Mideast filmmakers promote movie of Muslims MASSACRING JEWS for Ramadan ‘entertainment’

Nothing like a good old anti-Semitic movie to watch after a long day of fasting for Ramadan. Get some popcorn, kick your feet up, and shout ‘Allahu Ackbar’ as Jews are getting their heads chopped off. Refreshing!

CBN NEWS – Film makers are promoting an anti-Semitic mini-series on the Muslim massacre of Jews as “family entertainment” for Ramadan.

During Islam’s holy month of Ramadan, families and friends share an evening meal and fellowship after fasting from dawn till dusk.

The 30-day holiday began Tuesday, July 9, and ends Aug. 7.

This year features a mini-series entitled Khaibar, referring to a Muslim massacre of the Jews in the village of Khaibar in northwest Arabia in 628 AD. …

This year’s Ramadan entertainment, produced by Echo Media, a Qatari company, tells the story of Arabs interacting with Jews in Medina and Khaibar.

Below is video from MEMRI of some of the actors making anti-Semitic remarks as they discuss the film:

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  • MissPlace

    Why aren’t Jews rioting and destroying embassies right now? After all, offensive movies are ample justification. Where is the outrage from the State Department over this movie?


      MissPlace  If you look very closely you may catch a glimpse of obamas cousin(s)  in the back ground.
      Civilized people , citizens do not burn down their buildings, business, or their neighborhoods & homes.

  • nodummie

    Hell bound SOB’S.

  • famouswolf

    There is going to  be some serious violence at some point, not ‘terrorism’ but full fledged warfare.
    I think these animals will ultimately find the United States poor soil for their nonsense.

  • Laurel A

    Ugly sick freaks.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Ramadan Bombathon 2013 – Day 7 –  51 Jihad Attacks – 277 Dead Bodies

  • kong1967

    “All Jews think about is money”……yet all you Muslims think about is beheading people in the name of Allah for not being Muslim.
    “Jews are immoral”…..yeah, as if beheading people for not having the same beliefs as you is moral.
    “We have problems with these people”…..you clash with everyone who isn’t Muslim, and no one can be your neighbor and live in safety or peace.  The common problem around the world is you…the Muslims.
    “These people are oppressors” —  as Walid Shoebot said, the oppressive dictators were keeping the lid on radical Islam.  It was a huge (stupid) mistake for Obama and libs to push removing those dictators and giving the power to radical Islam.  Not only do you Muslims oppress Christians and other non-believers, you persecute them and behead them.
    “They immerse their children in these odd modes of behavior….and teach them to be vile…to achieve a goal all means are justified and all morals disregarded”  — as if strapping bombs to your child’s chest or giving them guns isn’t odd, vile and immoral.  
    The last guy plays a Jew that is killed by his son and it “tells you what [Jews] are made of”.  Yet, Muslims kill their own children to protect their honor.  Hmmmm, I guess that tells us what you cowardice Muslims are made of!


      kong1967 Yes indeed on all points, beautifully written.

      • kong1967

        TIMERUNNERSC   I get lucky now and then, lol.

  • lawngreen

    Alright. Supposedly Benghazi and other assorted after-the-fact riots were caused by some allegedly anti-muslim video some idiot made. obama and / or hillary apologized. No retribution was forthcoming for the death of an American ambassador and others, implicitly approving the muslims’ violence.
    So is it alright for Jews to riot and kill muslims for this film? It would be logical, would it not?
    Taking it a step further, is it OK for Americans to riot any time we are insulted by any islamic activity anywhere in the world? It would be logical, would it not?
    Just asking, that’s all.

    • Insert_Cool_Username

      lawngreen Alas, Modern American Jewry has  largely lost their progenitors’ spine.  Judas Maccabeus has been replaced with Paul Krugman.  A grim day for all humankind.

      • lawngreen

        Insert_Cool_Username I agree, but there’s a practical side to it too. The whole world wold be against them. We’d probably see a coalition force of UN nations mobilized to invade Israel.
        It looks as if, between the trayvon-is-a-martyr crowd and the muslims obama has put in federal agencies, we may soon face the same choice. We have, actually, since about 1975, but our enemies have been smart enough to just murder and assault a few at a time. They’re getting bolder, though, now that they see that the AG and the “president” are racists.
        We’re likely to find out how much spine we have before much longer.

        • Insert_Cool_Username

          lawngreen Insert_Cool_Username I understand Israel’s position, and I don’t envy it at all.  It’s perfectly understandable why they’re hesitant to take action when the ramifications are so great for them.  Nevertheless, the cowardice that pervades much of American Jewry isn’t born of acute caution.  For decades there has been a calculated move on the part of liberal Jews to restructure the defining characteristics of being Jewish.  This new movement doesn’t being Jewish as a religion, or even as a people, but rather as a sort of cultural preference.  Thus, to a growing sector of Jews, being Jewish doesn’t mean anything at all.  Fast forward to today where obvious acts of antisemitism are ignored by Jews and Non-Jews alike.
          This sort of cowardice isn’t limited to Jews either.  I can readily attest that more and more Christians are falling into the same trap; being convinced that somehow we are the nexus of all societal repression, and that the sooner they get rid of us, the better.  Europe faced this a long time ago, and the Bastion of Christendom is now a sandcastle of apostasy.  I bet that Skanderbeg, Janos Hunyadi and the other warriors of Christian Europe weep for the flaccid, effeminate apologetic passivity that has replaced their zeal.
          And you’re right.  The day is coming where we’ll have to decide once for all if we’ll fight or surrender.  I pray that day it’s proved that my pessimism is unwarranted.

        • lawngreen

          Insert_Cool_Username  “I pray that day it’s proved that my pessimism is unwarranted.”
          You and me both, brother. Godspeed.


    A movie made by Muslims about the jewish people, interesting, its no wonder their people are so dangerous to the outside world, that is outside their world. The link is a historical chronology of Mohammed and Islam, its worth watching.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJeFU_6pOCk
    God of creation, Jehovah God , God of the Jews, never knew this man-made little god called allah.

    • njmom

      TIMERUNNERSC Actually Jehovah did because Allah by another name is Lucifer who we have come to know as Satan. The devil has given himself different names throughout history; Baal, Moloch and now Allah among others. All this is researchable.


        njmom , I stand corrected, Jehovah God and Jesus Christ did not know allah as a god, they knew him as one of the soldiers in Satans army or legion. I have not heard that allah was Satan who came to Muhammad but either way Demon or Satan himself  fits the facts perfectly.

        It is written that Muhammed foamed at the mouth when giving his so called visions from allah.  Foaming at the mouth is a sure sign of demon possession. And history has proven that he is and was a possessed mad man, a murderer.
        Baal and Moloch and Ra, is names of Satan that I’ve heard of.

        Sorry I wasn’t clear on my earlier comment.

  • njmom

    Someone should tell them Allah is no match for Jehovah but it may be more fun to watch them learn it for themselvs. The pit awaits them.
    Let’s see if Obama bad mouths this like the movie that supposedly stirred up Benghazi. Yeah, I know…. crickets.

  • wdobni

    reinhard heydrich would be proud

  • The Sentinel

    Jews worldwide will be rioting and burning down mosques. Oh wait… Jewish people don’t behave like Muslims. My bad. I’m sure Obama will be condemning this any moment now. Lol! I’m sorry, I woke up on the left side of the bed and forgot Obama IS a Muslim and will likely applaud this behavior.
    Muslim’s fate is FAR worse than the ugly, animalistic things they can think of to do to the Jewish people. What’s sad is that these people condemn their own children to the same fate.

  • benty910

    The Jews in Khaybar were getting along fine with Arabs until Mo the head Borg decided to assimilate them, of course the Jews would not give up worshiping the true GOD, so Mo had all the men’s heads chopped off. Notice he took the ladies and kids, even one as a wife! Imagine Mo and his Jewish wife….how then can he call Jews,” pigs and apes”, seeing he took one as a wife? Details! Details! It’s plain he was mad that the Jews would not comply, same as Christians won’t bow down to Islam’s evil religion.

  • Las1

    Whow!  This looks like a real barn burner of a film.  I wonder who is playing the role of the prophet mohammed?  Does he get to survive after the end of making the movie.

    Just askin’

  • stage9


  • tinlizzieowner

    I could work miracles on this guy with a straight razor. (Shaving folks, just shaving), 😉 😉

  • tinlizzieowner

    If Obama had a son, he’d look like this guy. 
    😉 😉

    • SheerPolitics

      tinlizzieowner  Actually I think if Alec Baldwin had a son he’d look like THAT GUY. It looks like him with a fake beard!

      • Dr. Strangelove

        SheerPolitics tinlizzieowner If 0 and Baldwin had a son together, he’d look like this guy.

  • CVic3629

    pray for these peops. they are so immersed in the lies they can no longer reason
    so brainwashed they cannot see.  pray we can reach more of them every day cuz when
    Christ returns things are gonna heat up and it will be too late to save this lost flock of a billion souls

  • yazz55

    This aint just propaganda.  They really do believe the antisemitism they spew forth.  To them its the truth. Its what they’ve been taught all their lives.