too complex.

        • Is_Sense_Common

          Our old Chocolate Lab could pick out her toys by name and would put them away in her toy basket on command, one-by-one. She would look under my 2-year old son’s toys to find hers, never once putting her mouth on his toys. When we told her to “get dressed,” she’d go upstairs and find her collar and bring it to us to put it on. She was a cool ol’ girl. I miss her.

          • NYGino

            Can’t remember where I ran across this but two dogs were having a conversation about their humans and one of them couldn’t get over how dumb his was. Seems that every time his human tried to take his toys away and hide them he always put them in the same place, the same box, and DUH, how hard was it to find them! Obviously his human had no imagination.

            • Is_Sense_Common

              Thanks for the laugh – I needed that!!

    • warpmine

      Funny, so does Obama.

      • Is_Sense_Common

        Perfect response! LOL! (or really really sad, kind of a toss-up)

  • tinlizzieowner

    The dog is already smarter than a liberal. 😉 😉

  • Nukeman60

    Hey, pooch, if I take in $2 trillion/year in revenue and spend $3 trillion/year in expenditures, how much is left over to buy your sniffy sweetheart a dogbone?

    If you can answer that, you need to go to Washington and become one of the big dogs – ’cause the mutts there already don’t have a clue.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Lmao but true.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Maybe Obama and his minions, can call him for advice on mathematics.

  • Of course the dog can do math its Asian!

  • opinionatedhermit

    My dog would be happy just to figure out the magic of the can opener ….

  • I’m willing to bet anybody this dog knows math better than Obama, Boehner, or Reid.
    Anybody up for it?

  • He’s lightyears ahead of the pResident in the WH AND the whole democrat party. Wow. (or is that bowWow?)

  • yanksrule

    That dog is smarter than any Obama Zombie paws down!!

  • NYGino

    Hey, he’s just like a Democrat voter! Give him a treat when he does what you want him to do and he’ll do what you want him to do. Elementary Watson.

  • SineWaveII

    Wow can we make this dog our new treasury secretary?

  • wales777

    So if he didn’t perform his math properly, would be end up on the nightly dinner plate?

    This is China right?

  • tshtsh

    What is with b.o. and the Bo Christmas shrine in the WH? b.o. probably thinks he is insulting the American people given the Muslim affinity with dogs.

    Re: b.o. private inaugural ceremony. I see a Koran, no mention of God or the Constitution.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Something doesn’t add up here…


  • Arrrggghhh

    One is one too many, one more is never enough

    K. Chesney

    • cabensg

      Aren’t you glad you started it. Got to wish all a Merry Christmas. Same to ya and many more.

      • NYGino

        Does that mean you’re not sending a Christmas card to each of us?

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Amen to that Arrrggghhh – you still have one of my favorite screen-names here! Merry Christmas, friend.

  • Yazz55

    Dogs having the ability to count isn’t really anything new.

    Teaching democrat liberal extremist congresscritters to count would be something new. But are they as trainable as this dog? Thats the real question.

  • Rshill7

    We are at the point where it is untenable, fringe, radical, whacko even, to assert things as simple as up is up, down is down, left is not right, and 2+2 = 4. We live in a country which has a Constitution that one must be “far right wing” to defend, or espouse.

    When you look around you, realize you are now in the midst of a poppy field and Dorothy and co. have just pulled in for a nap before continuing down the yellow brick road. An ongoing science fiction tale trying to sway us to the fanciful. Who does that benefit? Whatever entity composing the screenplay I suppose, but still don’t get it. I don’t get the whole march towards communism thing. How is it that individuals would strive and fight for that?

    The hard left bias is accepted and presented, anti-pragmatic as it is, as middle of the road mainstream, while even the suggestion that we adhere to basic accounting principles, rule of law, and governing documents is “way out there”.

    Folks need to look around again and try to see just who it is that’s so far out there. I wish there were a way to show them. The Constitutionist is steady. Basic accounting methods and fiduciary responsibility, are too. These things don’t unmodern a society, they enhance it. Make it sound and prosperous.

    We could use some advice from Poor Richard and his almanac these days, moreover from the Trinity and their almanac. You know, basic wisdom and goodness. That is not a Theocracy. There was no Theocracy under Christ in the New Testament. There were Christians living under Rome. Finally Constantine saw a sign in the sky and proclaimed he too was one. The people had seen a similar sign first. Not in the sky, but in a man…of prophecy, miracles, and sacrifice. God with us. Western Civilization was off to the races.

    The American story is a great one. Our schools are doing a bang-up job of not retelling it. If our story were told side by side with the freakish one we are now actors in, listeners would be apt to change the channel to it.

  • Pretty dog and pretty impressive math, but I still think Lassie has him beat. Lassie could just bark and tell people that Timmy had fallen down the mineshaft, the well or the off the old bridge or was trapped in the mine for the 9000 time! Now that was a clever dog! 🙂

  • That dog is very fluffy.

  • Nukeman60

    Ahhh, the open thread.

    This is the time of year where I send out Christmas cards to all my family and
    friends. Since I can’t send you all a card, I boldly plagerized this poem for
    you. I hope I can be forgiven.

    “The Night before Christmas”

    Twas the night before Christmas, and in the Whitehouse
    Not a person was working, ’cause Obama was out.
    The Executive Orders were all written with care,
    In hopes that our country would soon be laid bare.

    And the liberals were all tucked snugly in bed,
    While dreams of entitlements danced in their heads.
    With BO in his shorts, and Michelle in her slip,
    They just settled down for a long Hawaiian trip.

    When out from the mainland there arose such a clatter,
    He called for his minions to see what was the matter.
    People were angry, as our economy crashed,
    ‘Cause he partied too hard while their hopes were all dashed.

    The moon on the crest of the ocean did glow
    And gave light to the crowds who were gathered below.
    In front of them all, a wonderous sight did appear,
    A Tea Party contingent, all decked out in gear.

    With a nervous eye tic, Barry stuttered and stammered,
    I knew in a moment he must be sooo hammered.
    He pulled out his ‘prompter to give him his game,
    As he whistled, and shouted, and called them some names!

    “Hey Christians, you racists! You’ve TeaBagger gall!
    You leave me alone, ’cause I won after all!”
    He leaned out so far, that I thought he would fall.
    “Now get away! Get away! Get away all!”

    But they stayed and they knew, if they stood proud and tall,
    They would win in the end and he would indeed fall.
    So up to the Whitehouse, and to Congress they came,
    With Conservative ideals and a brand new ballgame.

    And then, in a twinkling, I heard all around
    A magnificent thing, a most wonderous sound.
    As I stood there and marveled, as if from the ground,
    The Conservative brand had come back with a bound.

    You can rob us and cheat us, our flag ripped and torn,
    But you can’t stop us all – we’re American born.
    So spend your 4 million, I hope you have fun.
    ‘Cause when you come back, your playing is done!

    He went back to his bed, and he gave a small whistle,
    For they left a huge thorn in his side, like a thistle.
    But he heard them exclaim as they left him in fright,
    “Happy Christmas to all, now get out there and fight!”

    Merry Christmas, Scoopers. From the Nuke <3

    • Happy Blessed Christmas Nukefriend!!! I love it 😉

      Here’s a bit of one for you. Just a snippet of one I wrote about 10 years ago:

      Let me tell you a story, which happened in days of old.
      That began in a little town, the greatest ever told.
      There were three shepherds tending flocks one night,
      When they witnessed an awesome sight!
      The stars all looked like they would crash,
      the heavens moved in a continuous flash.

      An angel of the Lord suddenly did appear,
      and told the trembling shepherd men, “You have nothing to fear.”
      “Do not be afraid, for I bring you news of Joy.
      Unto you the Savior, Christ born as a little boy.
      In the town of Bethlehem, in a manger there,
      You will find him wearing swaddling clothes, wrapped in tender care.”

      Suddenly the sky was filled with a multitude of heavenly host
      Singing “Glory to God in the Highest, of the highest He is most.”
      How long the chorus lasted, those shepherds did not know
      But when the angels withdrew to heaven, they knew they had to go.
      All they could hear was Gloria, still ringing in their ears,
      The shepherds looked at one another, smiling through their tears.

      They started to walk quickly, and then broke into a run,
      They needed to get to Bethlehem to see God’s only Son.
      When they arrived at the stable they stood there in awe.
      A Savior! Messiah! The most precious baby they saw.

      Merry Blessed Christmas my dear friend!! ♥ Duckie

      • Nukeman60

        I love yours so much more. It has the message that we all seek and hope for – the return of our Lord and Savior. With that, it doesn’t matter what Obama does.

        • I didnt mean to post it right after yours Nukefriend- because I loved yours and laughed out loud. I needed it. 🙂 But I wanted to share it with you, and didn’t know when Scoop would have another o/t and if you’d be on to see it. xoxoxo ♥ ♥ myNukefriend.

      • Beautiful, but could you please post it in total? I really liked it.

        • Wolfie,this is the longest poem I’ve ever written. Scoop doesn’t have the space for me to post it all here. I’ll see what I can do about getting the document up 😉 Thank you though!

          • I look forward to reading it. Either here or the erm… other place. 😉

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Love love love it! Nuke! Thanks for sharing!

      (and Happy Christmas, friend!)

    • Love it! That was awesome! I’ve saved a copy of that! Great poem, well done! Thanks and Happy Christmas to you too!

  • cabensg

    When one strictly adheres to the principles of Saul Alinsky, you don’t negotiate, you intimidate. You don’t take a stand, but make the other guy take a stand and then you demonize it. You create so much static with class warfare rhetoric that it drowns out reason and fact. A good case in point is the President’s insistence that the wealthy do not pay their fair share. He has been saying this for so long, it is almost an accepted fact by some. The real truth is that the top one percent of wage earners have gone from paying 20% of the total tax burden in the 1980s to 40% today. The percentage of the total income they earn is around 25%. If one extrapolates out the tax burden to include the top 10% of wage earners, the total share of the tax burden paid by that group is 70%. Their total percentage of the income earned is around 38%. These facts come straight from current IRS data.
    No fair-minded person could conclude from the empirical evidence laid out in the previous paragraph, that the wealthy in this country are not paying their fair share. And yet, the President spews out this categorically false narrative and a certain percentage of the population laps it up like kittens lapping milk from a bowl. This is also what followers of Saul Alinsky practice, repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth in the minds of the masses.
    from Ace of Spades

    I thought this appropriate because is had kittens lapping milk from a bowl it would have been better if it was puppies but it is an open thread.

  • poljunkie

    Growing up, the people who lived next door- (The husband, as I later learned was a very left leaning judge who loved his 4 or 8 cocktails every evening) were very friendly.
    Living in San Francisco, our houses were either connected or had very little room inbetween so when I was outside playing…and they were outside…it wasnt hard to have a conversation.
    Anyhoo—-They had two little doggehs. Winston, and Salem…(yes they were smokers too). Winne and Salem could do complex math as well, although I dont think they could read. :-0
    The trick was Mr Judge would interrupt the barks when the dog would have the correct answer. The Judge loved it, and did it for years to anyone that would watch.

  • WordsFailMe

    The people in Romania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Albania,Germany and even Russia knew that the government had determined that they were going to confiscate the weapons in private hands and what did they do?

    They waited in their homes and hoped that something would happen to stop the confiscation. Faced singly, at there front door step and in their town square by the nation’s soldiers, some of whom were their own sons and local polices, some of whom were their neighbors, cousins and friends, the people handed over their weapons.

    Turns out, waiting and hoping and cooperating was a poor strategy.

    • I don’t expect to give it up too easily. I just finished setting up my reloading room.

      • WordsFailMe

        That is absolutely beautiful Librti!

        • Thanks. I am thinking about putting in another table by the window for casting bullets so that I can ventilate with a fan while melting. I also need a gun cleaning table, so maybe it could double.

          Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and us gun people know beauty when we see it.

          I should be able to load a few thousand rounds of each caliber, so any regulation that comes down on ammo won’t be as big of a problem.

      • Lovely! I wish Santa would bring ME a room like that! 🙂

  • doreen beisel

    Where was that darn mutt when I was taking Algebra

    • The_Yeti_Knows

      Probably waiting for you to offer up the peanut butter granny panties again , seems to keep them panting back for more