Megyn Kelly revisits how Obamacare was shoved down our throats…

I must say I’ve been more than impressed at the topics Megyn Kelly has covered on her new show The Kelly File. And on last night’s show she took the time to remind America how Obamacare was passed in the first place, or as I like to put it, shoved down our throats. In doing so, she’s basically giving credence to the fact that so many Americans still so passionately oppose Obamacare.


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  • Mr. Liberty

    Awesome work by Megyn Kelly!
    Thanks scoop.

  • Kinda funny with that guy talking about God’s judgement. Allen Specter is dead now.

    Yeah, I know. That was a bit harsh. What these politicians do to America is worse.

    • marketcomp

      Not harsh at all! I hope McCain, McConnell, Ayotte, Johnson, and all the other RINOs see their fate.

    • Poptoy1949

      At least he heard the truth before he died…….

  • BHliberty

    Then…..the president delays the healthcare bill to get reelected in 2012!

    • Poptoy1949

      Now your talking……he waited on purpose.

  • nibblesyble

    I agree Scoop..Megyn rocks!

  • Laurel

    I wonder if the GOP has any clue as to why they are in free fall?

    Gee I seem to remember a lot of howling when Republicans were majority under Dubya for doing less.

    • km

      I wonder if you realize how irrelevant your post is to the story? Obviously, you don’t…

      • Laurel

        Apparently you didn’t watch the video or you would know exactly what I am referencing.

      • nibblesyble

        hey km..don’t be snarky! Laurel always has awesome posts, plus she is dead on, even if she does not specifically mention Megyn.

        • Laurel

          Oh that post is beyond snarky…it is flat out stupid. I made a direct reference to something Megyn said in the beginning of the video. Apparently km didn’t watch said video.

          Thank you though!

          • nibblesyble

            I have your back friend!

            • Laurel

              Right back at ya!

            • Laurel

              Hey go and look at my response to John Q Jones which goes back to my original question before it was thrown off track. I want your opinion. Are Republicans misreading the polls?

              • nibblesyble

                I believe you are right…Ann Coulter said that the two main polls that showed repubs losing hugely should be dismissed posthaste as they polled adults rather than likely voters..I think we will be victorious in the end, especially when we weed out the RINOs!

      • WordsFailMe

        National Socialist Republican Party undercover? Apologist? Troll?

        There is nothing more timely, more appropriate and more appreciated than poking a republican in the eye with a stick, except Cruz and Lee, ie.

        • Laurel

          I’m not sure that person is a Republican. Are they?

      • John Q. Jones

        I wonder if you realize just how ignorant you’ve made yourself appear by suggesting her post was irrelevant when it certainly was not. You really should watch the video before spewing flatulence over the airwaves…troll.

        • Laurel

          Thank you!

          Now in regards to my question I see the Republicans in danger of misreading those poll numbers as to why they are bottoming out. It doesn’t have anything to do with Cruz or Lee. Quite the opposite actually. Tea Party holds the majority within the party. Take a look at those unseated and those that rode the Tea Party coat tails to get elected and you will see a majority of voters are Tea Party. Republicans are in danger of making themselves extinct currently by misreading these polls. the not attacking Obamacare and continually funding it while attacking people who are throwing whatever they have in their arsenal at it is unseemly and not worthy to lead.

  • joyfulgiver

    Wow, where’s that John Boehner?????

    • Dukehoopsfan

      Sadly we have seen the real Boehner. The video was merely kabuki theatre.

    • Lives4Freedom

      We HEAR that John Boehner all the time, but how often have we seen him put his money where his mouth is?

    • Laurel

      I keep asking what happened to the Boehner I supported getting the job in the first place. Someone kidnap him and substitute a clone?

    • crosshr

      Bohner got castrated like McCain and King, Obama and Libs have done a mighty operation on many of them, oh they got so tamed. Pelosi & Reid scratch their belly in one sec. they roll on the floor and dream of lalaland !

      • 57thunderbird

        The emasculation of the Repube party is in full swing!

        • crosshr

          That’s what I’ve been afraid off 57thunderbird, grrrrr !!

          • nibblesyble

            Well with all of the awesome strong men such as you Cross and 57 and K-bob and Nuke and Mike the Marine and Virginia Gentleman and on an on I could go..I think we are pretty blessed with a whole lot of strength and manly wisdom!

            • crosshr

              thank you my little sister nibble.
              Hopefully, regardless of the shifting sand our reps fake their stand from, the faithful few amoung us all, together with our prayers will help our nation back on track.

  • As I referred to in Discussion #9: The filthy habit of Continuing Resolutions, but will go into more detail here, the “bugetary trick” Reid used involved two actions:

    1) Reid’s staff and lobbyists came up with the Bill. The bill had penalties in it that were deemed to be taxes by the Supreme Court, as well as plans for new government entities that required NEW funding.

    Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution declares: “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives”.

    Now what I left out was that the Senate may amend House bills, or send a proposal to the House, requesting it be considered as the basis for a new bill.

    Harry Reid did neither of those things. He came up with a new Bill, all on his own, directly and willfully violating Article 1, Section 7.

    2) He decided to apply a sleazy tactic to hide his violation of the Law of the Land by taking an existing House bill—H.R.3590 – the Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act of 2009, a Bill comprising a mere 750-odd words, and replacing it wholesale, via the Amendment process, with the thousand-page monstrosity we now call Obamacare.

    This represents two actions for which Reid ought to be censured and expelled: the Violation of Article 1, Section 7, and the Coverup of said violation by hiding it under the obviously abused methodology of the Amendment process.

    You can see the trick as enacted by viewing that same page again, using this link, which shows the Bill as amended. Note the amending instructions: “Strike all after the enacting clause and insert the following:”

    Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi ought to have been, at minimum, expelled from Congress. The two of them, along with barack and Eric Holder should all be in jail.

    EDIT: I forgot the third part of the crime: Once the Amendment was passed, the final bill was passed by the Senate as a “budget resolution” which does not follow the same rules as other legislation, namely requiring sixty votes to end debate.

    • And they have the gall to say it was duly passed by Congress? Maybe that’s the reason why they don’t want to pass another budget. ‘Cuz it can be carved out of the budget the same way it was put in.

      • Exactly! The way it was mashed through, in direct violation of the Constitution and Senate rules, and Pelosi’s criminal action of accepting it as an Amendment resulted in an open-ended, de-facto government of it’s own, having no ties or allegiance to the Constitution, the People, nor anything to do with the Vote.

        So now it sits there, usurping all powers to itself, and has no possible budgetary process that can be divined for its operation—since it is open-ended by creation. It cannot be controlled, and it cannot be funded via anything short of massive inflows of unaccountable cash.

        • Darrell Griffin

          I ask libs how they would feel if we crammed through a public sector union or abortion ban the same way. Then ran around like an 8 YO saying “it’s the law of the land, get over it.”

          The response was: Well, I don’t see that happening because you’ll never get those majorities.

          My response: when the pendulum swings, as it always does, you forfeit your right to bitch.

          No intellectual honesty or decency with these vermin. The ends justify the means with them. Treat them accordingly.

          • Poptoy1949

            Prohibition was once the Law of the land……and it was OVERTURNED !!!

            • 57thunderbird


            • InfoDump


        • OneThinDime

          Origination clause lawsuit is already making its’ way up the legal ladder. March 2013 article.

          • 57thunderbird

            Thanks One Thin!I heard something about this a while back,but hadn’t heard any more recently until you posted this link.

            • OneThinDime

              I’ll run down the case and see what’s been happening. I’ve lost track of this one since the OK case has passed the first hurdle.

          • Thanks!

            Looks like it boils down to whether or not “Gut and Replace” is deemed constitutional when it does not apply to a bill for raising revenue.

            I won’t hold my breath with this stupid SCOTUS. But I sure do want them to say “NO! It is not!”

            • OneThinDime

              If the SCOTUS upholds Gut and Replace swapping nonrevenue for revenue bills, there is no longer the need for both the House of Representatives and the Senate because all they have to do is gut and replace bills to get what they want.

              • Good point. The Senate has become the House of Lords.

    • Snuph

      Didn’t Nancy then “deem” it passed in the House?

  • Joengima

    All this video has done was remind me how unified the American people were back then. I miss it.

    • BHliberty


  • kong1967

    Move over O’Reilly. We’ve got a new top dog in town that actually argues for conservatives.

  • John Q. Jones

    That just makes me mad all over again…wretched Reid and his rectum-fied lackeys will have to answer for their treachery. Well, I can hope, can’t I? LOL

  • Army_Pilot1967

    It’s all well and good to rehash how that disastrous, outrageous bill was jammed down our throats, but nothing has changed. It’s still in effect and it’s going to ruin a lot of lives due to its high costs. But the Frequent Liar said that obamacare wasn’t going to cause any increase in premiums and people could keep their doctor of choice…both of which was a lie. I guess that’s what America gets for electing a foreigner as president.

    • OneThinDime

      I don’t know that it is the foreigner part. I tend to believe it is more of a racial issue. Not to sound racist, already a Tea Party member so I guess I’ve already been labeled, but when I look at the Hispanics like Chaffetz and Labrador and Rubio that ran opposing amnesty (Chaffetz and Labrador in particular, we know Rubio is less than truthful) and quickly turned to embrace it, it makes me wonder.

      • 3seven77

        It’s **NOT** racially motivated. All you have to ask is “who is up for re-election”? Trying to hold onto a Congressional seat makes liars out of 90% of them. No courage, no morals, and no principals means no firm stand on anything.
        Oh, and Rubio is dead to me.

    • Snuph

      Millions of jobs lost, over 16 million now without insurance, tens of millions now part time because of this and no one seems to mention it? This thing is killing Americans every day!

      • InfoDump

        Not to mention businesses folding because of Obama-Care, the burgeoning numbers of those who are living off of government assistance, the millions who have quit looking for jobs, and many more who are outright losing their jobs because of Obama-Care. The gift that keeps on giving.

  • standbesideherUSA

    I’ve been a fan of Megyn’s for a long time. She really laid it all out last night…crystal clear! O’ Reilly is trying desperately to catch up with her. Good luck, Bill.

    • 57thunderbird

      I can’t say that I am a fan,but I would take her over BillO any day for real journalism.Meagan asks very good questions most times,but occasionally asks questions for which I can see no reason,other than to be provocative.

      • Poptoy1949

        A M E N !

      • standbesideherUSA

        When Megyn was on during the day, I didn’t always agree with everything she said, buts she’s decent and smart as a whip. Now that she has children, you can tell that she is leaning more and more conservative. A terrific asset to the cause of taking back America, I say. We need every journalist who has had their eyes opened tell the truth like she did!.

        • sallyjohanna

          Me too. She put on some powerful interviews for daytime. Only daytime host I would watch. I think that is why she is getting 9pm slot. One interview tonight was a little frustrating….it was important and she played devils the wrong moment. Like you said, we need all the journalist on our side we can get…we are in a media war as well!

  • Poptoy1949

    …and with help of the GOOD LORD above The TEA PARTY will rally it’s good people and the Elections of Nov. 2014 will add more Republicans to the House and Senate. Hopefully TEA PARTY Republicans. This indeed will be the Election of of a LIFETIME !.

  • Terry

    It is good that Megyn is laying out the facts again. People need to be reminded of it because of the blinding amount of misinformation being churned out by the media. Lest we forget, Obamacare was not passed according to the will of the people or by rule of law.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Sorry, I will read her good stuff here on Scoop. No ratings from me until she proves to me she is not a huge RINO establishment supporter. She, like Billy boy, puts her finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing. She would fly the Gadsden flag if it helped her look successful but that alone phases me not.

  • DHardy

    Megan Kelly is a gutter snipe…Nothing but an ambulance chasing Blonde Geraldo wanna be…

    • 3seven77

      Well then, I think you should get your own timeslot and show her how it’s done. I’m sure you have other opinions that you want everyone else to hear. No matter how stupid they are.

  • Bill589

    I remember the Big Closed Doors where Dems voting nay, one at a time, were taken behind to meet with Obama people to be intimidated and bribed to vote yea.

    I understand the Founders wrote about guarding one branch of government from being able to intimidate another branch – I believe with special concern regarding the executive branch as intimidator.

    I can’t put my finger on it exactly – but this action by itself sounds unconstitutional to me.

  • InfoDump

    Don’t trust Fox News, although Kelly did a decent job with the piece on Obama-Care.
    Most Americans wanted health care REFORM. Leftist politicians took the
    opportunity to produce the pile of dung called the PPACA (Obama-Care)
    and declared that is what most Americans wanted. As a matter of fact,
    the PPACA was already waiting in the wings before Premier O took office,
    being written by members of “progressive” (aka communist, socialist,
    leftist) think tanks, with help from the usual suspects (labor unions,
    people like George Soros, cronies, etc.). Again, most Americans wanted
    health care REFORM, not a socialist-style health care law.

    • steprock

      Who the heck actually wrote the blasted thing? Do we even know for certain where it came from? Can we get a birth certificate on the PPACA?

      • Steve Angell

        George Soros funded group. I forget the name right now. Glenn Beck did a special on this communist group.

        • InfoDump

          Thanks, Steve. Could it be the Tides Foundation?

      • InfoDump

        Some say it was built off of the remnants of Hillary-Care. Others say the Center for American Progress, others say the husband of a leftist politician who wrote it in prison, and so forth and so on. Then there are some who say that it was written by “big insurance”, which if that was the case, would be destructive of them to do, since the law is effectively designed to put the insurance companies out of business. It was not Max Baucus, Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid who wrote or helped write the disgraceful thing. They may have sponsored the garbage, but they didn’t write it…or they would have known all that was in the 2700-page catastrophe.

  • clubgitmo

    And we are still stuck with this monstrosity of a bill. We need a full scale revolution to shake up this country.

  • steprock

    To my understanding, it never even GOT an up or down vote, but was simply tacked on as a budget item and then deemed as passed via budget reconciliation.

    Then, Obama handed out waivers and extensions. Then, the SCOTUS rewrote it so they could deem it upheld.

    It’s immoral and illegal on numerous fronts, and yet here it is. When are people going to be rioting in the streets? When they lose insurance? Done. When they have to pay fees, er, taxes, er penalties over it??? When!!??

  • sallyjohanna

    The premise and foundation for Obamacare are unconstitutional, both parties should reject it. The Representatives that endorsed it are not doing their duty to protect the Constitution. WE keep allowing our Representatives to introduce and legalize Unconstitutional Socialist policies. The only way to stop this is to reject the ones that do it. I.E. Harry Reid and Pelosi and others keep getting re-elected and the Constitution gets screwed. We need to get involved and invested in holding our Representatives accountable. That is why 2010 elections felt so good! The fight starts with your state and local government.

  • colliemum

    Good historical account – but it leaves open the question what Boehner has done with that majority?
    He squandered it – that’s what!
    Has he been ever as passionate about anything sicne becoming speaker as he was when denouncing O’care?
    Not to my knowledge!
    And now he’s going to ‘work’ on the Shamnesty Bill …

    I’ve said this before, and will say it again: please do take the time and read Schweizer’s “Extortion” – otherwise you have no idea what you’re up against, never mind how to combat it.

  • MohammadFoda

    Better coverage than most but where were all these mainstream news outlet when Senator Ted Cruz was leading the fight to stop obamneycare? The insider washington republicans (rinos) also joined the compliance and Megan ‘forgot’ to mention how Supreme Court ‘conservative’ Judge ruled obamneycare ‘constitutional’ against the clear reading of our Constitution and against the 4 other conservative Judges!

    But more importantly, this nightmare was started by mitt rmoney when he created socialist medicine touted by rinos as our great ‘hero’ who then managed to lose a major national election even with all the money and rnc & ‘moderate’ support as well as a major economic depression caused by socialist policies. 2010 victories could have been a landslide in 2012 if only we did not have the rinos shoved down our throats mitt rmoney! But 2013 voting is here and 2014 is around the corner when all the mainstream press outlets are going to go into deep depression when by God’s Grace in Christ Jesus, if we humble ourselves, repent and pray, we the people will work on God’s side and rise up at the polls one more time!

    one good source of videos on obamneycare–>

  • Sentinel

    I’m still madder than hell over this. And the Republicans had 3 years to fight this… sadly, it took a couple of principled conservatives (Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, etc.) to change the rhythm of this debate and the Republican mindset. That’s conservative iron that’s propping up your flaccid backbones. That’s Tea Party blood coursing through the House. And that’s America’s heart that’s lightly beating and on life support in your impotent body.
    I fear it’s too late for now… but in 2014, we’ll take out the trash (McConnell, Graham, Boehner, etc.) and in 2016, we’ll depose a dictator and finish the job with McLame and others. In 2017, assuming we have a majority of conservatives in the Senate and the House and the WH, we will repeal this abomination and start to set right all the wrong that this damned regime has done to America! WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS MADNESS!

  • Babnik
  • phil

    or a particular president…

    this guy plays the card

  • wallwatchman

    Great clip RS! Good job megyn! It just makes me madder than ever that this stupid bill is actually a reality!! I want another town hall where I can tell my rep and senators what for!!! I want to yell at someone!!!!

  • USMC 64-68

    It’s how they did things in Chicago and Moscow. Dear Leader and the socialist democrats have one agenda – trample liberty in America.