MSNBC host describes BENGHAZI, IRS ‘memes’ as ‘bones that can never be buried’ because conservatives…

Apparently to one MSNBC host, Alex Wagner, the slaughter in Benghazi and the IRS scandal are just “memes” that conservatives keep bringing up to attack Obama. She says they “live on well past their expiration date” and then refers to them as “bones that can never be buried” (you know, because conservatives won’t let the four people slaughtered in Benghazi die already) asking David Axelrod how potent these ‘memes’ are to voters:

WAGNER: Let me ask you about – we’re talking about memes that continue to live on well past their expiration date. A lot of conservatives have defended Christie and his nearly 2 hour press conference and said ‘if only president Obama would give us that time to explain about Benghazi or the IRS’ and it sort of to me pointed out they’re going to continue to make Benghazi and the IRS – that is going to be relitigated in 2014 and 2016. And to a certain degree, are these bones that can never be sort of buried, if you will – I mean how potent do you think those are to swing voters, to people in the middle?

AXELROD: I don’t think they’re potent at all to swing voters. They’re red meat for the base. They’re a distraction for the base. I mean, just take the IRS, for example. The principal person who made the decision at the IRS was a middle level civil servant named Lois Lerner. I worked at the white house at the time. If you had asked me who Lois Lerner was, I would have guessed it was one of superman’s girlfriends. I had no idea who Lois Lerner was and I’m sure the president didn’t have any idea who Lois Lerner was. This involved a decision by one of the closest aids to a governor of a state and to equate the two is absolutely ludicrous. We ought to set that aside. I think that there are many, many efforts to deflect but I don’t think you can – I mean the story is very very clear.

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  • clevonlittle

    lest we forget Brian Terry , Eric Holder and Obama’s executive privilege claim on DOJ proceedings . I won’t……….

  • Marridge

    The media in this country are our absolute worst enemy. These are the people we should go after and ridicule every single day for their utter incompetence and dishonesty. They won’t present facts so we can make up our own minds. They are not capable of that because they can’t bear the thought that we might disagree with their personal opinions. They are despicable human beings. Somewhere down the line they will get what they deserve.

  • Sandra123456

    KIds run the MSM now. They love Obama. Liberals are adult kids whose bodies have matured but whose minds have not. Perpetual Peter Pans.

    • Press Watchusa

      I think you meant CrAzY kids

  • Vorlath –

    Yes, and Bill Ayers was just a guy down the street.

    • And Jeremiah Wright was just his pastor…

      • tinlizzieowner

        And he never heard any of the sermons while he was sitting in Wright’s church. 😉 😉

  • PicklePlants

    The point of the IRS scandal is not that Obama knew or was involved in planning it. The point really is – why has there not been any actions to punish or eradicate the principles? An argument can be made that he fostered an environment that silently endorsed the action. And now, by no real action afterwards he continues to endorse it. In workplace harassment laws – he would lose.

    Benghazi is a whole different ballgame. It WAS his responsibility and he has yet to explain where he was and what he did.


    • lawngren
      • PicklePlants

        At this point, what difference does it make?

        • lawngren

          In the practical sense, maybe none. But who knows? Keep the fire burning. Keep the memories alive. Never forget.

          There will be a day of reckoning, even if it doesn’t happen until God’s Judgment Day. (He doesn’t need our help or our memories for that.)

          • PicklePlants

            Lawngren, I apologize – you are, of course, very correct. I was using the Hillary quote to show my disdain for the entire regime. It does make a difference and we should continue to pound the drums until, well, Judgement Day

            • lawngren

              No apology necessary. I did understand your intent. I was just taking the opportunity to pound the drums. 🙂

  • Press Watchusa

    Are you freakin’ kidding me?

    You bastaerd – Bones WERE buried – That is the point

    This remark shows they have NO RESPECT for those who have sacrificed

    I have some other bones I would like to see buried

  • garyinaz66

    too bad the people who needlessly died because of this corrupt administrations bones had to be buried.

  • Uncle Sporkums

    Waah! Waah! They won’t let us get away with criminal neglect and intimidation!

    • lawngren

      …and get away with treason, and murder.

  • DHardy

    Good at least they understand this wont go away until we know what happened…they are smarter than I thought

  • Howzah123

    Who watches this nonsense?

    It’s hilarious watching Axlerod pretend he isn’t a paid Government shill

  • It’s been red meat for this duckie and will be something I keep hold of until questions are answered satisfactory enough for the families of the Benghazi 4. I don’t know or care about some stupid political stunt- if he did what they say, fine do whatever. If he didn’t, but his staffers did, fine, do whatever. But either way, no one died on that bridge.
    4 Dead Americans, 2 Heroic Navy SEALS are not memes. I’d like to slap her.

    • notebene

      Amazing how callous the left is about the loss of life that their hero has direct ties to. Don’t forget Agent Brian Terry was lost in Fast and Furious and that has never been vetted either! Let’s never forget how these elitist asshats have taken aim at our troops and veterans and cut their benefits…all in the name of the budget, that they have never written! However the same elitists can go on endless conferences and vacations, vote themselves the primo health benefits…for abusing their constituents! But that doesn’t matter, eh?! I assure you…change is coming for them that they will rue bringing upon themselves!

      • I haven’t nor will I forget Brian Terry, Extortion17, Camp Bastion, or any of them. dear leader, Hillary, holder, they all need to answer to treason.

  • marketcomp

    Just another example of the crazy network. The hits just keep on coming.

  • edsmanedup

    These Neo Commies are very skillful in the art of defection. These are terrifying times for the well informed. Just like the Democrat/fascist Party in 1931, Stalin and the Union of Socialists and my favorite Chairman Mao. i20 million humans killed/slaughtered, murdered give or take a few “MILLION” humans…be very afraid…

  • armyvet10

    “If you would have asked me who Lois Lerner was, I would have told you she is one of Super Man’s girlfriend”, this statement pretty much sums up the value of Mr. Axelrod’s credibility for me. He doesn’t know crap and can only avoid the smell of what is seeping out of his pie hole. And this Journalist who is laughing about the IRS scandal is also laughing about Benghazi and as such should be considered insane, but then again, she fits right in with those that tell the President how beautiful his clothes are. Yeah, and according to these dimwits, Obama Care, of wait, I don’t want to hurt poor Nancy (the hag) Piglosi’s feelings, The Affordable Healthcare Act is great. Please Dirty Harry, Nancy Piglosi, and of course Obi Wan Taxus, go back on your meds.

    • lawngren

      Axelrod is a political hit man. He’s probably the one who ginned up that false complaint against Herman Cain, and it goes back a long way before that.

      • Dr. Strangelove

        Just because the woman who accused Cain lived in the same building as Axelrude? Mere coincidence.

  • notebene

    Does anyone know if Lois Lerner lives in Axelrod’s apartment building? I don’t believe for a second that that asshat didn’t know about what the IRS was doing! Maybe the low info drones believe his innocence, but Axelrod is satan’s spawn through and through!

  • FreeManWalking

    At the 31 second mark, I swear an image of the JOKER pops up over axel’s face.

    • timsrighty

      like this?

      • famouswolf

        More like Jack Nicholsons.

      • FreeManWalking

        I have to agree with famous wolf.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      You’re not making ME watch that again. Uh uh, nice trick but I’m not fallin’ for it.

      • FreeManWalking

        What if I threw in an opportunity to white wash a fence?

        • Dr. Strangelove

          You’ve been talking to my avatar, haven’t you? 😉

          • FreeManWalking

            I read dead people

  • Sentinel

    Axelrod and this turd couldn’t be more WRONG!!! I’m not sure what is holding conservatives back from a full on riot – and we are MANY – but one thing is for sure… Demoncraps and RINOs will pay DEARLY in November over these abominations. How dare this ahole characterize these national tragedies this way. And yes, Obama (and Shrillary and a few others) were directly involved and traitorously and cowardly let it happened. MSNBC is a craphouse with no toilet paper… MAN I’M SICK OF THESE FOOLS!!!

  • Crassus

    Didn’t David Axelrod play Dolly Parton’s boss in Nine to Five?

  • lawngren

    “… and I’m sure the president didn’t have any idea who Lois Lerner was.”

    So what? Even if true, that’s meaningless:

    obama was giving orders to the IRS in those meetings. “You harass, intimidate, and destroy my political enemies and those taxpayers will never have the chance to elect someone who’ll eliminate IRS and replace it with a flat tax.”

    Follow the money, and the power, and it all becomes clear as noon in the Sahara. An evil alliance.

  • Exodus2011

    there are so many instances of Obama lying, we now know not to believe .. basically ANYTHING he says … sorry Axel

  • stage9



  • aposematic

    MSNBC, the home of the brainwashed lying liars. I thought for a while and that is the nicest thing I could come up with to say about MSNBC.

    • MiketheMarine


  • timsrighty

    I think I’m gonna puke.

  • famouswolf

    Did these jerks forget the old saw about skeletons in closets, the ones that come back for revenge?
    Bones frequently have sharp, pointy ends.

  • Poptoy1949

    Ole Axelrod sounds just like a Leninist. Why, just like his MOM.

  • Patriotickev

    Hey Wagner. We will never ever forget Benghazi and we will never ever forget the way the Democrats and the President and Secretary of State and the rest of those freaks lied to us we will never forget.

  • Every time this guy opens his mouth he perjures himself.

  • Yazz55

    Lets get our phoney scandals properly prioritized.

    Benghazi, Fast and Furious & the IRS going after conservative groups are phoney scandals and should therefore be dismissed.

    But, closing a lane in an already highly congested traffic area, where no one really notices until the media finds it is a serious scandal. So serious, that the US attorney needs to commence an immediate political witchhunt investigation. And the investigation needs to be expanded to cover the expenditure of FEMA funds for a tv ad. Those are things that a normal Democrat politician does on a daily basis. So, if anything, Gov Christie should be investigated for plagiarism of Democrat politician operating procedures.

  • John Huffman

    Axelrod is a overstuffed bag of sh*t. A liar of proportions only equaled by Obama himself. Chicago thuggery, Marxist!


    BULL SH?T .

  • gigi0f3

    Are his lips moving?

  • misterlogic0013

    complicit media = obvious Sarah spoke about it in Indianola on a rainy day, so true.