Matthews stunned a lefty thinks Palin can beat Obama

Oddly enough that someone is Andrew Sullivan, the guy obsessed with Trig not being Sarah’s baby. Don’t read this wrong though, he’s not paying her a compliment. He is at least reasonable though in pointing out that from his point of view it is not absurd that she can win.

What’s clear though is that Matthews doesn’t think she can win and at one point he accuses Sullivan of trying to goad Palin into the race. What’s even more absurd is that they think Obama can win. With his horrible record anyone could beat him and that’s what they should be concerned about.

via NewsBusters:

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  • “Triumph of the Will”? Sully just called Palin a Nazi. I thought that was verboten under the New Tone!

    • The Right Scoop

      When did he call her a Nazi?

      • J.A. Topfke

        Triumph of the Will, that the panelist referred to, was the famous Nazi propaganda movie.

        • The Right Scoop

          Wow I’d never heard of that movie. What a tool!

          • williamm

            English subtitles

          • Jaynie59

            I can’t remember what blog it was, Big Hollywood maybe?, that I read the other day where a blogger claimed to win the office pool on which liberal pundit would compare Palin’s movie to Nazism.

            He won $7 and some coupon Dan Riehl threw in. Very funny.

  • Mike Leavitt

    “…short of an Armageddon moment.” That’s right, sometimes it takes an Armageddon moment for Americans to vote the adults back into office.

    How smug can these pseudo-intellectuals be? I just want to slap that whole panel. After all the evidence is in, they still consider Reagan a fool and Carter a misunderstood and unlucky President!

    Still tingling Matthews?

    • Debby

      It was an Armageddon moment when obama got into the White House, don’t cha’ think?

  • poljunkie


  • norman bates

    Sullivan must be off his med’s for the last couple of weeks, because he is making more sense than he ever has. He only realizes she can beat Obama, but we know she will.

  • Las

    Actually Matthews is making Sullivan’s case for him using the Carter analogy of embassy hostages, high unemployment, unbelievable inflation (I remember 18 percent mortgages!) Don’t these libs think before they speak?

    Holy cow… I can’t believe we are hearing all this from Sullivan!!!!

    Here’s what’s happening… the left realizes their nightmare scenario is upon them. NO matter how much they tried to mock and demonize and demagogue Palin in order to prevent blood on the floor when Palin meets Obama and rips him to shreds, their talking points and tactics are a fail. Now they are beginning to grudgingly acknowledge her attributes.

    As Rush said… Palin almost beat Obama in 2008… they weren’t voting for McCain… they were voting for Palin, and despite the rhetoric from the left, the spread between Obama and Palin/McCain was negligible. And that negligibility will translate into a huge victory for Palin this time around. They know it, some are beginning to admit it.

    They’re scared… real scared. And usually when I watch Sullivan, I need to take a shower… I’ll settle for a bit of Glade in the room this time around.

  • Russell

    “Tingles” Matthews and his panel minions largely seem to think that the Chicago thug is unbeatable. Fact is, IMHO, any Republican candidate (excepting maybe Romney) can beat Obambi handily. “Tingles” is oblivious to mis-trust, loathing, utter fear and embarrassment most Americans feel for Obambi. We’ll see what happens next November.

  • TeaPartyNation

    “Matthews stunned a lefty thinks Palin can beat Obama”

    I think matthews is also referring to RINO TRAITOR AMNESTY-JOHN mccain .

  • JD2020

    Beware of the left in cases like this.

    Remember the left came out and said Mcain was the one they were most worried about in 08. That is their way of picking who they want to run against.

    I think that they were thinking Huntsman was the one they wanted to run against, but it is still early.

    IMHO I do not think SP is the one this time around, but I am open to her changing my mind.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Go ahead Libs undersetimate Palin to your own doom – lol!

  • KenInMontana

    Take heart America, I remember when Matthews(while an aide for Eugene “Tip” O’Niell) stated on one of the Sunday shows that there was no way Reagan could win. We all know how that ended,don’t we?

  • voted against carter

    gravatar test

  • JR Dogman

    Damn, Sullivan’s really aged since last I saw him. I can’t stand his politics or his manner, but the guy’s HIV positive — hope he’s doing okay healthwise.

  • RebelRoss0587

    Sarah Palin does have skills, but to say she is knowledgeable is ignorant. Palin will get first or 2nd if she runs.

  • Matthews may see it happen and that would really kill the thrill up his leg.