MSNBC Guest: Whites loved Affirmative Action when it benefited them, but not now that it benefits blacks…

MSNBC’s Michael Eric Dyson argues that Whites have been the beneficiaries of Affirmative Action from the beginning of the country until the 20th century, and they loved it. But now that it benefits blacks, they don’t like it and want to take it away…or something:

…So for me, it’s very simple. Many white people are not asked to talk about their own privilege. …We’re pretending as if white Americans have not been the recipients of Affirmative Action from the beginning of this nation on down to the 20th century.

When we talk about the G.I. bill which in majority strokes went to white Americans — there were a few other exceptions — it created the middle class, it provided opportunities for them to buy homes, to get educated and to get employment. That is an extraordinary degree of Affirmative Action. …

So my point is simply we don’t ask white people to ask questions about their privilege, we don’t ask the degree in which they’ve been recipients of Affirmative Action in the negative, in terms of preferential treatment.

So that now…in regard to Sotomayor, in the middle of the game you want to change the rules. When the rules benefited you, it was all good. When it didn’t benefit you, now it becomes a problem.

The burden of race still is borne on the back of those who are African American, Latino, and others and America must see it has imposed that burden and must now share it in terms of reducing it.

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  • marketcomp

    I hope he’s referring to Elizabeth Warren? She definitely used affirmative action to get into Harvard.

    • Tollthis

      Yes and it was all a big lie. But being trustworthy was never an obstacle for low info demorat voters. Just look at the 2012 elections.

      • NYGino

        The LIVs never heard a word. Wouldn’t matter if they did.

    • JacksonPearson

      MSNBC have an abundance of morons, stacked like cord wood, and Michael Eric Dyson is no exception.

      First oft dummy, the GI Bill has nothing to do with affirmative action and everything to do with helping our vets with education, jobs, and buying a home, and BTW Mr. Dyson, the GI Bill is color blind.

      Secondly, since the sixties, when affirmative action was enacted, a trillion dollars or more have been spent, and if blacks don’t get it by now, than I say, tough shitsky. Enough is enough, dependency does not equate into equal opportunity.

  • The Monster

    The GI Bill did not create the middle class. The US has had a middle class for a long time.

  • All this race pimping, environmental talk, and equal pay talk is revving up the base for November.

  • Laurel

    Can Dyson point me to the policy, law, etc that shows there was AA? If he is referring to segregation I would have to say not hardly since we have Black colleges…even post WWII we had Black Colleges.

    Yes folks that idiot is teaching your kids…and a million idiots like him.

  • Skeptic62

    My grandfather came to this country as a teenager who didn’t finish high school. My father did not finish his associate’s degree because of a lack of money. I could only afford a bachelor’s degree by joining the Navy and graduated during the height of affirmative action and have had to compete with race-based preferences my entire career. Now my children find their options limited by racist set-asides.

    And now this fool claims that I benefited from affirmative action; please excuse me while I scoff.

  • BearNJ

    The middle class was created by free market capitalism after FDR not by Congress passing the GI BIll. The ills of affirmative action is seen in the ignorance of the professorial three name crowd on MSNBC.

  • Judderson

    This guy is a racist pos. Anything he has to say is worthless and not worth even listening to.

  • Tollthis

    If you didn’t get there by your own merit, you don’t deserve it. It’s racist garbage like this that’s responsible for half of the Country supporting the other half that are just parasites.

    • none

      Very very good point! Bravo!

  • jrt

    Wow, he is college educated??? and he still act and talks like that…a 12 year old. Bla Bla Bla All that time and money was wasted in his education….and the girl likes to hear herself talk and ramble on….We truly are a nation of dumb down overachievers that dont achieve much but idiotic

  • nobsvet

    I benefited from the GI Bill. If I joined up and made it home alive I could collect on some of the things they promised me. That this clown thinks it was affirmative action is an insult. I didn’t get the benefits for who I was, I got them for what I did.

  • Dramamama54

    How is it beneficial for anyone when you are hired for your skin color? Isn’t that racist? How about working hard, getting an education and then getting the job! That is how it worked for me!

  • Crassus

    It’s nice to see that MSNBC is grooming a new breed of barnyard pimp to replaced the hopefully soon to be departed older pimps like Jackson and Sharpton.

  • NYGino

    Just curious. The drug that Dyson is doing, has it been legalized in his state or does he have a connection with someone?

  • *sigh* and who’s the racist again?
    I’ve seen many examples of politicians who wanted to use “Affirmitive Action” when the rules didn’t play their way, and it wasn’t just a “white” guy (Barack Obama hint hint!)

  • Larry Bishop

    I don’t understand what his point is. I read it a few times, watched the video and I still don’t understand what he is saying. Is he saying that men that put their lives on the line in the military, paid more than 15% of their paycheck each month and in return have part of their eduction be funded by the goverment is a form of Affirmative Action? How is that Affirmative Action? If black people or people of color are not able to make it in America in this day and age then they will never make it because they spend too much time feeling sorry for themselves or being jealous of things they can have but don’t want to work hard for.

  • BoSplosion

    So, is this a contest about whose racism is better?

  • Uncle Sporkums

    Mark Levin is tearing this jerk a new one right now.

  • notebene

    Not listening to this affirmative action dummy because he proves the point that he didn’t get his job through work, he got it based on his skin color! This racist tool is scared silly that he may actually have to prove he has a work ethic one day …like those of us pale faces that don’t fit on the demoncrat plantation! The G.I. Bill was affirmative action? Really? When did his butt get shot at by an enemy for the sake of preserving his country and not the latest drug bust? What a sorry, ignorant fool!

    • Sharon

      He’s sorry, but not ignorant, because ignorance is curable. He’s just plain STUPID.

  • HarrietHT2

    Whites have never needed affirmative action — they are smart enough — as a group — on their own to succeed or fail depending on their individual ambition and risk tolerance. Asians — excluding so-called middle-eastern “asians,” can do quite well, thank you very much, on their own as well —- as a group. Affirmative Action is for groups that are hamstrung by genetics, culture, and the liberal, meddling mindset that pushes UNQUALIFIED individuals into environments where failure is almost a given.

    • Gene White

      You said a mouthful, Harriet, but you aren’t going to get any gold stars from the Libs on that one. Kudos, regardless.

    • JacksonPearson

      For all the reasons you mention, IMO, our county’s young brain power, should never be buried at the back of the line, in favor of a minority person with less grades. That does not, nor will ever equate into equal opportunity.

      • HarrietHT2

        I suspect the goal here is to dumb-down the general, college-bound population, making them easier to control by those of an authoritarian bent. But it’s backfiring, imo, since university is where indoctrination is the most concentrated. Unwittingly, the enemies of the West have created the demand for parallel higher-ed institutions, ones of a more independent caste.

  • nwwapiti

    When has affirmative action ever helped a white person? Personally it has cost me a job twice and promotions as well.

    • Gene White

      You knew the answer to that question before you asked it. 🙂

  • Walter Goerlitz

    What a dumb afrikan!

    • Gene White

      Forgive me for correcting you, but he’s a dumb American. If he were just a dumb African, we could simply dismiss his comment.

      • Walter Goerlitz

        I can not imagine he would claim American heritage, like Mooch he is ashamed of America.

  • deeme

    Why are they allowed to shoot lie after lie, out of their mouths ,never having one example to go with it,,name one example , they can’t ,same with voter !D..same with global warming, same with racism, same with guns, they make up stuff when they are racists, incompetent gun owners, illegal voters and turn it on law abiding citizens who don’t rape the taxpayer.

    • Gene White

      It does give one pause, deeme. Why indeed?

      • deeme

        They are all in collusion , getting rich off we the people and their lies..they don’t even believe their lies, but they believe in what they get from them..

  • 57thunderbird

    The person is just a blooming imbecile,as are all liberals.Can they get any dumber?

    • Gene White

      Ask any good lawyer, T-bird. Don’t ever ask a question you don’t already know the answer to. 🙂

  • marsouin

    There’s already been affirmative action: American blacks are the wealthiest, freest, most prosperous blacks on the planet and in the history of the world. And it was white people who are responsible for putting slavery to an end in Africa. If Mr. Dyson were only to spend a fraction of his energy hating white people on trying to create a better future for black children, everyone would be better off.

    • warpmine

      That would be a tall order indeed.

    • Walter Goerlitz

      But still a most self destructive race.

    • Sharon

      Doing as you suggest requires actual effort. And that’s something this race baiter obviously refuses to do.

  • ocean

    My white daughter is working her ass of for a scholarship in water polo. 3.8 gpa speaks three languages and is the top scorer in her state. But Affirmative Action will more then likely keep her from getting that scholarship because she has the wrong color shin..she is white.

    You Democrats love to destroy innocent people dont you..her pain will mean nothing to you because you deep down hate white people. Their pain brings you such pleasure.

    • warpmine

      I think she might have some native American Indian in her. DO check it out! High cheek bones….

    • Gene White

      Your daughter will do just fine in life, ocean. Because in her heart, she knows what she is capable of. And so do you, I might add.

  • sjmom

    He’s a racist because he sees everything through the color of one’s skin.

    • 57thunderbird

      Yup!Just like Obammy,Holder,Jackson,and Al not so Sharpton.

  • Alphabeta Beta

    Character, not skin color. What a bigoted man.

    • Gene White

      You get it, Alphabeta. Character, not skin color.

    • Walter Goerlitz

      He most certainly sullies the MLK legacy. But I will bet he loves Sharpton.
      Race pimp.

  • SisterMary

    What does “The burden of race still is borne on the back of those who are African
    American, Latino, and others and America must see it has imposed that
    burden and must now share it in terms of reducing it.” mean?

    I have never imposed a burden of race on anyone. I don’t think I would know how.

    • Walter Goerlitz

      It is called “victimology”. One can not convince the great unwashed masses they are entitled unless they first believe they have been a victim.
      Lenin used the tactic quite successfully to overthrow Czarist Russia, we all know how that turned out.
      Minorities see the wealth of whites and believe they are entitled to share in the wealth simply because they don’t have the same.

      • Sharon

        There are plenty of white people who don’t have wealth. Very few of us feel we are entitled to share in their wealth, seeking instead to make our own way to the top.

        • Walter Goerlitz

          Have you seen Africa or Mexico. Our poorest whites are miles ahead of them.

  • Gene White

    The burden of race. Yet another slogan the Liberals now have in their arsenal. The burden of race. The Civil war ended in 1865. Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation came during the war, in January of 1863.

    The Proclamation was based on the president’s constitutional authority as commander in chief of the armed forces; it was not a law passed by Congress, but it carried heavy weight, in those times. It was like an Executive Order, if you will.

    Give or take a few years, I make it to be about one hundred fifty years, since black Americans were given freedom. One hundred fifty years, and still in this country, black people hate white people, for having kept slaves, and then freed them, a hundred and fifty years ago.

    We even helped elect our first Black President, but even that was not enough for Oprah, and the rest.

    Fully half the black population of America, is on some form of government subsistence. And they don’t see that, as a form of slavery.

    Republicans gave them their freedom years ago. It is the Democratic Party that seeks to keep them enslaved. But they don’t see that. Only a very few get it.

    • JacksonPearson

      } o o O

  • Gene White

    You know me on this issue. I fully believe the future of the Republican Party rests with the new Black Conservatives who have become a part of it. Hispanics too, if you want to fill out the entire race card.

    The Liberal/Progressive/Communists are using race against us. It is only fair, that we return the gesture.

  • Gene White

    It is an insult to me, and it should be, to any thinking American, that the Alphabet channels have added so many new racist news anchors to their programs.

    It is such an obvious move. It is somehow not enough, to have a bunch of white idiots espousing racial, liberal dogma. We now have to endure the same thing from black idiots, too.

    But, they’re not racist. Don’t ever say that. They’re just speaking the truth, as they see it. It’s called, “Journalism.”

  • Terry

    Excuse me! The G.I. Bill was an earned benefit. Go dig a fox hole and stand the perimeter you idiot.

    • JacksonPearson

      Exactly… :o)

  • Asclepia

    Of course he’s a “guest” on MSNBC, because the in-house talent isn’t very diverse, is it?

  • K Welch

    Is this idiot even for real?

  • dhebler

    This guy is a typical black-race-baiter! That’s OK. with me, I’m not politically correct anyway; that’s why I stay on my side of the tracts. I don’t have gangs roaming up and down on my side of the street shooting at each other.


    I’m just happy to be a white guy, who is middle-class, and who owns a gun–

    –lock’n’load—did I make my point?

  • Mike

    Absolutely moronic and of course azz backwards. What should have been said is that blacks rightfully started a movement to end Jim Crow privileges and now that they enjoy them, they find them perfectly acceptable and can not understand the pain they cause to those who chafe under them.

    One of the arguments during the civil rights era was that whites need not fear equal rights legislation because blacks having suffered prejudice would never use the law to do to whites what whites had done to them. Some joke, huh.

    Senator Hubert Humphrey also made the argument about useless fears. He said that if any civil rights law would ever be used to discriminate against whites, he would eat the pages of such legislation one by one. Well let’s journey to his graveside in Minnesota and ask him what condiments he would like with his repast.

    • bluerose75

      First and foremost..WHO THE HECK pays all the DARN BILLS…it sure has heck is not the BLACKS or LATINOS….They want, they demand, they are entitled….WELL THEN PAY FOR IT with your money. White Privilege of WHICH WHITES PAY ALL THE BILLS….Get over it….I will be DARNED to apologize to some leeches that think they can use their race crap and tell me I had privilege….well BUDDY…I pay for it with all the taxes I pay which most blacks and latins do not pay. They want privilege pay for what they want. The difference is SCUM like this mindless mump think whites should have to PAY so that Blacks and Latins can have benefits they cannot PAY FOR or EARN on their own.

      Whites earned and paid for it. So privilege darn right….and if blacks and latins want privilege start your own schools, businesses and organizations with your own money not WHITE PEOPLE’S MONEY, BUSINESSES AND SCHOOLS…..because the fact is the best of everything was started by whites and paid for by whites….the leeches have ZERO ability to achieve and start on their own…SO GUILT is their tool. SHOVE IT!

  • Chris Douglas

    Dr. King stated that it is “quality of a person’s character that matters more than the color of his skin.” I agree with that statement. How does this reporter keep his job?

    • Walter Goerlitz

      Liberals laugh behind closed door at MLK. They simply consider him a great prop.

  • usabear13

    The guy who wrote this article does not have any idea of the truth.

    first off yes I am white. In 1989 I was jumped by 7 blacks—-I was called everything but white—-then I was stabbed—-when we went to court 6 of them got off and the one who stabbed me got 2 years probation. This was a racial attack. If I had attack them I would of gone to jail but they got off because they were black.

    The judge even asked me how I feel about the out come and I said I do not agree this was a racial attack.

    I do not blame all blacks for what happened to me. There are good and bad in all colors.

  • brock2118

    He must have enrolled in the same college Logic course as Sotomayor..

  • The_Questman

    NOW is the only time we have… Living in the past is a road to nowhere. That path is closed and doesn’t matter. We can only live NOW. NOW is the only time to choose the next path… the next NOW. We have many paths from NOW. What YOU choose determines your outcome for the NOW that becomes tomorrow. When you choose to live in the Past you choose to go nowhere. You choose the path to No Where. No Where is where you will live and No Where is where you will stay. Quit living in the past and you might end up Some Where!

  • Poptoy1949

    This White Boy never received any kind of Affirmative anything. I earned everything I ever learned or worked for during my entire life. And because of that everything you just said is [email protected]#$%^&*T

  • Citizenright

    Whatta dumbfk. When did whites ever benefit from Affirmative Action?

  • Patriot077

    Affirmative action is so great that Justice Clarence Thomas was too ashamed of his law degree and has never hung it. It wasn’t until he was a student that he realized the negative implications. He was qualified without AA though not moneyed, but once AA was implemented there was always the question whether a person made it on his own abilities and it leaves a taint.

  • Gideon

    As a White logger, who spent my life and health in the snow, ice and driving rain to pay for my little corner in this world, I greatly resent this false talk that I had ANY privilege for being White. Racism from ANY color is highly objectionable. Go to work for heaven’s sakes, that is how White’s got ahead in life- HARD WORK. No “privilege” helped anyone I know, bugger off.

  • RandyS

    I thought GI’s were of all different pigments? As colonists we were probably over 90% white to start in the settlements. Prior to 1700 in the colonies we even had interracial marriages between blacks, whites, and indians! Everyone had an opportunity to receive their 40 acres and life was a little tough and no one sweated the small stuff. Actual affirimative action programs are a product of the 1950’s & on and came about because dishonest, low moral value, biased, nasty, unethical people felt bad about screwing people and found a release through supporting actions that allowed preference to “minorities.” While I recognize the truth in the facts that minorities have been oppressed by way of inferior education, citizenship, and many other things, I do not agree with filling quotas regardless of circumstances. I believe preference should be given but actually holding positions unfilled in college based on the idea that someone might be applying is stupid. If the GPA for entry to a college is set at 3.0 it should be the same for everyone. It would make sense to have programs to help minority students earn their own 3.0 GPA verses lowering the standards for them.

  • Dimart45

    What a shame that people who are supposed to be educated are so stupid. Michael, look up the definition of affirmative action you jerk – you know, how you got into college by taking someone else’s place. Too bad it was a wasted slot!

  • armyvet10

    The G.I. Bill, when 1st drafted, was aimed at getting veterans into school, or in a home. The G.I. Bill had nothing to do with admission to college, but rather a method to pay for the expense of schooling. The language of the bill looked at veterans not race. The exception I take with Professor Dyson is that he is using the G.I. Bill as an example of White Affirmative Action when it was never intended as a measure of Affirmative Action at all, it was aimed at helping veterans, all veterans, at buying a home, retraining for a new skill or going to school. What the G.I. Bill did was to help pay for school, nothing more, nothing less. I am a retired veteran, and I am not a minority. While in the military I qualified to enroll in the VEAP program. (Veterans Educational Assistance Program) it was a 2 for one proposition where the military member could contribute up to $1,200.00 dollars and the government would match this with $2,400.00 for a total of $3.600.00 New versions came and went but one fact remains. All veterans can participate in the educational programs while in the military. It is up to the veteran to take advantage of the program and it has nothing to do with race. Many of my brother and sister veterans took college classes that I sat in as well; of all races, African American, Asian, Puerto Rican, Native American, White and every other race of veteran possible. And with out exception we all either passed the classes or failed the classes based on individual ability and not a different grading scale based on race. Here is a web site for anyone that would like to read some history on the G.I. Bill

  • Walter Goerlitz

    Obama is the greatest example of Affirmative Action, sort of proves why it is a failed idea.

  • theoneandolny

    He had to reference Babe Ruth to make his point. its not 1930, its 2014.

  • Guest

    “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God.” – Mt 5:9

    MSNBC is a disgrace for giving this hateful bigot a voice on it’s airwaves.

    This hater doesn’t know everyone’s story nor is qualified to speak on behalf of everyone’s experience.

    No one is.

    Hate, racism and resentment begets and breads more hate, racism and resentment.

    As individuals we can do our part to build a peaceful society – in our communities, in our workplace and in our Churches – by looking and treating each other as individuals with mutual dignity and respect.

    This is the fulfillment of our Nations promise that we can play a part in – to help build a truly colorblind society.

    Quota’s, providing people opportunity based on race, using race as a criteria – all of this is cleary racist itself irrespective of the beneficiary.

  • David Challis

    As a resident of Michigan I resent the idea that my tax dollars go to funding a public university that uses affermetive action as a means to deny my children the opportunity to receive an education from that school because they are the wrong color. The people of the state of Michigan have decided that racism can’t be corrected with more racism. If you want to see racism in action go through the neighborhoods of Detroit and see for your selves what democratic rule has done to this city over the last 50 years.

    • Henry L

      People seem to forget that whites built this country. Blacks have now the same opportunities as whites but they need to forget that they are black and stop talking about it. If some blacks aren’t up to par, don’t blame the whites; there are plenty whites who are not up to par. Do we need affirmative action for them too?

      • Sharon

        Telling them: SINK OR SWIM would do more to get them to understand it’s on themselves whether or not they advance.

    • Sharon

      I’ve been to Detroit. It’s deplorable!

  • gramma_jax

    Apparently, Affirmative Action didn’t help this guy. He’s still a dim bulb. I maintain that you can’t make stupid smart. It’s time people were given opportunity based on qualifications and NOT the color of their skin.

  • Dirk Voorhees

    Eric – the GI Bill had nothing to do with race quotas. Get you head out of your butt. Affirmative Action really helps nobody. Having lowerer standards for minorities, gives the perception they need it. I don’t think minorities have any less brains than anyone else. Do you?


    He’s no different then the brothers of justice , and now there are three and he’s just looking for his pay day , and sell his people out like the other two .

  • Kyle Abbott

    When did it ever benefit whites?

    • Henry L

      You are right. Whites never needed affirmative action, UNTIL NOW.

  • Sunshine43

    This twit has a serious anger management problem! Sorry piece of wasted genes!

  • Obama Mama

    Affirmative Action doesn’t benefit anyone!!!

  • Joseph111

    This guy is a college professor???
    that may be grounds for return of tuition dollars …
    what an idiot … all I heard was “blah, blah, blah, I’m black and you don’t like that b/c you are white”

  • Jim480

    “… a white students father came up to me and said,You know son, you are not just going to Princeton because you are black”.

    Apparently he did not understand what the man said to him…

    In the end, one cannot argue with an fool.

  • admiral1

    This guy is a scholar? Check out the 2 minute mark. “Babe Roof”..

  • JerryBGoode

    Why did Michigan need this law? Because the social engineers in colleges and universities and in state contracting and job applications had instituted programs called” affirmative action” to allow racial and gender favoritism in making their decisions about who gets in, who gets promoted, etc. AA and has been nothing more than a innocuous name given to racial and other preferential treatment categories by government, in violation of the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection law.

    The Supreme Court yesterday simply held that the voters of the individual states have the Constitutional authority to pass laws to eliminate: “preferential treatment to any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin.” Michigan voters wisely approved this as have 7 other states
    The new law benefits people of all colors and races because the government also not cannot favor whites, asians, women etc for such admissions. In the other 43 states not having passed such a law, government can still consider race among other factors in giving preferences to certain groups of people. Why? Because of the Supreme Courts decision in GRUTTER V. BOLLIINGER, written by Justice O’Connor in 2003, which held that racial diversity in the student body of Michigan Law School is a compelling state interest that a University can take into consideration in their admissions process. Keeping a more qualified woman (Ms Grutter) out of the law school in favor of an applicant of a different race not having equal qualifications was upheld. But only for 25 years or so according to Justice O’Connor. Just a ridiculous ruling since there should never be a time limit on the Constitution’s promise of Equal Protection of the laws.

    The voters of Michigan just overruled the GRUTTER decision so that racial preferences in school admissions can no longer occur in their state.

  • realbrightguy

    We elected an affirmative action president. How is that working out?

  • When did affirmative action ever benefit whites? It discriminated against whites. Dyson’s overt racism is just sickening.

    • Sb0Tz4ZxB0

      I think he means that whites, as the predominant race in this country, have had a sort of undocumented “affirmative action” or “privilege” from America’s inception; an “unwritten law,” so to speak, a “given” because the founders were and the governing class since has been predominantly white.

  • poorhardworker

    In the very early 70’s my father-in-law, owner of a marble company, was told by the government that his workers have to represent the ethnicity percentage that exists in the US. Dayton, Ohio didn’t have many Inuits that could work marble! This wonder law forced a 50 year old business OUT OF BUSINESS! Our country was build on merit and character!!! EARN IT!!!

  • Freeman66

    This puke shows that the black “leaders” are all about “getting back at whitey”. MLK wanted equality; these guys want revenge and superiority..

  • kjenkinsaf

    Stupid entitled negro. I suppose the Irish benefitted from Affirmative Action. And the Italians and the Poles and the Germans. Hyperbole is this race baiter’s stock in trade. Every race has its hurdles to overcome. It’s just some that have institutionalized victimhood. And are mad that we (American’s) are un-gaming the system…. Unless the SCOTUS action are undone by Executive Order.

  • Uncle Sporkums
  • Bruno’s Beach

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