Mea Culpa from Trifecta on getting the presidential election wrong

Consider this your open thread for Thursday as PJTV’s Trifecta team apologizes for getting the presidential election wrong and they seek to explain why:

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  • Arrrggghhh
  • PhillyCon

    Just moved this to the open thread.

    Latino Poverty Rates Climb to 28 Percent:

    Among the Findings:
    —If it weren’t for Social Security payments, the poverty rate would rise to 54.1 percent for people 65 and older and 24.4 percent for all age groups.

    —Without refundable tax credits such as the earned income tax credit, child poverty would rise from 18.1 percent to 24.4 percent.

    —Without food stamps, the overall poverty rate would increase from 16.1 percent to 17.6 percent.

    “These figures are timely given the looming expiration of two key measures that account for part of these programs’ large antipoverty impact: federal emergency unemployment insurance and improvements in refundable tax credits” such as the Earned Income Tax Credit, said Arloc Sherman, a senior researcher at the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, a liberal-leaning think-tank. “Letting these measures expire at year’s end could push large numbers of families into poverty.”

    Does it all make sense now? This is what we need to over come-the welfare state.

    Also, check out what the liberal, so-called “anti-poverty” expert says, he’s saying these programs are anti-poverty, yet the rate among Latinos is climbing. He thinks these programs are keeping rates down, while instead the programs are exacerbating the numbers. Gotta love such logic: what is up is down. Welcome to Lefty America.

    • Rshill7

      Right, but “Don’t feed the bears because they will become dependent on it and will grow incapable of providing for themselves.”

  • They didn’t get it wrong, the election was total fraud. Yeah, they called states with 5% of the votes in, because the fix was in.

  • Yes, let’s all go and take over the “culture.” So that means that the next Republican presidential candidate will have to do well on The View, The Daily Show, Letterman, The Tonight Show, Rolling Stone Magazine, Us magazine, and the “Pimp with a Limp” radio show. After all, those are all the people that elected Obama, so now they have to become our “friends” to win the next election. God help us.

    • I get your point, but I think that Deibold and three other voting machine companies elected Obama. State governments put the fraud systems in place and protect the secrecy of electronic elections.

  • Rshill7

    Winter Words From North Michigan

    I like to rise early enough to watch the sunrise and walk most every winter morning, so long as the temp is not too far below 10F and the wind is relatively calm.

    Love the sound of crunching snow under my highly insulated boots in the otherwise profound silence of north latitude dawn. Love the look of natural frosting on everything. I appreciate the ability to be able to walk on water, drill holes in it, and pull out dinner. “Boaty” pines for me and me for she as I embrace the transformative beauty of winter, and she hibernates under shingled shelter.

    The leaves have all been collected. The non-evergreens stand naked ready for robes of another sort. The meandering rivers start freezing at the edges. Snowmobiles are brushed off, gassed up and eagerly await that first big blanket.

    The anticipatory aroma of fresh-baked turkey, goose, and ham, along with casseroles of various composition enters the mind, but not yet the senses, and folks start browsing for that unique gift, you know, for that special person that just might already have everything he or she really needs.

    Ahhh Winter. Come and get me. Summer, we’ll meet after the final melt.


    • 4Hoppes2

      Rshill7, First off, sorry about missing your comment regarding shipping labels a few days ago, you are correct in that UPS uses a ORM-D (Other Regulated Materials- Domestic) label identifying the contents of my package to a pretty good assumption. Second sir, you paint such a welcoming mental picture of winter it almost, almost makes me yearn for it. You should consider writing among your talents. Well done. Now I have to go for a while.

      • That is interesting. I wouldn’t think that brass and bullets would be considered to be anything special, such as ORM-D.

      • Rshill7

        It is like painting. I enjoy it. Wrote it in response to a local column I just got around to reading this morning over coffee. One of the libbies in our paper even liked it. Thanks for noticing it and responding. I figured it would be way out of place here but posted it anyway, being beckoned by the open thread to let ‘er rip 🙂

    • BikerHoop

      Now cut that out! You keep that up and you’re going to have me looking forward to winter instead of dreading the day the first flakes plummet to the ground.

  • RonPaulSupporter2

    German philospher Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860) said this:

    “All truth goes through three stages: It is ridiculed; then it is radically opposed; and only much later will it be accepted as self-evident.”

    The USA is currently in the “radically opposed” stage. Everything that is the truth is being accepted as lies. This trend will not change anytime soon. The USA will continue it’s downward slide for the foreseeable future. At some point we will hit rock bottom. I believe at that time a slow acceptance of the truth will start to take hold. It will still take a very long time for the citizens of this country to completely embrace truth but it will eventually take hold. All we can do in the meantime is try to educate people that things will get worse and to get them to begin to understand sooner as opposed to later. If they do, we’ve got a chance to turn the country around in the next 30 to 40 years. If not, then it will take much longer ans the suffering will be much, much longer.

    • Alex Jones is calling for a new Declaration of Independence. He is trying to get the liberty movement on board. He says that we need to have state governments move quickly toward nullification, and succession. He is having interviews with different organizations to get them on board, and is calling for Ron Paul to take up leadership on the issue.


      • RonPaulSupporter2

        Thanks for the reply.

        I sincerely hope that whatever Alex Jones is planning will work because there’s not much hope in anything else.

        The left is hell bent on “transforming the United States of America”. So much so that they’ll even rig elections to do it:

        As I said, according to Schopenhauer, we are in the “radically opposed” stage. There’s no way to stop it now. It’s going to happen.


        It’s just a matter of time. Unfortunately, I firmly believe this. It probably won’t happen in my lifetime (I’m 53 years old) but definitely in my kids lifetime. The only question is how bad will it get when it happens. I think what we’re seeing in Greece and other EU countries right now is going to look like a Sunday in the Park as opposed to the US.

        Cities will burn.
        Lives will be lost.
        Blood will flow in the streets.
        I don’t believe there’s any hope.

        The only way to avoid this is to learn from the mistakes of the past by studying the Weinmar Republic and the rise of Hitler, Zimbabwe, modern day Greece, other dictatorships around the world, etc.

        We need our schools (public and private) to educate students on liberty, freedom, self reliance, and the evil of government. We need them to tell the children about the Federal Reserve and the damage it’s caused, we need to tell them about the failures of government to solve problems. Will they do it, no. Why, because they’re run by the government.

        The disease of “statism” that this country has hasn’t run it’s course yet. There are still a lot of people that it will continue to infect. It’s only when we cure our citizens of this disease that the country will heal with it. I don’t see that happening for a very, very, very, long time.

        The only other potential savior for the USA is that I believe the EU countries will collapse first. Maybe, just maybe, that will be enough to wake us up to the fact that we’re next.

        Sorry, I don’t mean to dump all this on you. I know you’re probably a lot more optimistic than I am but I’ve just read and heard too much over the last 7 or so years to make me think any differently.

        Congressmen Ron Paul gave what will most likely be his last speech on the floor of the house today. I think it’s worth reading for everybody that truly wants to see this country turn around for the better. He spells out our problems quite efficiently and talks about what we have to do to solve them. Here’s the link if you want to take the time to read it.

        • I’m with you on most of what you said, but I don’t see it lasting ten more years. I think that we will likely see crippling austerity with five years, and Obama Care will go a long way to damage this failing economy in a short period of time.

          What people really need to know is that the central bank is just a means to suck the wealth out of society. Our bought off government is selling us out every day, and is literally shutting down this country. This is not an accident. Republicans do it, as well as democrats.

          The police state will keep growing, and so will civil unrest. We will have food shortages, growing homeless populations, and crippling austerity. The American people are too ignorant, as you say, to turn it around now. Even mainstream conservatives are still supporting immoral and illegal wars, the taking of our rights, etc.

          The establishment will not let go of their power. Even if there is a huge movement toward liberty, they will shut this country down before they let it take hold. Our population is being made sick and ignorant via a technological and chemical bombardment through vaccines, fluoride in the water, pharmaceutical run medicine, radiation from electronics and body scanners…. you name it.

          The best thing that people can do is move to one of the safe zone locations and learn to become food and energy independent. Eventually, Russia and China are going to make their move on the US, and the US will likely stand down and fail to retaliate.

          If you get a chance watch this video:

          Whether it is the most likely scenario or not, there is a lot of good advice. I am almost totally food independent, and am now looking at becoming energy independent. I live in a relatively safe location.

          The republic will not be saved, it is just a matter of whether or not you survive the collapse. I believe what the bible foretells, which does not include the US as a sovereign superpower. We will eventually end up part of the new world government, and lose our liberties completely. Since the last generation started either in 48′ or 67′, we don’t have a lot of time left. The US will likely decline into a third world country before the end.

          It takes time to prepare, so even if we have a few years left, people will need that time to become self sufficient. One year worth of stored food should be the minimum for people right now. We could have a financial collapse before the dollar goes down completely. Hyper inflation is unlikely due to the supply base of the dollar being so big. We will see inflation growing steadily, and it might even speed up, but the Fed Note won’t collapse quickly, in my opinion. The guy in that video touches on this.

          I don’t think that the police state system is ready to deal with a sudden collapse just yet. That is, unless they are willing to just let chaos take hold while waiting on the sidelines for people do ravage the country and die of starvation. (they might)

          I subscribe to the dailypaul and and check in with them every day. The AJ show has a lot of alternative information given through many different experts.

          Elections are now rigged, and the American people no longer elect their government. Both sides are involved in this. The establishment is not biased, but only fights for who will overseas the collapse of this country.

          Good luck in your efforts.

  • colliemum

    And still they don’t dare to ask if it might not just be possible that they were not wrong, but right – and that what happened to Allen West might hav happened elsewhere.


    Isn’t this similar, mentally, to the attitude of the left who as default always blames America first, before looking at what really happened?
    Seems the cultural shift is running deep even inside such stalwarts.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      This is my frustration too. Pretty much everyone got it wrong. How is that possible?

      • colliemum

        It’s only possible because they somehow have convinced themselves that fraud couldn’t happen, so it didn’t happen …
        I’m really cross about that, because their attitude means that in their eyes Allen West is just making trouble, and should really have caved in like they themselves did.

        • SoLongSong

          This is all belated (comments 5 and 6 hours old), but that’s the thing. I more than anything wanted anyone but Romney. NONE of the candidates that threw their hat into the ring excited me. Then Rick Perry got in and I was SO EXCITED. Pfizzle. And the date for Chris Christie to apply came and went (thank GOD, it turns out!).

          And Romney got stronger and stronger, his crowds were huge and wildly enthusiastic, Liberal newspapers were endorsing a Republican for the first time in decades…and I was fiercely glad, because with Paul Ryan they made the best team out of everyone available. I prayed for them and thanked God for these good men every day.

          And now when it’s over and we “lost” people have developed instant amnesia, or just the opposite, saying “I KNEW he wouldn’t win!” or “Too bad Romney was such a bad candidate!”

          I bet to differ. I think there’s fraud afoot.

          • Romney did not draw big crowds in the primary. His rallies were quite small, and some were just media coverage and a bunch of people on a stage. Very few wanted Romney. Many of the caucus votes were flipped for Romney. In one case, Romney only got two votes, and when the state tallied the district votes, that two suddenly turned into twenty some odd giving him the majority. There was as much fraud in the primary as there was in the general election.

            Republicans did not nominate Romney, the GOP and Romney camp did. Did you see what they did to the duly elected Nevada delegates? They cut them out and created a “new” Nevada GOP filled with Romney delegates. Nebraska brought in electronic voting machines to the state convention at the last minute. They had never been used for that before, and Romney was not favored to win Nebraska. Just look at the youtube videos on the RNC and what they did to the Maine delegates, and rules changes. I could go on, but…………….you get the point.

            The general election was more than 80% electronic voting and counting. The machines used are not checked by an independent source, and are totally rigged. See . This fraud is not partisan, but it is carried out by four companies who control most of the voting. The fact that Obama was their choice is the scary part.

            I am done voting after 22 years of voting republican only. I won’t be a part of their fraud any longer.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Since Scoop used the “Braveheart” theme to kick things off, I’ll use the same to illustrate how I felt when I realized what happened…

    Towards the end of the movie of Braveheart, William Wallace and his army are facing the English in battle. Wallace developed a strategy with the other clan leaders about how they would charge in with their cavalry when signaled by Wallace. So the battle begins and then at the right time, Wallace signals the clan leaders to charge in… but they simply turn around and ride away, leaving Wallace and the others to be defeated.

    Now, those Scottish clan leaders were paid off… bribed to turn and run. Those conservatives who chose not to support Mitt and end this nightmare, didn’t get paid off. They were following the path of William Wallace in a sense… they were in it for reasons of their convictions and for love of country. But they chose not to follow William the Bruce (Romney)… so they abstained instead… even though they were counted on to fight and resist.

    I understand why they did what they did… I’m sad that they chose to let the lemmings, liberals and moochers of this country win and then suffer with their choice… especially because we will all suffer from their decision. But God who has already won the victory, can turn this around for us (as long as we turn to Him). After 4 more years of lost freedom and degrading wealth and a destroyed economy… the lemmings, liberals and mochers may gain an education from the school of hard knocks… and learn from their mistake. Maybe.

    We must keep fighting the good fight… just as Scotland did to win and keep their freedom. Freedom isn’t free… and things are going to get really tough and rough. But God is the light at the end of it all; He is our strength. It’s time shine brightly and become salty as believers… then the lost will see the hope that only God can bring and they’ll be won over.

    Time to earnestly contend for the faith.

  • sjmom

    I can think of several reasons why Romney lost but it does no good to rehash because we must move on. Until this nation and its people return to its roots of “one nation under God” nothing will change. God did not give us government to replace Him though many Americans believe that to be so. There is only one God, I call Him Lord, and only He can will meet our needs. I pray people will learn this very soon because if they don’t they will be very disappointed. God never disappoints and is always faithful.

    • 401_Unauthorised

      A good loser isn’t one who merely doesn’t whine and moan about losing; But one who, more than that, learns from his loss and is determined to use the lessons of that loss to make him better! Ignoring why the Repoobs lost would be such a daft thing to do. For further info as to what I mean, kindly see my post below.

      God Bless.

      • Turning into RINO’s isn’t the answer. Why vote for a RINO when you can get a real liberal?

      • SoLongSong

        Calling them “Repoobs” makes whatever argument you make invalid and one-sided.

        Bless your heart.

  • Susitna

    We have watched how negotiations between Boehner and Obama never go anywhere. We got the chance today to nominate Gingrich as Speaker of the House, which would have given us the chance to put a heavy weight to deal with Obama. In addition this would have taken Obama by surprise, as he is not used to deal with men. Imagine a 1:1 Gingrich Obama! But what was the reaction of the GOP? They decided to stick to the old standard. If we couldn’t change the President, then at least change the Speaker! Instead, they prefer to criticize Romney because he was not Mr. Perfect??? But the truth is that you can never win among the GOP cowards. It is useless to be perfect as long as the polling stations belong to the Democratic Corruption Party. Dah! Why don’t these cowards do something about the recount in the battleground states instead of trying to change the message of the conservative Party? How ridiculous!!!! Do they now want to look similar to the Dems? The Dems are communists, stupid! And they have a well organized propaganda machine that is able to sell garbage to the people and get an applause on top of that. Do we really want to become like them? I can only say: Regroup and fight back while staying faithful to your principles!!! We have to support Romney. The election is actually not over as the pain is only starting to increase day after day. Why doesn’t anyone say, that if Romney would have been elected, Israel wouldn’t have been attacked? Hamas is now celebrating Obama’s temporary win and expecting his support. And the Sunni Muslim Obama will support the Sunni Hamas and the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood, stupid!

    • colliemum

      Great post, susitna – and you’re right: they do think that the GOP will win if they become just a little bit more like the dems …

      It won’t work, it’ll destroy the GOP, because conservatives will look for an alternative.
      They only have to look across the Big Pond and see what happened to the Tory Party since they tried to ‘de-toxify their brand’: the rise of UKIP, which serves to take conservatie votes from the Tory Party and will lead to another Labour government in 2015.


  • 401_Unauthorised

    Again. More ‘conservatives’ in denial. I’m sorry PJmedia folks, but unless you get out of your denial state, you will most probably make the same mistake again in 2016, if there’s an America left by then. In the clip above, the man in the middle talks of his shock at Democrat effectiveness at making Romney look bad. Ha! How foolish do you think the absentee members of the right-wing electorate were? They need the Obama team to tell them that Romney was no choice for them? No, trifecta guy! The results of this election had being coming since the Repoobs uplifted the disgraceful Mittens as their man. The end was then!

    Unless we conservatives sort out our house and cease our mindless slavishness to a dead party, then there is no real hope for America. And many who maintain such mindless slavishness will, election after election, continue to futilely decry election rigging like whining babies. I mean puuuhlease! Like the RNC has never been involved in ballot stuffing before?! Besides, when conservatives turn out, like they did for Reagan, there is no need to mention election fraud because the mood of the nation is so unquestionably for that candidate there’s no fraudster out there who can rig against such monumental enthusiasm for such a candidate. Romney wasn’t that candidate! Get over it already! More people than you thought were determined not to be dragged to the polls to partake in a lie! And until we realize that’s why we lost, then America will remain in the dark, perhaps permanently!

    The proof is in the pattern of the up and down tickets. We maintain the majority of state governors; all Tea PARTY candidates in the House win (save West, but that wasn’t even his fault. You can blame the redistricting there for that shafting). We were pretty much successful except for the Senate and the Romney effort. Read between the lines darn it and STOP DENYING if you want to take this country back!

    • The Republicans did not lose because they had a flawed nominee. Have you noticed, every nominee on both sides, including the President, have some serious flaws. The problem for the Republicans as I see it is that a large number of the party members apparently aren’t willing to show up and vote unless the nominee is unflawed by their subjective standard. I am a consitutional conservative and would have liked a more conservative nominee than Mitt Romney, but despite his flaws Romney is a decent guy and would have been a step in the right direction. Unfortunately no matter who the next Republican nominee is, at least half of the Republicans aren’t going to like him or her, so this cycle is going to be repeated. The Democrate “Stand by their man (or woman)” and totally ignore flaws, whereas the Republican stay home with a flawed nominee. If the Republican’s can’t get behind a get like Mitt Romney, good luck with the next nominee.

      • DebbyX

        True. But our problem is gigantic because the problem is exactly what you stated, plus, couple that with what 401_Unauthorised wrote, and the problem seems insurmountable.

        We have a ton of work to do. I don’t think 4 years is enough time. It will take a generation (or 2).

      • 401_Unauthorised

        “The Republicans did not lose because they had a flawed nominee.”

        You’re right. While we’re at it: Bill Clinton simply tripped onto Lewinsky’s face. And OJ Simpson was at the Salvation Army headquarters helping homeless alcoholics when poor Ms Brown was killed.

        • SoLongSong

          DIS-Like – and disagree with – the above.

  • Stehekin912

    Sirs, we love you. But we don’t need apologies. We need a (legal, moral, ethical) plan.

  • detectivedick

    This is simple to me. The Progressive Democrats have a 4 word or less phrase for everything. Every day from behind the curtain the texts go out with the talking phrase. Republicans try to explain the issues. The basic voter only hears the 4 word message.
    So if the Conservatives want to win, stop thinking and talking and find a message that is 4 words or less and have your smart phone on each morning for the talking points. The only remaining question is who do you put behind the curtain?

    • Stehekin912

      Think in tweets

      • DebbyX

        Yes, because that’s the attention span of most voters.

  • shield1

    Obama had considerably more free advertising than Romney. Obama has the MSM running interference for him. As far as I’m concerned, the MSM cheated.

    • SoLongSong

      I 100% agree. If they vetted him or screamed half as much as his “shenanigans” (including murder and questionable background and associates), Obama would never have been elected in the first place.

      Something needs to be done about them.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Las Vegas, Nevada (CNN) – Republican governors from across the country are meeting in Las Vegas this week.
    Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal opened up a discussion about this year’s presidential election.
    The panelists were looking at what happened and how to move forward.
    Among the issues on the agenda for this two-day gathering are the President’s health care plan and revitalizing the party.
    The group is also celebrating the 30 governors’ offices Republicans now control.

    why would they spend money in a town that gave us reid and barry twice.
    why not go to a town that voted R at least. wth

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    U.S. court strikes down Mich. affirmative action ban


  • Ariadnea

    Romney was not among my first three choices but he grew on me. He could have been a better President than Obama.

    I did have a feeling that he would not make it, apprehension on his second debate when he was not fast enough on his feet in refuting Obama on why did he paid/wasted and promoted the video as the cause of Benghazi knowing in 24 hrs. it was a act of terror (assuming we accept his lies)? My apprehension grew even stronger on his third debate, where he almost agreed with Obama in almost everything. At that time, he reminded me of “conservative” Mr. Tim Hudak of Ontario Canada who lost a sure win election to a very unpopular Premier due to campaigning as moderate. Romney did not succeed nor tried harder in selling Conservatism and its importance to the country’s well being and future. In addition to that, I believe there’s a massive voter fraud operation from election software used, to the election voting precinct personnel.

    If there’s a next, conservatives should pick someone who is at home with his conservatism, and who can communicate it better without resorting to pandering. A person who can effectively fight back at the corrupt media should be a must. Most of all, people should start fighting for voter ID law now, not later when the next election will be called, as it would be too late by then. Start in states where Republicans won the gubernatorial race, and push to make most of these states become Right to work states. I am afraid, Unions may be complicit in voter coercion and fraud.

  • tshtsh

    I would like to know why we are pretending Romney lost since this is absolute voter fraud. Philadelphia zero votes and why were all the “calibration” errors in b.o. favor?

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    DALLAS (AP) — A freight train slammed into a parade float carrying wounded veterans on Thursday, killing four people and injuring 17 others as the float tried to get through a West Texas railroad crossing on its way to an honorary banquet, authorities said.

    thoughts and prayers out to these people

  • Jay

    They were going to invite Dick Morris but he was so busy wiping the egg off his face he couldn’t eat that big plate of crow.