MUST LISTEN: Mark Levin tells the story behind the story on David Jolly’s Florida race

Mark Levin pulled an article from last Friday’s Politico where anonymous Washington Republicans started trashing David Jolly just days before his big vote, right as he’s in the throes of his race. Levin explains why they did it and why you should care.



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  • marketcomp
    • diana harrell

      When are the politicians going to listen to middle America?????Seems they never learn from their mistakes.

      • sDee

        They are listening, and they know, that we know.
        Their enjoy their power and wealth.
        They’ve no intention of turning the government back to the People.

  • Stehekin912

    I hear this and I recall Thomas Paine –
    “These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.
    Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”
    Like the soldiers of the American Revolution, we must stand together against those who would defeat us, from without and, sadly, from within. Like the soldiers, we must stand, leaving our bloody footprints in the snow, if need be, for what we believe in.

  • Betsey_Ross

    It’s a good thing that people in Pinellas County don’t read Politico. I hope the Rep. Jolly understands that voting for and with Speaker Boehner is not the way to save the country.

    • PatriotGal


  • Kevin Wright

    JEB clowns are trying to paint this as a victory for JEB’s influence.

    • PatriotGal

      Lord, please save us from him. He was our governor – oh dear. A true lib/progressive/RINO.

      • sDee

        The whole damn family is. They’ve got a new generation progressive in the bull pen now too.

      • puma_for_life

        I’m glad you said that; when I said I would not vote for him someone on this site accused me of being a liberal.

  • puma_for_life

    This is what is happening in NC; Rove supporting Tillis, who is a weak candidate due to baggage and stupidity and will be the weakest candidate against Hagan. Brannon is the Teaparty candidate…he is running as well as Tillis right now, actually slightly better against Hagan. Over the past several weeks, negative stories suddenly appear about Brannon….hmmmm, wonder where those are coming from? Typical Rove; supports the loser, screws the winner…

    • PatriotGal

      The inside-the-beltway elites like Rove with his whiteboard adn dollars, McCain, McConnell, Hatch, Cantor, Boehner, etc. Bet that’s exactly what happened to Lt Col Congressman Allen B. West – they redistricted him into a Dem area so he would lose. Am sure the elitists applied every pressure they could because Congressman West is a Conservative and spoke his mind.

    • c4pfan


    • sDee

      I asked above why no one is covering this.

      It is an NC scoop for TRS. A chance for Levin to help before it is too late.


      • puma_for_life

        Do you get Levin’s show live where you live? I don’t get it in Western NC…do you think if we called or emailed him he would get on it? We have this talk radio 570 am which carries Rush and Beck but has a local program hosted by an idiot named Pete Kallendar who ran all of the negatives about Brannon but claims to be a libertarian/conservative. When I called him on it he called me a low information voter and my comments inappropriate (I emailed him). I will not listen to him anymore because he is really really dumb. We used to have a really good local program called Take a Stand with Matt Mittan but Clear Channel, who owns the station, forced him out because he exposed the lies behind a local tax issue; Frontier Phone complained and they are a major sponsor of the station (locally) so Matt is gone and instead we have this complete dumbo who came from Charlotte but has a memory and language problem and is a complete idiot. Someone needs to clue Levin in now…maybe even Beck, I think he has had Brannon on his show. What do you think?

        • puma_for_life

          Ok, I just sent a comment to Levln’s radio show….asking for his assistance…I’ll let you know if I get anything back.

        • sDee

          Beck had a good segment with Brannon. I thought Levin’s show would be forthcoming.

          I do not use Facebook but I believe Brannon has a page – that may be the place to get a voice started?

          TRS knows Levin and is in NC. I’ve just not seen anything here yet on the race. It is a crucial one

  • David Thompson

    Jeb Bush would be a disaster…….

    • David Thompson

      The Bush faction has been a scar on the Republican Brand…. Barbara has told Jeb he does not need to be in politics, I agree…

    • BearNJ

      To use a Karl Rove term Jeb Bush is “unelectable”.

  • Lgbpop

    When will this website start writing articles instead of just inanely posting links to videos? I am old fashioned. I prefer to READ. I do NOT watch videos. If you actually want to reach a wider audience than that which you have now, start printing transcripts.

    • PatriotGal

      Completely agree, Lgbpop.

      • Again: another newbie. They have done so not very long back, as well.

    • David Thompson

      I have 5 books to recommend to you Men in Black, Rescuing Sprite, Liberty And Tyranny, Ameritopia, and The Liberty Amendments! You will learn something….

      • Lgbpop

        I am somewhere to the right of Baron von Metternich. I have been around here for years. I fail to see what recommending books has to do with asking for a video transcript of current events. I have read all of Levin’s publications. I want a transcript of that video, since the OP considered it important enough to post. Videos are too damned slow. Just write what the subject said, verbatim, and let me read it at my speed.

        Why on earth do you choose to make a straw man out of what I ask for?

        • David Thompson

          No Problem!

        • Laurel

          Oh have a cup of STFU.

        • Transcripts aren’t always readily available. I have a hard time too sometimes, with video- it sticks a lot on my slow computer. But folks don’t always have time to write out transcripts if they’re not available already.
          I’ve had to transcribe enough videos for my own research to know what a pain it would be for Scoop to have to spend the time doing it everytime he posted a video.

          • BearNJ

            Duckie I for one think the Levin clips are great.

            • So do I. Even if the transcripts were up- I ALWAYS listen to Levin. His rants in print just aren’t the same!!

    • Vorlath –

      I don’t know. This was quite the informational piece. I wouldn’t have heard of this if it were not for TRS.

    • Erm … where’ve you been? They’ve done a brief stint of it not but a few months back, as I recall. Methinks you’re either ‘new here’ or you didn’t read ’em when they did so they stopped doing it.

      NOTE: the only problem I had with what they were printing was that they were very, very long … too long, if you catch my drift.

      • Lgbpop

        Really….I see no story here, only embedded videos. I stand by what I said. I have been here for years.

        • Erm … not talking about this story. I’m talking about this website. They have done original stories which have really been more individual commentary. They had some really chatty Kathy writing a few of them. (Like I said, they were quite long.) If you’re looking for articles and/or opinion pieces with writing, then try American Thinker. They’re pretty solid.

      • puma_for_life

        Maybe they could provide a link to transcript for those who prefer to read. That’s quick and easy, I think.

    • David Thompson

      Do you know how many listen to Mr. Levin Live everyday? Add all the platforms together and I think it is close to 10,000,000. I never miss a Mark Levin Show…… This man tells you the Facts not insane info….

    • mike3e4r7

      Nobody’s forcing you to come here. There are alot of places where you can find good articles. Go there and take your insults with you.

    • sDee

      You might want to hang out a bit more.

      While you are at it let Matt Drudge know your thoughts on linking.

      btw TRS does more transcribing than most, for those of us who like to read.

      It is a well moderated site where you can find as much in the comments as in the content.

    • mike3e4r7

      I just had dinner at an Italian restaurant down the street. I told the owner that I prefer Chinese food and that that’s what he should serve. He kicked me out. I can’t figure out why.

      • sDee


        If you had stayed he’d have served you cat parmigiana.

        • mike3e4r7

          Lol!,Now you’ve got me thinking of all the other possibilities – Cat Lasagna, Cat Cacciatore, etc.
          Before I get yelled at, I should point out that I’m just joking and that I’m actually very fond of cats.

      • Lgbpop

        Probably out of cat chow mein!

    • Laurel

      So go to another site. SHEESH!

    • puma_for_life

      Maybe they could give the link to the transcript. Sometimes I don’t have time for a video, but can read through a transcript quicker…send a comment to Scoop via the contact link…he/she might listen!!

    • Kevin then. I appreciate those clips very much

    • BearNJ

      You can learn more from Levin than anything you would read.

    • Patriot077

      The reason the regulars come here is because of the clips. Emphasis on because.

  • No_BlahBlah

    Well the good thing is whatever Jolly’s ideological roots are HE OWES NOTHING TO THE ESTABLISHMENT PUKES.

    • Stehekin912

      ..and everything to We the People…hope he never forgets that.

  • Sentinel

    Well, I keep pointing out that the GOPe IS our number 1 enemy right now (to conservatives and especially the Tea Party)… so I’ll stop beating that drum – Mark did that quite well. Besides, I think you all already know that. This helps me feel a little better about Jolly. I don’t know him and I’m afraid he’ll likely fall in line with the Washington Corruption… I hope I’m wrong. Boehner and McConnell MUST be primaried! They are the head of the snake – just like Harry Reid and Pelosi – well, actually, they are both the entire snake… but I digress. Remove Boehner and McConnell and maybe we can turn the GOP back to a meaningful and conservative party. We’ll see. This all so sickens me though.

    • Laurel

      Media then GOP…IMHO.

      • Sentinel

        Valid. I give the media a #2… with toilet paper. However, they’re always going to hate us… and we can do something about the GOPe. Not arguing… They’ve been #1 for years imho.

        • Laurel

          To me it isn’t about the hate as much as the blatant lies and propaganda.

    • jojo222

      Yes Boehner and McConnell must be primaried! What bugs the crap outta me is Rand Paul’s endorsement of McConnell. Why are so many conservatives giving Rand a pass on this? He stabbed us in the back. Been real busy with some family issues and haven’t been able to listen to Mark every day. Does anyone know if Levin has discussed what Rand is doing? Rand sounds more and more like the establishment every day.

      • BearNJ

        Especially since McConell opposed him. I do not trust politicans who don’t realize who their friends are.

      • Sentinel

        Great point and welcome back. Hope all is well. If he has, I haven’t heard it. Rand needs to be VERY careful if he wants to be President because endorsements like that put him in league with the John McLames and Romney’s of the GOP.

    • theaton

      Look at the growth in net worth of all of the Congress. There isn’t a single one of them that hasn’t fallen in line with corruption!

  • Chester Simms

    We have met the enemy; and, he is us.

  • jorskippy

    I sure hope Jolly remembers all the “help” the Establishment Republicans gave him…. Hope he votes to replace Boehner….

  • sDee

    Why do we always hear about this after the fact when so many people know it is going on?

    This is what McConnell, Rove and the GOP is doing to Tea Party Constitutionalist Greg Brannon in the NC Primary for Hagan’s US Senate seat.

    Their filthy tricks have so pissed off the base that many are washing their hands of the Party.

    This is even right here in NC, TRS’s backyard.

    Crickets from Mark Levin. Crickets.

    • Laurel

      Call into Levin’s show.

      • puma_for_life

        I hope sDee does; I don’t get his show where I live in NC….maybe Levin will jump in the fray early on this one. Tillis is a loser; corrupt and people know it…just the kind of candidate Rove supports.

        • sDee

          I listen on the internet but I think we’ve a station – I will look. I know a few peopel who listen all the time.

    • puma_for_life

      Thanks for saying this; I posted below the same story; I live in NC and Rove & Co are attempting to smear Brannon but so far not working..let’s keep up the fight in NC!!

      • sDee

        Brannon will crush Hagan. His principles and leadership is what is needed desperately in the Senate.

        He knows this is the Republic’s last stand.

        • puma_for_life

          I believe he will crush Hagan if he gets the nomination but I assume you know about the faux lawsuit that Brannon “lost” that was miraculously resurrected at this opportune moment. Where in NC do you live?

          • sDee


            I live in the Raleigh area.

          • windskisong

            Hadn’t heard about that. Standard dirty tricks for NC, unfortunately. 8 yrs in Wilmington, 12 in Raleigh.

    • Patriot077

      sDee, do you think it would help to tweet Mark or put it on his facebook?

      • Some of us have been tweeting Levin about a few things like this, but hasn’t done any good yet. Same with posting on his FB page.

        • Patriot077

          Thanks for letting me know that. I wonder would it help to tweet Andrew Wilkow. He gets into this kind of thing and Mark is his mentor. Andrew would probably give it airtime but his audience is not as big as Mark’s

          • Only one way to find out Patriot.
            I’ve tried so many times over the years to call into Levin and Rush. Actually made it through to Rush one time, about had a heart attack, but the screener hung up on me after telling me to hold on, I had 2 other callers before me. Dang it.

            PS- I don’t think it was Snerdley lol. Didn’t sound like him.

            • Patriot077

              me too, Duckie. I once almost got on Beck’s show but somehow was disconnected. I don’t have XM radio to call Andrew’s show but maybe I could try to email elrushbo.

              • If enough of us keep trying whatever avenues are available to us, hopefully someone will get through! Thank you sis!

  • Taurnil Oronar

    After listening to Mr. Levine I have to say the following;

    The bulk of the Republican party of today is in the same condition as the Whigg party that gave birth to the Republican party. Back then most of the Whigg party either supported or by inaction supported the Democratic party of that time to institute slavery in this country. There were a core group strongly opposed to slavery and broke off birthing the Republican party.

    Boehner and his lot are despicable and do not care one lick about this country or the Constitution. For them to treat Mr. Jolly this way is only the tip of their disdain for anything but their own survival no matter what it costs you, me and our country.

    Mr. Jolly’s shows clearly the people of Clearwater do not trust the likes of the “old guard Republicans”, disagree with their platform and fully support *no amnesty* and secure borders. The bulk of Republicans of today are at total odds with what is the right thing to do for our country. Mr. Jolly will be a member of that “core group” of Republicans that will take back what the Boehner and his minions have thrown away; us.

    The Republican party disgusts me and that is a very very hard thing to do considering the Democratic party of the 1800s thought nothing about creating their own private army (the KKK) and murdering American citizens opposing their goal of slavery.

  • c4pfan

    Too bad the GOPe was caught with their pants down believing polls showing Jolly losing.

  • Laurel

    These are the same people that out of the other side of their mouths will give us a lecture on Reagan and not breaking his 11th commandment.
    The hypocrisy, lies, and deceit are so thick you can carve them up and serve them for dinner.

  • John_Frank

    Interesting. Thank you RS for bringing this op-ed by Mr. Levin to our attention.



  • Tom Dodson

    The RINO’s worked against Cuccinelli in VA as well. Cost us that race. Somebody needs to expose and destroy these Benedict Arnold SOB’s



  • Jack N.

    We all need to help this guy Jolly. He has to run again in November. I am putting money where my mouth is. I ask you also do what you can.

    • Laurel

      He does?

      • jojo222

        Yes, this was a special election. He will have to win in November to keep the seat

        • Laurel

          Seems like a waste of time and money but I guess I better donate to his campaign.

  • Conservative54

    The problem, as I see it, is that the Democratic Party is very good at politics (as they were able to get a communist into the White House right under our noses) and they have the support of most of the main stream media outlets. On the other hand, the Republican Party is very poor at politics (as they were too afraid of being accused of racism to warn Americans that Obama was a communist, therefore letting him win the election) and they have almost no support from main stream media. The Republican Party has no chance to win elections using politics, so they should simply stick to the truth, be the HONEST Party, and let the people decide. We the People will make the best choice when we know the truth.

    • sDee

      It is not even politics – this is full blown internal war against the Constitution and the very fiber of America. Politics will not win it.

      There is no truth in this war. It has boiled out to good vs evil. The time has long passed to abandon politics and take one side or the other, or die.

      I just read David Horowitz’s, little red book on Obama’s Rules for Radical.

      “There is no real parallelism in the war in which radicals have declared. One side is fighting with a no-holes-barred, take-no-prisoners battle plan against the system, while the other is trying to enforce its rules of fairness and pluralism.

      David Horowitz
      “The Alinsky Model”

      • Conservative54

        You’re right, sDee! The Democrats all use Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. (Not to be picky, but I believe the David Horowitz book was “Barak Obama’s Rules for Revolution”.)

    • OrdinaryCitizen

      I may start a ‘Commercials I WISH the RNC would run’ list n solicit creative ideas that we could pass along to PR organizations. (Bypassing the lackluster GOP). We can’t count on the GOP to make a compelling argument on behalf of conservatism any more….let alone market it in any meaningful way. It’s like the GOP insiders all missed the ‘courage, creativity and cool, gene.

  • Skevvy

    i think he understands his job is to represent the people of his district, not to be a Boehner shill, or a GOP hack. Don’t forget, he is not a career politician, rather, he’s (apparently) a citizen representative…. Banish Boehner! Ditch Mitch!

  • ace65

    This is why when I receive a “poll” begging for money from the RNC I write NO MONEY FOR RINOS on it and mail it back .

    • twoblackcats

      Amen brother.

  • Tom Dodson

    Our RINO in Arizona is showing here in this story EXACTLY why we in the party overwhelmingly CENSURED him in January.
    BIRDS OF A FEATHER: The three-day event, March 21-23, features President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and their daughter, Chelsea Clinton. Joining the Clintons will be U.S. Sen. JOHN McCAIN, R-Ariz., former Congr…esswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, retired astronaut Mark Kelly, and comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

    One of the signature pieces of the conference involves students making commitments to action and receiving seed money to help them solve the challenges. Last year, for instance, ASU student Davier Rodriguez developed DREAMzone, a program aimed at establishing a network of allies to support undocumented students.See More
    THUMBS UP or DOWN? The Clintons will be coming to ASU for a three-day event:

    • David Thompson

      Hide the Female Students……….

  • Conservative54

    Jolly sounds like an “OK” choice by the people of his district, although I don’t agree with all of his positions. Wikipedia says…

    Jolly is against Obamacare and says he has goals of lowering taxes and cutting spending. He believes Israel is one of the premier allies of the United States and has a goal of not cutting the United States commitment to the military and to its allies. He is pro-life, says that he “supports the constitutional right to keep and bear arms,” and opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants. He supports the Balanced Budget Amendment, and would have voted to raise the debt limit in early 2014. In a February 2014 interview with the Tampa Bay Times, Jolly clarified his position on same-sex marriage by saying “Listen I think the sanctity of ones marriage is between the two partners and their God. I don’t look to the state for the sanctity of marriage and so I’m ok if a state adopts a same-sex marriage amendment.”

    • JohnCraven

      Conservative54, what you just posted is what I find totally confusing about Jolly’s candidacy in comparison to what Mark Levin is reporting and what someone else from Jolly’s district reported on an earlier blogpost about Jolly’s win.

      From what Mark Levin is saying, the Vichy French Republicans had three other Vichy French Republicans which they wanted to run for Congress who were personally selected by the Weeper of the House Boner but they declined so Boner and the rest of the Vichy French Republicans decided to back the only other candidate whom they believed was more closely connected to them, Jolly, and they didn’t back either of the two other primary challengers for the GOP nomination which indicates that those two may have been TEA Party people and it’s why the Republican primary was so bruising to Jolly.

      Well, Jolly apparently won the primary handily but as Levin points out it left him broke and the only way he could get the Bone-heads in Washington to pony up money was to back the Weeper of the House Boner for speaker AND adopt Boner’s positions on amnesty and other things.

      Well, it seems Jolly realized that for him to adopt Boner’s positions would have cost him the election so he didn’t support amnesty and at first he didn’t support homosexual marriage but then he started recanting on his beliefs and started doing the GOP retreat on the social issues and that’s when Boner started going after him through his proxies who went to Politico to beat him up.

      Right now I don’t know what to expect from Jolly in Congress. On one hand he seems well-connected to the GOP Big Whigs but on the other hand he doesn’t support amnesty.

      Jolly is confusing but I’m sure he is somewhat better than the other 3 GOP big whigs. Time alone will tell.

      John Craven
      New Orleans

    • Whatever they say, doesn’t count; we have to see what they do.

  • Houdan Chick

    Baynor and Bug Eyes McConnell need to be gone and take the rest of the GOP traitors with them. The voters have been so dumbed down by both parties they get their scumbags in and we the people suffer for it.

  • keninil

    — it’s why Mitch McConnell must go!!

  • timsrighty

    If there’s any group I hold in more contempt than liberal democrats it’s the well fed, liberal members of the GOP. Levin’s right, it’s obvious when rinos run to Politico or MSNBC, they’re up to no good.

  • Michael Thomas

    If you’re a RINO politician monitoring this thread for opinions – listen up. As a well informed, 55 year old white professional that’s listened to talk radio since 1986 and never voted democrat – here’s the news: My affiliation is now Independent – and I will abstain – or vote for Alfred E. Neuman before any more of the milk toast puppets who’s strings you pull. I’m not the Independent vote you’re fighting for – I’m the vote you could always count on – and lost. I’m voting for this country with my conscience, and following the lead of millions before me that have refused to vote for another bottom feeding, big government, Karl Rove proxy. We’re gone – and we’re not coming back.

    • OK_Loyalist

      Ummmm …. I believe you mean milquetoast …. maybe not

    • ginger

      Amen,.my sentiments exactly!! They don’t get it,,,but perhaps when they lose they will wake up. But, not holding my breath.

    • OrdinaryCitizen

      We’ll said. May the sentiment continue to expand. May others come to their senses about the good ole boy GOP establishment much faster than did I.

    • rjcylon

      I agree completely. I think there was a time where just saying you are an “R” was enough to get support of the base, but that time is LONG GONE.

      Party names have become meaningless. I am pretty sure democrat still means progressive/socialist/marxist, but ask me what republican means and I have no clue anymore. I guess the same thing as a democrat, with a few hobbit “Wacko Birds” thrown in to mix things up.

    • LibraryTchr

      Excellent response! My sentiments exactly!

    • Very well said. Reminds me of Davy Crockett…

  • George Foltz

    I don’t think associating a good upstanding bastard with the Washington scum on the pond of America is quite justified,A bastard is a bastard due to nothing he can control.The Washington scum is there because they choose to do so.

  • Randy

    Keep it up Levin with the good information. The republicans and the democrats are on the same team, only the Tea party with the grass root are for the people.

  • Wigglesworth

    The blogs are covering this, but obviously not the pro amnesty ones like Hot Air and PJMedia.

    • windskisong

      Hot Air and PJ have gone pro-amnesty? When did that happen, and how? Hot Air used to be pretty solidly anti-illegal invasion, but it’s been a while.

      • Wigglesworth

        The founder of PJMedia(Roger Simon) has been pro amnesty for a long time, but in the last year or two he has reigned in the staff who are critical of so called immigration reform. Most of the people who read the blog are against amnesty based on the comments I see.

        HA has gone downhill since Michelle Malkin sold it years ago. Ed, Katherine and MKH are all in favor of amnesty, but they don’t write about it. Ed focuses on the economy and Katherine on energy. Allahpundit tries to be low key about it, but the red flag is he never criticizes the policies when he writes about it. It’s all political ‘if this then maybe that’ blah blah blah. He likes to plug the push polls.

        • windskisong

          Thanks. Didn’t know.

  • PVG


    • Darn it it’s showing up a bit small. I don’t know if this one will help…

      • Barry


        • Heh. New guy. Wouldn’t have a prayer’s hope in heck. But extra marks for enthusiasm.

          Is Jolly even a conservative? He was backed by Rove and the US Chamber of Crony Capitalism.

  • ManaMoffa

    Jolly is anti gay too. The Democrats are in for it.

  • PatriotGranny

    We need a brand new party: The Constitution Party!

  • rjcylon

    Boehner wanted to make sure he had a “yes man”. I don’t suppose he remembers it was the Tea Party that created the wave election that gave him the speakership. Probably not.

    But hey, look on the bright side. We have the house! The “republicans” are in charge! We won! Viva GOPe!

    • theaton

      We won what? What exactly have the Republicans done?
      They’ve caved on every thing that has come along. They are letting Obama get away with impeachable offenses. It is true that the current Senate would not hold the trial but if the Rs take the Senate in November. the trial could begin on the first day of the new Congress. However, even if the Rs win, they’ll keep caving to Obama. Why? Both Ds and Rs want larger and larger government!

      • I think rjclon is being sarcastic.

      • lanahi

        Impeachment takes place in the House. The Senate just decides the penalty.

        • dave7777

          True. Maybe more tea party types in the House will stiffen their spine. Hurry up November!

        • theaton

          That’s what I said.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      Yeah, great having the R’s in charge. I love they way they used their power to defund 0care! Woo-hoo!

  • Tom Fischer

    Why is Rand Paul endorsing McConnell if he is a big reformer and Mitch didn’t support him? I don’t trust any of them although I am partial to Trey Gowdy.

    • theaton

      Because Rand is not who he pretends to be!

      • dave7777

        Just so. And the real Rand Paul needs to be exposed before he gets traction. The real obama was never exposed. Look where we are.
        Rand will give us amnesty and a bad foreign policy.

    • hereinthegreatstateoftexas

      That’s what I want to know?! Mark said he wants to get Rand on his show to ask him this very question. It’s obviously some kind of payback or sellout, etc. That’s why Cruz to me is the real deal. The establishment did NOTHING for him when running for Senate so he owes them nothing which is part of what makes him so fearless. A good position to be in, one that doesn’t look like Rand is in.

  • gjsmith_62

    So, Boehner is worried more about “his” speakership than holding the house. With “friends like him and Cantor ( who’s ex chief of staff stabbed Cuccinelli in the back ), who needs enemies?

  • Mark you know the Republican Party has been “eating their own” for years now. It doesn’t seem to matter how good a particular candidate is, if he or she has ideas of true conservatism and a love and respect for the Constitution, or show some backbone when it comes to not following the party line, they are in the GOP crosshairs.

    They have a historic lack of supporting true Conservatives and don’t give a crap about a Constitutional Conservative government. All they want to do is hold onto their ‘power’ for their own personal gain.

    Boehner, McConnell, McCain, Graham just to name a few will bend whichever way the wind blows which will benefit them only.

    State GOP operatives are the same.

    In the last senate race when Harry Reid’s poll numbers were at the lowest point ever at approval rating of 39%, with 49% of voters disapproving, who was it who trashed Sharron Angle? Calling her a radical and a nut?

    Republican mayor of Reno, Bob Cashell, called her an “ultra right-winger” who was “just too far to the right for me.” and backed Reid. Sig Rogich, a Nevada Republican and GOP strategist and started a group called “Republicans for Reid” because he kept calling her a radical. Republican State Senator and Minority Leader William Raggio endorsed Reid as well.

    They didn’t like the fact that Angle is a Christian Constitutional Conservative, so these pukes helped give us back dingy harry who has given us crap non stop- including the Senate Nuke option.

    Then there’s Sarah Palin. Who was “muzzled” by GOP handlers from speaking about such things as Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the financial collapse which stemmed from the housing crisis, Fanny and Freddie and that Obama was the number 2 recipient of PAC money from Fannie/Freddie who was run by Clinton cronies Franklin Raines and James Johnson. She tried to put all that and more out there, but McCain and his peeps wanted to run a ‘clean’ campaign ’cause Obama’s a nice guy (sounds kind of familiar. Mitt said he was a nice guy too at the time he was trashing his fellow Republican candidates during the primaries.

    GOP Political strategist Steve Schmidt said, he has “deep regret” about creating the “freak show that’s been running wild for four years…For the last couple of years, we’ve had this wing of the party running roughshod over the rest of the party… Tossing out terms like RINO, saying we’re going to purge, you know, the moderates out of the party…”

    And THEN There’s Allen West. January 2012, Will Weatherford, the GOP’s state House redistricting chairman did nothing as West’s congressional district lines were re-drawn. Charlie Crist (As much as a putz as he is, at least he was truthful about himself and changed to a dem) But at the time as a Rino, he endorsed West only four days before the general election, and Florida Republican Party Boss Jim Greer wrote West a $500 personal check only a couple of weeks before the general election. After the redistricting, West’s new district fight was against the very well-funded Democrat Patrick Murphy. Although West’s campaign raised a near record monetary amount, virtually none of it came from the RNC.

    And remember Rince Preibus or whatever the he!! way you spell his name, LYING TO LEVIN’S FACE, saying the RNC had given Michelle Bachmann campaign money which they never did? She was up against a dem who in addition to his own millions, had soros money backing him as well.

    The same thing is going on now with the smears by the Republicans against people running in this election.

    Greg Brannon, because he has the nerve to run against Rove’s boy Tillis in NC.
    Matt Bevin in Kentucky because well according to republican ass Mitch McConnell, Conservatives are more of an enemy than progressives- so they’re “gonna crush” the conservative wacko birds.

    Not enough people know JD Winteregg who is a regular guy, an awesome guy who was gracious enough to let us host a townhall meeting so we could ask him questions and vet him, is running against Boehner- and we know what kind of money he’ll have at his disposal.

    These ba$tards are running scared. Most likely why McConnell asked early on for Rand Paul to back him for his race. But if it had have been me, I’d have told McConnell to stick it. He’s been there 29 years and that’s plenty long enough.

    Ok my diatribe is done. No one will probably read all the way through anyway, but it felt good to get it out of my system.

    Oh. And as for Florida? We’ve still got Alan “I love the KKK” Grayson to get rid of. Jorge Bonilla is a Veteran and a strong Constitutional candidate. I wonder how hard the rinos are going to go against him too?

    PS- just for the record, if folks don’t know by now, the Constitutional Freedom Party has been vetting candidates- still are, but here’s our list so far of endorsed Candidates:
    and here’s a list of rated Candidates:

    All their info is there, so check them out. Support them any way you can. We have to get these people out of Washington!!

    • Gary Dickson

      AD, you’ve written it exactly right. (And I did indeed read your whole comment.)

      As far as I am concerned, what you’ve written is another Declaration of Independence.

    • WordsFailMe

      And yet this is the “party” who claims midwifery of of the emancipation of slaves. What new and brilliant strategies and programs can we we expect from the National Socialist Republican Party in the future?

      These republicans are so stump stupid they can’t the forest for the tress, their hand in front of their face. Republicans are “Not See’s.”

      • To loosely quote a certain Green friend of ours, “They didn’t just fall out of the stupid tree, they got dragged through the whole dumb a$$ forest.”

        But as stupid is, they know exactly what they’re doing. dang it.

    • PuritanD71

      Wow Duckie, tell me how you really feel LOL

      • Oh.. I don’t think so Puritan. I’m in a way more fowl mood than what I wrote here. 😉

        • dave7777


    • lanahi

      Can there be anyone more radical than Reid?

    • Dr. Strangelove

      I read it. The DC establishment RINO’s enjoy all the perks and profits the D’s do for the small price of playing second fiddle. Of course they are going to oppose anyone who dares rock their little boat. Correction: yacht.

    • There’s a lot I didn’t know about in there. You do good work!

      I made it a featured comment (new “feature” of Disqus on the Mod drop-down)

      • PhillyCon

        I like this feature bc it sums up the thread. Especially if you are late to it.

      • Cool. I didn’t know about that. Thank you K-Bob. I have to say I’m kind of shocked. Thought I was late getting here, and wrote that at about midnight. kind of shocked to see so many folks read it.

    • Conservative_Hippie


    • Hmmm. Did you un-feature it, or did it just stop being featured by its own self?

      • I have no idea. I didn’t even know there was a feature thingy until you told me lol.

  • BS61

    Thanks for posting – I only heard the first part! Good news/bad news on the time change – Levin on the way home, and stuck w/Medved at lunch!

  • LibraryTchr

    Every time I get a survey, solicitation, etc from the Republican party I proudly attach a “Sorry I gave my donations to the Senate Conservatives Fund”. I am enjoying annoying Mitch.

  • Michael Thomas

    Cantor’s not worth discussing…

  • Captaindiesalot

    I cannot stand the Republican Party…I’m registered as one, but I think the national party is an absolute waste, and has been for YEARS! I will NEVER vote for a democrat-socialist, but the Tea Party and Libertarian Party are viable alternatives.

    • hereinthegreatstateoftexas

      That’s why we need a NEW republican party like Mark says. These upcoming primaries are so very important yet not many people vote in them compared to the national election. Ex., in early voting here about two weeks ago reports were that they were excited about a 7% turnout! Granted that’s just my little precinct but still…Definitely makes the case for getting the word out and getting involved.

      • Conservator1

        I’ve said it before and I’m likely to say it numerous times before the midterms – 2014 is going to be another wave election on the federal and state level because Tea Partiers are the motivated voters.

    • PicklePlants

      Step 1 – Leave the Republican party (feels good – trust me)
      Step 2 – Laugh at their feeble attempts to bring you back
      Step 3 – Wait for it…. A new party or reconstituted Republicans

      • Gray Panther

        “A new party or reconstituted Republicans”

        With no term limits & no place else other than the Republican Party for expunged Blue Dogs to go, don’t hold your breath.

        • We don’t have to. We don’t owe Republicans a thing.

      • BearNJ

        I’m in a closed primary state so I’m not going anywhere. I’d rather have some influence on the candidates then none. If your in an open primary state then go for it.

        • PicklePlants

          I’m in NJ – aren’t you? If you go independent, than all you need to do to vote in a primary is to declare on the day of the primary at the voting place. That way I can even play spoiler in the Dem primary if I wanted to.

          a quick link to explain.

          • BearNJ

            I did not know that..

            • PicklePlants

              No problem! Let me know if you do it. It really made me feel like I popped the GOP in the nose a bit. In NJ – that’s a pretty small nose.

  • dave7777

    I read the featured article all the way through. It was excellent!
    I’m curious as to the strength of the Constitutional Freedom Party. Could this provide the nucleus of the new party that is destined to form after the November elections? There are thousands, (millions?) of us just waiting until after November to ditch the GOP for good.

    • We’re working toward that. But it’s going to take people the thousands, and millions who are finally sick and tired of being sick and tired.
      If you haven’t yet, check us out on Facebook-
      and at


    AmericanDuckie You are right on, I read till the end & couldn’t agree 100% more! No body even wanted to give the TEA PARTY any credit for Jolly’s WIN? I wonder why? Could it be the TEA PARTY is NOT DEAD?

    • Conservator1

      You’re correct and Duckie did post a great essay of the facts.

  • Conservator1

    I’m sorry I missed the action last night. I read the article Mark read from and many others that the lefty MSM picked up and ran with. I had followed the race and posted some recent polls that the leftist MSM were touting days before the election predicting.

    It’s the reason why I posted the breaking news of Jolly’s win in a thread where it was off topic -D’Sousa’s new trailer. It is also why I disagreed with some on the importance of Jolly’s victory.

    I’m thankful Levin choose to analyze how the GOP acted in this race which would have been lost if not for the infusion of cash from outside groups. And I’m thankful that the Scoop covered Levin’s analysis too,

    In a comment section, it’s not practical to attempt to be this thorough via posting. And this was a story that had to be covered to understand the GOP establishment’s role in the election.

    Thanks again Scoop….

  • boats48

    American Duckie, just who do you think was behind the trashing and continued trashing of Sarah Palin? Hint: They weren’t Dems!

  • Gray Panther

    What a fortuitous thing that not enough people read Politico, as these shenanigans emanating from the Pub establishment did no good, as the election results have illustrated.

    • bullet2354

      Agreed – Politico is NOT going to change a single mind.

  • Rocky_Seven

    The GOP establishment is the same breed of statist as the radical Left. The only real disagreement is HOW to build a big government and how to run our lives and spend our money.

    • USMC 64-68

      I can’t agree that they’re the “same breed of statists.”

      Bottom line, both parties have abandoned their oath to defend the Constitution.

      However, the motives are different. The dems are energized by Marxism and their goal is to destroy the rule of law, individual liberty and capitalism.

      The repubs are in it for old-fashioned corrupt motives of power and greed.

      • badbadlibs

        Agree. Wow, what a choice we’ve been left with since abandoning the rule of law and more importantly, God.

      • Lenny Henderson

        The stated methods do not matter when the end goal is the same. I am more disgusted with republicans going against the rule of law than the democrats. They both have usurped power and are destroying the Constitution as fast as they can. Cowardly as they are neither party has honohr to support their actions.

        • USMC 64-68

          I can agree that corruption is rampant in both parties, but I can’t agree that the end goal is the same.

          Numerous Marxist organizations have targeted the democrat party as their vehicle to work their subversion. It is their goal (which is close to being completed) to take over the democrat party in order to complete the destruction of liberty and the establishment of a socialist state.

  • bullet2354

    Abe Lincoln almost lost the Civil War – and multiple times. Did he fire the entire Army and form a new one? NO. You Dump the poor generals and get new generals.

    The Tea Party/Conservatives need to do the same in the GOP.

    United we Stand;
    Divided we Fall.

    We MUST all hang together – or we will surely hang separately.

  • PhillyCon

    Whatever happened to national committees staying out of primaries and local races until the general?

    Didn’t they promise this? I know Cornyn did but he’s the senate side.

  • phil

    the conservatives are a bigger threat to the GOP establishment then the Dems,

  • lawngren

    I guess “featured comment” means I can’t reply directly to it, so I’ll do that here:
    “No one will probably read all the way through ” – Hahahaha! Look at your number of likes, Duckie. That’s a very high number for this blog.
    Well said, Duckie! Mark is right – as usual – and I’m glad Scoop posted both parts of this beautiful rant. But as you said, Duckie, this has been going on for years.

    We know what the problem is: traitor and fool and coward repubs. How do we SOLVE the problem?

    If we do solve it, there will be two critical factors involved: first and most important, the assistance of the God of the Bible, under Whom this Republic was founded. Second, determined conservatives who will stand fast heedless of the odds and yell in the powerbrokers’ faces, “NOT ON MY WATCH!”.

    Determined conservative candidates like David Jolly who have the raw guts and determination to go up against the big guns, and to he!! with the cost to themselves. THAT is courage! BTW, Mark said that Jolly finished this fight broke. I’m going to find his website and send him a small contribution to “take the sting out of victory”, and as a message to the rino party. Will you?

    Determined conservative “political entrepreneurs” like Scoop and Caleb Howe and Duckie and the Politichicks and only God knows how many others, who are fighting tooth and nail to champion the right and trumpet the truth, spending too many hours away from family, wearing out their keyboards and shoes and voices. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU! What you are doing may seem insignificant, but it is VITAL! To quote a pastor I knew decades ago,”The man or woman who resists the urge to compromise will one day find the applause of the angels to be deafening!”

    And conservative individuals, who send small amounts of money they can’t really afford to genuinely conservative candidates, who pray for those candidates, who volunteer and make phone calls and canvas for those candidates, and show up at town hall meetings and get vocal, who email and fax and call their representatives and senators even when they don’t believe the politicians care – God bless you too. If God is willing, together we may yet pull America away from the drain we’ve been circling for the last six years. Maybe. Maybe. Nothing is impossible with God. And if we fail …. well …

    • Wow lawn, now that was well said. Thank you. But everything else you said is so true. A lot of people are working hard for little gain or pay- but are working for something more important, to try and Get Our Country BACK. These folks deserve our thanks for all they’re doing.
      I haven’t heard that song in years. I remember it as a kid. I needed that. thank you.

    • The featured comments still show up in their regular order in the thread, too.

      It’ll take us all a bit to get used to this new concept.

      • lawngren

        Thanks, K-Bob. I’ll look there in the future, then. Duckie’s was a comment well worth featuring.

    • badbadlibs

      Excellent post, lawngren.
      We’re fighting a spiritual battle, (we don’t fight against flesh and blood…) and sadly, the party that most closely reflects our values is as much a part of the problem as the lousy democrats.
      I will continue to hold out hope that the platform of the republican party (against baby murder and pro family) is meaningful enough along with our fervent prayers and help, to move the Hand of God. And if not then God’s Hand will move enough of us to form the party that can defeat the haters of Life/life and restore this nation to Godly principles and Godly leaders.
      And no, I’m not advocating a theocracy, just want the thugocracy gone.

  • Subie201

    These lefty Republicrats are worse than the progressive democrats! With the progressives, what you see is what you get! They are what they say they are. They do what they say they”ll do! The RINO-lites, are lying, phony traitors, who betray the voters, they are deliberately sabatoging Conservatives out of fear of losing their powers, and in essence they should be democrats! Any one who isn’t a patriot ( love this country, and want to save it from tyranny), isn’t worth our votes! We need to take over that corrupt party, and begin a new Republican Party, with the return of our old values…Freedom…Liberty…Prosperity…Honor…Energy Independence…Law…Justice…and most of all…Moral Values

    A new party….a new day! So it shall be written…so it shall be done!

  • Beal Baug

    If America is ever revived it will be the Tea Party types that will get it done.

  • Lenny Henderson

    And why is the Republican party worthy of my precious vote? The lukewarm party is not as worthy of any votes as the hot or cold party. The Republicans cannot stand on principle and they have so much to gain if they could.

  • Rick Callahan

    be afraid Mr. Boehner… be very afraid

  • Boehner is FILTH! McConnell is FILTH! They must be run out of the Party!

  • Irshgld

    I think the true Conservative American is getting smart and is starting to realize the establishment Republican is the same as the Lib Progressive and they are in bed together due to Jolly being still able to take the seat. Time to get rid of all the career politicians and set term limits.

  • snooky

    David Jolly, outspent, not well known and trashed by his opponents STILL WON!!! Well, Golly, do ya think that his integrity as a human being and his conservative ideas that run parallel to the Republican platform might just be the reason?? Sorry to all of you who thought otherwise… Read it and weep…