Muslim pop singer criticizes religion’s rules, ‘nervous’ about her safety

Criticizing Islam isn’t something you see every day but this Muslim singer isn’t backing down. And to be honest, it’s rather refreshing to see someone take a stand against it even if she does fear for her safety:

FOX NEWS – Pop singer Omnia Hegazy isn’t one to keep quiet about inequities she sees in her Muslim religion. The young artist is working to draw attention to issues in her homeland of Egypt that she says that many would rather ignore, while treading a fine line between critiquing her community and defending it.

The New York-raised recording artist said it was a recent visit to her home country that sparked songs which upset some of her friends.

“I have always been the person at the dinner table to argue with you about politics and I will not shut up,” Hegazy told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “Music is an avenue for me to express that.”

“There are a lot of issues, like honor killing, that go on,” she said. “For instance, we were at a beach, and it was extremely hot. All the women were covered up head-to-toe in black, and all the men were wearing Speedos, and that’s how I started writing my song ‘Grace.’ We are all covered up and you men are not, what’s going on here?”

“Grace,” which Hegazy says celebrates female empowerment and beauty in all ages, shapes and sizes, is featured on her sophomore album “Judgment Day,” released earlier this month. Indeed its lyrics are quite direct:

Cover your face
Before you poison all our souls
Cover your mouth
Before it tells us something we don’t know
Cover your body
For your skin incinerates
The will of weakened men who just might lose their faith

Our heads our full of color inside
Why is it that we should hide
Who ever gave you the right to step on our pride?

The next topic she wants to tackle is Muslim women being forced to wear a headscarf, known as a hijab.

“A lot of the women on my dad’s side wear the hijab, and I have no problem with someone choosing to wear it,” said Hegazy, whose father is Muslim and whose mother was raised Irish Catholic. “I grew up believing it was a choice, but I think there is a lot of pressure on young Muslim girls to wear it, and it is becoming not a choice, which I don’t think is right.”

But Hegazy says being outspoken comes at a cost.

“There are a lot of people, not just even traditional Muslims, these are everyday Muslims and friends I have had, who have said, ‘I disagree with what you said,’” she told us. “It’s the point that there isn’t a lot of debate in that community and we’re all supposed to think the same… I can’t really do that.”

Hegazy says the criticism goes beyond just a difference in opinion.

“I will admit I do get nervous, I try to keep my family out of things when people ask. I need to start budgeting for security,” she said. “But I won’t stop doing what I do because of a few crazy people.”

Here’s the song from above where she criticizes the fact that women must cover their bodies to protect Muslim men from ‘sinning’:

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  • ryanomaniac

    Ill tell you a way to keep Muslim men from sinning. Blow their heads clean off.

    • The Sentinel

      Lol… you are always pretty direct. 🙂

      • Booker

        The Sentinel  ryanomaniac He gets right to the point, eh? Ha!

      • ryanomaniac

        The Sentinel  ryanomaniac Just trying to help the environment by expelling as little CO2 as possible. 🙂

    • sarahsupporter

      ryanomaniac Tell us how you really feel, don’t be shy!!

    • cabensg

      ryanomaniac  Works for me!

    • Dr. Strangelove

      ryanomaniac That opportunity may be just over the horizon. You know, I got my CCW and thought long and hard if I could actually take a life if necessary. But if I saw somebody waving a knife or gun and shouting Allahu Akhbar, I’m pretty sure I could put two in the ten ring without blinking an eye.

      • ryanomaniac

        Dr. Strangelove ryanomaniac I look at it this way. Muslim men want to kill my wife. Muslim men want to kill my little girl. Muslim men want to kill me. Since that’s the case I would blow their heads clean off.

        • Dr. Strangelove

          ryanomaniac Dr. Strangelove Since this is a family site, I thought ten ring was more polite than blow their f’n heads off but yeah, you got the idea.

        • ryanomaniac

          Dr. Strangelove ryanomaniac Hey Doc, what is ten ring? Remember I didn’t say the F word because this is a family site. I said blow their heads clean off because it came from the family friendly movie…Dirty Harry!

  • JeffWRidge

    This is in stark contrast to American “entertainers.” America entertainers think that when they insult right-wingers and say the exact same thing that all of the other lefties are saying, that they are being brave and speaking truth to power. They act as if they’re taking their lives in their hands when they denigrate us while safely surrounded by others who think exactly like they do. They could learn a lot from this woman. 
    It has always amused me that the faith of Muslim men is so tenuous that it can be easily threatened by a woman’s uncovered face or arms. That says a lot about them and their beliefs.

    • WordsFailMe

      JeffWRidgeFollowing 50 years of tyranny in Burma-Myanmar, civilized men and women expressed their gratitude to the degenerate children of the dung god following the  intentional burning of a Buddhist woman by a talking babboon:
      A mosque, a Muslim school and other buildings have now burned in two days of rioting. Many Muslims stayed locked inside their homes and shops remained shuttered.

      • WordsFailMe

        JeffWRidge The Buddhist of the newly de-tyranized Myanmar continue the Muslim welcoming festival for a second night:
        Within a few hours on Wednesday, at least one person was dead and four injured as this region of Myanmar became the latest to fall prey to the country’s swelling tide of anti-Muslim unrest.
        Maybe the people of Myanmar are sick to death of tyranny. Maybe they are sick to death of being bullied by loud, arrogant, racist, blowhard muz.
        Maybe it’s just springtime in Burma.

    • cabensg

      JeffWRidge   It also shows the only way a Muslim man can get any is through coercion and slavery of the woman. No flowers and candy needed.

      • WordsFailMe

        cabensg JeffWRidge “A romantic, candle lit dinner” has a whole different meaning in goatdungland.

  • Sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders!  Let’s pray she gets to keep it there!

    • Orangeone

      WolfieUSA If she’s in America she has the ability to convert to Christianity and leave the cult of pieces behind.

      • Orangeone WolfieUSA  
        She may well be taking the first steps on the journey.

  • Laurel A

    ” “There are a lot of people, not just even traditional Muslims, these are
    everyday Muslims and friends I have had, who have said, ‘I disagree
    with what you said,’” she told us. “It’s the point that there isn’t a
    lot of debate in that community and we’re all supposed to think the
    same… I can’t really do that.””

    • The Sentinel

      Laurel A 
      Great point.

  • The Sentinel

    Okay… then why remain a Muslim? I appreciate what she’s saying and her brave stance. But honestly, Muslim women are possessions… not people. Why don’t they leave?
    (Maybe for fear of being murdered?)
    Hard for a NY-raised woman to tolerate that sort of primeval existence. Hard for any woman to endure that sort of twisted ignorance.

  • JJ the terrible

    Could be worse honey, my tribe requires I wear my Koteka 24/7. Stop whining!

    • Conservative_Hippie

      JJ the terrible What the !?

      • pajamakat

        Conservative_Hippie JJ the terrible I guessed I missed it too.

        • JJ the terrible

          pajamakat Conservative_Hippie JJ the terrible  Google is your friend!

  • Conservative_Hippie

    She sounds like a muslim Adele.

  • tinlizzieowner
    As well she should be. Not from Christian Americans but from Muslim Americans. She’s just made herself ‘a target’ for some ‘wannabe’ Jhadi Punk like the brothers in Boston, for being an Islamic woman who dared to speak freely.

    • WordsFailMe

      tinlizzieowner Looks lke the US ia the one who’s late to the neck slicing party. This from W Churchill at the end of the century before last:
      Sir Winston Churchill (The River War, first edition, Vol. II, pages 248-50 (London: Longmans, Green | 1899
      “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity.”
      I usually employ the descriptor,”babboons that speak,” hence the pseudonym.

      • tinlizzieowner

        WordsFailMe tinlizzieowner 
        ‘Words’ don’t fail you. 😉

  • Booker

    2 things happen to Muslims when they get disillusioned with Islam:
    (i) They become atheists.   —or—
    (ii) They go Christian.

    I hope she chooses the later. More grease to her elbows.

    • Army_Pilot1967

      Booker There’s a third thing that often happens when muslims get disillusioned with islam:  they end up dead!!!!!

      • bfunk

        Army_Pilot1967 Booker Here’s hoping she stays alive!

  • cabensg

    She’d better be very afraid and change her name. Muslims who are still Muslims are not allowed to criticize Islam…period. She’s on a hit list somewhere that’s for sure.

    • WordsFailMe

      cabensg This must be a remarkable young lady.

    • harglide

      cabensg I agree with you 100%. I bet if anything ever happened, that part would never be shown or expressed by the libtard media!
      I just wish she would embrace Jesus! THAT would be the change that might just show others that it ain’t all being a muslim is cracked up to be!

  • JohnQueue

    I’m still trying to grasp the meaning of “muslim” and “popsinger.” I didn’t realize such a thing could ever exist at the same time.

  • M_Minnesota

    Some intrepid Reporter needs to get a Camera and ask HildaBeast.  OOOps!  I meant Hillary. What she thinks of this new pop star?   The intrepid reporter(s)  should ask Hillary and her associate (spouse of Wiener running for NYC Mayor) both at the same time!!!/ What they both think of this rising young pop star?
    Good Luck with that.

  • RSFan

    Well, this all sounds good but let’s see if she’ll denounce Hamas and Hezbollah, or does she just cherry pick a few issues of Islam.

  • doofuschmartz

    Hegazy, my dear girl, it is my contention, and I am willing to admit that I am wrong, that the Muslim women in this country who are willing to put on that ridiculous get-up that covers them from head to foot, are most likely trying to cover the fact that they are mud-ugly and need serious liposuction (generalized) to boot. On the other hand, they’re okay with their old man struttin his stuff in a speedo. They probably like the idea of people thinking they can attract a man that wears a Speedo…I’m just sayin…

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Brave woman. The Islamofascists go after the weakest ones first.

  • NCHokie02

    She disagrees with how women are treated in Islam yet she is till muslim?  If you disagree with the religion then why do you believe and practice it??  I’m not saying she has to convert to Christianity, although heaven would love if she did, I’m just asking why she still practices and believes in something she disagrees with?

    • WordsFailMe

      NCHokie02 SH’es got to convert to being an American Muslim from Muslim American. Nobody cares what your religion is. None of my business until your dog takes a vacation on my lawn.
      All these hyphenated traitors and cowards would do well to do the same. This country is not getting a lot friendlier. I live in CA wjhere their is a culture of driver courtesy. We, who are not moron muslims, let other rivers cut inf ront of us without complaint,  allow drivers exising gas stations to enter traffic, stop to allow a person in the right lane make a left turn, you know, everything that New York doesn’t do. It is sumetimes frustrating when the guy in front of you does a favor to another, but frequently you get the same courtesies a day later. Everything else, except the weather sucks about CA.
      The other day, coming out of the Walmart Center a scum sucker tried to get in a line of cars going straight we had been patiently waiting their turns. The line was long.. The guy in front of me didn’t let him in, I pushed up and kept him out and my eyes nearly filled with tears as I looked back and saw five cars behind me each push forward and prevent the ignorant low life from getting in.  I hope he’s still stuck at that light.
      An open display of discourtesy in CA is almost a revolution. No Justice, no peace..

  • WordsFailMe

    We need a concentrated program to take muslim women away from muslim men. They are immature, undisciplined, cowardly women beaters and racists any way. 
    If we can’t drive them out….

    • WordsFailMe

      Here’s and interesting muslim strategy Saudi self-help writer urges men to molest women to make them stay home
      Nothing like a little inter familial rape to keep the cow dung burning on the hearth warm.