Megyn Kelly SHUTS DOWN a panelist: Obama is NOT a Muslim

Tonight Megyn Kelly discussed with her panel the Muslim question Trump got during his townhall tonight. One of the panelists seemed to entertain the idea that Obama could be a Muslim…but Kelly shut her down saying emphatically Obama is NOT a Muslim, that we know that!


Look, I’ve not hid the fact that I do believe Obama is a Muslim. The fact that he says he’s a Christian is phony boloney. And I don’t believe any of this because I don’t like him.

I could go through a litany of reasons, whether it be his actions in the Middle East from Libya to Syria or the fact that his own family raises money to send kids to Islamist schools in Saudi Arabia, or the fact that he loves celebrating special Muslim holidays but really doesn’t care about Christian anything…and on and on it goes. And I haven’t even mentioned the way he has treated Israel from day one. I mean, c’mon. There’s so much we could say about this!

Look, Obama is a liar and has been exposed as a liar. Megyn Kelly herself has exposed many of his lies on her show. Why so quick to believe he’s a Christian when he lies about everything else? Isn’t it possible that he lied about being a Christian to get elected? Oh of course not…that would make Megyn Kelly a racist to believe that or even to muse about it.

And therein lies the problem.

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