Mia Love’s new ad: Bringing Utah values to Washington

Mia Love has a new ad out today where she running and running and running with a lot of people behind her while she carries the flag (I think it’s symbolism, but what do I know), and she talks about bringing small town ideals back to Washington, primarily the idea of cutting spending and balancing the budget. I agree!

Also, I hear that Love has a prime time speaking spot at the RNC. I can’t wait!

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  • Patriot077

    Wow! I hadn’t heard about her speaking – that is great news!

  • marketcomp

    I love a runner!

  • stevenbiot

    Those white supporters behind her sure look racist.

  • they are pulling out all the stops for Mia, it will be a huge setback if she doesn’t win

    Hard to imagine Utah would pick a D over her.

    • Actually, if you checked your facts, she is running in the only district in Utah that is majority democrat, as the incumbent congressmen is Dem, and he has held the district for many years, so if she loses, she loses to a sitting incumbent congressmen, in a district that is majority democrat (includes most of Salt Lake City).

      • Bumptious

        The district was just redrawn and so it is a new district altogether as it combines part of Mathesons old district with part of Jason Chaffetz old district. I live in Saratoga Springs and Mayor Love has been good. Hopefully she will win, but it will be a tough race. Matheson’s family has been in politics in Utah for a long time and he is seen as a very non partisan democrat with a lot of support.

        • theDUHgeneration

          I’m doing everything I can to organize my precinct in Eagle Mountain to be ready for a big Mia Love vote turnout. I wish I could do more to rally for her among the Salt Lake County voters. Mia is not just a little good (as you already know), she’s awesome!

      • Matheson’s old district was not majority Democrat. The salt lake part was but the rural areas were solidly Republican. In the county I lived in (uintah) John Mcain got 80 or 90 percent of the vote while Jim Matheson got a little over 50%. The reason for this is Matheson is a very good politician and Mormons like him. Since Mormons do not get to pick where they go to church they end up mingling with whoever is in their geographic area whether they are Democrats and Republicans and they keep politics out of church. I have never heard anyone say who we should vote for from someone at church over the pulpit. On Prop 8 it was a different story. Anyway since Mormons know Matheson shares their values it is not that hard for them to vote for him even though he is a Democrat. I know several people who claim they are Republicans but when it comes to Matheson they vote for him because they like him. He is a Bill Clinton type without the sleaze. The Democrat who is running for Governor in Utah is a top notch guy too. He has a very impressive resume.

        • Well, now the Mormons in Utah DO have a choice, since Mia is also Mormon. If it’s a “Mormon” they want, Mia might overtake Matheson.

          Let’s pray for the good of the country, Mia wins this race!!

          • T4Ut

            Mia WILL win!

          • All the other people who lost to Matheson were Mormons too.

  • bayway48

    Wow! Now that’s the picture of America! Let’s go!!!

  • poljunkie


  • keninil

    TRS, thanks for changing the subject! — tired of Akin

    • who? 😉

    • Whaaaaaaaat??? Nobody’s achin’ for Akin? Sorry, had to do that.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Mia is coming on strong and being a speaker at the RNC ought to be a big boost for her as well. Go get ’em, Mia!!!!

  • Sober_Thinking

    She’s great…

  • Sandra123456

    Run, Mia, run…

  • Take a look at Mia’s Utah state convention speech if you want to get fired up and get a taste what she can do at the national convention!

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Boy does she sound great, I think we are in for a great show from Mia at the convention

  • No way! What the? Call the NAACP! Mia would do a wonderful job in representing my home state! Not bad for a bunch of (sarc-on)racist Mormon backwoods bigots(sarc-off), eh? Show your love for Love!

  • Do you know what I love about this message and Mia B love. She is not afraid to be Conservative and express all that is Good and Right about being conservative with conservative values and principles. She is Reaganesque in every sense that can be- courageous, truthful, honest, principled, responsible, accountable and responsive to the people, and good- a leader of the people, by the people, for the people.. She is America, which is what liberal elitists in politics and the media despise and hate, and try to destroy all that is good in this world, and why “we the people” love and support Mia B Love, and all who are like her.

  • 12grace

    I don’t know much about Mia Love but what I know so far, impresses me.

  • Yazz55

    They say a picture is worth a 1000 words.

    I like the image of her running & holding the American flag in her two hands.

  • Arrrggghhh

    Have all you people forgotten that we’re racists? Watch the video (hello… she’s black; pronounced “buh-laaaack”). We hate her. Haven’t you watched the news?

    Don’t forget to hate Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams, Condi Rice, Ken Blackwell, Thomas Sowell, Roy Innis, etc. Hold on, don’t the libs hate those people? I’m confused. We judge people by their ideas/character and libs put people into groups according to their race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. and we’re the bigots? Didn’t Dr. King have a dream about this?

    Kick ass Mia!!! Congratulations on your escape.

    • kong1967

      Exactly. They can’t see past the color of a person’s skin and they constantly use the black people to push the “stupid voter” agendas such as “they can’t get ID” and “they can’t figure out how to use the voting machines”. Conservative blacks are called traiters or worse because they didn’t stay on the Democrat plantation….yet liberals accuse us of believing that black people can’t think for themselves.

      They’re pathetic, and I am in disbelief that more blacks aren’t catching on.

      • Arrrggghhh

        Here’s a great story:


        Wouldn’t it be funny if she cast her vote for the party that said that she was capable of getting an i.d. rather than the one that said she wasn’t?

        • kong1967

          Yeah, it would be funny but I doubt she will. It’s going to have to go case by case because we cannot leave the doors wide open for voter fraud.

          • Arrrggghhh

            What a beautiful long-term solution it would be if all these Democratic grievance “groups” finally realize that they are much better off with economic liberty rather than living off the government cheese.

            • kong1967

              I agree.

  • DINORightMarie

    You do get the Olympic runner thing, right?! 😉

    “Share the Love.” How fabulous is that for a campaign slogan. Love her!

    Yes!! We CAN do this…….despite the MSM, the dirty tactics, the underhand double-speak-filled rhetoric, and the unforced errors.

    Feelin’ the Love!

  • kong1967

    Mia Love. What a coincidence. I love her. Another future star.

  • Nice video clip. Good candidate. Vote for Mia.

  • She showed how proud she is of her Nation and flag in that 30 second ad than NOBama did in his entire time in office! She is the very opposite of NObama, and God bless her! I hope she wins! We need all the good patriotic Conservatives we can muster!

  • Oh, those RACIST white people in practically all-white Utah…how dare they vote to elect a minority to Congress. Does Al Sharpton know about this?

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Is she running for Congress or the 400M?