MSM is freaking out that Trump retweeted ‘racially charged’ meme

The media is freaking out over one of the Donald’s tweets about crime in America. Here it is:

Here’s CNN discussing it:

I’ve heard all day the coverage on this and they keep saying it’s false, but they DON’T say what the real numbers are. Because the numbers may not be completely accurate, but the point it’s trying to make about crime is true. But the media won’t report that, it’ll just call it false.


Here’s how CNN explains what’s wrong with the meme:

The figures Trump retweeted overstate the number of homicides committed by blacks. It also doesn’t appear that the “Crime Statistics Bureau – San Francisco” that Trump’s retweet referenced exists. It’s not the name of a government agency.

According to FBI statistics, of the 2,451 homicides of black people in 2014, 90% were committed by black people, while 8% of the offenders were white.

That sort of racial disparity isn’t uncommon: Of the 3,021 homicides of white people in 2014, 82% were committed by white people, while 15% of the offenders were black. The figures Trump retweeted inaccurately stated that 81% of white homicide victims are killed by blacks.

The Justice Department maintains a Bureau of Justice Statistics, though its figures don’t match those Trump retweeted. The FBI’s uniform crime statistics lag by a year — with 2014 numbers only recently becoming available — and no federal government agency has produced such figures for 2015.

The Trump campaign didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

So, yeah let’s just call it a little math-challenged? Truth-impaired? I know for a fact that whites kill whites at roughly the same percentage as blacks kill blacks. The real issue is that whites don’t blame racism, while we’re all supposed to bow before “black lives matter” morons who are similarly math-challenged. Still, I wish Trump had posted good stats instead of this false one.

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