“Mobsters in the White House!” – Mark Levin SLAMS Obama admin as acting like a communist, fascist regime

Mark Levin played a segment from Jake Tapper’s show on how the Obama administration is putting intense pressure on the health care insurance CEO’s to keep quiet about the problems with Obamacare. Levin said this report should be everywhere because this is the kind of thing that happens in banana republics and communist and fascist regimes.


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  • OneThinDime

    Is the FBI on their way to seize these journalists’ records now?

    • sallyjohanna

      Good question!

      • OneThinDime

        It’s frightening, another incident was just posted on this site a couple of days back.

        • sallyjohanna

          I saw them! What I can’t believe is the truth is seeping out…albeit slowly.

          Can you imagine working in one of these large organizations….with the constant feeling of intimidation..even from your co workers, if you are not a good little cheerleader for Obama.

          • JohnCraven

            sallyjohanna, we have to pray, pray, and pray some more that God will help them find the courage to stand up to the bullies in The White House including the #1 bully, Nero Obama himself and speak out against the tyranny of this BORG Queen and his BORG collective. The BORG claim that “resistence is futile” yet we have to resist for the future of our nation.
            John Craven
            New Orleans

  • sallyjohanna

    I have been condemning LMSM love affair with Obama since 2008…it was clear they had closed ranks around him, protecting him from the people. It is vindication to hear some of them break ranks and admit it! Now we need to get it out to the MS public!

    • trytothink

      They admit that the Obamacare web site has problems and some are admitting that prices are higher than expected — but we’re a long ways away from them admitting that Obamacare is a huge mistake and that they were complicit in hiding the truth from the American public.

      • sallyjohanna

        I actually do not expect them to ever admit it. I am not sure how we are ever going to get out of it.

        The fact that Obama and his regime is intimidating and using agencies like IRS and the LMSM as his personal enforcers, is a much bigger problem than even Obamacare!

  • aboutdat

    OT a little, Bill O on FOX throwing around the IMPEACH word a lot tonight for O-Blame-o’s lying to the American People.
    I never knew that was a high crime or misdemeanor, but if Bill-O
    can get this party started, I say lets go.
    Evidence is overwhelming. lets see the sleazy DEMs vote against it !
    WE see them squealing now, it would be off the charts during a trial for O.
    I say all the times he did not follow the Constitution should do him in, the facts papers on OH-uh-oh will be massive and embarrassing for our Country in the end.
    I will be listening to Mark tonight, but I already know he is right. I am more of a sycophant to ML than I was to Glenn Beck when he was on his game a few years ago. GB is just not focused anymore and wants to be liked which compromised his uniqueness. Mark cracks me up and will not compromise, which inspires his fans big time!!! There is NO WEASEL in MARK which I am afraid has seeped into GB a little too much for me.
    I am afraid GB has lost his MOJO, he should have followed my advice, he would be a superstar and a billionaire and helping elect conservatives when they needed it…… last year.

    • I don’t agree with your assessment of GB. He is taking a different tact, but still getting the info out. He has been spot on, on 98% of everything (don’t agree with him on Birth cert.). All the conservatives we listen to have their own niche in what all of us want to accomplish, and they all have their own technique. I say we support all of them for what they are doing for all of us and not act like a McCain towards Cruz. We all are much better and smarter than that!

    • clockwindingdown

      I have to agree with Patti King, Beck nailed this years ago and was screaming about it then. He see’s what is coming and shouts it out long before many others see it or will admit to it. In fact Beck has helped many folks prepare and made them more aware of what is happening and what is to come.

      Beck is a head of the curve on much of what is happening. He also interviews and points to others for the hard work an insight and does more than his fair share of taking heat…

      I like Mark levin and Rush, it isn’t an either or situation, they all contribute and make people see what is happening and different perspectives.

      I might have to try and catch Bill O on the 2nd time around… although I haven’t watched him in a long time…

  • Sentinel

    Totally agree with Mark. It’s amazing how quietly America is sliding into subjugation. I thought we were the land of the free… This tyrant is out of control. This government is lawless and insidious.

  • Glen4001

    I’m as disgusted as the rest of you with Obama and his minions. But something else bothers me about this. Why are these health care executives such cowards that they won’t speak out publicly and defend their industry? Yes, I’m well aware of the perceived threat of loss of government contracts, IRS audits, regulators, etc. But the lack of courage of the leadership of our biggest companies is as corrosive to our political and free enterprise system as is Obama’s policies.

    • trytothink

      In fairness, as a company exec you shouldn’t have to be brave and face down government tyrants elected by voters.

      • clockwindingdown

        And one shouldn’t have to get on the over crowded cattle car heading to the gulag. Yet hundreds of thousand did because those that could have said something early on did not and the whole country lived with the consequences for generations!

        It is everyones job and business to shout out against tyranny. No they shouldn’t have too, but it does not negate their civic duty…

        • Patriot077

          Yet look what happens to whistleblowers. Greg Nickels in the State Dept on Benghazi, the folks from NSA and the CIA. Even the journalist who was raided and her whistleblower notes taken … Or John Roberts. I think they probably have threatened nearly every person in Congress with something in their past they wouldn’t want just anyone to learn. It would be really pretty if a few would stand up and admit any past wrongdoing and let us know that our country means more to them than their personal comfort and reputation.

          • lawngren

            “It would be really pretty if a few would stand up and admit any past
            wrongdoing and let us know that our country means more to them than
            their personal comfort and reputation.”

            I agree. I could forgive past indiscretions a lot easier than I can forgive cowardice in the face of enemy threats. This is war, just as certainly and just as deadly as any military combat.

            • Patriot077

              All it would take is one or two people who put honor before themselves to realize that the American people would rise to their defense. Tell us the truth about yourself and our terrible predicament and watch us help you fix it.

              • lawngren

                I think that’s a new attitude for a lot of us on the Right. I haven’t felt this “flexible” before, and we’ve all seen scandals ruin politicians. I’m not sure how to go about it, but I think there should be an open letter to American politicians stating something like “The undersigned are not going to throw you out of office if you’ve done something morally wrong. We want you to be free to do what’s right for America”

                I’m about to go home for the night. I’ll think this over and see if I can detect any interest among my contacts and maybe see if people like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck.would be interested in publishing such a letter. There would have to be limits. Child molestors and slave traffickers need not apply, that sort of thing. Beyond that. I think most things could be a priori disregarded.

                • Patriot077

                  I guess I’m at the point where I would just like some honesty. Pinpricks of honesty that would shed light on the darkest regions of our distress.
                  Even if their past “sins” were major but they still stood and faced the music (including resignation and/or legal process) in order to tell us the truth, I think most Americans would support them. Unlike the Bendover Nelsons who are shunned in their communities.
                  America has always been about integrity and lawful governance. If these people are keeping mum and doing the bidding of the opposition out of fear, I think they need to confront the issue head on.
                  I’ve ordered the book “Extortion” and can’t wait to get it. I think it will shed a lot of light on just how the DC cesspool flushes everything through the system.

                • lawngren

                  A Russian defector many tears ago said of Russia, “If this poor country could only have the truth for one day…”

                  We’re finding out how important truth is.

          • clockwindingdown

            I understand and agree.

            Everyone citizen in the USA should be part of the militia fighting for freedom, of course some people are against freedom. However fighting for freedom means being in the line of fire at some point, be it active military or citizen soldier fighting with words. If one is to concede their liberty against threats then they are willing to sacrifice their neighbors liberties as well.

            Not fighting back emboldens ones enemies, we are seeing how that plays out. Of course an enemy complicit media does not help attempting to shout!

      • Are you implying that elected officials cannot exhibit tyranny … or that a majority can’t be led to support tyranny?

        For the former, look no farther than FDR and the Japanese internment camps … for the latter, look no farther than the voters of Egypt putting the Muslim Brotherhood in power over them.

        Our founding citizens formed our government the way they did, in part because they feared that our unalienable rights would be threatened by a “tyranny of the majority”.

        The problem is, some in this nation have conflated mere “democracy” with rights-respecting governance, which holds unalienable rights as beyond the reach of even a majority vote. We have exported this conflation to the world, to its detriment.

        Spare us the class envy … for it could be YOU getting “an offer you can’t refuse” from your government, next.

      • lawngren

        The world is not fair. In fairness, the American colonists shouldn’t have had to fight for freedom.

    • Chloe Rowles

      Don’t miss the point here. This is a government overreach, bordering on a dictatorship. It is an abuse of presidential power, seen only in communist or socialist countries before now. This is a new precedent being set by this administration; a president cannot threaten CEO’s or news reporters with retaliation if they don’t submit to their wishes. Remember that we are finding out now that the news commentators were threatened with the loss of their job if they said/reported anything negative about Obama, and they didn’t tell the public till now. THAT might have changed the election results, at least with Independents and those on the fence, who thought Obama was a nice guy.

      At least the CEOs ARE letting the public know what is happening as it happens, and that is more than the media persons did.

      • Julie Cribb

        Well said.

    • GaltLine

      What about the Republican leadership who were told of IRS atrocities by
      Tea Party groups but never raised a peep prior to the last election when
      such a scandal could have changed the election results? CEO’s at fault? What about the leaders of our military who have kept silent since they were relieved of duty the night of Benghazi for insisting on rescuing the compound survivors? How is it Generals and Admirals are willing to give their lives on a battlefield but are scared of a less than two bit dictator in our own White House?

    • Julie Cribb

      I agree.

    • spartan2600

      The thing is that Obamacare/Romneycare/HeritageFoundationCare will pump up the profits of these very corporations- they put Obama in office for a reason. Obamacare helps the corporations, and screws over the 99%.

  • PVG

    We have no leadership ANYWHERE! Boehner, useless. McConnell, useless. John Roberts, useless.

    • mcgurn

      You forgot McCain. Oops! I forgot, he is worse then useless!!

    • Sheila Wells Benoit

      I wonder how many Rinos will simply change parties after the 2014 election.

      • lawngren

        I did after the 2012 elections. I’m “unaffiliated” now. I sent the GOP and the RNC a blistering letter telling them why and what I thought of them, too.

    • Cindy Bachmann Chaney

      Cruz, Paul, Lee, Gowdy, etc are trying to lead for us. All we must continue to do is SUPPORT them, courage others to support them, counter the establishment message.

  • mediaaccess

    Not – LIKE Gangsters, or Commies – they are.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    How long before the IRS starts coming in with SWAT gear to punish those who dare criticize the Annointed One?

  • liz stewart

    Love you Mark keep up speaking the truth.You are in my prayers.

  • Cruz/Lee-2016

    This was just reported on Fox and Friends.

  • John Trapp

    I heard a rumor that Obama is now working behind the scenes to get term limits overturned, that should make Mark happy. 20 more years of Obama

    • Shana Bradley

      Yeah John… just like his birth certificate is fake. You people are sheep. Apparently ones that need something to do.

      • Don

        Obama has lied about everything regarding his agenda and involvement in several scandals. So, yeah, his birth certificate is above suspicion.

    • Don

      And that would be the quickest way to civil war. There are enough of liberty minded patriots that would rise-up.

  • ordinary american

    What does it matter? The effete and impotent establishment RINO’s will do nothing and say nothing. They have become the party of Sargent Schultz.
    Meanwhile, all facets of our government have been infected and infiltrated with appointees who have no honor and no pride in being an American. These traitors and turncoats need to be identified and ousted. But, like I said before, What does it matter? Our country has been transformed. It is now a country of cowardly and very timid people who like a generation ago will say, “We didn’t know what was going on”.

    • GaylePutt

      I don’t think most Americans are cowards. We just need a leader willing to sound the charge.

      • ordinary american

        You are right, but only for “Americans”. Our present establishment “leaders” are impotent, effete and are useless POS. What they did to all the good folks who voted for them is akin to the worst form of Betrayal. Sort of like finding out your significant other is having an affair with someone else. But, in this case, our establishment “leaders” are and have been screwing all of us who supported them with money and time.

    • Julie Cribb

      Unfortunately, I agree with you…

      • ordinary american

        I was hoping that the responses (to my comment) would be critical and negative. And, seeing none, that to me is unfortunate. 🙁

  • timerunnersc

    Mr Levin’s program last evening was fantastic. He hit on so many great points but the White house mobsters was right on the mark.

    • GaylePutt

      If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck……………..

      • timerunnersc


  • Gray Panther

    What is worse than this latest news? The fact that NO ONE will DO ANYTHING about it. We are all COWARDS.

    • Grumpa37

      Such irony. You say, “We are all COWARDS,” thereby providing sterling evidence that you are *not* a coward. There is no “catch” of sarcasm in my reply. Hear it again: you are not a coward — and there are tens of millions of us, and thousands of potential leaders, who will not accept fascism. Patience.

      • Grumpa37

        Oops, Patience and Prayer. At its base, our present tribulation is a crisis of our national spirit. We’ve kicked God out of our nation, and being a gentle — er, being — He has stepped away from us. However, He’s still in charge, and He’s still accepting sinners through Jesus.

        • Guest


          • Grumpa37

            Thank you. Much.

  • Michael Gunslinger

    Jesse told all the brain dead Americans in his book. Re-bloodlicans and Demo crypts…….

  • lawngren

    “…this is the kind of thing that happens in banana republics and communist and fascist regimes.”

    Yep. That’s what we’ve got.

    Say. A thought just occurred to me. If we’re a banana republic now, can I photoshop a picture of obama eating a banana? It would have been raaaaa-cist before, but now it’s the symbol of The New Republika of Amerika.

  • Vernon Black

    It’s the tactic of every Marxist’s Revolutionary Dictator! …..Pass Laws (taxes and regulations) on the Businessman which forces him into bankruptcy, then they haul the ‘failed’ Businessman before a public firing squad for ‘crimes against the people!’ Obama and his Marxists Thugs are loading their guns!

    • stage9

      nailed it!

  • chris ellis

    I have been watching Kathleen Sebelius in the hearings. She is madly protecting O’Bama and It is NOT through loyalty, the woman is terrified. The most alarming accusations are leveled at her and the entire world now blames her for the debacle that is O’Bamacare, and not only the website. She is probably the most hated woman in America right now and she still protects him. Obviously she is scared to death of what he will do to her if she implicates him even one little bit. I’m sorry to say it but she is a suicide waiting to happen. I hope I am wrong.
    I wonder how many others are in the same situation.

    • liberalsstuckonstupid

      He has lived his entire life blaming others and using them as pawns in his game (agenda). Using every single one of them to perpetrate his Communist agenda on America, that makes them as guilty as he is. Lifetime in jail for everyone of them seems reasonable, without a trial, the people have spoken, we are the jury.

  • NYGino

    Is the internet, and specifically sites like The Right Scoop, becoming little islands of truth and courage in an ocean of lies and fear? Are we some of the few that don’t cower and are not afraid to say what we think about what we see; point out attacks on our Constitution and America itself from enemies within?

    Is anyone else ringing warning bells about this “fundamental transformation of America” and what that really means? Will the media ever gain it’s self respect back and actually inform rather than prostitute itself as a means of indoctrination? Will our elected officials ever again act on principles and allegiance to the oath they took to serve and protect our country without fear of losing the keys to the good old boy club?

    • colliemum

      Reading your post, about Right Scoop becoming a little island of truth, I was suddenly reminded of another occasion, far away in history.

      There also was only a small group, “we few, we happy few, we band of brothers”, who stood against an overwhelming foe, facing death and destruction.

      They did face up to their own death, and fought anyway.
      They won.
      That was at Agincourt, a long time ago.

      Before that, other small groups, ‘happy few’, won against overwhelming odds at Crecy and Poitiers.

      These are your forefathers. You are their inheritors. What they did, you can do.

      • NYGino

        We can also take courage from places like Lexington, Bunker Hill and Fort Sumter.

        • colliemum

          Progeny of the blokes who fought at Agincourt, Crecy and Poitiers! No doubt about it!

          • NYGino

            Just like the Magna Carta led directly to the Constitution mum!

  • Mack10

    I’m also disgusted!! BUT, who can “WE THE PEOPLE” depend on? Only a couple of guys in the house and senate have the BALLS to stand against “The Anointed One” and his minions!! A movement need to be started.

  • tonypaskitti

    Censorship! Obama needs to be impeached for Benghazi, Fast and Furious and his unconstitutional executive orders! Fundamental change – yes, Communism from Capitalism

  • winterband

    Our country, our rights and our blood bought freedoms are in grave danger because of ignorance and evil. Way way too similar to Nazi Germany! Chicago gangland tactics in the Whitehouse! What contemptible low life scum and villainy the National Socialist Democrat party and their deceitful lapdog liberal media have put into power with their ignorance, voter fraud, and Islamosocialism! Far worse when they get such scum elected as RINOs!!

    It is not just the criminal traitor Barry Soetoro Obama who is to blame, but the other communist scum in the Democrat party and the RINOs Please be sure to SHARE this post about Hussein “Hitler Lite” Obama far and wide! People do not comprehend how truly wicked and dishonest he is!

    Anti-American, anti-christian, muslim serving, sleazy, criminal pervert traitor “Hitler Lite”in the Whitehouse! The website http://www.barrysoetoro.net now contains a link to a video where eye witness testimony is given regarding Hussein’s homosexuality, drug abuse, and some very serious questions about murder. This is for real! Fox news reporter Todd Starnes. Also read about documented voter fraud and much more!

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    • liberalsstuckonstupid

      The National Socialist Party is what Hitler changed it to in Nazi Germany because he said the Germans would not have elect him if he ran as a Communist; however, it doesn’t change what it is, it is COMMUNIST. Odick is governing as a Communist, people and media can whitewash it as Socialism, it isn’t. He has shipped most manufacturing overseas, he has taken over healthcare, he has started eliminating freedom of religion (except for Islam), he has taken over banks and corporations, he is changing law with executive orders and nobody flinches. The only ones who can change what is happening in Washington, DC and around the country is US. I call, email, write and they ignore. I have said that the only way to change Washington, is not by your vote because the Demonicrats have commited so much fraud and nothing has been done about it, so it is time to hit them in the purse. Every American who pays taxes, must stop paying taxes, it takes every taxpayer if you want to send a strong message. Or, we can start a real-life Revolution. Those are the only options that will impact the losers that reside in our buildings in Washington, DC. We are a Republic, rule by majority, not by minority or politicians.

      • can you imagine 80 million patriots not filling their income taxes. It would bring the welfare state to its knees which is where I want to see it and destroy the communist democratic party for good.

  • Kelly60

    Ok…I expect backlash from this but, here goes….I’m growing weary of Mark Levin, et al and their “talk”. If you’ll notice, that seems to be all there is…just talk. Oh, wait, and a book or two thrown in so we can buy it and tell ourselves that someone with a voice agrees with us. It’s as if he, Rush, Hannity, etc. all tell us what we want to hear but you’ll notice they never encourage any “action”. If they have maybe I’ve missed it. I’m tired of talk from these guys, politicians who say they’re on my side, etc. I WANT SOMETHING FRICKIN DONE ABOUT THE CRAPO IN MY WHITE HOUSE!
    There…as you were…

    • Jeff

      He just threatened to bring 1,000,000 pissed off ‘mericans to the state capitol if they laid one finger on a veteran trying to visit their war monument. Although not really a fan of rush or hannity…I doubt any of them
      do what they do solely for cash?

      • Kelly60

        That’s exactly what I mean, he “threatened”. I’ve seen more action from the Bikers and Truckers in the US than these dudes.

        • Guest

          And you did what?

    • Huckster

      You should read “The liberty amendments” from Levin where he outlines a constitutional way to fix this mess.
      The other thing is YOU should get involved and DO something about it instead of sitting there and waiting for other people to fix it for you and then whining why other people are not doing anything. Isn’t it just “talk” from you as well?

      • Kelly60

        Yes, Huckster, I’m willing as much as many on this site to put talk into action. The difference with us conservatives though is we often times put our families and jobs at risk if we do the “million” marches, etc. Not excusing it mind you, just the reality of it. My irritation is Mark Levin states a process…then I ask Mark Levin to start the process, he’s an attorney, right? I’d be happy to stand up and be counted. I call my congressmen/women/senators. I write letters. I don’t just “talk”…

    • Maxsteele

      Kelly60: I agree with you 100%. I have lost my confidence in people like Levin when they continue to aggressively distance themselves from any discussion on a third party, while at the same time, continue to criticize how terrible the beltway republicans and RINO’s are. So, basically, he thinks the fantasy of having the states vote in amendments to the constitution (which I believe will happen when pigs fly) is more attainable then a viable , truly conservative,3rd political party. I think it is all talk now.

      • Kelly60

        Thanks Max…it’s just what I’ve been noticing for a long time, just didn’t say anything. It’s as if they’re telling us what we want to hear but squashing any definitive actions.

    • sojourner00

      Look what happened to Ross Perot! A third party would not succeed until the right time. For now we must purge our conservative party of RINO’s. The American people are afraid of going to far right and losing their entitlements. This is a main reason Romney lost, The left managed to portray him as an extreme right wing zealot.

    • gtienhaara

      Whining about it sure won’t do anything and a third party will only assure that the Statists stay in power (this isn’t to say that we shouldn’t keep working to put more Conservatives back in power). And if you actually listened, you would know that Levin encourages action every day. Washington is too far gone to fix itself. That’s why he (Levin) wrote The Liberty Amendments. Outside of armed revolution, it’s about the only option left. Article V was put into the Constitution for just the situation we are facing today. It isn’t easy, and it won’t happen over night, but if the States and the People don’t move to change things, we won’t have a Constitution, let alone a Bill of Rights BO and his henchmen are in the process of an end around the Constitution now with the UN.

    • DebbyX

      What would you like them to do? They can’t insight a riot or call for blood in the streets! We’re ALL sick of the vermin in the White House. Unfortunately, our election process is all we have to work with.

    • Guest

      You “want something done”? And apparently, you want someone else to do it. Hey, I understand your frustration, but Mark Levin has educated and enlightened many people over his career and deserves kudos for his leadership. He is “doing” something! Now, if everyone of us would take “action” as opposed to sitting on our hands, we can make a difference. It is not up to someone else, and if it is, we are toast…

    • tigersfan61

      Yeah…here is your backlash…These men have done more than you ever will…if not for these men, we would probably be in a dictatorship already….get with it….

  • not surprised

    Nothing will ever happen to this regime as they are teflon coated. The notion of impeachment is a total joke. When government beneficiaries outnumber full time workers in the nation, there is no hope. The tentacles of “Fundamental Transformation” have breached in earnest. The seeds of Socialism have been sown by a well trained and indoctrinated radical cabal and are now ripe for harvest. Elections have consequences and tyranny does as well…

  • Guest

    Gangster Goverment

  • GlennBerman

    Gangster Government

  • aboutdat

    I find the people posting and complaining about Mark Levin and other talk radio people really disgusting and immature. I have had my frustrations with them too when they compete too much when they could be on the same page etc. I hope K-BOB gives his 2 cents on this, but for now, here goes…..
    Mark has already served the AMERICAN PEOPLE IDIOTS !!!!!!, with REAGAN !!!!!
    Read up on it, GOOGLE IT, whatever !!!
    He owes us nothing, but is still serving as an older PATRIOT man. I thank him for motivating his trucker and biker friends.( you don’t know that???)
    YOU ARE SO IN THE MINORITY, and you won’t get many followers, or likes, around here.
    YOU have your first amendments rights fully on this site, but taking your frustration out on Mark is ridiculous and you should maybe reconsider how many people will read your post in disgust. Taking them out on OH-uh-oh is more NORMAL.
    Mark became a radio “TALKER” about 10 years ago in his second or 3rd MAJOR career, can you say as much? I did not think so.
    Mark owes me and you nothing, he does not need to lead a revolt or ANYTHING!!.
    HIs judgment is a 3rd party won’t work, but we can prove him wrong if WE do the work, and not bitch. BTW, I am ready for a REAL 3rd party, call it the T, TEAs, or whatever. AS long as the manifesto is pure REAL conservatism.
    In his last book, he has GIVEN you the KEY, to changing the GOVERNMENT peacefully, he does not want riots in the street by people who are a little too high strung with guns and such, unless it comes down to it, then it will be up to you, and Mark will be defending himself, not leading YOU, idiots.
    BTW, don’t you think he has risked enough for us by speaking out against OBUMMER already. I am sure he will be the first OFF the radio and censored when it really hits the fan, if it does.
    FINALLY, he is doing all he wants to do, he does not want to run for office, nor lead marches. but he will show up from time to time and rant. SEE his TEA PARTY rallys lately where he was AWESOME.
    GROW WEARY OF SOMETHING ELSE, ML is probably doing 100 times as much stuff for us, than even a hundred of us. He does not need the money, but stays up working NIGHTS for us, so PLEASE do some research and get a grip!!!!
    I left out a lot he does, you may be progressive trolls, trying to discredit MARK, and not really worth my time !!!!
    K-BOB, what do you think of these complainers who want ACTION????

    • Caroline Haskin

      I agree. Anyone talking against Mark Levin must not listen to him or they would know of all the good things he has done, and is doing, for the cause. He and the Landmark Legal Foundation write briefs and argue for our right in court all the time, including arguing against Obamacare to the Supreme Court.

    • aboutdat

      I did not mean to make myself look like a 3rd party backer.
      But if people do it right, I think it is possible, Mark is mostly right and IS an expert and HISTORIAN. He knows what a real conservative is, and a REAL ONE will use any and all tools/opportunity to PROTECT the AMERICAN people. THAT is why I supported the effort of CRUZ and LEE
      I, like many others feel the re-pubes (Establishment, ROVE, McCain. Grahm)
      really seem like they are progressive LIGHT or DEM Light. They have no fight and are afraid. If they had had more fight in them, Obozo would have been more diminished by now. These re-pube guys going on MSNBC has killed my
      support forever for them, unless they straighten up and grow a pair with REAL LEADERS like CRUZ and LEE.

  • Caroline Haskin

    Wake up! There is no white knight coming to fix this for us and the fix is not going to be a quick one. Put your money where your mouth is. Reward those in congress who take the risks and stand on conservative principles. Send money to conservatives (everywhere across the country) who are running in primaries against RINOS. They need money to take on the deep pocket of the GOP, Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic PACs and others who support and buy off the RHINOs.

  • Rondi Ann Adams

    This is so upsetting anymore. The “soft” tyranny that you mention, Mark, is upon us and growing.

  • Dotsy Maher


  • Discontentwliars

    Wonder when Senator Reid will resign, when the DOJ throws him under the bus. Complicity will be with several Senators and several administrative staff. I’d bet there will be a mass exodus prior to the fan hitting manure.

  • Hickory Stonewall

    Muzzled leany

  • wantmylifeback

    The 2014 election will be the most important election in American history. We shouldn’t be waiting for them. We should start a massive recall election on every Democrat that voted for Obamacare . Throw them out..

    • Politicallypatriotic

      This could start in Nevada if anyone there has a pair… they have recall – for ALL elected officials… harry reid should be the test case… so who out there will start this…

  • Marge Illich

    I heard on the Bill Bennett show yesterday that the CEO’s were called to the White House and were told by Obama to either dine at HIS table or be on the menu. In other words, he made them an offer they could not refuse.

  • USMC 64-68

    It is marxism, it is tyranny, it is totalitarianism, it is Statism. Yet, those who voted for Dear Leader continue to support him. That support is treason!