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Mark Levin nails it once again:

I am appalled that the Vice President of the United States calls in video production companies that make these games which are said to be violent. Maybe they’re violent, maybe they’re not, maybe they’re both – whatever they are. The Vice President of the United States summoning in private sector executives and management to do what?

See ladies and gentlemen it’s now more than the second amendment, it’s the first amendment. And it’s even worse than that. It’s only certain types of first amendment issues.

Did the Vice President of the United States call in the heads of Hollywood studios? Did he call in actors who are in action movies? I’ll take it one step further. How about script writers who write these movies and TV shows? How about people who are authors and actually write books? Some of these books have a lot of violence in it. What about those? ‘We’re not worried about that – people don’t read any more.‘ Oh okay.

None of that.

Guns. Why is that? Because the goal is to disarm or at least to control as much as possible law-abiding regular citizens. Not millionaires and billionaires. Not gang members. Not other criminals. But law-abiding American citizens to get a list, a national database of who they are, where they are and what they have. And to make sure they only have what the politicians and the government say they can have.

In other words to completely read the second amendment out of existence. And to also continue its attack on aspects of the first amendment.

Brilliant. And that’s just the first 2 minutes. There’s a lot more below and it’s awesome.



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