Morning Joe crew still bewildered over Obama poor debate performance

And not just the poor performance itself, but the affect it is having on Democrats. Apparently libs aren’t too thrilled after having seen their emperor with no clothes:

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  • Did they ever admit doctoring that crowd cheer Romney/Ryan tape?

    • Don’t think so.

      • johngalt30

        Scarborough doubled down on it.

        • Got video of that?

          • SineWaveII

            It wasn’t on video it was on Twitter. Go check on Twitchy.

        • Rightstuff1

          Yeh he certainly did – what a sap !!!!

    • Orangeone

      And now I read ABC had editted out Romney intro speech at the debate. The libs, what won’t they do.

      • They won’t tell the truth—about anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • OT: message for Orangeone: WesternHunter gave a reply regarding our question about twitter. Not sure if you saw it, and according to our agreement, I’m letting you know anything I find out. Note to Scoop: Sorry for the OT post, but I don’t have another way to contact Orangeone.

        Orangeone, you can see it here:

        • Orangeone

          Sweet.  If you follow me, I’ll follow you 🙂

          Hey, I tweeted Romney and Ryan to appt West Sec Def.

          • I’ve been following you for some time! 🙂

            You mean follow on Disqus you mean, that’s what I mean.


            • Orangeone

              Back at you through Scoop!  I’m looking for you on Twitter 🙂

              • Through Scoop? I don’t understand… Am I have a blond moment or something? 🙁

                • Orangeone

                  I’m following your posts on TRS.

                • Forgive me, it’s one of those Mondays:

                  (Manic Monday – Bangles)

                • Orangeone

                  Hey, I have that CD!

                • and you openly admit it????

                  Actually, this is one of my favorite songs.

                • Orangeone

                  Will always be honest with you Wolfie. I happen to like it a lot too 🙂

  • Mika: Republicans are having trouble with the jobs numbers?

    Does she mean the 14.7% real unemployment or the 23 million unemployed? Which one are Republicans having trouble with, again?

    • tshtsh

      On her planet, she is referring to the unemployment number getting under 8%.

      • warpmine

        On her planet, Liberanus, a planet where they’re all stuck tightly up their butt… surprise there.

    • Orangeone

      I think the fictitious calculation. 367,000 jobs lost, 130,000 added to the workforce, 114,000 jobs created. What’s to wonder how the unemployment % went down….

    • ChicksLoveRight

      you bet your pasty azz Mika we are having trouble with the dismal job numbers!

    • Whoa, whoa, whoa. You can’t throw that many numbers at Mika. She can handle one number at a time, give to her through her ear piece. More than that and she will slip into a coma.

  • Debates matter… if you blow it! hehehe

  • It’s so funny!!! She says “[the debate debacle] is surprisingly lasting.” followed by Ole Joe saying “Yeah…why is that?”

    I kept waiting for someone to mention “Maybe because WE keep bringing it up!”, but then I remembered only a logical Conservative would dare speak such things! LOL!

    • ChicksLoveRight

      LOL Brian, well said! Seeing these talking heads blabbering about things makes me believe they truly live in a bubble! Romney’s bounce is lasting because he gave a thorough dress-down to campaigner-in-chief and American people saw it clearly!

      • BlueGood

        New york Times Reporter: “Mr. President WTF happened last Wednesday with Mitt Romney”?

        O’Bama bin Lyin : “My dog Bo ate my debate”!

        • HAHAHA!!! Do you think he’ll eat Bo to try and reabsorb the words? LOL!

        • NYGino

          Maybe Obama ate Bo and got a bad case of indigestion. Maybe that’s why he did so poorly in the debate.

        • Orangeone

          So then I had to have Bo for supper so he doesn’t do it again.

  • “Apoplectic freakout.” Well said.

  • PicklePlants

    Sorry, I tried but I couldn’t watch the whole thing. I was only able to take it for about 3 minutes.

    • Orangeone

      Fellow bloggers gave a great tip, use the MUTE button with O opens his mouth.

    • AbdulBX

      I could only watch 2, so you are better than me.

  • xx111

    Romney is just smarter and has the right ideas.Why is this so hard to understand.

    • SineWaveII

      Don’t forget the corollary, Obama is just dumber and has no ideas. Put both of those together and you have to reason for his failure at the debate.

      • warpmine

        I suppose that Axelgrease thoroughly convinced him and others that America’s citizenry were stupid enough for doing it once with all that lame generalities that a second time was a forgone conclusion. Jokes on him!

        • SineWaveII


  • 3seven77

    Obama voters are disappointed in this presidency? Gee, what about the rest of us who knew what this guy was way back in 2008? We rocketed past horrified in the first year. NOW you guys are getting a clue?The “Emperor’s” had no clothes for years. You stupid [email protected] just thought naked vulgarity in politics was high style. Guess you’re not smarter than the rest of us.

  • Orangeone

    I love that line: “Why didn’t he bring an oxygen tank if he was worried about the altitude.”

    • warpmine

      Why would it be necessary??? Was he jogging to the debate? Was he playing football or golf before the debate. Yet we’re still getting from the likes of Bill O’Reilly, “the President’s a smart guy” crap when we know for certain, he’s a buffoon.

      • Orangeone

        I think the comment was in response to Al Gore blaming his poor performance (actually the real O’Bambi) on the altitude because he flew in that morning and Romney the night before.

        • warpmine

          Gore does realize that AF-1 is pressurized right?

          • Orangeone

            I don’t think Gore realizes what planet he is on my days.

  • MsLSD – and Huff and Puff! I just KNOW I’m going to hear some fair and balanced reporting/opinion there. /sarc.

  • These people on MSNBC are so disgusting – debate performance – what performance – the man – President of the United States of America – are you kidding. Never has there been a President so unable to think – unable to work is the basic problem – if the President was engaged – truly engaged – he would have plenty to say – plenty. The man is just “eye candy” and nothing more – many of us knew this from day 1 – but have had to watch him make life difficult for every single American in this country – some know it – some are beginning to find out and some idiots will never know anything anyway. Mitt Romney is a dynamic, intelligent, capable, hard working, prepared individual with plenty to offer this nation.

    • RestlessLegs

      Excellent points, Rosemary. Yes, these are things that conservatives have known about Obama since 2008, and all of America would have known these things if the MSM had done their jobs and vetted him. Finally, the debate format forced Obama to do something he hasn’t done in the last four years: think for himself. Guess what? He can’t do it. I’ve always said Obama is intellectually lazy. He speaks in platitudes and sound bites but never thinks deeply about any issue. That was exposed BIG TIME last week.

  • jcrouse22

    Bewildered? The educated among us knew from the start that we were dealing with an empty suit. Without advisers telling him what to say he hasn’t a clue. I hear that there
    is a community that needs to be organized somewhere up north. Pack your bags for
    the Arctic Circle, Barry!

    • Rshill7

      Right. He could move to the North Pole and get the elves all fired up, thereby ruining Christmas too.

      • warpmine

        I can see a new “The Santa Clause” movie in the works.
        “You folks are working for white America as slaves to make white parents feel good. They don’t want you to partake in the dream……”

      • Orangeone

        Hey Rshill7, Christmas is a Christian holiday so already prohibited.

  • Susitna

    Many MSM members must be having sleepless nights. I mean, they knew who and what they were supporting for money. I want to see their faces after election day. Some, I believe will switch the boat short before and the rest will start looking for a new job.

    • Rshill7

      I firmly believe that a lot of outward Obama supporters will vote for Romney once in the privacy of the voting booth.

      Has anyone heard about that lovely black girl (Stacey Dash) who played in the movie “Clueless”? Well, she endorsed Romney and is now the victim of all kinds of lefty hatred.


      • Susitna

        Yes, I have been talking for a while that there is a huge hidden number of voters that will go for the GOP and that is not reflected in the polls.

        • warpmine

          The only signs on my brother’s street is that of Odeadbeat/Biteme and I know full well after talking to most of them, Romney has their vote. It’s just that they’re trying to avoid property loss via vandalism.

          • I just today ordered 3 more Romney/Ryan yard signs… Just let someone try and take them! 🙂

            • Orangeone

              Mine is up with a sign behind it daring anyone who touches it to meet my Glock.

    • freenca

      For a second there I thought you had written, sheepless nights. May they run out of sheep to count and their every night be as sheepless as we are.

      • Susitna

        I was cracking about your comment. You made my day! And yes, they must be running out of sheeps…..

  • Paul Ryan is outmatched – Mika must be looking at a different Joe Biden and Paul Ryan – well a Lib – what can we expect.

    • T4Ut

      Indeed! More shock and awe from the willingly ignorant.

      Did you notice when that came up and they mentioned Biden’s chances against Ryan and the one oaf says “He’s gonna be great” then he and all the others had a nice laugh, except Mika, who must have thought he was serious, and started bringing up all the reasons he should do well. Poor Mika can’t see the obvious, that O’l Joe Biteme is in for a real fanny slapping on thurs. Wonder what her reaction will be on fri. (not really, I just wish they would all go away)

    • freenca

      Paul Bunyan v. Joey Biteme, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Scarborough should have added in the “Volga Boatman” as background music. The tone – of bewildered sadness – is bizarre for someone who ostensibly describes himself as “republican” (at least in his past). I’m so tired of hearing beta males like him talk. About anything.

  • I recently took a liberal “friend” of mine for a walk along a cliff edge… He asked me to take his picture and moved over towards the cliff edge… Thinking of his favorite “catch phrase” I said “lean forward”… This is the picture I took:

    Can you spot my friend?

    Ok, ok… Before you all Libtard trolls monitoring this website go reporting me… This is what is known as a JOKE! I know it might not be funny, but there you go… 🙂

  • Because like so many others, they just can’t accept that Obama is NOT what everyone was told he is… He is a well spoken (with a teleprompter) community organizer. Trying disparately to act like the President…

  • FutureOnePercent

    “I think Paul Ryan is outmatched”


    Holy crap, is she serious?! LOL

    Boy genius vs the crazy old-uncle… yeah, okay. I can’t wait to see what she says after the VP debate.

    • T4Ut

      I am soooo looking forward to this debate!

      Pop the corn and grab grab a cold beverage, this is going to be entertaining!

      Ryan will wipe the floor with him.

  • bjohnson55

    Could it be that Obama proves day in and day out that he is NOT the most intelligent POTUS we have ever had? Could it be his track record is sooo bad that even an egomaniac like Obama cannot defend it when Romney looked him square in the eye and told him his 4 years in office are a huge failure? Could it be the reason being that that giant sucking sound we all hear out side of our doors across this entire nation and across the entire world is the Obama Administration?

  • HEY, MORNING JOE – even Salomon did not pour from an empty…. all we’ve got is empty suit, empty chair, empty head (except some Marxist lessons);
    got that, MSM urinalists?

    • Orangeone

      Empty podium. Don’t ya just love the cover of The New Yorker’s current edition?

  • 2besusie

    Mika seems to be doing a pretty good Obama debate impersonation. She doesn’t look anyone in the eye. She is constantly looking down at something or off to the side. She mumbles and stumbles her way with vacuous remarks. Then she smiles as if she thinks she’s done a wonderful job.

    Do they actually pay this woman? Retorical qustion 😉

    • warpmine

      Maybe management is doing someone a favor by keeping her on staff. Certainly goes along with their modus operundi.

      • Orangeone

        Affirmative Action reporting requirement.

  • mike morrison

    Paul Ryan is outmatched?????????????????????????????????????????????? In what, being a gaffe machine?????????????

    I hope that Ryan doesn’t just demolish Biden, I hope Biden self-implodes on national tv.

    Spike the football, Paul Ryan, spike it!

  • AbdulBX
    • Was thinking twice about following the link based on your comment I thought it was bad news… Glad I followed it! 🙂

  • Rshill7

    I really like this quote I heard recently:

    “Obama wants less rich people. Romney wants less poor people.”

    • That IS good.

      Smitty, over at McCain’s place came up with: “Redistribute Liberty, not wealth”

    • warpmine

      and continue that with GOP wants you to be wealthy so what does the DemonRats want for you….perpetually poor as a constituency.

      • Rshill7

        Biden just wants less intelligent people and is willing to lead by example 🙂

    • Suzyqpie

      Put another way, Gov Romney, “I’ve never had a job where voting “present” was acceptable.”

    • freenca

      I like that one! May I use it too bear? ;–)

      • Rshill7

        Yes ma’am, but I didn’t write it, I just quoted it. I would like it to go viral though. Not sure who said it first.

  • Somehow I get this feeling that Obama will do this badly in ALL of the debates. Why do I say that? Because from what I have seen, Obama has never been good at a debate in anything when seriously challenged on an issue. McCain was so obsessed with running a “clean” debate, he never really took the fight to Obama. And when Hillary Clinton went after Obama, Obama usually backed down. In 2008 people were obsessed with the narrative of “Hope and Change.” Now this jerk has a record he has to defend and people really don’t like what they see. Romney has a lot of ammunition to fire at Obama, while Obama only has a pea shooter. I think Romney is going to do very, very, well.

    • “Obama has a pea shooter” 🙂 Romney has a bazooka! 🙂

      • Orangeone

        “Obama has a wanna be pea shooter” Sorry, Wolfie my mind went immediately to short-guy syndrome.

  • boats48

    In response to Mika’s comment that Paul Ryan is “outmatched”! Paul Ryan forgot more leaving the bathroom this morning than Joe Biden knows. The debate killing question from Ryan to Biden is, “You guys really messed up in Libya didn’t you?” It should be all over after that!

  • mediaaccess1

    You can’t argue logically against constitutional conservatism, that’s why he lost – not to mention he was NEVER A GOOD SPEAKER, NEVER A NICE GUY – HIS WIFE ISN’T NICE EITHER!! Communism has no shame.

    • jcrouse22

      I agree with you about Michelle- she is nothing but a phony. She had divorce
      papers all drawn up ready to hand to Barry before all this presidential nonsense came
      up. Did anyone else see Sir Paul McCartney sing ‘michelle’ to the two of them at
      one of their many fundraisers? A little vomit came up to my mouth! That song was
      quickly removed from my ipod!

      • Orangeone

        All of his songs were removed from my library. Of course, I’ve always hated that song.

  • Mika agrees with Joe when he says, “I’m smarter than you.”

  • denbren52

    Biden has to carry the team???? Bwahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!

  • JDOlson

    It looks like Crowley will use the same format as the 1st debate. This is good. If Biden has enough rope he will hang himself. Beyond that, Ryan will do to Biden what he did to Obama during the Blair House meeting: Appear informed, tough, and reasonable in pointing out Obama admin malfeasance.

    Scoop, I’ll wager you are one of a very few bloggers who knows the difference between affect/effect!

    • Fluster Biden and he’ll go off message and begin gaffing again! LOL! Just push a few buttons and stand back! 🙂

      • JDOlson

        …3 2 1 BOOM! 😉

  • p m

    Won’t watch these idiots, but hey, if Scoop says “Apparently libs aren’t too thrilled after having seen their emperor with no clothes” that’s more than good enough for me. Thanks.

  • CitizenVetUSA

    Mika: Why does Romney have to give a foreign Policy speech now right before Thursday’s VP Debate? Waaaa

  • I just loved hearing “Obama-Cheerleaders” wringing their hands in that clip! The Prez is an empty suit, incompetent and never should have gotten the job in the first place.

  • warpmine

    Ah, the meme of the smartest president ever was scrubbed away rather quickly during that one debate. They’re jsut now realizing that it’s been just a nice paint job by the old media but beneath the paint body filler comprises most of what they’ve been lead to believe was solid.

  • CitizenVetUSA

    The first debate debacle resulted in a fixed re-calibration in the polls because all were skewed.

    By the time the VP and the second presidential debate is completed it will be over for Mika, Joe and the Marxist obama regime

    • Orangeone

      Result of the debate? False and fictitious unemployment numbers. I hope Ryan gives Biden a math lesson Thurs night 🙂

  • sjmom

    So Mika thinks Biden is going to win the debate? Looks like another disappointment is headed her way.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Of the obama/teleprompter duo, obviously the teleprompter is the bright one!!!!

    • Orangeone

      Paid for by us.

  • keninil

    Did the pResident really want to talk about “historical recordings” given the Hampton College tape that came out last week? That’s why he didn’t bring up the 47% !!

  • My favorite line in this discussion is when Mika, talking about the upcoming Vice Presidential debates, says, “Paul Ryan is outmatched.” HAH!

    • Yah, outmatched by one fact: “OPEN MOUTH INSERT FOOT!” moments!! Biden will definitely outmatches Paul Ryan!!

    • spottedreptile

      Lowering expectations for Ryan? Yes, that worked well last week too.

  • DebbyX

    Was that a laugh out loud moment or what when Mica said Paul Ryan is out matched in debating Biden?!

    • Rshill7

      By that, she simply meant that Ryan is sharp as a tack, and Biden’s a balloonhead.

  • steprock

    They sound so very sad. Here’s a tip: STOP ROOTING FOR ONE SIDE OR THE OTHER!!!!

    Stick to the facts and stop being propagandists.

  • DebbyX

    It’s all unraveling for the Dims like a cheap suit, what fun to watch!

  • The Universe is clearly a vast place. Or as Terry Pratchett puts it, “Space isn’t big, it’s a place to be big in.” (For a humbling view of how very little of the Universe is occupied by these geniuses on the left, check out an image from the Hubble Telescope team over at NASA.)

    And yet, the egos of the leftists and progressivists—who assume they are the smartest, brightest humans ever—are so inflated they are an uncomfortably tight fit in this world. They simply cannot come to grips with facts outside of their own belief system. They will lose big in November, and will wander off the battlefield confused, bewildered, and at a total loss to explain how they could be defeated. Many will seek evil paths in an attempt to regain power.

    We need a period of restoration in this country. A time when the left is pushed back into the recesses it occupied in the 1950’s. But this time, we have to do it with a focus on Liberty, and the understanding that conformity is not a requirement. Progressivism is the new communism/fascism/naziism. It must be held in the same contempt every normal American had for those things after WWII. The progressivists in the Republican party should be held to ridicule and shame for acceding to class warfare, and for trying to destroy Liberty.

    Joe Scarborough, I’m talking about you, and the entire “conga line” (as Mark Levin puts it) of egotists at MSNBC.

    Progressivism, all the way back to Wilson, is done. Thoroughly discredited. It’s over. Take a hike. Goodbye.

    • Nukeman60

      Well said, K-Bob. We are small in our Universe, but the liberals are the largest thing in theirs. I think that’s the difference. Humility compared to Arrogance.

      Not to take away from your excellent post, but here are a couple more views to show our insignificance in the wonder that is God’s:

      • I love those sorts of scale demonstrations.

        The amazing thing is, even after pondering it for years, even with visual aids like that, it’s still so hard to grasp the enormity of it all.

        I had to laugh at a phrase at the NASA article I linked, though. Something about “half the size of the Universe.” Like they have a clue how big the Universe is.

        I’ve followed the claims about it, and it’s all just speculation that isn’t really required by the math. They still argue things about the origins of the Cosmos that are totally at odds with each other, and yet the math still works, either way.

        I wonder if even angels get to galaxy hop.

        • Nukeman60

          Everything we do, when it comes to the very, very small or the very, very large is just speculation. We guess and we wait for God to tell us how close we came. We don’t even know, yet, whether the Universe is endlessly flat, spherical, or shaped like a saddle (or any number of variations of these three). Baby steps, that’s what we take.

          I suspect, and again I am only speculating, that it’s the angels for which the stars were truly made. The farther we go, the closer we get.

  • I cant believe they are still whining about this. LOL But it is funny!

  • Talking about Biden “He’s gonna be great.” (sarcastic laughter) MSNBC is just so upset they cant stop talking about the “worst day ever, anywhere!” LOL

  • Suzyqpie

    A return-to-yesteryear- moment, when Pres 0bama had reps to the WH to discuss the PPACA, aka, Obamacare, there was Rep Ryan with the bill, all 2634 pages in front of him. Pres 0bama accused Rep Ryan of having a “prop.” Rep Ryan said, “Sir this is the healthcare bill.” I totally believe that was the first time Pres 0bama had ever seen that bill. Pres 0bama didn’t read it, he doesn’t understand it, and he will never be able to discuss it. Pres 0bama’s one question, “Does it grow government?” Yes, great go for it.

  • I watched the whole thing. Man was that painful!

    • so painful – full blast right in the kisser!!! 😉 BANG!
      And again!!!
      And again!!!
      And again!!!
      And again!!!
      And MANY MORE to come………………. 😉

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Mika (which is the same as Pinka as in Pinko) said, “…a little bit of back and forth on the jobs numbers make the Republicans look desperate.” No, Pinka, it illustrates that the Dimocrats will lie about job numbers, the economy, the attack on our embassy in Libya, etc.

  • wodiej

    I’ll skip the video thank you. I have a very low tolerance for stupidity especially when I’ve already witnessed it from the same people over and over.

    • drphibes

      Agree. I’ve reflected on my conduct today and feel that I’ve done nothing to deserve such exposure to MSNBC.

    • Orangeone

      It is quite funny actually. Open a bottle of wine or beer and hit Play!

  • FreeManWalking

    Mesha the reason you are shocked (that 0b0 loosing the debate) still has legs is because you expect people to believe you and the rest of the PAC when you say “Romney Lies”.

    You also Believe and Hope that you and the PACs were successful in duping the American People that 0b0 wasn’t the empty suit that showed up for the debate (FAILED).

    Romney not only answered and refuted 0b0’s LIES, he went a long way in removing the Caricature of Romney 0b0, you and the rest of the PACs have pushed on the public.

    Maybe you need a 30 minute gaff button, so you can insert/overwrite the real 0b0 debate remarks with the Fake teleprompter one’s.

  • rsox1

    One thing most people keep missing in their analysis of the debate is the fact that Obama actually has a record to defend this time. Yes, he looked unprepared, and yes I suspect he felt it beneath him, but the guy we saw on Wednesday looked like someone who simply can’t defend the last 4 years. Practically every time Romney took it to him and reminded him OF that record, Obama wilted. They can claim Romney lied all they want, but the bottom line is Obama couldn’t stand there and answer why people should expect anything differently if he’s elected. And a record audience noticed that, too.

    We’ll see what happens with the next one. Obama will no doubt be far more aggressive. But, I suspect Romney is prepared for any 47%/Bain/tax return attacks coming his way.

  • Nukeman60

    Obama reminds me of that grade school bully who stands head and shoulders over everyone, blusters away every day, and intimidates all. Then when some young dude calls him out, takes him behind the woodshed, and pops him in the nose, he runs off crying and bleeding. The next day, he gathers all his friends around him to say how well he did the night before behind the woodshed, to all their amazement and awe.

    After Obama got his derriere handed to him in the debate (much like in a boxing match, with his surrogates yelling, “Get back. Give him some air!”), his handlers got together, made a speech for him the next day, and said, “Now this is what you should have said. Go out there today and tell your supporters that you aren’t the dweeb you looked like last night.”

    And the campaign moves on. Round two, Ryan shakes Biden’s hand in the next debate, Biden faints, falls over flat, while libs cry, “The air is too thick. Give him some room!”

  • “Ryan is outmatched”. Shes such a whore for the DNC. Only a moron would think that.

  • NJK

    “Bewildered?” Oh stop it, Joe. You can admit he has no clothes. You can stop pretending. It’s ok to criticize the first, Kenyan born Indonesian usurper. Just try, you can do it. You’re really looking foolish.

  • It’s kind of funny and sad at the same time that they are so surprised!!

  • RestlessLegs

    If Romney goes on to win, I think this first debate will go down in history as the most significant presidential debate ever. Never has a debate so clearly shown a president to be so uninformed and so ill-prepared for the office. It opened a LOT of eyes to just how weak Obama is as a leader.
    Also, I think a lot of people are missing what I consider to be the most significant “zinger” from the debate – when Romney told Obama: “I’ve been in business 25 years and I have no idea what you’re talking about.” It was a great double-whammy. It showed Romney’s experience and knowledge while at the same time showing Obama’s LACK of experience and knowledge. It was wonderful.

  • louisiana_mom

    “The emperor has no clothes moment” – LOL! I figured out in 2008, Obama had no clothes! What in this man’s past made them think this mediocre man whose only real accomplishment was one speech could become a great president?

  • Conservative_Hippie

    LOL, no wonder MSNBC can’t find viewers, what a bunch of gobbledygook. 7 minutes of nonsense, I have no idea what they just said!

  • mike3e4r7

    Did Mika Brazkdxzksdkzsky just say Paul Ryan is outmatched by Joe Biden?!
    God what an idiot. Talk about being stuck on stupid. Do these people ever get tired of having to eat their own words?

    • sutherncon

      Hey now. Come on. They never have to eat their words. In their world, they are always right.

      • mike3e4r7

        You’re right. Being conservative is hard. You actually have to think and accept responsibility for what you say and do. Being liberal is easy – don’t think, and when you’re wrong, deny or change the subject. But we have our moments, like last Wednesday, and there is something to be said for being right.

  • hongryhawg

    That spin made me dizzy. Bottom line? We saw Obama unplugged. And now we will see Biden unplugged. And excuse me Mica? Ryan outmatched by Biden? Can’t wait to hear you spin after that debate.

  • conservocop

    Such BS !!! One man was speaking honestly and the other was lying throughout every second he spoke. Romney called him out at every turn and he couldn’t defend the lies. End of discussion.

  • lainer51

    Since when is 7% (give or take) a GOOD number? They also think $4 gallon of gas is acceptable … if Blobama was a conservative, they would be TRASHING him for those outrageous numbers, but as they drink the Kool-Aid, it blurs their vision.

  • sutherncon

    What lies? What facts does she have to support her premise? What move to moderate? Romney is saying the same thing he always has said. If those guys choose to broadcast their misinterpretations, so be it. Its just that 80 million people heard the debate, including all those who never watch or read any media except for the lame stream media. The audience and the folks who appear on the news stations (can’t really call them reporters or newscasters) finally saw that Romney is an articulate, honest, prepared, presidential individual. At the same time, they saw their idol as he really is.

  • It really, really hurt when you hero fails you. May God bless America!

  • bobemakk

    The liberal/socialist lamestream media strikes again. They are in the tank for Obama.

  • test

  • Hologram5

    Ah, the REEK of desperation in the morning is sweet!

  • ebola131

    As Homer would say….DOH!
    What a bunch of maroons.

  • Bryan Ewbank

    If Romney lied, quote them. Don’t simply say he did. Prove it.

  • Christi25

    Thank you for showing this discussion from MSNBC. I don’t watch them anymore (since some long time ago, even if I used to like Scarborough some years ago), because I am with Fox and Friends at that time. I didn’t think those guys in this clip are capable of going so far with their criticism (and they suddenly sound like rational people…). This means Obama’s problem could be even more serious than I thought. Those on Fox are cautious, trying not to be too optimistic.
    I discovered only recently this site, but now I use it for info several times a day. Thank you!

  • The emperor has no cloths, Joe. That is what you cannot understand.

  • The emperor has no cloths Joe. He really doesn’t. That is what you do not understand.

  • LiberalBoycotter

    Every time I watch the EOTS (Enemies of the State) I get sick to my stomach. In this clip they are trying to convince everyone watching that they are not slobbering in the pocket liberals who have tried to do everything they can to get Barry, the dog eater, reelected. Do not be fooled by these people, as they are still going to lie, cheat, and cover-up everything that they can to get Barry, reelected. It is going to only get worse as the election gets closer.