MORE RACIAL VIOLENCE – Miss. jogger says he was beaten by 3 black men who said “This is for Trayvon”

Another beating by three black young men, maybe teens, who said it was for Trayvon Martin. Even though this broadcast chickens out of mentioning the race of the men who did the attacking, Greta pointed out tonight that they were indeed black:

WREG – A jogger says three men attacked him in retaliation for the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.

The attack happened on Highway 51 in Senatobia, Miss., Sunday night.

The victim told News Channel 3 and investigators the men drove up to him, asked him to get into their car, implying they had a gun

The man says the men drove him miles away in silence before pulling him from their car and attacking him saying, “This is for Trayvon.”

The man had a few cuts and scrapes and a bruised face. He was found on a deserted road between Senatobia and Coldwater, Miss.

The man, who is white, told police the men who attacked him are black.

The three men may have been in a white Chevrolet Malibu or Impala.

One of the men should have a bite mark on his forearm.

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  • famouswolf

    Well, guess it’s time to start carrying.

    • Orangeone

      famouswolf Seriously?  I thought the time was 2008

      • famouswolf

        You must live in a more dangerous area than me.
        I’d like to be back in the green hills of home.

        • Orangeone

          famouswolf Land of the Somalians raising and sending money and their sons back for terrorist training.

      • kong1967

        Orangeone famouswolf Lol, very good.

  • MikeStephenson

    And so it begins…

  • frisky

    hate crime……where is Holder investigating?  Where is Sharpton organizing 100 city marches?  Hypocrites and   liars!

  • stage9

    My God, the whole world has lost its ever loving mind!

    • WordsFailMe

      stage9 Not me. I woke up months ago.

      • kong1967

        WordsFailMe  Lol, I’ll bet you woke up a long time before that.

  • Keyes

    Do NOT get in the car. Pretend like you are and then make a mad dash.

    • kong1967

      Keyes  No kidding.  If your’e going to shoot me your’e going to have to do it in the middle of the street in the wide open.  No way am I going to let you drive me off to the woods where no one will find my body for three months or more.

  • WordsFailMe

    You notice that the bravest of the black men is not attacking women in FL.

  • ValerieShilliday

    Like and share Obama is targeting Zimmerman as a law abiding registered gun owner, Impeach!

  • duramaxdiesel2005

    Impeach king so called king mac daddy..

  • yazz55

    This is exactly what the race baiters – obama, sharpton, jackson etc have been promoting and stoking.  Given that these attackers did what their plantation masters wanted, they won’t face any legal problems.  In case local authorities do indeed catch them, the Feds will intervene.
    Just part of the larger divide and conquer political strategy.

  • Laurel A

    So it begins.

  • kong1967

    Of course, the media doesn’t want us to know the race of the attackers.  Can’t identify them any more than they can the Muslims.  There’s no end to the liberal PC game of deception.

  • Conniption Fitz

    DECENT PEOPLE  are beginning to stand up to the real BULLIES, Liars and Killers – – –
    Oakland photo of the night: Workers line up to guard Dogwood restaurant from Trayvon mob

  • Conniption Fitz

    While the uncivilized barbarians are doing this kind of thing – real Americans are Marching for Jobs:
    They aren’t bashing, trashing and burning.  Not pooping on the street.  Not doing drugs, raping, stealing, killing.
    But the PC media calls them terrorists.  The IRS persecutes them.  The NSA snoops on them.  EPA and OSHA targets them.
    Shame on the despicable Obama, Holder, Clinton lying, corrupt, racist, communist bully regime!

  • Matt2Matt

    Hell, it’s been open season on Whitey since the Obama/Holder crime syndicate took office.

    • Longiron

      Another reason to Carry. If they want a race war bring it on. It will be over in a week, because the gang ers will have to think and that is not going to happen.

    • Orangeone

      Matt2Matt Correct!  We are just hearing one of two events yet there have been thousands.

  • ConservativeFromHell

    2 brothers were shot to death Monday night in their car, in the parking lot of the Golden Corral.  Supposedly, they had a Free Zimmerman bumper sticker on the car.  Apparently they were having a conversation with 2 men in another car when it escalated to gunfire and murder.


    HOLD YOUR BREATHE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE   ,  kids int he lake story ,,the phantom black assailants

  • ellebb

    And yet, we’re ready to grant amnesty to millions of other non-white (non-American) voters… I mean workers.  I think we all know how this “immigration reform” will end.

    • Orangeone

      ellebb The largest slave owners was BLACK.  Blacks sold blacks into slavery for decades before the US. Blacks were freed with the blood of white men spilled.  Lincoln freed the blacks but left women as property (slaves). Women were brought to the US as property (slaves) long before blacks.  Blacks got the right to vote 50 years before women.  Women have NEVER demanded reparations, etc.  Get over it.

      • ellebb

        Orangeone ellebb Why are you arguing with me.  I agree totally with you.  My ancestors died in the civil war trying to free the slaves.  i am a woman.  The issue of the thread, I thought, was racial.  The country is paying everyday for bringing people to this country as slaves.  The unrest is being fueled by people like Sharpton, Jackson and our president.  My point was, we are doing it again with amnesty.  I guess we never learn.  

        We’re on the same side, sister.

        • Orangeone

          ellebb Orangeone Responded to the all caps in your post.  Glad we are on the same side.  As you can see from my response, I’m bloody sick of the slavery card being played more frequently than the race card.

  • Conniption Fitz
    • Conniption Fitz

      Oh and someone pitched a NO-HITTER this week too!

      • Orangeone

        Conniption Fitz Yay!

      • jdbaird

        Against the Padres, thanks for reminding me. They’re making me embarrassed to be from San Diego.

  • Joe Mitchell

    And the blacks wonder why I carry a weapon!  3 black guys jump me, start beating me, that will be self defense for sure.

  • Orangeone

    Seriously, you wouldn’t expect a reporter, who could be Obama’s son, to mention the perps are black attacking a white man would you?

  • KS_Conservative

    He should have said, “…and this is for George!” and blew those punks away.  Stupid racist thugs.


    Of course in self defense, if one is attacked shoot them down like dogs, Martin needs water and company.

  • lawngreen

    Does Mississippi not have concealed carry? Folks, the black race-baiters have let slip the dogs of war – and sicced them onto us. If you live in a war zone, you need to dress for the occasion.

  • WordsFailMe

    In the words of a survivor of one who survived an assault by a racist:—
    “These f***ing punks always get away.”