McCain asked about Obama denying death benefits to military families, BLAMES TED CRUZ

I’m not kidding. The old man totally blamed Ted Cruz when asked to respond to how the White House has handled the witholding of death benefits to military families.


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  • Bill McMicheals

    I hear there is an opening on the Democratic ticket..GO FOR IT! YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR US! GO AWAY!

  • John Fullmer

    With all due respect to Senator McCain, I’m sure glad this Rino didn’t get elected. His time has come and gone it’s time for him to step down and leave. You sicken me for your lack of courage and integrity.

  • 11B3V

    Go. Away. Now.

  • Fernando Ferreras

    With RINO’s like this who needs Democrats. Pathetic and to imagine this POS could have been the POTUS. We are living in one seriously f#[email protected] up alternate universe.

  • PhillyCon

    Senators who want to aid the “rebels” a.k.a Islamic terrorists in Syria should be held accountable.

  • Michele Henson

    OMG! I now count on this old fossil to VOTE w/ Democratic caucus. Fine, he served country, tortured, etc.. I get it!
    Because of useless progressive Republicans we have Agenda 21 & were getting ready to invite a bunch of illegals to stay, vote, drive & eat the perceived fat off our land!
    Forever altering the course of America’s Republic!
    I’m so peeved tonight!

  • Happywme

    I use to like McCain what a cop out

  • doorsxp

    McCain, once a war hero, now nothing but a useful idiot of the left, and an appeaser of the leftist march to socialism. I have had enough of him and his RINO ilk.

    It’s time for conservatives/libertarians to declare political war on the RINOs! We must first reclaim our party before we can reclaim our nation.

    Every senator who voted for cloture must be primaried. Every squish house member must be primaried. GOP leaders in both Houses must be ousted. Whatever it takes. No more surrender! Only fighters like Cruz and Lee and Rand Paul and other fighters!

    • warpmine

      I thought war heroes were the ones that didn’t come back. Did he dive on a grenade? Did he fight off a platoon of NVA while wounded himself? Did he crash his jet into an AAA battery or a SAM. No, no, no, and no. He did however come back to the only job he was qualified for after having his shoulders broken, Congress and proceeded to make a mockery of the GOP.

      Screw you McBrownstain, you are a disgrace.

  • Michele Henson

    Guys, I feel it, they are going to steal the election again…
    What are we gonna do then?

    • mike3e4r7

      We need to reign in the power of our federal government through a series of Constitutional amendments. We need to do what we can to bring about a state amendments convention to make this happen. It’s the only practical, non-violent way left to us to reign in the power of the elitists in Washington.

  • odin147

    Hate to say this but he does not sound like a war hero.

  • joyfulgiver

    Wow, seeing pictures of all these grumpy old men on this site today, reminded me of a health lesson we did a few weeks ago. Do you know it takes 43 muscles to frown, but only 27 to smile. Just thought it was interesting!

    SMILE! :o)

  • celestiallady

    Isn’t it so sad what is representing us? Yes there are some good ones and they are fighting but the bad ones just literally stink. What has happened to this country? No need to answer that. We know!

  • Judges718

    I would like to call this seditious traitorous senile old fool what he really is, but alas, it would require me to use copious amounts of profanity and descriptive adjectives of a horse’s rectum, so I will refrain.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      You alright there isn’t a word to describe this piece of crap of a human being.

      • warpmine

        Sure there is, we just can’t use it here in public.

  • marketcomp

    Well, I love Sarah Palin but I guess we can say that one major mistake she made was supporting this man.

    McCain, why don’t you join the democrat party? Just go!

    • Stehekin912

      Or maybe, the only thing he did right in his political career was to select her for his VP….Because of that, she came into the spotlight…her zeal for our country made the Left cower in their boots….the Left’s efforts to bring her down only proved to shine even more light on her amazing talents.
      Now he needs to retire, quietly, into the sunset.

  • $2180674

    The old fool is taking a beating on his Facebook page.

    On the left side under the story about Putin check previous comments.

    • WinMissouri

      Yes he is! You must read the comments after listening to this, equal time. 🙂

  • nibblesyble

    I think his brain is going to mush…or he needs better meds.

  • Keep throwing spitballs, jackass.

  • warpmine

    “Straight talk” I fought harder against Obamacare than anyone……”
    Mr. Defeatist strikes again.

    • “But as soon as I had the enemy in my sights, I hoisted a white flag so fast I got rope burns on my hands, and guess what? They shot me anyway.”

      • warpmine

        Maybe next time round, they can use real bullets.

  • Press Watchusa

    TIME TO GO there John!
    Will you be joining MSLSD or CNN?

  • This just in: John MccCain asked to pose for a portrait of the Democrat logo – the [email protected]$$.

    • warpmine

      Perfect match fro the jackass.

  • odin147

    May be the wise senator can enlighten me on something, defund won’t work but repealing the device tax may?, if the tyrant says no to repealing the device tax what is the wise senator willing to do about it?, I guess the medical device lobby is busy making calls, feel sorry for these lobbyists they are banking on RINO’s to make their case.

  • mike3e4r7

    Mclame, that’s like blaming the NRA for the deaths that occur when some psychopath goes on a shooting rampage, instead of blaming the psychopath. Spoken like a true leftist John. Left’s take your ‘logic’ just a little bit further. Congress should never fight Obama on policy differences, because if they do he might have a temper tantrum and do something bad, and they’re to blame for giving him that ‘opportunity’? While we’re at it why don’t we just give the Islamists everything they want and submit to sharia? That way we won’t be giving them the opportunity to wage a jihad against us.

    • warpmine


  • proudhispanicconservative

    It is just sad to watch how this individuals see us as nothing more than subjects to them, guess what idiots I I refuse and I know that I am not the only one but get it through your heads we will resist with every fiber in our hearts.

    • deTocqueville1

      He has become a tragi-comic caricature.

    • sDee

      because we know the world order they usher in is a far worse fate.

    • Judges718

      Amen brother!

    • NPC

      You got that right brother.

  • nexxe

    Arizona! What is wrong with you? Why keep reelecting him?

    • I’ve only had one chance and I voted for the other guy in 2010! If he doesn’t retire in 2016 I’ll be pushing against him in the Republican party and elsewhere!

  • deTocqueville1

    Levin had a wonderful program tonight. He is ready for the war that the RINOs have declared and will support a challenger to McConnell. These fools have no idea the counterattack that awaits them and the galvanizing effect this treachery will have on the conservative base across the country.

    • sDee

      I do believe they are willing to sacrifice the Republic and freedom.

      They have sold the souls. We are dealing with evil.

      • Judges718

        We are dealing with evil.


        If you surrender to evil, then you yourself become evil. At the very least, your will is governed by the evil to which you surrendered.

  • Do Peter King and John McCain need an exorcist or what? I kinda want to say that they are so over the top, but I realize that they are nowhere near the top. They are so far underground they should be able to feel the heat of molten lava.

    They are so entrenched in the bureaucracy, they reckon lobbyists voters rather than voters as voters. They are not only deaf to us, but dumb and blind as well. They need two ears full of the people and 50 million kicks in the ass! Were you in the trenches with these guys, they’d stab you first then pretend to fight the enemy, while feeding them your battle plans.

    King has no primary challenger either. Are you New York Republicans kidding me? Get off of your tailbones! He doesn’t give a ding dang damn what you think! Kick him out! What kind of impetus do you need? Does he have to bite the head off a kitten?

    • celestiallady

      They look like they lost it, mentally that is.

      • Spiritually too sister.

        • sDee

          look in their eyes – souless

          • The demons in their constituents cannot see the demons in their reps. Rather, they identify with them. It ‘s like mutual evil confirmation.

            Even in mathematics, a negative times a negative is a positive. A positive times a positive is also a positive. Their “positive” is so different than our positive.

            “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12 KJV)

  • USPatriot

    A lot of fine young men and women died in the Vietnam war. John(s) McCain and Kerry made it back and look what they have done with their lives. Pitiful.

    • NPC

      You suppose McLame thinks he should’ve been appointed to SOS instead traitor Kerry? And he’s miffed? And this is his way to get even with the world?
      Picked up petulance from his dear leader, thinking it would work for him as well?

  • DHardy

    We need to flood this guys office with demands he step down/resign what ever it takes to get him out…if enough of us tell him to get out I bet he will..

  • Stehekin912

    sad sad sad sad sack

  • brendawatkins

    I regret the day I cast a vote for this man! I’m awake John McCain! You’re the one sleeping!

  • Carmen P

    To the people of the great state of Arizona,

    Three words for you:

    The sane, patriotic citizens of the other 49 states

  • You are small, spiteful, bitter, self serving, hypocritical, jealous, foolish, arrogant a$$ McCain. You may have voiced support for repeal back when you were first re elected when you tried to show your voters that you still “had it” but you are lame, you’re pathetic and a disgrace. The only thing foolish about this is YOU!
    You capitulate to dear leader, bow and scrape to him when Cruz and Lee try to do what the People WANT, but you can’t stand that can you?!
    OF course it’s a fools errand you piece of crap because it’s FOOLS LIKE YOU who have sucked up to the progressives all in the name of bipartisanship. All in the name of compromise?! You idiot! They ran all over you and you still suck up to them! They bi passed any chance of working together, but you stayed quiet! You didn’t care that they passed it before they could see whats in it you jerk!
    You were reElected for ONE THING and that was to REPEAL the WHOLE FREAKING MONSTROSITY! DO IT you whining asshat! NOW

    • factsobill

      We know that after this betrayal on the part of RINOS, that they expect and have been promised their fair share of the spoils of the ACA’s TAX increases to spend anyway they want as they insulate themselves from us!

      • Stehekin912

        Fair share of the spoils…excellent way to put it.

    • marketcomp

      AmericanDuckie, John McCain is the head and leader Progressive, like Teddy Roosevelt and so many others before him.

  • sjmom

    Senator McCain has forgotten whose side he’s on because he and the other RINOS have destroyed the GOP.

  • johnos2112

    The primary season in 2014 should be a lot of fun. Vote out these pricks that call themselves so called conservatives!

  • sid richardson

    Yes, the republicans are at an all time low according to the polls. If you see McLame and Gramnesty as the face of the republicans how can you blame the polls? Until Cruz, Lee, and Paul are seen as the face of the republicans, we have no hope.

  • factsobill

    McCain is a grim,horrid little man,addicted to power without limits!

  • Scoop uses appropriate pics of King and McCain. Don’t they both look like Grumpy Cat? Except that Grumpy Cat is actually a nice cat. These cats are waaay too catty.

    The kind you see in Halloween “decorations”.

    • timerunnersc

      Welcome to Halloween in the senate and white house. We have the characters all staged, now what time can we expect the costumes to arrive?

  • ApplePie101

    Bitter old man resents charismatic young man. That’s what it boils down to.

    • BearNJ

      Yep, a man who exposed him for the phony frauds they are in the senate and the leadership.

  • USMC 64-68

    McLame leaves a bad taste in my mouth – publicly cutting down one of his own party members. Perhaps he has more loyalty to Dear Leader and the dems.

    My bad feeling for the repubs are centered around RINOs like him and his buddy Grahamnesty. To much compromising on principles, and not enough backbone to stand and fight the socialist take over of America.

  • WinMissouri

    Arizona should recall this out of touch old timer.

    • doorsxp

      Unfortunately, US Senators cannot be recalled. They can only be expelled for Ethics violations by 2/3 vote of the Senate.

      The only options are:
      1.) He voluntarily vacates his position,
      2.) He’s expelled by 2/3 vote of Senate,
      3.) He does not seek or get re-elected in 2016.

      So, we’re likely stuck with him until at least 2016. But, maybe with enough pressure the people could get him to resign.

      • marketcomp

        There is a process for each State. But, the State legislatures have to act.

        • doorsxp

          There are only recall provisions for state-level representatives in certain states. But for federal representatives such as U.S. Senators or U.S. Representatives, there is no recall provision in the U.S. constitution. The only way to remove them is by 2/3 vote of the body itself (Senate or House).

          • marketcomp

            Well we know the Senate will not correct itself because they don’t think anything is wrong.

            • doorsxp

              McCain is the favorite useful idiot of Harry Reid and the left in the Senate. They’ll keep him around to carry out their attacks on the right. McCain is one pathetic tool.

  • This is the reason why we need term limits! McCain is jealous of Ted Cruz and the Tea Party. These entrenched establishment types are as bad as liberals. They fold up shop for some political crumbs thrown their way every time! No conservative morals or values left in these pompous asses! Get them the hell out of office! To think I voted for this RINO back in 08 too! No I really voted for Palin more than McCain 🙂

    • doorsxp

      Just thinking of the ballot in 2008 is sickening: Obama OR McCain. What a choice!

  • Little Rock

    that was infuriating to watch.

  • NJK

    Deranged, POS.

  • NPC

    Why give this POS even the time of day?

    • timerunnersc

      Even mules have a back end.

    • Rightstuff1

      the libs do – nothing better for them than to see a principled man of honor and conviction being shredded by a disgusting traitor….an old fool!!!

  • Old saying: “We are too soon old, and too late smart”

    In McCain’s situation, he lost out on the latter part of that equation. He’s just old.

  • Sentinel

    News agencies interview McLame to remind us how devastating Alzheimer’s can be. This piece of crap needs to go now!

    • timerunnersc


  • NJK

    John McCain hates Ted Cruz and American patriots, but he loves his Al Qaeda friends.

  • bluerose75

    Well the Misguided self anointed Moses of our time thinks once again when he speaks and ACTUALLY REMEMBERS that people care….You crackpot sit the F Down in Sedona where your little crap castle is and whither away….you are the BIGGEST BOZO to ever get up out of mammoth chair in the Senate and have not one single clue where the F you are at. You are DUMB, UNEDUCATED, INCOHERENT, A MOCKERY, A FOOL, A HALF BAKED POTATO and one of the most diabolical and two faced pieces of garbage. I am so sick of your nasty ugly Halloween Mask of a Face lurking when ever you get out of your Depends and Open your nasty mouth.
    You sir will long forgotten for the Nothing Senator you have always been, will always be and best known for little Joke that had his butt kicked in 2008 by a First Grade BackBencher of a Nothing because you looked like Moses with not 1/100 the wisdom!

  • FreeManWalking

    This a-hole deserves no respect or honor, no amount of suffering in a POW camp entitles one to a high position and uses it to do so much damage to OUR COUNTRY.

    There is no difference in him and 0b0 they are both the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • Carol McIntyre

    I suspect he’s just bitter because in the brief time he’s been a Senator, Ted Cruz has picked up more supporters than McCain had in the presidential election.

    See, John, that’s what happens when you are a real Republican, not a squishy pretend one!

  • FreeManWalking

    The best way to get rid of this @$$ is for someone to get a camera in front of him and ask him what is wrong with the GOP. While he is railing about his party lead him off a cliff, like rats following the pied piper.

    • timerunnersc

      Better yet lead him off in handcuffs to the nearest stockade.

  • timerunnersc
  • Edward La Guardia

    Alright it’s time for him to go…I used to be his biggest defender against conservatives (as I’m an independent) but now it’s time for him to pack it up and leave for good.

  • Tim Jaggers

    “We can’t win so we shouldn’t even try”. Thank God this treasonous clown was never made Commander in Chief.

    • NPC

      I bet his father must be real proud of him.
      And another way to look at it is, he’s been hanging with the wrong crowd, that is why all of those people of the DC cocktail crowd have overstayed their turn.
      This is why term limits are so important, two terms , and you’re on your way out the door, and any official future contact with the government is strictly forbidden, we’ve had all the special interest we can handle, find a real job, if you know how. ‘Time to produce! We can’t handle free loading big spenders

  • timerunnersc
  • kssturgis62

    Paul Ryan Progressive – I said it here, everywhere, I was Hammered. I was right.
    He fits right in with John McCain. He has been tainted by John McCain. Lindsey Graham is Tainted and has Tainted with McCain, Jeff Flake, Ron Johnson, Pete King. Then you have John Boehner, who loves Obamacare, and asked for the Exemption. Eric Cantor is Working to push Amnesty. Mitch McConnell is out bashing Freedom Works and others who support the Tea party. McCarthy, tows the Line to the Heads of the Committee – Being he is third in line in Leadership, so he tries really hard, and he doesn’t have to work hard at it, to Keep Issa, Camp, Upton, and others in line. Bachmann is leaving the House, but backs Boehner. Nancy Pelosi came out with a List of 30 Republicans that are ON HER SIDE to vote for a Clean CR. I have been yelling about it FOREVER. I have been hammered for it.

    I TOLD PEOPLE ABOUT RUBIO – People today are Standing and Cheering for him at the Summit because he used the Name Jesus Christ. WOW – SO WHAT !! He believes in SOCIAL JUSTICE – HE DOES NOT FOLLOW CHURCH DOCTRINE and HE HAS USED THE LORD TO PUSH AMNESTY !! HE HAS NOT CHANGED HIS SPOTS.

    Today the Senate GOP went and Met with Obama. What happened? EXACTLY what I said Would happen.

    They told Obama WE will RAISE the DEBT CEILING – WE WILL IMPLEMENT OBAMACARE – But hey give us putting in Safe Guards for fraud, and Let us Revoke the Medical Device Tax. Then Orrin Hatch let the Cat out of the Bag. Obama DOES NOT JUST WANT A DEBT CEILING INCREASE – OBAMA SAID that if you WANT TO CUT SPENDING HE WANTS MORE REVENUES – BING TAX INCREASE AGAIN !!! So IN OTHER WORDS YOU CANNOT KEEP ANY OF YOUR MONEY.


    • I’m kind of glad no one knows about CFP yet… we can come in like a stealth bomber and take the rinos by surprise. 🙂

      You’ve been on so much of this from way back K, some have been paying attention. Well said rant.

      • kssturgis62

        Thank you Girlie !!!! 🙂 See you know I have said these things 🙂 ROFL at least someone does 🙂

    • Rightstuff1

      Well I have not been paying attention to all you have said but if you called even half the above I would be happy to buy you a pint any day of the week.

      • kssturgis62

        I am very Active On Facebook. Some here can tell you I have said it over and over. About Rubio, I told it over and over Right here on Scoop. 🙂

    • ApplePie101

      It’s the fate of some to be the ‘volce in the wilderness’ that nobody listens to at first. But you may have woken up more people than you’re aware of.

  • McCain is gone. It’s over. He’s really hit rock bottom now. This is definitely his last term. He’s going out with a bang.

    • It’s just gas.

      • Dr. Strangelove

        Yeah, but stand back. Methane is highly flammable.

  • PapaLouie

    Wow is McCain upset at the Tea Party. Even when given the perfect opportunity to criticize Democrats, he levels his criticism at his fellow Republicans instead. It sounded just like an old man telling the neighborhood kids to stay off his lawn. This double agent went to lunch with Obama and promised that he would deliver him a clean CR and an amnesty bill. And he would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids!

  • Hanzo

    Haha …. Martha could barely hide her disdain. This RINO deserves zero respect. I don’t care anymore what he did for our country at one time, he’s ruined any credibility he might have once had.

  • ernst1776

    I can’t even watch this guy anymore. ANd all this criticism of Ted Cruz make me like him and the TEA party more and more.

    • Guest

      Didn’t the same thing happen towards the end of the 2008 election? He started throwing Palin under the bus and the TP rose up to defend her and win 2010. Maybe his throwing Cruz under the bus is a good sign for the TP and 2014 after all?

  • OldmanRick

    That says it all. This member of the over the hill for lunch bunch has demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt which party he truly represents and it’s not conservative. McIdiot truly is the poster child for term limits.

    • NPC

      If you remember prior to his presidential run he was totally exposed by the conservative media, but hell no, nobody paid any attention then. I guess we operate more functionally in crisis mode. 2014 is right around the corner people. ‘Time to get our thinking straight this time.

      • ApplePie101

        With each election cycle, more Americans recognize what’s really going on, and make the break.

      • suedixon

        le’ts hope the 60% of folks who said they wanted to throw all the bums out holds true. sure hope the conservative gop candidate in NJ has a big turn out today with gov. palin and mark levin there. unlike mccain who is so intimidated by Palin this guy welcomes her and mark. can’t wait to hear what she says. sure hope she spits in mcpains face especially after his rant on ted cruz. me thinks mcpain has been invaded by the green-eyed monster. he has lost his star (he really never was one amongst conservatives) and we have handed it over to Sarah, Ted and company.

  • imatellau

    McCain had your picture taken with any terrorist lately?

    • give him time. he’s about due for another photo op… calling his twin grahamnesty….

  • colliemum

    “We” shut down the government, Sen McCain? Really?
    What party are you in?

    Btw – stop this guff about how much you worked against O’Care, implying that Ted Cruz didn’t: he was not a Senator then!
    As for ‘we can’t do nuthin’ – defeatism will get you nowhere. You should know that from your sojourn in the Vietcong prisons.

    • suedixon

      i wonder what secrets he passed on to the vietnamese while in prison. i never have trusted mccain or kerry – both liars regarding their tours of duty.
      why wasn’t he there at the WWII memorial supporting our real vets

  • $73426719

    And this is the man we might have had instead of Obama in 08? God forbid.

    STOP VOTING FOR THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS PEOPLE! You might as well be choosing cyanide over a bullet to the head. Either way you will likely get both in the end!!

    This man McCain is a despicable, deplorable creature, more so than Obama. At least I know what to expect from Hussein. But this man, he is just the lowest of the lowest; an enemy from within, a willing, remorseless Judas, a being compounded of the foulest debris, fumes and odours Tartarus can offer up.

    I pray to God above that we can banish him back whence he came asap. Cannot Arizona recall?

    • suedixon

      Had he and his handlers not put a muzzle on governor palin, he would have beaten obama. had he not stopped his campaign mid-stream he would have won. that shows he leadership skills were/are as bad as the dictator he helped put into office.

      • Dawn Street

        He was paid well for throwing the election?? Obama was “chosen”, not elected.

    • semiold

      I have said for many years that we need our ballots to always have “None of the above” as a choice! When “None” wins or scores highly, NEW candidates and a new election should be held. We really have not had good choices in the past elections.

  • NYGino

    I used to think that McCain must be embarrassed by his daughter Meghan’s politics and antics. Now I think it is only natural and he must be a proud Daddy. Proof that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • $73426719

    John McCain: A man whose treachery knows no bounds

  • kong1967

    I’ll be so glad when this POS is gone. I mean, out of office.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      One of my favorite Twain quotes is, “I have never wished a man dead but I have read some obituaries with pleasure.”

      • Good one!

      • kong1967

        Lol, that’s a good quote. This time I actually did mean out of office though. This time. 🙂

        • Dr. Strangelove

          I didn’t mean to imply… Ok, yes I did.

  • BoSplosion

    And yet every 6 years he claims he’s a conservative.

    • We should put up a boardwalk around him and announce tours.

      And then the park rangers can put up barricades.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    “Maaaarrrtha, please…” What a condescending ahole. He might as well become a talking head for MSNBC.

    • Dawn Street

      Yeah, his sneering condescending attitude is a real turn on!! NOT. A prime example of a little bit of power corrupting.

      • Dr. Strangelove

        Malaria means “bad air” in French. While we know now that it’s spread by mosquitos, I believe there is something infectious in the DC air that affects these pols when they get there.

        • Dawn Street

          I have noticed that after 1-2 terms most of our elected pols are infected with something. They get downright snotty and proud and condescending.

          • Dr. Strangelove

            Heck, a lot of the new ones put in office by the Tea Party turned coat the minute they walked through the door.

  • Lady_Penguin

    He should be put out of the Republican Party. He isn’t a Republican. He supports the lefty Democrat agenda 100%, so why does he get to keep the GOP label? I know we already have numerous #undocumentedDemocrats masquerading as Republicans, but he is the worst of the worst.

    • ApplePie101

      It appears that this is what a republican is now. The GOP leadership (Boehner, Cantor, Priebus, Ryan) also supports the democrat agenda, and a majority of the house members voted to keep these people in power. We should recognize the situation for what it is: The party has become socialist-democrat, just as the democrat party has become communist.

  • Another drive by shooting from one of the Gang of eight.

    He’s just one of the “pieces of eight”. The stuff of pirates. The rest of the crew should make him walk the plank, and as he teeters at the terminal edge of it, looking down into the salty brine, someone sneaks up behind him and yells…Booo!

    “Farewell and ado all ye fine Spanish ladies, farewell and ado, ye ladies of Spain…”

    The next round of mixed metaphors arrrgh on me, yo ho ho.”

    • ApplePie101

      Keep ’em coming, Rshill7!

  • ryanomaniac

    McCain has thought about retirement so now his true colors show. He was never a Republican and damn sure not a maverick. He was always a progressive. He just did his best to hide it. He is a piss ant.

  • Darrell Griffin

    John McCain is the LAST person we should be listening to when it comes to campaign strategy. We have this incompetent dictator wannabee BECAUSE of his “strategy”.

  • Conservator1

    I still admire McCain’s military record. He was a hero who was crippled by some five years of torture at the hands of the North Vietnamese. Thus, I will not wish any evil upon him albeit he’s become a traitorous and bitter old man who relies upon petulant political attacks of the new generation of heroic conservatives such as Senators Cruz, Lee, Congressmen Trey Gowdy and Sean Duffy for example.

    Thus I ask McCain to recall the immortal words of General MacArthur; “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.” And John it’s time for you to retire and fade away while the new generation of conservatives who STILL follow General MacArthur’s view of the battlefield – “There is no substitute for victory.”

    • HCTUB

      I to admire his military record , but that doesn’t qualifie him for the Job he’s doing . He should just go to the left , and get it over with . Time is not on his side . Him and Graham , I don’t known anymore .

      • Conservator1

        I don’t see any real disagreement on our views of Johnny.

      • anatolemaher

        compare his military record to that of G DUBYASS or D cheney.
        dubyass AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard
        Cheney my wife has morning sickness and I need to hold the basin for her to puke in.

    • TryAgain

      well said…He needs to step back into the shadow and reflect on the methods of fighting political has got our country to.

    • Time4Offense

      Some men begin poorly, but finish well (a man like Chuck Colson comes to mind).
      Other men begin well, but finish poorly. Enough said.
      I pray by God’s grace we all finish well.

    • Dawn Street

      Thank you.

  • DHardy

    When we get these evil pigs our of office we need to have an exorcism don on the white house. Pure evil has taken over this country. Obama an anti Christian Godless Heathen leading the way…

  • ApplePie101

    The ad preceding the clip starts with ‘More Pink’. Should be ‘More Pinko’.

  • Ken

    When is McCain going to switch over to the Dems?

    • CalCoolidge

      I thought he had.

  • AndrewsArmy

    This man needs a reality check, or possibly a rest home. When he called the grassroots “Hobbits” he revealed his true feelings about the citizens of this country needing to be ruled by the “elite” governing class.

    • Dawn Street

      I am sick and tired of his smirks and his inuendoes and his lack of respect for anyone else’s opinion.

  • Marridge

    Everybody listen up! Email the GOP and tell them to lose your name, address and phone number!

    We will deal with the Party of Death later! First things first!

    • Conservator1

      Done and thanks for posting the link.

    • Donya Lola


    • I ripped ’em a couple new ones, and poked ’em in the eye with a red hot word poker. I think they’ll catch the thrift of my drift.

    • Hector Rivera Jr

      I just finished e-mailing them. Told them they were useless and a bunch of progressives masquerading as Republicans and that they should just join the Democratic Party as they are not true conservatives.

  • marmo43

    thank God he says he is not going to run again. he is a rhino traitor. he is not the only republican who has ‘turned coat’. we the people need to weed these senators and reps out, vote them out of office. 2014 is just around the corner and we need to get our marching boots on.

    • Dawn Street

      Now that is the best news I have heard today. If only Whorehouse Harry Reid, and Nancy Botox Pelosi and Barbara Nobrain Boxer and Feinstein would follow his example.

  • armyvet10

    Like the fictional character Dracula, Mr. McCain is in essence telling us that he only wants a little of your blood. Never mind the virus he will share with you, the one that gives him more power. This man is a veteran, and endured horrendous pain and suffering. As a retired SFC of the Army, I will respect his service and sacrifice. But he is wrong on this. The Government shutdown sits with all politicians that consider themselves elitists and above those that elected them. Any number of politicians live by the; I am above the laws I subject the American people to, mentality, and as such don’t worry about short term or long term damage. Any elitist serves not their constituents, but GREED & POWER. Every fighting man or woman comes to the end of their career, knowing that they must move over for younger leaders. It is the job of every Officer and NCO to train their subordinates to take over the responsibilities once the old leader has moved out. Mr. McCain has served his time, but it is time for him to move on, and let the younger leaders take their place to lead; people like Ted Cruz come to mind.

    • RustyTrombone01

      He has done more harm to the country and me personally than the VietCong ever did. We would be much better off now if he didn’t make it back.

    • Dawn Street

      Even with him standing on his service record, at this point in time, I have no respect for him. He has served his time. Time to move him out. He is a lapdog and a RINO!!!

  • BHliberty

    He’s a prime example why the 17th Amendment (as suggested in “The Liberty Amendments” by M.Levin) should be changed (again) back to its original intent:

    The Seventeenth Amendment (Amendment XVII) to the United States Constitution established direct election of United States Senators by popular vote. The amendment supersedes Article I, § 3, Clauses 1 and 2 of the Constitution, under which senators were elected by state legislatures. It also alters the procedure for filling vacancies in the Senate, allowing for state legislatures to permit their governors to make temporary appointments until a special election can be held. Under the original provisions of the Constitution, senators were elected by state legislatures; this was intended to prevent the federal government from indirectly absconding with the powers and funds of the states.

  • Dave Wesley

    If everyone who moped around saying “We can’t defund it” stood up there with Cruz…. There would have been a good chance they would have already defunded it

  • Polosec

    McCain moved his surrender flag from his hip pocket to his breast pocket, just so he can get to it faster!

  • Right_Wingnut

    What a nasty, vindictive little man he is. I can’t even put into words how much I despise John McCain.

  • semiold

    “You better move over-get out of the way”–Mr. McCain! From a song by Steppenwolf in the 1960’s. How accurate John Kay was!

  • mickeyco

    He’s gone from just a dithering old fool to a vindictive, nasty old man.

  • ManaMoffa

    It’s as if McCain doesn’t know he’s the most despised man in his own party and Democrats who all voted against him in 2008 , still despise him as well.

    McCain’s continued attacks however, might be a good thing in the end.
    It shows the young, and independents and even borderline Democrats that the Old RINO GOP is seperate from the conservatives. Conservatives are not to blame for all the things the Old Rino GOP has done , including endless war mongering, and deficit spending.
    We can tell them ” Yes, its true!” the GOP has done this and this and this.”it’s the RINO’s who are no different than the Democrats
    Democrats ,and especially Obama, have shown them already that once in power, they do just like the Rove-McCain- Bush’s of the world , only distinguishable from each other by the R and D beside their names.
    Even the liberal media and Fox news (RINO NEWS) have shown their cards as hacks who change what they believe in depending on which party is doing what at the time.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Thanks be to GOD, John McCain and his ilk are being exposed for what they are. These false agents are decreasing in power and number while a new group of true conservatives such as Ted Cruz and Ben Carson are taking their place.

    BTW – Bill Whittle has a new website:

    • Judith77

      Never trust anybody that asks for money. It’s all self serving with a mix of throwing crumbs to We The People.

  • Time4Offense

    McCain repeated the same “Fool’s Errand” talking point on his completely pathetic interview on CNBC, where he claims ObamaCare is here to stay.
    Thanks, Sen. McCain, for stabbing Senators Cruz and Lee in the back WHILE THEY WERE LEADING the good fight!
    If ObamaCare is here to stay, Senator, I guess we all can thank you for that!

  • dneuwen

    mccain is spiraling downward fast from worse to worse. conservatives can holler to high heavens but the man is already tone-deaf and refractory and it is time to put our foot where our mouth is. that is if it is feasible to recall mccain then concerned arizonians should launch the recall effort right away and wouldn’t it be great if in 2014 election arizona elects a true conservative to reinforce cruz and lee.

  • Dawn Street

    More outrageous treatment of our military. Army 1LT Clint Lorance from Celeste Texas, a 28 year old ground combat platoon leader in the 82d Airborne Division was just sentenced to 20 years in Ft. Leavenworth on two counts of murder. In July 2012, 1LT Lorance ordered the engagement of two Taliban scouts who were tracking his platoon’s movements while on a patrol in Kandahar province, a platoon that had recently experienced losses, including the previous Platoon Leader. According to our ridiculous Rules of Engagement, soldiers in a combat zone are told to hold their fire unless there is evidence of hostile action or direct hostile intent. I spent two and a half years in southern Afghanistan, and we all knew the Taliban utilized fighters on motorcycles and cell phones as scout/trackers. If there are enemy combatants reporting your patrol movements in order to facilitate an attack, how is that not hostile intent? CPT William Miller, the government prosecutor, said1LT Lorance “used his rank and position to harass, intimidate, threaten, and murder Afghans.” What an incredible dilemma for our men and women in combat: fight and kill the enemy and be sent to prison. Or be killed by the enemy and be denied your death gratuity benefits. This is utter BS and I implore true Americans, and veterans, to melt down the White House, DoD, and Department of the Army phone lines and email.

    • Donya Lola

      My hearfelt sadness for our military.

    • Jim Whitehead

      We have muslim brotherhood terrorists and traitors (obama being the main one) running our country and they hate our military. Hagel, Brennan, also islamic, traitorous pieces of excrement. DC is more deceitful, corrupt and treasonous than ever in history. It breaks my heart the way this regime treats our vets, military and Christians.

  • Boardtrack Racer

    I’m wondering when Arizona is going to wake up and smell the coffee and vote John McCain out of power. It’s obvious he’s become extremely cocky and out of control, problem is, he’s grown to accustomed to the great benefits, prestige and bad habits that most Senators fall prey to throughout the years. He will most likely die a sick old man while in office rather than give up his reign.Same thing goes for Harry Reid. Both of these men fall into the same category and are to ornery to leave there cushy positions. I guess it will be up to the American people to help them on their way providing the states of Arizona and Nevada take the lead which may or may not happen and I say that only because both of these men are constantly being placed back into power by their constituents and I don’t understand why.

    • WordsFailMe

      I feel the same way. Evidently these dehydrated, old reptiles, including McConnell, Reid, Graham and Cornyn, has such effective, deep-rooted and corrupt political machines in their home states, that they, like pond scum, cannot be removed.

      Keep the faith, keep you powder dry and close and deny these criminals any support.

  • Boardtrack Racer

    I’m having a problem getting my avatar to upload either on Disquis or Right Scoop. Is anyone else having the same problem?

  • aposematic

    I know this is a little off topic but not really as it is an email response I received from Senator Tim Kaine (VA) on this same topic. An occasional open thread might be nice, just saying. This email is hilarious, if not so pathetic. I received it on 10/10/13, but just found it in my junk folder under sender unknown.

    From: Date: To: Subject: Thank you for contacting me.

    Thank you again for contacting me.

    “U.S. Senator Kaine” Thursday, October 10, 2013 12:36 PM Thank you for your message

    Unfortunately, a lapse in funding has required the nonessential operations of the federal government to temporarily close. I will be unable to respond to your message until the situation is resolved.

    As we continue to discuss and debate the many significant challenges facing our Commonwealth and country, I do appreciate you taking time to contact me. Hearing from Virginians helps me better understand my constituents and the issues facing them.

    I encourage you to visit my website at for regular updates about my activities, as well as my positions on issues that are important to Virginia and our nation.
    end email.

    Get it, Senator Kaine is saying he is a nonessential operation of the Fed. Gov. or is he saying I am nonessential, or responding to constituents is a nonessential operation of the Fed. Gov. I’m confused. He also says he cannot respond because the Gov. is shut down in this obvious response. (Yes I know he means he doesn’t have any of his “staff” to write me another of his leftist form letters at this time.) This is Virginia folks, America is definitely scraping the bottom of the abyss.
    I found this like the dumbest response by a Senator ever.

    • WordsFailMe


      “Get it, Senator Kaine is saying he is a nonessential operation of the Fed. Gov. or is he saying I am nonessential,”

      Great insight! Well noted.

  • TimboT

    First off may I mention that Mr. McCane has been compromised and or coerced by Obama thugs. Our country has been taken hostage by Despots.

    • Randy Perdue

      Don’t you mean the country has been taken over, or I should say has been given away to the big bank families.

      • TimboT

        Those are part of the “Despots” I refer to. Both foreign and domestic.

  • NJK

    I’m just mortified to have this angry, jealous, old, traitor in Congress. Arizona, for God’s sake, get your heads out of your butts. You could have had J.D. Hayworth, and you put this lying, communist, traitor in again.

    • Jim Whitehead

      McCain, you stupid old man! If you had a brain you’d know that “elections have fraud”, especially in 2012. Homobama is NOT the legal president and never has been. You’re a worthless traitor to your country and most Americans are hoping to get rid of your sorry hide next time….you, McConnell, Graham, all you phoney idiots!

  • Jim

    Senator McCain. What is your plan for getting rid of Obamacare? When you say “elections have consequences” it sounds like you’re giving up. I can’t support you without your own ideas to strike down this massive, tyrranical law, and it better be more than “elect more Republicans.” I’m sorry, but Ted Cruz is standing on principle, you are standing on politics and power.

  • WordsFailMe

    Speaking of-ex-Navy loosers, alumni of the Nasal A-cavity…

    Two Navy Football Players Referred in Rape Case

    “…The Navy initially charged each one with rape, sexual assault, and lying to investigators about allegedly having sex with a female midshipman who was passed out from drinking at a party on April 14, 2012..”

    Picture worth 1000 words which fail me

    • BikerHoop

      Shhhh… they could be DuhOne’s sons.

      • WordsFailMe

        or cousins, half brothers or uncles.

        Hey Biker!

        • BikerHoop

          Hey, WFM!

  • GmaNeal

    Please Sir…just shut up. I respect your past sacrifices but you now seem to be a controlled robot. Please…just shhhhhhhhh. You had the chance to stop this but you didn’t even put up a fight.

    • jlbs

      You’re right. He put a gag order on Sarah Palin when she wanted to tell us the truth after he had already put a gag order on himself.

  • Nitnyline

    This guy gets worse every time he opens his mouth. Good people of Arizona how and why was this bum preferred over a solid conservative challenger?

  • DebbyX

    We cannot be seen as the party of old white men anymore. They have become the face of the Republican party……….and it ain’t pretty!
    Off with their heads!!

  • Jim Whitehead

    Everyone who possibly can needs to go to this link and let the stinking GOP know how we feel. I did and told them they would never get another penny from me and that I will continue to expose their progressivism. I told them they went too far when they attacked the good conservatives in the party who are actually keeping their word and voting for the people they serve.

    • Time4Offense

      Thanks for the link, Jim.
      Just gave them a piece of my mind (999 characters out of 1000 allowed)!
      It’s so sad to see the Party of Lincoln, Coolidge, and Reagan come to this.

  • Conservator1

    Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) CAVED legislation which called for a 6 month extension of government funding and a debt limit increase that extended it past the 2014 mid-term election was rejected by Reid and Democrats today. Why? Because of a mere delay in Obamacare’s medical device tax for 2 years and a requirement for income verification for Obamacare subsidies.

    Are the Johnny McCain RINOs happy now? They caved but Obama and Reid weren’t satisfied with just another win. They want to shame the GOP into extinction with the help of these spineless wimps such as Collins, McCain and Corker.

    I ask again; are the Johnny McCain RINOs happy now? Frack the GOP – it’s time for constitutionalists, libertarians and fiscal and social conservatives to unite and form a third party of PATRIOTS to restore America.

    • blueniner

      It is coming, Sarah Palin and Mark Levin and Ted Cruz are leading the charge!

  • blueniner

    John McCain why dont take a lesson from your former running mate Sarah Palin, and go out and support Pro-American Constitutinal causes, than these Progressive,Liberal, boondoggles, get a clue sir.

  • jlbs

    Ever see a republican turn into a jack***? I know he isn’t the only one, but, yes, John, “elections have consequences”, and you happen to be one of them. I also know he went through hell as a POW but, now, John, it’s time for you to step down.

  • blueniner

    I will say to John McShame, thank you for your military service, now please step off the stage….you have more than completed your final act!

    • friskyness

      YOur military service and POW status, have made you crazy! Now retire!

  • DHardy

    We should all mail McCain a blank post card with the words GET OUT printed on it..

    I bet if we got together and to make this happen he just might do it…Just start asking others on other social net work sites and post his address, I would be funny if a million or so people did this…If it works maybe can do the same with some of these Judges.. When people see stuff like this it brings in how large the argument is and how people feel…If it’s some nasty media post that don’t mean much but taking the time to send a letter..that gonna make it real clear real fast a million letter is quite a load…

    5353 North 16th Street
    Suite 105
    Phoenix, AZ 85016

  • Robert L Macchia

    I voted for McCain, and now I see that he would have probably been just as bad as Obama. God Help US!

    • friskyness

      There would be no Obamacare, but there would be amnesty. Pick your poison!

      • PNWShan

        Obamacare PLUS amnesty = total collapse of economy.

      • Robert L Macchia

        It is sad frisky that you are so right. This nation is not a super power anymore and we are losing ground quickly. Obama is not the man people expected him to be. He must go before we become a third world country. Or is it too late

  • marketcomp

    Take this you old fool!

    poll at FRC: Cruz 42%, Santorum 13, Carson 13, Paul 6, Rubio 5

  • klaffner

    I guess there is some truth to what he says, but it does not need to be said. Why does he constantly act like such a me, me, me, I said, I did, I fought, buffoon in front of the camera. He is an outstanding idiot.

  • Randy Perdue

    Useless old lying bag of crap and a disgrace to all Vietnam Vets! He need to go as well! You can always tell when he is lying because his mouth is running.

  • Randy Perdue

    Thinks the two party system has seen it’s better days long ago. You just can not tell them apart any longer. Why don’t we dump this system and have people run as just people?

  • friskyness

    Arizona please get rid of this bastard!

    • lawngren

      Really. He has to be as corrupt and powerful as reid to hold onto his seat after the last five years. I just can’t believe that a majority of Arizonans, of all states, are so brain-dead as to want this prize jerk to continue “representing” them.

  • coachpan

    NO more Mr. War Hero. He is todays bum.

  • Glenn Hawkins

    i fail to see any place in this entire video where he directly blames ted cruz… no i don’t support mccain but this is bullshit..

    • lawngren

      Twice in the first 2.5 minutes mccain states that the White House wouldn’t have had the chance to “mismanage” the shutdown if “we” (the repub party) hadn’t shut down the government “with a fool’s errand”.

      At about 2:20, the Foxperson says, “Ted Cruz, who I think you’re directing a lot of these comments to…” and mccain did not say, “No, I’m not talking about Cruz”

      That would have been a dumb statement for mccain to make, because Cruz has been the point man on the effort to defund obamacare, which mccain is fighting tooth and nail to prevent. mccain wants obamacare to continue. Also, mccain says “we caused” the government shutdown. He refuses to place the blame where it belongs – on obama. And mccain makes it clear that he and many other repubs did not want to fight to shutdown ocare. Ted Cruz did and does, so who could mccain possibly be talking about other than Ted Cruz?

  • john

    mentally sick egotist, McA*hole

  • herb benty

    Cruz and the Tea Party represent at least 1/2 the country, Yet these Rhinos act like Mr. Cruz is a wing-nut, meaning they think 1/2 the country is crazy……same as the Dems and MSM, interesting. You can see that his time in captivity enamoured him to the “Big Government” Nany State. John!!! For heavens sake, fight to defund Husseincare, NO to increasing Debt, STOP Obama NOW. McCain lost his balls in the jungle.

  • lawngren

    I am sick to death of hearing about mckane being “a decorated war hero”.

    Friends, roamers, and various other countrymen, I don’t know if he was decorated, but benedict arnold was a war hero too, before he become a traitor. Same story with V.C. my-cane. So shut up already about the senile old fool’s past. Since before 2008 hack-kane has been at best a RINO, and now is almost totally evil. If he had the energy of youth left, he’d have become an orc by now.

    Where are Anduril and Glamdring when you really need them?

    • Randy Perdue

      Do not recall him ever being a decorated war hero. I have only heard about him being a pow. Did I miss something? What selfless act did he perform that makes him a hero?

      • Anyone who puts on the uniform and endures what he did deserves respect for that.

        SO for his days as a soldier, yes, we give him great respect. But he’s not a soldier now. He’s a statist politician. We don’t have to respect that part of his life.

        • Randy Perdue

          I will agree with you on this.. As a soldier he may have been a brave young man, but as a politician he is a crooked lying old man.

          • MsSgt3

            He’s protecting his ass is all…

        • Darrell Griffin

          Agreed, but he’s also worn that tire out.

      • lawngren

        I was quoting the Foxperson. I don’t know if he was decorated, and don’t care enough to find out. If not, it’s interesting that he did not call attention to that. I like K-bob’s response.

  • Conniption Fitz

    McCain and his ilk are on a sinking ship going nowhere.

  • Brian Reczek

    McCain is a sell out, hegave up on his own campaign. Every politician, including the President should be heard accountible for the shut down. Seems like they’re all after there own agendas, and not looking out what is best for the United States. Think of what could have been done to better this country if they never spent a minute on the Affordable Care Act. All that time, effort, and tax payer money could have helped this country. #FRAUD #WASTE #ABUSE

  • 3seven77

    I can’t even finish watching this. McCain is at best a doddering old fool. His ‘war hero’ days are long passed. McCain should retire before he ruins whatever legacy he might have left.

  • This is O/T, but related peripherally, since we’re focusing on phony conservatives in this thread.

    Daily Mail (UK): MSNBC host Joe Scarborough earns $99K A WEEK from his morning show… but wife Susan will only see ‘fraction’ of it after divorce

    What a guy.

  • jcinco

    the worst thing he did was foist that know nothing harridan out of wasilly on the country..we’ll never forgive him. she’s like herpes, it never truly goes away.

  • Taurnil Oronar

    WSJ not liberal? Whodathunk it.

  • PAWatcher

    Time for the good citizens of Arizona to give their employee McCain a censure that will let him know who’s boss. He needs a shove into retirement, he is a disgrace to Our active duty military……………..ya think he’d know better.

  • bornfreeamerican

    McCain…you are a disgusting old man. Go home before you make a complete fool out of yourself!

  • twoblackcats

    Liar, Liar – pants on fire. You weren’t trying to shut down Ocare “harder than anyone.” Liar! Dementia? You’re the fool!

  • $29528627

    I really despise this old fart.

  • PVG

    I, I, I……this idiot has no clue. It’s not about him. We have a petulant, petty, president. Only 17% of the gov is shut down and BO is out to inflict pain.

    • MsSgt3

      We have a petulant, petty and immature government altogether!

    • Vernon Underwood

      its about every on of the petty muslum communist traitors in Washington and McCain is one of the biggest

  • PuritanD71

    Imagine, this man was the candidate for president…..good grief

    • Chicot

      John McCain is the reason that Obama is in office now. He would not rebut him in any way during the campaign nor deny anything obama said to the people about his running mate nor would he let his running mate say anything tha t was derogatory toward Obama. Just go back and google his remarks during the election cycle. You can also include Rove in that bunch of republicans who got Obama in office both times. Rove had as much to do with Romney loosing the election as any of Obama’s campaign managers did. IMO he probably was and still is on Obama’s payroll. Until we get those old timers out of the lime light the republicans will never win an election or control of both houses of congress.

  • Adrien Jessie

    he’s a traitor to th USA

    • That’s a bit too far, I’d say. I mean, he actually thought the Syrian rebels were NOT Muslim Brotherhood, because he’s senile. But he’s just past it, is all. Not a traitor.

      • $41378716

        So if a mentally ill person murders someone, they would not be a murderer?
        If McCain is senile and mental and keeps doing treasonous things, he isn’t a traitor.
        Your premise does not hold water, K-Bob, “Moderator”.

      • Come on K-Bob stop defending the man. John McCain was a pilot that got shot down, became a POW, and is now assisting Obama and the rest of cohort of Communists in the destruction of the country. Benedict Arnold helped turn the course of the American Revolution at Saratgoa, and later became American History’s most celebrated traitor. Now please tell me who is the greater traitor?

        • I never served, so I do not have the right to engage in the kind of criticism a military brother levels on another military brother. You guys all did something most of us didn’t do, so I defend his service, and leave the more specific criticism of it to you guys.

          But as I said, his time in office is another thing entirely. Have at it!

      • savageob1

        He defied, like many others, his oath to the Constitution. Mclame/Feingold,


  • Yeah I think Mccain is invested into The the affordable health care he’s pretty brisk when he says mark my words

    • InfoDump

      I’ll mark his or Obama’s words like a dog would a fire hydrant.

      • Me to!! I would love to mark his and Obama’s words with a 50cal to the temple. Some real pieces of crap and as far as I am concerned they should not be allowed back into the white house period. We should take the white house over and occupy it………………

  • Moochell

    You know what john. Stfu.

  • InfoDump

    Voters of Arizona must be proud to have elected this guy over and over again to “represent” them. He really did leave all common sense, along with his brains, in Vietnam. Admire him for his service in Vietnam, not for his service in U.S. Congress.

    • Swamp Fox

      Screw the political correctness… I don’t admire him for anything.

      • InfoDump

        I won’t castigate him for his service to our country. It’s not being PC, it’s giving credit where credit is due. There is a difference between him and John Kerry. Kerry disgraced his service by spouting out lie after lie about his brothers-in-arms in full open forum, causing harm to those serving in Vietnam at the time (McCain being one of them). The only things that are not different between McCain and Kerry are their dismal records as politicians.

        • Swamp Fox

          Service or no service… I simply do not admire the man. He fought for our freedoms; now he aids in taking them away.

          Sorry, John McCain is a loser. No admiration is warranted from my camp. But I can respect your right to your views.

          • InfoDump

            I can understand where you’re coming from. You can make the case that McRINO has nullified his military service with his political disservice.

  • Chris Thompson

    McCain you are not important anymore. You really need to shut your damn mouth and disappear. Once you were brave now – you’re a coward.

  • Vernon Underwood

    do not admire him for anything he sold out in viet nam also and should have come home to levenworth or a fiireing qud

    • Dawn Street

      It really does not take courage to persevere in a prison camp. My husband says tenacity, maybe. Luck but NOT courage. Maybe the fear that you will die??

  • kateorjane

    So sad when the GOP we elect to represent us fall all over themselves in their rush to refuse to even try to make things better.
    John better wake up and realize that attacking the base is NOT the way to have a good election result – you have to wonder if his eagerness to get back in the good graces of the cool kids over weighs everything else. He touts about how he battled this issue before they were in office but he didn’t get the job done

  • ladyjk

    You campaigned harder than anybody against Obamacare???? You got to be friggin’ kidding me. Because of you, McCain, Reid got to pass Obamacare by a 51 cloture vote. You allowed Obamacare!! Your attacking a fellow republican like the fighter Cruz shows just how small and jealous a little man you are. Republicans ought to be rising up and demanding John McCain resign–using the public stage to attack a fellow republican because he is angry and jealous of that party member should not be tolerated. I am so tired of hearing of McCain’s 5 years in captivity. He has ridden that rail long enough. I personally knew a fellow that was captured at 19 and held for nearly 9 years during that war and he never broke and never attacked another fellow American. He also never used his years of captivity for power or glory. Ask Warren Buffett what he thinks of McCain for abandoning his first wife.

  • Beal Baug

    It is very hard today to see any difference between John McCain and Barry Obama.

  • axethecouncil

    HaHaHaHaHaHa—–Not sure I can stop……HooHooHooHooHoo—–Oh my!Oh my! Oh sh!t Mcain—Ladies and gentlemen — May we introduce-Ted Cruz!

  • JoeTulsa

    Obama and Harry Reid shut down the government!
    Not the Republicans.

  • JoeTulsa

    McCain is in the surrender caucus.

  • JoeTulsa

    McCain, it’s time to retire.
    You’ve made too many friends in Washington, and the fight has left you.
    Go home to Arizona.
    You’re pathetic!

  • JoeTulsa

    Defeating Hitler must have been a fool’s errand.
    Defeating the British must have been a fool’s errand.

  • JoeTulsa

    McCain, you didn’t fight against Obamacare.
    Defunding is the way of the courageous.
    Nipping around the edges is the coward’s way.
    Go home, old man!

  • fishmonster

    John McCain is not a military hero. I served in the same damned war and I am no hero, but I am not a senile horse’s ass like John S. McCain either. Mr. McCain has become an embarrassment to his party and the republic. He is overdue to being put out to pasture or he can choose the alternative and select his party as Alan Specter did when he joined the democratic party.