Michelle Malkin pleads with Team Romney to hammer Obama’s massacre of jobs and pensions

Michelle Malkin didn’t mince any words tonight in her interview on Hannity, pleading with Team Romney to put the fists out there and fight back hard against Obama, exposing the “Obama jobs death toll and the beltway jobs massacre and the thousands of real workers out there who have had their pensions and health care stripped.”

Watch below:

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  • BarbaCat

    I just saw this on Hannity’s show (West coast time). I wish I could explain stuff the way Michelle can! She is one valuable warrior for the truth!

  • drphibes

    Now, contrast Michelle Malkin with Ann Coulter, featured in the post just prior to this one. Michelle is consistent. She hasn’t caused conservatives to scratch their heads and wonder how she could trample better conservatives in order to embrace Romney during the primaries. No. Michelle has been stalwart. Ann, we haven’t forgotten your stupid antics. Michelle, thanks for being you. Consistent, reliable you.

    • Spot on, Dr. Right on. Ditto, I say.

      And what’s with the whole “Off with her head ! Donors, cut Romney off til this miserable cretin is gone ! ” thing ?

      Ann, call your doctor.
      Get him to fax your refill for Prozac to the pharmacy.

      • marketcomp


      • pdxlady

        Sorry, but I don’t think Prozac is strong enough.

    • Susanna958

      I agree. I used to love Ann Coulter, but after she went after Sarah Palin I lost all respect for her. Her and, oh, I can’t think of her name. The one that fills in for O’riely sometimes.

      • Mark Smith

        Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter told Sarah Palin to ++++ or get off the pot. And it was WELL PAST DUE.

        • Susanna958

          Thats not what they said.

          • Mark Smith

            What did they say then? I watched it. They said they were sick of IT, not HER. IT: the will she or won’t she act. They correctly stated that polls of Republicans at the time were the majority not wanting her to run.

    • FreeManWalking

      Go Michelle Go!!!

      Can’t bring myself to watch/listen to AC after her STUPID antics, IMO she doesn’t have an Adams Apple to stand on.

  • Michelle is the pundit I’d most like to have a beer with.
    Levin is second, cos he might be grumpy.
    And Michelle is so easy on the eyes…

    • then her husband would come and beat the crap out of you.

      • I would just say “lemme buy you a pint, too, ya lucky dog. ”
        And he would say ” you’re so right. Thanks. “

    • Susanna958

      Rush will always be my first choice.

    • 1water

      “And Michelle is so easy on the eyes…”
      Similar with Katie Pavlich of townhall.com You don’t get disappointed after you’ve heard them speak for a minute – unlike with some lefty women.
      (So better check before whether the one you want to marry shares the compatible basic viewpoints / basic principles like you – otherwise at the latest when it’s about kids etc. the big differences might appear.)

  • Now here’s a REAL conservative! Coulter…not so much.

  • Freempg

    We have so much talent on our team. Why are they not being called into service? Who are these no-names on Romney’s staff? They are playing it safe. Why? I’ll tell you why … they are still worried about a revolt at the convention. And God willing, there will be a miracle there and we can come out with a team that will take no prisoners. I have no confidence in Romney.

  • Linky1

    Michelle is right, as usual. Romney needs to hammer it out of the park, his competition is schooled in the Chicago-style Alinsky methods of street organizing. Being the nice guy is not going to win him this presidency, not by a long shot.

  • marketcomp

    I love Michelle Malkin. She called Sandra Fluke, :poster child for the nanny state.” And I added, Julia the fake character!

  • Oh yeh. Michelle for Press Secretary in the new administration.

  • Susanna958

    Michele Malkin is an acquired taste, but once you acquire the taste she’s addictive. I’m addicted.

    • Linky1

      Anyone who can tell Juan Williams and Tamara Howard to “shush” on a continual basis, deserves a medal. I have read her books, I follow her blog and frankly, Ann Coulter cannot hold a candle to Michelle. And the left says she is “just a blogger…..”

  • As far the GOP RINO establishment is concerned, the Tea Party Reagan constitutional conservatives are their #1 priority enemy, after that their #2 and 3 priority enemy down on their list is Obama, the anti-American Socialist-Marxist, then arab islamic muslim extremist, terrorists, etc, etc.. This is the GOP establishment RINO’s absolute absurdity, which puts them at the wrong end of the principled political ideological spectrum, as always.

    Romney’s past as Gov of Mass., reflects what Romney will be in the future as President. He has never veered away from what he was, and what he is now, a liberal progressive to the core. Which he also stated that he does not want to return to the Reagan-Bush era.. and along with his record as Gov., has never shown any ability, willingness, or propensity whatsoever to be either conservative in thought, policy, or action, ever.

    Hence, Mitt Romney is no Ronald Reagan, just another progressive weak spineless appeasing RINO when it comes to the radical anti-American far left, aka Obama and the Obamacrats. Unfortunately, Romney is our only option against Obama.

    Romney will win the election of course, but not because Romney is so good, but because Obama is so bad. Thus the election will be the choice of the lesser of 2 evils.

  • pdxlady

    This was a great segment. Finally Michelle didn’t have to share the segment with that awful Tamara Holder interrupting her every minute. (She probably told Hannity she wouldn’t be on his show with her anymore!)

    Love Michelle…she is always so articulate. I noticed that she referred to Romney’s spokeswoman too, but she didn’t deride her like Ann Coulter did (all huffy).

  • las1

    “It’s not enough unless you have a guy at the top of the ticket who has sustaining power to get in the faces of people who are fighting by any means necessary.” Michelle Malkin

    Well then Michelle… there is only ONE man who fits that job description. And that would be Allen West. Period.

  • white531

    That Michele Malkin is gorgeous is a given. My wife is Asian, so now you know my weakness. Beautiful woman, but more important, a real fighter and a strong voice for the the Conservative Cause. Here’s a question for you. This young beautiful Asian woman would take Obama apart in two minutes in a debate. Why isn’t she being considered for VP? Gimme a good reason. I’m all ears.

  • DCGere

    Michelle was on fire tonight! Take notes Team Romney.

  • Mike Lee

    Malkin for VP! Can you imagine? lol.

    • She wouldn’t qualify as an anchor baby…

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Michelle is frustrated and rightfully so………even she can’t paint new stripes on a RINO.

    Hey, that rhymes!

  • Michelle is so sweet, saucy, & stylish, you almost forget how smart, sensible< & sagacious she always is.

  • GOP won’t win if they don’t attack Obama aggressively

  • Sober_Thinking

    I so love Michelle… she is eloquent and brilliant. She is among the Top 5 people I really trust and embrace (Mark Levin, Bill Whittle are also in there). I especially appreciate her passion. She knows the truth and she fights for it daily.

  • p m

    Wow – ain’t she the greatest?