Megyn Kelly challenges Romney on federal mandate

Mitt Romney was on with Megyn Kelly today, and she played for him the clip in 2008 of him saying “I like mandates” and challenged him on it (via Washington Examiner):

Once again he dodges. Instead of explaining it, he just reverts to his ‘current’ position and acts like this is some old tired act that we’ve been through over and over. But we wouldn’t be going through it over and over if there clearly wasn’t a truth disparity between his words then and now. He clearly supported it then and is now saying he was never for a federal mandate.

This is why I don’t trust him. He hasn’t sufficiently explain his flip-flops for me and there’s no guarantee he won’t flip-flop again.

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  • MiketheMarine

    I love Megyn Kelly. Hot, blonde and a new momma. Stick it to him, Ms. Kelly. We got your back.

    • stevenbiot

      You can tell that she doesn’t take any crap either. I like how she told Romney, ” Got it,” when he was doing his campaign speech at the end of the clip. Haha!

      • MiketheMarine

        There isn’t anything sexier in the world than a conservative woman standing up for what is right.

        In fact, we have several of them here at our little corner of sanity and I love every one of them.

        • edwardlee

          Let me correct you: “there isn’t anything sexier than a Conservative woman standing up.”

    • edwardlee

      On that, we can agree. Megyn is Hot with a capital H.

  • ” I liked mandates before I didn’t like mandates.” “I never took money from the federal government before I took money from the federal government.” Gee. Orange skin, slick hair and flip flops. Who does this guy remind me of? Hmmmm… did he by any chance serve in Vietnam?

    I bet these people are really REALLY starting to hate youtube.

    • Yep, John Kerry comes to mind.

  • I think Kelly was easy on him there are more and stronger clips of him supporting the individual mandates on the national basis.. I know she didn’t have time to show them all but at least she got one in there and……. Once again proves he’s lying!!! I liked him getting flustered at trying to explain that he didn’t support a national individual mandate, well yes HE DID in the PAST, and video just said showed that but he thinks he can deny it.

    You suck Mitt. Just wait till Obama corners you on supporting a national individual mandate in the past.

    • xam3991

      Sometimes I wonder who I would be rooting for if Obama went up against Romney.

      Half of me wants Obama to tear him to shreds but I know Romney would be better than Obama *gulp*

      • edwardlee

        Based on what?

        • hbnolikeee

          Any GOP candidate (perhaps including Chicken Man) would be an improvement.

    • stevenbiot

      This is the whole problem. Conservatives main priority is repealing Obamacare. If our nominee instilled a smaller mirror image version of Obamacare, how can we expect to win? Romney is also a Cap n’ Trade dude, too. I don’t want a mandate supporting global warming nut in the White House! We’ve already got one of those in there now.

      • Mtncougar

        Repealing Obamacare is a priority for Independents and lots of Democrats as well. I keep passing this around (hoping more will do as well) a bumper sticker that targets the issue…

        Fight Obamacare
        Vote Republican this Year

      • Rshill7

        Right. This healthcare plan is the stealth vehicle which they will carry away much of our personal liberties in. Bye liberty, you were great while you lasted. You will always have a special place in the hearts of men and women. We took freedom for granted for our entire lives. We bought only what we chose to buy.

        What is there in your life that cannot be tied somehow to healthcare? Everything is healthcare, and once the government has control of that locked down, our individual freedom will be locked down with it. Subordinated to the collective, the Government. It bothers me. A lot. It’s like a sci-fi dream sequence I can’t awake from.

        May the Supremes do away with it, and may the next President start dismantling other stealth vehicles and regulations which are killing our businesses and driving employment opportunities to other nations. If someone else had done to our country what our own elected officials have done to it, we’d have to declare war on them or try them for treason wouldn’t we? I have serious concerns for my kids and grandkids. I yearn for the country that was, the one my parents enjoyed and the one which was still around when I was a kid. I pine for the good ole days…something fierce.

        We need a series of fortuitous events. A few miracles would work. Hear our cries Oh Lord, attend unto our prayers. This is the big one. Either come and get us, or give us a hand. I’m cool either way. What I can’t stand is to see my country abused like it’s been, and is being, abused.

        • stevenbiot

          I really hope the Supreme Court makes the right decision. But, I’m very pessimistic about their ability to strike it down on Constitutional grounds.

      • M_J_S

        This is why his “I know the economy” is BS. Cap and Trade, raising taxes and fees and Romney Care is bad business.

    • edwardlee

      Agreed. Megyn should’ve gone after him the way we’ve seen her do with so many other obvious liars. She didn’t, allowing him to deflect the argument away with the same ol’ tired “Look, I’ve already answered this, I’m not gonna answer it again.”

      • BMinPA

        I also don’t like when reporters ask a question and then proceed to answer it for them.

    • WAY too easy.

  • He just looked so weak and hesitant. This guy is BAD news.

    • edwardlee

      Nah. He’s just a typical politician.

  • Been_There_BT

    In Mitt’s world: No truth is better than any truth at all.

    • edwardlee

      Paraphrasing Mitt: “I believe in a world where the truth in America is the truth that Americans stand for, and truth is the truth of truthiness, and that’s what I believe in.”

      • Been_There_BT

        good one:)

        • hbnolikeee

          ain’t that the truth.

  • 36Free

    Stutter much?

    • my2centshere

      At least he doesn’t whistle when he lies.

  • Stehekin912

    Think fast, Romney

    • kim

      Impossible. Where’s the teleprompter?

  • stevenbiot

    Romney, no matter what, will not abolish Obamacare. Romney is a moderate, and we need a conservative. Santorum is the only one that can challenge Obama on Obamacare. Newt and Romney both supported mandates. The choice for the republican nominee seems obvious to me.

    • Sandra123456

      Ok. Solution. Gingrich/Santorum 2012 OR Santorum/Gingrich 2012.

      Romney to me is another John McCain who will lose to Obeyme.

      • Szary1

        Interesting comment, I have been thinking about this for a couple days and was wondering when this was going to be brought up on the radar! I even shot off an email to Ricks campaign HQ asking them to SERIOUSLY consider this option!
        Does anyone else remember a GREAT president that ended up doing this (agreeing to bring in one of the other primary candidates as the VP to gain the nomination) hint they called the Gipper???

        • MiketheMarine

          Yep, and he and HW didn’t even like one another. Turned out to work very well for America for about 12 years. 20 years if you include W in that equation.

          • Szary1

            Yes, I am not a big W or HW fan. But it seems to me to have worked out MUCH better for USA that a solid conservative Mr Reagan called the shots as head of the ticket, rather than the whole McCain/Palin fiasco! I tell you man, when I hear the likes of coulter and all the establishment excrement heads say “yeah lets go with romney and put a solid conservative on the ticket with him and its a done deal……NOT!!! Didn’t work last time, didn’t work with Dole/Kemp or Bush/Quayle!
            Why can’t we just get rid of the “establish” fecal heads all together and let the conservative base run things and show these knuckle heads how things can really get done!!!

      • stevenbiot

        That isn’t a bad ticket whatsoever.

      • BMinPA

        Not until he loses 100 lbs. His sideway shots alone will tank the campaign.

    • edwardlee

      He can’t. He doesn’t have the Constitutional authority to abolish it. At best, he could offer everyone a waiver who wanted one.

      • MiketheMarine

        Where in Steven’s comment does he say anything about abolishing or the Constitution?

  • Once again, Willard dodges the question. The progressive odor coming from him is unbearable…

    • edwardlee

      No, no. He didn’t dodge the question. He flat out lied about the evidence presented that all of saw with our own two eyes, and then he mischaracterizes the efforts of anyone who tries to point out the fact that he’s lying. Of course, he’s a Progressive. There’s more than ample proof out there to show that Romney’s nothing more than a lying pol no different from all the rest.

      Think of this as “Hope & Change Back.”

  • johnos2112

    And the Romney camp wonders why the conservatives will not support him! Can we say brokered convention and which true conservative will stand up?

  • Jaynie59

    It’s unfortunate that the only two candidates who have a chance of winning have horrible records and can’t defend themselves without sputtering and stammering and stuttering all over the place, and the best candidate who can articulate himself in a way that is coherent and understandable is a guy who nobody will vote for because of his past.

    • MiketheMarine

      You have selective hearing, don’t you? The two who “stammer” are considering honest answers and the one you like doesn’t because he has canned lies for any event.

      • Jaynie59

        So is that why you think Obama stutters and stammers so much?

        • MiketheMarine

          No, Maobama stutters because honest answers come immediately to his mind but he knows if he tells his truth he will be railroaded out of this country by everyone, dumb liberals included.

          • Jaynie59

            You know that makes no sense, right? Barack Obama could bugger the dean on the quad and the dumb liberals will still love him. You’d have to have seen Educating Rita to get that reference. Whatever.

            By the way, I think Gingrich needs to get out of the race. He had his chance and he failed.

            • MiketheMarine

              I agree with your theory that Gingrich should drop out and back Santorum. I didn’t feel that way until seeing what happend this week.

            • Everyone needs to stop it with Gingrich getting out. He’s not going to, nor is Rick asking him to get out.

              Newt loves this country and will fight for it everyday.

              • StrangernFiction

                Newt needs to GET OUT!

                • Mtncougar

                  No matter what one thinks of him, Newt is a POWERFUL force and voice for conservatism. While others were talking of … whatever … Newt forced the liberals to the wall on this oil thing. He articulates conservative views skillfully, he manages the media masterfully. He keeps Obama on the defensive. I think we desperately need him continuing as a platform for that reason alone.

                  An article about why a lengthy primary strengthens Republicans…


          • edwardlee

            Yeah, that has to be the most ill-informed argument I’ve read today.

            • MiketheMarine

              Is that so? I seem to recall Maxine Waters making a slip when she said, “When we socialize, um….regulate the oil industry.” Remember that or did you not hear that with your liberal brain?

              • edwardlee

                Mike, I’m a Conservative. The fact that I point out that your argument is ill-informed hardly makes me a liberal. And we’re talking about Megyn Kelly & Mitt Romney, not Maxine Waters or Showbama. Staying on topic might be tough for some, but it shouldn’t be tough for a Conservative. When we don’t, we lose.

    • GraceKnows

      Oops! Unlike. 🙂

  • stevenbiot

    He reminds me of John “Double Talk” Kerry.

    • edwardlee

      He reminds me of impeached politician Bill Clinton.

  • BostonBruin

    Don’t believe for a second that Romney will repeal ObamaCare. Without the individual mandate, the whole thing falls apart.

  • 911Infidel

    Is there some doctrine similar to tagyiya in Mormonism? Or is lying through his teeth part of who he really is? Maybe he and Obama are related somehow, huh?

  • Uuurgh! Mitt just never looks comfortable whenever he is interviewed. I guess when one has to duck and dodge, they get squirmy.

  • edwardlee

    This is why I can’t support Romney … he lies. Worse, he’s a bad liar. When presented with evidence, all he does is deny he said it. This harkens back to shades of Clinton.

  • Szary1

    This guy is nothing but a fake and a phony! I hope and pray that he does not end up carrying the republican battle against obummer! If he does, America will probably never regain her freedoms! He has no clue, no fire in his belly, no core values that he stands for! He is just a boot licking, New England rhino, establishment puppet! Good riddens to him and his ilk!!! GO RICK GO!!

  • LIER !

  • Steven

    LOL! Fred Thompson! I was with Fred in 2008! To bad he didn’t have that fire in the belly Santorum has this year!

    Romney is a liar. Why would anyone want to replace a liar-in-chief with another one is beyond me. Conservatives in Illinois don’t let us down! Pick Rick! Santorum/West 2012!

  • Szary1

    Interesting comment, I have been thinking about this for a couple days and was wondering when this was going to be brought up on the radar! I even shot off an email to Ricks campaign HQ asking them to SERIOUSLY consider this option!
    Does anyone else remember a GREAT president that ended up doing this (agreeing to bring in one of the other primary candidates as the VP to gain the nomination) hint they called the Gipper???

  • This is the main reason I will never trust Mitt Romney. He will do this time and time again.

    It’s great the Megyn Kelley did this. Wish the other Fox people would hold him to account.

  • sara holy land

    Must see the end of the clip

    Liar! As one who said “I hadn’t have sex ……”

    • OMG the end of the first clip is so telling! Thank you, sara holy land, for reminding us!!

  • Slick Willard, and his sycophants, are not Conservatives. His natural instincts are towards socialism and collectivism. He may claim that socialist medicine isn’t good for the country, nationally, but he also stated that it would be good for individual states to inflict upon their populations. He, and his leftist apparatchiks, came up with this socialist medicine plan, because, to them, it was a good thing. They still believe that mandates are great, as long as they maintain enough political distance between themselves, and it, just with the magic phrase ‘not at a national level’. RomneyCare is socialist, plain and simple, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that its the ‘brain’ child of a ‘man’ that hated [and still hates] Conservatism, Conservatives, and especially Ronaldus Magnus. His natural impulse and instinct is to work with the political, social and fiscal left to craft laws that take away peoples’ freedoms, and his absolutely abysmal medical plan is proof. Many claim that they like it, but let’s also not forget that Massachusetts is a leftist anus, smack dab in the middle of the national gluteus maximus. Of course they’ll love it, just as I’m sure they love ObamaCare. This, and his anti-capitalist ‘fiscal’ plan [with so many points, I’ll bet he couldn’t name more than a handful of them, if pressed] are also proof that he, a draft-dodging, used snake oil salesman, is still every bit the leftist, freedom-hating, Constitution-hating, lying, leftist he’s always been. No wonder he’s so in love with gay marriage; he and Rumpelstiltskin Ron Paul are made for each other.

    I also love how Megyn, after realizing he wasn’t doing anything more than stammering and stuttering to run out the clock, shut him up, and shut him down.

  • denbren52

    When a candidate for office takes a strong stand on any issue, and backs up that strong stand with a solid explanation without notes or a teleprompter, it is usually based on well-established principles. Whether you agree with that person’s principles is up to you.

    On the other hand, if a candidate is consistent in their inability to explain the justification for taking a certain stand and, instead, stammers, hems and haws, changes the subject or just plain shuts down the person asking the question, you can bet there is no basis in principle.

    I look for a candidate with strong principles and the courage to defend those principles to anyone who questions them. Romney fails the test miserably.

  • PChandler

    Mitt Romney tells people that they didn’t see what they saw, that they didn’t watch what they watched, that he didn’t do what he did and that he didn’t say what he said.

    Who are you going to believe, Mitt Romney or your eyes and ears?.

  • Karl Rogue

    She should have crammed his 2009 OP-Ed down his throat. He’s a lying dog.

    Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if he has had a change of heart about it. He is on record so often, even in recent years, advocating for mandates that the debate with the Dems about it would be lost before the battle was even joined.

    Nominate Mitt, Obamneycare is here to stay. Can’t have your Mitt and your Repeal too, folks.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Liars are as liars do… Romney is a liar through and through…

  • marketcomp

    Megan question implies that Romney backed the individual mandates for Romney care. Well, he developed, implemented the law, and created the individual mandate as a part of the law which is why the health care law is coined, “ Romney care”. This socialist program was not something that was implemented by another Governor nor used by other States around the country. It is Romney’s signature policy and this is one reason that I do not understand why many of States suing the Federal Government over Obama care, specifically the Individual mandate, are some of the same States backing or supporting Romney. And I say shame on the Governors of Florida, Virginia, Arizona, and South Carolina just to name a few off the top of my head. No one believes Romney but he managed to pull the wool over the eyes of these supposedly astute politicians. Shame on them! Santorum was right to call out Fox news, not Greta or Sean, on their hypocrisy for not calling out Romney on this socialist health care law when the rest of the country found out what is really was and that Obamacare is Romneycare. .

  • Romney: I know the term “establishment” frightens some people, but there are some great conservative leaders [in the establishment]

    • c4pfan

      It doesn’t give them the right to dictate who the nominee is.

    • reevers

      You’re damn right people are scared of that word, Mittens! Look what they’ve done to us.

    • Ariadnea

      If there are, they have lost their testicles somewhere they are even afraid to reflect a shadow. Whatever solution they know is “Pass it on to the next generation”.

  • Thatcher said she was unable to right the ship of Britain in the way Reagan righted the ship of America because of Socialized Medicine. Whether it’s a Democrat or a Republican, control is the name of the game, and Socialized Medicine is at it’s heart.

    Romney is Obama as it applies to Socialized Medicine. Socialized Medicine is the tool needed to take America down.

    Newt First – Santorum Second – Romney only under duress.

  • carolt2

    This is yet another reason why no one trusts Romney. I live in MA and the company I work for has had huge increases in premiums. Three years ago it was over 30%. Obamacare is going to make it even worse.
    Does anyone trust Romney to repeal Obamacare considering he authorized it in MA? The MA legislature would have voted for it, Mitt should have used his veto pen and let them push it through, rather than promote it. I’ts not worth defending and or promoting I’m sorry but a 26 year old is not a child. I had a full time job at the age of 19, that was my third job, one was as a 6 or 8 month temp job at a bank. 26 year olds are not children except to their parents.

  • sjmom

    If you notice, when Mitt is faced with his own words he begins to stammer. Is this guilt?

  • jzaik

    What is wrong with all of you people? Why is Megyn kelly pushing him on this.

    Flip Romney will (not) repeal obamacare.

    He’s clear on this.

    Flip Romney does (not) like mandates.

    What’s there to wonder about?

    Flip Romney will (not) nationalize healthcare.

    What’s with the double speak folks?

    It’s pretty clear that Flip Romney is (severely) consurvative.

  • Like Obama, Romney has a record, and also Like Obama, it’s a very liberal record, yet he expects us to simply forget his liberal record and accept that he is a conservative, because he says so while campaigning for votes! It is both astonishing and madding to see the many voters in this country, once again ignoring a candidate’s record and ideology… like they did with Obama.

  • c4pfan

    Please, he was going on national tv everywhere saying Obama should copy Romneycare and Obama did!

  • MiDoug

    let me speak slowly so you can understand this…he won’t flop again because obamacare is already twice as expensive as originally thought so he has to repeal it if there is any hope to fix the spending problem in washington. how many times does he have to say it?

    every one of these guys have flopped on issues and you are just choosing to make romney’s bigger because the obama media elite want you to. try thinking for yourself for once. why in the world would any president but obama try to keep obamacare that is going to be more and more unpopular as the cost grows?

    • c4pfan

      He’s not going to repeal it, period.

  • Take this vs. the Chris Wallace interview with Santorum. They are soft on Romney.

    • Not to worry, Santorum can handle it without flip flopping.

  • Romney reminds me of a puppet, I just invision Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars talking in his head…”give in to the dark side…yes jobs, and economy..hagagaha….Inevitable win…gahah…this will win them pathetic fools,” Meanwhile Rick Perry is in the saloon on Tatooine with Chewbaccaa…

  • Nitnyline

    And this is the best we can get? We have been so short changed by our politicians.

  • c4pfan

    Plus, he flat out said that he never supported a federal mandate and it’s been shown that he did by telling Obama to copy Romneycare!

    • PapaLouie

      Not exactly. His advise to Obama was to use the same methods he used to pass Romneycare. He wasn’t talking about copying Romneycare. He was referring to getting bipartisan support for the bill, as was done in Massachusetts, before trying to pass it. That would have required compromise and would have allowed Republicans to have input on the bill.

      As for Romney’s support for a “federal mandate”, that is not exactly true either. If people would bother to check the whole transcript of the ABC debate, they would find out that Romney is asked again about mandates and he clarifies his position. You can find the transcript near the bottom of the article here:

      Here is the relevant part where Romney makes it clear that he would NOT mandate at the federal level. Earlier, when discussing mandates, he was thinking about mandates at the state level not the federal level as the following makes clear:

      “GIBSON: In your plan, would you mandate…
      ROMNEY: I would not mandate at the federal level that every state do what we do. But what I would say at the federal level is, “We’ll keep giving you these special payments we make if you adopt plans that get everybody insured.” I want to get everybody insured.”

      • reevers

        You’re right, he doesn’t want a federal mandate. He wants a state level mandate. He’s proud of Romneycare. He gave Ted Kennedy a big wet kiss for helping him get it passed. He said we will be required to have our own insurance or we’ll have to be on the state’s plan, but one way or another, we will be mandated to have it. Federal or state, both are bad. People need to quit kidding themselves, Romney is a progressive in conservative clothing.

        • PapaLouie

          It’s easy to criticize someone else’s healthcare plan. But what’s yours? What do you consider to be the “true conservative” healthcare plan? I haven’t heard anyone propose one, yet. That’s because there is no clear answer. When someone decides not to buy insurance, and they or their children get cancer and can’t afford to pay for the treatments, what is the conservative thing to do? Do you let them die? Or do ask others to help them pay for the treatments? If your plan helps them, then it becomes a hidden mandate that requires citizens to pay for others who choose to be irresponsible. That is what we have now. About 60 million people receive medicaid because they don’t have insurance and can’t afford medical care. Guess who pays for that? It’s an additional charge to the taxpayer. And taxes ARE mandates in case you haven’t noticed. At least Romney wants to encourage people to be self sufficient rather than depend on government to bail them out. He wants states to decide, not the federal government. So if the majority of your state doesn’t want it, you don’t have to have it. What could be more conservative than that?

          • reevers

            Don’t use the word ‘conservative’ like Pavlov’s Law. It’s not a bell you can ring and people will listen to you because you put the word ‘conservative’ in front of it, like Mittens is trying to do. I don’t support a mandated healthcare plan or any alternative ‘plan’. What’s my “true conservative” plan you ask? No plan. No government involved. Private insurance and free markets. Period. Even Romney was caught saying there is already a safety net for the poor, which there is, even though he backpedalled on it. Like everything else he’s said.

            Romney doesn’t want to “encourage” people to be self sufficient. He wants to FORCE us into a government run healthcare system at state level. His goal is all 50 states. How’s that working out for Massachusetts? How is government healthcare working out for the UK and Canada? Very grim from what I’ve read in their newspapers. Two year waiting lists for standard tests and procedures. If we had that system here now, my family members who have cancer would likely be dead.

            Mandated healthcare is about controlling us, not about the government giving a damn about it’s citizens. Everyone will be covered with a mandate, but the quality of care is going to go way down and the cost is going to skyrocket, just like it did in Mass. The idea that a mandate is going to control cost is a myth. Obamacare is now going to cost double what they said previously. Gee, big surprise! How is that going to be different at a state level with Romney’s plan? I live in a liberal state, so I will be stuck with it, and moving isn’t an option.

            Private insurance companies should be able to cross state lines, there needs to be more competition. How about some serious tort reform? But no one in congress will stand up to the lawyers who decry that. How about slashing all the fraud and waste in the healthcare system-especially Medicaid and Medicare? How about stopping the illegal immigration which is putting a huge strain on the system? Oh no, can’t do that, everyone wants the hispanics to vote for their party so we don’t want to piss them off. If congress can’t get those reforms done, how is a mandated healthcare system going to be different? You can look to our congress and government intervention for why our healthcare system is shambles in the first place, and you want them to be in charge of a mandated system? Look at all the government programs, particularly Medicaid, that we have now that they’ve run into the ditch. No thanks!

            And just where do you draw the line at where the state can tell you what to do? They have way more power now than they should. It needs to stop. I have ZERO confidence for a state or federal government to manage anything properly. I do not want them near my healthcare.

            When you say we already pay mandated taxes for things already, well, that’s the big problem in this country, isn’t it? By your logic, because we already pay mandated taxes, it’s okay if the government piles on more for yet another government run program? In this election, people need to decide if they want to slide into a full blown socialist state or get back to the constitution and get the government out of our lives. Romney is on the socialist side. Romneycare is just swapping one bad system for another. People in this country don’t have a problem helping the poor. They’re more than willing to pay their fair share, it’s just that they already see the government misusing their tax dollars as it is. Why give them more hard earned money to waste and more power to wield over us? Free markets would help the healthcare problem if they were allowed to work without government intervention.

            The scary thing about people who support Romney is that they actually believe what he is saying. That’s worked out really well with the last candidate everyone believed.

            • PapaLouie

              Mandates are not the same as government run healthcare. It just means you’re required to have insurance from somewhere. Children are mandated to go to school in America but they still have a choice of public, private, or being homeschooled. To say that Romney wants to “FORCE us into a government run healthcare system at state level” is untrue. His plan is centered around private insurance.

              As for your plan, you say you have “No plan. No government involved. Private insurance and free markets. Period.” If government is not involved at all in your plan, then there would be no Medicare, no Medicaid, no CHIP program for children, no COBRA insurance when people lose their jobs, no regulations, and no safeguards against fraud. If you get sick, your insurance company could drop you before your bills come due to save money. Why wouldn’t they if there are no regulations. Try running for office on that plan. I really don’t think you have thought it through. There’s a reason no candidates have proposed your plan. They know that no one (but you) would vote for them.

              • reevers

                I know what a mandate is. All those programs you mentioned are a good example of why we should not
                have any more government involvement in healthcare. They are all chock full of fraud and waste, and are bankrupt. Just because there are mandated things in this country does not mean those things are good or effective. I’m not for anything being mandated, so telling me that there are already mandates isn’t going to win me over to your argument.

                A healthcare mandate and more regulation of private insurers will force everyone off their private insurance eventually, just like Obamacare already has started to do. Private insurers will be forced to cover everyone for everything, and that added cost will be passed on to the insured by increased premiums. This has already happened to me and millions of people after Obamacare was passed. Sooner or later you run out of insurance companies in your state to cover you at a cost you can afford. Most states only have a handful of insurance companies from which people are allowed to choose, so once you run out of an affordable choice among them, it’s onto the state plan. When you get to the point of an extremely high deductible and and high premium there is no reason to have the private insurance. And eventually private insurers will go out of business because their high premiums will lose business. Obama told everyone they could keep their own insurance and have choices just like Romney is saying, but we’re finding out that isn’t the case at all.

                The less the government is involved, the more free markets are allowed to work, but you just don’t seem to accept that premise. I bet you are one of those people who says “there ought to be a law” every time you perceive an injustice in the world.

                Go ahead, take a poll on this blog and see how many people agree with you that Romney’s healthcare idea is a good one. Ask everyone if they believe Romney that we’ll be able to keep our own insurance. I don’t think you will get the answer you want.

  • Right_Wingnut

    I’d love to see a full 1/2 hour of Megyn grilling Mittens with tough questions. I doubt he’d survive it.

  • wodiej

    It would be different if he said he shouldn’t have done it, it’s not working etc. But not only will he not do that, he’s even said he is not going to repeal all of Obamacare. That is why 70% of conservatives are not voting for him.

  • Ariadnea

    Once you nationalize health insurance and care, premium and health care goes up and quality of care goes down. This has been proven time and time again look at this clip and see where your future leads with Obama and Romney Care:–elderly-woman-breaks-hip-at-niagara-hospital-told-by-staff-to-call-ambulance

    Take note this is one of Canada’s left wing and lunatic newspaper, so this is not some conservative blown out of proportion story. This incident happened few times before and besides this is only one among many shameful incidents, with time honored solution – more studies and reviews. Until now, none has been done in making sure this will not be repeated, contrary to what the newspaper claimed.

  • Why not play the entire interview? I am not saying anything is taken out of context but Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum both get their full speeches and interviews put up on this blog. Meanwhile Romney only gets bad things about him put up. Yes Rightscoop has the right to put up anything they want but why not tell the whole story?

    • Nukeman60

      What’s the entire interview got to do with the point Scoop brought out? Does it explain it better? Does it expound on it or clarify it? Or does it just talk about other things?

      The post was not ‘here’s a bunch of stuff Romney has to say’.

      • Nothing but it never hurts to hear the entire interview.

  • MiBones
    This is a link to AG Pam Bondi saying that Romney will only tweak Obamacare. This started it and is why many voters don’t trust him. He should come out, right at the beginning of questioning, that he will “fully repeal” Obamacare. He should stop defending Romneycare and stop defending mandates.

  • Santa Gasparro

    Who can’t go back and find contradicting positions on every politician, Newt supported the individual mandate, Cato Institute supported the individual mandate… and a state law compared to federal law is like apple and oranges.

    Why does conservative media have to be so stupid, Obama’s biggest support are from gays, behind all the A list celebrities are top gay agents from CAA who push Hollywood to support liberal politicians, Obama’s official position on gay marriage is he’s against it, why is that not a disqualifier because who has gays serving openly in the military now, who has Aids taken off immigration visas and dozen other federal mandates he’s done behind the scenes… who campigned as a moderate even conservative on some issues and was really a hardcore liberal and still pretends to the public he’s moderate and everyone else are ideologues.

    Tried of conservative pundits trying gin up angst in the republican primary, it’s like they want Obama to win another 4 years, easier to criticize then defend, better rating too, who cares about what the country will look like in 4 years, when America is forced to have a VAT tax because Obamcare cost tripled in just 3 years ( unexpectedly) and bondholders force a debt crisis.

    • stage9

      Now, with all you just described in your first paragraph, put that candidate up against Barack Obama, and do you know what he’s going to say?

      “Why are you railing against me, when you did the same thing? You called for individual mandates (or) you were the inspiration for ObamaCare!”

      THIS is the crux of the issue, and what I DON’T UNDERSTAND is why some people can be so blinded by their own loyalty for a candidate that they will go out of their way to overlook these obvious flaws in defense!

      Who cares if it was a state issue or a federal issue?? In BOTH instances it has been an abject failure. And one candidate, a liberal from MA, still DEFENDS IT!

      The Problem with Romneycare

      Mitt Romney’s Advice For ObamaCare: Look At RomneyCare

      • Santa Gasparro

        And Rommey can easily say what is done in a state as liberal as Massachusetts doesn’t have any relevancy to forcing the other 49 other states to live by, besides arguing all the different mandates in the laws, and the outright manpulation democrats used to hide the true costs , costs America can’t afford.

        Massachusetts allows Gay Marriage doesn’t mean Rommey is going to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, would every states want to by laws enacted in California.

        The Constitutional argument, the federal law of a individual mandate, just being born an American you are forced to by a product, and a state laws you have the ability to move to the other 49 states if you don’t want to live under them.

        What people don’t seem to understand is Rommey will ruled by outside conservatives groups and the republicans in congress , unless he doesn’t want to get reelected, think of the Supreme Court , one more of Obama’s nominee on the court, it moves from moderate / conservative to outright liberal… then see how you like living under liberal government, liberal Supreme Court…

        Conservative are f– dumb, they nickel and dime the small stuff while liberals are looking at fundamental change.

  • On another issue, Santorum directly answered a question in Puerto Rico today, “Would you support Puerto Rico being admitted as the 51st State if it designates both English and Spanish as official languages?” Santorum’s answer was that Puerto Rico, like Hawaii, would have to designate English as the official language. Has Mitt taken a position about this? Has the position changed? Is his high-powered team polling the question now to determine which answer would likely produce the highest number of delegates? I’m starting to think that Mitt and John Kerry were separated at birth.

  • Romney will guarantee an Obama second term as sure as he guaranteed Senator Kennedy’s reelection back in Massachusetts because when the choice is between a liberal and a moderate…voters elect the ‘real thing’ over the ‘imitation-light’.

    • kong1967

      I’m afraid that you are right, but I don’t want to go that far. Obama has an abysmal record and he has angered many on the left (not to mention the right, also). If this comes down to an anti-Obama vote I think we might be able to get a chimp in there. Oh, I guess Romney IS the chimp.

  • Enoch73

    He’s such a weasel

  • chuck jenski

    This is why I don’t trust him. He hasn’t sufficiently explain his flip-flops for me and there’s no guarantee he won’t flip-flop again.

    • kong1967

      And there are so many. He was asked once about why he changed his opionion on a certain matter, and he actually responded that it was because he was running for office. We cannot trust that he means what he says and if what he says is what he now actually believes. Is it lip service or genuine? I’d rather not risk it and go with lip service.

  • kong1967

    Now…wait. According to Santorum and some people on this site, Fox is pulling for Romney. Curse you Megyn for propping up Romney and pushing for him !! I think that’s complete BS.

  • publius1969

    one of the biggest weapons we have in the general election is obamacare…if we were playing chess, we started the game without the queen…romney is the wrong person for this election.