Melissa Harris-Perry Panel Mocks Black Romney Grandchild As Token

On MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry on Sunday, the panel was discussing several topics of the “of the year” variety. In the below clip, panelists are shown photos ‘of the year” and asked to offer humorous captions. Host Harris-Perry shows a Romney family photo that includes his adopted grandchild, who happens to be black, and this is the reaction:

The panelists start laughing the moment the photo is on the screen, because obviously. Then the first response is Pia Glenn off-camera sing-songing “one of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn’t the same” and the rest of the panel chuckles along. It’s funny because Romney is white and his grandson isn’t, which is obviously hilarious. Because as everyone knows, the races should not mix.

But it’s even better than just hilarious, it also makes you think! Because, as the final comment from the panel tells us, this pic is a microcosm of the GOP. “It sums up the diversity of the Republican party and the RNC, where they have the whole convention and they find the one black person.” Ah the never tired accusation, borrowed from every single left wing blog and talking head during every gathering of two or more (or fewer) Republicans: He’s not a child adopted by loving parents prepared to provide him with a better life in keeping with the family’s values. Nope. He’s just a token. A punchline, not a person. But it’s funny, because Republicans are racist, see? So it’s all fine!

Early in the show Harris-Perry indicates that her guests are all comedians. I guess if repetitive, lazy race-baiting is comedy, then this crew must be ready to go on tour. They can call themselves the Kings and Queens of Comedy.

See? Funny.

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  • ernst1776

    Because people like Melissa Harris whoever doesn’t know how to love.

    • Alborn

      And her mother is white. Tell you anything.

  • 29Victor

    Any black person allowed into the MSNBC lineup is an expert on tokenism.

  • Alborn

    I would like to see one picture of a wealthy black family adopting a trailer trash white baby to give them a better life. Anyone know of one? White conservative males you better wake up are you will be the ones being slaughtered in the near future. You better push back while you still can. Blacks on the left are not about getting along they are about pitting whites and blacks against each other to keep black youth unemployable and angry and blaming someone besides themselves for being brainwashed and used.

    • Reno_Dave

      Well, the family wasn’t wealthy, but I know of one white child adopted by a black family:

      • Alborn

        Oh yeah, I forgot that one.

  • WI4Walker

    I know I shouldn’t be, but I continue to be amazed at the complete lack of professionalism on this network. Who does this? Who behaves like this? There is not even an effort to be classy.

  • anotherworriedmom

    Who is Melissa Harris-Perry? Or, do I care what she or anyone on PMSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN have to say? They are ALL propaganda arms for the DNC.

    • speakez6

      I up commented you, but IMO just ignoring these slimeballs won’t change the course. We have to be in the trenches with every single one of these cretins and respond, knock em’ down and do the work to show the public how ridiculous, racist, out of touch they are…as the fascist, Marxist, racists they are.

  • RightUnite

    Classy liberals keepin’ it classy I see…. Mmmm Hmmmm…..

  • Raejean

    I think it takes a truly crass individual to make a joke out of an adopted baby’s life. Hope the child grows up and confronts the pundit someday. I’d like to be around to see if they can summon up any shame.

  • RightUnite

    Melissa should know all about being the token black, seeing how she is one….How does it feel harelip Melissa??

    • timsrighty

      I got one…Melisspa.

    • Alborn

      Melissa’s mother is white. She is self hating of her white side.

  • I for one am glad that a baby, no matter the race, was adopted into
    a loving family instead of being, as Perry would put it, “just a cluster of cells” in Planned Parenthood’s dumpster

    • Patriot077

      Nailed it. Too bad you weren’t with that bunch of jokers to screw their heads on straight for a minute.

    • Ms Ryan

      Amen sister!

    • Zakuska

      Im very surprised that the tampons she wore on TV weren’t used.

    • Guest

      I watched a video where a daughter gave her mother a shadow box announcing she was pregnant. There was a sonogram and expected delivery date. The Mother just lost it, she cried and laughed and was so happy as were the comments from viewers. I thought afterwards, how precious life and pregnancy are. What kind of response would the mother have had if the daughter would have given her a shadow box announcing she had an abortion?

  • timsrighty

    This attempt at comic relief from MSNBC is really quite sickening. Melisspa and her pathetic panel should be ashamed. But instead they’ll give high fives, do some bong hits and sleep well tonight. How insulting these creeps are.

  • Carla Rogers Williams

    Melissa your jealousy is showing…

    • oeb25

      “you’re?” Try again, honey. It’s not that hard.

      • Carla Rogers Williams

        this article is about Melissa, not my spelling.

      • keyesforpres

        We’ve all used the wrong version at one time or another. It’s not important and your comment was out of line.

    • Kristopher Schindler

      Not her jealousy, her ignorance!

      • CJ IsDa Shiznit


        • Kristopher Schindler


  • $3273457

    This is truly a disgusting display. Just more proof that the Left is where real racism resides.

    I know this game gets old, but just imagine the reaction if the Red Eye panel on Fox did this same bit with a Black Democrat family with a White child. Which begs the question, how many White babies are adopted by Black families, as opposed to vice versa? Answer: FAR more Black children are adopted by White families. With all of their carping about integration and racial equality, you’d think that the Left would celebrate White families adopting Black children. Instead, they fear that these children will “lose their Black identity.” So much for “content of their character” and all that.

  • deemilio

    My nephew and his wife have 2 adopted children and they are both black, but no one ever asks them why they adopted black children. They applied for the adoption and got the first child that was available to them and they love him dearly and guess what, so does the whole family and vice versa. Ask him if he cares that his parents are white. He’ll say, huh? Only race baiters make note of such things and both of my nephew’s children have the life that their birth mothers were not able to give them.

    • timsrighty

      Well said.

  • timsrighty

    Has anyone seen the movie “Blindside” about the white Tuohy family who adopted the black football player. Oh and by the way the sickos on MSNBC would prefer the child the Romney’s adopted would have been aborted.

    • toongoon

      That is a very good movie.

      Don’t count that “abortion” out yet…

    • Millie Urevig

      Also, Sandra Bullock has adopted a child that happens to be Black. I also have two ‘PRECIOUS’ grandchildren that are multi racial, whose mother once accused me of being racist while one of the babes was in my arms! Liberals don’t get the concept of LOVE.

      • timsrighty

        Good for you and God bless you. All Liberals’ see is color of skin. I see color of skin as well and choose to celebrate it while liberals choose to use it as a way of dividing us all.

  • magi52

    Further PRoOF that MSDNC is EViL.

    Children do not see color, they only see character. That child was adopted by a family with lots of love and will grow up in a home filled with it but these deceitful loons who prefer to attack innocents of conservatives try to change the facts with their tunnel-visioned-narrative. Sick people…

  • TJ

    They would say the same thing about Lil’ Will Robertson. He was a token for the show to show they are not racist or something. Even if they adopted him years before they even thought they could have a TV show and around the same time they had their youngest daughter.

  • Ed

    The panel members are secretly jealous. They know Kiernan will enjoy a rich family life with a mother/father and loving extended family something few if any of them could ever relate to.

    • Denny Crane

      The poor losers on that panel would love to spend the summer in that mansion on Lake Winnipesaukee. LMAO!

  • Denny Crane

    Yes MSLSD thinks it’s not RACIST and better than the Duck Dynasty Family, but they’re not.

    They’re just liberal haters who always claim to be nice tolerant people, but their true colors always come out.

  • Tequila

    Nick Searcy, actor from the show “Justified”, who regularly takes liberals on Twitter also has an adopted black son, which he points out when accused of being racist. You know because he’s conservative.

    • NRPax

      “Call me racist again. My adopted black son thinks it tastes like ice cream” is one of his better ones.

  • AynRandWasRight

    Who is Melissa Harris Perry and what is this “MSNBC?” And most importantly, why are we paying them any attention?

    • speakez6

      Ignoring them won’t make them go away. They must be brought to attention, mocked, and disinfected with sunlight so the public see’s them for who they are. Confront these people…and destroy their ideology of hate and intolerance with truth and courage.

      • AynRandWasRight

        Giving them the attention they desperately seek, the satisfaction of our indignation, and the dissemination of their words far, far beyond what they would ever get without our help.

        Sounds pretty foolish to me.

        • speakez6

          So why are you even replying to RS post? Why aren’t you telling RS to pull it if we shouldn’t pay any attention to it? Seems you’re conflicted, or just not seeing the battlefield from deep inside your trench. This is a culture war…MSNBC still reaches thousands whether you like it or not. They don’t do it for attention…they do it TO CHANGE MINDS through disinformation, lies, and Alinsky ridicule. Without another side confronting their ideology…gee we wonder why they are changing America so quick. One side attacks..the others side throws their hands up

          • AynRandWasRight

            One side attacks and the attacks are witnessed by a small number of lunatics who already believe this sort of nonsense.
            The other side takes the bait and broadcasts the disinformation and lies to a much broader audience, most of whom would never know such idiocy was ever uttered otherwise.
            That’s what the right is doing now. And it’s really stupid. If an idiot falls in the MSNBC forest, and no one hears it but other idiots, it doesn’t make a sound. UNLESS a conservative tapes it, and broadcasts it throughout the republic. It’s dumb.

            • Guest

              You make numerous erroneous logical and factual assumptions, I think we’ll just agree to disagree.

  • These people at MSNBC will always show their racism when they believe that no one will call them out on it.

    • Crassus

      The sad thing is that except for a few conservative blogs nobody ever does call them out for their racism.

      • kevin in MD

        The only racist party is the Repub Party – Teabag Party”. Screw the Repub Party. Screw that sore looser Romney. Why is he even passing out pictures of his family. Who cares about him. Mr. 49 percent using that poor kid as a prop. Romney needs to go live his life and leave the rest of us alone.

  • If anyone ever said that all liberals were accepting of different view points, believe in real diversity, not bad-mouthing people with opposing views and are not prejudiced, that person was sadly misinformed.

  • Pat_Loudoun

    Wow. After watching the clip that is even worse than I imagined it would be.

    • Patriot077

      I knew I couldn’t stand to watch it. They are just despicable people and I already know that. Any network news host that wears tampon earrings does not deserve the attention.
      But I do enjoy reading the comments on this blog that validate natural humanity. Blessings to the Romney family and their beautiful new baby girl.

  • DebsFriends

    Did you notice the little girl leaning toward the little girl on Romney’s lap? Totally accepting family. Great picture.

  • toongoon

    All that was missing was the White hoods.
    They sound like they’re about to burn a cross in Romney’s front yard.

    Same party, different day.

  • gaultfalcon

    Imagine the furry this same conversation would spark if had on Fox News. The only thing worse than the Progressive/Communist double standard in this country is their blatant racism as demonstrated in this clip.

  • ExSF

    It looks like being a grown-up and being a liberal comedian are mutually exclusive. (Maybe I should have said a “liberal anything.”)

    • keyesforpres


  • Denny Crane

    Romney could donate every penny of his fortune that he worked very hard for to the United Negro College Fund and they would still call him a racist.

  • Edward La Guardia

    Look, that witch on MSNBC is a despicable scum that doesn’t even deserve to be crud on the bottom of most people’s shoes, HOWEVER, it’s odd that you guys are all over this when you take every opportunity you can to bash Romney…I guess hypocrisy swings both ways.

    • keyesforpres

      Bash Romney? Nah. We would have called him out on policies and ideas of his we disagreed with…that is what intelligent people do.

  • 1911HeadBanger

    You will never satisfy the Liberal Dumbass Propaganda artists. Screw the those LibTards. The Romneys are giving the child a home and a family and a future. The MSNBCtards probably believe that the child should have been aborted anyway. Melissa Harris Perry showed her true colors. RACIST!!!

  • JimNEPA2_0

    MSNBC = The Longest SNL “Weekend Update” Sketch Ever!

  • etk7027

    Typical MSNBC. Absolutely no cred.

  • juliams

    MHP is evil….she is absolutely psychotic.

  • Eric Grayson

    Liberals are the wolves in sheeps clothing the Bible tells us to be careful of and their false teachings. They say they are tolerant but are the most intolerable people out there.

  • Cort

    Amazing how the left is still attacking Romney. They can’t speak about real news like what’s going on with their precious Obama and the failing of Obamacare and everything else. They have to turn the attention to something or someone else.

    • Axelgreaser

      THE MENTALLY DERANGED LEFT have learned taking aim with their addle brained, irrational, ‘revisionist history’ attacks on George W. Bush has become completely laughable and toxic for them, so perhaps they’ve decided to dial back just as far as Romney as their lunatic launch of an unfit candidate, the blood stained Hillary inexplicably begins. No matter that Romney was a man who WAS NEVER PRESIDENT and who has had nothing to do with the DISASTER OF OBAMA and the moral, financial and horrendous decay of our stature on the world stage. He merely warned of it!

    • AHH!!!

      It would really surprise me if they could point to (1), ONE thing the Crappy Golfer In Charge, has done for the U.S. that is worthwhile. I very much doubt it.

    • mardec

      Good. The more they attack, the more Romney’s name comes up and makes the country realize how utterly stupid we were to let him get away. This country and the economy would be on the mend now if he were President instead of that incompetent fool in the White House.

    • Patriot077

      But of course they are putting out fires with distractions. Who is talking about 0-care right now? Or his poll numbers?

  • Axelgreaser

    THIS WOMAN, WHO IS ONE HALF CAUCASIAN, MELISSA HARRIS-PERRY was on C-SPAN this week moderating a panel reviewing the inequities of female incarceration practices in Louisiana. This re-broadcast of the event was done under the auspices of Tulane University, New Orleans, where Harris-Perry is a ‘tenured’ professor and so, freely fouls her students minds with liberalism (probably injected with a high dosage of racism, anti-capitalism, etc., though she is surely wealthy herself) and double dips as a full out communist inclined race-baiter on the miserable MSM conduit for Obama and Democrat propaganda and misinformation, MSNBC. The content of the discussion when it adhered to the topic was enlightening, however, Harris-Perry could not resist using the C-SPAN pulpit to wedge in a few comments to defend her ‘your child doesn’t belong to you, but to the collective’ remarks, which are reprehensibly communist in basis (and a shared theory of Hillary’s, btw) but did not touch on her recent redefinition of what constitutes ‘racist attacks’ on Obama by suggesting that the newly devised word/phrase ‘Obama Care’ is a white persons word replacement for ‘N’ word. A word, btw way, she is allowed to use in her MSNBC telecast at will and with impunity, but which I am not allowed to type out in full here due to Disqus intervention because apparently it is ‘distasteful’ unless used by a black to slur and insult whites or other shades of people who find Obama an unsuitable, incompetent and dangerous ‘leader of the free world.’ This goes to show just how dangerous tenure is and questions why this woman is allowed to represent a major University!

    • Katielee4211

      Just half? I’d think she’s a bit more than half white.

      • Axelgreaser

        This was the statement she (Harris-Perry volunteered, who knows why, it had nothing to do with the topic) on the C-SPAN broadcast I’ve described above. One begins to think that something happens within the family of some of these bi-racial children i.e., Harris-Perry and Obama, who become ideologue activists, that makes them particularly virulent racists, anti-capitalistic (though they enjoy its fruits to the hilt) and anti-white. What shocked me watching this program was how docile white students (liberal students, probably in attendance for ‘credit’) just sat there and took many unfounded insults regarding whites (which someone like the reprehensible Harris-Perry lumps into one big white bogeyman of ‘white horror’)…just sat there and took it and did not go to the mic to comment. Frankly, if I had a child at Tulane, I’d rank them out so fast Harris-Perry’s 1/2 white, 1/2 black head would swim.

    • AHH!!!

      She is just another zebra racist commentator, what a surprise!

    • mardec

      Shows you the low level that our educational system has sunk to.

      • Axelgreaser

        IT IS ESSENTIAL parents begin vetting their children’s University’s, and by that I mean professor by professor whose political beliefs (and indeed how much of those ideologies they are allowed to not just teach but ‘infuse’) must be scrutinized and who also should be fully background checked, scholastically, papers written (in spite of Obama’s precedent to not reveal ANYTHING he wrote) and presented for parents to evaluate. THESE ARE OUR CHILDREN FOR GOD’S SAKE! Obviously 1/2 of the electorate didn’t bother to vett Obama, nor did the culpable MSM.

    • Alborn

      Remember Tulane is where Breitbart said he got his liberal indoctrination. People who go there know what they will get in an education. They already agree before they go.

    • Crassus

      Tulane is a weird place. Among its grads are the likes of Huey Long, Newt Gingrich, and Jerry Springer.

  • shalom08

    Don’t they have better things to do? #honestquestion

  • iaintlyin

    from the looks of her she might have been the same subject of laughter from both sides of her heritage when her baby picture was distributed. not enough color on one side a nd a bit kinky for the other, just mentionin’

  • John Pickart

    And this is the media we love and cherish.

    • NY2DC

      Wow, you are so intelligent! So you stole someone else’s line, changed a name, and laughed yourself to sleep. Brilliant! Let me guess, public school?

      • mardec

        What’s your beef? Your comment is foolish and makes no sense.

      • keyesforpres

        I believe he was JOKING.

  • Katielee4211

    Wonder if she hates her white Mother?

  • ladyjk

    MSNBC and those they employ just have no class at all. You just try to tell me this baby will not have a great life because this family has adopted him. Instead of being happy for this little fellow that he will have plenty of love and a great chance because of this family adopting him they have to denigrate his new found family and opportunity for a better life. These people especially Perry have no shame. If I were Perry’s parents I would be ashamed of her actions on this one.

  • This is very low. But it is MSNBC. What do you expect?

  • toongoon

    Race is not the driving force of leftists, Evil is the motivator, liberalism is the unifier. Race is only used as the preferred weapon by those who don’t have any other real offensive against those they blindly fear.
    The left is deranged and swinging wildly at anybody they can hit. They aren’t unlike the random shooters at schools, They want as many casualties as they can get. They are trying to emotionally damage anyone who has a sense of morality.
    The weak minded individuals at MSNBC and other main stream outlets are addicted to hatred and abusing those who they are afraid of. They are like a pack of jackals attacking a wounded deer but they never get the satisfaction of eating their kill. They live for the thrill of the attack.
    They don’t care if Romney has a black grandchild, The child is only a target.

  • RestlessLegs

    Interesting. When I look at the picture, I see a cute little baby. When liberals look at it, they see only a cute little BLACK baby that is to be used for lefty political purposes.

  • Malcom Treadway

    Melissa Harris-Perry. Daughter of tokenism? In her own words:
    “My mother is the fourth of five children born into a working class family at the end of WWII. She is descended from Mormon pioneers who pushed handcarts across the American west. A WHITE WOMAN (emphasis mine) in a MORMON FAMILY (emphasis mine), my mom was raised in the racially homogenous (not “token”?) enclave of Spokane, Washington…”

    From interview, on No Country For Young Women

  • mardec

    These ignorant fools who make such comments wouldn’t lift a finger to help someone in trouble or some child in need. The Romneys, on the other hand, have compassion, love and CLASS!

    And, by the way…their opinion is meaningless and never should have been given the light of day.

  • Tom Leist

    The Democrat are the TRUE racists in this country, FACT. Mitt would of made a great president, not like the communist idiot we have now.

  • crosspatch

    This is absolutely disgusting. Romney isn’t running for any political office, why do they feel a need to do this? What if this had been Chelsea Clinton who adopted a black child? Would the child then be a “token”? This is just plain wrong.

    • lawngren

      They need to intimidate and dominate other whites. romney was a public figure, so attacking him can be called “news”, if you’re a socialist / progg shill whose brain is suing you for desertion.

      Besides, they couldn’t think of anything else to say.

  • bruceb64

    The LIBERALS ARE Flippin Idiots!!!

  • j4433hs

    It’s really hard to believe such hate and disrespect is taking place in this country and what is worse, it’s getting to be part of their life’s on nbc. Making tons of money, spewing their arrogant and un-educated hate is so sick and shameful. God Bless America!!

  • TxBill57

    Imagine for a nano-second what would have happened if the races had been reversed…

  • timsrighty

    Just DEFLCTON from the serious stories “of the year” that would harm their dear leader and their anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-truth agenda. The lazy race-baiting is nothing more than DEFLCTION from the real sad stories. Funny as a crutch is this video.

  • planetes

    It’s the nature of the devil. If we don’t have a black person in our family, or if one isn’t spotted at a Tea Party rally, well, we aren’t diverse enough. When one IS spotted, they’re just a “token”. Let’s all admit that losers like Harris-Perry aren’t worth the air in a jug. Hey Harris-Perry! Where’s YOUR black grandchild? Are you prejudiced?

    • Chris Coon

      Harris Perry and Al Sharpton are the tokens.

  • oeb25

    This woman is so stupid she missed the fact that all the children are “color coded” pink=girl, blue = boy. Apparently she thinks this is girl is a “grandson.”

    • andycanuck

      I just Binged around and apparently the child is a boy named Kieran. Maybe they only had a pinkish baby’s outfit available for the photo? Too bad as it would have been a great catch about the MSNBC ditzes.

  • geektinker

    These are the same people who led the mock outrage to A&E against Phil Robertson’s interview in GQ. Double standard much?

    • Mark Caldwell

      The rabid left doesn’t dare ask a Muslim what the Quran says about homosexuals or how Muslim nations deal with them. The petty tyrants of the left actually like the theocracies and despotic totalitarian regimes of the Islamic world, they are are envious of their domination of the people. In fact, a merging of radical Marxist collectivism and Islam has already occurred, and is residing in the White House.

      • lawngren

        Except that if islam gains control here, the libs will be in just as much trouble as the rest of us. I have no idea why anyone would ever believe that muslims, once in power, would ever allow co-existence, unless for a few token dhimmis.

  • Aldoriggio

    I wonder what kind of reprimand would Martin Bashir recommend for Melissa?

  • Right Wired

    Are they going to go after Lolo Soetoro, for adopting a half-black child? Or perhaps Ann Dunham, for giving birth to a half-black child?

    Crazy libs are crazy

    • tinlizzieowner

      Her first name was ‘Stanley’ Ann Dunham. 😉

  • Ashotjan

    Liberals wouldn’t give one single crap about diversity if people of color did not live on their plantations.

  • BorderLine Guy

    Heading off for a little family trip with hubby @JamesHPerry & mama @yggiz! Going to frozen frosty Milwaukee.— Melissa Harris-Perry (@MHarrisPerry) December 29, 2013

    • BorderLine Guy

      She’s got token white friends.

    • robert anthony

      She’s ugly inside AND out.

  • DrSamHerman

    Then where is their criticism of Angelina Jolie, Madonna or others who have adopted children of other races?

    • Mark Caldwell

      Race baiting, lies, and knee jerk attacks are reserved for those opposed to authoritarianism and collectivism, anyone who does not conform to their worship of the state.

    • Laurel

      Valid point.

    • edro3111

      No, no! All of those people are Libs. It’s okay when it happens on the plantation you know.

  • Mark Caldwell

    Comrade Perry’s Twitter accounts shows her following ‘666’ people. She probably thinks it’s cute, and mocking the Christians she loathes and despises goes hand in hand with who she is as a person.

  • notebene

    Could Harris-Perry display any more self-loathing if she tried? What a display of liberal tolerance. She must love being a mammy on the demoncrat plantation…a real example of a racist…her parents must be so proud.

  • keyesforpres

    How progressive………….

    • keyesforpres

      Folks, remember about 6 months ago or so when Alfonso had a video about the liberal movie producers and how they portrayed Republicans being racist towards blacks? He said it’s liberals writing this stuff and they are showing what they truly feel towards blacks.

    • timsrighty

      Or regressive.

      • keyesforpres

        Yes, that is what I usually call them.

  • The regressives are getting more honest as they go…showing what they truly feel about mixed race families.

    • Laurel

      Bulls eye!

      100+ votes.

    • tinlizzieowner

      Unless they are sports figures, rappers, or slutty realty TV chicks, of course. 😉 😉

  • lainer51

    Hard to believe these vile human beings have an outlet to spew their filth… oh wait, I forgot, that is what feeds the beast, MSNBC….

  • robert anthony

    Do MHP and the rest of the scum lying detestable humans on MSNBC know they are the ‘outliers’? They do know they are part of a demented minority that most people could not even tolerate having on their TV screen for more than 30 seconds, don’t they?

  • FreedomCzar

    Hey Melissa…you’re inbreeding is showing……again.

  • mikeinmn

    So…..waiting for the liberal outrage over these blatantly racist statements. Hello? Anyone? Buehler? Fry? Is this thing on?

  • Tanker74

    She’s a cunning stunt.

  • The intellectual pool of the Left only has a wading end.

    • keyesforpres

      That deep, eh?

    • vonvervengarten

      …And even then they have trouble keeping their head above water.

    • lawngren

      Good one.

  • wallygirl

    If they had adopted a white child, they would be slammed for not considering adopting a child of color…..

    • lawngren

      That’s it. If you’re white, you’re racist, unless you mock and vilify other whites as racist. Then you’re conditionally not racist. Maybe. As long as you keep up the tempo and never, ever pretend that whites aren’t racist.

      Never will the left speak truth.

  • vonvervengarten

    Remember all the heart warming things they said about Sarah Palin’s baby with Down syndrome? The left hate infants that are alive, in any form. This black granddaughter is much preferable dead from an abortion to the sick, sick leftists.

  • lawngren

    Tell me something pia and perry: how many black children or grandchildren do YOU have?

    Have either of you ever ABORTED any?

  • abigail_adams

    The most despicable about this, is the same as Sarah Palins child, they mock and make fun babies. The innocent ones. That is as low as you can go in my book. The idea that BSNBC allows this not to just go on, but to escalate sickens me to the core. Parasites, slimy parasites.

  • Hugh Janus

    Wow, that’s messed up. What the f… It’s just like what they did with Sarah Palin’s handicapped kid. Sick twists man.

  • clockwindingdown


    Talk about racists, right out in the open for the world to see and they are too stupid to even get it, they are the ones, they are the problem!

    Reverse the ethnics of everyone in the photo, then make the same comments and see what happens…

  • keats5

    How cruel.

  • venicementor

    Disgusting hypocrites this lot – I would suggest to throw them to the wolves, but wolves don’t eat rotten meat.

  • Mike

    These Liberals are so racist it isn’t even funny.
    The Romney’s didn’t have to adopt a black child. They don’t have political aspirations so what is the point? To the Liberals it is because they need a token.

    How HORRIBLE to suggest such a thing and I think she should be FIRED for speaking this racist garbage.

  • Dane Gunderson

    Obama was raised by his grandparents… who were kinda… cracka.

  • tc4012

    This leaves me absolutely speechless…

  • Kayc MacLeod

    Melissa Harris-Perry and company, crass and hurtful. Liberals, a little human decency please?

  • tinlizzieowner

    Wow, a Black kid who is going to know who his grandpa is. 😉 😉

    • CarolinaSistah

      Don’t you think your comment is ‘racist’? It’s based upon a stereotype. Many black kids know their extended family members. Many of them live together under the same roof.

      • tinlizzieowner

        Sistah, I respect you comments and your clear headed thinking is an asset to this site. Read my reply to ‘timsright’ above.
        Black sports figures, TV stars, and other personalities can have mixed race children but this hypocrite Twit Perry would never take them on.

        • CarolinaSistah

          Thank you again. I don’t know what has gotten into Harris-Perry. If I had even a smidgen of respect for her, it disappeared after this debacle!


          • tinlizzieowner

            You know what the irony is here? I doubt she even believes what she said. This wasn’t ‘race’ talking, it was politics in it’s nastiest form, (just like my original comment). 😉

    • timsrighty

      Dude you know I respect you, but that’s no funnier than the bs in the video.

      • tinlizzieowner

        You’re absolutely right.
        Can you imagine the firestorm it would cause if I was a TV ‘talking head’ who ‘happened’ to be White and made an assinine comment like that? 😉

        • timsrighty

          Now you’re speculating. And if you were a talking head who happened to be white and you said things like the above then I would go elsewhere for critical thinking. Face it, your comments are similar to MSNBC.

          • CarolinaSistah

            Thank you. If we are ever going to combat the ‘isms’ of this world, we must confront them head-on and stomp it down!

          • tinlizzieowner

            “Now you’re speculating”
            I’m ‘speculating’? Do you really think that if Lauren Green or Harris Faulkner on Fox had made a ‘token Negro’ comment about Kim Kardashian, like Perry did about Romney having a ‘mixed race grandchild, the talking heads on MSNBC wouldn’t be calling for their jobs?

            • timsrighty

              Wow O.K. you’re not speculating. You’re just all over the place meandering.

              • tinlizzieowner

                Whatever you say. 😉 😉

                • timsrighty

                  Happy New Year. I said at the top you’re O.K. in my book. Just a bit of a disagreement is all.

                • tinlizzieowner

                  No problem. I knew that comment was going to generate a bunch dissent when I wrote it. 😉 😉

  • Lisle Moore Jr

    That is the luckiest little black child…he will grow up in a moral, loving family. He will be taught by the Romneys to be a very successful human being and patriot to our country. …and all the while Melissa Harris-Perry will continue to spew her speech impeded hatefulness. She needs psychological therapy in addition to her speech therapy. Keep burying your network MSNBC! Your small viewership can’t get much smaller.

  • Carol Grossi

    What a bunch of assholes. They should be so lucky to be in that baby’s shoes.

  • CarolinaSistah

    What is wrong with the folks at MSNBC? This is reprehensible and totally unnecessary. What was their point? Laughs? HAHA, not funny!

  • ThatsMr2You

    By watching the clip I probably doubled the show’s viewership.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    Now now. It’s not racist because Pia Glenn is Black. Don’t you remember the first rule of racism? Blacks can’t be racist.

    • CalCoolidge

      To liberals, racism is not a matter of race. It is a matter of thought-crime for daring to defy them.
      Do you think they are any kinder to Clarence Thomas – and there are not many darker in complexion than he.

      • tinlizzieowner

        Do the names Col. Allen West and Herman Cain, ring a bell?

      • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

        I mean, what she said was racist as hell. And if a white person had said it, all hell would break loose. But luckily for her she’s Black, so it’s a pass to do whatever.

      • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

        I mean, what she said was racist as hell. She was singling out the baby because of the color of its skin, which is literally what racism is. But, you know, she’s Black so the Black community won’t be calling for her to be fired like they would if a white person had said the same thing.

      • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

        If a white person said that, he or she would already have been fired.

  • Melissa Harris-Perry you racist pig!

    • Ketchup

      It looks to me like Miss Harris has some white in her as well.. What a “HATER!” Just the irony how people of mixed black and white races tend to embrace their African side, and dismiss their white side. I wonder why that is?

      • Similar thing with Eric Holder. He doesn’t look fully black.

      • 97E

        She is half white.
        Here’s a pic with her parents:

        • tinlizzieowner

          Which makes her an even bigger phony.

        • Ketchup

          She, like Obama obviously is not proud of that half. Just as Obama and the census, when asked his race, he selected “African American”< when he had the choice of mixed. So many of these mixed race liberals despise their whiteness, and try to hide it. Like they are ashamed of it. It's disappointing.

  • jeffgibbs


  • Moon Pup

    “Which of these things is not like the other?” I can’t think of a more thoughtless and callous thing to say. How dare they allow this racist on television!

    I am reminded that we are fortunate, in that they are stupid enough to say what the really think, revealing themselves as the backward numbskulls they really are. The fact that they get away with this, day in and day out, is also an indictment of the management at MSDNC and the liberal media in general.

    Folks, if we can’t out maneuver

    these people, then we are doomed anyway.

  • JavierDCH12

    This is disgusting… imagine this done on Fox…

  • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

    Of course they would rather the child have been aborted.

  • Alky

    Funny how when the lefty celebs adopt black babies it’s the most wonderful heartfelt thing possible!!

  • CalCoolidge

    We can say with unequivocal certainty that by adopting a “black” child, Romney has done more to advance the “black” race than the entirety of everyone affiliated with MS-LSD and Obama added together.

  • So essentially, according to MSNBC…

    What can be a family: Anything, including your pet rock and gay fish!

    What cannot be a family: A nuclear family of white parents and an adopted black child.


  • timsrighty

    Come on folks…we must be better than the fools on MSNBC. Some of the comments below and above make me wonder. Don’t let them bait us.

  • Katya Berrini

    and how many adoptedchildren do you or the announcer have

  • Glitter

    The only saving grace to this asshattery is that MSNBC has NO audience and hardly anyone saw it.

  • Joe W.

    Oh, the irony…Behold Mawissa’s parents….You cannot make this stuff up, folks….

    • 97E

      Thanks for posting this.

      Reposted over at Twitchy.

      • Joe W.

        As did I and they removed it… Go figure…

        • Axelgreaser

          I wrote my opine of this hideous woman below and I was smacked by Disqus a few times, but this skank can say whatever she wants!

        • Todd Bridges

          You even go to other sites and race bait!

    • WhiteGuy2

      wow she must really hate her mother. Must be why she is so

      • tinlizzieowner

        “I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of twelve or thirteen, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.”
        Barack Obama ‘Dreams From My Father’. 😉 😉

  • Douglas White

    So, if Obama had a family picture with his grandparents and his mother, would they ask which one is not like the other?

    • Rebecca Markert

      well said.

  • WhiteGuy2

    Wow, the kid is only, what a yr old and already being bullied and mocked by the left. Save this clip to remind him when he gets older who his real enemies are.

  • shamballa108

    The Right Scoop was just mentioned on the Five by Dana. 😉

  • Rebecca Markert

    Am I wrong doesn’t the baby have pink on. Why would it marry K.West’s little girl?

  • L R

    Progressives will say anything these days for their 15 minutes of fame and higher ratings. Never mind this adorable baby is being singled out for humor! Isn’t that bullying????

  • WhiteGuy2

    These jackasses on the left would prefer that the child grows up in foster care as a ward of the state , and then toss him out on the streets on his 18th birthday. Rather than have a good home with good people who can provide for him.

    • Mike Mike

      They would rather the child was aborted late term than birthed and given a chance at life with a great loving family.

  • cruiszn

    The left are some sick, sick motherfu(kers.

  • JT

    Yeah, the interesting thing about this is that they put the photo on the air even though they obviously didn’t have anything to say about it. Ostensibly it’s comic fodder for Harris-Perry’s panel of comedians to riff, but all they can muster is (1) hey, one of them looks different, (2) a Kardashian joke from MHP herself, and (3) a predictable dig at the GOP — which would have worked just as well as a dig at Obama’s 2012 campaign team, actually. It’s not that the photo’s inherently funny or that a white family adopting a black child is wrong — imagine them reacting to a photo of Tom Cruise with his adopted son — it’s that, I think, they felt they couldn’t let it go unremarked upon that the GOP’s last nominee seems happy to have a black child in his family. On MSNBC, racism is the only reason to become a Republican. They’ve got to mock, even if they’re not exactly sure what they’re mocking, to delegitimize the inconvenient possibility that Romney isn’t prejudiced. Or maybe I’m giving them too much credit; maybe they do have a problem with interracial adoptions, a controversial subject in family law for ages. A lot of people who’d normally insist that race is nothing more than a social construct tend to get fidgety when a black child goes to live with a white family because it risks depriving him of his “authenticity.” Maybe that’s happening here, although I lean towards the “look at this Republican with a black kid!” gawk theory.

    • Mike Mike

      They would rather the ‘unwanted’ child was a late term abortion than a real person with a right to live a full happy life.

  • Scott Jones

    MHP’s media creds are “token” at best. A hateful, transparent and vacuous shrew.

  • James Cross

    Go Caleb, the truth concerning 62where bias really comes from, hey liberals new low. What did that new born ever do to you?

  • doglover

    There is nothing funny about their comments. They were made to make themselves seem superior. How many black children (and white) and being aborted as we speak. Would this be one of them. Is it better for the Romney’s throw the child back into the poverty of the world because a bunch of liberals want to stomp on anything that might be construed as a good deed by Republicans. The people need to go adopt a parentless child and then their big mouths might say something that is valid. I have adopted a different race. She’s 30 and has the world by the tail. Everyone should do the same or keep your mouth shut.

  • timsrighty

    Uh…could the moderators please jump in?

  • Jon Pando

    She is so right on, that little black baby would be so much better off with its crack addicted, uneducated, MSNBC watching, Obama loving, Black birth parents. You know, the ones that gave her up for adoption to free up the financial burden of owning and raising a child to buy more crack.

  • James Cross

    In a country where we are suppose to protect the innocent, not the loosers on that panel evidently, it seems that the lines can be erased for for Amy cause.

    • Jon Pando

      I think you mean losers. common mistake.

  • WendyHurts

    What did we really expect from a woman who wore tampons as earrings on the air? She’s a mental midget, just like everyone else on PMSNBC.

  • John Chivalier

    Go figure! Mellisa Harris-Perry is such a joke, I remember when she said her daughter asked if her grandma was one of those white devils you talk about? That poor child being raised in a prejudice household. The sad part is she is not a black or white person, she is mixed. She claims she has had troubles growing up poor. Com’on she never was poor. MSNBC get rid of these jokes you call news broadcasters.

  • Billy Diaz

    msnbc and their commentators are all idiots

  • Kansas Gal

    Of course if they had adopted a white baby, there would be a comment on how “white” they all are. They can’t win with stupid people like this. The majority of democrats have become ridiculously insane.

  • DCGere



    Poor, pitiful MSNBC. They are degenerates to the highest possible degree.

  • 31068

    Romney is a white Republican and very wealthy. so nothing that he does will please the liberals and the democrats. MSNBC is nothing more than a collection of misfits and racists.

    • toongoon

      It doesn’t matter that he is wealthy, everyone on MSNBC who attacks him is wealthy. What matters to them is that he is not a liberal and therefore not a member of their group think. Liberals are very shallow, they attack anyone who is not like them.

  • Sailing J

    That black grand child will have a better life and more love, amount to more in life than probably 95% of all the black kids living under democrat policies and “I’m a victim” believing blacks like Perry. Classless angry woman.

  • MrBdr4life .

    Typical hypocracy. When liberals discuss race relations it’s okay, but heaven forbid this was done by a conservative group. And might I add it’s 2014. Furthermore we live in a multi racial country were mixed families of different races is common place in many cities. So MSNBC may I ask why is this even newsworthy? The Romney’s gave a child a home and will love them. MSNBC and the cast of idiots in this video are the racists!!!

  • MallardTDrake

    These tools probably think that the birth-mother of the child should have aborted the pregnancy rather than allow the Romneys to adopt the baby.

  • jazzdrums

    perry should be fired…….if this had been done on fox news, which has higher standards than msnbc…jesse jackson would be looking for boycott and meetings…perry is a racist mixed race who chose to be black..imbeciles

  • Craven Moorehead

    i guess white people should just stop adopting black children and have them grow up in piss poor institutions.smh. black racists have carte blanche nowadays to spew their venom. has a wealthy black family ever adopted an orphaned white child?

  • David Loving

    How sorry is that panel? Don’t see how any of them can get lower. Shame on y’all.

  • Insert_Cool_Username

    Well, Pia Glenn just gave the typical half-assed “I’m sorry people were offended” spiel:

    Looks like, for all their posturing and grandstanding, the Left just hasn’t gotten rid of that nasty racist streak.

  • Bill C

    I think Melissa Harris Perry made the most close minded statement of the panel by immediately suggesting a future marriage with Kanye West’s son. If Rush Limbaugh said something like that the liberals would pounce on him as someone who suggested that “people keep to their own race” and narrate a detailed history of miscegenation laws in US history.

  • politicallycorrectNOT

    Sing with me, now…….”all of these jerks are just like the other”…

  • Army_Pilot1967

    What would the panel have said if Romney refused to hold his grandson for a photo? Whoa, Nellie, they would have had a field day with that. However I’m sure Mitt loves his grandson as much as any other grandparent loves their grandchildren. The turds on the panel HAVE to demean Romney because after all he is a hateful, mean-spirited, bigoted Republican (sarc).

  • Leslie Adams

    racist pigs this msgladlgstfag group is..

  • Timothy Jacques

    What they did was bad but it’s TAME when compared to what they did to Trig Palin. MSNBC is just POed that neither child was aborted.

    • toongoon

      To the left babies who survive past birth are fair game.

  • Shannon

    What a bunch of smug racist hater pieces of excrement

  • I’m sure she thinks the same thing of this picture:

    • Nukeman60

      One of those isn’t like the others, either. Most of them are politicians and military, while one is a golfer. Hmmm….

  • Nukeman60

    Ok, this video will tax my ability to comply with the commenting policy. My fingers want to type something, but my mind says “be civil”.

    Why is one not like the others? Will that child not be brought up in the loving, caring family-oriented way that all the others have been? Will it be locked in a closet and fed only scraps?

    I think the Romneys will treat this child just like they have treated all their other children and grandchildren and this one child should grow up to be a healthy, well-balanced member of society, ready to follow in the others footsteps.

    I hope this child ends up running for President and kicks the living daylights out of the race-baiting, progressive, white Democrat who dares to oppose him.

    My only regret is that he isn’t a female running for President. Wouldn’t THAT stick in Melissa’s craw.

    • Kristopher Schindler

      Every time I have watched Melissa Harris-Perry’s show, she always is out there calling someone in the Republican party a racist… I guess it takes one to know one huh!

      • toongoon

        Except that the ones she claims are, aren’t.

        • Kristopher Schindler

          Exactly!!! She is so blinded by her own hate, everyone becomes a racist in her eyes!

    • toongoon

      The Romney family represents the nuclear family, an outdated fifties style that nobody wants anymore.
      No. The new millenia family is on food stamps, drugs, they attack republicans, and walk around with finger and thumb in the shape of an L on their forehead. When their government calls, they excitedly go to the polls and vote democrat, over and over.
      Who wants that responsible, grownup, common sense, upbringing anymore anyway?

  • Cherry Walker

    I wonder, which parent gave Melissa Harris-Perry her “oh so light” skin tone?

    • john

      her mother was a “giver”? 😉

    • Feet2Fire

      Interesting observation. Just realized that “high yellow” thing is no doubt at play in her relentless race-baiting; gotta assuage those guilt feelings and convince everyone she’s no “Auntie Tom,” you know.

  • Kristopher Schindler

    Wow, and MSNBC has the nerve to call other people racist! They all need to take a step back and take a hard look at themselves… If Fox News made these exact statements all the clowns at MSNBC would be howling from the rooftops about it!

  • Dramamama54

    What hypocritical pieces of cow manure that work on MSNBC! I have several friends (white) who have adopted black children, who cares what color the skin? A child has a loving home! Isn’t that what the gays say to those who oppose them adopting children? MSNBC is just the worst “news” outlet there is…..other than other state run “news” from communist countries! Ignorance is rampant on that nasty station!

  • snootyelites

    Melissa Harris-Perry – logic dictates grown up in a multi racial family you would show some sensitivity to Romney family and the little boy!

    You are a despicable racist and your panel is shameless! If that’s sounds harsh, imagine a gay couple adopted a black boy and you guys mock them in similar fashion!

    • Buster’s View

      What could you expect from a woman who would proudly wear tampon earrings on national tv?

  • rightdetour

    I guess “comedy” is now the last refuge of a scoundrel.

  • The Left are truly, without reservation, despicable.

  • StaffordC

    MSNBC…..FOX NEWS…..? As Hillary Clinton would say: “What difference does it make?!”

    • keyesforpres

      If you don’t know the difference, you haven’t been paying attention.

      • StaffordC

        I’ve been following it long enough to know that those media outlets and its viewers are malarkey!

  • c4pfan

    Anyone else like me that really didn’t pay that much attention to the ‘black baby’ and just noticed the crying one in the back?

    • Buster’s View

      Yup, exactly. It’s pretty bad when the lib racists have you searching a family photo full of children and comparing melanin levels. Creeps!

    • Believer

      Did you really see a black baby or did you see a small human being?

  • Sentinel

    Instead of discussing the epidemic of broken families in the black community and how charitable (loving) the Romney family is for taking in this child through adoption (they probably wished it was just aborted instead), they take the low road (like always) and expose the worst of themselves an humanity. What’s honestly funny, is how hypocritical they are. Morons on parade.

    • Believer

      There are broken communities everywhere unfortunately. It is mind boggling that so many people are so ignorant.

      • Sentinel


  • virginiagentleman1

    SIGH. Leave to a liberal to be a racist and a bigot!

  • PVG

    Bigot: One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

    • Believer

      Bigots are the cancer of society. God did not intend for man to segregate, this is of evil-heartless man. There is only one race and that’s the human race.

  • Violette_Crime

    Oh boy! When they mock and belittle someone’s child all is well huh? What foul excuses for journalists and human beings they are.

    • john

      MSM-DNC tubas? They are bad smelling urinalists and presstitutes….use the proper nomenclature, please 😉

      • Violette_Crime

        I will, thanks fer skoolin’ me.

  • john

    if Romney hid the kid somehow/somewhere, then the b*tching would be about not showing him….
    If Romney shows him, it is “token”
    An old adage goes like this:
    “if you want to hit a dog, you’ll always find a stick” – right, you leftist arrogant, brainless scumbags?

    • Believer

      John, you are the perfect reason why people should seek Jesus Christ.

      • badbadlibs


      • MadTruckerX

        What an utterly incoherent response, Believer. Did you even watch the video clip? How does pointing out and/or mocking the staggering hypocrisy of progressives who falsely scream out ownership of the moral high ground make any of the commentators here unchristian? Care to elaborate further or are you just another smug hit-and-run liberal troll patting yourself on the back for your own perceived cleverness? We all breathlessly await your answer…

  • I’m guessing Eric holder will seek prosecution of this white man that dared to touch a black baby.

    • Believer

      There are NO white people (NONE)

      • No black people either, really.

        Everyone gets the same deal: skin-colored skin.

  • sallyjohanna

    That media group right there in the video….that is the problem. Front and center what is happening to this country…millennium zombies. So I guess they won’t mind if I say Sandra Bullock, Madonna, and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s black children are “tokens” to curry favor for celebrity!

    • Believer

      Humans are not jokes. It’s to bad birth-control is not retroactive.

      • badbadlibs

        You going to quote us anymore Scripture with that mouth?

  • ReallyReadyforJoe

    I’ll tell you…….I work with a guy who’s married with 3 children, and
    they decided to adopt two children from one of the most impoverished
    nations in the world: Ethiopia. His family is white, conservative and
    deeply religious……very moral people. He is one hell of a guy and I
    admire him for many things, among them being the decision to adopt. They
    now have this crowded home full of love, happiness and two additions
    who enjoy the blessings of living amongst that kind of warmth and joy.
    These children are being raised with proper values, morals and manners.
    They will go on to marry and carry on the values they were taught. I
    have a suspicion that this is EXACTLY why the Romneys did what they did.
    They didn’t do it for a fucking photo op.They have class, and the
    trashy squad who spewed their brain vomit on this show could learn a lot
    from a family like them. I’m not easily offended, but, this kind of
    overt, blatant and bold racism…….that’s what it is……..just makes
    me fume. They openly MOCKED him for it. What filth and trash MSLSD has
    on their line up. I hope that the station invests in plywood, to board
    up their windows when their viewers drop down to zero

    • Jim

      These are the same people who complain that pro-lifers don’t do anything for unwanted children, and when they do, then they mock them. God bless the Romney family.

  • Feet2Fire

    Aside to DQ:
    What serious online service does “maintenance” during PRIME TIME? Most companies do so during the wee hours of the morning, when traffic is minimal.

  • Guest

    Aside to DQ:
    What serious online service does “maintenance” during PRIME TIME? Most companies do so during the wee hours of the morning, when traffic is minimal.
    (DUPLICATE to be deleted)

  • poljunkie

    Romney can’t win with people. AND I think it’s a damn shame.

    He seems like heck of a nice guy in the real world. Has a lot of money and can make a difference in a little fella’s life but that’s not good enough for the asshattery media.
    They have to pooh pooh it and look for sinister motives.
    They’d prefer the kid live on the streets or in poverty.

  • Fastgirl

    If this was a white gay family with an adopted black baby Ms. Perry wouldn’t have given this photo a second thought.

    • Believer

      What is wrong with people?. There are no white people nor black people or gay.

      • Mohammed’s pink swastika

        skin color is not a choice. the bible clearly, very clearly defined homosexuality as a choice and a sin.


    Doesn’t this just prove that white democrats hate blacks?

    • Believer

      This proves that ignorance is boundless. Hatred is a heart sin and secondly God did not create skin color, he created him man and woman.

      • Mohammed’s pink swastika

        you keep talking about God. You calling yourself a believer does not makes you one. The left and its ideas are absolutely in contrast with God’s Word. you cannot escape the facts.

      • badbadlibs

        God drew distinct differences between races, not for the nefarious reasons you’re accusing others of doing, but to create a blood line for the Messiah!
        You are extremely uneducated and need to stop before you do anymore damage to the Kingdom.

  • wobegon

    I’m the white godfather of two African-American boys who would most likely be behind bars or dead were it not for the white parents who adopted them.

    It’s really nothing to joke about. Despicable.

    • Believer

      Sir, Please stop this ignorance. You are not white, and being behind bars and dead are not the only options in life and that part of your comment is despicable.

      • Brandon Coyle

        He’s not saying that’s all black people do he is saying that whoever adopted them took them out of a bad situation that is usually the recipe for crime and that way of life.

      • orpheusrises

        Dude, I think you need to go back on your meds….

  • elwood8686

    Mellissa what ever your name is ,do you really in your heart think that Mitt Romney posed with this beautiful baby for politics?If you do and I think you do,you also think that any white caring people who donate monthly to the charities that do good work in Africa,South America,Mexico and here in America is all political?Please keep your money in your pocket,charitable people are just that,charitable people.With us there is no political agenda we just want to help.

  • poljunkie

    Melissa Perry shows she has no compassion or love in her heart, and will stop at nothing to snark at a Republican, even if it means hurting an innocent baby.

    What comes around goes around, and hopefully viewers will react to this over the top insanity.

    • pappadave

      Doubtful, poljunkie. Their half-dozen or so regular viewers likely agree with the snarky comments 100%.

  • debra D

    Dear MSNBC: This is just plain WRONG regardless of your politics… Do these people realize how many kids are without a family.. Kids do not care about the color of the person who loves them!!! And NO ONE should be mocked for caring! This is just Evil.. Plain Evil… Are there no limits to how we try to make money or gets laughs on tv? Just Wrong!!!
    This is a baby and a family that stepped up noting more nothing less… I wonder how many kids will Ms Perry and her crew reach out to; take in their home to love and care for … It pained my heart to hear them carry on like that.
    A mother and former foster parent

  • janye1

    Not funny. This is sad, racist humor. I dont plan to watch that program.

  • Bonnie Bell Ewell

    This is just plain sickening. Dose this loud mouth make guest appearances on Duck Dynasty? As long as That sicko Perry is on MSNBC I will never watch you programing again. She needs a good slap in the mouth. I have a friend that has 3 children of a different race, and they are dearly loved. Beautiful family. Perry you are a low life.

    • Believer

      Read ACTS 17:26, there is only one race and that’s the human race. There are many nations, but only one race.

      • Mohammed’s pink swastika

        so when Jesus was talking about the Jews and the Greek Christians he was defining them by their race.

        from very early in the Bible the Bible defines different races of people.

    • Mick

      Oh, please let e know you do it—I want to watch you slap her nasty stinking mouth!!!

    • bobmead1960

      How could you watch her before this event. She has done plenty more. You children are not yours, they are the communities or government. That’s just one of her lovely liberal comments.

  • Amy Maslek

    Who the hell does the hiring for MSNBC?!?!?!?!!!! Can you find any bigger bigots to represent you?

    • janye1

      Probably can.

    • Josh Wiltshire

      They take what they can get. Washington always gets first picks.

  • jgilman1

    What happened to our buddy James Bush? All his comments disappeared. Don’t get me wrong I wish they would all go that easy.

  • Jon Waldrep

    I am very liberal, and not a fan of Romney or his family, but what the MSNBC host said was wrong and offensive. You leave the children out of politics…period. That beautiful baby has done nothing wrong, nor have her adoptive mother and father who had enough love and big enough hearts to share with a child that needed a home. Just like it bothers me when people make fun of Obama’s daughters, this is just wrong on every level.

    • bobmead1960

      What do they make fun of the Obuma daughters for?

    • Toby66

      I’ve not seen anyone make fun of the Obama’s girls.

  • IA_Adam

    How come white children are never adopted by black families?… Anyone?… Anyone?

    • willynilly

      idk, hopefully they are. life is sad.

    • Truth Defenders

      Because white children have not been pushed by Hollywood scumbags as
      accessories and made trendy the way they do it to black kids. Hollywood
      scumbag actors have made it “cool” to get a dark skinned child (usually
      from Africa), what they don’t realize is that they do grow up.

      • Believer

        It is so sad that most of you that chose to comment, are so blinded by ignorance. A human being is a human being.

        • badbadlibs

          Not one person has said a human being isn’t a human being. Get a clue, grow up, get educated, get informed, then come back here and speak.

    • wicked woo

      Because blacks are only 13% of the population, yet have than a third of abortion in the USA. Also to adopt you usually need two married parents and financial stability. This makes almost any adoption a rarity among the black community.

      • Believer

        You are totally clueless and misinformed and deceived.

        • orpheusrises

          Believer, you need to look at the massive number of African american babies born to single mothers in this country, and then present your apologies.

          • Mick

            Bingo—the statistics are truly unbelievable there isn’t going to be any decline as long as we keep shoveling money out—it’s better than having a job. Have a bunch of babies out of wedlock by men whose names are long forgotten collect the money from various forms of government subsidies and then turn the children out in the streets and let them do what they want. It is totally disgusting, immoral and wrong. But ask these lazy “hoes” to get a job and work to provide for the children and all hell breaks out and everyone is to blame but themselves!

        • Mohammed’s pink swastika

          abortion is the number one killer of African Americans in the United States. More than smoking, AIDS, heart disease, gang violence….

          I’m afraid it’s you that is misinformed and clueless, if you are actually interested in the truth there is a movie called Maafa made by black people and using actual evidence taken from the Library of Congress about how abortion what started as eugenics science to wipe out the black race.

        • badbadlibs

          You go from post to post and just make an attack without any form of correction or thought. Whatever ideology/thought process you’re suppose to be defending or presenting is completely lost. Have you no sense at all?

    • Believer

      Children are not colors. Ignorance in our society is the reason some children are not placed into loving homes.

      • Mohammed’s pink swastika

        Are you saying that black families are inherently more ignorant or somehow not as loving as white families? What are you some kind of a bigot?

  • Guest

    Melissa and Perry should legally be allowed to leave their homes.

  • wiseryet

    Melissa and Perry should not legally be allowed to leave their homes.

  • LibertyLane

    Melissa Harris-Perry, you are a racist witch, with your clueless liberal hatemongers!

    • jimb82

      msnbc is unwatchable because it is such a hatefest.

  • giveususfree

    And if Romney had no black adopted kids, he’d of course be racist for not having adopted one. He’s not going to win either way with the likes of MHP.
    She and that whole crew are disgusting.

    • Guest

      He isn’t adopted. That’s his grandson by blood.

      • bobmead1960

        False Meklorka it is an adopted grandson.

    • Believer

      There is no shortage of stupidity in this forum.

      • Mohammed’s pink swastika

        Yeah, go look in the mirror.

      • giveususfree

        Thankfully, there are a shortage of brain dead Leftists.

      • jppcasey

        Reggie Love

  • ODA315

    Man, to get all those kids together in a photo and not a one was picking it’s nose!!!

    That’s a bigger feat than one being black.

    • Believer

      People are neither white or black, but people are either intelligent or extremely ignorant you are not intelligent.

      • ODA315

        Little short on a sense of humor I see………

    • Joanne Heggen

      Or with their eyes closed

  • Arrimine

    There seems to be a pattern with MSNBC hosts lately. Or maybe not just lately. I’m glad someone else is watching them so I don’t have to.

  • willynilly

    time to fire another idiot….maybe they should just STFU

  • Scott Carter

    So, Now we know what you really think.
    That OBAMA really is a Token.

    • Josh Wiltshire

      Wrong. Tokens have a use. Like playing skeeball at chuck-e-cheeses.

      • Believer

        You must be a token

    • Believer

      Perhaps if you were a token you would be intelligent.

      • Mohammed’s pink swastika

        in every single one of your posts you tell people how they’re so misinformed, so ignorant. it seems to me that you’re projecting your own ignorance on to others. because clearly you have no actual argument to present, so you resort to ad hominem attacks.

      • Scott Carter

        Ha ha ha. That is SO funny. I’m going to cut, paste and frame this in my office so I’m reminded of what a shining beacon of comedic genius and rapier wit you are. Thanks!

  • kssturgis62

    So in other words they want the laws of the Old South to come back. No whites adopting Black Babies. Blacks cannot marry Whites. Blacks cannot go to school with Whites, and so forth. Because they just don’t belong.

    this child is going to have what she obviously does not, a loving caring family. Someone to teach him morals and values.

    • Believer

      If some of the comments in here today are examples of morals and values, God help us all.

      • Mohammed’s pink swastika

        Not very self aware are you.

      • badbadlibs

        Which ones would those be? Do you have enough whit or courage to point to at least one?

        • kssturgis62

          that is what I want to know.

          • toongoon

            I believe badbad’s questions were directed at Believer.

            • kssturgis62

              I know, that is why I want to know 🙂 I am hoping to an answer to that question 🙂

          • badbadlibs

            Can you explain why I found this in my inbox?

            And what on earth you referring to?

            “What I stated is what Msssssssss Harris was stating she wanted or pointed out. What I stated is proving she is the Racist not us. What I stated proves by her wearing Tampons she wishes that Child would have been murdered by Abortion as 68% of black babies in New York alone, because slaughter is more important to them than Life. What I stated is exactly what she wants and supports. She supports whites and blacks being separated. She supports no intermixing of any king including in the public schools. She supports what they once hated. Do you have a clue now?”

            • kssturgis62

              I don’t have the foggiest Idea why you have that in your in box. I posted that On this forum to Believer. As a Matter of Fact, it is below this post, and that is not even the post. I edited it and changed it, by adding to it.

              • badbadlibs

                How odd. But sometimes disqus acts strange. I don’t see it posted at all.
                Mystery solved…sort of, 😉

                • kssturgis62

                  I am the most computer illiterate person around 🙂 I am lucky I can type here LOL LOL and trust me I think I am very smart to be able to do that – LOL LOL

      • kssturgis62

        What I stated is what Msssssssss Harris was stating she wanted or pointed out. What I stated is proving she is the Racist not us. What I stated proves by her wearing Tampons she wishes that Child would have been murdered by Abortion as 68% of black babies in New York alone are. because slaughter is more important to them than Life. What I stated is exactly what she wants and supports. She supports whites and blacks being separated. She supports no intermixing of any kind including in the public schools. She supports what they once despised and prayed about. It is amazing how you see the truth about people since Obama was elected. Wow Obama, Holder, Black Panthers, and MSNBC all on the same side.

  • ElusiveFacts

    Now you all get upset. Lol! You teapublicans are all for the racist remarks when it comes from Bill O’Reilly, Hannity and the rest of the Faux racist family.

    • tinlizzieowner

      Oh goody, another one post ‘Troll’
      Media Matters called, they’re looking for their Idiot. 😉 😉

    • LaunchTae14

      By far the stupidest statement ever…When have you ever heard a racist remark from come from their mouths? You are just a left media sheep repeating what you are told; NOT what you ever heard with your own ears.

    • Bill in Tennessee

      I’m sure “ElusiveFacts” here believes he/she is an objective, unbiased commentator (with a screen name that includes the word “facts” in it), but even a casual reading of the comment reveals just how lame the tired old Liberal mindset is. “teapublicans” “Faux racist” etc. Oh dear, he used the “R” word…”racist”…. RUN AWAY!! Hehehehe, that word has now been so abused and over used that in has lost all meaning. Apparently if you have even an iota of Conservative or Libertarian leanings, you’re a (GASP!!) “racist.” Blah blah blah racist blah blah teabagger blah blah….
      YAWN! Go away, little boy “Elusive Facts”, leave the adults in this forum alone, your 13-year old Deep Thoughts are a distraction here.

    • badbadlibs

      Can you at least give an example? Or are you choking on your own words and unable to type anything further?

  • PJParks

    These are some special kind of hateful people.

    • badbadlibs

      They’ve managed to create a new level of low. They’re consciences are so singed they have no choice and no ability to recognize how truly awful they have become.

  • Larry Donaldson

    Wait! Wait! I received a ticket for speeding on I-80. The cop ( a black, African-American) wanted to know where I was racing too. I asked if I answered would that make me a racist? ( Drum snap please)

  • DM1499

    One guest pointed out about the “token”: “That little baby, front and center…”

    Imagine the outrage had the baby been in the back…

  • Brian Sprouse

    Perry and panel needs to publicly apologize to the Romney family. Their comment and attitude toward Romney’s grandchild was utterly disgusting. To suggest that the child is a “token” and represented something other than the Romney’s love for that child is appalling and Racist. I have 5 black godchildren. yes, I said black not African American because they are “Americans” just like me. I love everyone of these children as if they were my own and for no other reason than they are offspring of my best friend whom i consider family. I am sick and tired of people like Perry getting away with their intolerant, racist and hateful views.

    • pappadave

      As you can tell from my photo, I am NOT black. Yet I have a black, adopted son, daughter-in-law, three grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. If anyone were to suggest that they were “tokens,” they’d go away with a few permanent scars to show for their beastial behavior.

    • Mohammed’s pink swastika

      Right, I know of a white guy who was born in South Africa emigrated LEGALLY to America and then when asked on any tax forms what box he has to check when it says race. He can legally and truthfully say that he is an African American.

      The hyphenated American label is just another way that the left has put us in boxes to keep Americans segregated.

  • Bill in Tennessee

    Had a Conservative TV personality made the very same remark about a libtard family or a 2-mommy “family” with a black child, that personality would be hounded from the airwaves. Double standard, doncha know?

    • jerkstores

      Standards don’t apply to liberals. They are the “good people” so there’s no need to judge them.

      • CiceroTheLatest

        DO NOT EVER allow these morally degenerate feral humans get away with the pose of “moral superiority.” ALWAYS begin with them by asserting that they not only have no morals or ethics, they don’t even posses the capacity for moral reasoning. DO NOT LET UP until they either slither away or begin to behave like civilizable humans.

        • jerkstores

          I agree. They are deplorable. But they control most of the media and the education systems. That’s the standard line you run up against. If you act angry they’ll just use you as another example of an “unhinged right winger”. Only from time to time when they go too far like they did with the Robertson case do they get any blowback, but their narrative remains the same. The pro-Robertson people are just “bigots”!

          Also look to the Trayvon Martin case for something recent where there were no facts on the left’s side yet their narrative won with popular culture anyways.

          These guys are winning the war, the right only wins occasional battles. And there’s not much you or I can do about it.

        • badbadlibs

          I like how you think!

        • chery

          They are not capable of thinking as civilized humans – they are too evil through and through.

    • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

      Nevermind conservative. If a white person had said it they’d be fired.

  • Dane Gunderson

    Every LibRule elitist knows black babies belong in dumpsters

    • badbadlibs

      The left spends it’s time and funds making sure black babies are aborted rather then adopted. You’re exactly right.

  • Rev TJ Conwell

    Media reps who contantly degrade others and then apologize shouldn’t bother w/ “I’m sorry”, their first response reveals their TRUE heart.

  • chattering teeth

    What a shame. This child will grow up wealthy and with a loving family and not in some ghetto slum where he undoubtedly came from a crack whore Black babymommy never knowing his babydaddy. Those evil White Mormons stole dis chile!

  • sabrina mcelyea

    I am completely offended. As an adopted child which my placement family was not the ‘perfect situation’. Now my sister (who happens to be white) has recently adopted her second African child. We of the family think nothing of the color or differences. Similar to when I was adopted, the differences were overlooked. How many on that panel have adopted children or were adopted? I am guessing . . .none. Way to go with your ‘let’s love everyone’. I will stop while I am able.

  • J.J. Sefton

    Tweet of the day by Iowahawk:

    “If I were a Freudian, I’d say Perry accused the Romneys of adopting a black child for the precise reason she suspects MSNBC adopted her.”

  • Its_My_Fault

    Guess that settles it. Whites should not adopt needy children of color because the Black race considers it tokenism. According to these morons if you are White and embrace the Black Race you are merely placating, and if you do not embrace the Black race then you are a racist.

  • TOM

    Guess they’re offended that a crack baby wasn’t adopted.
    Sure that she sings praises for any Mia Farrow/Angelina Jolie/Sandra Bullock/Charlize Theron black baby adoption.

  • Mick

    I think that MSNBC is slowly be surely cutting its throat. The notion that this little twit – Melissa Harris-Perry and her little band of supposed comedic idiots have clearly taken leave of their collective senses. To make light of a good hearted family adopting a child—a child of any particular color is stupid, ignorant and downright ugly! I was adopted at birth and was afforded a loving home with parents who busted their asses every day to see that my adopted sister and I had what we needed to succeed in life. This very fortunate little black child will have what it needs—love, affection, education and an incredible opportunity in life by becoming part of the Romney family. To subscribe to a different political philosophy is one thing, but to carry that shallow hatred, nasty behavior to the extreme as the Melissa Harris-Perry show did is inexcusable and in my opinion the woman (and I use the term loosely) should be admonished and removed and shamed for her behavior

  • Croot

    Who watches this channel and these people? I only hear this stuff that comes out of these low life’s mouth though the other channels like Fox new.

    • Tracy

      I watch this channel. I’m not sure what you’re trying to say but I watch Fox as well. Both networks are equally biased but very entertaining.

      • jimb82

        Not even close to equal. Pew Research did a study last year that said Fox was 45 percent news, 55 percent opinion, and although its opinion did lean toward Romney, they were also critical of Romney. msnbc was 15 percent news, 85 percent opinion, and its opinion was overwhelmingly anti-Romney and pro-Obama. Who is the conservative voice on msnbc equivalent to Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, Alan Colmes, Kirsten Powers, or a host of others? Joe Scarborough? Are you serious?

        • Richard Dean MacLean

          Perfectly stated. Well done.

          • Tracy


            • Richard Dean MacLean

              Facts are facts Tracy. Sorry. You’re wrong.

        • Tracy

          Sorry but those “studies” don’t mean much. They are also biased depending on who is conducting them. Now you want to debate over which network is MORE biased or based on opinions rather than real news? Ridiculous.

          Many people were and are critical of Romney. The man has been attacked from both sides. Politicians are pressured to choose sides. Networks are run by people trying to push a political agenda rather than simply reporting the news. Is it no wonder why things are so screwed up? Everyone has to pick a camp and stick with that agenda. Apparently you have. I’m neither for nor against any entity or person who expresses their views but I do have the sense to read between the lines and make up my own mind.

          Your comment seems a bit combative and defensive to me. You act as if I’ve said something so horrible. It seems to me that the end result, no matter who is doing the reporting, is the same. Yes, I am serious. Both networks are biased.

  • sean sheridan

    msnbc = 1 – 1

  • jaydee

    How many rich blacks have adopted white babies or children in need of a home? What would she say then. Would they get down on Joe Biden’s family for adopting a black child? They would keep their foul mouth’s shut tight.

    • Tracy

      First question – not many I’m sure.
      Second question – yes, someone would.

    • Larry

      How many rich blacks have adopted white babies? NONE! I almost guarantee that would never be allowed in this country. Come on now, as recent as the 1960’s interracial marriage was illegal in certain parts of America.

      • jaydee

        Interracial marriage is no longer law and I am sure there are no laws against blacks adopting white children. For many years whites could not adopt black children because the NAACP did not want it. Claimed that whites would not teach the kids black culture and they would lose their identity.

  • Tim James

    I do not remember when I have been more disgusted with a supposed journal team. The ignorance, and racism displayed by this group of “so called intelligent” is one of the key reasons racism will never go away. The supposed “tolerant and educated” left wing journalists do not deserve to be heard on national TV. These are the same people that talk down to a Phil Robertson, and yet they can not look in the mirror to see what they themselves are.

  • bobmead1960

    I found out that Melissa harris-parry’s mother is WHITE. And she calls this child a ‘token.’ Is she one also. And how come nobody on this panel said to her, hey stop and think what you are saying. They are almost as much fault as she is. Such hate mongers the left are! Stop this insanity. Someone adopting a child is bad???? I wish there were more bad people like the Romneys. Wonder how much she gives to charity. Maybe as much as Biden last year. $237 (not exactly but I know it was miniscule compared to his income).

  • bobmead1960

    What if two WHITE gay people had adopted this child? Would they have said the same thing? No stinkin’ way! BS = Barack Sucks

  • Johnny Blanchard

    A & E SHOULD FIRE THIS PANEL IMMEDIATELY!!!! OH…wait…wrong color? Hey Jesse Jackson…there’s a bus driver on MSNBC!!! (crickets….all you hear are crickets….)

  • Tracy

    Sorry, but those of you who are calling for Melissa Harris-Perry to be fired are wrong. She never said anything even remotely racist in this piece. Her guests on the other hand made some insensitive comments. She doesn’t deserve to be the target here.

    Many of you may have seen the article about Steve Martin’s ignorant joke about people of color a few weeks ago. It’s funny how that was looked upon as a “comedic genious” just making a joke. People were saying how everyone needs to lighten up and Steve Martin should not apologize because he had the right to joke about any subject. Well, let the same premise stand here. Ms. Harris-Perry has the right to have any guest she pleases on her show. The comments they make may not reflect her own beliefs.

    Sorry, but you can’t have it both ways. Racism exists on both sides and it’s in your face every day – like it or not. This clip does not promote racism. It simply points out the fact that it still exists. It may make some of you uncomfortable but there it is.

    By the way, the insensitive comments were made by white panelists. That in itself indicates there is something wrong. Should Harris-Perry have called them on it and berated her guests? I don’t know. Maybe. Obviously the piece was meant to draw a reaction. Either way, no matter what the comments were, the reaction would have been negative.

    • bobmead1960

      Nice try but this is indefensible. She is being hateful and prejudice. What if 2 white gays had adopted this child. She would have said nothing. And her mother is white!

      • Ewade

        Perfect Bob.

        • bobmead1960

          I have to admit that I got this from Dana Perino on the 5 show.

    • jimb82

      Wrong. This was not just an impromptu reaction. The panelists know what the topics are going to be, and I presume she has some editorial control over what goes on her show. Showing the picture was a setup for exactly the kind of reaction she got.

      • Tracy

        They knew what they were doing but the host herself didn’t really make any comments of her own. The piece was meant to illicit a negative response regarding Romney and his family. I myself thought it was in poor taste but that seems to be the way the news is reported today.

        • jimb82

          And she’s just an innocent bystander? No way. Despite her sort-of apology she tweeted today, she knew what was going to happen when she put that picture up in front of four comedians who also knew it was coming, and she herself had a tasteless Kardashian joke ready.

          • jimb82

            Oh, and she could easily have taken the opportunity to praise the Romney family, especially considering her personal circumstances. Not a peep. This was put up there for ridicule, and she knew what she was doing.

          • kmansfield

            Oh my god. She tweeted it? lol.

    • Ewade

      She knew what she was doing in presenting this story was baiting her panelists, and they took her cue and ran with it. She can’t hide behind that because her default behavior is that of a blatant hating racist. And no matter what the response was, you, as a libtard progressive would be coming to their defense as you are probably paid to do.

      • Tracy

        Calling names doesn’t contribute to any INTELLIGENT conversation. I am neither liberal nor conservative and you don’t know me. Obviously you are ignorant all unto yourself. I don’t defend anyone based on their political agenda.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      No, they were made by white liberals. Don’t you know white liberals are never racists??

      That’s a rule in the Book Of Liberal Double Standards.

      • Tracy

        That’s not relevant. It’s something made up and not factual. Therefore it is not germaine to the conversation. That is part of the problem. No one is beyond racism regardless of what political camp they belong to. Take it for what it is no matter who is making the comments. Maybe if we all did the same we would expose the true root of racism and stop it in its tracks before it destroys us all.

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          LOL — “Take it for what it is no matter who is making the comments.” says the person who also said “By the way, the insensitive comments were made by white panelists.

          • Tracy

            Yes. That’s exactly my point. There are so many comments about Harris-Perry but not her guests. I find it rather ridiculous that she is called racist and responsible for their comments. Why focus on one and not ALL? I know what I said before and don’t need you to point it out. Stop trying to twist my words.

            • RosiesSeeingRed

              I agree … I think they are ALL racists.

              • jimb82

                Maybe because the others don’t have a daily hour on a cable network and their names in the title? Of course she’s responsible for her guests and for the content she airs. As noted above, she orchestrated this whole thing – she’s not an innocent bystander that it just happened to.

            • lanahi

              Did they laugh at the comments of “the white guests”?

        • kmansfield

          Maybe if we all did the same we would expose the true root of racism and stop it in its tracks before it destroys us all.

          Did what?

          This is not germane either, Tribalism is a thing, it’s not going away. Our “leaders” are in fact responsible for the polarization, and feeding it with fear and austerity.

          Being a demagogue pays off for them, and it really doesn’t matter if the wedge is racism, sexism, classism, religion or an artificial construct like D or R. Its about the particular order of the groups within the hierarchy of society, and it has a currency.

          It was pointed out to to me that civil wars, or wars generally, result in a more homogenous groups with an area regardless of who wins.
          It’s interesting that Democrats support anti-tribalism and anti-racism, but are quite supportive of the opposite in Israel.

    • Toby66

      Do they feel the same way about Madonna and her children?

      • Tracy

        I’ve heard negative comments about Madonna, Angelina Jolie and others who adopt interacially. It doesn’t make it right but it happens. I think the point is that a politician is held to a different standard than an entertainer. On the face of it none of it makes sense to me. I don’t like when people use situations such as the Romney adoption to take cheap shots. It’s all in poor taste but that is what our society has become.

    • Steve_in_SoCal

      “Should Harris-Perry have called them on it and berated her guests? I don’t know. Maybe.”

      Kidding me, right?

      Granted, MHP may not have have said anything racist. However, standing/sitting by giggling at “jokes” and at least not trying to stop the conversation from diving directly into the lowest common denominator – she is at fault for.

      Again, if Newt, Mitt or someone the same had been on a show with all around making jokes about Obama adopting a white boy – then racism via association would have been levied. Admit it. you know it would have happened.

      How many times have we heard liberals say – “Disown the remarks of individual X or be guilty by association.”

    • kmansfield

      We know what the program is, MHP put up the picture of Romney’s family and pointed out the new addition – the adopted grand kid. She prompted her panelists find things to poke fun of, because that is what the partisan TV station MSNBC does. She baited them, I think unwittingly.

      We are in a period of political stagnation due to domination of big money, so identity politics is the focus.

      Since the Democratic party is a mish mash of minority groups, there is struggle between them for dominance within the party. If the Republicans can’t be blamed, they can blame the whites on the panel. It’s divide and conquer, but the most important point is that it’s diversionary. Don’t pay attention to the 30,000 each one of us know owe for the bailouts.

      Our government is a self interested leviathan, and a perpetual money sink.

    • When you start from an assumption of racism, you pretty much end all rational thought process. This is the left’s millstone around their minds. They look at everything through a lie about the demons on the other side, and then toy with issues from there.

      The right is about individual liberty. Skin color doesn’t enter in to it. People obsessed with skin color are losers, no matter which party they think they are in.

  • Jan Civil

    You people are pretty desperate to latch onto this to try and make some kind of big stink.

    • Jan Civil

      Of course for y’all, all of the real racism is simply noting any white racism. What was racist about this? Did it upset you that she said this was a beautiful baby? What ginned-up phony outrage. You’re disgusting with that.

      Do you think it isn’t true, the lack of diversity in the GOP? But boy did you think you found a way to deflect and project all the racist policy and action here. Gawd, how stupid, how weak.

      Do you think speculation about this baby getting together with a Kanye West/Kardashian offspring is RACIST? Through what mechanism? I think that is a funny concept, not terrifically laugh out loud but see if you can buy a sense of humor somewhere, people.

      • Insert_Cool_Username

        Ah yes, the old “Can’t you take a joke?” deflection. Ages pass and man can’t seem to find any new tactics.

        Lack of diversity, you say? Any of these names ring a bell? Mia Love, Allen West, Marco Rubio, Herman Cain, Bobby Jindall, to name just a few. That’s rather diverse, if you ask me. But facts are stubborn and aren’t good at emotional manipulation, so they aren’t exactly the liberals forte.

        So your little spiel there… not impressed.

        Edit: As was pointed out to be by Jan Civil, I unfortunately indeed did misspell Allen West’s name the first time. Evidently, this undoes any validity of my argument, because typing the name the way I’ve done so thousands of times in my life (having both family and friends who bear the name) without meticulously scrutinizing it is an unpardonable sin. I will be sure to flagellate myself ten-thousand times in penance for the grievous error. (Incidentally, Jan, since you didn’t properly hyphenate Harris-Perry once, you’re guilty of the same error, I reckon.)

        • Jan Civil

          So, they all suck up to the white right wing way. What diversity? That’s you telling me the Uncle Ruckuses of the word represent their people, basically. Have a conversation with someone from the neighborhood about Allen West sometime. See, you don’t even really know his name to spell it right.

          How do you feature understanding that ‘can you imagine the wedding’ is a joke is deflection?
          What am I deflecting? What race am I do you think? What evidence do you have I am acting on racism or voting for racist policies? So you have mastered the argument ‘I’m rubber, you’re glue’. Congratulations.

          The whole exercise of seizing on this as ‘liberal’ [or ‘black’? But Ms Harris Perry is ‘mixed’, no?] racism is deflection and classic psychological projection in the first place, isn’t it? Who are you kidding do you think. You can kid yourself but the effort is laughable to me.

          Which of the panel hates which race, please clue me in on your delusion! Does the white guy that made the quip about finding the one black person at the convention hate whitey? That one is funny to someone because of the truth of it. Which of her racial parts does Harris-Perry hate the most do you think?

          How stupid.

          • RosiesSeeingRed

            “So, they all suck up to the white right wing way.”

            Because in the mind of a bigot like you, someone with black skin cannot think for themselves. They either group-think with other blacks, or they suck up to whites. Got it — you’ve made your bigotry loud and clear.

          • Insert_Cool_Username

            I have no idea what goes on inside Harris-Perry’s mind, what part of herself she loathes, or loves, or whatever. Quite frankly, I couldn’t care less.

            But I have to question what in the hell diversity has to do with anything, really. Even if the entire gamut of ethnic groups agree with you, one plus one plus still does not equal three.

            Incidentally, in you’re accusation of me “projecting” my own racism, you made a few accusations I never did. At what point did I ever accuse MPH of hating her own ethnicity? Did I ever say that her actions spawned from her being black? Oddly enough, no I didn’t. But you certainly went there. Maybe you’re the one with projection issues.

            And the Uncle Ruckus thing. I shouldn’t be surprised that you would go low enough to scrape at the bottom of that barrel, but still I was. I guess I was naive for expecting anything else. So what did you mean by that, then? Are all African-Americans , Indians, Latinos, etc. supposed to think the same? Like one giant Hive Mind with no dissent? Sounds a tad too… racist for me.

            “How stupid,” you say? Methinks that those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

          • Ewade

            You can’t possibly be implying that this shameful bag isn’t one of the most racist “personality’s on TV. Are you that deluded? Or just a shill.

          • Your obsession with skin color has destroyed your ability to reason. First you accuse the GOP of a lack of diversity, then you decide that it’s very diversity is proof of a lack of diversity.

            That’s so circular it forms a singularity.

      • Richard Dean MacLean

        Sooooo, it’s not racist that there are more than twenty beautiful children in this picture, but the entire panel hones in on the black baby. No, you’re right. That’s not racist at all. (rolls eyes)

      • toongoon

        Its true Jan, there are fewer blacks in the GOP but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any blacks in the GOP.

        Blacks have swarmed to the dem’s like bees to honey, they are given their livelihood at the discretion of politicians. I guess that gives them some odd form of moral superiority huh.
        Harris Perry is an inciting hatred toward republicans and using race to perpetrate it.

        • Ewade

          That’s because only the ones with an IQ that can actually be measured join the GOP

          • toongoon

            Quality, not quantity!

      • SamyyCiao

        Dumb comment

    • toongoon

      Melissa, is that you?

    • Texx Mexx

      You people are pretty hateful to latch onto a family Christmas card picture to play racial politics with. In fact, your hatred is absolutely cancerous. And you call yourself “Civil”–what a sick joke.

  • Angie Alexis

    Why in the world would you make fun of this picture? It’s a picture of a grandfather with his grandchildren. I’m not a Romney fan but laughing at this picture is very inappropriate.

  • Hotnike

    Typical heartless liberals, Nothing else needs to be said!

  • theslowrider

    A year in sensitivity retraining camp, and donating a years income to a school for orphans would be a good start for this “panel host” in her rehabilitation.

  • Dennis Lafferty

    they really dont want to be elected next term

  • dawn

    And we wonder how playground bullying gets started? What a bunch of shameless bullies
    who should all hang their heads in shame!

  • Snake Plissken

    Curiously, do any African-Americans ever adopt a white child?

    • Barack_Milhous_Obama

      Sometimes, but if the kid studies hard they accuse him of “actin’ white.”

      • Snake Plissken

        Thanks. Just thought I’d acks.

    • kmansfield

      that’s a MHP baited question isn’t it?
      There are a lot more black babies available for adoption, and Russia and shut down the pipeline. From what I understand, usually adoption agencies try to match children racially, but they will put kids into available homes as needs dictate.

  • Ewade

    So, it’s from Africa?

  • Ewade

    This clunt should just hang herself already. The world would be that much better if she were not stinking up the place.

  • stevereenie

    Not good enough….Where is GLAAD when they are actually needed. Is their social conscience limited to who gets to screw who? GLAAD should be calling for her to be fired. (period, ipso facto)

  • haggrr

    Yeap, this how liberals are at heart. Can you just imagine what this same group would be saying if this was blank family with an adopted white kid and folks over at Fox made the same remarks?

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    From a commenter on the article linked to this at American Thinker:

    “Quick question. While she and her cohorts were all too ready to go after
    the Romneys, did they insult Brad and Angelina, or Sandra Bullock the
    same way? No? I didn’t think so.”

  • Dang

    From David Burge @iowahawkblog

    “If I were a Freudian, I’d say Perry accused the Romneys of adopting a
    black child for the precise reason she suspects MSNBC adopted her.”

    Nailed it.

  • Trayvon Martin


  • zj sky

    F-ck MSNBC and F-ck all liberals / progressives

    • kmansfield

      It was not all liberals/progressives/etc.. who were doing that, and not all of them are excusing MSNBC or MHP now. I can’t stand that channel. Please, back away from the abyss, and don’t generalize.

  • what they prefer, the black kid growing up the Ghet-to?

    • kmansfield

      More likely it would grow up in an orphanage. I think its a great example of someone on the right, living his values about caring about babies after they are born, not only before.

  • sardiverdave

    We’re all just covering up for our latent racism by treating black people as equals and welcoming them as friends and family, you see.

    If we don’t do this to cover up our latent racism, we’re being overtly racist.

    Heads, we’re racist; tails, we’re racist.

    We can do this with lots of things:Oppose Affirmative Action because blacks are equal? Racist. In favor of Affirmative Action? It’s because you’re covering up your racism and you’re probably not in favor of AA anyway.

    Neat parlor game.

  • Veronica Kenny-Carfora

    Listen, I don’t think Mr. Romney is a terrible person. I just think that his life experiences, upbringing, wealth, and the personal and business environment in which he has lived all his life, have made him extremely out of touch with ninety percent of the people in this nation. He, and some members of his family as well, have made some very stupid decisions and comments, not because they are bad people, just totally unable to relate to the average citizenry of the country. He thinks he can . . . but he can’t, and that’s why he opens himself up to commentary such as that on Ms. Harris-Perry’s show. As I read some of the comments below, I realize that many people do not themselves see the great divide, socially, economically, spiritually, and culturally between themselves and Mr. Romney. I read of an interesting study (poll) that found people had a tendency to identify themselves as being middle-class when they were actually far below that. Middle class folks people identified themselves as “upper middle class” when they were barely in what would be considered “middle-class.” Needless to say, people who were actually in what would be considered “upper middle class” thought they were wealthy or “upper class.” Because of this very odd and uniquely American phenomena, politicians such as Mr. Romney are very successfully convincing voters that “they are just like them, regular folks!” Mr. Romney and family seem to work at creating this illusion, but because he is grossly out of touch, many of his efforts, are horribly transparent and yes, laughable to a degree. Such as choosing his adorable, adopted, African-American grandchild to sit on his knee right smack-dab in the middle of the photograph amid all those sweet pink faces. It was a terribly transparent decision. Having the parents holding their child somewhere in the picture, still would have indicated the “diversity” of family, that he was trying to project, without being crass.
    Which I am certain he did not mean to do.

    Here are some examples of other rather vacuous things he has said or done: In trying to win the hearts and minds of southern voters, he proudly declared to a group of southern Nascar fans that, “I have many friends who are Nascar team owners!” Now you’ve got to at least smile at that one. How many multi-milllonaire Nascar team owner friends do you think those fans have as friends? Out of touch? Do you think? Then there was the “corporations are people” comment. Once again, because many of his friends and campaign donors are corporate CEO’s, presidents and owners of large corporations, of course he would see corporations as people. He sees them that way. The sad, laughable, out-of-touch thing is that he doesn’t seem to realize that the general population doesn’t perceive it the same way he does! Then of course, in his attempt to bring in the women votes, he made the very absurd “I have binders full of women” comment. Yes, he was trying to assure women voters that they would be a valued part of his administration, but the average woman didn’t quite get that message. I could go on and on, but I’ve said enough . . . more than enough actually 🙂 !
    All I’m trying to say is that I understand, and so should others, that given Mr. Romney’s less than stellar laundry list of dumb and laughable measures he’s taken to win the hearts and minds of the American voter, the chuckles made by the panel were very understandable.

    • Toby66

      They adopted a baby. From your view that that makes him a horrible horrible person. K, then.

      That out of touch man you write of…and his family will be able to give this child hope for a better future, and for a fantastic life. Unless people like those on this “panel” mock and insult him.

      AND the binders full of women—THOSE were resumes. YOU know, people , women, looking for jobs.

      • kmansfield

        I agree with your comment, and the binders full of women argument, was just jumping on a silly linguistic gaff.

        • poljunkie

          YES I do as well.
          ……. He was interviewing and hiring women…AND during the campaign season he was taken to task for it? It was a scratch your head moment to be sure.

    • Steve_in_SoCal

      Out of touch that he took his inheritance from his father (GM Exec & MI Governor) and donated to charity – ALL OF IT – and started his own company?
      That Mitt Romney?
      Versus our current president who went to upper class boarding schools in HI, free passes to Harvard and the like, and really hasn’t done anything in his life. I forgot – he ran his campaign in 2008 and said that proved he knew how to run a company.
      Yeah, gimme that guy. . . he’s really like me.

      • Veronica Kenny-Carfora

        A very dear elderly woman I knew was left a comfortable amount of money by her small business owner husband of 50 years. It was not a fortune by any means. But it gave her a yearly income of about 120K a year. She determined she needed only 40K a year to live on. She gave the rest to charity each year for the remaining 18 years of her life. She also worked for 3 years for free for the young couple who bought her husband’s business, to help them learn the “ins and outs” and keep it successful. She lived in a very lovely 4 room apartment co-op she purchased after her husband passed. Second floor-walk up. She grew up dirt poor and gave away her money out of gratefulness for the wonderful life she and her husband were able to build. They had no family connections to help them, they dealt with terrible discrimination as their parents were Irish immigrants. THAT is a generous, good, charitable, individual, doing good works simply out of the goodness of one’s heart. Romney made a charitable tax deductible donation to a University that provided him with connections that would benefit him and his career. There is a difference.

        • IndypendentIn09

          Leave it to a Romney-hater to criticize him for not donating millions to the *right* charity you approve of.

          Seriously – that is just pathetic.

          And for the life of me, I don’t understand idiots who think there is some kind of monetary advantage to getting a tax deduction for charitable donations. Do you people honestly not grasp that the deduction is NEVER anything close to 100%?

        • Toby66

          There are many generous people in the world.

          Some of us give money, some give time.

          You’re bad mouthing of the Romney family, Miss really isn’t admirable.

        • poljunkie

          Just curious???????

          How do you know what’s in Romney’s heart?

          Many are generous.

    • youngexecutive

      It’s soooo understandable to make fun of family photos….
      No it’s not. STFU.

    • toongoon

      You are a victim of the left’s class war. I heard all of things said about him and chose to check him out for myself.

      Do you hold the same animosity toward Obama, who the media sold as a messiah to the same standards? He is wealthy too, and even more out of touch with the American people.

      • poljunkie

        I agree toon. Although I didn’t agree with Romney politically on many issues, as a person, he seems like a great family man of much integrity.

    • Cherryblossom3

      Wow. I feel very sorry for you. This wealthy individual has given so much time and money to help others. Remember the 12 year old boy who was a friend of Mr. Romney? He was dying of cancer and asked Mr. Romney to sit with him and help him painstakingly right out a will. He was concerned with whom would get which of his belongings. Mr. Romney spent an entire afternoon with this boy giving him great comfort. Do you think Obama (or most other liberals) would do that? Most of what Mr. Romney does to help others, he does anonymously.
      And why must you compare everybody against one another? Are you not content with where you are in life? If not, do something about it as you are in control of your own destiny.
      I’m not saying Mr. Romney is perfect (I disagree with him much politically and religiously) but he is a good man and I am tired of others besmirching him. Can you not just disagree with him but respect the much good he does in this world?

    • kmansfield

      it’s not about Romney. It’s about MHP and MSNBC and projecting racism.
      This comes from Corey Robin, one of the more thoughtful intellectuals of the left, before the election, and before she got her show:

      Harris-Perry contends that “a more insidious form of racism” than the traditional kind may explain white liberal dissatisfaction with Obama. Where white liberals presumably gave the much less effective Clinton a pass in 1996, Harris-Perry anticipates a defection among those very same voters in 2012. Why? Because they’ll act on their alleged “tendency…to hold African-American leaders to a higher standard than their white counterparts.” The next election, she claims, “may be a test of another form of electoral racism.”

      His assessment:

      Unlike some folks, I don’t think Harris-Perry’s problem is her tendency to cry racism. No, it’s far deeper than that. It’s her tendency to reduce political arguments to psychological motivations. Because this is hardly the first time that Harris-Perry has speculated about the underlying sources of liberal-left disgruntlement with Obama. Back in May, she criticized Cornel West and Tavis Smiley for their critique of Obama, arguing that it was driven more by personal pique than political principle. Again, with little evidence to support her claims. Now, she launches a similarly psychologically driven theory of white liberal-left disgruntlement, only this time the putative motivation is racism.

      Psychology may or may not play a role in politics. But if it does, we need evidence-based psychologists, not fact-free astrologists, to explain it to us.

      So what was her point displaying the picture? It was context free, she asked her guests to speculate on what it meant.

      I think Caleb Howell is correct, it was projecting a tokenizing motivation for the Romney family adopting the baby. His cousin, Jon Huntsman has adopted chinese children, and Mormons do adopt a lot of kids generally.

      This crap is so tiring, and I’m of the left.

      • poljunkie

        She is just a mean spirited wench.

        I don’t know how she can look in the mirror each day and think she is making a positive difference in the world.

  • tmcbpatriot

    Funny that republicons are so offended by words while republican politicians are actually cutting programs that help defenseless children. Hypocrites one and all.

    • Steve_in_SoCal

      What programs?
      The 99-ers who have been on unemployment for 2+ years because of this swell economy?
      DId you not hear? The unemployment rate is 7% and Obama and his team have said the economy is improving. Did you not miss summer of Recorvery 2009?

      A food stamp nation with 46M recieving said aid? That has increased 50% in the last 5 years? Did you not hear about Recovery Summer 2009?
      Cash for Clunkers. Cash for Caulkers. Cash for “Green” companies. Perhaps if O-had a clue- not spent this money on his base, he’d have the money to extend these programs you talk about.

    • toongoon

      Does the irony completely escape you that you are commenting on a thread about a black leftist attacking a black child?

      • tmcbpatriot

        Attacking a child? You child.

        • toongoon

          Yep! only this one was actually allowed to be born.
          Obviously the irony also escapes you that the party who boasts of being for the children has slaughtered more than 50 million children.

          • tmcbpatriot

            Yes only liberals get abortions. Republicons cut social programs that actually hurt living children. Do you care about them or are they just govt. tit suckers?

            • toongoon

              So let me get this straight, you think they are just living off the government so they should never be born, is that right? The left’s answer to having poor people is killing them before they take a breath? If that is the case why is the government paying for more people than ever before to survive.

              Here is a better question, why have we killed off our own children only to bring in illegal aliens to suck off the public tit?

            • You can go away now.

      • Ewade

        Nevermind the fact this child miraculously escaped the abortionists, and will have an amazing life instead of being shot down in the street by his homies.

  • SamyyCiao

    MSNBC out of control and needs to be under new management. All you idiots paying Comcast $200+ a month this is what you get for you money liberal jerks from Philly not even NYC trying to run a ultra leftist TV Station – Philly is about as far left is LA, NY, Houston,
    Denver and Detriot with their liberal Mayors and out of control City Councils – 2014 will se a major shift back to the right – though my quess is that it will be to far to the right and casue nothing but problems.

  • WyoGirl

    Well I think what these people said are far more worse then what Phil Robertson said about black people “HE ENCOUNTERED!!!” These comments were very much disrespectful in every way!!!

    • kmansfield

      There is no way to compare the two, so let’s not.

  • SamyyCiao

    Where is Jesse, Rev Al, Obama, Rev Wright on this one – nowhere of course!

    • SamyyCiao

      Hateful bunch of women liberals on that show – shouuld all be fired!

  • John Bruce

    This is another case of those kind, caring, open-minded liberals spewing hate.

  • Robin

    Where is MSNBC laughter and jokes when a actor or actress or some other white people that adopt a black child or any other race color.. This is so petty..Didn’t your parents teach you any better.. Don’t you have other news to report that is better then to laugh and joke just because the Romney’s adopted a black child.. I am happy for them..

  • Chuck10

    I would like to see Melissa Harris-Perry’s Christmas card, what do you think the odds are that there is a white person in it? Adopting a child is a very brave thing to do and MSNBC makes fun of people who don’t care if the child is white or black, shame on you.

    • Ewade

      I would hope it shows her getting “knocked out” by some homie, just for kicks.

  • Chuck10

    Hey isn’t she the same person who said that children don’t belong to their parents but to the whole communities? What does she have against kids?

  • Chuck10

    Where is her Christmas card? Lets count the white children in it.

  • Gustavo DiGiovanni

    For anybody who doesn’t already realize it, the left is made up of a group of lying scum devoid of ethics or morals, this is the latest example.

    • kmansfield

      Please don’t make the mistake of confusing “the left” broadly, for Democratic party operatives who dominate a TV Channel/ unofficial PR outlet. They have one principle: maintaing power, just like Republican operatives such as Karl Rove.

      • jimb82

        Did you see the time Debbie Wasserman-Schultz mispronounced “misled” because she was reading her supposedly impromptu answer to a question off a TelePrompter on msnbc? And even after the questioner pronounced the word correctly. No kidding it’s a Democratic pr outlet. It’s as much a house organ as the NYT.

        • LAPhil

          “Mizled” (LOL!)

        • kmansfield

          No, I didn’t see it. I can’t watch that channel, the bias just causes me angst. Life’s too short to pump garbage into my head – on purpose.

          Down with Tyranny says she’s the most corrupt member of congress on the dem side. She’s in hock to the anti-Cuban Sugar Interests, the Fanjul brothers.

          Two of the purveyors of DeLay-level corruption in the House leadership, Steny Hoyer and Majority Whip Jim Clyburn voted against Rangel’s amendment .. as another right-wing front group in cahoots with Wasserman Schultz, US-Cuba Democracy PAC, forked over $320,000 to Democrats in the current cycle.

          Even scarier, is that Pelosi put her on a fast track to House-speaker to keep her from splitting the caucus. Talk about eating your seed corn.

      • Gustavo DiGiovanni

        Karl Rove has no power and hence no interest in maintaining it. The left leaning media, which is most of the media, lies even worse than the left-wing politicians like obama, reid, pelosi, schultz which may be difficult to fathom.

        • kmansfield

          Karl Rove has no power?
          Chamber of Commerce and Karl Rove join to crush 2014 tea party candidates

          [G]rassroots activists have re-framed the GOP’s old “pro-business” stance into a “pro-free markets” positioning that eschews corporate welfare and taxpayer-funded crony capitalist giveaways to industries that make major political contributions and reap big government contracts paid for by voters.

          The Journal says that joining the Chamber of Commerce will be groups like Karl Rove’s American Crossroads, who “are preparing an aggressive effort to groom and support more centrist Republican candidates.”

          Meanwhile, Rove’s group, American Crossroads, will be operating more from the shadows this time.”

          “The move was prompted in part by the less-than-savory image Crossroads has developed with the GOP’s conservative base.”

          “Grassroots members said they were “unwilling to let Mr. Rove and his colleagues decide which Senate candidates get the most support,”’

          He has $50 million dollars of no power to make in political contributions, or spending on campaign advertising. Winning elections are all about accessing the spoils for both parties.

          I’d like to point out that the Chamber of Commerce eschewing pork and loop holes is contradictory to their raison d’etre.

        • Maxwell Gold

          No real power?? Well then, welcome have you been after living under a rock the last 14 years

          • Gustavo DiGiovanni

            Perhaps I should have clarified what I said – rove has no real power with independently thinking Americans, which you apparently are not.

  • jppcasey

    She’s an absolute racist and a disgrace. I think the entire staff at MSNBC must also think along the same lines. If they feel comfortable behaving like this on live TV, I can only imagine what goes on behind close doors.

    • jimb82

      There are degrees. Her words have never resulted in anyone’s death (Freddie’s Fashion Mart) or public scandal (Tawana Brawley), unlike certain other distinguished msnbc hosts . . . .

      • jppcasey

        So when a socialist liberal progressive media type insults someone’s family because of race it’s OK as long as no one was killed. It’s amazing isn’t it? Also, don’t forget Al Sharpton failed presidential run; when he stole all the contributions afterwards.

        • jimb82

          No, it’s not OK,but just wanted to point out that there are people on msnbc who are worse than her.

          • jppcasey

            Point taken.

  • Megan

    Anyone…of any political view…who would make fun of someone’s family…is despicable. Whether or not they agree with my views is irrelevant.

  • Saul Goode, Ammosexual Teahadi

    Oh, effing gross…Are those USED tampons in her ears?

  • Jane Dough

    MSWTF is making fun of Republicans?!? I’m shocked, SHOCKED to discover gambling is going on at Rick’s.


    …it is no wonder why nobody is watching these clowns spewing such crap .”

  • Lamont Hill will never adopt anyone because he is a selfish individual who wants all for himself, what a toad he is mocking Romney for helping someone

    • malaka_eneuresis

      He was always disrespectful of his father Fred, and never helped out at the junk yard.

  • Will Seay

    Pure Scum… Close down MSNBC

    • Tim

      close them down…. for the words of a guest on a talk show.

      Because this is America!!!

      • me

        Yeah, I agree, close MSNBC.
        Apparently it’s the only station you watch and maybe we avoid reading your misconstrued and fact-lied posts

      • Meekrob

        And yet you and your totalitarian statist ilk are always bleating about Limbaugh and Beck.

  • David Brinton

    White people voted for a black man over a White woman for president. When do you see Black people voting for a White candidate over a Black candidate? Never.

    Black people regularly use derogatory terms like “cracker” to describe White people. And yet White people who do nothing more than quote government statistics that show Black people in an unfavorable, though accurate, light are tarred for being racists.

    Racism is alive and well in the Black community. This is just one more example. Note to Harris-Perry, we White people lock our car doors whenever a stranger approaches, regardless of race. Only a racist Black man would think it’s because he’s Black.

    • kmansfield

      When do you see Black people voting for a White candidate over a Black candidate? Never.
      And I have to call bs on this claim. see this black political site:

      And yet White people who do nothing more than quote government statistics that show Black people in an unfavorable, though accurate, light are tarred for being racists.

      I noticed you didn’t quote any statistics.

      Racism is alive among both blacks and whites, and other people of color, and there is even bias against people’s own ethnicity.

      Only a racist Black man would think [somone locked a car door] because he’s Black. This is hypothetical is a strawman.

      Someone who has been a victim of racism who suspects racist intent, isn’t racist. Accusations without proof, based ethnicity are.

      • David Brinton

        More nonsense from the White hating Black community. You hate mongers can always dredge up some baseless statistic other racists of your ilk compiled to further the pretense. The mere fact you have such statistics demonstrates your hatred of White people. You probably spend a lot of time defending your hatred.

        Harris-Perry is a White hating bigot, no different than the President.

        • Maxwell Gold

          Ummm…takes one to know one???

          • Rockman

            Thus you just proved his point!

            • Maxwell Gold

              That Richard is a bigot?? Trust he is doing a well enough job on his own proving that point! He doesn’t been my help

      • Maxwell Gold

        Great response…I wonder what statistics Richard will quote..welfare? Mostly single white women..crime?? At least Obama is doing something right by making criminal penalties fairer..go Richard..i’d love to debate your “stats”..and before you go lib bashing I am a card carrying Republican..just not a racist one!

  • Gustavo DiGiovanni

    What’s the matter, afraid of a good fight? I would like the best candidate to run, to get rid of the libs and I’d prefer a conservative but overall we need to get the libs out.

  • Jenna Lee

    The comments by Caleb seem more offensive than the MSNBC panelists – because it is Caleb who says “Because as everyone knows, the races should not mix.”

    • CLT Engineer

      Its called sarcasm…. you should try it sometime.

      • Tim

        yes, yes…. we should all be more sarcastic…. to create a far right utopia. lol

  • timothy.

    If the attitude of races should not mix, how many people would not be here today. Hopefully its not the doctor that might save his life in the future.

  • The spelling for racist is now officially changed to “msnbc.”

    • Tim

      Remember when all those conservative republicans took a stand on civil rights and forced desegregation in our schools?

      me neither. stop deflecting

      • Actually it was Republicans who made it possible for the Civil Rights Acts to pass. A higher percentage of Republicans in the Senate voted for it than Democrats did.

        Despite what you believe, the historical facts prove otherwise.

        • Tim

          Conservative democrats and conservative republicans nearly unanimously opposed civil rights. The southern democrats of that era closely resembled, in ideology, rush Limbaugh and glenn beck. The current democratic party, with left of center ideology bares no resemblance to the conservative democrats, especially of the south, in that day.

          It is freaking hilarious watching conservative republicans acting like they and not liberal minded people were the ones who fought for civil rights. Its hysterical.

          • Limbaugh and Beck are NOTHING like the segregationist Democrats. There is no use talking to someone who is willing to lie and smear those fine men. You have no clue what those two support.

            Limbaugh gives mic time to Snerdley, but to no one else on his staff. You don’t know who Snerdley is, do you! No, you don’t because you’re too busy with your commie talking points.

            Get out of here with your nonsense.

            • Tim

              Limbaugh and Beck are a lot closer to them than the current democrats. Thats the point.

              And you are comical beyond belief. Acting as if the current democrats resemble anything close to the southern conservative democrats during the civil rights movement then saying the republicans have disowned david duke who was an elected Republican official as recently as the 1990’s.

              If you throw out the political party affiliation, the primary common denominator is that the KKK and the CURRENT republican party are both very conservative in their political beliefs.

              much, apparently, like you.

              • You’re wrong. Look who made the racist remarks – it wasn’t Beck or Rush – it was the msnbc panel!

                Liberals are consumed by race. CONSUMED! Everything is a group or a block, race being the primary one.

                For decades has tried to find a racist remark to hang on Rush and Beck. They record the shows and go over them because they would love nothing more than to destroy them by charging them with racism. Fifteen hours a week for decades yet they’ve got nothing!

                • Tim

                  Limbaugh got run from ESPN for making remarks about how McNabbs recieved too much credit for his teams success because he was black. He told another black person to take the “bone out of their nose”.

                  I am sure you love the guy, but you can’t reinvent him outside of your own head.

                • Limbaugh was talking about the reporter’s racism regarding their favoritism of McNabb who was a C+/B- quarterback. He said they went easy on him only because he was black. That is not a racist comment but a person pointing out racism by providing an example of their racism.

                  There should be a highlight reel of McNabb’s pathetic passes, many of which badly missed their targets when the receivers were only a few yards away.

                  Limbaugh apologized and said he feels guilty about the bone in your nose comment which was made in the 1970’s. He said it because he could not understand the caller and asked them to call back.

                  In fact, bones in the nose are cultural, not racial. There are tribes of people in South America and maybe Africa who have worn bones in their noses and maybe they still do. It is not a reference to a person’s skin color but to what some people do.

                  Maybe the guy sounded like he had a bone in his nose making his speech undecipherable.

                • Tim

                  So what you are saying is that limbaugh apologized and was fired for nothing.

                  got it.

                • You said that, not me, Tim. This is why the left has so much wrong with them – they project their own faults onto conservatives.

                  If you want to know what I said, go back and read it again.

              • Walt Corcoran

                now ill agree with the first and first line only those two are jokes. And you both fail to realize that fighting does squat and that fact is BOTH DEM and REPUB are all corrupt of greed, there is no REAL difference between the two parties they both are power hungry manipulative vermin’s who all should be thrown into G-BAY for crimes against humanity and betrayal of its people ALL OF THEM.

                • Tim

                  I agree Walt. I am no bleeding heart liberal or a democrat. I despise both parties. Its funny how all you have to do is criticize someone on the right and you instantly become a dirty hippie, liberal, tree hugging, commie bastard to so many folks.

            • Tim

              segregationist democrats? where did i ever use such a term. I said Southern Conservative Democrats, and I said they more closely resemble Limbaugh and Beck in their thinking than they do any leading democrat in todays political theater.

          • Walt Corcoran

            keep trying friend.

      • Bill X

        I see you failed history.

      • Rockman

        Surely you are not talking about the Democraptic stance on either of these issues during the 60’s!? You need to go back and study some History. Democrats unapologetically stood against these issues. You need to study history instead of the the Democratic KKK talking points! The Republicans wrote the laws that the Demons stood against on both of these issues! WoW!

        • Tim

          Do you think there is currently a member of the KKK that votes democrat? Your delusional ramblings aside, aligning current democrats with southern conservative democrats during the civil rights movement is probably one of the more hilarious things I see people like you do.

          Conservative southern Democrats opposed civil rights. The Democrats opposed to the civil rights movement weren’t Democrats with the center-left ideology of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. They were, in fact, conservatives – especially from the south – with far more in common with Limbaugh, Beck, etc. than any modern mainstream Democrat. When people say that someone like notorious segregationist Bull Connor was a Democrat, they are technically right on the party label, but when it comes to ideology Connor and the rest of those opposed to racial integration were conservatives.

          Conservatives opposed civil rights. At the time of the civil rights movement, outside of the parties, conservatives were opposed to the civil rights movement. Barry Goldwater, a conservative whose brand of politics would soon take over the Republicans in the guise of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, opposed civil rights law. He claimed that he viewed it as a states rights issue, and actually favored equal rights, but the practical effect of his stance would be to allow segregation – in the south “states rights” meant “Jim Crow.” The conservative intellectual movement – William F. Buckley’s National Review, for instance, opposed what they viewed as law-breaking protests by Dr. Martin Luther King.

          But go ahead and pretend as if those that fought for civil rights in any way resembled the current republicans and those that opposed resembled current democrats. Because it makes you look clownish.

          • Yes, if there are any current KKK members, they would be Democrats., just like their grandaddies – or like the late Senator Harry Byrd.

            This notion that today’s Republicans were Democrats is just another lying fantasy dreamed up by the Democrats to whitewash their long racist history.

            The Dems are still running against Goldwater and Buckley – too, too funny. You’ll need to do better than that.

            Conservatives do NOT oppose civil rights – they support them. But you can’t get past the leftist/commie talking points.

            The Jim Crow laws were all Democrat laws!! As was the KKK. Democrats fought a civil war to keep slavery.

            Today the places with the worst crime and the worst economies are all run by… you guessed it DEMOCRATS!

            If the Democrat line of thinking worked better, blacks would have jobs instead of welfare and single mothers (70% of all black births are to single mothers!) as the order of the day.

            • Tim

              The lack of intellectual honesty you have is typical.

              Name one recent prominent democrat who is a member of the KKK.

              Meanwhile I will name one that is a republican… David Duke. REPUBLICAN

              • There was only one Dean of the US Senate. His name was Harry Byrd. He was prominent KKK’er.

                The Rebublican Party has publicly disowned David Duke, a nutburger. He can call himself whatever he wants.

                Byrd called himself a Democrat. The Democrats embraced him with no reservations and still do.

                • Tim

                  the democrats embraced Harry Byrd? Byrd has been an independent since 1970. He is a southern conservative. He is good friends with George Bush Sr. Your posts get more comical by the minute.

                  Also, a prominent KKK’er? please provide your source for that info. You must be thinking of Robert Byrd who was active in the KKK in the 30’s. Again, more misinformation

                • My apologies I was thinking of the KKK leader Robert Byrd. You should know that.

                  Dean of the Senate. Revered and loved by the Democrats. A thorough racist. One of your guys.

                  Not once did a Democrat denounce him for his KKK history or his racism. EVER.

                • Tim

                  Robert Byrd? He was involved in the KKK in 1920 and 30’s.

                  That is your example of democrats embracing the KKK? Any chance you have one from the past 80 years? laughable, as is your suggestion he was “embraced”.

                  P.S. One of my guys? I am not a democrat. They, like the republicans disgust me with their partisan politics and bickering.

                • You expected him to to wear his white sheet in the Halls of Congress?? Oh, he stopped being a KKK racist the day he showed up in DC riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

                  It was just a few years ago when Byrd showed up on one of the Sunday talking heads shows and said blacks weren’t the ONLY n*gg*rs, only he didn’t use the asterisks. He said the forbidden word.

                  IOW, blacks ARE n*gg*rs!!!! Byrd was and is venerated by Democrats. He was a racist just like Melissa Harris-Perry and most of her liberal panel are racist.

                • Tim

                  Byrd died in 2010 dude. He was a conservative, as you appear to be.

                • Byrd is still venerated and he voted Democrat in lockstep fashion, including for the disastrous ObamaTax that is going to turn 2014 into an economic nightmare.

                  Some conservative … Byrd voted for partial birth abortion.

                  BTW, the Democrat Byrd filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

                • Tim

                  He said there were “white nig ers”, and then later profusely apologized saying it was a term from his childhood and he should have never used it. He called joining the KKK in his youth the greatest mistake of his life. The NCAAP rated him 100 percent on his voting record over two terms in voting in alignment with them.

                  His actual quote on current race relations was…

                  “They’re much, much better than they’ve ever been in my lifetime … I think we talk about race too much. I think those problems are largely behind us … I just think we talk so much about it that we help to create somewhat of an illusion. I think we try to have good will. My old mom told me, ‘Robert, you can’t go to heaven if you hate anybody.’ We practice that. There are white niggers. I’ve seen a lot of white niggers in my time, if you want to use that word. We just need to work together to make our country a better country”

                  After the interview he said,

                  “I apologize for the characterization I used on this program … The phrase dates back to my boyhood and has no place in today’s society … In my attempt to articulate strongly held feelings, I may have offended people.”

                  In June 2005, Byrd proposed an additional $10 million in federal funding for the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial in Washington, D.C., remarking that, “With the passage of time, we have come to learn that his Dream was the American Dream, and few ever expressed it more eloquently.”

                  Either way he was elected in virginia where deep rooted racism has been alive and well for a long long time, and he was very conservative on many issues such as gay rights.

                • Federal spending?? He wanted to use FEDERAL spending?? To me MLK was one of THE greatest Americans to have ever lived. But all monuments in DC for private individuals are pad for privately as was the Vietnam Memorial and the WWII memorial.

                  But leave it to a l;iberal to spend be generous with tax payer money.

                  Rush Limbaugh could give $100 million OF HIS OWN money for such a cause, but for the left, it would not be enough. That is the double standard the left lives by.

                  To see the double standard in action one need go no further than the original topic of this thread. A family like Romney can adopt a black child, but it isn’t praised – it’s laughed at. It is made fun of. The family becomes the butt of jokes and derision from people like you, claiming it was done to distract from the Reagan administration or some other such utter nonsense. It’s pretty disgusting.

                  Meanwhile, millions of black families didn’t step forward to adopt this child – they did.

                • elbucho

                  Robert C Byrd defended the KKK when in his 40’s – after spending his 20’s and 30’s recruiting for them. He wasn’t a mere Grand Wizard, he was the freaking Exalted Cyclops (aka supreme leader of the KKK.) He was not just a marginal member, as you assert.
                  Modern conservatism, is more about fiscal terms and size of government. Only really old people, or those that are too lazy to form a thought of their own still think conservative means “whites in the front and blacks in the back”, because that is the line the liberal progressives feed them daily. Go back to your liberal buddies and continue to point and laugh at the Romney family photo, like the good little sheep you are.

                • Tim

                  Byrd was a southern conservative. Plain and simple.

                  He was never “grand master” of the klan either, and on his deathbed he said joining the kKK in his youth was “the worst mistake of his life”…

                  He opposed gay marriage, was in favor of the clinton impeachment… but oddly as you are so certain he is a racist, the NAACP rated his voting record as 100 percent in line with their mission.

                  And I will take your anger and name calling as your concession in this argument.

                • Tim

                  Byrd was never a “grand wizard” and he called joining the klan in his youth as a southern conservative the greatest mistake of his life.

              • Meekrob

                Of course you fail to mention that the GOP ostracized and marginalized Duke, unlike the Dems and Sheets Byrd.

                Incidentally you should check out Duke’s website. It reads just like DU.

              • elbucho

                Robert C Byrd, former recruiter for the KKK. You could blame that on his youth, but he spent a great deal of time defending the KKK after his 40th birthday. He is a Democrat with the record for the largest career in Congress, and only recently left office in 2010. David Duke hasn’t served in Congress for more than 20 years, and has never been considered a ‘prominent’ member of the party. Seems the intellectual dishonesty is so far all yours.

              • CommonSense

                So somehow saying Byrd, who was most recently Democrat and David Duke who was a Democrat as well as a Republican and was dispelled by both parties is somehow intellectually honest? Give me a break, you’re not an independent; you’re a partisan hack!

                • Tim

                  Byrd is dead, he is a old news. A southern conservative of the slave state mindset. On his deathbed he said that joining the klan in his youth was the greatest mistake of his life.

                  The guy fought tooth and nail against gay rights for christ sake. He is not a modern democrat.

                  Duke was voted into office while he was the grandmaster of the knights of the klu klux klan as a republican in the 90’s and he is still politically active.

                  FACTS! But go ahead and talk about dead guys who played with the KKK in the 19930’s…. because you got nothing.

                • CommonSense

                  Duke is not and never will be a viable candidate on the National level. You’re comparing apples to oranges. You’re obviously a Democrat that has some identity issues and I can understand that, the GOP has gone with pieces of garbage like McCain and Romney so I voted LP last election.

          • Craig

            You have spun, perverted and twisted every fact of Civil Rights. You are a TRUE useful idiot. Twist the facts for your agenda, which is hate all who do not think like you. “Conservative southern Democrats” Ahhh, Haa, Haa, Haa, Haa. Lenin must be SO proud.

            • Tim

              You are a month late to the discussion bud. And judging by your words you wouldn’t have fared well in it anyway. Run along now.

      • Who is this clown named Tim? His defense against the cruel and racist remarks against the Romney family and the infant is…”Look – squirrel!”

        “Waah, waah, waah, waah! It’s okay if they are racist because if we are racist, I can always falsely accuse you of racism from 50 years ago.”

  • barely_free

    Just goes to show you the so called open minded people are the real racists. I find it amusing that every month some A$$ at MSNBC makes another racist or derorgotory against there political opponents. These guys need to really grow up.

  • Maxwell Gold

    Forget the whole black/white thing..why are all the boys wearing blue,the girls wearing pink but they dress little Kieran in a pink outfit?? WTF?? Great now he’s going to be the cross dressing black Romney

    • You still need to make racist remarks even after it has been appointed out the racism of the initial remarks?

      Melissa Harris-Perry has apologized for her cruel remarks, but you haven’t had enough of the cruel remarks, so you added your own??

      • Maxwell Gold

        Racist remarks?? I’m just pointing out what the kid is wearing..I didn’t name him Kieran..which is Celtic for black or dark. Im just pointing out facts..and from what I’m reading on your posts..I see why you are ok with all of this

        • Who wrote: “Great now he’s going to be the CROSS DRESSING BLACK Romney?”

          It doesn’t get any lower than that. An infant is the target of your denigrating remarks. Two insults in one sentence, one focusing on his color.

          Don’t even try to call someone a cross dresser and then claim the race aspect isn’t a put down.

          Why all this attention to the adopted baby if it isn’t a racial put down? Oh, it’s because the baby is a cross dresser. Puuuleeeeze!

    • jimb82

      All the babies are in pink.Look to the left and right.

  • paulejb

    Can’t blame the token nitwit at MSNBC for believing that the Romney adoption matches her experience.

  • white power


    • Elizabeth Delicio

      What relationship do you find between adopting a child, any child,
      yellow, red or blue with soldiers dying overseas ????? in your opinion
      the world has to stop because soldiers are fighting overseas?

      • Tim

        I think what he is saying is that black people are fighting for his country in the armed services so he shouldn’t be a racist tool.

    • Bill X

      Mitt did not adopt a black baby. You’re an idiot!

    • Tim

      big thinker. lol

    • Gibbons Dyson

      I have to say that this is once of the dumbest comments that I have ever seen!!! Its amazing that you mention that adopting a black baby is stupid while MY BROTHERS AT ARMS are overseas giving up their lives. Do you not realize I along with those who are overseas fighting daily do so regardless to what race you are and what race goes with what race? You really need to take a look at yourself as a human being and stop with the hatred.

  • For a woman who’s clearly of mixed parents this is really sick to see them MOCK A BABY which was adopted out of love by the Romney’s. Sorry but this video, and show makes me sick. This sort of stupidity needs to never happen again or I say fire this dumb bitch.

    • Tim

      they mocked the baby? How did you arrive at that conclusion? They were clearly mocking the look of the photo with the most whitebread family on earth and a black baby that kind of stands out.

      I think it was stupid and wrong of them to even discuss it, but mocking the baby? cmon.

      • You think you can mock a family due to race and it doesn’t affect the child??

        Please don’t have children.

      • Ben

        “White bread family”? What the f^ck is that supposed to mean? I don’t like the racial undertones in that statement…

        • Tim

          You are really offended by me referring to his family as exceptionally white bread huh?

          And yet just below this a person named “white power” is saying things like “MITT IS AN IDIOT FOR ADOPTING A BLACK CHILD.” and you are silent.

          A little racially motivated in your outrage aren’t you? lol

          • Ben

            didnt see that comment and mine was a form of ironic comedy, a poor joke im not very funny

  • Elizabeth Delicio

    What relationship do you find between adopting a child, any child, yellow, red or blue with soldiers dying overseas ????? in your opinion the world has to stop because soldiers are fighting overseas?

  • jppcasey

    Who’s Reggie Love?

  • Johnny Dangerously

    those who claim to fight for tolerance are always the least tolerant of all.

  • skeptic61

    Do a google search on this topic and you’ll wonder how much outrage, or preferably reasoned criticism, is necessary before we stop asking where the outrage is? Is it just that the wrong people are outraged? Harris-Perry should personally apologize to the Romneys and apologize to her viewers for unprofessionalism and move on.

  • Ben

    Gotta love the hypocrisy, a racist accusing others of racism, take the plank out of your own eye…

    • Tim

      And look at all four corners of the world from a mountaintop!!!

  • jimmbbo

    Tweeted apology = MASSIVE FAIL!

    THAT’s the reason she tried again on air… MessNBC – home of racists and misogynists!

    • Tim

      yeah everyone knows the racist tend to drift toward NBC….. lmfao

  • dogman

    FIRE HER NOW !!!

  • MrsCarlton

    Melissa’s mistake was allowing the picture to be put up and commented on, but she didn’t say anything negative. She said the baby is gorgeous. Her guests (who are all comedians, no?) were the ones making comments. Comedians use race as the base for jokes all the time, but using a baby is pretty low.

    • Tim


      • Honesty Equals Truth!

        And.. Didn’t say anything negative!? She was the first and loudest to laugh at what was said! What’s the difference? And she “did” also make racial comments about him (baby) marrying as well! FOCUS! Facts! Facts! Facts!

    • Honesty Equals Truth!

      Didn’t say anything negative!? She was the first and loudest to laugh at what was said! What’s the difference? And she “did” also make racial comments about him (baby) marrying as well! FOCUS! Facts! Facts! Facts!

      • MrsCarlton

        You really don’t know the difference between talking and laughing?
        And last time I checked suggesting that some day two babies might get married isn’t racist. The reason she said that might eventually be newsworthy is because their political affiliations will potentially be polar opposite.
        Yes, please do FOCUS on the facts!

        • Honesty Equals Truth!

          I would say.. Are you serious trying to justify your dishonest comments! Claiming by her laughing at that racist rude remark she isn’t agreeing with it in her heart?
          But instead I will just tell you the “honest” truth!
          You’re an arrogant, dishonest liar!

          • MrsCarlton

            Resorting to name calling because you don’t have any valid points reflects poorly on you, not on me. Watching you do That really made me giggle though. I do not know what Melissa has in her heart, ansd neither do you (unless you are Melissa?). It is a far stretch to accuse her of being racist because of her laugh. She didn’t make ANY racially charged comments. Everything you have said is your own biased interpretation of what you THINK she meant. None of which can be counted as actual fact.

            • Honesty Equals Truth!

              Again your self-servient lies reek of dishonesty, ignorance, and arrogance. Name calling? I simply told you the truth of what’s in YOUR heart. Your patronizing remarks not only speak loud and clear of what’s in your heart. But the fact that you think they don’t, proves your dishonesty and/or (probably both) ignorance. And of course I “know” the racism (as well as other desperate insecurities) that are in Melitha’s heart. And I assure you, so does she! (and the executives at NBC) Otherwise, why was she forced to apologize? Please.. trying to claim my honesty has no “validity” is weakly childish at best. Liberal sheepish ignorance never ceases to amaze.

        • merccougar89

          The problem is Mrs Carlton,these same people are always going after Fox News or Rush Limbaugh for these same type of statements trying to make racism out of nothing..This has become the narrative surrounding our society today,get all the mileage you can out of it..Lets be honest,had Rush Limbaugh or Megan Kelly,or Sarah Palin made a similar comment about some prominent white family’s adopted black grand child,every prominent liberal in America would be hammering coast to cost trying to get them tossed off the air…This just shows the liberal double standard.

  • Anna Elizabeth

    How about instead we talk about how beautiful it is to see a family like that in America today. How often do we see people with such beautiful, large families with good, wholesome values? That’s why I loved the Romneys.

    • Tim

      wholesome values? LMFAO…. yeah you would love Romneys wholesome values until his company did a hostile takeover of your company laid off its employees and sold it piece by piece to the highest bidders for the best profit it could get. You know wholesomely.

      • merccougar89

        That’s called business but that happened Romney was out of the company..Get your facts right.

        • Tim

          And worship of satan is religion.

  • Guest

    Damn Liberals always pick on the weakest links. When one is down they start their bullsh*t.

  • dhinged

    As a liberal I found this to be very similar to what Fox News does, calling out minor differences and making mocking blanket statements, and it’s very adolescent. Neither side should be doing this.

  • SamyyCiao

    This women is still working there – I saw her yesturday – ouch – MSNBC and Comcast are like Obama never fire anybody – unlike Christie!