MUST LISTEN – Mark Levin: Gun control isn’t just about the 2nd amendment, its about attacking the 1st amendment!

Mark Levin nails it once again:

I am appalled that the Vice President of the United States calls in video production companies that make these games which are said to be violent. Maybe they’re violent, maybe they’re not, maybe they’re both – whatever they are. The Vice President of the United States summoning in private sector executives and management to do what?

See ladies and gentlemen it’s now more than the second amendment, it’s the first amendment. And it’s even worse than that. It’s only certain types of first amendment issues.

Did the Vice President of the United States call in the heads of Hollywood studios? Did he call in actors who are in action movies? I’ll take it one step further. How about script writers who write these movies and TV shows? How about people who are authors and actually write books? Some of these books have a lot of violence in it. What about those? ‘We’re not worried about that – people don’t read any more.‘ Oh okay.

None of that.

Guns. Why is that? Because the goal is to disarm or at least to control as much as possible law-abiding regular citizens. Not millionaires and billionaires. Not gang members. Not other criminals. But law-abiding American citizens to get a list, a national database of who they are, where they are and what they have. And to make sure they only have what the politicians and the government say they can have.

In other words to completely read the second amendment out of existence. And to also continue its attack on aspects of the first amendment.

Brilliant. And that’s just the first 2 minutes. There’s a lot more below and it’s awesome.


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  • aposematic

    Another great Levin segment! So much truth, so little time.

  • Man he sure did rip Biden a new one and man that was great!!!

    • conservative58

      Right on!

      Feels like we’re living out a horror movie where “Dumb and Dumber” are in charge of running (or should I say ruining) this great nation. I would say it is a comedy but this is no laughing matter.

      • dcnj

        more like the film idiocracy…

  • deeme

    Lets face it they think they are the CEO of every company in the U.S..people who never shot their guns, are now to pay for the sins of others..just like law abiding citizens pay for lawbreakers to have things we don’t have..but when it’s as Shameful as Fast and Furious or Benghazi.or Solyndra .they can do no harm…It’s a World turned upside down. What is the reason no one asks what part taking God out of schools had to do with this..lets look at rights gone, not get rid of more rights..

  • sjmom

    This is why I am no longer a Republican and am an Independent voter because they refuse to do anything about our post constitutional govt. Another great segment by Mark. Kudos.

    • aposematic

      “post constitutional govt.” Exactly, anti-constitution is now intrinsic to all Government positions of Power.

  • KenInMontana

    The Second Amendment is the “lynchpin” that secures every other right we enjoy, both enumerated and unenumerated.

  • Lrtusgo2

    When will people wake-up! We, yes We are the goverment and we need good people to run America, and not what we have in office now. 2013 is going to hurt mid-americans in their pockets. Maybe then people will wake-up! Then see you is at falt and I hope it is not to late!!!!

  • JeffWRidge

    The attack on the Second Amendment is only a prelude to the attack on the rest of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Once they are able to disarm us, rendering us essentially powerless, then they will feel free to go after the rest of our rights.

    When we lose one right all of the others are endangered; especially when the right we lose is the one guaranteeing that we have the weapons to defend our rights. After we lose a right, we never get it back. Not without a fight at the least.

  • Joe

    I believe we are at the tipping point

    The Americans Patriots have reacted very quickly to this attack on our rights

    Any Liberal should turn in their firearms – for a white flag ASAP!

  • 12grace

    I love Levin, as usual he makes a lot of sense.

    Beck and NRA’s LaPierre warn of insidious Obama plot to grab our guns

    The leftist that wrote this article in 2009 made fun of Wayne LaPierre (NRA) and Glenn Beck but as you read in this article, LaPierre had obama’s number, that is, LaPierre clearly knew obama planned to disarm, America. And wonder why no-one is talking about obama’s domestic Army these days. Will obama also legislate that his domestic Army be disarmed? What is the purpose of obama’s domestic Army?

    Obamas Domestic Army? 71910

    Obama’s National Civilian Security Force Propaganda Video Analyzed

    Mark Levin – Obama’s Civilian Army

    Obamas Brown Shirts. Everyone Better Wake Up And Wise Up Fast.

    Obama’s Civilian Army is now LAW and is Funded

    • Nukeman60

      Thanks for the links, 12Grace. You always keep me busy. 🙂

      • 12grace

        Your welcome n.

        I hope, I am adding something useful to the discussion. smile

        • Nukeman60

          It’s just my humble opinion, but I say you are indeed.

  • aZjimbo

    “One of the dumbest men ever in political office”. That about says it all from the great one. Truer words were never spoken.

  • info

    I wonder if there has been a study of the increase of the ratio of legal private gun ownership, as well as the increase in the level of law enforcement firepower; to not only the deterrent of overall crime, but also the deterrent of planned acts, attempted acts and actual acts of terrorism on American soil since 9.11.2001?

    I remember back in the day saying this with pride every day at about 8:00 AM with all my friends “… and to The Republic for witch it stands one Nation, under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for ALL.”

    USA forever!

  • Nukeman60

    Glenn Beck discussed it best when he talked about the frog in the boiling water. Put a frog in a pot of boiling water and he will jump out. Put a frog in warm water and slowly heat it up to boiling, that frog will die.

    They are trying to slowly take everything away, one little thing after another. They know, when the big one (the 2nd Amendment) goes, that all the others will collapse like dominoes. Of course, the 2nd Amendment must go away slowly, one little gun control issue after another until they are all gone and we are left bare and defenseless.

    We must not be that frog. Jump, people, jump.

  • Watcherinla

    It’s going to be a long 4 years and none of it good. I’m paraphrasing Jefferson, I believe who said that when a government fears the people, you have freedom but when you have people who fear the government, you have tyranny.

  • deTocqueville1

    This is exactly the crux of the issue. It is axiomatic!

  • Sandra123456

    I really don’t understand people like Obama. He has fame and power and money-wise he is set for life, and he will be remembered long after he dies, so why does he want to destroy this nation? Doesn’t he care about the world his children and grandchildren will inherit?

    I guess his God must be government. If government is God to him he must be mentally ill, along with being narcissistic.

    I just hope the next time he does something that he can be impeached for that the Republicans grow a pair and start impeachment procedings. I don’t know how we can take 4 more years of this man’s governing.

    It is so sad.

    • tinlizzieowner

      Do your homework on Obama’s early life. His (alleged) father was a self proclaimed Communist, his grandparents on his (hippie) mother’s side were hard core Socialists. His ‘mentor’ (and the guy taking nude pictures of his mother), was a Communist. He said it from the beginning, he’s out to ‘Fundamentally Transform’ America and he’s got a powerful ‘machine’ behind him. He’s little more than a ‘selected to be elected’, sock puppet with a smile.

  • shukov

    Why in the hell is this guy on the radio? He’s ten times the American as the commie in the white house, he should be calling the shots as president.

  • Brad B

    “Gun-Free” zones kill people! Every mass shooting but one happened in a “Gun-Free” zone.
    The shooters knew that they could kill as many people as the bullets they carried. The shootings could go on for longer than the first cop showing up, police must first set up a perimeter and secure the scene. Shooters would still face no resistance, until SWAT arrives. The police have NEVER stopped a mass shooting, EVER, and will never be able to, it will always be too late. The answer is to allow teachers who want to carry guns to do so. If 1,2, or 3 teachers would have been armed, there may have been far less dead. Its asinine to trust teachers with our kids but not allow them any way to protect themselves or the children. The bright idea in our schools is to put paper over classroom windows! That will work if the shooter is armed with anything less than a rubber band! AND now the school won’t allow anyone on school property unless being “cleared” by the principle. Sandy Hook had same policy, so the killer just shot out the locked front door and then the principal. Kids are being taught to hide under their desks. If the paper on the windows doesn’t stop a deranged killer, I think hiding under a desk just might? Having just one security guard or cop to guard the school MIGHT help somewhat, but honestly, as the killings seem to be fairly well planned, I think the guard would be first one killed, ambushed. Then we are back to having kids killed until police arrive, the scene is secured, the killer runs out of bullets, then SWAT arrives to save the day. The Colorado theater was also a “Gun-Free” zone, so was Virginia Tech, killers know they can kill without any resistance for anywhere from 15-20 minutes.

  • Brad B

    I read a statistic that states that: on a national average, police hit rates in gun fights is less than 20%. YET, violent perpetrators hit rates in police shootouts against police is over 70%! The bad guys typically train 10 times as hard/often as most officers. (thankfully there are exceptions out there to this) BUT the police are the ones called in to stop mass killings, even with their abysmal hit rates. Private citizens..IE teachers, coaches, janitors, parents etc… are not permitted to carry guns to protect our kids!! We trust them with our kids, just not to be able to protect them?! Liberal scum think its perfectly fine to have guns protect money, politicians, wealthy and famous people, just not our kids?!!

  • Jay

    When they take the guns away, then they’ll put Levin, Rush, Hannity, etc. in prison for hate speech. The rest of us who have the temerity to critcize Islamofacists, fags or members of the regime might just get treated to reeducation camps. And ironically enough, all the leftoids who don’t toe the line will get the same treatment. After the Revolution, I wonder how many people woke up to discover Lenin and Stalin weren’t really on their side?

    • NoTrustInMen

      Where do you get this stuff?

      • tom_billesley

        Leon Trotsky

  • colliemum

    Two points:

    • it would be good if the Great One (and Limbaugh and the rest of them) would use “people control” instead of ‘gun control’, every time they talk about this issue – because that’s what it is.

    • This thing about ‘disarmament’ goes back a very long way, and has been one of the things the left in the non-communist countries have been pushing since 1918. Yes – WWI was indescribably awful and bloody, yes, war on that scale is best avoided.
    But see where it got them: Britain was way behind Germany in the 1930s, in regard to arms. It was fashionable to appease, to be against war. Meanwhile, Hitler rebuild the Wehrmacht in record time, with modern weapons and modern tactics.

    Disraming ‘the West’ didn’t go away after WWII, it got a further boost – and then an even bigger one due to MAD. I remember some lefties in the 1980s earnestly advocating the removal of our memorials to the fallen in both WWi and II – because remembering them was ‘glorifying war’. Yes, really.

    Why is it that all the people-control, gun-control freaks only see the whites as being so horribly violent that they can’t be trusted even to defend themselves?
    Why is it that they never talk about the horrors going on in the various civil wars tearing Africa apart?
    And why is it that they totally disregard the most violent group on earth – the muslims?
    It is because they have the totalitarian mindset – same as the African warlords, same as the muslims, with a nice streak of racism running through it.

  • PatriotInk

    Tyrannical regimes believe in free speech as long as the free speech comes from supporters of their tyranny. -PI

  • ryanomaniac

    Obama is going to do what progressives do. They do things gradually. More laws more laws more laws. They’ll make it so hard to get a gun that it will deter people from even trying to buy a gun. These people are patient. When they are told no they just wait.

  • Philo Beddoe

    For him to present this issue in such a well thought out way is incredible.

    While we all worry about working, and paying bills, Mark Levin understands the deviousness of Washington and HE is watching out for us.

  • Mark Kelly is setting up this non-profit group to make money. I’m sure both husband and wife will be cutting a salary from it.

  • NoTrustInMen

    I must be deaf, I didn’t hear anything different than what others are saying. Everyone has an agenda, Mark, liberals, conservatives, they think that they are right, they believe they are so intelligent and how could anyone feel differently (its so plain) and if you do your dumb. Even when these birds flock together they soon start turning on each other because of the nuances in everyone’s opinions. Even democracies can be dead wrong. The Founding Fathers were conflicted even with the documents they authored. Who is so dogmatic as to think they are 100% right. I never hear any of the left/right talking heads say ‘I may be wrong, but I just feel this is the right way.’

    The Nation of Israel felt they were right, even though Jesus came and tried to help them see that they were wrong. He tried to help them get on the right road and they rejected him, had him killed even. I can see it now, Jesus comes back and Rush, Levin, Obama and all the agenda minded he condemns. He would be condemned of FOX, MSNBC and on forums like this left and right.

  • zoeusa

    Biden is a PEON!…No information goes in or out without the Emperor’s consent, i.e., today, 1/9/13, Biden said that Obama might use the Executive Order for his quest to ban guns…Well now, where exactly did Biden get this tidbit of news?…

  • More conservatives patting themselves on the back and reveling in the “truth”? No thanks…

  • More conservatives patting themselves on the back and reveling in the “truth”? No thanks…all this playing for the team nonsense is nauseating.