Melissa Harris-Perry Panelist Levels Racism Charge Against Republicans Mere Minutes After Host’s Apology

On MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry show Saturday, a few minutes after the host’s emotional apology for a racially-charged segment on last week’s show, panelist Katrina Vanden Heuvel renews the charge that Republicans are racists.

The panelists are discussing populist sentiment in America as part of a discussion about the election of Bill de Blasio in NYC. The discussion spans a commercial break, and in the second half, Katrina Vanden Heuvel is addressing the idea that Republican populism has been successful in stirring up emotion and movement based on a message of lower taxes and limited government. Vanden Heuvel essentially says that yes, the right has been successful, but because racist.

“But I do think the right-wing populism of the tea party not only became so on obsessed with an anti-government meme, but let’s be honest. there is a race … racism threaded through the right-wing populism, I mean which is not unusual to American right-wing populism, that has not allowed for coalitions that could be built on behalf of working people in this country against the most powerful interests.”

Let’s be honest, says Vanden Heuvel. It’s not unusual, she elaborates. Where have we heard this point of view before, I wonder?

Host Harris-Perry quickly steers the conversation, suggesting that rather than focus on the contemporary Republican party, they look back at populism historically. She says that in the past it was more obvious and accepted and “in fact was in the Democratic party, right, where it was happening at that time.”

Later in the segment, New York Post editorial writer Robert George suggests that racism played its part in part in both right wing and left wing populism, even calling out the unions, but Vanden Heuvel will have none of it. “Not today though,” she insists. “Not today.”

No, today, the only racists are in the Republican party. Which is the exact sentiment that led to the segment for which host Melissa Harris-Perry only just apologized this morning.

And around we go …

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  • Yazz55

    This only makes one question the sincerity of the “apology”.
    Its more like a good acting job, now back to the narrative of racism.
    She should at least be wearing her tampon earrings.

  • tricky dicky

    this was to save her job nothing more..I would cry too, over a few million $$

  • toongoon

    The white lady said that? Does she speak from first hand experience?

    They are never challenged to back up their lies.
    MSNBC needs to shut down. Inciting racist attacks is supposed to be illegal.

  • Nukeman60

    Well, that was quick.

    Mellissa H-P: “But…but…I apologized! You’re not allowed to bring it up again, no matter what I do. Now let’s get back to the discussion of man-made Global Warming and why the deniers are such racists.”

  • olddog

    It’s a Mutant (D)NA thingy…Every body in the Universe Is a “Racist/Homophobic/Sexist”..or whatever ..thingy..ya know…

  • These people are just so full of themselves and wrapped in their own warped universe they cant see their insanity.

  • notebene

    Face it…the demoncrats couldn’t exist if they didn’t create “victims” to place on their racist plantation! What a bunch of projecting hypocrites! More proof that Harris-Perry is a racist twit…the apology barely hit the air when she showed her true character once again!

  • Sigh.

    Some things will never change.

  • DCGere

    Shocker, not.

  • las1

    They’re baaacckk!

    Who are those racist right-wingers you idiot woman. Who are they? Name names you vicious leftist creep. Put up or shut up you poo flinging detestable and vile shrike.

    • warpmine

      Sure, that will happen right after Al Gore publicly apologizes and donates his vast AWG accumulated fortune to the poor causing them to pay through the nose and gold teeth for higher energy prices.

      How long do you think I can hold my breath?

    • politicallycorrectNOT

      las1, still laughing! You have a way with words, my friend! 🙂

  • Scott Snoopy

    PMSnbc sees everything as racist, bigoted, homophobic…no news here

    • giveususfree

      And the Left’s poster child for the “racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic” Right is Rush Limbaugh, who had a black preacher marry him, and his friend Elton John played at the wedding.

  • Audrey

    These people just can’t help themselves….A few minutes after the actress sheds some tears, they’re back at it, the racism crap….who I really listening to these people anyway? Not me…

  • Crassus

    Anyone here still think that MHP was sincere in her apology? I thought as much.

    • Pyrran

      Well, at least she should apologize for those tampon earrings she was wearing. Not sure what kind of fashion statement she was going for, but I don’t want to get banned for guessing. 🙂

  • reggie

    the communist left will never cease their rhetoric of division and hate. it’s how they gain power.

    • 12grace

      hitler ( Social Democrat) did the same thing, he created such hate and divisiveness that ended up scapegoated and eventually murdering millions of innocent Jewish people.

      America must pay close attention to the actions that we see coming from our government now as history IS repeating itself.

  • warpmine

    Let me get this straight, when spouting off about racism in the TEA Party, she looked straight into the eyes of a black man for approval of the comment. Perhaps she should have just bent over and kissed his black azz instead. If you want, Lady, we can get you a special meeting with Justice Brother Jacks’n and you can perform a Lewinsky on his person.

    Just perhaps instead of spouting off about racism that really only exists in the eyes and minds of DemonRats and those teenage black thugs playing the “knockout” game we could talk about……getting people back to work and is the PPACA working for the benefit for the American people. Of course, this would be unicorn type fantasy land I know but ….

    • tshtsh

      Speaking of the knock out game in Brooklyn there was no mention of the perps color just the seven victims (…”could it be satan”)

  • Sentinel

    These people are stuck on stupid. It’s always funny to see them project unto others, exactly what they themselves are. They see everything through black-colored glasses it seems…

    • BikerHoop

      I was thinking mirrored glasses… with the mirrors on the inside of the lenses.

  • BikerHoop

    It’s gotten to the point where the left is racist for constantly pointing out how racist the right is. You never hear the right filling their panties over color, only the left.

  • DanielSFL

    Please. The left is more racist than any right-winger ive ever met. Their racism isn’t rooted in exclusion, but in total control of people of different color. They want minorities to think a certain way and vote a certain way. To do anything else is to get called an “Uncle Tom” or “sellout” or any of the other colorful words that they like to level at minorities for daring to think outside their far left mentality.

  • Conniption Fitz

    The Race Card is their attempt to deflect attention from lousy arguments and even worse record.

    As Newt said, ‘Every major city and state run by Democrats is in trouble financially and crime-wise.

  • ernst1776

    Liars assume everyone else is also a liar. Same is true for racists. MSNBC seems to only hire racists.

  • tshtsh

    Reminds me of the “Sixth Sense, I see” racist! The racist are just as invisible and make believe.

  • Guest

    If Mrs. Katrina Vanden Heuvel ever figures out what her last name is, perhaps she’ll also come to learn there’s only ever been one party in America which welcomes race-based politics, race-based laws and race-based voting blocs. That it begins with a “D” and ends in “rat”.

  • John Queue

    Back to the status quo…immediately. What a skank…Apology? What apology?

  • timsrighty

    Katrina Vanden Heuvel is back huh? I didn’t think anyone would hire her for anything…Oops it’s MSNBC. Republicans (Abe Lincoln and other GOP) freed the slaves, helped pass the Civil Rights Act, want to try and help urban areas, don’t obsess over skin color. The Democrats gave us the Ku Klux Klan, pro slavery south, race baiters galore, George Wallace, on and on. Typical liberal lies about history.

    • boats48

      ” The Democrats gave us the Ku Klux Klan, pro slavery south, race baiters galore, George Wallace, on and on.” MSNBC should lead this list before the “et al.”

  • It’s called bait-and-switch. Told you there was nothing authentic about the apology.

  • boats48

    Caleb, I realize you’re probably paid to watch this trash, but the rest of us do not! It’s for a reason, they stink! Please, only one post per day on the Obama propaganda ministry!
    Thank you,

  • imatellau

    Demean the TP, with lies! TP is for Constitutional Govt! Limited in scope and power! It’s the dems advocating nobama circumvent the letter of the Constitution!!!

  • toongoon

    You know, Vanden Heuvel is trying to get the half black woman fired just minutes after she had to apologize. Who’s the racist?

    • Toon, sorry for totally unrelated, but could you go to the fb page for a minute when you get a chance. posted a new one I need pinned up top. Gotta work on getting these candidates vetted.
      Thank you!

      • toongoon


        • Thank you 🙂 Sorry to bug you here. Thanks Toon. I appreciate it!!

  • Guest
  • $1714278

    That didn’t last long….

  • curlylouis19

    I would like liberals to point to ONE instance of racism from republicans or conservatives, just one. It’s time to put the heat on liberals and make them put their money where their mouths are.

    • 12grace

      The Dems have no evidence so they fabricate racist stories to try to make the Rep’s and others that don’t agree with their “Hammer and Sickle” political philosophy. The true racist race war provocateurs are the Dem aka Red party.

    • aposematic

      They just make stuff up….kind of the same way the so called journalists/fiction writers they hire.

  • joyfulgiver

    I believe in the principles of the Tea Party, BUT, I am white and my Pastor is black. He is one of the most influential Pastors in America. I’m so sick and tired of these media hacks who want to lump us all together and define us based on race. I have no diferent feeling toward my pastor because of the color of his skin, he is only a darker shade of brown than me.
    Get over media, there is NO racism in the Tea Party, the only racism in America seems to be in the halls of the networks and their personalities.

    • 12grace

      The Democratic party aka The Projection Party

      Psychological projection was conceptualized by Sigmund Freud in the 1900s as a defense mechanism in which a person unconsciously rejects his or her own unacceptable attributes by ascribing them to objects or persons in the outside world.[1]

      For example, a person or group that is racist accuses other people and/or groups of being racist.

      • notebene

        Exactly right! Well said!

  • robert anthony

    MSNBC is totally screwed if they find they have to tip-toe around blanketly accusing others of racism. What, seriously, do they have left? ACTUAL policy discussions?

    • Pyrran

      Policy discussions?
      That would be disaster!

      • robert anthony

        Two things…truth would be too much to bear and their ignorance could no longer be masked by vitriol against ‘enemies’. It would be a disaster…but then again…who would be watching to know?

  • robert anthony

    ‘Working people against the most powerful interests” she says. Right, conservative working people against tone-deaf, arrogant, wealthy, Democrat elitists. She can’t really be pretending a Piglosi worth 40 million dollars and a golfing. vacationing Obama who doesn’t even help his own Aunt on welfare are ‘warriors for the working class’. Have they no shame on MSNBC?

  • Bill in Tennessee

    If race considerations color every conversation and policy point of a
    particular group (as it does with the Left), then that group is racist.
    The only racists I see in modern America today is the Left… the DimWit
    Party, for whom race is the main template by which everything else is
    determined. Among my Conservative friends I NEVER hear discussion on race and “equality” etc., it continues to be the obsession of the Left. Sure, sexual orientation and metastasized egalitarianism play a role too, but it’s RACE that trumps all other considerations with those folks…ergo, the racists of America.

  • famouswolf

    No, actually I tend not even to think about race until moronic bi*ches like you drag that tired old scarecrow out of the closet yet again. Get a life and a job you can maybe do, like washing dishes.

  • politicallycorrectNOT

    Well, that didn’t take long….
    I love it when libs say, ”Let’s be honest or let’s be clear.”
    Translation: Brace yourself for some lies and/or some muddy waters……

    (…and let me be clear…. I’m not talking about the fabulous blues singer Muddy Waters) Love his music! 🙂

    • tinlizzieowner

      That’s sure a fact. Every time you hear Obama say “Let me be clear” (which he so often does), that’s the last thing he’s going to be. 😉

  • Jim Alexander

    Relax everyone, consider the source, she’s about as relevant to the world as dog sh!t on the sidewalk.

  • Tom Sewell

    Good thing MSNBC’s ratings are so low otherwise people may have actually been listening to her.

  • $7337178

    That was like a 44 second episode of Freaks. They must go to all of the state hospitals for their cast. I love it when a white woman explains(very carefully) to a black man how racist people are.

  • politicallycorrectNOT

    Van Who?-ville needs to be ‘honest’ and talk about something relevant, like, the global-warming-pushing scientists, who had to be rescued from the Antarctic ice that they went there to PROVE was disappearing….
    No wait, sadly, comedy is not their strong suit… 🙂

  • WhiteGuy2

    In our so called intellectual analysis, let us not be reminded that the Democrat party fought a bloody civil war for the right t keep slaves. Let us not be reminded that the Democrat party established the KKK to terrorize black folks, Let us not mention the Democrat party sighned into law Jim Crow and segregation . In other words , let us ignore reality , and cast judgment on others………………… Democrats are just plain fools.

  • 12grace

    She is a “useless” idiot as no-one is listening to her stupid babble. The race card is no longer effective…the gig is up.

    • sjmom

      Katrina is soooooooo far left she can’t stand straight.

    • Suzyqpie

      Ubiquity has tarnished the dependable sting of the allegation of racism. The left can not resist the compulsion to keep trotting it out there.

  • PBizzel

    Two Words…Woodrow Wilson…..the Progressive founder and hero these nut jobs was a card carrying member of the KKK. This whole thing is so eff’d up…they don’t even know who the people are they base their whole ideology on.

  • DHardy

    A turd never rises above it’s own stench…

  • sjmom

    Have not seen Katrina in years nor have I missed her. Also have never once seen her smile.


    …may Jesus Christ forgive them for they do not know the TRUTH .”

  • aposematic

    The Democrat Party’s claim to fame is being the leaders of the dimwits, fools, brainwashed, indoctrinated, racists, and public educated into Progressivism (the joining of Communism/Socialism/ Marxism/Islamic Jihad) over the last three decades. Why else would they think such buffoonery would sell to their base if not the pundits and/or base were crooks and thieves pretending to be foolish imbeciles.

  • aposematic

    Hello America… MSNBC, the Communist Cable Channel, is the second most watched in America….Hello…

  • Lippenheimer

    So, the “racist” accusation against the Romney family still stands? Well, so much for THAT scheduled MSNBC “apology” — seriously, what is wrong with these people?

  • marmo43

    I have heard more blacks playing the race card today more than any other time. every time they get behind or do not have an answer for their screw ups and are confronted with them, they start calling whites or republicans, or those in the tea party racist. I am so sick of it.

  • palintologist

    Can’t wait for Rush to take Hurricane Katrina Vanden Heuvel to the woodshed on Monday.

  • Rick

    Because we know that it was the Republicans & Right-wingers who wholeheartedly supported slavery and tried to stop any civil rights bills… oh wait, that was the Democrats… my bad.

  • Dan Defoe

    It’s all the libs know. Racism, bigotry, and intolerance is genetic for libs.

  • aposematic

    If there were some way to prevent Leftists from looking into mirrors all the problems of the World would instantly cease to exist.

  • PVG

    KVH is a nasty, pinched, ideologue, who redefines intolerance!

  • Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Melissa Harris-Perry, (who at least had the courage to apologized her admitted racist bigoted mistake) and all of their ilk on the Obama Pravda Propaganda Network- MSNBC, are a standard leftist cult fascist racist bigot, who uses “projectionism”- ie; accusing others of what they themselves are guilty of, to personally attack and denigrate good, decent, innocent patriotic Americans, with standard blatant lies, false innuendos, propagandist tripe, false labeling, etc, etc.. They are true liberal cultist fascist racist bigots and true Joseph Goebbel tools of today

    Fact- Democrats have been, since the end of the Civil War, former Confederates, who created the KKK, then after gaining power in Congress, and their respective Legislatures in the late 1800s, legally Instituted Jim Crow laws / Segregation, Poll Taxes, Literacy tests, etc, and maintained it that way for over 150 years.

    But as much evil as there is in today’s society, they are indoctrinated to be that way for a reason, to destory all that is good and right in America, for that’s what they believe in- a State that controls every aspect of people’s lives- Socialist Marxism / Authoritarianism.

    Thus it makes no difference that they cannot see the reality of truth they deny, and attack incessantly good people in America, day in and day out, for that’s the power of indoctrination.

    It is our duty and resolve as American patriots to defeat this evil, not to show emotional reaction, to be defensive, and to reason and capitulate to them, but only to defeat them, period.

  • sallyjohanna

    They have an agenda…to destroy Conservatism, the Constitution and anything or person that stands in the way. The Progressives are Communist and want to control every aspect of our lives…they want to destroy individual freedom. Smear at every opportunity without cause is their MO!

  • Dr. Strangelove

    These are the moral busybodies that C.S. Lewis warned us about.

  • twoblackcats

    When did anti-government become racist? I lost the memo, but jeez this is too absurd for words. Pinched, constipated white woman with what for an agenda? Does she not know who started the KKK? Idiot.

  • kazzer66

    The Left HAS to keep the idea that the Right is racist, alive, because they can’t run the risk of losing control over their collection of ethnic minority voters.

    Judging from the recent ‘townhall’ in Chicago, hosted by Sharpton, some ‘minority’ Americans, may be waking up to the fact that Liberalism is a farce, and has done nothing to actually help anyone. The poor are poorer, neighborhoods in Democrat run cities are more dangerous than ever, and jobs are harder to come by, under Lefty rule.

    If some in Chicago are realizing this fact, it’s probably happening elsewhere as well.

    The Liberal media propaganda complex will probably get more shrill, as they feel they are losing their grip on power.

    We’re in for a sickening year of Liberal demagoguery. folks.

    • lrjrj

      Don’t get excited, this is not a bloc of voters that will be outraged for long. They are poor, of few resources, and will not be able to stand up against the current for long. The media will ignore them, which will enable the Dems to ignore them. And Chicago style, their alderman will be bought/ promoted by the Dem party in Chicago, and the dust up will be over. Dems will never side with the parent and children over the teacher’s unions, one of the few areas that would / could make a difference for the next generations. Game is over for poor blacks, latinos are going to make their liberal Dem vote disposable, and amnesty of millions for the next decade will, they think, seal that deal.

  • Flashbang

    Fake tears just like her faked orgasms

  • lrjrj

    Blacks provide millions of votes for the liberal, unlimited gov’t agenda. If telling them constantly, from every possible outlet, that Republicans are racist, this promotes the left’s social agenda, and they do not have any interest in whether it’s ruinous to the gullible and ignorant who they scare away from intellectual debate. There are some idiotic blacks (like Perry) who actually believe it, but for the most part, it’s a transparent sham driven by the hard left to exploit the sheep into their power to lord over and improve their lives the way they see fit. Decades of ruin and failure have no bearing on the crusade, full speed ahead.

    • Timothy Jacques

      Translation: You are nothing more than a “vote farm”. Give us your votes and every two years we’ll give you some algae food pellets to consume.

      • lrjrj

        Good one. We’ll promote Al Sharpton, and then entirely take your near 100% vote for granted, bc we can. Teacher’s unions pay better, they will be listened to.

  • Timothy Jacques

    MSNBC: There is not rest for the wicked….

  • Vornak


    As long as we’re just making stuff up, repeat loud and often. Fight fire with fire or just keep losing.

  • faxxmaxx

    It’s really ironic how self-loathing race baiters really are. On any given slow news day, the brainiacs can’t come up with a single topic of thought provoking conversation, so they invent and blindly ignore the fact that repeating the lie only makes them look like the racists they in fact are touting the right to be.

  • lrjrj

    You can usually stop listening when you hear a lead in like, “..let’s be honest..”, a nice tell for anyone who was wondering if she believed what she was saying, or knew it and subconsciously had to make a point of stressing an honesty she did not believe would be persuasive, bc she knows it to be false. Big government favor the progressive social agenda, and black votes (and soon amnestied latino, 3rd world votes will make the coalition of the grievance, uneducated and dependency vote overwhelming) are easily harvested with the orchestrated and cynical charge of racism.This is why it’s pushed so hard by the liberal left (Media Matters, MoveOn, etc). Anything to help the Dem party, and this one is too easy for the Democrats to pass up.

  • Rick Joseph

    Despite an overwhelming absence of any example/proof of so-called “racism” in the Tea Party, Charlatans like Vanden Heuvel continue to level the charge. Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.

  • Laurel

    Another heiress that is a complete dolt….there are so many of them. Begs the chicken and egg question…Is it the money or their politics that makes them so dumb?